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  Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 26, 2016 12:17pm-12:30pm PDT

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thank you very much. we're waiting for donald trump to deliver his policy speech any minute now and as soon as that begins we'll go live, but in the meantime, let's bring in -- what's that? here is donald trump. i apologize. the music is playing in the background. he is supposed to be talking -- laying out his energy policies which would include fracking, horizontal drilling, more jobs for the coal industry, and the keystone pipeline. let's listen in. >> going to be a speech on energy but i have to start off because we love our farmers and we love -- right? do we love our farmers? and we love agriculture so for the farmers out here, you do an awfully good job and i've heard that for many years in north dakota. so, hello. now you can fall asleep while we talk about energy.
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okay? the farmers great. the miners are great. they've been so badly treated and we are going to treat them really well. you'll see. you're going to see. so, before we start, i really want to thank harold hamm, has been a friend of mine. anuccess story and an amazing guy, and i've learned a lot about energy from harold. so, harold -- i've never seen you so happy. when he got up here he became like i'm -- i'm glad i didn't have to run against you, harrell, and the congressman from the beginning was with us. and the governor is in the audience. where is the governor? governor, thank you very much. and your lovely wife. thank you, governor. thank you very much. and your entire staff. appreciate your'ing here. i also want to think -- i appreciate your being here. also want to thank the delegates.
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was coming out of my billing this morning and there was a big news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. and i said, what happened? i thought i had to wait a couple of more weeks, and they said, no, the delegates from your state, right here, you, north dakota -- where are you? where are you? where are my delegates? stand up, please. so, i guess you would call them unbound but now they're bound. so, north dakota brought us -- you brought us over the line, folks, and i will always remember that. i will always remember that. and to me inbound who are now bound, i think you're bound. you prompt missed you're bound, everybody? yes, they promise. so, thank you very much. this is a great honor and this was a little bit sooner. we were supposed to be watching hillary clinton and guess what?
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we're watching hillary clinton. that's the way it works. crooked hillary. [cheers and applause] >> crooked hillary. and that report yesterday, that was a report. let's talk about energy, okay? i'm delighted to be in north dakota, state where really you're at the forefront of a new energy revolution. oil and natural gas production is up significantly in the last decade. our oil imports have literally, frankly, been cut in half. that's something that nobody thought was going to be happening really for a very, very long time. but all of this occurred in spite of a massive new bureaucratic and political barrier. president obama has done everything he can to get in the way of american energy for whatever reason. he has made life much more
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difficult for north dakota as costly regulation -- i mean serious regulation -- makes it harder and harder to turn a profit. if crooked hillary clinton is in charge, things will get much worse, believe me. you've seen it. all you have to do is follow her career. she will shut town energy production across this country. and by the way, she'll also unrelated, abolish the second amendment and we're not going to let that happen. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. and i appreciate last week i got the endorsement of the nra and these are great people, and i appreciate that endorsement. millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth will be destroyed as a result. that is why this choice and d --
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and this is a very important choice -- november, going to be so, so crucial, and here's what it comes down to. wealth, serious wealth, for people, for workers, for everybody, versus poverty. north dakota shows how energy exploration creates shared prosperity, better schools, more funding for infrastructure, which we really need throughout our country, higher wages, lower unemployment, things we have been missing for a long time. it's a choice between sharing and this great energy wealth or sharing in the poverty promised by hillary clinton. [applause] >> you don't have to take my word for it. just listen to hillary in her own words. she has declared war on the american worker. here's what hillary clinton said earlier this year. we are going to put a lot of
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coalminers and coal companies out of work. [booing] >> bit the way her timing wasn't so good. the following week she went to west virginia and didn't do too well there. but i love the people of west virginia. and i love the people of pennsylvania. they don't like her too much, i can tell you. and if hillary can shut down the mines, she can really shut down our whole country, and your business will be permanently in many cases, permanently ruined. so let me tell you how pressure pressure undermined our crisis and our middle class. the president stated that it was his intent to eliminate oil and natural gas production in america if you can believe this. his policy is death by a thousand cuts through an onslaught of regulations. for instance, the environmental
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protection agency's use of totalitarian tactics, forces energy operators in north dakota into paying unprecedented, multibillion dollar fines before a penalty is even confirmed. which is actually rather hard to believe. government misconduct goes on and on. the department of justice filed a lawsuit against seven north dakota oil companies for the death of 28 births while the administration fast-tracked wind projects that kill more than a million birds a year. far more than a million, i have to tell you. far more. thest fish and wildlife service abuses endangered species act to restrict oil and gas exploration. adding to the pain, president
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obama now proposes a $10 per barrel tax on american produced oil in the middle of a downturn and you have had a downturn, but we did hit $50 today. 'll take credit for that. harold, i want 10%. i want 10%, harold. at least 10%. at the same time, i love you, too, thank you. at the same time, president obama lifts economic sanctions on iran, he imposes economic sanctions on america. he is allowed this country to hit the lowest oil count since 1999, producing thousands of layoffs. thousands. america's incredible energy potential remains untapped. it's totally self-inflicted. it's a wound and it's a wound that we have to heal. under my presidency we'll accomplish a complete american energy independence.
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complete. complete. lots of jobs. lots of jobs. imagine a world in which our foes foes and the oil cartels can in longer use energy as a weapon. be very nice. going to happen. if we win. but we're going to win. we're going to win. but president obama has done everything he can to keep us dependent -- this is so important -- on others. he wants us to be dependent on others. it's different thinking. it's from a whole different school. let me list some of the good energy projects he has killed. he rejected the keystone xl pipeline despite the fact it would have created 42,000 jobs.
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his own state department concluded that it would be the safest pipeline ever built in the united states. and it would have no significant impact on the environment. yet even as he rejected this -- and this is really something because we have that great relationship with canada -- so he rejected the america-canada pipeline, he made a deal that allows iran -- boy, does he make bad deal with iran -- to transport more oil through his its pipelines than would have ever flowed through keystone with not environmental review whatsoever. what are we doing? president obama has done everything he can to kill the coal industry. that we all know. you just ask the people of pennsylvania. ask the people of west virginia. look at what happened there it's horrible. here are few of president presit
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obama's decrees. regulations that shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants, and block the construction of new ones. how stupid is that. a prohibition against coal production on federal land. draconian climate rules that, unless stopped, would effectively bypass congress to impose job-killing cap and trade. a disaster. president obama has aggressively blocked oil production of oil and national -- you just take a look -- every single move he has made its meant to block the production of spoil natural gas. he has taken huge percentages of the alaska petroleum and you take the reserve. he has taken it off the table. completely off the tail.
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oil and natural gas production on federal land is down 10%, which is pretty hard to believe. 87% of available land in the outer continental shelf has been put off limits. totally. atlantic -- closed down despite the fact they would create -- listen to that's -- 280,000 jobs and $23.5 billion in economic activity. president obama entered the united states into the paris climate accords, unilaterally and without the permission of congress -- this agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much our energy and how much we use right here in america. so foreign bureaucrats are going to be controlling what we're using and what we are doing on our land in our country. no way. no way.
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>> so donald trump laying out the large part of his energy policy claiming that america will reach energy independence under a president trump. carl cameron is standing by live in billings, montana, where trump is set to hold a rally