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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 22, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. donald trump works to win over conservatives as his campaign coffers reveal he desperately needs their money. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. the gop's presumptive nominee focuses on the road ahead. day after donald trump fired his campaign manager, he met with evangelical leaders in hopes of reassuring religious groups concerned about whether his ideas line up with their values. the path forward looks steep as we lenard that hillary clinton's fundraising ability is burying the businessman's campaign we have fox team coverage. team national correspondent john
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roberts is why trump's team isn't concerned about the lack of cash. and lauren green who attended trump's meeting with religious leaders in new york and joins us with more. >> donald trump needs christian conservatives' support more than ever. which he has been getting. but you know he's been wooing them the past few months, lots of evangelicals helped him win an early primary voting. but now the stakes are higher. donald trump faced a group that has the potential of giving him the edge in beating hillary clinton in the general election. conservative christian voters. the closed-door meeting was designed to give evangelicals a chance to hear from the man, whether he will stand strong for their values. >> i don't think there's been anything like this, certainly not in my memory. and in my history. the opportunity for us to give a forum for mr. trump to come,
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sit, listen and answer questions that people of faith have been very, very concerned about. >> evangelicals make up one if not the largest voting bloc in the republican party, no gop candidate has won the general election without their full support. according to leaders in 2012 an estimated 25 million registered christian voters stayed home. believe that the difference cost mitt romney the election. today's meeting, organized by former gop candidate dr. ben carson was less a vetting session and more an opportunity for those evangelicals who already support trump to convince those who don't to get on board. >> he gained a lot by coming here and having this conversation. i don't think people are leaving here with their minds made up. i think they've moved the needle today. >> with that in mind, he was not part of the newly created evangelical advisory board said he was cautious about today's meeting.
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said he was not prepared to endorse trump. today's gathering was more of a start of a conversation. shannon? >> lauren green live in new york. thank you. donald trump took pride in saying he self-funded his primary campaign. now that he's the presumptive nominee. his campaign dollars are coming under scrutiny. the campaign reported having $1.3 million on hand to start june, while the clinton campaign began the month with more than $42 million. what if the drastic change in numbers is a sign of chaos or a sign of strategy, depends on with who you ask. >> donald trump may have rebooted his campaign with the firing of his manager. but is not about to open up his wallet to build out his organization for the general election. >> we want to keep it lean. i'm not looking to spend this money. out here people spend $1 billion. i say how do you spend $1 billion? it's impossible. >> trump's latest filing with the election commission, shows his campaign in a precarious
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financial position. about 1.3 million on hand, compared to $42 million for clinton. trump loaned himself another $2 million in may. saying he wouldn't pay back the $55 million he's already spent. >> when everything is close in the end, it's going to be how much is spent on that organization, getting out the vote. all of those things cost money. you start out this far behind, you kk light years behind by november. >> according to the fec, millions of campaign expenditures have been recycled into trump businesses, trump tower for office space, trump hotel for rooms, trump grill for meals. while he collected 12-$13 million much of the money is for the republican party in dow down-county races. in an unpress deathed move to
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encourage small donations, donald trump today offered to match dollar for dollar, the first $2 million of a 48-hour online fundraising drive. threatening to self-fund may make fundraising more difficult. >> he keeps saying i'm going to put that kind of money in, which makes it difficult for people trying to raise money for him. >> his campaign reboot may help turn things around. trump stepped up his rapid response operation, matching hillary clinton attack for attack. party loyalists are looking for signs trump can become a serious candidate who can take on clinton. even as he recal brats his course, trump is suggesting that he's not being treated with the respect he deserves. >> i get more respect from the democrats than the republicans. reince priebus and the rnc have been terrific. but it would nice to be full verbal support from the people in office.
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>> in 2012, mitt romney and barack obama spent the same amount on their presidential campaigns. donald trump says he doesn't need to did that because his campaign is leaner and more efficient. if he doesn't step it up on the fundraiser front, he may have to open his wallet wider than he would like to. shannon, one person has come out in front of trump tower, this sign says act up new york. >> we hear it loud and clear, john roberts on the campaign trail. hillary clinton slammed donald trump saying he would be a disaster for the u.s. economy. during a speech laying out her economic plan, she called the billionaire business mogul a danger to our financial future. mike emanuel reports from ohio on the clinton campaign's latest line of attack on the gop presumptive nominee. >> hillary clinton attacked
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donald trump as being unfit to lead the u.s. economy. >> every day we see how reckless and careless trump is. he's proud of it. well that's his choice. except when he's asking to be our president. then it's -- our choice. >> clinton also claimed that trump is reckless when it comes to his ideas on taxes. >> he calls himself the king of debt. and his tax plan sure lives up to that name. an economist describe it with words like -- not even in the universe. of the realistic. >> trump fired back on social media. >> hillary clinton's only right about one thing, i understand debt and how to handle it. i've made a fortune with debt. but debt for this country is a disaster and obama has piled it on and she's been there watching. >> a new cnn/orc poll reveals 51% of those surveyed believe trump would be better at handling the economy, holding an
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8-point lead over clinton. yet she claimed that trump isn't that sharp of a businessman. >> he's written a lot of books about business, they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> the rnc said donald trump is a successful businessman who has spent his career creating thousands of jobs. today a hacker who operates under the name guccifer 2.0 has published a range of hillary clinton documents which he claims were accessed during a recent probe of the dnc's computers. defense points on the 2012 benghazi attack. the u.s. military intervention in libya and the use of a private email server. the dnc will neither confirm or deny the auth entisty of the documents. >> democratic sources tell us that the clinton campaign is well into the vetting process of a running mate. they note the sources they're hearing the most are virginia senator tim kaine, and ohio
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senator share rod brown. virginia and ohio expected to be critical background states. >> mike emanuel. we'll talk about it with the panel. attorney general loretta lynch flew to orlando today where she met with the families and victims of the orlando terror attack. a visit marred by a flip-flop in over what the justice department chose to release from transcripts of the night of the shooting and an ongoing investigation as the familiy ie try to get some closure. >> nine days after a terror attack left 49 dead, attorney general loretta lynch arrived in orlando, vowing to find out why the killer did what he did. >> we'll be able to determine this. ky not tell you definitively that we will ever narrow it down to one motivation. this is clearly an act of terror and an act of hate. >> her visit comes a day after the justice department released
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partial transcripts of phone conversations between the killer and the police during the attack. the killerer's professed allegiance to the islamic case was at first editeded on and only put back in later. >> it's consistent with the administration policy, coming from the top of refusing to acknowledge islamism extremism. >> investigation at the scene of the massacre is largely complete. forensic experts traced the trajectory of every round fired in three gun battles between police and the killer. it began at 2:00 a.m. and ended out at 5:00 p.m. autopsies have been carried out on all victims, but authorities have not said whether any of the victims may have been accidentally shot by the police. >> those killings are on the suspect. >> streets and stores have opened up to the public, but not everything is able to mock off. brendan mccool, age 49, mother
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of 11, was dancing with one of her sons when the shooting began. through sobs, her son told of how his mother threw her body on top of his. >> those recovering from gunshot wounds in orlando regional medical center have been getting high-profile visitors. four patients remain in critical condition. >> the crime scene has beenproc overall investigation could take months. shannon? >> steve, thank you for the update. . the next u.s. military commander to take over africa command had a warning for lawmakers. in response to a question from senator john mccain, lieutenant general waldhowser. >> do we have a strategy? >> i'm not aware of any overall grand strategy at this point. >> the c.i.a. estimates that the
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terror group has upwards of 8,000 fighters inside libya and waldhowser believes those fighters could conduct attacks in europe. the fight for gun control failed the senate floor on wednesday and since then the war of words has groin. correspondent doug mckelway reports on why the senate blocked all four of those proposals offered and whether there's a path forward. >> emotion is not agreed to. >> the after four gun control amendments went down in flames last night, a new bill sponsored by moderate republican susan collins of maine rose from the ashes. she and a group of bipartisan supporters promised this one is different. preserving two components that satisfy both sides. >> this is a common-sense, bipartisan proposal to insure that terrorists cannot purchase firearms. no fly, no buy, and this is one where it insures that americans have the due process protections that they need, to challenge the finding if they believe it is
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wrong. >> last night's debate left damage. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell took to the floor, defending the two gop amendments that failed. against the democratic onslaught. >> senator cornyn put forward a serious proposal designed to prevent known or suspected terrorists from being able to buy guns. democrats voted against it. >> now does that mean that democrats have decided to sell weapons to isil? of course not. >> mcconnell's statement was in reference to an earlier statement from democratic senator chris murphy. elizabeth warren said the senate gop have decided to sell weapons to isis. >> the spoken rebeauties were only slightly milder. >> this is the is textbook definition of cowardice, to talk tough in the hopes that nobody asks to you do something. >> the nra called the bills an embarrassing display and noted it's interested in real solution in the face of government
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failure. >> senator colin noted that senator mcconnell promised to bring her bill to the floor for a vote. passage may not come easy. shannon? >> doug mckelway on the hill, thank you. up next a look at the fight against spreading wildfires during an intense heat wave in california. first, some fox affiliates around the country. fox 29 in philadelphia, outgoing democratic congressman shak shaka fattah was found guilty in all charges. prosecutors argued that he used federal grant money and nonprofit funds to pay back an illegal loan. fox 41 in louisville, a judge has cleared the way for the city to remove a controversial monument. it was built in 1895 as a tribute to dead confederate soldiers, but it's problem to be a divisive symbol in the country. the mayor promises to move the monument to a new location, that site has not been chosen.
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this is a live look at new york from fox 5, a who's who of broadway stars paying tribute to the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting by singing the 1965 song "what the world needs now is love" proceeds will benefit the lgbt center of central florida. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway from ♪
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"dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. . a first alert, north korea has fired a missile. the u.s. military detected the launch and believes it was an intermediate range missile fired from the east coast. reports indicate that the launch failed. if true, this would be the fifth such launch from the country. it is the end of the nuclear power era in california. pacific gas and electric company has come to an agreement. with environmental groups to shutter the state's last nuclear power plant. the diablo power plant will close by 2025 and be replaced with other forms of energy including solar. triple-digit temperatures are hampering the fight against
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several wildfires out west. firefighters are doing what they can in very challenging conditions. correspondent william la jeunesse reports on the efforts to save homes and lives out west. >> we are praying it doesn't keep coming down. it's a little bit nerve-wracking. >> 800 residents forced to flee their homes and hundreds more told to be ready to leave as fires brush 20 miles east of los angeles. >> finally it was the smoke that did it. my eyes were watering, i was having trouble breathing and i thought i better just leave before they even tell me. but i need to leave. or i can't breathe very well. >> the two fires known as the san gabriel complex fire have burned 5,000 acres. crews battling the flames hampered by 00-plus-degree temperatures and wind gusts. >> it's hot and the fuels are ready and ripe for combustion. >> throughout eight western states, scorching temperatures are fueling nearly two dozen
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fires. 40 miles east of san diego. near the mexican border, day three of the potero fire brought more evacuations and left 1,000 residents without power it remains just 5% contained. after jumping fire lines and doubles in size yesterday, the creek fire burned some 42 square miles in northeastern arizona. near the popular resort towns of sholo and pine top. because of shifting winds, firefighters are optimistic they will lose neither life nor property. in contrast to the doghead fire in new mexico, which destroyed some two dozen homes, now 46% contained. evacuees prepare to return to see what, if anything, they have left. >> we want to get back in. we're just, we're tired of waiting. >> after six days the sherpa fire here in santa barbara is now 70% contained. about half the firefighters if here have now been reassigned to the l.a. fire, here's what's
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remarkable, out of four large fires, totaling over ten square miles, three near major cities, firefighters have not lost a single home. >> william, thank you. a little boy killed by an alligator during a family vacation at disney world was laid to rest. family and friends gathered in omaha, nebraska, to say good-bye to 2-year-old lane graves in a statement his parents thanked people for showing compassion over their loss. he was on vacation with them in orlando last week when he was pulled into the water and drowned. next up, concerns over more eyes in the sky. since the obama administration unveils new rules for drones.
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the number of
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cyberintrusions by china may be down, but they're not over. new report shows headachers are breaching the computers of u.s. companies less frequently. but whether the decline in spying is the result of a obama administration deal or a shift in tactics is up for debate. correspondent kristen fisher reports from the white house. >> nine months ago president obama stood side by side with chinese president xi jinping to announce what the white house hoped would be a game-change anywhere the fight against cybertheft and espionage. >> we've agreed that neither the u.s. or the chinese government will conduct or knowingly support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property. >> since then, the cybersecurity firm fireeye has done more than a dozen hacking groups based in china that have compromised computer networks belonging to corporations in the u.s. and japan. >> we're still seeing corporations and numerous corporations compromised since that agreement. since 2015. >> but that same firm also found
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a notable decline in the overall number of china-based cyberattacks against the u.s. fireeye attributes the change partly to increased pressure from the u.s. and partly to changes within china itself. specifically president xi's efforts to centralize china's cyber orangeses, it may mean fewer cyber attacks. but now they're more calculated and harder to detect. >> it's towards a more precise and focused actor. >> a white house spokesman characterized the cybercrimes as an irritant in our relationship. he blamed republicans on capitol hill for refusing to discuss president obama's $19 billion plan to enhance u.s. cybersecurity. >> they refuse to have a hearing to discuss the president's proposal for strengthening our cybersecurity. >> now in terms of the u.s. retaliation, the white house spokesman pointed to an executive order that essentially gives the treasury secretary the
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authority to impose financial sanctions. whether or not those sanctions could be used against china, he wouldn't say. shannon? >> kristen, thank you very much. proceed with caution, that's the word today from the federal reserve chair over raising interest rates. janet yellen cited concerns about the global economy and uncertainty over the outcome of thursday's vote in britain over leaving the european union. she noted problems in the u.s. economy. >> the pace of improvement in the labor market appears to have slowed more recently. suggesting that our cautious approach to adjusting monetary policy ns appropriate. >> federal reserve was expected to raise interest rates at least twice this year. but so far has held off. the dow closed 25 points up. the s&p 500 was up 6 and the nasdaq was up 7. boeing is on track to make an historic deal with iran. the airplane manufacturer said today it signed an agreement with iran air.
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the deal could be worth $25 billion according to one iranian official. boeing shares rose on the news, but the deal isn't done yet. longstanding animosity between the u.s. and iran as well as other sanctions could complicate any potential agreement. the obama administration clears drones for takeoff by announcing a set of rules for companies that use the technology. but while some believe the move is the way of the future, others are raising questions about privacy and security. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house with a look at both sides of the issue. >> goode evening, shannon, the faa unveiling rules to limit small commercial drone operators to just daytime operations and it will also require most drone operators to be certified every couple of years. let me share just part of this new comprehensive effort by the federal aviation administration to try to once again rein in this explosive growth of drones that we have seen throughout the country. also trying in the process to navigate the privacy and security concerns of average
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americans. the new rule book is huge. 624 pages long. that's about 170,000 words. so while we continue to pore over it, a few items that stand out. the new rules apply to drones weighing up to 55 pounds, they have to be flown within visual line of sight of the pilot. that's important. they also have to be flown during the day. they can't fly above 400 feet. maximum speed, 100 miles per hour. and the last three i think are huge -- operators need to be at least 16, pass a tsa background check and be certified every two years. increasing concerns tonight that with all the new rules it will limit the recreational drone user and they could have unintended consequences for commercial use and development. >> what folks like amazon want to do is they want to be able to use drones to deliver packages to virtually anybody's back yard in the country and to do it more quickly than they can do it today. what the faa's regulations is
1:32 am
prevent is exactly that you can't operate drones beyond your visual line of sight. that's going to stifle this whole area of drone technology and drone innovation. >> i think what most people understand is that there needs to be a regulatory regime put in place to allow these kinds of devices to realize their potential. we need to make sure that we are protecting public safety. >> now if you think the administration is sold on the new rules unveiled today, think again. faa administrator is saying that his agency is looking at uses beyond the rules unveiled today. we'll have to keep an eye on that. shannon? >> all very jetsons. the trump train is moving on looking for party unity. will the dollars really matter? our panel weighs in, next.
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i've raised a lot of money.
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but you also have to have some help from the party. we have a party that i mean i'm having more difficulty frankly with some of the people in the party than i am with the democrats. >> let's bring in our panel today to talk about some of these fundraising numbers from donald trump. we've got tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekend. kirsten powers, "u.s.a. today" columnist and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. when we look at cash on hand. donald trump has outpaced hillary clinton by what he has on hand. >> it's a surprising number. it doesn't reflect well on the trump campaign. no denying that. on the other hand, a couple points. money does not determine the outcome of elections, necessarily as mitt romney proved. a lot of people proved in the last primary season. this is evidence among other things that the gop donor class isn't giving so presumably they think they're going to do better with hillary. they won't.
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the third point that the trump people ought to be exploit something this shows that hillary clinton has a ph.d. in sucking up to rich people this was the rationale behind his are primary campaign, i'm not beholden to special interests, a theme he ought to revive. >> he's talked about the fact he's going to do things on his own as tucker said. i'm self-funding. now if you're competing against somebody who has tens of millions of more dhars and with super pacs facted in in. how does he kbad that or is it game over when it comes to relining on money to get your message out? >> i'm in the going to count trump out or say game over for him. we've all learned that lesson. but when you look at a primary campaign versus a general election campaign, you're talking about a very different situation. in the primary campaign he needed to run against a large field of people and distinguish himself enough to get the majority out of 17 and then
1:39 am
decrease. the point is he needed to fire up the base. now he's going to have to convince a wide swath of people, people who wouldn't normally vote for him that they need to vote for him and he's going to be under attack from hillary. he's going to get the treatment that happened to mitt romney, sometimes "times" 1,000, he's going to be caricatured. is the question is free media going to be enough? >> let's look at where we were with former gop candidates as far as fundraising. romney in may of 2013 12, he had $23.3 million raised. $31 million on hand. now charges, he's done things differently than either of those candidates, he's been successful with that so far. >> what tends to discount that graph, those numbers is the fact that mccain and romney lost.
1:40 am
so it is hardly you know, something thatl(ñó guarantees trump's losing, it isn't that much of a negative. he got $2 billion worth of free media. he's the master of that. now it could be that after nine months or a year now, on all cable networks, that the message is there already out there and it's not going to do very much good. in fact he tends now with all of these appearances to get himself in trouble as he has over the last month or so. with his off-the-cuff pronouncements. but it's in no way determining. the one thing that's interesting, that would be a problem for any other ordinary candidate is that he did campaign very strongly and very aggressively against his competitors in the primaries for being owned, lock, stock and barrel by the people they took money from. here he is, going around with
1:41 am
cap in hand, cup in hand, trying to raise money from donors and complaining. that he's not getting enough. so you have to ask him. with him he seems to discard an idea from here to there. but it's a complete contradiction, won't he be owned by them if he gets their money and how does he explain the flip-flop? >> tucker today, there's a number of gop pundits and insiders who, some of them went on the record. they're named saying they're concerned because he doesn't like going around asking for money. he doesn't want to spend time on the phone or in person with these donors. he's used to being the one wooed, not the other way around. >> that's probably a totally fair criticism. they should in part be discounted, that's what we do in washington, we make our living from the money that candidates raise, that's our business. people with vested interests in wanting to see as much paid television advertising as they can. but now is the time for trump in a judo move to flip it around and say hillary clinton is the candidate of wall street. she's taking more money from
1:42 am
wall street than any candidate, ever and to call for her to release the transcripts of her speeches to wall street banks. why wouldn't he take the opportunity toe flip it around? these numbers are impossible to explain. time to go on the offense. >> it was the one thing that bernie brought up in the debates. >> this is a guy who won't release his tax form. >> he's going to demand open transparency for her speeches? we're probably irrelevant. everybody knows there's nothing in there. while he's with holding the one thing that every candidate for every party has done for 40 years, that's not a very strong argument. >> it's a braising argumentment. >> 40-1, you have to have a response to it. >> he's done things his own way. has thus far been successful. today he did meet with scores of evangelical leaders, conservative christian groups, catholics as well to try to 'lay their fears that they have about him.
1:43 am
here's a little of what tony perkins said at the family research council after that meeting. >> donald trump had a conversation. we don't agree on everything. but one thing he did, he acknowledged the concerns that evangelicals have and he confirmed those concerns. and he said it won't happen when i'm president. >> kirsten, folks inside the meeting said they talked about things like planned parenthood, defunding that. abortion issues, and the topic he talked about defending l religious freedom. >> he got a standing ovation as well. which some other things he talked about, he questioned hillary clinton's religion which is very similar to what he was doing with president obama and invoked president obama saying well at least with the president obama we were on our guard. but with hillary clinton, we're not. he seemed to be going down the path again of questioning religions. he said we don't know anything about hillary clinton's religion. which is a falsehood.
1:44 am
it's not true. there's quite a bit known about it. so he in front of this religious group, this is where he decides to go. he also said some theologically questionable things, that you don't need to pray for leaders you don't like. just pray pray for me because i'm going to protect religious freedom this is the old guard of, it's very much the religious right, the old guard of the religious right, i think they're going to go with trump. they have nowhere else to go. it's not surprising there are a lot of evangelical leaders who don't like robbie george. >> there's a number who stopped way far short of an endorsement. but did say given our options, he's the best option we think we have like religious freedom. endorsement. >> it's hardly a ringing endorsement when perkins said he said it won't happen when i'm
1:45 am
president. what does the "it" refer to? >> i think it's the attacks on religious liberty. >> i thought it was saying the things that trump had done that might have offended evangelicals, won't happen when he's in the white house. when you run for office, you tend to accommodate your audience, but once you're in the office, the restraints are off. but i do think his appeal has always been, the fact that he won the evangelical vote remarkably quite overwhelmingly, against a guy like ted cruz, think everybody understands he was saying i'm not one of you. i acknowledge that. i say 2 corinthians, i'm not well-versed in the bible, but -- >> pun intended. >> i will protect you, i'm going to be the gladiator standing outside the cathedral gates, protecting you against the barbarians abroad and the
1:46 am
secularists at home. i'll protect you. he said that explicitly and that's a pretty powerful argument. >> for many today, that's what they needed to hear. ♪
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. he calls himself the king of debt. and his tax plan sure lives up to that name. according to the independent tax policy center, it would increase the national debt by more than $30 trillion over 20 years. he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. he bankrupted his company's not once, not twice, but four times. hundreds of people lost their jobs. >> i've made a fortune with debt. but debt for this country is a disaster and obama has piled it on and she's been there watching. kirsten today, so much back and forth with these two. he is live tweeting her speech, responding to it, tweeting out things about her connections to the
1:51 am
economy. while she is just going after him in this speech. now, the most recent poll out today cnn/orc who is better able to handle the economy. he does better trump over clinton. she didn't hold back in this speech today. >> is he a businessman. that's his strength. so she was going after his strength and trying to turn it into weakness or make him vulnerable in that area. and you know, i think she did a pretty good job laying out the case against him if his company has been bankrupted four times. he has been sued tens of thousands of times by people who he didn't pay. if he can't run his own shop how you can expect him to run the u.s. economy and also sort of setting him up to makes over the top promises and sa(x stick with me and everything will work out great and we will be so successful together and then showing that actually people end up not being successful tore him which is a met for
1:52 am
of what he is doing with the country. >> charles, he had a number of headlines he was shooting out during her speech like the u.s. has lost a quarter of manufacturing jobs under heir-backed trade policies. even as she was serving as secretary of state, these are the policies in the past she has backed. hillary took money and did favor for regimes that enslave women and murder gays. >> all of that is true. i'm not shower how peaceful that is. i do think what she did today successfully was to dump the kitchen sink on him. that speech had about 20 points each of which was a paragraph. it's attack and it will be a 30 second ad. in that sense it was parallel to the foreign policy speech where she did exactly the same. she took everything she could, obviously the 700 or so people who work for her have r. good at opposition research. it's all out there. the playbook is already out there. the one thing that was lacking in that as it was in the foreign policy speeches
1:53 am
well, what are you proposing? she said in today's speech i will be tall about what i'm proposal tomorrow in north carolina. she essentially said the more infrastructure which is@c about the oldest and dumbest idea around we actually spent almost a trillion dollars in so-called shovel ready stuff under obama. here is the essence of her campaign. this is a line from her speech today. i believe in an america always moving forward toward the future. now every creature on earth from the crustation to the united states of america is moving forward toward the future. there is nowhere else to move. this is about the emptiest phrase of a presidential candidate can offer. it's the essence of her campaign. she doesn't have anything other than the fact that i'm here. i'm competent and that's it. status quo. and trump is lucky in running against the one person who at a time of deep discontent really has nothing on her plate.
1:54 am
that was the other striking element. endless attacks on trump. nothing proposed on her side. >> tucker, he took on what she was calling him the king of debt. he took that to then record this little video that was on instagram to say sure, i know all about that, that's how i made a fortune. smart move by him? >> probably. i agree with charles. the essence of her campaign is just breathtakingly beall in. it is freshman year dorm room pizza party type after father aphorisms. it's always interesting to watch liberals lecture on debt. the most brazen bolden part of her address on debt trump is hand maiden on the rich. this is someone who wants to continue barack obama's policies 95% of gains have gone to the top 1%. if obama were a republican, you would see protests in the street over that you literally would. that's unknown statistic
1:55 am
that most people imagine is he against income inequality. it has increased to levels parlous to the middle class. she on that economic program is calling trump mitt romney. it's ludicrous. i wonder if he will be able to rebut that? i wonder if he is aware that that is just an argument that he could bat down in a moment. >> there is also criticism about this debate over wall street today he would rig the economy in favor of wall street and of course her critics say she is taking plenty of donations from them. [ laughter ] >> tucker is going to lose it? >> getting no money from wall street and she is being financed by wall street. >> we will discuss during the commercial. thank you, panel. stay tuned before texts and dm there were love letters. were they more romantic?
1:56 am
1:57 am
... >> finally tonight modern relationships with the journey
1:58 am
there's something more roman sick: >> w >> why don't you leave here next week or boston. you say this is not yet what i want after all of these years you give me a loving answer than that. why don't you just say yes, which is the presidential equivalent of you, up? >> we find out tucker is a big fan of writing. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for special report now. fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes on the record next. >> it is wednesday, june 22nd, a fiery war of words heating up on the campaign trail. >> not a person like this with all of his empty promises in a position of power.
1:59 am
>> she has a bad plan for the economy. >> the new blirsing attack from hillary clinton. donald trump will get his turn today. >> alligator attack. a florida man grabbed by a gator not far from where a 2-year-old was killed in disney last week. >> a man who rescues a trapped family is now being rewarded with a bottle of water. what? "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ s>> a concrete cowboy in that
2:00 am
concrete jushot. i am anna kooiman in for heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. a desperate sefrp to find a florida man lost at sea. >> they are trying to locate the missing man and his three teenaged children. they went off the coast and hasn't been seen yet. the boat was getting pounded by 6 foot waves and he was struggle to go make it back to land with his children. they are asking the public too keep a lookout for his family. >> another alligator attack in florida. a man forced to fight for his life prying off the vicious reptile with his bear hands. he heard his horses wrestling around. when he went to