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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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1988. but the national past time went under the bright lights -- big change on the dow today. close to a, well, it's better. much better. hurry up and wait. i think it's clear, the administration doesn't have much for the folks stuck in lines. it is our problem, not theirs. after alls, veteran affairs secretary, bob mcdonald is not the only person waiting and waiting for care, the lines for rides and disney doesn't seem r much concerned. he doubled down on it today. leaving the side has really come up with fast passes and other ideas to keep folks from suffering in lines. let's say the secretary's definition of suffering ain't
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exactly my definition of suffering. how is it to compare vets waiting for care for vets waiting in line for space mountain? this line about assisting lines, i think it is a consistent theme in this administration. what is the big deal about waiting any way. whether it is the tsa recommending you get to the airport three hours early because hey, it's a dangerous world so just deal, or the president dismissing long wait lines to log on to the health care website. or on capitol hill, he had no time to prepare even though he has had years to explain the targeting of groups and not a sing single explanation. it is on their time, not our
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time, it is their schedule. so the irs is free not to show up because his time is valuable. you and i try that with the irs and let's just say our time won't be as valuable. we pay, they play. out of an indignity they have never suffered themselves. imagine if they had to wait for weeks or months for proper medical care. worse, compare that wait to arrive that will make them forget the line. as if line dumbdumbo. the last time i checked people didn't die baiting to get on dumbo but people are dying waiting in line. so many in washington can't see it because they don't even see us. they don't relate to us.
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sometimes i think they actually don't like us. what else could explain their indifference and arrogance with a wave of hands dismissing the masses stuck? what is the big deal about waiting after all? it's part of the thrill, tell that to anybody that has waited at the dmv or worse, the va. something tells me if it happened to them even those in washington with security clearances never see those lines at all. i think it should be each at washington -- should eat his own cookie. lines matter, the same old washington line should matter too. my kids deal with waiting for a ride but i will be dammed if a veteran who risked his life so i might have the pleasure should be taken for a ride. for some perspective on this hurry up and wait, let's hurry
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to grant cardell, grant, what do you make of this? wait, wait, wait, chill, chill, chill? >> i've worked with the biggest companies on this planet and they know that speed is critical into taking care of your customers and the fact that vets would be treated like this and the fact that this gentleman would say that is incredible to me. number one nobody carries, and number two nobody is being held aaccountable. >> nobody would ever put up with this. they would change things fast. but they're in a separate world. >> it is us versus themm mentality. you know, what company is really competing with the dmv?
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none. that is a real killer. that accountability is never seen. how many times have people been complaining about the dmv, irs? things are only getting worse, nothing seems to get done, because nobody seems to pay the price for terrible government service. >> i can see stuck in a line at disney and just dealing with it, or at with the tsa, but it is a different barometer for those who served our country than to go and eat big old turkey legs. >> there is over a $300 billion budget there.
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97 senators and a president should be held accountable. this happened in benghazi when they started allowing speed not to be essential to our growth and improvement, we have big big problems. >> it is all mentioned at the va starting with people with long lines now you have a guy put in charge dismissing the long lines saying they are not really the issue. he was recruited to do the job he's doing to address those long lines to address that long waiting line on the part of our veterans. >> arguably things are worse than they were a year ago. people waited more than four months for a va appointment than last year. in the 2016 tax filing season, these are just becoming bigger. >> to add fuel to the fire, there is a scene here to connect to part, the arrogance anticipate that head the huge
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brockc brock -- bureau rock -- he was at a no-show. to find out what the heck is going on with the targeting of the conservative. whether you are conservative or liberal he has promised to address this with a report an examination, study, nothing. you can understand why republican congressman wasn't series. he didn't even show up. >> and if he had the track record he did. i don't think i would have shown up either. when you allow 122 tapes to get lost, then you don't correct the record after you say something false, i don't think i would have shown up either, but the arrogance of folks in power and the double standard that exists because no american taxpayer
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could get away with this if they were beingauditedbeingaudited. somehow it is okay for john kos t kostin to get away with that. that's why when you think about what took place here, you should go and be in peace. >> whether it is kos kkin or th irs it is always sold with the issues that we have and stuff, but the wait is not the issue. waiting and waiting is not the issue, you as a kacongressman i not the issue, me waiting in line for three hours is not the issue. a vet waiting for weeks months it is not the issue, it is at the end justifies long means --
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>> you're waiting time is money if you're in the private sector, of course this is a huge problem and it just shows the arrogance. pat cudell i was with him a few weeks ago doing a lot of surveying, 80% of americans think this town out of washington is rigged against them, rigged against middle class families rigged against average people against them to se them, the big leagues the lobbyists and everything else and it's because it is true and some of the activities demonstrate that it's true so americans are right in that belief they see about this place. >> i'm the last one to burn the torch or storm the gates but i will say that it's important for those in washington if you are going to head an agency to eat your own cooking. in other words if you're saying that tsa waits on bad, wait in
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line, if your saying that waiting sometimes years for particular medical services you try it if you say that it's okay to wait with the wait pa-- and e hassle and totally crude and rude way people are treated, you deal with it. i guarantee you republican or democrat, things would change. >> i agree completely. john costman should be dealt with the same. when we do a subpoena to the irs saying give us the documents they destroy them. he should abide by the same rules that when the irs investigates us. the fact that they were targeting people for their first amendment political speech when you go to the underlying offense, and he was brought in to restore the confidence of the irs of course this activity warrants impeachment and that's
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why we are pursuing it. >> all right. thank you, congressman. before we take a quick peek at the markets, i do not want to get on a soapbox, i'm kind of a big guy, but i will say this, i don't like to wait. i don't think it's necessary to wait and i think when the government is saying it is okay for me to wait, for you to wait or those who served us to wait, we have to stop and say wait. no no no, that won't do, for us, maybe on on airport line, for us maybe at a ride at disney world but for veterans who make everything possible for us to do what we want to do, have the fun we want to have, fly anywhere we want to go this memorial weekend an beyond? no, no, no, that won't do. stop the bleep now. >> you see, the dow was up slight sly up. home seams up 16 points, that is
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the strongest advance we have seen in 24 years so since i was to-year-olds, you're not buying it are you, i'm way off by decades. meanwhile, did you see what mon santo just did with bare? we are always open to discussions, which i think is mon santosanto's way of saying e the money. in the meantime donald trump is said to be considering a short list of vps that includes a military guy. it was not all that long ago when he was saying he needed a political guy?
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audit. could this be the
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presidential tick. donald trump considering retired general michael flynn. not even the kind of choice if he made it would be making, what do you think of that? >> he is keeping people guessing, bringing people to that have great careers. he is looking for good leaders, i think a lot of people you're going to see him meet with are not necessarily for the vp stakes, probably for national security and department of defense. i think he was right when he said he needed somebody to compliment him politically. nothing gets passed without congress. that's the type of person he needs. >> someone like the general might not fit that bill.
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something he told me a few months back. >> i would say that it would be better for me to choose somebody very political that can help us out politically because i've got a lot of political qualities and i'm very political as well so i don't think we need two guys like me. >> so you don't -- >> i'm a very political person so i think i would keep it that way. >> he is looking outside the pe t pet petridish. ultimately what does he need politically, what does he need? >> two things, somebody to comp mea -- complement him elek trorlly. donald trump did very well in
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florida. we have to look to virginia and governor fallon, the republican governor from oklahoma is also a good choice, so there are a lot of things to look at, neil, but the most important is somebody who comp le meants him and somebody who can help him electorally. >> that's what the vice presidential candidate did, he was the guy plaking the case for the -- head of the ticket, having to thrash out all these issues. that's why chris christie's name comes up, he's a pros kuecutopr. how do you picture a general or someone well seated in foreign policy filling that role or because they're so different they don't have to. >> i think a military person as
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vice president is probably not a very good selection for donald trump. donald trump is an economic person but he can't get his economics through without the house and the senate and we don't know what the makeup of that is going to be obviously until after november, so he has to anticipate what does he need? and he needs to get legislation passed and a general i think is not the right mix because the general has already a portfolio in the department of defense and national security counsel, so even though he's talking right now may not be for the v.p. slot because he has a lot to look at for the cabinet. >> i always heard that it can't help you but hurt you. >> that's right, that's why you need to look geographically. it all comes down to the electoral votes. >> thank you very much my
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friend. >> in the meantime we all know that bernie sanders in kentucky when they were separated by less than 1%. get ready it gets nastier.
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you know, even in contests it is very rare for anyone to demand a recount in a caucus, but in the case of kentucky where the democratic candidate were separated by less than a percentage point and in that case hillary clinton won, bernie sanders wants a recount. we have more with why. >> hi, good afternoon, an interesting approach by bernie
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sanders and his team, he sent a letter today to the secretary of state that he wants a recount of last week's primary which was a nail biter, meanwhile hillary clinton is trying to shift her focus to the electoral contest. she made a mention that he was kind of -- a market collapse hoping it would make him a lot of money, so clinton using that here in commerce, california, a few minutes ago basically trying to say he was profiting off of california while struggling to hold on to their home, so you have bernie sanders showing he's fighting for every last delegate while hillary clinton is trying to shift her focus to november. >> thank you very much, my
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friend. obviously the stage is not set for more and just lets everybody hug each other more. things could change, but now one is demanding a recount and the other side is desperately offering sae offering seats platform. we have har llen hill and other here with us. >> how bad is this getting more than each side is digging in their heels that they're going to be digging at each other? >> yes, so it looks really bad right now but i think we are going to get a whole lot resolved after june, you're going to have california, new jersey, puerto rico, a whole lot decided and that's when we will be watching sanders and his next
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move, if he doesn't win a whole a lot of states he's going to have a decision whether he is going to go quietly into tonight or turn this into a floor fight in philadelphia. >> what if he does win the li ' lion's share? >> he is really caught behind a rock and a hard place. the perception right now among bernie sanders is that sanders is getting screwed, the rough end of the deal between the coin flips. >> i don't think he's getting the rough end of the deal, although he is over $3 million
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behind. >> when it became he was a viable option they tampered that down, an when it became clear that he couldn't win because super delegates wouldn't flip on the democratic side they're sort of helpless. >> here is what i don't understand, whether the passion is for bernie sanders or hillary clinton he has more of the delegates than he does for the popular vote that he has received. they went in eyes wide open and hoping a switch, they switched to him. i would think that's unlikely, but stranger things have happened. >> not going to switch to him for what you just outlined. she has gotten more pledge delegates. i was an undecided voter in this election, i went to go vote in
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the new york primary, i didn't pick my debbie wasser man schultz and i don't really care why -- >> so why did you vote the way you did. >> because i realized math was math and there was virtually no way he was going to loose this pry march. >> because she -- >> no, nobody told me to vote. >> with all due respect i looked to the number of votes she had gotten, looked to the fact that a pro longed primary was going to benefit our chances of a republican in november and i made up my mind the way i made up my mind. that's insulting that you think that somebody. >> i can't speak to your individual case but i think it is a self-fulfilling -- to craft this narrative that he could not win, he could not be a
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republican contender even though the poling suggested that he would whip anybody in the field. >> hold on hold on. i want to jump -- maybe here is where you can help me sharon, obviously the two sides are wide apart, with june 7th about eight years ago the same day we have these super duper primaries to end the season that hillary clinton threw in the towel and conceded the race to barack obama do you think tonight of or day after june 7th if it's a mixed bag for bernie sanders that he does something similar, he throws in the towel and concedes the race to hillary clinton? >> i think it is unlikely right now but these two two different politicians in two different races. hillary clinton did that maybe or maybe not with the knowledge you want to run again. you don't want to come across as
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a sore loser you may want to seek eight years later. bernie sanders is probably not going to run for president again. >> why? he would only be 78. who are you to block him. >> i guess more power to the guy, right? but i think it would be rare especially for if he is still in the united states senate to seek that seat, i think there's two different game plans. bernie sanders it is very clear he wants to make a lasting impression on the democratic party. he wants to make sure it is progressive tackles inquality and move to the left what he cease as a viable option for the party in terms of generating enthusiasm on the party's progressive wing. the question is how he goes about it. >> it is going to be a food fight. animal house. all right, guys thank you. >> you know we were talking about having to wait.
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try illegals, try about 40,000 of them. the normal procedure of them is they sneak in here, we throw them back there. not for 40,000 who are staying here an enjoying the ride.
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. all right. we are getting word of a pretty series tornado watches out of the greater oakland area.
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we're keeping an ion it and folks are too.
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sno >> we started the show to hurry up and wait. vets are going to have to wait for the long wait for care, when it comes for the irs you are going to have to wait for long lines for targeting conservatives. that's what americans have to deal with. but illegals? nearly 40,000 of them? not so much. this nearly 40,000 we're talking about, what's the deal here? >> the deal is we are talking about no enforcement of the law. there's no consequence when it comes to illegal immigration in that number you just gave. 40,000 illegals in one month. >> 40 illegals -- >> just in april. >> guys like you who gather up but don't go anywhere. >> you heard brandon jud say
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under oath before congress is that all these people are being released an there's no consequence. there are not many cases giving their promise to appear in court. >> if your not doing that what are you doing? what are authorities telling them. >> that you're free to go, that there are no consequences, that what i've been saying for years is that if you make it to the border your home free. under this administration there's law lelesawlessness. so you and i every other american if we break the law, this president, our president is putting others before other americans and our safety and national security because if we can have 80,000 just in my part
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of arizona that isis or possible terrorists could come in here with military training all the financial resources -- >> but it was ultimately going to go to the supreme court that the administration and the deportation that it would stop, but nothing has changed. >> this is where we have seen an overreach of executive authority what i have seen the president through rule making and policy has the same impact as law so he circumvented the law making body of congress and said not 5 million, nearly the 12 to 20 million illegal here has deferred all action to all that are here. >> all that have snuck in her are not leaving from here. >> yes. >> we have an exchange student here with us, he is just now more than 15 years later got
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their green card. they did everything by the letter of the law and i said i'm glad you got the card diego, but you could have just jumped the fence. >> our system of law doesn't make people follow it. >> but the ones who go legally through the system they're the ones who are considered loss for any republican. >> i'm not so sure, they're angry. >> will they're angry for short cuts that were provided for others that they didn't take. >> that's where 30% of my state is latino good hardworking people. good citizens, they do not like this watering down of the law, we are more vulnerable and what we want is to put our country, our interests our families first
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just for once and this president hasn't done that in fact he has released murderers and rapeests that donald trump talks about, he's not making this stuff up. 67,000, these are people from foreign countries and released into our communities, my deputies have to deal with them an while the president is putting targets on our backs, the good guys, the cops these guys have free reign. >> if i can requote donald trump he was not saying all illegals are rapists and murderers which is what you have been arguing. >> that's right. >> thank you. in the meantime, downdo you have harken back to a time where we were all united on something,
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something like hockey, or something like this guy jim craig and now some of those heroics are literally up for sale up next
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. do you know what i remember about jim craig watching history and heroics in 1980 all the women in our dorm loved him, every one of them. i hated that and i hated him but i liked and loved what he did at a time he did for this country, probably one of the greatest upsets of history. when jim and his gold winning med al usa team the russians were miserable and for a brief period we were on top of the
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world. jim craig is with us right now. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> you are selling a lot of this stuff so there is probably hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff right on this set, right? this is the gold me dadall righ here. so i were to artfully move this closer to me and move it closer to my bag you probably wouldn't notice. >> probably would. >> you would. why now? why are you putting this up for auction now. >> i think when bobby suiter passed away i realized we are not going to live forever when he died it wasn't because he was our family or, but you know the stuff was always in a museum -- >> so this stuff was yours, it was in a museum?
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did you just lend it out to them. >> yeah. >> how did you know someone wouldn't walk away with it. >> i didn't. people, we do the right thing any way. >> we had them in the sports museum which eventually failed but then we had it appraised but you know family is always first, but putting this into a trust and for our children and grandchildren, how are you going to split a gold medal or a flag? >> i miss spoke and i felt bad about that it was a financial reason for you and i'm sorry about that. your whole point was you have been hanging on this for a long long time you have been hanging on to this for your kids, you know it is problematic but you want it in a place where everyone can see it you don't want an owner who scarves it
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away somewhere. >> we are looking for somebody to put it to a collection as part of the iconic flag, where we were it gave people a chance to believe again so we were hoping it would be on display where somebody would love it wouldn't be fearful of somebody breaking in or security issues. >> but this isn't all your stuff. the value of all of this stuff, they have put value on all of this stuff and the millions, right? >> yeah, lee lanlands has appra it. >> who do you think will buy this. >> hopefully somebody who loves america. i hope this piece is out there 35 years or more, the flag and me looking for my father meant so much and winning the gold medal that means you did something collectively with our
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team and in our case it was us. >> you guys just weren't underdogs, you werie dogs. >> dreams are important especially when people help you get there and herb brooks had a dream, a vision with 20 other guys and myself helped make that vision come true and this is much more than a hockey game and for so many years people have been able to -- manner, so it is really nice, so we are really hoping that i have the means and i want people to be able to see a period of time that was so important for our country. >> when jimmy carter was president the hostages were in
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iran, there was a concern where were and almost single handedly lifted america up. that had to be a lot of pressure on you. >> as you get oldser you appreciate it more, you think back everybody hears that usa usa chant and it actually started in placet and it was two firemen and they said it was too quiet in here. >> it was an amazing, amazing story. -- he has a few bucks. >> he's very co-op, he's going to do something very special. >> 1980 you have a hockey team -- if it were me i would go
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with it, but not tim, then again, he's not an anchor is he. i couldn't deal with the competition. up more with this. show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. all right. do you have a kid living at home or are you a kid living at home and just live with it? the most common range of millennials is common for mom and dads, we have some older grumpier crass guests. >> i agree with everything except the grumpier and crass.
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>> i think millennials are learning from biaby boomers experience this is trading off marriage for living with your parents. >> wait a minute are you blaming this on us? >> i am. i think it is on the baby boomers with unprecedented divorce rates. i think we are taking things a little slower. the divorce rate is significantly lower when we do get married. >> wait a minute. if our parents are divorced or break up, who are you living with? >> kind of like the gilmore girls phenomenon. >> what do you think of that it your fault. >> i'm trying to figure out who the gilmore girls are. is that dating me or dating you? >> it's a show to come back to. >> i think it is beyond the notion of marriage. millennials are so infantile they can't -- except for in new
1:54 pm
york city millennials actually live with other millennials and pool together to afford the high costs. >> they're not all infantile. >> my point is what makes them so infantile they can't get out and get out of the house and leave their parents alone. it's ridiculous they remain burdens to their parents. >> are you living with a parent right now. >> i am living with myself but i was actually -- >> how is it. >> it is phenomenal. >> i did talk to one of my friend that does live with her parents, but she is living with her parents and taken a job. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with it. >> this is called deevolution what's going on here. in the old days, the olden days
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when neil -- before neil was born just right before in the 8 1800s the young people took care of the old people. >> there were actually more millennials living with their parents than now. >> right after they fought in wwii they started living with their parents? i find that really hard to believe. >> well, you travel the world, go to italy, to france, whole generations laive in the same place. >> the italians. there's a name they use in italy for like these pampered men called memomis and american men who used to be tough are
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starting to be just like them. >> i don't know what callous heart leless little world you l in. >> all i can tell you is when i was the age of a me lennlennal mother used to do my laundry. >> what about you. >> it's been about age ten that i did my laundry. >> who does your laundry? >> we send it out. we don't have a washer and drier. >> this is an italian american thing, your mommy does your laundry. >> charlie, that's so precious. >> we have lost it by the end of the show. can you talk to your young friends and tell them to come back >> i absolutely will. i think at the very least for the ed molmolgedmolgy lesson.
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>> i want to go on the cruise. >> i'm actually at the fourth floor. >> charlie, take your metmetimu. that's all the time we have. see you.
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hello, i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, 2:00 p.m. in washington state and this is "the five." well it's election day in washington on the republican side. but the real political battle going on now is son the democratic side. more on that in a moment. washington's primary today is different from others, voters have either mailed in their ballots or have until 11:00 p.m. eastern to drop them off at collection sites statewide. 44 delegates are at


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