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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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different pointed way of asking questions that are disrespectful to us but that is the way they do this. if you want question time it is wildly entertaining and he was laughing because he knows he is the last time. >> short version of "outnumbered" today. we will be back on monday. "happening now" starts now.
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>> reporter: and there are new questions today about just how cozy hillary clinton would be with wall street and other corporations if she becomes president and they're raised because the new a.p. report finds that 60 companies that paid hillary clinton for speeches were also lobbying the government for contracts and about half of them got those contracts. it wasn't illegal for her to speak to the group as a former official but it could create a conflict of interest if those companies are still lobbying while she is president. clinton still refuses to release the transcripts of those speeches and bernie sanders is hammering her for it in pennsylvania. >> i just don't understand why wall street has not invited me. [ laughter ] i'm a sensitive guy. invited hillary clinton but not
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me. i don't want $2, i don't want anything. >> reporter: but for their part, the clinton campaign says her record reflects fairness and that she has not been and will not be inappropriately influenced by the dozens of companies that paid her tens of millions of dollars to speak to them. >> peter doocy live from washington, thank you. meanwhile, on the gop side, house speaker paul ryan is planning to roll out a new conservative agenda ahead of the republican convention in cleveland. party leaders will try to hammer out a plan for standing behind donald trump if he's nominated as well as how to handle the down ballot races. more from christopher bed ford, editor-in-chief of the daily caller news foundation and matt miser from "the boston globe." so many questions up in the air, christopher. this close to the convention, it usually doesn't happen this way. what are republicans hoping to
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do? >> well, paul ryan was hoping to keep his head down and whoever ended up being the gop nominee would take the lead on what the platform was going to be. now he's worried with donald trump looking to be the nominee, he's going to have to set the tone. but i don't know if it's going stage conservative -- save conservative concerns in congress. the members last week said they look at paul ryan as a nice guy, someone they can talk to, someone who listens but someone who doesn't get it done. he's a great quarterback who gets you to the ten yard line but never scores. they're note hopeful that it will get -- not hopeful that it will be passed before the elections. >> he wants a conservative agenda to remind people why they wear the gop label. >> yeah. i think at this point you're having people begin to realize the likelihood of donald trump being the nominee and the implications of that. as you mentioned earlier you mentioned the fund-raising issue
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and the down gal lot -- ballot concerns. separate from that, who is a leader on conservative ideals. who can we look to if we're not looking to donald trump? that's paul ryan. paul ryan is one of the people. so i think paul ryan is trying to seize control and lay out a vision that can inspire other portions of the party that are not quite yet on the trump train. >> christopher, i want to read for you a quote from paul manafort. he is the trump -- i guess campaign manager or, you know, senior leader these days. he was talking to republicans in florida behind closed doors and here's what he has said confirmed to fox. he meaning trump gets it.hat he is evolving into the part that now you have been expecting, but he wasn't ready for because he had first to complete the first phase. the negatives will come down. the image is going to change. he's saying we'll see a different donald trump and
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perhaps one more appealing to the electorate at large. what do you think about this? >> well, manafort was brought in for that thing and in the past when we looked at donald trump and the campaign, they're there and they guide him a little bit. but he does his own thing. with manafort, we have seen a change. he'll try to pivot but donald trump's whole thing and part of his popularity is a very strong brand. he was able to build on his name over decades. he's enforced that. he's been talking the same way for decades about how american trade deal is getting us screwed over and this and this and china is giving us a bum deal. i think it would be really difficult for trump to actually pivot and change especially in the age of television where his opponents can just replay what he said a few months ago and americans will remember. >> matt, what about it? can donald trump maybe tone down some of the rhetoric, act a little more presidential? and perhaps reduce those negative numbers that so many
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republicans are so worry about? >> well, i think that's what a lot of people in the party are hoping. a lot of the republican officials i spentss two day -- spent two days in hollywood, florida, and they're hoping he acts more presidential. they have seen some signs of that, but every time he takes a step forward, the next day he takes a step backward. i think the manafort quote kind of illustrates a little bit of the challenge for donald trump right now. where he doesn't want to change up too much of what has attracted the large crowds and the support and that real anger and populism that he tapped into in the country. so i think that they're trying to track the rnc members and the establishment. that's where man manafort comes in. >> it doesn't seem that republican faithful are going to vote for hillary clinton in november, if -- even if donald
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trump is the nominee. are they? >> i don't think they will. republican faithful won't vote for hillary clinton, but as we saw with john mccain and bob dole, republican faithful might stay home. d.c. is very anti-trump, that won't matter at all. the evangelical, the working close vote, the woman vote, that's going to matter. trump's got a serious uphill battle. that's why you're seeing some triage with the house of representatives and what races to save. looks like according to their internal analysis, republicans will probably lose the senate. they have to be battling viciously for the house. might not win the white house. so right now they're trying to figure out how can we save this without bleeding out too much? >> fascinating race. that convention is going to be interesting in cleveland. christopher bedford from the daily caller news foundation and matt viseer from "the boston globe." be with us for this sunday's town hall. that starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern
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time. heather and will be here from 3:00 to 5:00. we are america's election headquarters. >> we'll write you a pass if you want to get out of yard work. let's talk some politics now. some influential republican leaders are gathering in southern florida where the rnc is in the third day of the spring meeting. the republican party tries to combat accusation that it's running a quote rigged system. that's what donald trump calls it. james rosen is live for us, reporting from hollywood, florida. hi, there, i like the golf shirt too. >> reporter: thank you. when in hollywood or in rome, you know the saying, heather. good to you and jon. hoards of reporters descended here, imagining they'd be covering a battled over the rules that would govern this summer's convention. there was an effort at yesterday's rules committee
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session to strengthen the role of the delegates over the convention chairman. house speaker paul ryan and reince priebus and his allies handily beat back that notion. effectively leaving all recommendations to come from the convention's own rules committee set to meet in cleveland the week before the convention gavels. the real action was behind closed doors as senator cruz and kasich and representatives of trump courted the members of them here, all delegates. cruz said he'd help with the down ballot and kasich said only he can beat hillary clinton. manafort said that their man will run a more traditional campaign including raising money for the rnc. they said the performance of the front-runner including the attacks on the rnc for running a rigged process has in essence been an act that will evolve. upon leaving that session, manafort was less willing to say as much. >> did you say that mr. trump is going to run a more traditional
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campaign? >> he'll run a donald trump campai campaign, but it will have traditional elements to it. >> reporter: that's probably a certainty. now, one of the members of the -- what are the members of the rnc doing this very hour? well, enjoying the luncheon with featured speaker donald rumsfeld. >> donald rumsfeld, interesting. great to see you as always. >> when you said donald, i was expecting another donald. >> donald rumsfeld. 700,000 square feet go up in flames. a massive fire completely destroys this warehouse, burning for more than 12 hours. more on what happened here, straight ahead. plus, a troubling new report on the days before the death of music legend prince as an autopsy is performed on the 57-year-old superstar. we want to hear from you. now that donald trump is getting closer to the nomination, do you think the mainstream media will give him more respect moving
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welcome back. investigators in the state of illinois today trying to determine what sparked a massive warehouse fire near chicago last night. fire crews working all night to put out the flames right here. the building though was still burning this morning. more than 100 firefighters from 30 various departments were called in to pitch in to help. about 50 employees were inside when the fire started around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. they all managed to make it out safely. nice job, those firefighters. some new information about the death of music icon prince. the 57-year-old singer was found unresponsive yesterday at his compound in suburban minneapolis. his representatives said he had been suffering from the flu. the medical examiner is performing an autopsy today. as a new report suggests that prince's death had nothing to do with the flu. mike tobin joins us live from
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minnesota on that. >> and the autopsy on prince rogers nelson should be conclude anything minute. the coroner is performing that procedure. her name is dr. stroble. no information has been released since the procedure began and it began at 9:00 a.m. toxicology reports about whether drugs played a role could take weeks. the -- and we hope to have more information in two hours. the bulk of the new information is coming from the celebrity gossip website tmz. it's not independently confirmed but tmz is reporting that prince was taking the powerful pain killer percocet. he had been taking it since 2010 when he had hip surgery. this follows a bombshell drop
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that the emergency stop six days before his death was not for the flu but indeed for a drug overdose. none of that independently confirmed. all the fans out here right in minnesota know is they lost an icon. they gathered at the first avenue club last night, downtown minnesota. that's the club that was made famous in the movie "purple rain." the overflow crowd turned it into the block party. people danced in the street. they sang along to prince's music until the small hours of the morning. out in paisley park, i can show you the people streaming in, dropping flowers and purple balloons. a woman drove an hour and a half here, because she said it seemed surreal and she wanted to get a realization that prince was really gone. >> what a sad story. thank you, mike. back to politics now. is hillary clinton treating bernie sanders with kid gloves? she's taking more of a friendly
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tone when she talks about their differences. how long will this last? our political panel will weigh in in a little bit. plus, this ambulance speeded down the highway not responding to the emergency call and a thief steals the wheels and tries to act all innocent when she was busted. >> do you know what's going on? >> yeah. do you know what you did? do you know what you did?
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all right. the next story is quite a doozie. an oklahoma woman is back behind bars for stealing an ambulance just hours after her release from jail. dash cam video from last month's incident shows dasha west going for a joyride. she reportedly took off after paramedics rushed her to the hospital. she then led police on the
10:23 am
high-speed chase before she was forced to surrender. and then she gave this interesting excuse for taking the ambulance. >> do you know what you did? you took the ambulance from the hospital. >> yeah. >> why did you do that? you can get in trouble for that. they reported it stolen. >> oh. >> so you're in a stolen vehicle. >> i thought that's what they wanted me to do. >> to take the ambulance? >> i thought that's what they wanted me to do. i didn't know it was stolen. sure. well, she was initially in jail for assaulting paramedics. can't make it up. >> that excuse will go down in history. >> yep. hillary clinton and bernie sanders take it down a notch after a bitter back and forth in the last debate. but the kumbaya moment didn't last long for sanders. he was back to blasting clinton and wall street hours after taking a softer approach at a campaign event. so far mrs. clinton is dialing back her attack, but will it all last? joining us now, chris plant,
10:24 am
radio talk show host of the chris plant show. also jessica tarlov, a democratic pollster and strategist. and jessica, to you first, you're coming at from the democratic point of view. they have to walk a fine line here. what do hillary and bernie do from here on out? >> well, i'd like it if they would be nice to one another and i think clinton after her new york win was -- which was larger than predicted, i thought she'd be in double digit, but not at 16. i think she's going to be hands off, i think she'll talk about policy differences especially with gun control. we have seen her have a town hall in connecticut where that's a large issue there. i think generally she's going hands off. i think that bernie sanders is going to waver depending on his mood. i think the intention is not to be as aggressive, but when the mood strikes him when he's feeling particularly mad about wall street, he's going to go y like it. and they eat it up. i hope we can unify in time to
10:25 am
make sure that we can win in november. >> yeah. bernie sanders' supporters chris are saying keep the pedal to the metal because this is important. but her supporters are saying, you're damaging the party. >> yeah. well, i suppose they they have their points, don't they? there's been a lot of attention paid to the infighting going on on the republican side, but there's a great deal of infighting and animus inside the democratic party. this is a -- sort of a civil war between the left and the very far left inside of the democrat party. i don't think bernie necessarily likes hillary very much. he's got a lot of points to make before he's forced out of the race. i expect that he'll continue to make them. at the same time, hillary doesn't want to alienate all of those people that bernie has brought in, all the young people who think everything is free from now on because it could be the difference between winning and losing on election day. for the most part, bernie sanders supporters don't like hillary clinton.
10:26 am
>> yeah. jessica, what about that? you expressed fears about reuniting your party once this race is all decided. there are some -- he's some bad blood there, isn't there? >> there definitely is. i think the latest polling shows seven in ten sanders supporters are saying they'll support hillary. i'm not sure if it is that low. i know it doesn't low at 70%, but you'd hope it would be 80 or 90% there. there's talk on that side about people turning to trump, you know, because of his positions on trade and economic inequality which sound like bernie sanders. now they're very different in a lot of other ways, but that conversation is happening. so i think that it is on senator clinton to reach across the aisle there or reach across her own own aisle and say that's nor more uniting democrats than driving us apart. and talk about wall street reform and also to make the case
10:27 am
she's not as hawkish as that side of the party perceives her to be. i think that's a major sticking point for them. >> i don't think you want to be in the business of advising bernie sanders. everyone says he can't win at this point, so why not lighten up on the comments about the woman who is likely to become the democratic nominee? >> well, because he's an ideologue. because he's a true believer. because he's advancing an agenda that until this year was outside of the mainstream, not just for the democratic party but of american politics. as a true believer he knows -- he's not a young man, this is his last chance to play the role of candidate and to say everything that he wants to say and to move the democrat party further to the left. remember robert redford in "the candidate?" he was going to lose, but he said everything he wanted to say. bernie sanders is that person.
10:28 am
he's ferocious. he's vociferous and he's an ideologue. i expect him to keep making his points and i expect the democrats will kiss and make up. the party writ large. but are the bernie supporters going to come over to hillary? she's not where they are, not even close and hillary clinton is by far the most establishment candidate to be found in this race. if you're a bernie person in a tie-dyed shirt that thinks that someone else will pay the rest of your way through life, hillary clinton is not a reasonable alternative. >> i think you just gave jessica nightmares. i'm not sure about that. >> on a number of levels. but i think it's a great point that chris just made. but i wanted to add that we'll be seeing hillary clinton look at more progressive running mates as potential vps to kind of quell that. elizabeth warren or sharrod brown from ohio there. >> chris plante and jessica tarlov, thank you. well, we gave them a ton of
10:29 am
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that iranian nuclear deal is sparking more controversy today. the state department confirmed to fox news that the obama administration will buy 32 tons of heavy water from iran. now, heavy water is a key component to producing nuclear weapons. u.s. officials cite concern that iran's stockpile wasn't being reduced fast enough. we have more from washington, and we have all the details of this story for you. doug, a lot of americans probably looking at this and saying we gave them a bunch of money. why are we buying anything from them in the first place and why do we want this heavy water? >> well this is a win-win situation for both sides. as part of the nuclear deal, iran is supposed to reduce the amount of heavy water to under 130 tons during the first two years of the agreement. the u.s. produces no heavy water
10:34 am
itself. normally it buys its from canada on the international market. heavy water does have many applications in the nuclear industry and beyond. but that payment of $8.6 million is under congressional scrutiny. the iran deal prohibits the iran's direct access to the u.s. dollar. in fact n a statement yesterday house speaker paul ryan said, quote, the administration should rule out out any work around that provides iran directly or indirectly with access to the dollar or the u.s. financial system. other congressional critics want to know what is iran doing with the payment for that heavy water? the state department recently admitted it cannot verify for example whether or not iran is using the $3 billion in sanctions relief to fund terrorism. >> we don't have perfect knowledge of what has actually been freed up for them and we don't have perfect knowledge of how every dollar that is going to be spent. >> and others wonder why iran is producing any heavy water at all. david albright for example of
10:35 am
the institute for science and international security told "the wall street journal," i'm quoting here, we shouldn't be paying them for something they shouldn't be producing in the first place. still iran says it's been trying to get rid of the heavy water to meet the nuke deal agreement but maintains it's hard to find buyers out there. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with iranian foreign minister today to say that they're complying with the relief. bankers are confused about what assets they're allowed to unfreeze at this point. they're not getting the money they're supposed to be getting. >> like that, we shouldn't buy stuff from them that they shouldn't have in first place. like dealing with a child almost, isn't it? all right, doug -- at least my kids. doug mckehlway, thank you. an emissions scandal will cost volkswagen billions. nearly 500,000 cars equipped with software to cheat on emission tests were sold in the u.s. and now the german carmaker
10:36 am
will spend $18 billion to fix that problem. greg palkot from london has more. >> reporter: hi, jon. volkswagen today accounting for the damage of this scandal and it is huge. a good part of that $18 billion that they said today that they would use related to this scandal will mean they will have to buy back or repair the half a million cars sold in the united states with the engine which got around environmental standards. all this according to the german company today resulting in their biggest annual loss ever. they're also slashing stock dividend, even the salaries of management. it is not over for volkswagen. there is 11 million cars worldwide sold with this same engine and a lot of owners of these cars around the world say, hey, we want the deal that the americans are getting. the scandal is not limited to volkswagen. just last night, jon, it was
10:37 am
revealed that possibility mercedes-benz cars sold in the states might have these emission go arounds in their software and ditto japan's mitsubishi and france's peugeot. even opal might be guilty of the same kind of thing. finally, as a fitting touch on this earth day 2016 part of the settlement -- this is quite original, that volkswagen had agreed to with the u.s. authorities, the creation of an environmental fund to try to repair the damage done with these polluting cars over the last eight years. i'm sure, jon, you remember, i remember that volkswagen built its brand on that plain, normal, reliable beetle, all the way through the '50s and '60s. a lot of damage done to their reputation. back to you. >> greg palkot, thank you. some analysts calling this presidential race an
10:38 am
unpopularity contest as front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton keep racking up the delegates despite both of them sporting high unfavorables. joining me is the host of media buzz, howard kurtz. hi there, your latest column looks at the mainstream media, and they're going apoplectic, of people supporting donald trump. they can't seem to understand that somebody might like this candidate. >> it's kind of a bizarre situation when you have the leading candidates including ted cruz with negative rating, unfavorables of 50% or higher. some pundits on the right are depressed because they feel like either cruz or trump as a nominee with those high negatives could hand the white house to hillary clinton and some pundits are tearing their hair out are saying we should win this thing, but the polls showing hillary being regarded as unexciting or untrustworthy. so they're bummed out is the
10:39 am
guest way to put it. >> can you explain this to me? you watch the other channels and read this stuff, it seems like so many people in the mainstream media are trying to spin donald trump's campaign evolution as something like we can't trust this guy. there must be something else going on. what do you make of all that? >> well, keep in mind that from the very beginning of his campaign, so many in the mainstream media either were hostile to donald trump or mocked him as a kind of a clown and a side show and of course he runs against the media. and very successfully. so now, journalists look at the high negative, 60, 70%, particularly among groups like women, aha, donald trump can't win, except we heard that he won't come to winning the nomination and now he's within striking range. people may tell pollsters they don't like you, but they may not show up at the polls. if you have an intense committed loyalists of people who do like
10:40 am
you, like trump, that may help matters. >> let's talk another story going on at abc, kelly ripa and michael strahan. we heard she was blind sided, some that they don't like each other. what are you hearing? >> i heard both. they haven't gotten along for some time and strahan is a very talented guy. not a bad football guy either. to a full-time role on "good morning america." she finds out the day before he's going to tell the world. she's a no show all week. so strahan is in the awkward position of saying, oh, i love kelly ripa, she's not even there. the reason this is more than just a soap opera is it's a debacle for abc because they're sold as they're family, they're
10:41 am
coming into your breakfast area. they all love each other. they go out and they party. and so when -- as we saw when nbc botched the firing of ann curry, when it gets revealed they don't like each other and talking smack behind each other's back it kind of undermines that feeling that these are really likable people who get along and therefore you should like them as well. >> that's such a shame. i thought they liked each other. your sources say -- >> i thought so too. >> they need to come on "fox & friends," because we hang out and we like each other. >> curvy couch. >> you can come on as well. >> i'd love to. >> howie kurtz, thank you. have a great weekend. a new delay in the san bernardino explosion case. a judge is putting next week's trial on hold. and president obama makes a high profile visit to number ten downing street. why the prime minister reportedly pleaded with the president to make this trip.
10:42 am
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a federal judge is delaying next week's trial in the deadly san bruno explosion in california. remember this? pacific gas and electric company is accused of violating federal safety laws bleeding to that 2010 explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the defense wants time to go over stacks of evidence just supplied by the prosecutors. if convicted of all 12 charges the company could pay a $500 million fine. pg&e has been fined more than $1.5 billion by the state. no word on when this trial is to be rescheduled. president obama today meeting with british prime minister david cameron in london. the timing of that visit is raising some eyebrows as great britain faces a decision on whether or not to remain in the european union. casey mcfarland, in the reagan administration, as well as others and she's a fox news national security analyst.
10:46 am
great to see you. one of the things that americans are wondering about this deal, whether or not the u.k. should exit from the e.u. does it make us safer as nation? >> that's a good question. what do we care what they're doing in europe? i think we should care. and president obama gave one argument, which is that we americans should care, because we want britain in the european union. it's a strong trading partner, it will help us stand up against the russians. i looked at it and say, hey, wait a minute. europe has a lot of problems, a wave of migrants are coming in and that has economic problems. it's bogged down in regulation for trade. so maybe if britain gets out there's an opportunity for the united states and britain to have a new kind of relationship. a trade alliance that we don't really have right now. >> would we be safer as a nation, the united states f the u.k. got out? >> i think so. >> you do? >> here's why. what's happened in europe, all the migrants coming from the middle east, they're not being
10:47 am
vetted. >> as we saw in brussels. they can't keep track of who's where. >> they don't know who's where. >> it would be like crossing the border in the united states. >> like going from illinois to indiana. that's the problem. >> exactly. >> in europe. and if britain imports that problem it's one step closer to us. >> okay. another issue that's brewing. we have a lot of foreign policy issues. but that's what russia has been up. we saw them as they buzzed the naval destroyer, 70 feet unreal. the state department called it unprofessional. that was their first response to it. what do you think vladimir putin's role is in this? >> i think he sees the united states has a weak president, a lame duck and europe is having real problems of its own. europe may collapse as a european union i'm going to take advantage of that. i'm going to provoke the united states. at a minimum i get to humiliate the united states, but maybe i can just press enough to show
10:48 am
that the nato alliance really doesn't work anymore. >> well, would that then be an argument for the u.k. staying in the e.u.? >> i think that the u.k. -- britain should stay in nato. nato and the european union are two different things. there are a lot of commonality, but one is an economic alliance and the other is a military alliance. i think nato -- britain should be part of it. but maybe there's an opportunity for an economic alliance between the united states and britain. >> so vladimir putin wants to poke a finger in the eye. if you're advising the next president, whether republican or democrat, how do you tell them to handle this stuff? we have submarines, we have the russians beefing up their patrols over -- around alaska. how do you handle it? >> i would say look at what ronald reagan did in 1980. we're getting pushed around all over the world. what did reagan do, he built up the american defenses to say we're serious again. two, he repaired relations with
10:49 am
the allies in europe and elsewhere. three, he told the people behind the communist world, you don't to live like that. >> we're doing the opposite. >> i would do what reagan did. he used the economic weapon. we have a lot of economic leverage in europe, with russia, china. we don't use it. far better to do it economically than to pull out the guns. >> are we too late? >> yeah. we can turn it around in a year. >> we could come really close to a very, very -- the catastrophic incursion. do you see that happening? >> i talked to an experienced fighter pilot who had been in what part of the world in his career. he said, look, that wasn't 75 feet away. that was 30 feet away. that's like ten yards. that's the first down in a football game. he said all they needed was a gust of wind, another couple of waves and the airplane and the
10:50 am
pilot could have collided with the russian destroyer. we would have been in an accidental confrontation that we -- that none of us want. >> we saw how world war i started. things can happen, escalate out of control. thank you. always wonderful to have you here. jon? well, california's $15 minimum wage is being celebrated by some works. but could the wage hike end up hurting them in the long run? we'll look at the possibilities in a live report coming up. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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lwith theonce driven,ew 2016. lexthere's no going back.o. i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here
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and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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happy friday. i'm gretchen carlson. we just got a brand-new poll in to fox. the first state wide poll in indiana. you know how key that is to deciding the gop nominee. who is on top in the hoosier state in we will tell you. plus, how much money will donald trump actually need if he is the nominee to run against hillary clinton in the general?
10:54 am
well, how could he lose and how close would it be to that magic number? and the autopsy of prince under way right now as we are hearing new reports about a prior drug overdose. dr. michael badd boden will joi. california is phasing in a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour. while economists say big companies should be able to absorb the extra costs, some small businesses will not and the workers who are now celebrating a pay raise might soon be out of a job. will carr joins us live from fresno with more on that. will. >> reporter: business isn't exactly booming here in fresno. the unemployment rate is 10.6%. with that in mind, some local leaders say that a $15 minimum wage could be devastating for small businesses. the food inside this bar and
10:55 am
grille inside downtown fresno isn't expensive or conapplicantconapplicanmplicate. but since california raised its minimum wage in january, the owner has been forced to raise prices, lay off a cook, replace him with three cheaper and faster waffle machines. >> every time i have to let somebody go i'm letting go away, taking away paying $10 an hour to replace his job with $300 machine. >> this is about economic justice. >> reporter: now trying to swallow the $15 minimum wage that will phase in by 2022 a hike the chamber of commerce believes -- >> there is still double-digit employment in fresno county and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is not going to help that. >> reporter: workers march across the country, a push to help low-income workers like this woman, who makes $10.25 an
10:56 am
hour. >> with two jobs i'm going to see my check grow bigger. so i can hopefully by the next three years i want to plan to buy a house. >> reporter: but it is a tough sell for this man who says he may have to close before his employees can reap the benefits. >> i think that it is going to be extremely hard to survive. >> reporter: california businesses with 26 employees or less will get an additional year to phase in the $15 minimum wage. but small business owners here in fresno still tell me that is too much, too fast. >> money's got to come from somewhere. will carr, thank you. as republican candidates duke it out over the delegates, the rnc considering new ways to tally up this highly sought-after voters. what that could mean for a possible contested convention. w, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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you got plans this sunday? a special edition of "happening
11:00 am
now." 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. eastern time we're going to be previewing next tuesday five east coast primaries. >> i'll bring the pizza. you bring the beer for after the show. thanks, everybody. >> "the real story" starts now. happy friday, everyone. we have a brand-new poll for you out of indiana showing donald trump narrowly ahead now of ted cruz at the critical primary. this is "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. hillary clinton is in j jenkintown, pennsylvania. bernie sanders is about to have a town hall in gettysburg, pennsylvania. ted cruz also in the keystone state holding a rally in scranton this hour. donald trump is in. delaware gearing up for a rally at the state fairgrounds in harrington. what's the latest fr esst from p campaign today? >> that poll is very interesting out of the state of indiana because


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