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tv   Happening Now  FOXNEWSW  June 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a new two cedar. and a very big treat. lined with cars. >> how is that possible? >> goodbye to the car. "happening now". >> new reports that omar mateen checked facebook in the midst of the carnage and also texted his wife with. >> it is a somber day in orlando. steve is in orleft-hando and we start in fort pierce, florida.
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>> reporter: we obtained the document from st. lucie directly pertaining to omar mateen. he not only owned his condo here in the apartment complex but had a share in a house in nearby saint lucie. he gave away the share of that house to his sister and her husband less than two months ago. it is a quick claim deed. he sold it to his sister and brother for $10. >> there are legitimate claims and the $10 price tag, some question whether it was an element of a long- range martyrdom plan. the us at the dorof the house and the same guy
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that drove mateen's widow back to her apartment to get some property. we were at the front door, we spoke a minute or two and he kicked us out of that house on wednesday. >> and nearby, it was a co-owner said a few weeks before the massacre mateen attempted to purchase level three body armor. he told them they don't sell body armor and mateen made a phone call to somebody speaking a foreign language. >> he implied we didn't have bulb ammo and he left the store. it was concerning and so they had a little meeting and they contacted the authorities that he was suspicious. >> reporter: ultimately they
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denied the sell to mateen. he asked questions about the body armor and what grade of bullets and how powerful of a rifle could this body armor protect me? and authorities were able to do with with that, it is just unclear and uncertain if mateen gave his name in the gun store that day. and another interesting thing that the associated press is reporting. ten years ago mateen met a local bartender at one of the bars and she said he was strange and stalked her. they facebook friended each other and she blocked him because it was too bizarre. so many elements, thank you, phil. today marks the second day of funerals in orlando as the community comes to grips with
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a massive loss of life. steve harringon has more in orlando. >> reporter: the backhoe has dug three new plots there. one of the many victims buried over the weekend were in the 20s. the city waived payment for the plots and waiving the 800 document fee as well. flowers from local stores and the limousines will be donated. we still have six victims in critical condition in the hospital and several are making recovery many from multiple gun shot wounds including angel colon. he had one wish to thank the police officer who dragged him to safety on that sunday
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morning. yesterday angel got the wish. and this is what they had to say. >> it was just happiness. and i was so happy. i have been wanting to see the man that took me out of that horrible place that was filled with craziness. and i was so happy. >> reporter: that police officer omar delgaddo entered the pulse night club while there was an active shooter and he drug 3 or 4 people to safety. back to you. >> thank you for that story. well, despite a rocky week that saw donald trump poll numbers slip he shows no signs of changing his stripes. he has come under heavy fire in
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the comments he made in the aftermath of the terror attack. that should not come as a surprise. his words, "six weeks in donald trump's campaign" he intends to run as donald trump. he boasted that he could turn presidential and retisent and boring at will. apparently he can't. we'll talk to the radio show host. chuck rosha president of solidarity strategies and an advisor to bernie sanders. kevin, is trump in trouble? >> i think he's been in trouble for a while. what you are seeing is the lack of cohesion and failed to secure the base and even in the orlando
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shooting situation most people thought if there is terror incident favors trump and the guy given the tough on terror and strong he will be. instead of strengthening that position, he kaputulate and calming down on the the access to guns. he does what he wants to do and he's not listening to people who have been in the game and he thinks that is a strength. only time will tell. >> he said the polls don't measure his support, because he said some people are afraid to tell pollsters that they are donald trump supporters? >> well, i think it is ironic he loved to talk about the polls in the primary and now they are not
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in his favor they don't measure. he's right to a certain degree, but we have two candidates from presumptive candidates. and he's getting people to be antiestablishment and there is a lot more people who vote in the general election than in the primary. >> hillary clinton has her own popularity problems, kevin. is there a way for trump to turn around the numbers that we have seen this week? >> certainly, he has to find the conservative message and get on it. he flounders around and so he will not hold to a strong line on guns. and then he will say i need to talk to the nran about soft eping the stance on the wait list. what he is say, if there is an opportunity to be stronger than someone who abandon onned our own men in benghazi and everyone
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else wants to play footsies. and the president said we have to worry about the methods, he's missing opportunities to advance his case and choosing to play ball in the terms of the other side. and you are off message. and he shouldn't be. >> he doesn't seem to be inclined to change the strategy that got him here, the big rallies and outrageousness and speak ping his mind. is that going to hurt him in the general election? >> i think it is going to hurt him to a certain degree. donald trump likes to thump his chest and talk about winning 13 million votes in the primary. mitt romney lost the presidency by getting 60 million votes. so many vote in the the general
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election. he has to pivot and bring in those people. kevin is right on. when he talkses about himself and defending his record and not going after hillary clinton that is a bad day for the trump camp. there is a new effort under the way with with the delegates to deny trump the nomination and put together a rule change to allow the delegates to vote for any candidate no matter which candidate they were bound to when they first came in. dew see it happening and could it suck sowed >> i don't see that happening. i think it is useless dreaming. republicans had the chance in the primary to speak and to speak loudly as they could. the field stayed too big and trump outlasted everybody.
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you had the most organized and ready candidate in the history of the primaries in my lifetime in ted cruz. and he was not able to use the organization and ground game to his advantage. it is too little, too it late. the real determination is whether or not trump wants to rally the base and get more people out. chuck is right, if it he goes into the general thinking 13 million voters does it for me, he will be 40 million sort of what he needs to win. and at this point in the game, he's further behind in fund raising and fund-raising with with evangelicals and mitt romney ran a very lack luster campaign. if he is behind where romney was that is trouble for the trump campaign. >> we'll with continue to watch and see what happens in seven
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months and what happens in cleveland will be fascinating. thank you both. vladimar putin making headlines, the russian president weighing in on america's status as a super power and donald trump and ukraine. and battling raging wildfires out west and a heatwave threatening to make things even worse. >> start all over. devastating. work so hard for something. a it is gone. canned chores. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 gramlp rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love.
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russian president vladimar putin is recognizing the cooperation. and acknowledging the u.s. is the world only super power p.
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he made those remarks in the economic forum. and spoke about the annexation of crimea that is was against the coup. and he also weighed in on donald trump. >> i briefly said that trump was a bright person. he is bright. i didn't give him any other characteristics, but what i actually welcome and i don't see anything bad in this. mr. trump was ready to rebuild russian- american relations. what is bad about this? we all welcome this. >> russian forces conducted a series was air strikes targeting u.s. trained rebels in southern syria moscow hasn't been active in that area for sometime and the u.s. is seeking an explanation. and a wildfires in southern california is burning unchecked
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threatening more than 100 upon homes. officials say the fire just west of santa barbara doubled in size, scorching 4000 acres. the weather now becoming a concern as a potentially record- setting heatwave settles in. chief correspondent johnathon hunt has more. >> the fire exploded overnight, right? >> yeah, that 4000 acres represents a doubling of the size of the fire just in the last 12 hours or so, melissa, it is fanned by sun down and winds as you would imagine in the lateonch and early evening. 270 structures in total now threatened. and every resource thrown at this fire. a thousand firefighters and six helicopters and air tankers and dropping flame retardant and for
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hundreds evacuated, there is a lot to worry about, let's listens here. >> i know there is mandatory evacuation and i know my dad will not leave until the firefighters do. i worry about him and worry about the structures, i am thankful we got out of the horses and guest and employees got out safely. >> and melissa, this area outside of santa barbara has not burned since 1955. and so a huge amount of growth is providing fuel for a dangerous fire. >> it is that season and i grew up not far from there and the wind withes having an impact. and the rest of the weather is not helping, right? >> it is really not. the whole southwest of the country is tinder dry. fires in utah and new mexico and arizona. here in southern california. we'll have temperatures hitting
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the triple digits in the weekend and early next week with. we'll see a lot more pictures like this. and look at the still shots taken by mike, who is with with the santa barbara fire department. it shows the kinds of conditions that those firefighters are living with and demonstrates the fact that those firefighters are putting their lives on the line every minute they are out there. it is going to be a long hot fire season and look at them taking shelter behind the fire truck. it is very dangerous out there, melissa. >> we hope they stay safe. >> more on the orlando gunman texting his wife while in the massacre. new reaction from moscow after officials bar russian track-and-field team from
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competing on the world's biggest stage. >> i think it sends a very powerful message. i think it sends a powerful message to athletes that are insistent.
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>> we've a fox news alert. russia's track-and-field team may not compete in the summer olympicses in rio. that's the decision of the international association of athletic federations. the group suspended the team following a report by an international watch dog that claimed there was state sponsored doping and corruption in russian track-and-field and individuals who are not involved in the doping scandal can apply
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to compete as neutral athletes. russian officials are appealing to overturn the ban. there is new information on the orlando terror attack and reports that the gunman texted his wife in the deadly rampage in the night club and telling her he loved her. we'll have our prosecutors. fred and wendy. >> it's my understanding that a federal grand jury convened in this case and every time a case that was brought to us, we issued a true bill and indicted the person who was brought before us. does it seem that there is any way in which she would not be be criminally charged? >> at the risk of you question
10:25 am
my qualification, i had a grand jorthat refused to indict. but it all depend ps. on the federal conspiracy law, if she knew what was going to happen and illegal taking place. and she took a step she is get as a co-conspirator and guilty from everything in the conspiracy. and based on what i heard i saw far that is not a big leap to take. >> she was described to be under his thumb and ordered her to do what he wanted her to do. is that a battered wife syndrome. >> it could be something to consider. he was radicalized and armed and a threat. we are still in breaking news mode when it comes to the details.
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what did she know? she could have driven him anywhere. it was the knowledge of what he was planning is key. that's why we are gather aring the circumstantial evidence as possible to determine the knowledge. that makes the difference. prosecutors, you don't have always a true bill that is returned by the grand jury. you can see that particularly what you know about gun violence. guys like this might think he would go out in a blaze of glory and be a model for other jihadis to follow. is making an example out of his wife. is there a deterrent affect in giving her serious jail time? >> jon, i never am a believer to do things as a deterient. my philosophy is if if she is guilty, she is guilty.
10:27 am
the crime took place in florida. and florida has jurisdiction as well. and they don't have qualms about putting people in the electric share. and if she knew what was going on and helped him buy guns or drove him to the store and get the rifle and hid it in the house and if she knew it was going to happen, she is guilty and she could be executed by the state of florida. >> that is 14 count cans and accessory of murder and she could go to prison for life or the death penalty. >> the shooter was a rebel looking for a cause. we are learning about school and the behaviorial problems. all of this information is going to become relevant. during the time they were
10:28 am
married. and what did she know when he went to pulse night club? there are many cases of boston marathon bombers, we looked at the wife and there was not a overwhelming amount of evidence. despite common sense indicators as we would see as bright red flags. it will focus on her amount of knowledge and not that he had isis- inspired thoughts or he subscribed to the levels of the ideology. but was he going to commit a crime like this. small distinctions, but legally those questions have to be before the grand jury. >> hard to believe it is almost a week. >> horrible. >> and bringing new details in the orlando terror attack. a new clue that the fbi is analyzing. and the iraqi prime minister ready to declare victory in
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fallujah as the iraqi forces reach the center of the strong hold. that is helping to free those inside who witnessed the terror of the the group. >> we with lived in fear and starvation and our kids were frightened when the islamic state was in control. they did not respect anyone. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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>> fox news alert. senior senator outside of the pulse night club. >> you are going to protest a weapon then the fbi be is pingedded that you purchase that weapon so they can go back and talk to them if p in fact, they need to and of course, in this case they were caught. >> he had been investigated and closed and off of the fbi list. >> that's correct. >> he in 2013. he had three different interviews, and over the course of about ten months, he was on the overall terrorist watch list, which in this country is 5000 u.s. persons today.
10:34 am
that is a u.s. citizen and a person that is legally here. about 5000. when they closed the case with no prosecutable evidence, that is closed and he doesn't stayeded on the list. if we had of noticed he was purchasing guns that would have caught mateen and hopefully my billaed added to diane feinstein's bill and we'll vote on that option on monday. >> senator, there are reports of the [inaudible] >> i don't know the details and again my info is dated with my taukt of director comey.
10:35 am
[inaudible] >> the funding dollars? we know of none. what we do know is that he made the statements which is very typical of what isis is doing now. they say don't come to syria, stay right where you are. get radicalized and pick a soft target that will be be a lot of damage, a lot of loss of life, and then you be our isis brother by inflicting the damage on americans right there in america. you know, that is very difficult to be 100 percent on that because if they are operating as a lone wolf and he's not communicating with anybody that is tough.
10:36 am
the sad thing about omar mateen, if he had been on on the list and the fbi said and you let the fbi know when he purchases that weapon, my lord, he's not only purchased a semiautomateded handgun and not only an a r- 15. he had got a collapsable stock and easy tore hide. >> that's florida senior senator nelson. planning to participate in legislation involving on more restrictions on gun ownership and you heard some of his ideas there. fox news alert. brand new information about video taken from the night club. catherine herridge is looking
10:37 am
into this. >> reporter: thank you, we are told that the pulse night club surveillance video is reviewed by the fbi. looking for co-conspiritors and the lessons learned from the swat teams. there was significant pre-meditation as we with told earlier this week with. omar did surveillance before buying the guns and tried to get body armor a month before the attack. >> he wanted a level three armor which is the highest civilian armor. and our on salesmap knew about it. and he knew immediately this is not a question that a normal civilian would ask for. >> mateen asked additional questions that the clerk thought
10:38 am
was aud. to what degree the bulletproof. mateen spoke in arabic in the television station and in pulse. entire name there was little for the fbi be to work with and make the all important connection back to the initial investigation that senator nelson was referring to. >> wow, very disturbing details catherine. thank you for that report. donald trump no stranger to controversy. in fact, in the primaries it worked to his advantage. now the mainstream media is predict being that it the trump train is ready to derail. trump fired right back.
10:39 am
>> i didn't love the press during the primaries and now, it is it like brutal. they are so one- sided. it is so biassed and one sided and all i can say, the people out there are really smart because they get it and they understand what is going on. joining me howard kurtz. i love the title of your column. how the media portray trump's campaign apocalyptic now. >> if you look at the coverage being brutal. it looks like he is totally imploding. trump has made mistakes particularly in the wake of orlando and a lot of republicans are openly criticizing and distancing themselves. and he's slipping in the polls
10:40 am
and fund-raising, but you have to remember that in the primaries, many in the press said over and over he couldn't win or this or that controversy would undo his campaign by tuesday and he won. >> i hear what you are saying, but i have an informal poll of people feeling free to reach out and e-mail and text and what they think is going on. and it is gone negative trump. people who liked him before. wow with, he did it. and oh, my gosh can he turn around the numberses. it reached a new ponent where he's having a tough time for a consective week. >> he's having a tough time. those 70 percent negatives in the latest poll is a stunning figure, but, a lot of these stories are driven by journalist quoting paul ryan and mitch
10:41 am
mcconnell and people who are allies of trump senator bob corker and we love the gop civil war and i think the average voter caring less than the beltway crowd of whether or not the gop leaders are on board. he ran against the republican establishment and jeb bush and all of these people. and the question is, can he right the ship and make those people who used to like him on your little focus group regard him more favorably. it is june and do not write him off prematurely. races tighten. >> tell me where we are in the cycle. boy, we have a long way to go and a bit to go here before with the convention and then the speed in november. what generally happens in this
10:42 am
point in time as we head in to the conventions? how would you characterize it? >> there is a school of thought. if it you can define your opponent, which is what obama did with mitt romney in 2012, it is hard to fight back in september and october. each person will get a bump. republicans holding their nose with trump will come on board because they don't want to elect hillary clinton. she has high negatives of her own. and all of that is in play here, and we are losing sight that trump has the ability to drive the news coverage and master the media much more than hillary clinton. lately from his point of coverage it is in the wrong direction. we fall in a trap and say it is over and i can remember when
10:43 am
george. bush was down 17 points to michael dukak is and remember how that turned out. >> thank you for your insight. see you soon. jon. >> dash cam video captures a wild police chase and the dramatic story of how the police caught the driver here. >> in charleston, mourners and honored of the nine victims. ame shooting that took place one year ago today. s immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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10:47 am
latest on that. >> iraqi troops, raising their country's flag over a government building in the city of fallujah and commanders stopped short of an all out victory. isis is still in parts of the northern part of the city. we are seeing video and reports coming through that isis is fleeing checkpoints and much of the fighters have now tried to melt away in the crowds. and there are concerns about the 50,000 of civilians trying to flee and swim across the river to get out of the war zone. iraqi troops are saying publicly they will have the city under the complete control in the next several hours or days. and it is clear that isis lost their grip on fallujah and there
10:48 am
are snipers targeting them. and the question remains what is left of fallujah? this is an intense air campaign led by the air and iraqi forces on the ground. we saw in tikrit and ramadi, the infrastructure was gone and te destroyed and things appear to be little bit better in fallujah, but there is it still a lot of damage and the next task for iraqi troops will have to turn their attention to mosul, the largest city that iraq lost to isis. that will be a big fight and probably take longer than the fight for ramadi and fallujah have taken. >> let's hope they can hang on to fall jachlt thank -- fallujah. >> and remembering nine victims
10:49 am
of the emmanuel ame church shooting. ♪ ♪ [singing)] ♪ amen... hundreds of people attending the college service including south carolina governor nicki haley. she is joined by congressman tim scott and jim clyburn. she said the purposeds changed the state and keeps the programs of the nine victims as a daily reminder. >> heroes coming together to compete against one another and inspire us of the 2016 warrior gamings. rick is reporting live from west point, new york. >> reporter: we are inside of the field house in west point where they are getting ready for
10:50 am
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hi, everyone. fbi director james comey just landing in orlando where he is expected to meet with first responders today. we'll look for any updates on the latest on the investigation. plus, george w. bush hitting campaign trail. where, when and why. we'll tell you about that. and the first images of the black boxes from the egyptair plane that crashed in the mediterranean. what new information we are now learning that's just moments from now on "the real story." join us.
10:54 am
teams of wounded veterans gathering at west point, new york this week for the 2016 warrior games. an annual competition focusing on a lot more than just medals. senior correspondent rick lev levinthal has ha tthe story. >> reporter: we are in the middle of intense competition between these warriors who are rehabilitating their lives through sports like cycling, swimming and wheelchair basketball. athletes say training for these games and practicing their sport is a great form of therapy and can also bring them a touch of fame as we learned when we met one of these guys a few weeks ago. >> i'm competing in the warrior games at west point in seated cycling, seated shot putting
10:55 am
with wheelchair basketball. i slid into a wall really hard. it shattered the patella of the femur. i can walk. i can't run. i've kind of learned that's the new normal now. i miss it but i don't like dwell over it anymore. i had no idea about sports. got to play basketball first time i was like, this is the best thing i've ever done since my injury because i was able to like get back and compete and like have fun with my friends and like beat people who are on the same level as you and not worry about trying to make up for what you don't have. >> reporter: blake has a highlight you may have seen on tv. in just the second game of his career, with time running out during the wheelchair basketball finals at the army regional trials. >> i heard them start counting down. once i heard hem counting down i knew it was close. i kind of just cocked back and
10:56 am
launched it. that's probably the straightest dead-on shot that could happen after i watched it. >> reporter: the crowd went wild, blake's team won the game. he hopes to recreate some of that magic tomorrow. these games run through next tuesday. they are open to the public here at west point. there is no charge. there are great inspirational stories here. you can come out and cheer these warriors on. >> does blake do any coaching? >> he schooled me a little bit on the court. so, yes. the answer is yes. >> and you're quite a basketball player, i know. thank you. better that extra m & m crunch sprinkled on your ice cream now because the can. that makes them may be taking the sweet chocolates off menus around the country. what! we're going to tell you why in the final 30 next.
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the days of m & ms topping your favorite ice cream at fast food chains could be numbered. mars who makes the m & ms wants to limit the sugar. >> no more m & m mixed flurries. it's all over. >> anyway, "the real story" starts now. thanks. we start right now with a fox news alert. james comey just arrived in orlando as we get disturbing new allegations about the orlando shooter's past. hello, everyone. this is "the real story." i'm in for gretchen carlson today. all of this takes place as funeral preparations take place for the 49 victims of the nightclub terror attack last weekend. what more are we learning today about the shooter, steve? >> reporter: heather, one of the areas that federal investigators are looking into are the financial records of this killer. it


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