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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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jon: would you give him 100 bucks? melissa: i would have bet $1 million that he did it, then you're stuck. jon: have a great weekend everybody. great to be with you. melissa: happy father's day. bill: bye-bye. jon: donald trump out on the campaign trail and fundraising trail and in two days in texas, railing on hillary clinton and predicting a big win in the lone star state this november. welcome to "happening now" on a friday morning, i'm jon scott. melissa: happy friday to you. i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. the republican nominee now looking for money to fund his general election campaign. mister trump is in the
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houston area where he will stop at twofundraisers today and rally tonight. yesterday in dallas he attacked the country's biggest labor union fortune throwing its support behind hillary clinton while bernie sanders still isn't quitting . but the senator tells supporters he will do everything to defeat donald trump. jon: 211 now, lightbox team coverage. jennifer griffin watching the democrats but we begin with john roberts, live in houston. reporter: good morning john. expecting a big crowd here at the convention center in the woodlands which is substantially north of houston, you mentioned he had those two fundraisers today, one in san antonio, one in houston. those fundraisers including the one in dallas are quote, exceeding expectations. trump yesterday celebrated a one-year anniversary of his political career with a big rally at the famous gillies bar and grill in dallas where he laughed out at hillary clinton and her call for new laws restricting the sale of
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guns. even though donald trump has proposed a change to gun laws regarding people who are on the no-fly and watchlist, also hammering hillary clinton for presiding over an administration that has seen the biggest trade deficit in the last seven years and as well her circumstanceon taxes. >> aside from obama , hillary clinton is going to raise your taxes big-league. that's the last thing you need. she has to. she doesn't want to talk about it but they're talking about 55 and 60 percent. she doesn't want to talk about it, okay? she doesn't put that one in her little plans to much. reporter: last night in dallas he didn't mention the ban on muslims. trump very much does have a shooting on orlando in his mind, lashing out at the administration for pursuing policy he says have made this nation less area . >> they gave up on the borders, totally. they gave up on many things
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and they certainly gave up. it's almost like they gave up on the isis. you saw what one sleazebag can do. one sleazebag over the weekend, what he did. the horror that he reached on us, on us as a nation. reporter: a number of protesters out last night for trump in dallas as well, they were expecting thousands. the number didn't reach as high as they thought it was. the dallas police that came out in numbers as much as 1500 and 1804 crowded traffic control did a good job at least in the first part of the evening keeping the trump processors away from supporters but as the protesters marched away from the cordoned off area there were some confrontations, a little bit of pushing and shoving, some yelling back and forth, one photographer was hit in the face with a rock, bloodied his face substantially but after being
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treated by ems he was back on the job. one arrest as a result of everything that happened last night. that was a police motorcycle that came near our location so they are planning a big police presence in the location tonight. jon: john roberts in the woodlands, thank you. coverage continues with the democrats, hillary clinton getting a boost from an endorsement from the biggest labor union, the afl-cio but still trying to nudge bernie sanders off the stage and bring his supporters into her tent. in a live streaming speech, the senator said he will work with mrs. clinton to beat trump but he didn't quit. >> did the major political challenge together we face in the next five months is to make sure donald trump is defeated and defeated badly. and i personally intend to begin my role in that process. in a very short period of time. melissa: a very short period of time.
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more from washington. he's not going. what's happening?>> not going quietly, that's for sure. in vermont last night, many expected bernie sanders to concede. we knew better after talking to his close aides. >> when tens of millions of people say loudly and clearly, enough is enough and they become engaged in the fight for justice, that's what the political revolution we helped start is all about. that's why the political revolution must continue. >> i want to ask you a question and it's a simple yes, sir no answer. is bernie sanders go running for president, yes, sir no? >> yes he is. he is the candidate for president. melissa: even if bernie sanders don't want to knowledge that hillary clinton is the party's presumptive nominee, those who have remained on the
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fence until now are beginning their endorsements. clinton was endorsed yesterday by oprah winfrey, no surprise there and the afl-cio, the nation's largest labor federation with 12.5 million members. as part of an endorsement, the political chairman of the afl-cio called trump an unstable charlatan who made his fortune and working families rather surprising language given that trump has pulled very well among working-class voters, many of whom belong to unions. trump last back quote, sadly with this endorsement of hillary clinton with totally owned by wall street, the leadership of the afl-cio has made clear that it no longer represents american workers. instead they have become art of the raid system in washington dc that benefits only the insiders. i believe their members will be voting for me in much larger members than for her. trump then went on quoting his criticism of clinton's coziness with wall street donors, attacking her support of nafta and the trade deals
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that he said cost us workers quote, millions of jobs. sanders has pushed clinton to move more to the left on labor issues, calling for a $15 minimum wage and criticizing these trade deals hoping to appeal to rust belt voters. melissa: is going to be an interesting one as the summer gets hotter. thank you for that report, john? jon: bernie sanders planning his next move and working to keep his populist message of alive. the senator did not concede or endorse hillary clinton yesterday but it sounds like he's close. if so, what does bernie want in return? let's talk about with jackie, senior politics editor for the job daily. john mccormick is head writer for the weekly standard. welcome. jackie, bernie just can't let go. why not? >> bernie just can't let go and he did say he was going
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to work with hillary clinton in his speech but he still thinks he has work to do and the clinton campaign has work to do to make his supporters believe that she's going to carry the mantle for bernie sanders. as jennifer mentioned, bernie sanders really have to push hillary to the left on issues like the minimum wage, these key economic issues that the bernie sanders supporters thought were in their favor so until he's satisfied that those issues are either going to be in the democratic party platform are a permanent part of the campaign, he's going to stick around to make sure they see that through. jon: you could argue john that the delay here is about maximizing the health that he gives to hillary clinton or maximizing the impact on her, maximizing what he can get out of her at the convention. which way do you see it? >> i think it's the latter is the reason why he's waiting so long. he wants to make sure this is the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party but i do think that it was another good step in the right
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direction for hillary clinton. it's important that donald trump is beaten and beaten badly, that all but assures that sanders is going to get on board for hillary which means she may get another bump out of this at the end of the day. on the other hand, it doesn't seem like donald trump has quite the consolidation on the republican party side. john kasich has said he's not sure if he's going to endorse at all. ted cruz i think is more likely than not but he hasn't endorsed, marco rubio has, the only candidate that got a significant number of votes against trump but even he says he doesn't trust trump with the nuclear weapons codes so it's a question of who's going to be better off once the party is consolidated. i didn't the democrats will be more unified than the republicans.jon: but we just heard that soundbite from jeff weaver, bernie's campaign manager who said he's still running. isn't it pie-in-the-sky at this point? what happened to the whole idea of convincing the superdelegates to come his way? >> that is why it is
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canceled. they really haven't been able to do that. they haven't shown any ability. a plan has to work to be successful and bernie sanders campaign has not shown that possible to convince the superdelegates and what reason would they have to switch to mark john is absolutely right. when you look at the broader picture between democrats and where they're going to end up for the convention which is a party for the party, it seems like the democrats are moving toward a stronger position with perhaps less division on the floor than the republican party at this point. jon: because john, bernie seems to be moving toward hillary but he hasn't necessarily seen that from the other republican, the republicans who lost to donald trump. >> in a comment last week week from john casey came at trump's comments on judge curiel, seemed reluctant to make up his mind .
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things can change in the next five weeks if trump has a good solid five weeks to pull things together last few weeks have not been good. have not been a good indication that john kasich will ultimately get on board with donald trump. jon: john mccormick, jackie kucinich , we will keep watching. thank you both. melissa: investigators working to piece together what led up to the orlando nightclub massacre and a new report revealing that omar mateen tested his wife during the shooting inside the pulse nightclub. this coming after president obama invites president biden to mourn the dead and consoled their families and survivors wracked by the massacre. peter ducey is live in orlando with the latest developments. reporter: these mid massacre text messages show that afl-cio was thinking of his wife while he was killing innocent clubgoers. she wrote to him early sunday morning quote, where are you? his response, do you see what's happening?
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she wrote back, no. he wrote back i love you babe. before he turned to terror, omar mateen wanted to be a police officer, trying and failing for years to get accepted to police academies and before that because a lot of problems at school, racking up 48 days of suspension before graduation. many of his victims are still recovering in orlando hospitals but one just had an emotional reunion with a man who saved him, eatonville officer omar delgado dragged of the club through the street and to a safe place and when the survivors saw the officer yesterday he said you wanted a big hug. not everyone's tories are striking positive cords. the city of orlando working now to distribute more than $7 million of donations to the victims families as funerals begin. >> just afew of the examples , over 200 free airline tickets have been provided to grieving families to reunite
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them with their loved ones. so far, 85 compensation claims have been filed for items to receive help medical or funeral expenses including claims from all 49 families of the deceased. reporter: we found out on sunday morning orlando's police and fire department took 603 calls of people concerned about what was happening at pulse, asking for help. some firefighters from the station 200 yards away are quoted as saying they took cover while they heard the shots ringing out but as soon as they could, as soon as the coast was clear they went and set up triage in the street right behind this. melissa? melissa: just terrific. thank you for that report. john? jon: the debate over national security he thought in the wake of the attack in orlando. why are next guest says fighting terrorism is an area of weakness for democrats. plus, how the murder of a
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british lawmaker could affect the upcoming british exit boat. >> you had nothing and then screaming. >>
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melissa: breaking now in great britain, new questions over the fate of the bricks that vote next week, campaigning on the issue suspended today after a member of parliament was shot and stabbed in broad daylight. jo cox died shortly after the attack. lisa arrested a suspect in her murder. the us civil rights group saying the man had links to an american white supremacist organization. stephanie hall is live with the latest in london on the investigation. benjamin? reporter: this is a senseless, violent murder of
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a politician, a member of parliament. as she was doing her job, talking with the people she represented in parliament. it was about 1 pm yesterday in the northern town of burst when jo cox left the town hall meeting, then shot twice and stabbed. before the attacker lent over her and shot her again pointblank with an attack that has been likened to the shooting of gabriellegiffords . the suspect was arrested soon after, named as thomas mayer, 52 years old. eyewitnesses heard him shout out britain first. that's the slogan of the far right movement in the uk. he was also a supporter of the national alliance, that's the us white supremacist organization. this tragedy comes when the uk is politically divided, one week before the election to decide if the uk stays in or out of the european union but today, political parties put those differences aside to remember her. >> where we see hatred, where we find division, where we see intolerance, we must drive it out of our politics and public life and out of our communities. reporter: that was david cameron speaking there but it's unclear if this murder
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was connected to the election, but which happened next week. it has brought the country together and going ahead it will be interesting to see whether the england vote in or out of the european union but they are still going after the two children and husband that the member of parliament left behind. melissa: thank you for that report john. jon: the fight against terrorism now a key issue for presidential candidates after 49 people were shot and killed in orlando. our next guest wrote a national column asking, are democrats soft on terror? and a strange site during the morning commute in australia. what happened after amanda cited to climb the sydney harbour bridge. >> now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. oa skin transformation that rivals the
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. jon: an australian man
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starting on a male major bridge caused huge delays this morning. police say he took a taxi to the sydney harbour bridge, got out and started climbing to the top. officers came to see him a short time later, tried to convince him to come down. the bridges lanes were closed to drivers, causing a kind of traffic tieups. eventually he climbed down from that landmark and got himself arrested. melissa: the orlando attack bringing national security to the forefront in the presidential campaign, both died fielding questions about how they plan to fight terrorism on the home front. a wall street journal article asking, are democrats soft on terror westmark insecurity matters, democrats are from mars and republicans are from venus.
8:24 am
and manager is the author of the article and the editorial page editor for the wall street journal, he joined me now. in our studio. this article has gotten a lot of play, a lot of traction. why do you think it's struck such a chord, even more so thanthe others . >> i think in large part because democrats would go ballistic if i may use that word at the idea that they are soft on terrorism and i wrote this piece not merely because of orlando but because of the presidential election itself.i noticed back in february melissa, after the new hampshire primaries that all the holes that we do, you write the foremost important issues. democrats ran terrorism that 10 percent. at the time, i was struck by that but through the primary season, the war on terror always right 10 percent for democrats. and i said to myself, this reflects the kind of mindset. hillary clinton talks talk about terrorism but how much are they actually going to do about it at lunch time and i think that testimony we had this week by john brennan, head of the cia and then this letter of dissent from the state department officials
8:25 am
about what's going on in syria suggests that even the national security bureaucracy understand that barack obama has been doing something but it has not been enough. melissa: one line that you put in there really struck me. he was talking to the air force academy graduating cadet class and he said that he put aside 50 years of failed policies by using diplomacy, not war. and you look at the person saying that and what's going on in the world right now, and the threat that we face everywhere, at home and abroad and for him to say i've put aside 50 years of policy and now i'm using diplomacy and array, it really shows you, i don't know how much people associate that with hillary clinton, that's the only thing. >> i think the democratic party has come to the conclusion and a lot of this came after vietnam when they decided they were going to
8:26 am
oppose that war that if you think about the international security or even domestic security issues we've been through over the last 10 years, after 9/11 we passed the patriot act. it was passed almost unanimously. with it within about three years when the reauthorization came up, the democrats were legislating to pare back the patriot act. we went through the same thing with the national security agency and domestic policy, think of the stop and frisk legislation to pare back the police ability to stop people. in every instance, you've got the democrats encumbering the ability of security in the domestic or international realm and i think it's because they find this sort of activity morally distasteful, they don't like it very much but it's morally necessary. that's the lesson of something like orlando. melissa: i like the analogy you use in the title because mars and venus and you're talking about a common psychology about the differences between men and women and some people embrace
8:27 am
that, some people rejected but it's basically this idea that you have two genders that are coming from totally different planets and that really the parties are very similar when it comes to what we should be doing in a foreign policy realm. that's a pretty cool analogy, did you get any pushback on that?>> i got a little pushback from democrats and liberals but i'm just trying to describe the way they behave, the way they respond. consider even after orlando happened, look at the new york times editorial. they're looking at the causes and they have a whole list of things. homophobia, gun control, even spousal abuse. and the war on terror became just one in a continuum of lists or their things rather than the most important elements or point of a shooting like orlando or san bernardino. melissa: what is at the forefront in the selection because you're right, it is two different sides and at a time when things are more peaceful it seems like the democrats do better.
8:28 am
i don't know this time around, though. does trump really win hearts and minds when it comes to this idea that there's a threat to us from everywhere around the world? >> he probably should. donald trump is responding to all this in a very blunt way, some people objects to think he's saying but i think trump is appealing to what people feel in their got about terrorism after an event like orlando. you got barack obama paying it's about all sorts of things, it's not necessarily islamic terror. a lot of voters are saying look, tale tell it like it is. trump is the only one out there doing that so this is the kind of issue he should win on. melissa: is that the profession out there among voters because i hear pundits saying if you listen to the rhetoric, hillary clinton is actually to the right of donald trump and i don't think that's true but when she gets out there, she tried to talk about how he's going to be tough and go after it.
8:29 am
is it possible in terms of rhetoric andconversation she's able to pursue position herself as topper . >> i think it is absolutely possible for her to position herself that way.the burden then does fall on donald trump to pressure on precise policies. what should we do in the middle east, is she going to do more than barack obama is doing because even the cia is suggesting what he did is not enough. what, mrs. clinton, would you do that would push beyond barack obama because mister trump literally is going to go way beyond what obama has done. melissa: thank you so much and i want to point people to our screen right there. we also have donald trump right now, speaking of mister trump, his motorcade arriving in texas. he has a fundraiser in the area and he is now pulling up and getting ready to get on board that plane. probably with a few more stacks of cash as he heads out of town. dan hedger, thank you again. john, over to you the one big news roiling the world of sports right now. the international association
8:30 am
of athletics adoration is banning the russian track and field team from participating in this summer's olympic scheduled for rio de janeiro. the russians are trying to pooh-pooh it, their sports minister is to saying the band was expected. a russian athlete who is a world champion pole walter in the olympics is promising to appeal it, saying it's a violation of human rights. this all comes about because apparently the iaaf feels russia has not done enough to ensure that its athletes are clean, in other words there have been doping scandals among the russian athletes and the eye iaaf is russia has not done enough to ensure the world that its athletes blood doping ways so no russian track and field athletes participating in the real olympics, at least as of right now. we will keep you updated.
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in the meantime, donald trump marked the one-year anniversary of his presidential campaign. now that he's no longer the new kid on the block, will his coverage changed dramatically. our media panel here to talk about that. plus, more items from her manhattan penthouse going on the auction block. handbags, clothing, even furniture belonging to joan rivers. how you can get a look at what's at stake. >> that detergent was like half the price! and we'll have to use like double! maybe more! i'm going back to the store? yes you are. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade.
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jon: new harvard study on presidential politics and the media highlights how news coverage drove the 2016 campaign to this point and fueled the launch of donald trump. the study shows help from benefited from lots of free media coverage, bernie goldberg tells bill o'reilly that is now changing for trump. >> in the early stages of the campaign, donald trump did better in the news media and hillary clinton, got more positive coverage because he was new, he was different. he was a shiny object. he was a reality tv show guy wasconstantly rising in the polls . but now, now he's not new. he's not a shiny object. he not different the coverage will be relentlessly negative. jon: let's really judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning investigative
8:36 am
author and fox news contributor from tel aviv. lynn sweet is washington bureau chief at the chicago sun-times. we got a bit of a satellite lag judy, i'm goingto throw you the first question. first of all, what do you think of this . it says the harvard study says that 79 percent of donald trump's coverage in the primary campaign was positive and he got far and away more coverage than the rest of his republican rivals, why? >> well, because as bernie goldberg says, he was the shiny new object and the problem for him now is that that ain't the case. however, what i have to say is stunning in this shortened scene study is that even when he began to make his statements that so manypeople considered outrageous , the coverage of him continued to be largely positive. it was nine percent of the cases for nine out of the 10
8:37 am
months of what they call the invisible campaign, that is the year leading up to the primary so even though many people are talking about the statements he was making about john mccain, calling president bush a liar, saying that all mexicans, illegal mexicans should be departed, the coverage remained positive and not just on cable news but in the eight outlets that this study looked at. i found that stunning so you have to have a complete reversal of everything that happened in the run up to the first primary in order to have evenhanded coverage of this candidate. jon: but lynn, if the media likes a shiny object to cover, they didn't give much coverage to bernie sanders when he was campaigning against hillary clinton. >> the study does make a point that in the case of donald trump, he got coverage , more coverage than you normally would get evan his
8:38 am
low initial polling numbers and in the case of bernie sanders, he started out as not a major candidate. he in a sense had to earn his coverage which eventually he did when he showed that he had a viable campaign and a viable candidate . jon: there is also the suggestion that trumps rise or trumps victory in the republicanprimary was simply because of the amount of free media coverage he got, judy . >> well, yes and no. on the one hand, hillary clinton also benefited from an amazing amount of coverage vis-c-vis her rivals in the beginning but 84 percent of that coverage according to the study was negative so i think there are two factors involved here, john and lynn, one is the amount of coverage you get and to is the tone of that coverage.if someone is beating up on you relentlessly, it's really
8:39 am
hard to rise in the polls. jon: well, trump beats up on the press. he says the press, the media are disgusting people, horrible people. why are they giving him so much coverage? >> right now, let me postulate this. things are just normalizing finally for donald trump. also, when you have 17 people running for president, he got a pass and reporters should have, who worked for national outlets, had a lot of resources, should have when it became clear that he was leading in the polls consistently, should have started looking at some of his stories that were just routine. what is trump university? what are these lawsuits all about? trump talks about giving to charity, does he really? and the trail of lawsuit and small businesses against various trump properties that have been in the paper, these are questions you would look
8:40 am
for if the man was running for a senate or house seat, much less the presidency so i don't think anything happening now except you have a one on one contest and he's going to be the nominee and he's getting the big league look that a candidate gets so i don't think this is out of the normal, things are finally returning to routine and if he's patting the press from hisevent, if you think so that's going to change anything, it won't . you don't have to be an event in order to cover it from the press. jon: bernie goldberg saying the tone of the coverage on trump is about to change. we will see if that turns out to be true. lynn sweet, judy miller i'm a thank you. melissa: christian parents often off items belonging to joan rivers. late comedians handbags and clothing and furniture and art among the items featured in an online auction and the
8:41 am
public gets a chance to see them all starting today. cheryl, live at christie's auction house in new york city with more. what have you bought some so far? >> i know, melissa. can we talk? her estate was worth about $150 million when she passed away two years ago. her upper east side manhattan triplex was sold for $28 million. her daughter actually decided to auction off the belongings for charity but let me show you some of the items we got asneak peek later on this morning . look at some of the dresses, designer dresses. some of the pieces of jewelry not just from her collection but a diamond encrusted brooch and also the purses and bags, i also love to see all that. is obviously was an emotional process for melissa rivers and we after last night how long did it take to gothrough everything and how do you figure out what? she said it's been difficult.
8:42 am
i think people expect me to have this answer, it's not even been two years yet . and at the last minute you. and at some point you have to say that it's time to move forward and certainly melissa rivers is not here today because frankly it's going to be too emotional for her to open up this auction to the public but really quick, joan rivers was a huge supporter of guide dogs for the blind and i want to bring in the dogs and ofcourse , the representatives here today from the charity and karen is the director there and what the joan rivers mean for you? >> joan meant everything to us. the government funding, and these services and the generosity . >> what's the other dogs name, on you? this is where a lot of the funding from today is going to go. >> look at that look on her face. >> so cute.
8:43 am
reporter: thank you so much. john? jon: nice to see it going for a good cause. more than 50 officials at the state department breaking with administration policy area they are calling for american airstrikes on the a solder regime in syria. they say it's the only way to end the civil war and the isis. their reasons for that position with general jack keane and the director of central intelligence also bucking his boss, president obama on the growth of the islamic state and the chances for more attacks. >> as the pressure mounts on the isis, we judge it will and intensify as the global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda. >>
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melissa: new information on the civil war in syria and america's role there. dozens of state department officials signing an internal letter criticizing the obama administration's syria policy and urging us strikes against the assad regime as the only way to defeat isis. white house says such an attack could lead to a conflict with russia and iran. let's bring in general jack keane, retired four-star general and airman of the institute for the study of war and the fox news military analyst area thank you for joining us. can you explain that relationship that they are seeing there because i think that's probably confusing to a lot of americans, this idea that this group of people thinks that by virtue of attacking a sod, that's the way to get isis. >> they mention it because isis is so much in the news and they want to draw an obvious connection with it but first of all, this dissent is not unusual in the state department. what is unusual is the scale, 51 diplomats all involved in syria policy. this is something i've not seen before. what's really happening, here we said this several times on fox, the change in momentum
8:48 am
in syria to get some kind of a peace negotiation, there's only one thing that can bring that about. and that is, you have to change the military momentum against the assad regime. you have to reduce his military capability. and what the russians have guaranteed by propping up assad this last year that assad or the regime will stay in power, the rebels will continue to fight and that's what the diplomats are seeing, that there is no cease-fire, no hope of a piece of cord unless this momentum against assad gets changed and it brings an end the killing.500,000 dead now, 11 million out of the 22 million population displaced from their homes, or million are refugees outside the country. the amount of impact is significant and wide isis? if you settle the asad regime, the syrian arabs that are in syria are all fighting
8:49 am
the assad regime. ground force against isis and that is what we do not have right now. >> are we sure that though? because i look back to the rack and a lot of people think the vacuum that was created when we took another dictator out in that area is what ushered in the instability that created isis so there's this idea that when you remove somebody who's a bad guy in a region and is treating his people terribly, that what comes into the fold is so much worse. why would it be the same thing in syria if you removed a sod question mark why wouldn't that strengthen isis i don't buy that argument in iraq but i don't want to remake it. i believe that's a fallacious argument.i think it's obvious. we have a civil war here. you and that civil war, the syrian arabs who certainly present sunni arabs in the name of isys who have taken their villages and homeland
8:50 am
would obviously make a commitment to go back and recover that lost land. also, we would be able to assist them considerably greater than what we are doing right now. the truth is melissa, this administration will not change their policy. the president has made a decision to not do anything to disturb the asad regime. the russians have one victory for them on that score. number two colonies also made another decision which is staggering to me that he gets away with it that he's not going to destroy isis on his watch and he is setting the conditions for the next administration to do that. melissa: general jackteam, thank you for that, we appreciate your insight . jon: a crucial discovery nearly a month after that egypt air flight crashed in the mediterranean, both black boxes recovered from that plane now. what investigators hope to learn.
8:51 am
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour, sandra and david, what do you have? >> donald trump seeing his poll numbers slip a bit and karl rove is saying it's time for him to run a more traditional campaign. good advice when so much of trumps success came from bucking tradition? we debate and a bombshell state department memo revealing dozens of diplomats and the president's course of action in syria is just not working. will it change anything? and the first major city in america /soda drinkers with a tax. some say it's a great way to raise revenue, others say
8:55 am
it's more nonsense. and hashtag, one lucky guy, geraldo rivera will have an opinion or two. that's top of the hour. doesn't have a name that deserve that? jon: get out the megaphone. geraldo. jon: >> join us. jon: investigators coming closer to learn what happened to egyptair flight 804. egyptian officials confirm now seek search teams have recovered the flight data recorder a day after the cockpit voice recorder was located at the bottom of the mediterranean. 66 people were on that flight to cairo when it crashed in the mediterranean nearly a month ago. kathleen bangs joins me now, and aerospace journalist as well as a former airline training instructor and former commercial pilots. so they have the reporters kathleen. how long until we know what's on them, at least preliminarily. >> good afternoon john and what's so exciting about this is we heard they found the voice recorder but the voice
8:56 am
recorder does not always give us the clues we need because obviously what can happen is the pilots can be in a state of panic and they're not trained to actually verbalize what is happening at the time. so sometimes the voice recorder does not a very complete picture of what is happening and of course with the situation on this aircraft that we don't know if there may have been smoke and fire, the first thing they're going to want to find out his word these pilots conscious? we know from the radar track this airbus made a number of unusual descending turns and i think the first thing i'll be looking at was was the airplane under the control of the pilots when it started those terms or were they unconscious , possibly overcome by a bomb debris, by smoke and fire from something
8:57 am
that happened in the cargo compartment, that's something they'll be looking for. in terms of that information, i think it's early within a couple days. it got that recorder. they said the memory unit was in good shape they could release a statement. they will not release transcripts for quite a while but we should be to at least get a statement in the coming days p1 kathleen bangs, journalist and pilot. thank you and we will be right back. you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents?
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