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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> we believe you this cat story in los angeles or the mosquitoes in florida. but no. it is the weekend. >> see you on monday, goodbye. jon: the donald and the gop heading for a truce this friday. heather: the beginning of the weekend, good news for us. good news for donald trump and paul ryan, trying to work together as the billionaire's campaign moves forward. jon: mister trump sitting down with republican leaders on capitol hill, paul ryan stopping short of endorsing the presumptive presidential nominee, both sides are finding
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common ground. >> what i heard from donald trump today i do believe we are planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, and -- >> we had a great meeting and over a short time things will come together. jon: john roberts in new york city with more. >> reporter: it is more than a truce but less than an agreement. they said he sat and listened and seemed genuinely interested and asked a lot of good questions and they got a sense of where he is on a lot of issues. there are many points of departure as well and they hope to bridge that gap toward the november election. donald trump did not get an
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endorsement so trump believe they see eye to eye on core republican issues and paul ryan will eventually come around. here is trump on sean hannity's show. >> he doesn't have an easy job. i don't mind going through a slow process, a very big subject, i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items and we are getting there. >> reporter: another story is an audio recording from 1991 where a man who identified himself as john miller but sound a lot like donald trump is talking to a reporter from people magazine, doing a little public relations for donald trump. listen to this excerpt. >> what is your name again? >> john miller. >> reporter: in 1991, marla maples said that was donald trump on the telephone to people magazine and the joke he took too far but this morning on the today show he insisted no, that was not me.
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listen. >> it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me, i will tell you that. it was not me on the phone. when was this? 25 years ago? you are going solo, they talk about something that took place 25 years ago whether i made a phone call like this under a presumed name. let's get on to more current subject. >> reporter: we may never know whether that was donald trump. it was 25 years ago. we can expect to see more stories like this that came out of the washington post which is a sign 20 reporters looking to every aspect of donald trump's life between now and the november election. jon: almost called him john miller, john roberts. >> reporter: i wouldn't be john miller, maybe donald trump. jon: thanks very much. there are clear signs the donald trump and republican leaders are starting to work through their differences. will these steps restore a sense
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of party unity in the gop? joining us from washington, joe trippy, former campaign manager to howard dean and karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. both of them are fox news contributors. you are coming from the democratic side of things, you know how important it is on a presidential campaign to have everybody on the same page. what kind of work lies ahead for donald trump and others in the party who may have disagreed with him up until now? >> a lot of work. i think obviously it is a good thing for him to have these meetings and joint statement and things like that today but i agree with what john roberts said. it is more a truce than unity. you still have the speaker not endorsing him, two presidents, bush 41 and 43 won't be going to the convention, senate candidate saying they won't go to the convention.
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the truce has been called and we are far away from unity in the party. and they decide to embrace more say this isn't me and this is not a good choice for all these people to be on the ballot until they get that unity. jon: let's look at the big republican names who have recently endorsed donald trump, people like former vice president dan quayle, roger wicker, steve scalise, kevin mccarthy, deb fisher, they have all signed on. 's donald trump, is the party establishment warming to donald trump? >> there is a process of coming together and it shouldn't be unexpected. i think trump handled the meeting well yesterday, the tone was exactly right, it was one of confidence, i am the presumptive nominee and we have work to do to bring the party together and that is exactly the right tone to hit.
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i appreciate joe's comments about 41 and 43 not attending the republican national convention but they didn't attend it in 2012 lose the last republican national convention george hw bush who is now 91 years old attended was in 2004. both parties are being disrupted this year. both parties are going to have difficulty uniting. both front runners, both presumptive nominees are taking steps yesterday to unite their parties. you saw it with trump making a visit to washington and letting people get to know him which is an important thing. you saw the democrats with hillary clinton adopting a bernie sanders provision basically under the political independence of political reserve board, an extreme position she adopted because sanders is pressing her on the left. she wants to make certain he and his people are aligned with her so she did something know of the democratic nominee has ever done and that is call for a substantial reduction in the independence of the federal
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reserve. jon: there is a line in the washington post that sums up the political high wire act some republicans are having to walk here. it is the exchanges, the meetings between paul ryan and other republicans with donald trump underscores the tight rope many of republicans are attempting to walk with trump whose and favorability numbers are at historic highs for a major party candidate. he faces particularly strong opposition among women and minorities, sharp policy differences, skepticism over his commitment to conservative principles and lingering concern over his controversial statements continue to pose significant obstacles between trump and the establishment. a first-time presidential candidate, you perhaps learn some things as you go along, you might say things as a businessman you don't necessarily say as a politician.
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perhaps there is a bit of learning going on. >> i think that is definitely true. one of the problems paul ryan and some of the others on the ballot particularly senate candidates, if trump says things in this general election, again on a learning curve, they have to disavow or embrace, now he is the nominee of their party and that will be something very hard for him to do, just going back to the experience you talked about. carl is right. there are problems with both parties in terms of unity, pulling it together and writes priebus and debbie wasserman schultz will have their problems but would much rather have her problems than reince priebus. yesterday was a big first step for donald trump, but this is
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going to be a difficult one to get that trust built between the establishments, many of them standing on elections and trusting trump to not make the mistakes they think he made during primary season. jon: both parties will feature candidates with very high negatives. >> let's see how many democratic candidates embrace not only hillary clinton but barack obama. is jason can door in missouri going to run as part of the clinton obama team? will we see candidates all around the country gluing themselves close to the city, democratic president and democratic presidential nominee and in this disruptive year i don't think so. i think we will have a lot of candidates gingerly handling their relationships with their party's front runner, their party's nominee and in the democrats case the sitting democratic president they will handle this very gingerly and that is because the nature of the electorate this year, the nature of the election, we have a higher percentage of people who are undecided right to the
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end. it will be volatile, late deciding, potentially very close for either side and politicians being politicians are going to be concerned with their own careers and election victories and election prospects rather than the top of the table. jon: thank you both. heather: on the democratic side it is a fight to the finish between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both candidates preparing to square off in two states on tuesday. sanders hoping momentum from wins in west virginia and indiana can tip the scales in his favor. mike emanuel is live from the dc bureau. >> reporter: bernie sanders is expected to launch a two they swing through kentucky ahead of the primaries, sanders's campaign against north dakota after spending the day making several stops in south dakota
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yesterday, along with california and new jersey, sanders is getting a jumpstart. in south dakota sanders encouraged supporters to continue the fight. >> in state after state and not just in the states that we win, it turns out we get far more votes than secretary clinton from people 45 years of age and younger. >> reporter: hillary clinton is due to return to kentucky sunday and monday after investing time and energy earlier this week. the clinton campaign is running tv ads ahead of the primary before heading back to kentucky, clinton did fundraising in new york and met with hiv-aids activists and call for ending the illnesses once and for all. >> this issue matters to me deeply. many of us lost friends and loved ones, we owe it to them and the countless people whose
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names we will never know. >> reporter: clinton is trying to stop sanders's momentum, expected to struggle in eastern kentucky which is similar in many ways to west virginia that she lost. after her comment about march putting poll companies and minors out of work they are not likely to forget that. heather: $175,000 with of television advertising in kentucky. have a great weekend. jon: the white house is reminding public schools across the country they must allow transgender students to use the restroom that matches their gender identity. the guidance comes in the legal fight with north carolina over controversial bathroom law. the administration says it wants to ensure schools do not violate student civil rights. leland pittard is following the controversy from the white house. >> reporter: they are basing all of this guidance or what the department of justice call the
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dear colleague letter not necessarily in any law but how the white house interprets one law that had not been adjudicated in the courts or by congress but title ix which protects public schools or schools that receive public money from gender discrimination, somehow the word transgender comes out of that law but in no part of title ix is the word transgender appear. here is the letter to schools today, long letter, here's an excerpt. a school may not require transgender students to use facilities and consistent with their gender identity or to use individual user facilities when other students are not required to do so. a common language, biologically male student can use the female locker room all they want. extend the logic out, biologically male students can demand to live in a female dorm when they go to college. and there is no standard for
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what decides who was not transgender, a child can wake up and decide i am a girl or a boy, based on this letter, must treat them that way. they do not comply to this, yet to be seen. the threat, in north carolina, in possibility of the fed going after the money given to schools by the federal government, with the standards. jon: easy to see why that is generating so much controversy. thank you. heather: a woman hits record on her phone moments before she is shot and killed. this could put her killer behind bars. longer lines at security checkpoints becoming a major headache for travelers. one airport operator threatening to do, if the tsa doesn't fix that problem. do you think bernie sanders
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staying in the race will hurt the democrats chances of winning the general election. go to to join the conversation.
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jon: a prosecutor saying the man known as the grim sleeper had five more victims in addition to ten mittman convicted of murder. lonnie franklin junior could get the death penalty. a manhunt underway in new hampshire for the person who shot and wounded two police officers. some schools are closed in manchester while investigators searched for the shooter. both offices are recovering in hospitals and are expected to be okay. a pennsylvania woman shot and killed in a domestic dispute last week recorded the entire thing on her phone. leslie webb using audio recording program to capture her own shooting and officers arriving at her home. keith robert smith faces murder
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charges in her death. heather: longer airport security lines causing problems into the busy summer travel season. operators and major arabs threatening to replace tsa officers with private contractors if the problem continues. homeland security leaders plan to talk about that issue today at reagan national airport with the latest. long lines today, peter? >> reporter: so far since the bosses are coming over it seems like they are doing a good job keeping lines short, but this would be the anomaly here and everywhere else. so lawmakers are not impressed with the tsa's plan to shorten lines by helping people to sign up for free checks to bring more canines will be more efficient with what people put their phones or keys in the magnetometers so across the
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river on capitol hill two democratic senators have a suggestion, drop baggage fees, those senators wrote to a dozen major airlines suggesting if they drop the baggage fees people are going to check the luggage, let's carry on and less of a bottleneck when tsa agents rifle through the carry-ons looking for water bottles or laptops. the tsa got permission from congress to hire 800 new screeners think the problem is they haven't had enough money. >> significantly larger population of travelers than we had previously has grown substantially. it grew faster at a higher rate than predicted by those for the budgets that have been built in the past. >> reporter: the homeland security secretary says the administrator from the tsa open working with the aviation industry to develop airport
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specific action plans for the nation's busiest airports. some airports clearly need a lot more help than others, social media is helping frustrated flyers share their angst with the rest of the world, becoming a contest to can take a picture of a longer line, who missed a flight because they got there three hours before their boarding time and there is major concern about how much flyers will take of the long lines. that is why the feds are going to address it today. we will wait and see what they have to say an hour from now. heather: it continues with the planes themselves packing it up above. thank you so much. >> donald trump meeting with republican leaders, how does that chaotic coverage impact trump's race for the white house? the political panel ways and. equal opportunity in the catholic church, the decision that could open the door for women to serve in a new way.
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>> a position in the catholic church are there for men may soon be open to women. pope francis is allowing women to serve as deacons and formed a commission to study that possibility. in the new york city newsroom more details. >> reporter: pope francis is signaling openness, but experts are saying don't jump the gun yet. it came during a 90 minute private meeting with a religious group about -- vatican spokesman saying the pope responded to several delicate questions including mail deacons. and it would be useful to set up
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a commission to study the question. >> i pope francis is opening a conversation. as much as is hinted at this announcement will get, it is really just his response to a question. it would be telling who he appoints to a commission. >> the role of deacon was reinstated by the vatican council in the 1960s. usually they are married men or single will men, deacons can preach, preside at weddings, funerals and perform baptisms. they cannot say mass. it is unlikely the church would open the rule to women. >> however we should expect the pope isn't going to promote such a thing because the pope said he doesn't want to clerical lies women. he wants to advance women, clerical is asian of the role of service but he wants to advance women, not make them clericnts
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have a say in church, even appoint a woman in rome, the theologian we spoke with from the university of notre dame's it is unclear who will serve. heather: thank you. jon: a little girl was snatched from her school by her uncle, two good samaritans ran across carly with the suspect. how they held him at bay until police arrived. a media circus following donald trump around washington on republican goodwill tour. was it all too much? our media panel takes a look. economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
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jon: a quick look at what is coming up on "happening now," donald trump takes capitol hill, reporters trailing his every move. were a couple meetings worth that attention? the fourth murder trial in upstate new york about to wrap up. prosecutors trying to prove he murdered his estranged wife. this time a judge, not a jury, will decide. major league ball boy make the majorly catch saving a fan from a serious knock on the head. heather: good ending, a 9-year-old girl is safe and sound in tennessee at her uncle is in custody. police say he signed carly trent out of her school a week ago and
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took off with her. gary stenson was arrested after two men say they ran across the pair in a rural area and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. more on this story from atlanta. what a great ending to this story. >> reporter: it is indeed. these good samaritans came to the little girl's rescue were heating a call from law enforcement, police had been urging residents of hawkins county, tennessee to search their farms, their property in this remote rural section of the state for any sign of the missing girl. the men found the girl and her uncle in a barn off a record hilltop trail that is accessible only by a tv. baptist preacher stuart franklin said he searched the area before and saw no tracks but something told him to go back. >> the lord leading us because each of us had been praying
8:33 am
every day, helping to find this girl so finally answered prayers. >> reporter: carly was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution but her pediatrician offered a $10,000 reward for his safe return said his wish came true. >> was kept overnight for observation but from a physical standpoint is doing great and thankful to have their little girl back and thankful for the gentleman. >> reporter: as for the girl's uncle gary simpson, he is charged with custodial interference and aggravated kidnapping. had taken care of carly in the
8:34 am
past. heather: good reunion. jon: donald trump gets into a heated exchange over his tax returns. george stephanopoulos on good morning america, laying into george stephanopoulos over the investigation of hillary clinton's email said his relationship in the past with the clintons. >> you said you would release tax returns and thinking of running for president. when president obama released it, and release tax returns, secretary clinton has turned over all the emails in her position. >> there are plenty missing where a lot of emails are missing. she is a good friend of yours and i know you worked for her but you didn't reveal it. and there are a lot of emails missing. there are emails missing all over the place. jon: a bureau chief for talk media news, and pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter from fox news
8:35 am
contributors. it was a short exchange and to digest it all. >> nobody wins. what i would have liked to have seen, i confess he is a friend of mine, you would have liked to see him go after hillary for her speeches and to make a deal with donald trump, when you release your tax returns, hold the feet to the fire. jon: transcript of the $225,000 speeches she had made have been secret. >> very secret but we know their transcript. jon: stephanopoulos is you with a communication clinton white house communications director for years, it touches a sore nerve. >> he also said george stephanopoulos kept a secret he hadn't disclosed. the entire world knows about george stephanopoulos's prior work as communications director.
8:36 am
more problematic, the contributions to the clinton foundation and for that there was talk within his network. this is vintage donald trump. let us not lose track of what is going on. donald trump is a bully and he is going to go after the media or anyone who asks tough questions. i admire stephanopoulos for honing in and not backing off. we have to prepare ourselves. donald trump does not like us, hillary clinton does not like us, we have to make sure we continue doing what we do and ask tough questions. jon: here is more of his confrontation with george stephanopoulos. >> when you are under audit you finish the audit before you release it. i hope it is before the election. >> what is your tax rate? >> none of your business. you will see it when i release it. >> a lot of people here that and say yes, you go, donald.
8:37 am
>> there are people who do that and that is who he is appealing to but those of us in the press would like to see him release that, at least give us his tax rate, really something, we have got nothing. when you are running for president you do not have the right not to release your taxes. people have done it, candidate have done it for many years. timothy o'brien who wrote his book about donald trump, said there is nothing close to what he claims he is worth and the campaign is built around being a successful businessman. jon: he is picking a fight with jeff bezos, with, online shopping service together also owns the washington post and trump is saying jeff bezos is using the post to protect the tax-free status of many of the purchases on
8:38 am
>> maybe. let's release our tax returns, decide you are running for president and live your life accordingly. it would be very boring indeed. once again, bob woodward said the washington post assigned 20 reporters and he is in charge of investigation and he said we have 20 reporters on donald trump's business dealings and that was the signal donald trump needed to go for the jugular. jon: for whatever reason donald trump is fascinating people in a way that other potential nominees have not. look what happened yesterday during the meeting with paul ryan and various other republicans on capitol hill. it attracted the attention the pope did. >> there were less people with the pope then press. i have to say this. the people like about donald trump, the same thing they thought they liked about barack
8:39 am
obama, and had him in their living room so they feel familiar with him. feels like someone else in the family. that might be very different at different times. >> the media are fascinated with this guy and they covered his every move on capitol hill. >> $2 billion of free publicity by picking up the phone and calling us. all available for interviews, this is a freak show. it is going to get people censored but 36% of the republican electorate translate to 11% of the general electorate. the other thing coming out is he in the early 90s pretend -- jon: okay. 25 years ago a lot of people -- >> how about last week.
8:40 am
last week as opposed to this week. jon: it will be interesting and that is why it gets the coverage. heather: new details on the lucky lottery win from saturday's powerball drawing. how the winning ticket will pay off for more than one person. a murder trial closely followed on "happening now" is wrapping up. up next the legal panel event discuss the legal events in the cow harris murder case. olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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jon: eight lucky people will share a powerball docket worth $340 million. the winners will claim the sixth largest jackpot in the game's history sometime today. officials say the person who bought the ticket spent $6 for two tickets, one of them matched all six of the numbers drawn last saturday. and $280 million before taxes.
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heather: the fourth trial of the new york man accused of killing his wife, closing arguments are expected next week in the case against cow harris charged with murder in the 2001 disappearance of his estranged wife michelle harris. prosecutors say small drops of blood in their homes point to michelle being murdered there. the defenses two men from texas who knew michelle are the real killers. the leading panel, a former federal prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, thank you for joining us. off for-year-old mother of four when she disappeared, the body -- cow harris, two previous convictions, failed to reach a verdict. and a judge will render the
8:45 am
verdict, the criminal defense attorney, why would they choose to do that? >> they are a very strong case because normally as a defense attorney we want our chance with 12 jurors, in order for the prosecutor to be successful, and had to convince all 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt, and in order for defense to when you only have to convince one sure that the prosecutor wasn't able to make their burden. in this case in order to leave the decision with the judge and have him be the sole trier of fact they must think they have a strong case and they don't want to do this the fifth time. >> do they have a strong case? >> do they have a strong defense? i don't think so. they do what defense lawyer do, their job is to get the judge, not the jury, to look everywhere, the evidence against
8:46 am
their clients, the evidence is pretty compelling, he told his wife i will kill you and make you disappear. low and behold she disappeared. he had motive, opportunity, and interestingly this whole thing about this defense theory these two of the guys did it, the problem is he can argue that but hasn't produced two witnesses and without them the judge is smart enough to understand what the evidence is that supports the defense so in this instance it is a gutsy move. a defendant could not waive his right to a jury trial unless the prosecution agreed. in this case in new york, defendant can do that. from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and -- heather: third-party pop ability case. explain a little more, what do you think these two individuals would refuse to testify? >> very simple why they would
8:47 am
refuse to testify. the fingers pointed at them. they have a right to be silent and invoke their fifth amendment right to remain silent and not testify against themselves. the defense team here has got some very strong reasonable doubt evidence. these two guys, one of them was found to be covered in blood around the time of the murder, women's clothing, they said to their girlfriend, i know how to make a body disappear and they said the blood was from killing a deer. they were seen with the victim after the prosecutors say -- jon: heather: some of that evidence comes from a burned-out -- the women's clothing has not been conclusively linked to michelle
8:48 am
harris. >> they didn't come to court, what they said is technically not admissible. it is hearsay. >> it is admissible. and he decided -- >> they are not there. heather: let fred finish. >> you can spend it any way they want, and invoking fifth amendment rights, they said nothing about it, had no reason to kill this woman. he has been twice convicted of the crime, maybe it doesn't, time will tell. the 27 what type of sentence could he possibly get this time around? >> for second-degree murder in new york life in prison. heather: thank you for joining us, we will see what happens, supposed to wrap up by wednesday of next week and a lot of people are watching, thanks. jon: snatching thousands of dollars in coins, how this woman managed to feel almost 30,000
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quarters from her workplace. a new apps making life easier for the visually impaired, the human brain. get ready for the rio olympic games
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i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. jon: "outnumbered" coming up at the top of the hour. melissa: happy friday, donald trump and paul ryan signaling they will work for party unity after yesterday's big sit down. how fast is that going to take? the new emails that appeared to show hillary clinton knew the risk of using unsecured phone lines and a blackberry. and a showdown between the white house and republicans over having been roads testify about his controversial remarks and how the administration sold the air ran deal through using friendly reporters they say.
8:53 am
the challenge from the top republican whether he is, quote, man enough to show up. all that plus hashtag one lucky guy, former presidential candidate. find out who on "outnumbered," top of the hour. jon: sounds like fun, see you then. heather: a new mexico woman in trouble with the law for stealing $7000 in laundry money. jessica madrid took 29,000 quarters from an apartment complex where she was a secretary, she was supposed to deposit the coins but kept them instead and took her bus 60 months, and she faces embezzlement charges. jon: groundbreaking technology making life easier, a new apps letting users point their smartphone at different objects to identify them in real time. the camera uses software that learns like the human brain.
8:54 am
laura has more on this exciting stuff. >> anyone who is visually impaired, orientation and mobility are key components, and users have, seeing-eye dog to help navigate the world. >> you are looking at this. >> that is all right. >> reporter: and apps that acts for those who can't see. identifies objects, colors and brands for the blind or visually impaired. >> testing. >> reporter: michael orients himself in unfamiliar settings in airports and stores where he would otherwise need assistance. >> nothing like knowing i can do this by myself and of course it might be easier if someone assists but it is nice to know that i can do it myself.
8:55 am
>> reporter: the free apps uses artificial intelligence and the camera on your phone to take and what it sees and translated in real time for users. >> we thought it could be like a parent describing on your shoulder. we want to create a narrow curve toward the real world. >> reporter: this apps knows about 1000 words and is constantly learning as users input information about objects viewed. and update brings vocabulary to 5000 words and counting. this is in the only option for the visually impaired. of the devices, glasses with cameras attached opening up a whole new world for their users through technology. it is all about confidence, having that confidence. jon: thank you, that is amazing. heather: still to come some heroes risk their lives to pull a driver from a burning car,
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jon: check this out. one of the best catches in baseball wasn't made by athlete on field but by a ball boy. here you go. baltimore orioles visiting minnesota twins tuesday. a line drive towards the first base stands. he leaped over the fence to snatch what would have been a foul ball. nelson catching the ball about a foot of an unsuspecting fan. >> i was looking out for people here, i know there was kids sitting there, a few older people. i didn't want anybody to get hurt. did my best to catch the ball.
9:00 am
jon: nelson gave the ball to the fan's little brother as souvenir. >> that is awesome. he will never forget that. jon: good for him. maybe he has future in the majors. >> good to be here. jon: see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." wait until you see who's here. here, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. fox news legal analyst and host of justice with judge jeanine, judge jeanine pirro herself. legal analyst and fox news contributor, he can bonnie williams, today as #oneluckyguy, business executive, radio show host, author, the right problem, former republican presidential candidate herman cain is outnumbered. welcome back. >> a good way to be outnumbered, thank you. harris: welcome, thank you. thank you for being our lucky guy. >> it is my pleasure. thanks for inviting me back.


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