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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  May 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> stick around. laura with the fox report. airports in the country brayings for a nightmare summer season as security lines grow and one major airport threatens to dump the tsa. >> this is the fox report. passengers forced to wait in a line for hanhour and causing airlines to hold planes at the gate. as the tsa cuts back on screeners and tightens the procedures. they are working to make the process to go more quickly. this was the scene in the phoenix international airport after the tsa baggage screening
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system crashed. the computers are back up and running and the 3000 missed their flights onned this. and the city is considering a switch to a private contractor. >> everyone is frustrated and that is particularly the passengers. >> airlines predict a record number of people flying. what is done to make travel easier for us all? >> reporter: good afternoon. the tsan is trying to cut down on the long lines snaking across the airports. it depends on who you ask for if it will work. the federal government has a plan to allocate 34 million for tsa. and adding 766 screeners and boosting overtime and hiring
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employees and using bomb sniffing jobs. he does admit wait times will not desappear altogether. >> we have developed an aggressive plan to deal with it and provide continued aviation security for the american people. our task, is to keep passengers moving, but to also and most importantly, keep passengers safe. in this, we cannot and we will not compromise the security of aviation. >> reporter: what can you do it? you can sewn up the procheck program. and tsa has appap to tell you how long the wait times are.
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t two senators and proseesal. that the airline antidrive check them free. now far they aren't signed off on to vpt you can get a coupe or stayed in a line to look on the for your continue >> how many airports have been with kristcompanies. joshings 42 has gone to private surt. and the biggest is san francisco brl and kansas city international. they have gone proved but still have to met mitt guyed pines. phoenix would be the second largest afrpt to go to private security. some of those passengers, throw
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days later have not received their bags. there is atlanta that are threatening as well. and to go to private certificate circuit. >> thank you that are that report. >> and 40 were hurt after a charter bus flipped over in texas. it was carrying passengers to a casino. and we'll keep you post ped as the story develops. >> fox news it america's headquarters. thousands of deciding the delegates. some were chosen in the nevada caucus. saand sanders by the way is campaigning in kentucky who holds the primary next week.
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>> wing -- on states trump performed well, but haven't gone republican since ron reagan. trump is off of the trail and getting a break but drama in the party isn't. and anti- trump republicans are exploreing a third party run to derail a trump victory. kristin fisher is live. christian, what is the clinton campaign saying about trump today? >> reporter: they are trying to maximize. it is no one's business what his tracks rate is. they tweeted. why hasn't donald trump released
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the tax returns and he is out of excuses. and this morning, an adasks voters what is trump hiding. the clinton campaign is trying to hammer it that he has not released his tax returns. >> if crocked hillary clinton can't close the deal on bernie, how does she take control of isis. and each if he takes the nomination on wednesday night. it is impocket to be with hillary clinton. next tuesday is an important election. we have to do well in the remaining eight states including kentucky in order to win the
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pledged delegates that secretary clinton has. >> reporter: oregon was supposed to be an easy win and now sanders can take it. and so the script has flipped. we should know that anything can happen in 2016. >> it has been fascinating to watch. anti- trump republicans are still exploring a third party run? >> even the republicans involved in this effort concede it is a long shot. some of the names are senator staff in nebraska and senator tom corban. and now 70 members of congress is now supporting trump. he is waiting for the all- important endorsement from paul
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ryan. >> there will be more delegates added today. can't miss television this today. megyn kelly sitting down with donald trump for the first time since that republican presidential debate. here is some of it. >> you didn't feel the moderators had been nice. do you think it is the journalist role to be nice. >> fair. i don't care if they are nice. >> you used the word noise. >> no, i might have seen they were not nice. >> it is not a cocktail party. >> the certain way, you did me a favor. in thought if i can get through that debate you can get through anything. >> it airs again this tuesday.
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multiple fires raging in the u.s. and canada. we begin in washington state. crews battling two wildfires there. scorching more than 300 acre of federal land near gold bar. and the second burning more than 130 acres near the town of also. a logging operation is suspected
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of starting the flames. both are under investigation. in canada, a massive wildfires spaining 930 square miles continues to burn in alberta. the government is committed to helping them recover. >> there will be significant federals monies invested in the community. we are beginning to understand the scale and scope of the problem. and the federal government will have alberta's back in the coming months and years. 88000 people were forced to evacuate. more than 2000 structures destroyed and the wildfires is expected to burn a few more weeks. the house set to take up a zika virus funding bill. it would free up more than a billion to help states prepare
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for mosquito season. the risk for zika virus could increase. it is linked to serious side affects in newborn abouts. abbae explains. >> reporter: with summer weeks away. that means muggy and warmer temperatures and more mosquitoeses and has a lot of people thinking about the zika virus. and cities and counties are trying to get ahead of it including new jersey. 10000 fish, about the size of gold fish were released in the lakes and ponds. they were mosquito foish and once they are relieved. they feed on larvae and what is attractive, fish are environmentally friendly than chemical options.
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>> it is a clean way. the fish eat the larvae. and we are increasing surveillance of the mosquito areas and deploying our personnel to make sure we are are did feteing them. >> this is one preventative step and not the first time new jersey has done that. the new jersey environmental of protection used them to combat the west nile virus. >> it is more important we can see the effects that is happening on human life the. >> some are giving out fro the mosquito eating fish. there are however, every case has been rflaffected by them.
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>> and we are getting an idea of how much the european refugee crisis will cost germany. the german government will shell out 106 billion on refugees in five years. that is going to go to recover housing and medical care and language lessons. more than a million migrants poured in germany. that also sparked an anti- immigrant movement. nshoplifting cases in one state are optedly on the ways. plus, the bathroom te at the time .
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2:21 am
said folks have to use bathrooms listed as sex on their birth softball. the the white house said the new guide leans insure a supportive environment. >> what the framework does provide is advice of how school administrators protect the dignity and safety of every student in their charge. and that includes practical and tangible and real world suggestions. >> garrett has more on on this from washington. >> reporter: the fight over the issue will not go away any time soon. the white house position clear. get on board or face consequences. the department of education and justice sent a letter to the school districts that transgender students have to have full access on facility on the gender they identify w.
2:22 am
college housing and bathrooms and showers to name a few. the white house said it could bring lawsuits and loss of funding. texas, mississippi and north carolina came out and said they will not be bullied by the president. >> if they push this unconstitutional law in to play or defund it because we don't follow their rule. we'll go after our money and fight. it>> reporter: critics say it is overreach in president obama's imposing his will on the states without going to congress. the white house said it is giving guidance that many school administrators have asked for. >> the challenge is to to isolate or make anybody unsafe. but insure that our schools are
2:23 am
respect excel inclusive and safe as they can be. >> reporter: law makers will fight the directive and take the administration to court if necessary. >> and a jump on the number of cases in shoplifting blamed on a ballot measure in california. many large retailers including target and right aide said they have seen shoplifting rise 15 percent in recent months. fbi statistics show a 12 percent jump in larceny theft in the same time period. there is no conkret proof that there was a shoplifting surge. >> senator bernie sanders is still in it to win it. >> we can beat mr. trump badly. we think our campaign is the
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we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> pope francis is open to considering women deckons on in the catholic church and creting
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a commission to explore the idea. deacons are not priests but can perform duties like leading weddings and baptism ceremonies. loren has more. >> reporter: pope francis wants more women power. but the thelodgians warn the commission of women deckons is a far cry from a pathway to the priesthood. >> it is not such's drastic step. it is opening a conversation that it pope francis is interested in. and the decision for a committee came in a 90 minute proved meeting the pope had with 900 people. he responded to the question of a history of female deacons and others studied the question as well. >> historians of the early
2:29 am
church, what was the role of female deacons and did they do the same as the males and rituals used in naming them deckons. >> the role of deacons was in the vatican council. usually they are single men that could be priest. or married men. they can't say mass. pope francis pred tessor and benedict 16th rejected the issue. it is unlikely it will open to women. >> the pope doesn't want to clericalize women. but that is a role of service. he wants to advance them and not make them clerics. pope francis has had a greater gain in appointing women in the church. but it is unclear who will serve in the commission or choose the
2:30 am
participants. lauren green, fox news. >> i am laura ingle in for julie banderas. it is it the bottom of the hour. we learn of a possible never trump plan from bernie sanders team. and right now, sanders said he's working to pull off the political upset for the ages. but with eight states and washington d.c. left on the calendar, he trails hillary clinton. mike emmanuel has more from washington. >> reporter: in north dakota, bernie sanders told supporters he needs their help to pull off the shocking upset. >> it is a deep climb, but we have a chance to end the democratic nominee process. and okay. >> pressure is building on sanders to step aside. for example, diane feinstein
2:31 am
told reporters that sanders and clinton. it is it harmful, because she can't make the pivot and trump made the pivot and going at her. new york democratic congressman. i hope he understands that we need to consolidate sooner than later. and in patterson, new jersey. bill clinton slammed sanders and trump and praised his wife. >> she's the only candidate left in the race primary or general that has a record of getting things done with memberses of the other party. >> hillary clinton and sanders are heading for a show down in kepd kenned. clinton is heading there to drive the african-american turn out. and sanders is expected to launch a two-day swing in the blue grass state and hoping to put pressure on party insiders. >> it is is it true we can beat
2:32 am
mr. trump and we think it is it the strongest campaign. >> we'll be talking to the super delegates that went on board secretary clinton before i was in the campaign. they are working on a plan b if a political miracle doesn't happen. they the want to build an independent organization focused on defeating trump. it best speaks to base and message and it might be to mobilize voters under 30 with impacts on senate and congressional races. >> that is mike emmanuel reporting. and a spokesman for the sanders' campaign, he is still campaigning to win the nomination. >> isis claiming responsibility for an attack on civilians. the increased attacks and
2:33 am
renewing public outcry over the government security measures. john has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: laura, this is the bloodiest week so far in baghdad. isis has killed more than 100 people. it started wednesday, with twin suicide bombings in a police station. they had machine guns and explosives and three police officers were killed. >> thursday, a car bomb in a crowded market and killing 68 people and a few more blasts at police checkpoints killed more than 30 people p. and the violence didn't stop. there friday, 12 people were killed when a gunman attacked a cafe where fans of the soccer team had gathered. this man was there and described the gunman spraying the cafe
2:34 am
with machine gunfire and the floor was covered are pools of blood. >> iraqi security forces say at least 14 suicide bombers attacked a residential and governmental complex just outside of baghdad, and killed six people there. and fallujah, five police officers were killed after suicide bombings there. and isis snipers are targeting innocent citizens in fallujah trying to escape the war- torn city. laura. >> and a terrifying train crash and the action that may have saved lives. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds poland, train driver credited for saving lives. he ran through the rain cars
2:35 am
warning passengers to brace themselves. it is it likely the reason that no one sustained any serious injuries. than and all thanks to the help of strangers as they welcome millions of migrants. god fathers for refugees is working to help families recob're connect. it has helped over 100 syrian families. ukraine, a multimillion discover. more than a dozen paintings worth more than 18 million usd. they had been missing since they were stolen from a museum last year. no word on why they were left in the words and stolen. morocco. the ancient city of fez. hosting the music bonanza and focusing on the theme of women founder and celebrating women
2:36 am
and their role in society. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> russia responding to accusations about a massive doping ring in the olympicses. how could this impact the entire sports world. >> i was you, i would put it down. i live here, that is my stuff. >> caught on video. someone accused of trying to steal packages. that is all still ahead. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages.
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>> the 2016 summer olympics torch continuing its tour through brazil. hundreds of people cheered as it arrived. children waved balloons and a drum line helped to welcome the runners. officials lit the torch last month in athens, greece and now it will travel over throw hundred series on the way to rio for the summer games. russian officials are responding to a accusation of a doping scandal and reports that the director of the aspect- doping lash laboratory helped medallist used ban substances. they are retesting the samples.
2:41 am
for comment attor i am joined by jim gray. >> reporter: the ideas of the olympics and sports. a peaceful competition where the youth of the world can display the best athletics can offer. the the corruption of russia through the doping of their olympians threaten the institution and games themselves. cheating and doping is not new. it is not confined to russia it is just worse there and now it is certain to have wide- ranging affects and reverbations. if the public doesn't believe the games are real and drugs in the usage in the eastern block countries, no one will believe
2:42 am
the results. if they are nothing more than who has the best chemistry, why would you want to invest your time and energy and money and watch something ta is fixed. and why would the athletes that sacrificed so much and knowing that those in competition are not playing by the rules and diminishing the chance they have to be successful. >> if concussions and, they find other sports to play. if parents don't think there is a fair shake, they will place their kids in other activities. this doping scandal will threaten to takedown an institution that long had stability. and survived politics and political corruption and bribes and paves and financial
2:43 am
deficits. and the recent revelations by the new york times, 60 minutes and otherses shows that what went on in russia is despicable. and robs the world for the open and fair competition. genuine anger felt by those who dedicate their lives to the movement and the athletes, it is it heart breaking. going forward, who can be trusted? ioc? world antidoping agency. nation, trainers and coaches and athletes or officials, any of them? not really. they have lost the faith and trust that is needed. the international olympics committee and doping agency must change and reform. cheaters will be be a step ahead. if they don't find a way to stop
2:44 am
corruption, people will stop caring and when the emotional distachment happens. russia should be banned from the games. and as for rio, the doping scandal and combined with the fact that the games for brazil. and has government scandal and zika sdreers. and water connamitation. and budget problemses and all demonstrates that the games have the full potential of unravelling the entire olympics ideal. >> i have been a part of the olympics. they have given us the best of the best. from a li to owens and nadia and felt. and dream time nothing better than the opening ceremony and lighting of the torch. and every time before the games
2:45 am
begin, there are worries about issues and terrorism and usually they go away. but nothing in the lead up of these games gives us an indication that it is subsigns. >> hope is not a strategy f. there isny real, workable and enforceable be way to combat ills, soon. just like the performances of games gone by. the olympics will be be a memory, a memory of what once was and a regret of what could have been. >> jim gray, thank you. >> paul bennett laid to rest. and the former senator died this month from complications of pancreatic cancer and a stroke. he served three terms in the senate and had a reputation of
2:46 am
a republican that got things done in the senate. and he was one of the first incumbent booted out in a rise of tea party anger. he was 82 years old. >> and a hiker are hanging on the side of the cliff. it is it our top story. as we go across america. california, a woman clinging to rocks. 200 feet down the side of a cliff. it happened on griffith park in los angeles. rescue crews, strapped her to a harnest and guided her down safely. she was not hurt. >> texas, crews imploding the stadium in waco. city officials say they plan to sell the property to revive the
2:47 am
neighborhood. >> back in california, a package thief caught in the fact through a cell phone video shot by a homeowner. apparently stealing packages off of his doorstep. he threatens to call the police. they got multiple tips after posting the video to facebook. she faces a felony grand larceny charge. and in florida. miami beach police dancing away. and getting the fire department to join me. but the city of miami police department. challenging hampothers and even president obama. and that's the fox watch in america. >> donations are pouring in for a rescue dog that risks its life to protect a little girl. >> and he loves me really much
2:48 am
and that he was relationship to help me. >> a strangers from around the country are helping this little pup. and a new app could be a huge help for the blind. how does it work. how does it work. we sat down with the creator of tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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>> a rescued german shepherd returning the favor and saving a young girl from a rattlesnake. it happened in tampa. and the pup was in the backyard with the girl when a diamond back rattlesnake attacked. the dog was bit several times and been at the vet with an antivenom drip.
2:52 am
a go fund me page was set up to help with his car and raised more than 50,$000. >> you hear so much in the news of all of the problems and things that are not good. there are so many good people who care about you and your family and they have big hearts. >> with the right care, he is expected to have a full recovery. with that amount of money good dog bone. >> and new technology is helping blind to see. it will help them identify objects in real time using a smart phone camera. and allowing the users to be independent. we talked to the app creator andouser who said it changed his life. >> hey. wow. that is all right. >> an app that acts as eyes for those who can't see. it objects colorses and brands
2:53 am
for the blipped or visually impaired. michael helps it to orient himself in airports and stores and he would otherwise need assistance. >> nothing that knowing, i can do it by myself. and it might be easier if someone assists, but it is nice to know that i can do it myself. >> the free app uses artificial intelligence and the camera on our i don't know and translate what it sees for the user. >> it could be like a parrot describing the surroundings. and it is a inar eightor. >> this app knows a thousand words and learning as they input information about objects viewed. >> that will bring the vocabulary to 5000 word withes
2:54 am
and counting. >> ipauly is not the only option. other equipments to read text and opening a whole new world. >> a huge power ball win. eight family members say they will split one of the largest power ball jackpots. worth over 400 million. val row arthur said her mother bought to share with her seven kids. >> that was like a affirmation. we want to do for our community and each other and our families and it was like well, we have been funded to do that. >> indeed. the family is taking the lump sum option and each of them will walk away. $25 million after taxes. they say the family plans to use the money to help their
2:55 am
community. >> and government buster's fan putting his love for the film on full dismay. his tribute to the '80s classic coming up next. [p let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment
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mostly it's to make people smile. as crazy as things are today, everybody needs a smile and happiness in their life. >> a north carolina man is sharing his love for ghost busters. justin barker decorated his ford taurus to look like the car from the hit film. he used an old propane tank and a mop bucket. parker says this is his first ever car that he's owned and he's pretty proud of it. understandably so. we're proud of this. this is the best news of the night. breaking news in fact. the saturday fox report family is pleased to announce a new addition. anchor julie banderas gave birth to a healthy baby boy. meet andrew harrison sanzone who
2:58 am
ways 7 pounds 9 ounces named after his father andrew, but ha. look at that hair. how sweet. he has two older sisters, addison and avery. we are told they love having a baby brother and both mama and baby are doing very well. that is how fox reports this saturday. may 14, 2016. i'm laura engel in for julie. i hope you'll follow me on twitter. "watters world" with jesse watters starts right now. ♪ [ playing the national anthem ]
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hi, friends. good morning, it's sunday, the 15th of may, 2016. horror on the highway when a charter bus flips over, killing eight people on board and injuring more than 40 others. the dramatic details and the new video coming in. and then "the new york times" goes after donald trump with a hit piece about the ladies and the rest of the media pounce. think they'll do the same for bill and hillary clinton? don't hold your breath. and a charity group that helps homeless veterans is being pushed out for obama's future pres


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