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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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shields. not long ago what appeared to be going into the building. looked like bank of america building. we'll continue to cover this, a great scene in dallas as two officers reportedly shot. it's 11:00 on the east coast, 10:00 p.m. in dallas. live pictures coming to us now. our local station kdfw fox 4 in dallas is covering this story. >> people who are curious, coming down here to see what is going on which is not a help to police officers. we're walking backwards now as officers are asking us to move back as well. you can see fluid situation now. and we're walking to murphy
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street. it's being staged now. so watt team we know s.w.a.t. has been on the scene. we saw an additional s.w.a.t. vehicle pulling up and police moving us further away here from the garden park where this started, where this march, this rally started today. as the result of the police shootings of two black men. >> want to update viewers before we transition a bit. we have been told one of our photographers downtown, now, we have crews down here but a police officer has told our photographer they're in the middle of negotiations with a second suspect. they're negotiating with a second suspected shooter.
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>> we're downtown, just a couple blocks from where at least one of the officers was shot and that area is lamar and main. you can see officers still taking protective cover. their concern is that they're being fired on. the police officer is that there could be multiple shooters and they're shooting from perhaps parking garages down on officers and so these officers here taking a defensive stance. we've moved around downtown. they did want us out of the direct line of fire. they had us stay low and move back behind a building so we can be saved.
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we want to stay out of their way. and their safety is our concern. there are people on the perimeter standing around and watching this happen. police mreefr everybody stay inside. a lot of moving parts here. police officers try to look for shooters and trying to keep people out of the line of fire. taking a look. i will tell you one note that my photographer just pointed out and i pointed out earlier is that there is a train stopped on the tracks.
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there are still people, dart buses and trains being told to, looks like, stay inside they're within trains and buses appearing outside looking to see what's happening. this is the situation downtown. we're just blocks west of where the officer was shot. the officer we're near now do believe that they're still in the line of fire. this is an active shooting situation. all had guns drawn. some handguns, some hong guns. buz yoe. >> we have seen there are negotiations going on. have you been able to hear any chatter along those lines? >> i did hear that and i heard you report that. i'm out here with the officers
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just on the streets now. and at this moment, they're just telling me that they believe there are multiple shooters on the loose. >> you're listening to live coverage in dallas. i need to let you know breaking news. we believe a number of police officers have been shot, and we now, through reporting of the 25 year veteran anchor and reporter at kdfw, a respected journalist, he is reporting that police are now actively negotiating with a second shooter suspect. we believe that this began about an hour and a half ago in dallas. when during one of these protests that have been boiling over because of the shooting that happened in baton rouge tuesday morning and in minneapolis, the st. paul suburbs on wednesday evening, police officers shooting black men, there have been reports of
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protests around the country. tonight, 10 arrested in new york. there was a rally in philly, in st. paul, in baton rouge and hire, in dallas was peaceful until shots began to be fired. there is a piece of videotape that happened during megyn kelly's coverage which is, when we believe one shooting took place. let's play it.
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more shots fired. here, we believe we have victim. so we believe the first gunman according to a quote from police, the first gunman had been neutralized as they put it. that is a quote, i can tell you no more than that. since then, fox 4 reports there is a second gunman and and
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police are now negotiating with a second gunman. fox news network cannot confirm this but reporting steve iger is very good. at this moment, dallas news is on wall to wall and there is, what appears to be a standoff of some kind underway. if we can simulcast our friends from kdfw we'll be able to hear steve iger lead coverage as reporters are on the scene of what has been a chaotic night. a protest of which we've heard and we're squeezing back local stations and their reporting is according to sources, 3 to 6 police officers down during downtown dallas shootings. let's listen as fox 4 reports.
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>> sean, i know you've been working phones. what have you learned? >> there are multiple officers who are gravely injured in the dallas police department. this is going to be a horrible night. before the sun rises. there are 3 to 6 officers who are as many as six officers, five officers gravely wounded according to my sources inside of the dallas police department. this is not going to be a good night in the city of dallas. >> there is a veteran reporter of fox 4 in dallas. police sources are impeccable and his reporting is trust worthy. >> we believe they're still looking for one, or both, but i am telling you that this is going to be a horrific night in the city of dallas.
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>> not just here, you know what i mean, sean? it's going to be a world wide story and it's awful. >> it is. it is. it is. peaceful assembly, the right to protest, to animatedly and emotionally charged express anger and frustration is a constitutional right that we, as america enjoy. we're one of the few countries where police stand by and let us vent and do that in a way that is not harmful to human beings. but tonight, something went very wrong. ugliness. hate showed up and hid under mask and bullet-proof vests and hid in darkness with high-powered weapons and opened
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fire on dallas and dark police officers. >> we should mention, that takes preparation and planning. if the reports are true there are camo gear, that took preparation. >> and planning. >> right. there was, it was in their heart to go prepared to do something of this nature. so as we report this story, steve, we need to ask our citizens to pray for police tonight. there are some officers who have been wounded and they're gravely ill. at this moment. >> sean? we've worked together a long time. i have to tell you i hear this in your voice tonight. you workday in and out with these officers and to call this a horrible night with officers gravely wounded, it hits people
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hard. >> it is -- i cannot tell you how many officer involved shootings and shootings involving police officers who have been killed in the city of dallas since i came here, began working here. i cannot tell you how many events i've covered where multiple officers have been wounded or injured. that is the scenario tonight. again, heather and steve, multiple officers, aaccording to my sources, are in bad condition tonight. >> yes. this is bad, bad story. and i mean, in case our viewers don't know, the repercussions are spreading across the country. the country is feeling what has been going on, and now, this. our station signal has been taken by the network.
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the country, i've gotten texts from people out of the country saying what is going on? it's an awful story, it has the attention of the country. >> may i say to you this is going to have attention not only the country but an international story, steve. listen. we had our share of police-involved shootings in dallas. we've had protests, near riots, angry folk outside of the dallas police department headquarters holding chiefs accountable. we have had rallies and marches through the streets of downtown dallas. into the interstate. shutting down traffic. but we haven't had what happened tonight. we have not. this is not good. >> it's maddening. >> yes. >> for all of us. >> you wonder you know.
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>> veteran local reporters in dallas, sean rav, a highly respected police reporter, it appears we're having a national moment. it appears that a pair of gunmen, according to the early reporting and i must tell you, having reported way too many of these it's often wrong. the early sources are often misinformed in the chaos of the moment, sometimes, it's not as horrible as it appears. but these are veterans. they have very good sources and it appears we have a night of national tragedy as a number of police officers have apparently, according to the local reporting of our station in dallas, been targeted. a man, or a number of men dressed in camouflage and
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prepared. it appears this peaceful protest with dallas police officers protecting peoples' rights to protest, in the middle of that, it would appear they have been targeted in a way that is almost unthinkable but had been feared in america for some time. we have a unique piece of video i want to share with you from social media. and it appears to show one of the moments when all of this began. we're going to play it naturally as it plays online.
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listen. >> run, run, someone is shot. someone is shot. >> who got shot? >> oh, my god. oh! someone got shot. >> peacefully marching, then, gunfire. our friends at fox 4 are interviewing a witness there. a number of witnesses. let's listen. >> what do you think when you hear now that officers who are injured in the situation we're dealing with now, seeing chaos in the city? >> it's just sad. none of this chaos is happening in dallas. everything is somewhere else. elsewhere. they're bringing it here. the anger, everything erupted in the streets. it's inevitable. >> watching what's happening in downtown dallas, what are your thoughts? >> i'm just sorry. i'm scared. like i said it was a peaceful protest i have been watching throughout the whole time here.
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and it's unfortunate. it's really unfortunate. i'm sorry for officers that got hurt and sorry for protestors who were scared and things like that. having to get down on the ground and chaos is out of control here. so it's unfortunate. a series of events that happened. >> thank you so much for your time. we're glad you're safe. we want to give you a look at the situation, we're here at the corner of murphy street and main street. police tape now keeping us further back. there are just layers of mofrs here lining streets here trying to keep the public at bay so that anegotiators can do their job. people here are hearing that
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succession of gunfire. if we take a look here, panning over, seeing amounts of people who have come down as a result of hearing the gunshots, those rapid gunshots as you heard. we definitely heard several dozen gunshots throughout the tall buildings of downtown dallas. people are now coming to check this out for themselves. we'll monitor this fluid situation. >> reporters live there in dallas. we have a new piece of video, this one came from social media and we're going to show it to you. let's take a look.
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[ sounds of gunfire ]. >> that is the video. people had been hearing noises outside of their windows and you heard over and over, we heard the person videotaping there, another in the room saying it seems this person is armed. the suggestion now is there is more than one. it appears there is a second shooter. our local station is reporting 3 to 6 officers are down. some reported there has being gravely injured. i want to show you the beginning of this from the reporters
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perspective covering this march. a peaceful rally, rallies happening across the nation. watch.
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[ sirens ] . >> you can hear gunshots and they're watching on scene, so much coverage of this at the time. the latest on place shooting in st. paul, minnesota. one of those that sparked these demonstrations tonight. let's watch live as kdfw continues to cover there. if we can take it full, that would be good. >> we weren't here. we saw him go down the street. >> that police car that that witness was talking about. >> identifying two police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a black minnesota man. the state bureau of criminal
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apprehension named them and both with the st. anthony, minnesota police department for four years. the department reports that one approached the car on wednesday night and he they struck him multiple times. the suspect died. kdfw is reporting there are 3 to 6 officers shot and some injuries are grave. police say they're trying to sort through what happened when the gunshots hang out this began
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around 8:30 central daylight time. live pictures showing protestors marching in downtown and the crowd scattered. let's take kdfw full, and live please. >> we understand the feelings. we understand both sides of the stripe, if you will, steve? >> he tells me texas attorney general will provide every measure of support in this difficult and developing situation. it is developing. 3 to 6 officers, perhaps 4, 5,
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seriously, gravely injured tonight. and across north texas. law enforcement family collectively holding it's breath, of that you can be sure and police know the folks who did this tonight. >> from rapid transit authority, or dart as they call it, dallas area rapid transit authority now confirms three of its officers have been shot. we do not know their conditions. sean ravage reporting others have been shot as well. but dallas-area rapid transit, or dart is reporting and you have to excuse me. that three of their officers are among those shot. back to the local coverage from our station fox 4 in dallas. >> on a more personal than the pride that i have in being part of the police family. i heard the witness talk about the people running from the
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scene, it reminded me -- >> we have gotten new information from dart. dallas area rapid transit reports three officers are shot with non-life threatening injury and one dart officer has been shot and killed. this is official from the dallas area rapid transit authority which operates its own police department. it's reports one officer has died and that three have been shot with nonlife threatening injuries. have others been shot? locals report that is a possibility at this moment. as you know, early reporting is often wrong, but official reporting now an hour and a half into this suggests that dallas area rapid transit authority can confirm that one officer has died and three others have been shot with non-life threatening injuries. coverage continues, fox 4
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dallas. >> i can tell you that there are at least six officers, maybe more now. i can tell you, that have been wounded that are graphly ill. there are at least 4 to 5 officers who are in serious condition. serious condition. parkland and baylor where the officers have been taken. dart confirming four of their officers attacked in this assault. and one of their officers dead. and that -- i'll read the dart tweet. four dart police officers were shot in downtown dallas, one deceased, others nonlife threatening. no ids yet. they'll update by twitter. so one deceased. three others with nonlife threatening injuries according
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to the dart police. >> on these kinds of events, you don't just have your s.w.a.t. teamworking. especially if you're an agency like dart police. so you have your dart officers on the trains who are in cars. you have men and women who are working overtime for events like tonight to assist with the crowd control. dart always concerned with their transport system. even in the midst of a protest like this. they're trying to get home as this is starting. so you have men and women working overtime on downtown streets. >> senator weflt, we can hear it. it was like a punch in the gut. >> yes.
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it's not that, we've got to think about the family. the dart officer has not been identified. as you and i were down there we saw the dart officers. >> this is fox 4 in dallas. we should thank them so much. we have other sources working from the dallas area. the dallas morning news, or dallas is reporting now that police as we've been reporting have one suspect neutralized and they're now reporting they have one suspect pinned down. what that means we don't know. it suggests of suspect was surrounded. there were earlier reports that they were negotiating with this person. that suggests there is a sort of communication going on with a
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suspect pinned down. we have nothing to suggest the general public is in danger at this moment. from everything we're able to glean, from multiple sources there is no danger to the general public. one suspect has been neutralized, unquote, and the other pinned down. as for reports of injuries respect and admire the reporting of fox 4, fox news can confirm four people are shot. one has died and three have nonthreatening injuries. they're officers for dart. we're led to believe that other officers are injured. this suggests to us will we get information that would suggest otherwise? it is.
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as of this reporting it suggests tonight in dallas during a peaceful protest, people according to local reporting have attacked police officers. that is the reporting as best we have it at this moment. >> it's 11:30 on the east coast and 10:30 in dallas. a wild scene played out throughout the night. we know that multiple officers have been shot and authorities suggest there is tensions are high in the wake of the shooting of two black men by white police officers first in baton rouge, louisiana in the very early morning hours of tuesday, outside of a convenience store. a man for years sold cds outside of that store. we're led to believe there was a call to police suggesting that
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that man had threatened someone with a weapon. the story is that police arrive, there is a scuffle, there is videotape. the man is taken to the ground, subsequently shot by a police officer on video two times in the chest and four in the back. fast forward about 30 hours or so, and in outside minneapolis, in falcon heights, minnesota, another man is in a car with his girlfriend and a he has a back taillight out according to the woman's report, the cops come to the window. he informs them according to the witness and the woman in the car that he has a gun and a carry permit. at that point she says the officer suggested that he needed to see his id and registration. the witness reports, we don't have from police, the witness reports that the man reached for his identification, was
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subsequently shot. and then, and then, the woman in the back seat live streamed his death. and now, kdfw with live reports, listen. this is dallas. >> there was an ambusambush. three are in surgery. three police officers are dead. one dart officer is dead. and intensive search for suspects is underway. they're asking dallas police are asking for any sitten with information regarding this shooting to call them now. appears as if two snipers shot 10 mofrs from elevated positions. during the protest rally.
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three officers are dead. two are in surgery. three are in critical condition. back to you guys. >> sean, you said something i'm curious about. police are looking for suspects. what do we know? we have heard one person might be in custody and heard maybe there are negotiations going on. then, you say they're looking maybe -- >> we don't believe, according to david brown, there are no suspects currently in custody according to david brown. a search is underway. alex just brought us something of a man who had on a mask. a bullet-proof vest and a green kind of camouflage as my first dpd source told us about. that might have been happening at the same time brown was getting his words to me.
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speak up, please. okay. let me go over what i can tell you. it appears two snipers shot 10 police officers from elevated positions during the protest rally. one of those elevated positions is going to be the parking garage near el centro. three officers are dead. one is a dart officer. two are dallas police officers, i believe. two other officers are in surgery, three in critical condition. >> police are asking people with information to call specific number. yes.
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>> 214-671-3482. one dart officer dead tonight. two dallas police officers dead. in downtown. at the hand of a sniper. as a protest rally against violence played out in downtown dallas. and officers who were protecting people protesting lost their lives by a sniper. not even man enough to stand face-to-face. three officers who chose a career many walk away from. >> we had an arrest but don't know if that is just a man in
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the crowd. he was wearing a tactical vest. we don't know why. here is that video. they took this appearance very seriously. camouflage pants, bulletproof vest. >> oh, my god. he's on the ground. >> this guy, right now. a breaking news situation. right now. we have a guy who is wearing -- >> looks like camouflage. >> wearing body armor. and put his hands up towards officers.
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officers had their guns drawn. the guy did raise his arms as instructed by officers and calmly walked forward to dallas police officers. i saw one officer with his gun drawn. the guy came over as instructed and laid down. >> sean describes. 214-671-3482 if you have information. alex go ahead. >> i'm here and joined -- sorry. i'm here joined now live by clarissa. you were stanning next to the gentleman police said to put his hands in the air. what do you recall? >> i recall this gentleman was in front of the bar in that area. right here. and the crowd just started to separate. i was like what is going on.
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his hands were up. i saw an officer with a gun drawn waving it toward the crowd. everybody is like hey, he's walking and walking. they grabbed him, put him on the ground and arrest him. craziness. >> and you said, you don't know the gentleman but you said you were standing by him. what did you see when you saw -- >> he had his hands up. >> prior to that? just seemed he was standing around? >> right. just sitting around waiting to make his next move, go home or anything like that. >> and from what i remember hearing police say they were saying you, that you had a flat jacket. >> yeah. he had i guess protection, you can say a bulletproof vest. but that doesn't mean that he was a shooter. that doesn't mean he was a suspect. he was with us the entire time. i don't understand why they
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pulled him over there. >> you don't know him but he was standing where you were in a crowd? >> yes. right here, over there. near that park. >> in front of main street. >> yes. yes. >> did you have a conversation with him? >> i didn't have a conversation with him. just standing there and talking to somebody else, next thing i know he's walking with hands up. officers waving his gun. what the heck is going on. >> thank you for your perspective this evening. and i believe you're looking at a live picture of where that man was taken. you have to remember where we're standing we're standing now is right at the police tape. and on this side, you have media and spectators and then, you can see now, and the other side of the police tape you have officers. it was right where officers are standing that all of a sudden,i heard put your hands up. put your hands up. the following situation ensued. the man now taken into custody and being detained.
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we don't know what they believe his tie is to this situation. >> i'm going to tell our viewers the person you interviewed is naive to the incidents tonight. sean described a possible suspect wearing camouflage pants and bulletproof vest. he shows up on a night like this, he's going to be taken into custody. if you don't understand that, you don't understand the gravity of the situation this downtown dallas. >> so you're watching continuing coverage now. we're going to continue this as it moves to the evening as we watch what is unfolding in downtown dallas. i'm heather hays with steve eagar. there are reporters in downtown dallas. >> there is going to be, we believe a news conference in city hall in about five minutes. we know dallas police chief and
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mayor are in the emergency operations center. and. >> shepard smith with you now from new york on what appears to be a great night in america. reports coming together, official now from dallas police department and others this paegsful protest is ongoing. a peaceful protest is underway. then, suddenly, shots ring out. a word now from the dallas police is that two snipers apparently shot 10 police officers and three officers are confirmed dead. two from dallas police department, one from dart, two others are reported to be in surgery at this moment and a total of three are in critical condition. it is dallas area rapid transit which reports three of the
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officers who were involved and shot in this are left with nonlife threatening injuries. that is the best news i have of the night. we're -- we have been led to believe one suspect was neutralized. this is reporting from early going. now we have this person taken down. is he related in any way, we don't know. he's suspiciously dressed. there are reports that another suspect is pinned down. the truth of the matter is that there is a level of chaos in downtown dallas which is hard to remember in recent decades in america. as two snipers have taken to an elevated perch during what was a planned on social media peaceful protest, similar protests happening in new york. it turns out 10 people were arrested on 5th avenue. for various reasons but nothing of this nature. we don't have any reports of violence anywhere outside of
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dallas where these two snipers, unknown, said to have been armed to the hilt and ready for battle. shooting from their perch at innocent dallas police officers guarding those exercising their first amendment right and marching in the streets. in response to two horrifying shootings this is no doubt in early morning hours of tuesday in baton rouge, louisiana and evening hours of wednesday in outside st. paul, minnesota tonight where two black nen men have been killed by two different police officers gun shots. the mayor of baton rouge, governor of louisiana urging peaceful protests. the mayor of st. paul, the governor of minnesota saying you know, various statements but the long and short please protest
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peacefully. that appeared to be what ever one had done but two people with guns, snipers have attacked in dallas. the situation is fluid. we'll have multiple reports and will be on the air throughout the night. we'll have multiple reports of what's happening at the moment. it's a very fluid situation and information is hard to pin down. our friends at kdfw have led the way and we thank them, our hearts bleed for dallas tonight. we continue to watch the reporting of our local friend, steve eager and the rest. >> you can see people who may approach now, police are on guard and watching and asking people to back away.
8:45 pm
just 15 minutes ago a young man walking across the west end here, police are commanding him to show his hands, he did. they had him walked toward them. he did. they appeared to search him, checked him out. so they're taking every precaution possible here. so two things, keeping people out of the line of fire and checking people who may be coming out of the center of activity here trying to ensure they're not armed and that they're not suspects in the shooting we know killed multiple police offic police officers tonight. >> three officers dead. our own dallas-based correspondent for fox news is on the scene now. it's hard to wrap your hands around what happened tonight in dallas. it appears snipers have targeted dallas's finest and taken some
8:46 pm
down. >> happened about 3 or 4 blocks up the road from where i'm standing now. i'm standing in the middle of main street in downtown dallas. at this time of night, bars and restaurants would normally have lots of traffic. you have a massive police presence here tonight. and i have been trying to get to this spot for the last hour and 15 minutes because we've been walking from check point to check point to check point and asking officers to come up two blocks and they've said look. this is still an active shooter situation. and you're not getting past this check point. go up another block. so you can see the look on their faces. these are their brothers and sisters. the law enforcement community is tight. men and women in blue.
8:47 pm
they're a family and we're interacting with those officers tonight trying to get our way to this live position, you can see the somberness. they knew the numbers because that information is shared privately. so right now, we're seeing a very active police presence. this is as close as we can get. this is a crime scene tape set up here, i'm going to walk here and ask my photographer on top of his suv so he can get a vantage point over the crowd. here is the police tape itself. and again, the shooting from what we understand only happened a few blocks in that direction from where we are here around 1200 block of main. this is where this protest asum bled tonight.
8:48 pm
everyone gathered here they've been marching and everything had been quiet and going as planned. we understand they're returning back to this spot and making their way to finish up here where it originated. and that is when officers came under attack. we're hearing this may have been from a parking garage, and the manhunt that we've been talking about you heard trying to potential hi negotiate with one suspect and another had been neutralized. that is all happening and basically a 5 or 6 block radius from where i'm standing. so there are a lot of hotels. this is the center of downtown dallas.
8:49 pm
a major united states city. there are a cluster of hotels, high rises, office towers down here. so all of the locations we've talked about, the crown plaza, police went into the crown plaza, the bank of america building. there was action reported there. that is just within a 5 or 6 block radius. so this is the center of the action but right now, you have just people here watching and taking pictures because the crowd split. we saw the pictures when the shots hang out. people scattered and it has been described as absolute imagine. so the streets have cleared out quite a bit. not hundreds and hundreds of people but they've cleared out trying to get police space to do their job and get this situation under control. >> the latest word we have as you stand in the street comes
8:50 pm
from dallas police and now, it appears according to reporting of dallas morning news, three dallas police officers are dead and one dart officer has been killed bringing the death toll to four in dallas that happened during a rally tonight. it was 8:45 p.m. local time. the police chief david brown said preliminary details are that two snipers shot police officers from elevated positions. three dead, three in surgery. so a total of four officers dead. it's unthinkable that such a thing happened in the middle of what appeared to be a peaceful protest. >> it is unimaginable. and we have been covering the baton rouge story and the sterling case in baton rouge. we have a situation where people are outraged and sup set and
8:51 pm
angry. they have the right to assemble and to protest. we've seen it done successfully with the black lives matter movement. but what is something worth noting, i believe is when the family members of the victims they were calling themselves, alton sterling's family said please, be peaceful. the community activists out here who are leading these protests. let's see what is going on here, you've got a big crowd. let's see what is going on. people -- what is going on? they're taking someone to jail. i don't think it's pertaining. sorry. i don't think it's pertaining to this. it doesn't seem -- it might have been somebody -- people have been trying to get through and i
8:52 pm
was hearing there had been arrests but like i said, they were not playing around when we tried to get past flashing our press passes and they said this is an active shooter situation and you're not getting through here. and some have attempted to do that. you saw in other cities when there is a little bit of police activity everybody rushes out and gets out phones. that is how videos go viral. that is how we've seen this play out in minnesota and louisiana this week. people capture these horrific inciden inciden incidents. i can tell you it it appear this is something police are worried
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about just judging by their position there. they have no tactical gear. there have been no calls for back up. just sounds like we have protestors yelling sometimes, you get a group of people that want to invoke some kind of a reaction from police officers and police are here so they're quite stoic so they're trying to get through here. this is an arrest of someone trying to get through barricades. >> it seems to me we're in the middle of something bigger than what we're reporting here.
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i don't need to go through games and places we've been watching in recent months. and st. paul or falcon heights happened on wednesday night, these protests began across the nation. we're watching them all day long and wondering where this is going and we're in a difficult moment right now in the country because there is so much anger tied in the political season. people are feeling unrepresented and those who would do harm apparently are taking advantage of the situation and it feels to me that we're at one of those moments where everybody needs to hug a loved one and take a big, deep breath and release from yourself for the moment, if possible, this vitriol built up
8:55 pm
within you and your neighbors and remember what we're all about. we, if we turn on each other, we don't want to fall from within. this has to slow down. i wonder if minnesota wasn't a rally call with a child in the back seat. i wonder if tonight with, police officers whom we so respect and admire for whom we're thankful, the good mofrs to keep us safe, as these men and women were in dallas tonight, now, they're senseless victims of unthinkable crimes. i can't imagine what dallas is like tonight. >> you can see it in officers' faces because these are their family members. and shepherd, going back to what you're talking about, not only are people seeing pictures on tv but social media component is fascinating to this. people sit on iphones, waiting for appointments, anywhere now. we carry little phone that's allow us to watch a graphic
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video. we were sitting in the newsroom the other day trying to figure out how we're going to cover this story. and we're going to be able to show the video because sit hard to watch. we're showing someone's last moments on this planet. and it is hard to lose sight of that. whether black, white, yellow, green, sometimes, it's hard to lose sight of that. that is someone's son, daughter, someone's father taking their last breath. we watch that. and it's -- america seems to be so decent -- desensitized. >> we have a picture coming in of a suspect as released by the
8:57 pm
dallas police department. this is not a fox news product. this is a picture of the dallas police department of one of the suspects. the police news conference is beginning. let's listen. >> seven officers shot and three deceased. some shot in the back. we believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on officers from two garages and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could. we're reaching out to the families of the officers and getting them transported to the hospital. we're asking for prayer for the families and ask that you give our officers strength to catch
8:58 pm
the suspects and bring them to justice tonight, if anyone has information about these suspects please, please, call the dallas police department. call 911. and give us that information. so we can bring these people to justice. we also believe that these suspects have threatened to plant a bomb in downtown area. we reached out to federal law enforcement partners the fbi and atf to help us search for both of the suspects or maybe more, and to do a very thorough search of this area, what we believe there might be a bomb planted. i'll quickly take questions but i want to remind you we've got a suspect cornered and i need to get back and take care of the
8:59 pm
business of protecting this city. >> let me finish. i ask everybody to focus on dallas police officers, their families, those that are deceased, those that are in the hospital, fighting for their lives. let's all come together and support our police officers. i've never been as proud. i believe we've got one of the best forces in the nation. and we have done things with civil rights in the right way, and we've done it for the safety of our citizens. so please, let's come together right now as a city. let's take questions. >> who are these people?
9:00 pm
>> we wanted to show pictures of a person of interest. they're in camouflage. they have a rifle strapped butt sticking up. we know rifles were used to injure and kill dallas officers and a dart officer. if anyone knows or recognizes this picture, please, immediately call 911. do not approach the suspect. we'll bring him to justice. initial release is 10 officers shot. one is a dart officer and they're deceased. another dart officer was injured but not