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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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they will have more on "happening now." wev want to thank or hashtag one lucky guy dean cain. have a great weekend. a maryland shopping center. and officials are confirming one woman is dead.
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the shooter hit three people in the montgomery mall. one person was shot in the aspen hills shopping center. it is unclear police say if they are related. they have arrested no 1 and 1 person of interest. authorities have not offered much further updates. the police say in the first shooting location, there was a confrontation in the mall parking lot. one person was shot and two people came to their aid and then they were, too, shot. they are looking into the possibility that the two the shootings are related. there are no reasons to believe that the victims new the suspect. continuing, back to you. >> rich hudson, thank you. president obama just weighing in on the presidential
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race. >> mr. obama reacting to donald trump emerging as the republican >> outraging americans and prompting a swift response from the pentagon. >> i was very, very angry. new details on how our captured sailors was treated by iran as teheran threatens a major shipping route. >> caught on camera, a fire ball erupted after a train pulls out of a station. and american heroes turned actors. decorated combat veterans star in a zombie apocalypse film. it is all "happening now". a complicated dance underway with donald trump and highest ranking elected republican in
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the land as the speaker of the house paul ryan is not rushing to jump on the trump bandwagon. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather nault in for jeopaly. -- jenna lee. >> and speaker ryan said he is not ready to throw support behind trump. in response, mr. trump is telling fox and friends, he is surprised and not bothered by it and plans to hash it out with the speaker. i think it is not a good thing. it is something that the party should get solved quickly and i know we are meeting next week. >> donald trump said he was surprised this morning, anything new from him? >> it is taking a shine off of the newly minted status.
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but donald trump immediately after paul ryan said he didn't think he would support donald trump. donald trump said i am not sure i support paul ryan's agenda either. and the president admonished the press to fully vet all of the presidential candidates, some is of them could lead us in to conflict on foreign shores. and asked about paul ryan's lack of getting behind donald trump and saying what did he think the implications were? >> there is no doubt that there is a debate that is taking place inside of the republican party about who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer is donald trump. and i think not just republican
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officials, but more importantly republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy that speaks for them and represents their values. >> reporter: speaker ryan is not yet ready to get behind trump other prominent republicans are. rick perry is. he will not only vote for donald trump but like to be his running mate. and in oma ha, nebraska governor whose family bank rolled a super pac will endorse trump. this is what trump said. >> i was surprised and many other people were surprised and some were really surprised and not happy about it. i will tell you, i have many endorsements coming in left and
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right. and he was the only one that was really surprising. >> reporter: another republican not getting bep hipped is nebraska senator ben sass. he put out his second open letter to the constituents saying he was not in any way shape or form getting behind donald trump and can would not vote for him. he is considering a third option for the republican party. difficult to tell, heather, at this point what that third option would be and how it could rise in the republican party. >> i am stunned by the news on the ricket's family and how they spent so much monupony on the anti- trump stuff and now set to endorse donald trump. >> reporter: i had it confirmed that he would offer endorsement for donald trump. >> just when you think it could
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not be. >> reporter: paul ryan is the big prize. >> donald trump is now faced with the task of unifying the gop as the party's presumptive nominee. a lot of back lash could make that difficult. we'll bring in our political panel. melinda is editor in chef for roll call and daniel author of clinton inc. melinda, how does donald trump unite the gop? >> it is an easy question. but the answer is hillary clinton. i think his best shot is to remind republicans and they don't need a lot of reminding, how much they dislike hillary clinton, even if they still have big questions about donald trump. i don't think that the establishment was ever going to fall in line behind trump after
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he spent the whole campaign running against the establishment and i don't think having ryan and others in the establishment, not falling right in to line hurts him at all. but were he to be elected president, he would need to work with paul ryan. >> daniel, there are a lot of prominent republicans that endorsed hillary clinton and saying they would vote for hillary clinton oaf donald trump. is that a lot of the hot air and can the ruffled feathers be smoothed over. >> no, not all can be smoothed over and people who sincerely will not vote for donald trump. i am not sure if there is enough of them to make the difference. unification will come naturally. it was alarming and surprising how quickly he has unified. and rick perry called donald trump a cancer on
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conservativism. and then turns around and endorses him shows how quickly and accelerated it would be. a lot of people will support donald trump. and i think the key for him has to be broaden the party. don't worry about the people who will not come to him. worry about the other people that might come to him and unification will be natural if you attack hillary clinton. >> on that score, nebraska governor ricketts, his family spent millions to try to prevent him from getting the nomination, there is a sea change. >> i think it will be more so. paul ryan sounded like he will come around. and then when he does, it will look like donald trump did great things and broadened the party. it is setting up to be toward his favor, all of these people. last night in dc, governor
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romney. mitt romney, he sounded sincere in his opposition to donald trump and hillary clinton. i don't think he will be convinced. but i think donald trump will get enough people it will not matter if people don't support him. >> they thought they had a good opportunity. but hillary clinton amounts to a third obama term. so, if it is a choice between hillary clinton and voting for donald trump and supporting donald trump, aren't most republicans going to you know, support the guy they claim they don't like that much? >> i don't know the answer because i think the challenge for donald trump in unifying the party is his stateded views. he's not a national security conservative. he said we should not be going
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in to iraq and not nation building. and his views on abortion are all over the place on any given day. and notap economic conservative and doesn't believe in entitlement reform and not sure about the taxes. that is influx. it is his views that might give some rank and file republicans pause. that said, i have heard both republicans and democrats say they don't know who to vote for in the contest between people not everybody in either party is enamored of. >> very high negatives for both leading candidates. thank you. >> thank you, jon. new tensions between the united states and iraq stemming from the capture of ten american soldiers in the persian gulf earlier this year. we all remember the photo. iran threatening to close the
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stait of her mos after a u.s. congressman said america was not doing enough to punish iran. jennifer has the story for us today. >> reporter: in the past week, the deputy commander of iranian revolutionary guard threatened to close the strait of her mos after the supreme leader of iran said u.s. navy ships shouldn't be allowed in the gulf. >> they come from the other side of the globe, go back to the behave pigs. go and hold exercises there. what are you doing in the persian gulf? it is it our home. >> reporter: the threats followed a bill in congress by ran congressman randy forbes who chairs the house armed service. after learning the humiliation of what the u.s. sailors
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endowered after being captured by the iranian navy in january. >> they are giving medals to the people who captured them and the united states thanks them for releasing our sailors and we just believe enough is enough. and at some point in time, you have to say what they are doing is just wrong and so if the administration will not do it, congress should. >> reporter: the bill requires congress to respond to iran's recent provocation and rethink sanctions. the iranians fired unguarded ronths from a u.s. aircraft carrier in december. the pentagon is not too concerned about iran's threat to close the strait. >> thank you. fox news alert. there have been two shootings outside of shopping malls in subbush an maryland outside of washington d.c.
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not the kind of thing where this takes place. at least one woman is dead. there are a stoupeding developments to bring you regard to the suspect in these shootings. we'll have it for you and talk to an investigator seasoned in this kind of thing right after the break.
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10:18 am
introduce that he spoke to the fbi when he was extradited to face charges on cyber crimes. he took notes. and the conversation was recorded with the fbi. a source said the hacker who goes by guccifer had a lot to say and a meeting with agents were expected in the virginia jail. the clinton aide humma, has been investigated several time. she was questioned about clinton's use of a private server and whether classified information was transmitted on the unsecure network. under the espionage act the standard is gross negligence and intent is not required. in an interview this week,
10:19 am
mrs. clinton said there was no security compromise on the server and the fbi has not questioned her or her inner circle. >> any indication that your proved hacked by foreign hackers? >> not at all. >> reporter: the clinton campaign issued a statement asking her subordinants to answer the questions. it came to light that her it manager took the fifth and granted immunity by the justice department as part of the fbi criminal probe, heather? >> thank you so much. >> and the fbi investigators are talking to top clinton aides in the ongoing e-mail probe. a long- time aide to mrs. clinton was recently interviewed. and the former secretary of state could be questioned. what will the fbi get by
10:20 am
interviewing abdin. she used a e-mail on the server and may voice serious concern of how to circumvent the law. and that could be a question. she and others were questioned likely about the 2200 classified documents on that system and not to mention 22 top secret materials. how did they end up on the unauthorized server and didn't you know they were classified and by the way, who made the decision to erase the markings and delete thousands of the e-mails and ordered this thing to be wiped clean. and these people could be in legal jeopardy, not to mention clint clinton. >> sources say there is no evidence that the former
10:21 am
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back to the ongoing investigation by the fbi with the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. her use of a private server while secretary of state and conversation continuing with fox news attorney gregg jarret. people look at this investigation and say that there is no evidence that hillary clinton intended to break the law. does that allow for exxoneration. >> it doesn't. it is no consequence.
10:25 am
whether clinton violated the you law intentionally. it is did she knowingly store classified information on the server. who ever knowingly removes classified authority without authority to retain them in an unauthorized location shall be find or imprisonned for not more than a year or both. she anyhow it was unauthorized and yet she knowingly retained that classified information on the server. >> can she say she didn't know the law didn't exist? >> no, ignorance of the law is not a defense. we would all play dumb. and clinton knew the law. she was specifically told the law when she was sworn in.
10:26 am
she received a national security indoctrination. this is a tutorial and you have to follow and signed a sworn nondisclosure agreement and saying she would a boyd by the law and would not have classified material in an unauthorized location. i have a document yes, i know the law. >> it will be fascinating to see what came out of the fbi investigation. thank you. fox news alert. we are following a live story out of the washington d.c. rockfield, maryland area. there was a shooting in montgomery mall in the bethesda area and that is where three people were shot before the gunman is believeded to have gone to a giant grocery store
10:27 am
where he shot someone else. that person, a woman was killed. police are now looking for someone who is licensed to carry a fire arm, a officer. and under the department of homeland security. he is skwoo 62 years old and may be wanted in connection with the shooting death of his wife yesterday. it is all fluid information coming in at this time. and here's what prince george's county put out. they are looking for this man in a hunda i with pennsylvania plates that is a rental car. we'll bring in one of our experts. we'll bring in a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force and what may be going on with authorities. they are trying to find this man armed and dangerous.
10:28 am
>> it is good they have a photo and word out on that individual. they have to now 2 or 3 separate shootings, are they linked and the way they will do it through ballistic tests on the bullets used in each of the shootings and they will get it examined. what is the motive? usually when it comes to shooting a wife it is it a personal marital problem and out on the street in this case in a parking lot and shooting people, that will bring in question the motive. are they linked we'll have to find out that. and we are seeing pictures of the mall right now, it is it a fairly upscale mall on the rockfield turnpike p. it is it a busy area. you have to go bite national institute of health and walter reed hospital. and while he was there in the
10:29 am
parking lot, he shot a woman, two men came up to assist and he shot them, too. what does that tell him about the motive? >> in this case, my gut instinct it could be a carjacking if it is not him and two men assisted the woman and the carjacker ended up shooting the individuals. the question is, if it is him? what is the motive in shooting these people? >> he had the car. and i imagined he hopped in the car and went to another outdoor mall and he shot and killed a woman, what could that motive be about? >> that's a good question. this could be the guy just went insane and just on a shooting spree. but those questions of motives can only be answered once the
10:30 am
ballistic tests are made. we may find out it is a coincidence when they had a shooting from one suspect other than him. it remains to be be scene. >> this man 62 years old. a officer under homeland security. what can that entail? >> they are security around all of our federal buildings. i notice he has canine on there. he is one of those individuals who trains and maintains a canine unit for the dogs. he would be an individual that would walk around the buildings with the bomb sniffing dogings and that would be his job. the point is, that at least they got an individual who this individual is. and the question is, was he suspended from work recently? was he having problems from
10:31 am
work? these are questions they have to answer to find out the motive. that is key. >> a lot of times it takes a while before investigators put out a name and who they are looking for. how did they do that so quickly? >> they must have a good indication on the weapon that was used and then ballistic test and find out what weapons was used and if that is linked to an individual who works for federal protective services. and might have done introduce and evidence they have not released yet. to do this quickly they have strong evidence that this is their man. >> we are waiting for a new's conference to take place 1:30 eastern time today. what would you expect for the officers to be looking for and asking for coming out of that? >> well, every police department in that country and area, will have a picture and they are
10:32 am
going to say that he is armed and dangerous and urge the public, if they see the individual call the police and not take action on your own and call police immediately. >> there is a lot of busy roads and highways, he's not too far. >> no, i've been down there and in that area. you are right. he's not to far. he's in that area and you can bet ironically there will be canine units and helicopters and dredge net out there to find him. >> a well trained man. we certainly hope they find him quickly. steve rogers thank you for your expertise. >> and for viewers that are just tuning in. the man on the screen is considered a person of intchlt orledio ordell is his name. federal service police officer.
10:33 am
and you can see him suspected in the murder of hiss wife yesterday outside of their children's high school in maryland. we have two several shootings involving four victims in two different shopping malls in maryland. and authorities say he has threatened suicide by cop. we'll talk to former nypd detective. suicide by cop, pat, obviously where a suspect wants to die and maybe doesn't have the courage to pull the trigger and puts themselves in a situation where the police have no other choice but to shoot them and take their lives. that's got to be incredibly stressful for a police officer in a situation like this. >> it is a lose- lose. these deranged individuals get
10:34 am
to that point they elect to commit suicide by sxop drag in an unwilling officer and drag them to use force and kill him or her. it is a crime in my view because it dragses in, you know law enforcement officers who got up and had no intention to kill. they are there for safety and security and protect and serve. and bad guys because they don't have the courage to take their medicine and kill themselves and put themselves out of their misery, they drag in a law man and it is horrible. >> that's why what has happened in the shopping malls is so ominous, i guess, is the best word. there are indications, i know it is early in the investigation. authorities say there is no indication at least in the first shooting scene where a woman was
10:35 am
killed and two guys coming to her aid badly wounded, no indication that they knew this guy at all. it leaves you to wonder if he is going on a one man crime spree, hoping that when the cops catch up with him, they will blow him away. >> exactly. it is interesting, jon. we are monitoring what social media related. in the site of the montgomery maul and giant shopping center that is 26 miles away. washington post said it was eight. it was a fair distance from the primary shooting and that speaks to several questions relating to the second shootings and the randomness that steve rogers alluded to. it could be a wild cat shooting. but the prelimarily statement that we knew the woman, but the
10:36 am
two good samaritans came to upon help out and got shot for their trouble. this is it a real bad highly trained federal protective officer fully armed and significant fire arm training. this is a bad one and a real dangerous situation. >> that's if you have that information, that there was a connection, that makes more sense. i have not heard of a situation like this in the past. sounded like a connection between the woman in the parking lot and the gunman. and we don't absolutely know that the gunman is on the man on the screen, but he is a person of spens. eulalio seville. because he threatened suicide by cop, are they reluctant to pull
10:37 am
out their firearms? or are they treating it like any other upon apprehension case. >> that is the paradigm of it or paradox. they have to protect. they are sworn by the state constitution to protect larger society. even if they suspect based on prior actions that he's luring them in a police suicide by cop scenario, they have to behave for the benefit of society at large and therein lies the rub and horror of it all. this guy, we don't know for certain, it is very, very early in the investigation, but there is some serious significance and supporting evidence that puts this guy squarely in the cross hairs of law enforcement as the primary shooter or only shooter. it is a tough one and the cops
10:38 am
are betwixt and between. the man on the screen. eulalio sevillemented for the shooting of his wife. and perhaps in connection with two more shootings in two separate locations in maryland that involved four different people. we are waiting for the new's conference and we'll bring it to you live. >> we should mention to our viewers, pennsylvania plates on the rented hunda i a luntra. >> and the political spotlight turns to the likely election show down between donald trump and hillary clinton. we hear that donald trump would eventually lose? this next guest is why the public should be skeptical and why the press faces a huge
10:39 am
credibility gap when it comes to mr. trump. joining me is howie kurz. we shouldn't believe the mainstream media. >> have healthy skreptism. most journalist told us that donald trump had no chance to win the nomination. now we are hearing from the same people he will get clobbered by hillary clinton. maybe he will, but given the track record here, i wond fer the press is falling in a trap, judging the trump candidacy by conventional standards and he smashed that with the campaign he run in the primaries. >> it is an unconventional year. you kwoet the newsarticle.
10:40 am
widespread dismissal of trump 2016 stands out a significant media failure of the past year and then goes on to hammer the media. >> not just the past year. there is no bigger blunder by the press than what we have seen with donald trump. it is not just picking being the wrong horse. it is missing the anger and frustration that millions of americans feel toward washington, toward the republican establishment and toward the media establishment. that's the connection that donald trump made and why the last man of 17 standing. >> you talk to media folks in dc. why don't they take donald trump more seriously? >> by all. ways we measure these things, he would not win. he said divisive and controversial things and never run for office before. who did the media think would be
10:41 am
the front runner are, jeb bush who went no where. they are failing to adjust. and even though who said trump was a force. but after the next month and primary and after what he said, he will be imploding and be back next week. and that is nev happen and now he ise republican presidential nominee. >> and national review conservative media, the party of lincoln is in ruins? and go on to say trump is the destroyers of conservicism. and at a point all who take his side. >> the notable thing about trump's candidacy. he gets hammered by liberal comment attors and many people on the right, even with trump winning, national review and weekly standard writers and editors and others and fox news
10:42 am
commentators say they are in the never, ever, ever trump camp and puts them in the uncomfortable be position of not wanting trump or hillary and some want a thir party and that would hand the white house to hillary f. i could briefly add on the four shootings in maryland close to where i live in montgomery county. public schools, i notice have put a sheltener place program just to be on the safe side, while police are continuing to look for the gunman. >> thank you for mentioning that. that is frightening for the parents and school teachers charged with protecting the children. thank you, and we'll be watching your show this weekend. >> so we are awaiting a new's conference that is pushed back to 2:00 eastern time. 18 minutes from now regarding the multiple shootings in
10:43 am
maryland, two outside shopping malls just now. and one yesterday. the man believed to be responsible or a person of interest identified as a 62-year-old eulalio tordill. and works for the department of homeland security and wanted in investigation in the murder of his wife yesterday. and now these two other shootings today. again, we are waiting for more information and we'll have that for you on a new's conference expected in 17 minutes from now. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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>> fox news alert. two shootings outside of shopping malls may be related to a killing of a woman yesterday who went to high school to pick them up. the 25 is a 62-year-old.
10:47 am
her husband works for homeland security. he has threat eped suicide by cops and where in a suspect dies in a confrontation by police. whether that is what he tried to concoct here in the shootings outside of shopping malls, we don't know. there is a great deal of mystery. and we are waiting for a police new's conference scheduled 13 minutes from now. right now, no sign of elalio tortill. and no motive. >> we are getting new information. one of our producers in the washington d.c. bureau fbi
10:48 am
confirming that law enforcement officials are looking for confirmation that the shootings today link to the one outside of the high school. that's where his child went to school and that was a shooting of his wife, jon. >> shepherd smith has more information. >> reporter: we are waiting, jon. we found more details on the shooting that happened yesterday. the estranged wife shot and kill. and they started to look for mr. tordill. and they don't know why they believe he may be connected today as well. the latest word, a car scene in the area similar to the one that he had drove the day before. the rented car with the pennsylvania plates. and they really don't know where or what direction he headed in after the two shooting it is today. there is an all points bulletin
10:49 am
out in washington d.c. and maryland. they are looking for a man and have great concern. according to authorities, at some point, the man on the screen here suggested that he was looking for suicide by cop. get in a confrontation where police were involved and hopes that they would shoot and kill him. the hope is, if that is the case, he's not able to cause mayhem anywhere else. the schools are locked down and the mall is still at latest report open. but there is a crime scene and the weather is giving them a lot of trouble as they try to process the crime scene in the rain. it is difficult. the news conference, we understand that they will have new information when it is scheduleed to begin ten minutes from now. we are watching social media and in contact with police officials
10:50 am
here. >> thank you, shep. and just one note, the federal protective service apparently had taken away his gun and badge after a protective was issued. we assume this involved his wife but we are not absolutely certain of that. he was placed on administrative leave, we understand. garrett tenny is live at the scene of today's first shooting in bethesda, maryland. >> reporter: john, we're here, just getting ready for the police conference to get under way. the police have been releasing very few details. we have learned the fbi is here on the scene, assisting in this investigation. they do believe that these two shootings are related and they are looking into the possibility that they are related to the shooting that took place yesterday afternoon at a high school just about 20 minutes away that involved that federal protective services agent.
10:51 am
we do know as we are looking ahead so far if that is the case, that will be six people he is responsible for shooting over the last 24 hours alone. police say one of those individuals, a woman who was shot outside that giant supermarket about 30 minutes after this morning's shooting here at the mall, she is now deceased. the three other individuals that were shot here at the mall shortly after 11:00 have been taken to a local hospital receiving treatment. no word yet on their status. police are asking, according to local reports there at the giant supermarket, they are asking reporters to stay behind their cars because there is the possibility that this shooter is still there in this area. of course we are waiting to hear from the police the latest here in the next few minutes as this press conference gets under way. >> what a disturbing story. garrett, thank you. let's check in with the retired nypd lieutenant commander certainly with experience in this type of
10:52 am
thing. the federal protective services placed him on administrative duties after protective order was issued against him, presumably by his wife who he shot yesterday. they removed his duty weapon, his badge and i had credentials and placed on administrative leave. is there anything more that could have been done to protect against him? shooting his wife, then possibly being connected to this today? >> there's not really much more you can do. it is a procedure with most police departments that when there is domestic incident and there is an order of protection involved, weapons are removes on administrative. aside from that, they'll get some psychiatric help if they feel they need it. if there is no indication of it, there is no reason to go into that area. apparently this individual apparently took it to a whole different level and i'm hearing -- i don't know, it was possibly suicide by police. that is definitely an option. if that doesn't happen, don't be
10:53 am
surprised if he takes his own life. >> does that agency have any responsibility to inform his wife as to what had happened with him, that he was placed on administrative leave. sometimes when people break, it can be prompted by something dramatic happening such as being laid off from a job or placed on administrative leave. . >> the judge issued an order. aside from that, there's not much more you can do. the agency put him on administrative leave, they took his represenweapons away -- >> so they have no responsibility to inform the wife? >> no, the wife would be informed through the courts or the police department. usually done immediately.
10:54 am
it is the order of new jersey -- what happens is the wife would make application for that order. then he served with it. she's spelling out, and in the terms of it, she has a copy of it, the terms are on there so she knows. being a cop's wife you know he is going to be placed on administrative duty but they may tell her, they may not tell her. the thing is it is usually understood and courts usually do address that right then and there when he is served. he has to go to court to answer that and they tell him stay away. >> again, he is a suspect in all of this. we can't say that he has absolutely committed these crimes. but eulalio tordil responsible for the shooting death of his wife. then these two shootings today, it almost sounds like he's going down the list of people who might have wronged him over time. >> it could be. >> and you have to wonder -- whether those wrongs were real or imagined. you have to wonder whether other
10:55 am
people who have crossed his orbit over time should get or are getting some kind of police protection? >> if they're identified, sure. i'm sure is the agency, police department, they're reaching out to these people if they're identify but you don't know what's going on in this man's life. could be something in that store that said something to him and he's -- you really can't look into this man's mind other than what's on paper, what's established. sure, they're doing a criminology on him, going back and seeing if there is anything that they could tie in. not only that, i'm sure they have things tying him into th could he be going through a list? absolutely, he could be going down it and at the end of it, come and take me out, i have nothing to lose. he's reached the end of his own life. >> we understand that one of the men at the shopping mall on your screen, a man who was shot outside the mall after apparently the suspect opened fire on a woman and two men came
10:56 am
to her aid, innocent bystanders who were trying to play the role of good samaritans. one of those men we understand is now dead. one man dead at this shopping mall on your screen, another woman dead at a shopping mall not far away, and yesterday the shooting of the estranged wife of eulalio tordil is a suspect in that killing and certainly a person of interest in the others. we'll keep you updated on this very tragic story. switching gears now, a fox news alert to bring youy ov fro overseas. results are in from london's mayor race. >> we are waiting in the next minutes for the official announcement but sky news our sister network is saying sadiq khan will be the first muslim mayor of a major western city.
10:57 am
history being made tonight. the center level labor candidate khan has eight children, his father was a bus driver. he grew up in pakistan in a housing project. but yes, he is muslim. conservative candidate zach goldsmith tried to make a campaign issue out of that in a city of 1 million-plus muslims. he claimed than khan did have association with certain individuals of extremist tendencies. khan said that was only in his role in the past as a human rights lawyer and he tried to slap that down. but security, yes, a major issue here like it is in midwest o western cities. in 2005, london was hit by a terror attack. just in the past couple of months, paris and brussels, the fear is it could come back there again. khan has made fighting terrorism also a centerpiece of his administration. history being made. waiting for the announcement very shortly. back to you. >> greg, thank you.
10:58 am
to montgomery county, maryland, the news conference about the shootings there just beginning. >> -- at the hospital. an adult male victim who was at this location was pronounced dead after attempts to keep him alive at the hospital. this continues to be a very active investigation. we're still looking at the possibility that these shootings here and the shooting in aspen hill are related. the other issue is that we are looking at whether last night's shooting in prince george's county and these shootings were committed by the same suspect. we've put some information out to our officers, and some information has gone out to the community. we're in contact with prince
10:59 am
george's county officials. some of whom are on our command bus with our investigators now. >> how confident are you that there is a connection between these shootings and what can you tell us about anything you know about the whereabouts of this suspect? >> i'm not able to rate the confidence right now, but i just wanted to confirm that we're looking at that. there is many things that are going on right now that we can't confirm because we're just not sure and for investigative and safety reasons as well. >> does that change how you perhaps look for this suspect given that he is maybe familiar with some of the tactics that you would use, the fact that he is an officer? >> well, it sure could, yes. >> are you concerned that there may be -- [ inaudible ] >> absolutely. we are working hard to track
11:00 am
this person. but also keeping the possibility open that he may not be as well. out of an abundance of caution, i don't speak for the schools, they make that decision. but i believe just out of an abundance of caution, they've decided to go with that decision, again i said it earlier, it's raining. children wouldn't be outside anyway, so we're continuing to communicate with them and they are with us. >> -- between the person of interest and the person that's still here, do you have any information additionally that indicat indicates. [ inaudible ] can you clear that up for us? >> i can't right now. i'm not able to confirm that right now. >> can you tell us exactly as far as you know, what transpired in this parking lot, and if you


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