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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i'm greg gutfeld. i hov you, america. factor." good night from new york. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, a clinton surrogate says she will beat trump because of ugly women. plus, marvel refused to put a female villain in "ironman 3" because she didn't think her action figure ould sell. i fear another sexist moment from tom coming on. and miracle on ice hero is selling his gold medal and the flag he was draped in after beating the hockey team. do you believe in capitalism? back to you, tom.
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>> let's welcome our guests. if she has children they will be jono, pinot and wino. it is joanne nosuchunsky. and the show dedicated to child actor ron howard. host of the sam robert show, sam roberts. he loves freedom so much the flag wraps himself in him. reason magazine editor matt welch. and hills wit is so sharp it can engrave a statue. sitting next to me, joe devito. let's start the show. hillary clinton has locked down the ugly women vote. that's according to ed redell a surrogate for her campaign. during an interview the former pennsylvania governor talked about donald trump's appeal to suburban voters in pa. will trump have the working class? sure. for every one he loses to
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every one and a half women. you can't be a 10 if you are are flat chested. that will haunt him. there are more ugly women than attractive women and people take it permanently. he does president like the uglies. >> ed redell, shoutout to the ladies. i think he wrote an ad for trump where trump will say only the best looking people vote for me. it just goes to show what the democrats think of the voters. not only are you working class, but you are ugly too. >> he is playing right into trump's persona. make america attractive again. >> it is pennsylvania. can we stop pretending we don't know exactly what he was talking about? what he was saying is surely ed redell and chris matthews,
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junior type of way, but what he was saying donald trump the way he talks about women is going to piss off women who are not knockout east block babes. it is a plausible kind of thing. he is saying that if you are not super hot rks, you are gonna get pissed off. we all know this makes a kind of sense. he shouldn't have said it that way. >> you were explaining -- so you are telling me that we are treating ed redell the way all of you sophisticated types were treating trump all of this time? >> kind of, yeah. >> well, sam, why didn't he put a number on it and why didn't he say there are more five's than six's. >> the point is true, but that would mean somebody would have to admit they were one of the ugly ones. most people would not admit that i am not a 10 like this. now it is all of the five's that think they are nine's and they will vote for trump.
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even more so now i think. >> do you think that's it? >> i definitely agree with that. i never go to a voting booth and say i am feeling really ugly today and that might affect my vote. i like to think his comments would have some bearing, but there is a lot more to voting for a person than just a flippant comment they make. the thing about ed redell is he is an eagles fan. that explains everything. that's why he talks like that. for you kind eagles fans out there, i apologize. i met many who are not. >> do you think they are unpleasant? >> there is something about the eagles. i don't know. >> they don't like you to bring that up. it happened a longtime ago. >> they boo you. what about trump's statement.
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can a flat chested woman be a 10? >> i would assume that two flat chested women can be a 10. part of common core math. >> i think we are missing the more important thing here. have the ugly voters. >> some of our top fashion models are are -- >> that's an unrealistic body type. you have been hoisted on your own pertard. >> the problem is the ug looy voters are the only voting block who don't know they are in the voting block. who stands up for the ugly people? are the ugly men voting democrat too? >> is pennsylvania full of anything other than ugly men? >> what? >> ed redell is a good looking guy. so trump was do -- doing an interview with his favorite newspaper. the report you are -- the
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reporter asked what is the most dangerous place in the world you have been to. brooklyn, he said, laughing. don't laugh. brooklyn is dangerous. trump went on, no, there are places in america that are among the most dangerous in the world. you go to places loik oakland and ferguson and the crime numbers are worse. seriously. the reporter noted that it is a stark reminder of what set trump apart from everyone in recent memory. how little of the world he has seen beyond the arca pell -- arcapellago. i am starting to think that the "new york times" has it out for trump. i don't know. i think this reporter was dying to use arcapellago in his article. >> i appreciate your effort.
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it is hard to pronounce. brooklyn was a dangerous place to be in 1969 which is when he probably crossed the east river and went there. >> does he properties over there? >> i am not sure if he does. i didn't do that homework and i apologize in advance for that. ferguson is not actually a dangerous place. he is throwing out words hoping it resonates with people so they think black lives matter. >> what is with all of the -- there was unrest there. >> those fires were real, weren't they? >> all of the stuff happened, but it is not oakland. oakland is a much more dangerous thing. it is not the parking lot of of dodger stadium. he is trying to associate himself with people and why black lives matter. >> if he gets out of his arca pell law go, that is what
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matters. >> if donald trump can be the president then i can be the president. he says what i'm thinking and none of us have been to the dangerous places either. >> i have not been to ferguson myself. i talk about it a lot, but never been there. >> i thought ferguson was dangerous i have never seen it. >> there are bad neighborhoods everywhere. we joked with joanne, but you go out of the hipster neighborhood and it can get rough. >> every place in this country is dangerous for me. >> isn't it? >> it is trying to suppress me. i have no freedom. >> you sound like an eastern european woman. >> trump is so smart in his answer. as a voter you think of course there are other dangerous parts of the world, but we have real issues here and the
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fact that trump recognizes that and he wants to do something to make it safer for me and my children. i think that was a smart and calculated answer on his part. >> i think he is speaking to his audience. >> is he the only politician? >> i'm surprised he didn't bring up the time he was landing in bosnia under sniper fire. this is what they don't get. they talk about all of the places they visit like secretary of state is somewhere you go to accumulate frequent flier miles. i like what he said. joanne made a good point. how do you say we will keep syrians from killing each other when we can't keep people from chicago from killing each other. a smart move, but when you look at it he said exactly what he meant to say.
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>> so true. that's what they are concerned about and what is happening at home. is the democratic party on better bern notice? the actress known for being married to clint eastwood for awhile -- that's her best known roll? introduced sanders and said she first started to feel the bern at a progressive conference last year. she recalled that after bernie spoke he would run for president. they asked the crowd to do something. >> she asked them to close their eyes and think about what it would be like to have a sanders presidency and if they felt they could get behind him to please stand up. >> i hope they stood up. >> and every single person one by one got up and stood there silently.
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>> i'm curious. was that all they did? >> i saw a few people hold their arms up with a gentle fist. what was bernie's reaction? >> he stood there with a look of awe in his face. >> are you sure it was awe1234 do you want to do that again? >> he had a look of amazement in his face. >> now it is amazement. describe his face, but don't use the word face. >> his countenance was that of a man with such deep feelings and at that moment i felt what he felt, and that's when my heart was ignited. that's when i started feeling the bern. >> it is like a revival meeting. matt, when was the last time you saw this kind of worship? i can't remember in recent history.
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>> this is when you step away from the politics. my god do you even hear yourself talk? what is a gentle fist? >> i think ilg -- i think i have a gentle fist. >> be careful to what you are inadvertently admitting to right now. >> if you need a jar of pickles open i am your man. day and night. >> what do you think of francis? she is a passionate woman. >> she was in "tie tran --" titanic" so she know what's a disaster looks like. >> i knew that. >> they are the first to be in rooms where they are getting hot flashes and feeling berns and peaking -- peeing on
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themselves. it is so strange that for all of the talk about honoring individuality they can't wait for a leader to come along and prostrate themselves in front of them. >> isn't that the truth? what is it about democrats? i feel like they are more focused on personality. since jfk they were -- >> i wasn't around for jfk, but there is a strange hero worship that goes on and the thing she was trying to say is is the reason she dpelt it in the room is everything -- everybody felt the same way. their eyes were closed when they stood up and she goes on to describe the scene visually, perfectly which leasers me to believe there is a room full of people peaking. >> all that is going on is she
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is making peer pressure into this we are creating a movement. >> nothing worse than someone telling you close your eyes and i will reveal something to you. >> i can't stand closing my eyes. >> close your eyes and put out your hand. never. never a good scenario. >> maybe they are justified. finally all of these socialists out there. i am assuming that francis is on the far left. finally they have someone who really does represent their point of view. >> it is the overly emotional people. it is those who make all of the decisions based on emotion and feeling. the same goes to the right. there are so many emotions when you think it is a vote. i understand that a lot of -- there is a lot of passion but
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ultimately you are going to give them a job or not and it is strange. >> they are struggling and they have no money. >> who, bernie? >> we have to go. next story. i mean we don't have to go. we have to move on. >> employers can't hire because potential workers are getting high. the companies across the nation say the increase of mandatory drug testing and america's overall increase of drug use have made it almost impossible to fill job openings. he states the number one reason the business can't hire enough workers is they can't find enough people to pass a drug test. a business in colorado says as soon as i say criminal background check and drug test they are out the door. not all were against the program including several recovering addicts who told the times that testing provided motivation to get
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clean. say something libertarian here. >> when i worked at the l.a. times they made me take a drug test. i tried every bargaining denial. i will shame you and all of this kind of stuff. they didn't add a reason why. i don't know if any of you are full time fox employers and i am not going to ask that. but why would someone who works in media need a drug test? the vast majority are not driving a fork-lift. it is a way to have insurance companies cover a little thing and if you can't pass a drug test it is a useful screening type of thing. it is ridiculous and embarrassing. you are in a room peaking into a a -- peeing into a beaker. you say that's nice and warm. >> you have a warm specimen.
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>> this is the most hopeful news i have read at least since gary johnson nominated wells. that was sarcasm. americans are like turning around and walking out instead of taking a drug test. why should you have to take a drug test for freaking marijuana? my gosh. >> are you thinking what i'm thinking? he wants them to know he has a warm specimen? >> how warm is it? i get nervous. i have never smoked pot. i am too type-a. i just drink. >> what if they gave you -- >> i still get nervous and i know i shouldn't be nervous so i can only imagine what normal people go through. >> isn't it true? i mean that's -- >> it is terrifying. >> normal drug users. >> that's the thing. it is so normalized. it is recreational and it is fun i hear. >> i mean, i'm in a lot of
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areas where there is a lot of pot. could that show up from hanging out with people like you? >> i don't know if secondhand smoke shows up in the test, but i do think there is something to be said. if you are looking for a job and that's the one thing that is stoping you from getting a job then don't smoke pot because you want a job. >> i am going to stop doing things i am told not to do. >> for how long do you have to stop smoking pot before it shows up on a test? >> 30 days. >> it is 30 days. >> so you spend the month -- >> and there are plenty of black market products to smooth that over. >> you can get a fake device and you don't need to use your own pee. >> that's a completely different discussion. i have an idea. if i were a boss i would say time to take the drug test. if they ran they wouldn't get
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the job. then i wouldn't give the test. >> that is the test in a way. it is like the test for performance enhancing drugs. if you know it is coming up and you can't get your act together you failed by showing you are too stupid. it depends on-the-job. i wouldn't want someone who is frying -- flying an airplane or long haul trucking testing positive. i am a comedian. for us as long as you don't have a cocaine-enduced heart explosion on stage it is under control. but for some other jobs -- and i have to say i got compliments on the temperature of my urine. they said my sool was -- stool was off though. >> it is more of a consistency. we will take a break and be back quicker than a squeeding bullet.
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pretend you are a glue man and stick to the couch.
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in "ironman 3" the three stands for se xism. he is a super villain in the installment of the franchise. the character was written for a woman, but went to a guy. guy pierce. i think that is close enough for me. director said we had a female character who was a villain in the draft. we were given a no holds bared memo. we decided the toy won't sell as well as if it is a female. they called it corporate
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sexism. but isn't it more like corporate responsibility. if it is boys who buy the toys it would be irresponsible to do otherwise. tony stark with great corporate power comes great corporate responsibility. you wouldn't buy a girl doll, would you? >> no, action figures. it is a business decision. it is not sexism. action figures are made for boys who are not ready to be around girls. they are afraid of girls. when you get an action figure that has girl parts it is awkward and i wouldn't have that in my collection. >> maybe you shouldn't be rubbing the toys. >> that's what you do with them. you try to explore. that's how you learn. >> maybe the parents are concerned. >> they are anna tom mickly --
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anatomically correct figures. there would have been more of an uproar. she would have been a dominatrix. her proportions would have been unrealistic and would then give young boys and girls the wrong idea and it would turn into this whole thing like what barbie has been going through. really i think they actually made the right move. it would have caused more negative press. >> women are evil. >> you have to think about these things. >> it would have been neat to see them make two-thirds of lex luther. they should have said we cooperate possibly. it would be wrong to make a woman that shows her in a negative light. again we are arguing about comic books and action figures. >> it is serious business.
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>> and there is so much money to be made. >> they under their audience. >> i don't see anyone clamoring going we need more car chases. that goes for that audience and this goes for that audience. i don't see why anyone would have a problem with the toys boys are playing with. >> since when can we not sell hot looking dominatrix babes with like cat suits and cleavage to 12-year-old boys. i feel like america kneads to be made great again. >> you think they should have those? >> i dimly recall being 12 or 10 and that wouldn't be a horrible thing to have on the show. >> some of these characters are unmasked. >> i never had a female action figure that you cooperate fiend -- find the breasts on.
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>> they are always in the same place. >> coming up, andy will scream on the panel overall of the things that went wrong. and don't forget the "red eye" pod cast is back.
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it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed at the "red eye" news desk.
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>> more women are ugly than beautiful and it shows what they think of the working class. the problem with what redell said is he is saying only ugly women will have a problem with what trump says, right? >> i don't know. the whole statement is convoluted. when you start to talk about who ugly people are voting for. >> you said we can stop talking because we don't foe what redell is talking about. no, whoa can't. you are right though. all he was basically saying -- he said attractive people are a minority which makes sense. there is a reason los angeles exists. seriously. >> i don't know if attractive people are of minority, and i would not ever say such a thing in public on television. >> i don't even see what is wrong with saying that. >> because i don't know if it
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is true. >> there is an entire industry built around the notion if you are attractive -- attractive people go and do that. i guess i'm in trouble now. >> the fact that redell is an eagles fan and then for you kind of eagles fan you apologize. >> i just want to make it clear you apologize to nobody. >> that's right. it is unattractive people. there will be two eagles faps who are like i'm so great. i am never following you again and it will make my life hell and i retract what i said. >> trump said brooklyn is the most dangerous place he has ever been. there are superheros. >> come on.
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there are no superheros if brooklyn. you said the most dangerous place you have ever been is yonkers. >> you know what that says about me then. let's see. when we walked over to the screen to take a closer look he said boy this isis. this is literally a scene from west wing. crime. it boy, i don't know. that's the moment i decided to destroy you. >> you got any quotes from "24"? >> i agree that it was a smart and calculated answer. you are absolutely right about
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that. francis fisher feels the bern. fisher is best known for being married to clint eastwood for awhile. shame on you. how do you live with yourself? >> i would have named a movie. i forgot "titanic." >> i don't know how you write that, let alone say it. >> 10 to 1 andy wrote that. >> and you said i love a gentle fist. stop writing stuff like that. >> from a distance i love a gentle fist. did you write that story? >> it is possible. let's see if i can get tom to say this. it is like working with burgundy . joe you think it is embarrassing how they can't wait. >> they are always looking and it is sad. >> tom, you said liberals are
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more likely to focus on hero worship. you can tell that is true how they never, ever envoke ronald reagan's name. >> in general wouldn't you agree with what i said? democrats are more into personality and republicans are more into pure policy? >> i think democrats pretend they are not into personality and it is funnier and it is not true. i knew in that moment that this man was authentic. i knew this man was trustworthy. i wonder who she is comparing him to. companying having trouble finding employees who can pass a drug test. most of the people who get drug tested are not driving a fork-lift. it is okay to leave work and go home and pour yourself a beer or a nice glass of
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bourbon, but not okay to smoke some weed? >> that sounds ridiculous to me as does in sports, right? basketball players, the nba, you just competed. the last thing you want to do 1 be stoned and play basketball. but you want to come down after playing so why should that trigger any penalties? >> i am fairly certain the knicks have been stoned for years. >> rashid wallace built a whole career out of that. >> all of that said, if you can't smoke smoking pot long enough to take a drug test -- >> it is motivation for something in life. >> joe, you said they did say your stool was a little off. was there a pillow on it? >> they didn't ask for a stool sample.
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>> are you a polite human being "ironman" director said he was changed from female to male and you said this was a business decision and it wasn't sexism. why can't it be a sexist business decision? >> everybody is sexist for buying action figures. they are looking at charts and numbers to see what is selling and what is not selling. >> don't call me sexist for buying action figures. i know these are comic book movies and not casa blain -- casa blanca or "the godfather" but it says to change their art so they can sell more toys. you don't think it is wrong? >> it is their money.
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>> is it their money? >> i agree they have a right to do it. they shouldn't do it. i am standing up for the artists. >> again, you are standing up for the corporate hacks. >> which of us is a better person? i'm done. happy birthday. >> when we come back i finally reveal the best way to eat a reece's. first here is what is coming up on the next "kennedy." >> hi there "red eye" insomniac. i have do you understand that zeigler and it is all on one to fox
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>> and now hockey memorabilia news. >> hockey memorabilia news. >> it has been 36 yeas -- years since the miracle on ice. 5* group of american college kids defeated one of the best college teams in hockey history, the swedes. now he is selling his gold medal and much more to the highest bidder. it includes his jersey from that day and the flag he draped around his shoulders. asking price is $5 million.
11:47 pm
they will donate proceeds to charity. i watched it on tv and i will never forget tment here are the final moments and it still gives me chills. >> do you believe in miracles? >> that was our favorite celebrity. i prefer oakland. look, he has to feed the kids. >> that's a lot of money. >> we have a market -- a memorabilia mark cet who has that -- market who has that money. a part of my childhood was ripped from me. if i had something that was worth $5.7,000 i may auction
11:48 pm
it off to the world. >> where does he keep the stuff? >> someone will come and steal the flag. >> the insurance costs are enough. >> sam, you said you were going to bid on this. but it was spent on the zimmerman gun auction jay i don't know what your source is on that. jay maybe somebody like me which seems unlikely. i didn't see the game. i saw movie. i get it. >> the disney movie. >> all st emotion was there. who ever pays $5.7 million will mean more. the guy who took it has the memories. >> it is going to waist.
11:49 pm
it is going to waste. >> the thing about hockey memorabilia. i dated a hockey player in college and that stuff smells like your jersey and mask and i have a feeling that it still smells. that's part of the charm and it is part of the price. i wouldn't want that in my home. >> would you want to smell craig? >> these are my favorite of the recuring segments. >> i think it is nice dash sh ad i don't be brog them if they are selling old shoes. he has to do something or the tacks will be outrageous. the good news is it is not because he is in doir financial straits. he is trying 20 prepare more
11:50 pm
of a nest egg for his children and grandchildren. i hope our current olympian will put up their memorabilia and beloved syringes. >> >> if you go to the ebay page you can get the shoes. >> put on your favorite patriotic pajamas because we will close with a bedtime
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the government is teaching people how to shop for food. this is great news for people who don't know how to shop for food. yes, on tuesday the u.s. department of agriculture tweeted this helpful tip grocery lists on what you want to make. lists help you buy only itemses you need. there is a link to a web page. let's find out meal you want to make this week m buying for the week means you will make fewer shopping trips and buy buy only what you need. look in your freezer and cabinet and make a note at what you have on hand. choose meals you can prepare. qhoos recipes that take longer for dayses off. later the same government account tweeted, to walk place
11:55 pm
one foot in front of the area. swing your arms for balance and don't forget to breathe. i don't think it was our government, but some did somewhere. it did make sense, but don't people know this? >> that's who you want to know how you get your household budget. >> it is like the woman shopping saying my kids will pick up the tab for this. if you don't know this you probably should. i found it inspiring. but i missed the recession. member they were horror stories about how it has been cut to the bone and this just reminds us there is no where
11:56 pm
close to the bone which somebody is paid to do that. >> eat before you shop. that's what i did. eat a meal and you don't buy a lot of food. >> the amount of steps they suggest you do is symbolic of what the fat cats liver by. they had taken inventory and check the thoughts and they add add -- ad to the notepad. >> what is in your frige? >> you don't need a lie if you don't eat. >> you could have done the ad for them. >> i have lean pockets and i will have one tonight. you don't need the directions on how to heat it up. i am shocked. who screwed this up so bad that directions were needed?
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>> i guess they don't president what to -- they want to cover the bases p special thanks to joanne know thanks to joanne know nosuchunsky.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. thanks to joanne know nosuchunsky. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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thanks for watching. >> mexico sends their people they are not bringing their best. >> donald trump has rewritten the rule book in politics. >> i what i said i don't remember. >> and won his party nomination doing it. >> i won with the evangelicals. i won with women. i love winning with women. could he be the next president. >> the country's going to it start


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