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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> we wanted to show pictures of a person of interest. they're in camouflage. they have a rifle strapped butt sticking up. we know rifles were used to injure and kill dallas officers and a dart officer. if anyone knows or recognizes this picture, please, immediately call 911. do not approach the suspect. we'll bring him to justice. initial release is 10 officers shot. one is a dart officer and they're deceased. another dart officer was injured but not deceased.
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there are two dallas officers deceased. as mentioned to update you, from that initial 10 we have had an additional officer to bring the total to 11. any other questions? >> we have one civilian wounded. >> wounded or killed? >> wounded. >> thank you. >> thank you. we'll get back to you. >> thank you. >> it's 11:00 p.m. in dallas. the historical significance of the night is coming into play as the shooting suspect is said to be cornered by the police chief there you just heard. a total of the lower third there said three officers shot, 10 officers shot is incorrect. the police chief corrected the report. 11 officers are shot. one from dallas area rapid transit is dead. two dallas police department dead. three critical. a total of 11 shot, then, a
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civilian has been wounded as well. they believe they have one trapped. official report is that they have one cornered. we do not know the exact location. we know they're looking for this man in the camouflage shirt that we've just showed and we'll be able to bring up for you again. the man in the camouflage shirt. dallas police are saying please look at this picture. if you know this person, you know who this is, call authorities. they -- if you're in the dallas metropolitan area, call dallas pd and call 911, not 911 but call the police department. 911 is very busy. one shooter is still at large. it appears the police chief had urgent work to do and was headed back out there. >> yes. you know what is interesting the dallas police notoriously very
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good for relaying information and they're not giving a lot at this point this, is all hands on deck situation. you can imagine this is the largest police presence i have ever seen in downtown dallas. we're talking about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of officers that are perched and all of downtown dallas for the most part is sealed off. no one coming in or out there v. but there is activity going on here, we're in the heart of the downtown district and you've got a lot of restaurants and bars and people were here not taking part in protests, just having dinner and maybe wrapping up happy hour. looks like there may be commotion here with people on the patio. what is clear tonight is that this was an attack.
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this had to have been coordinated. if you talk about two different shooters on a sniper's perch, on a parking garage and only dallas police officers and rapid transit are among the injured. we have had no reports of civilian casualties out of the situation tonight. which is miraculous. you consider there were dozens of people. >> we have a witness being interviewed live. let's listen. >> while you're here? >> it was a great protest and march and show of support for, you know from police killing nationwide and here in dallas. it looked like it was about to end as we're walking back down commerce to come back to the rally point and i was about in the middle.
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i heard four loud pops, and then, sounded like rapid fire after that. and then, the crowd just started to run in all kinds of different directions. >> what did you do when you heard the gunshots? where did you go? >> just trying to get my kids out of the way. and driblth people out of the way. >> and they want to know this ended with the death of several officers and injury of others. >> it's tragic. they want somebody held accountable. >> a lot of people praying for the officers, they believe they may have been ambushed just doing their job, trying to protect the people out here exercising their first amendment right to gather and express
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their opinion as we take a look. down main street now, there are flashing lights here and dallas police cruisers and what is usually a main, what is main street, what is usually a busy thoroughfare tonight now is a parking lot filled with police cars as we wait and see how tonight is going to play out. people here have been continuing to stick around and observe everything going on here. >> this is a very --
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>> part of what happened is because of the uncertainty of the situation there is a time we're on delay. you know? just for fear of what is going to happen. we know police believe that the suspect had threatened to leave a bomb. you saw it on the bottom of the screen. they believe there may be a bomb in the aftermath of a situation unpredictable as this, you know, you've got to act on the side of caution. officers are dead. 10 wounded. really unthinkable. casey with a witness on the street. >> daniel was pulling up to pick up his wife from work. you were not attending the protest but shots were fired a couple blocks. what did you see? what did you hear? >> i saw a lot of screaming. people were running and i didn't know if i was going to get hit or not. i was like, man, what is on? it was disturbing.
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>> did you dive? what do you do when you hear gunshots? >> man, i can't recall what happened. i was in shock and trying to move and get out of the way. i didn't want to be hit or anything. >> how many shots did you hear? >> 12, 15, 16 shots. >> it sounded that people are posting it was a rapid succession kind of shot? pop, pop? >> machine guns assault rifles. i didn't hear -- >> casey you have your witness we'll play that video. stay with us. listen.
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[ sirens ] [ sirens [ [ sirens ] [ gunfire ].
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>> somebody is armed. >> one perspective from an apartment window. this is a person of interest and we have a third video. look. >> go, go, go!
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run, run, run! someone is shot. someone has been shot. >> he said 50 to 60 shots? is that right? >> yes. sorry. daniel was saying he heard what he estimates 50-60 shots. we just played tape to our audience. you can see the people running. it looked like pandemonium. >> it was real crazy. you didn't know whether you should duck, hide, or run. you feared for your life of i've been in situations like that, but that was crazy. >> daniel i'm glad you and your wife are okay. thanks for talking with us. and you say you got here about 7:00? >> yes. >> everything was going as planned? smoothly? >> the entire rally was
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peaceful. everybody was peaceful. there was no violence, no corruption, nothing. the whole thing was peaceful. >> you guys are making your way back to finish up? >> no. well, it started to march here i went across the street to this -- i was chilling there and i heard shots later on, after everything was going. we started running. first was to hit a corner. a cop looked with a weapon drawn and said do not come and we will shoot. this is multiple people walking through one main building and you started hearing the shots. i saw a person laying on a ground, i saw a hand on the grou ground. >> we've seen pictures from the crews down here. it looked like people just running every way. did anyone fall? just people running? >> yes. people were scattering because there was rumored it was bank of
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america, so nobody knew where nothing was coming from so we scattered out. >> running in different directions? >> exactly. you heard bullets and you're like i got to get up out of here. >> sean, i appreciate you taking time out to talk to us. there are people, one man picking up his wife, pulling in front of 1 main here and just as gunshots rang out. shepherd only 3 or 4 blocks, down that way. in the west direction just past the crime scene tape. the skyline in the skyline, the gem of the dallas skyline, that is the bank of america building and there was a lot of police activity around parking entrance and exits there this evening and in the lobby area. we thought a suspect ducked inside into that building but again, we've talked about this
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manhunt. the person of interest that the picture has been published by the police department tonight. and that search has been contained it's a city scape. we've got nooks, crannies and alley ways so hard telling if that person of interest is in the downtown area tonight. but no doubt the search is on trying to apprehend who is responsible for attacking law enforcement here in dallas tonight. >> thank you. stay with us. there is breaking news on fox news channel. i was expecting breaking alert but we've gotten word from dallas police four of the officers have now died a total of four are dead in dallas. and the moeflt disturbing news at this moment now is that no suspects are in custody. the police chief confirms no
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suspects are in custody. there was early word and often in this live reporting from the scene, early reporting is wrong. one suspect neutralized but the new information is no suspects in custody. a manhunt for two snipers who have gone to an elevated perch and shot 11 police officers now we've confirmed four from two agencies are dead. 11 wounded. and civilian wounded as well. we have a picture of a man of great interest. this is a man who is a person of interest and believed to have been involved in one way or another with these shootings. according to authorities according to last report is not in custody. s.w.a.t. vehicles have surrounded one suspect, s.w.a.t. vehicle arrived on scene near the area of market and main streets but police have not heard details. they've heard multiple shots near that area. s.w.a.t. teams arrived on the
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scene and negotiators are in contact with somebody. according to nbc 5, and kdfw. i mentioned that we now know four are dead, four officers are dead and 11 total wounded at one point or another and a civilian wounded. our friends at fox 4 have live pictures for us now. let's listen to steve eagar and the team. >> this is happening right now. you can see officers down and rushing in to get him out now. this live video. you know where that is from where i'm standing. we can see two officers. one is a bike officer and another officer in class,
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officers moved in to try to block gunfire to get to them to get them in the cars and out of there. they're not going to wait on them? >> they don't have bearcats the s.w.a.t. guys have they're using right now to locate the suspect. these vehicles are being used as cover for the officer and that is what they can do. we don't mind if vehicles get shot. we don't want people getting shot. that is important for the public to know. right now, you've got officers responding. many have first aid training and trying to immediate get that officer out of harm's way. so they can continue to take fire if the suspect has in the been captured yet.
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and. >> this is, we're rolling this back now. that is wanting in the newsroom. they're trying to rush them out as quickly as possible. so there could with more shooters than previously suspected two in downtown dallas tonight. >> and i think that is what chief brown was al you'ding to. he said we don't have suspects in custody yet. we've seen video here where some people appear to have been taken in custody. we don't know how many are going to be known to this. and this is very much an ongoing and active crime scene as well as active investigation. it is important to know that this investigation has to be handled immediately to protect safety and realize this is a criminal investigation with capital murder charges filed against suspects. so we have to do everything we can to contain the scene and protect the officers but
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establish a crime scene and i know that is not the concern to the public. it's safety of the officers. >> yes. so we know that four officers are dead. four. and we have reason to believe three of those wear the badge of the dallas police department. >> hey, do we need to move? we didn't hear a shooting from where we are. >> we're in the middle of a difficult communications moment with our local stations in dallas. we are led to believe someone of the suspects are in custody. two snipers have shot and wounded 11 officers. four are dead. three from dallas pd. one from dallas rapid transit authority. and there is a suspect search
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on. it sounds like they may have someone pinned down. we're monitoring fox four in dallas. 19, almost 20 minutes past 11:00 p.m. there is great concern as whoever the snipers are, who are said to be armed to the hilt are officially on the loose. it appears something is surrounded. there are ground views and sky cam view. listen. >> please understand how fluid it is. this is coming into us. people thought that is livido. it was showing us what happened earlier. and so for that, not to aftered angst to that situation, it does
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not appear there has been an additional shootout. but we're told that with livido about the 11th officer being shot. but what we saw -- >> we're listening to a witness now outside of the hospital. let's listen. >> he was shot, didn't realize until after he went to pull his weapon. he's alert and going to be okay. there are other officers that are not going to be okay. >> do you know how many times your friend was shot? >> once or twice. he's probably going to have to have surgery. he's more concerned about other officers shot, they're in more critical condition. he's alert and talking to us. his family is around. he was able to talk to me. he's a good friend of mine. nothing i want to see, ever. >> can you talk about him?
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how long has he been with law enforcement? >> been a police officer a long time. i don't know how long, but a long time. but in this state of anything doesn't matter how long you've been an officer, they're doing their job and they don't deserve to get shot. as an officer and defense attorney this is devastating. i don't want this to ever happen to my friends or me. the fact it's happened, it raises awareness. >> this is a friend of a dart officer injured. let's go back to fox 4. they have video of the suspect. you can see the video right there. it's a loop. you'll see him coming out in a camouflage there. now, it loops again. you'll see his picture. this is video the police want us to show you of a person with whom they want to have contact. there are pictures of him,
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listen. >> he realized this gun was covered in blood. that is what happened. >> has, you know three officers are dead tonight. one is a dart officer. how is your friend reacting? >> we talked about that. he didn't know the identify but law enforcement community, it weighs on our hearts. and i'm not looking forward to going to these funerals but i will be there. we're going to be there to support the families. >> do you know how many other officers are here? >> i know there are several dart officers here, several dallas officers are here. i don't know. some were in parkland. i know that they're getting good
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care. >> it's an amazing thick to try to process. all of the officers guarding a peaceful scene. a lot of people in overtime when snipers started to fire. we don't have word that the snipers have been taken into custody. >> kc? >> jaycee, you knew this is coming from above because of what? >> it was ricochetting off the concrete. >> you say bullets ricochetting off the concrete? >> yes. i saw the first officer fall. and there is a parking garage to the left. we reached the opening of the entrance of the bus station, the first shot rang down. and it was obvious it was high caliber. >> why do you say that? >> the sound.
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it was a boom, a few second pause, then boom and pause and a boom. >> you saw the officer go down? >> just right at the edge of the bus station. the officer falls and people begin to disperse, chaos ensues. the officers are unsure if it's the protestors on the ground shooting at them or what. they turned the guns toward protestors. protestors put their hands up. everything had been peaceful until that point. we break and run. and after that, the concession of 15-20 mifrn shots semi automatic, continuing fire. >> that is something we need to point out. we're seeing these clips of video we've been playing them for our viewers. these were sort of in different periods. you mentioned first round of shots, then, it was silent are then another round.
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just kept going and going. >> that is right. the time was probably 2 to 3 minutes. from first to last. police began to return fire toward the parking garage behind us. and protest was trapped in the middle. >> you're ducking behind a column. everyone is trying to take cover. you don't know where these shots are coming from. >> exactly. we attempted to hide behind the pillars and some people ran and were trapped behind the gate around a parking lot. they were too tall to climb. so people were trapped. >> you said pandemonium set in when the crowd saw bullets ricochetting up off the concrete and you can hear it? >> you can hear it. and i mean, couldn't see sparks themselves but the sound off the concrete was very distinct and
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you knew for a fact those were shots coming from above and it wasn't anyone on the ground. >> are the police just in panic mode at that point? >> after the first shot rang it took about, i'd say 3 to 4 seconds to realize what had just taken place. the police had been with us the entire route of the march. and so they had been on the left. they were surrounding us. they weren't expecting shots to ring out. so we actually directed them towards where those shots were coming from because they didn't know in the moment. >> how many people would you estimate were here? you said for the duration of the rally tonight? >> that is correct. i was there from the beginning and it started off with probably 500 to 600. i would say we got up to probably a thousand, up to 1500 total. >> everything peaceful. i mean, you guys were just about finished. you're making your way back up to where you started and everybody was going to call it a
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night. and then, this. >> we just had a almost a prayer session down at the museum. extremely peaceful. i saw not one altercation or anything police protestor involvement. >> everything was nice. we're wrapping up and walking back to reconvene and disperse so that is what leads me to believe that it was definitely a planned, intentional attack just based off of the time line and how it happened. >> jamal, tell me, what is it? i mean we have had the incident in louisiana this week. and we have had the incident in minneapolis. it just seems tensions and everything is bubbling over. >> extremely so. what happened this week was tragic. it is what brought me out to come together and unify and begin to organize not against the police but with the police as well. because we as protestors aren't
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for violence, we weren't looking to harm officers so our hearts go out to officers shot and lost their lives tonight. the movement isn't about us against them. it's about all of us coming together. >> absolutely. absolute pleasure, thank you for taking time out. that is a pretty incredible account, shepherd of what he saw happening. bullets ricochetting off of the pavement. that is how people in the crowd kind of were able to figure out shots were not coming from the ground level from someone within the crowd but coming from up above and that information jiveses with police information tonight that it was, appears to be people in a sniper's perch, if you will from atop a parking garage. he was explaining to me. we're far away but the parking garage is on the other side of
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the road. from that green building there. there, you have it. >> live on scene with witnesses and the rest in the middle of what is chaos in dallas tonight. 12:30 on the east coast. 11:30 p.m. in dallas. the reality of what happened is coming into play. we now have four police officers dead, two listed as critical condition, two in surgery. 11 shot total. one civilian shot as well. and police trying to figure out exactly where these suspects are. i have just gotten word there is report of a another suspect. what is that report kate? we've been showing a picture of a man in camouflage tonight. i can show you now. police report this man turned himself in.
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we do not know the level of involvement. we know the dallas police asked us to post this picture in hopes to talk to this person and that is what happened. that is the extent of what we know about him. the bigger picture of this is horrifying. dallas police are now, according to fox news sources dallas police are coming to the conclusion that there were two snipers that they were triangleatiing this shot. they're telling us two snipers on perches with a large quote, kill zone, only targeting police officers. four dead, 11 shot. according to our sources this would have taken great planning and apparently the target was the peaceful protest in dallas, they were protesting the killing of a black man in baton rouge,
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louisiana. this man is now in custody. our use for this picture passed. baton rouge, one person was shot and killed by police officers, and here is the reaction tonight as shots rang out in dallas.
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>> this is brand new as of 11:33, the person of interest whose picture has been shown has turned himself in. another alleged suspect was in a shootout with dallas police s.w.a.t. officers. that suspect is also in custody. a suspicious package has been discovered near the suspect's location, the package is being secured by dallas police
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department bomb squad, so here is where we are. the person of interest in camouflage turned himself in. was he a shooter? we do not know. police say he was a person of interest. he's being questioned. a second suspect is reported to have been in a shootout with dpd s.w.a.t. members. that person is in custody. there are reports there might have been a bomb in dallas. we believe they had come from the suspect. it made no sense to us. so what we believe has happened is that man suggested this might have been a bomb. there was a shootout. that person taken into custody. now, now, we know that there is a suspicious device near where
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they found the second suspect. the package is now being quote, secured by dpd bomb squad. so we know one suspect is in a shootout and that a person of interest is being spoken with but do know not whether this situation ended. i can tell you kdfw is now 25 minutes until midnight. until, yes, midnight is covering this live. so we should listen in. >> we have a person of interest. there is talk about this guy being on the ground walking with protestors when shots started to be fired. a guy was in a shootout with police. >> as they speak let's go to casey where there is is apparently movement. >> yes.
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u.s. marshals just marched in. we thought they might be military because they're not wearing traditional police vests. they're assembling in front of one main right here 2, 3 blocks i'm told from the shooting incident itself. and i want to say that we have seen military in downtown dallas tonight. when i dropped off, i was able to see a humvee coming in and there were some members of national guard getting out. we received word the national guard had been alerted. we're talking about the suspicious package and device and working on trying to nail down where that is and in relation to where the suspect was taken into custody.
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they've got all of downtown dallas sealed off. it seems contained because straight up main street is where this happened. they were marching and marching in this direction. and so the manhunt we've been talking looking for radius. >> we have word officially from dallas police that that proves the shooting. >> the information is changing as it does in these scenarios but we assume that that happened within this little perimeter. we have not heard anymore gunshots so we don't know where
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that interaction between police and the suspect actually took place. and the police chief was able to release it earlier informing us, sadly another officer died. again, very fluid. we're trying to nail down where the shootout with police happened in relationship to where that suspicious device is. we understand that those two spots are close, and are trying to figure out where it is in relation to where i'm standing now. again, only 2, 2 and a half blocks from where shots rang out from where some eye witnesses say came from atop a parking garage up there. >> thank you. let's listen. >> i just saw everybody gathering. >> you bring an interesting
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perspective. you say you were on your balcony. several people saying this was a peaceful protest. you're saying from your balcony you did see several people saying f the police and taunting officers blocking the roads so people could march through the streets? >> that is correct. i'm not going to say it wasn't peaceful but a majority of people were just minding their own business, but there are some that are taunting officers and trying to cause a disturbance. >> you were here with me. >> that was me. four officers killed. i'm going to take precaution and yes. the guy looked suspicious. >> thank you for your perspective tonight. i think we're going to send it back to you in the studio.
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>> you're hearing feed back there. these are live pictures coming are from the scene. we're hoping at this moment that what they have is both suspects but we don't have that from dallas police. from dallas police are confirming one of the two snipers believed for one of the two snipers in a shootout with police, taken into custody. survived that. taken into custody. and a separate person of interest is being interviewed. if that person of interest is found to be the second sniper the investigation will continue and medics will do their work but that is not yet confirmed. what is confirmed is that one of the snipers is in custody and believed to be suspects in the incident and that a person of interest is being interviewed. there are two that are critical.
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three from dart have been only lightly injured and we have heard from witnesses at the hospital, they're concerned about their situation. another live report believe from the parking garage. >> we had a representative coming out to tell us they're not going to be making statements tonight. you can see hospital security there, posted up, right here near the entrance to the emergency room. to our left, behind this fence here, kind of hard to see. there is a heavy presence back behind that fence. self officers can be seen or we have watched them over the last hour walking around and polo shirts, what have you. there are other officers i have
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observed as well. am back to you hanss from dallas fire rescue coming in and out of parkland. unclear as others are involved in the shooting. one representative said operations are moving as normal. they're accepting other patients so we're seeing a lot of support from other police departments across north texas. just a short time ago, the president of fort worth police officers texted me saying fort worth police stand with others and sisters in dallas. one officer believes we all believe. police will prepare ourselves and simultaneously extend our assistance to dallas. so pain from this beyond just
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one department. >> everybody is talking about it. >> in the evening, that is where the news conference happened and what he saw, he's -- >> this is a reporter about to talk about what the police have said. casey, to you. >> you heard the shots and what happened? >> pretty much everyone broke out into hysteria. everyone was panicked and running. some people were getting stuck in dead ends and stuff. downtown is confusing for people that don't know. >> it what did you do? >> i tried to stay calm i foe running in a panic isn't going to help. you have to try to direct people
9:44 pm
in the right direction. things get out of hand. everyone ends up getting hurt. >> you hear gunshots. what did they sound like to you? some other folks say they sort of came in bursts. you had shots, then a minute or two go by. >>u notice the difference gunshots are pow, pow, and there is no echo for gunshots like fire works. >> you say you came down here to protest and march and show solidarity for what is going on around the country now. it was a good night until this happened. >> correct. and police were cooperative with everything. i saw tweets from the police department. everything was cordial. for this to backfire, i feel bad.
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they are out risking their lives for us now. i respect them for that. >> they're out here to serve and protect and i'm glad you point that out. what do you do next? how does the city move forward? >> there is going to be a tighter -- they're going to lock down security. they were respectable and you were respectable to them. now, i feel like things are going to get hostile. i feel like that is going to incite more outrage by people who are angered by the police. i don't like the fact hatred is creating more hatred now. >> i wish we all had the answer to this. edward ramirez, thank you for taking time to talk to us. another person came to show
9:46 pm
support and solidarity for what is going on around the country. ask they were marching up this street. back to where they started. when the gunshots rang out from what some say came perfect a parking garage, on the other side of the street from the bank of america building that giant green skyscraper. the parking garage where some say gunshots came from. >> sothey believe two men had bn in different positions with a large kill zone, planned this in advance, and that they were trying to kill as many officers as possible. we know 60 shots rang out through this incident. that police cornered one of the snipers and dallas police report that one sniper is in custody.
9:47 pm
the location of the second sniper, that is the part we don't know. police haven't said whether he's a sniper. this man was in the crowd. we have video of the man in the crowd. this man turned himself in. they said the snipers were in an elevated position. is this a sniper out there? that is possible. police are busy as you may imagine. they're not taking time out to hear from us or speak to us. but we've learned when there is a danger to the public they've been forth coming with information. and it doesn't appear this is a heightened, there are heightened tensions but is this current danger? we don't get that feeling from
9:48 pm
reporters open the ground. kdfw is reporting the same. let's listen as we watch live. >> we also have seen a couple of police armor units go in and within the hour here we have seen some federal, looked like federal agents moving in as well in their units. we heard chief brown say they've asked for help because they're concerned there might be a bomb planted in this area. so we're seeing police gathered around. so we're just going to give you a big picture and let you know what's happening right now. a lot of police activity
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downtown. sthar possibly talking to a person of interest, a man in a photo came forward to talk to police they believe a person is cornered at el centro. and we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them. back to you in the studio. >> let's rejoin sean and chief miller with a video time line of the tragedy that happened tonight. >> we're going to go back to just a little bit before 9:00 between 8:30 and 9:00 this evening, the crowd had grown to several hundred, maybe a to you, perhaps more. and then, this started. chief, let's take a look at the video.
9:50 pm
we see someone by the pillar on the right side of your screen. do you see that image this? with we do and another person behind them as well. >> yes. coming up behind them, it appears? >> yes. >> tell us what you believe to be happening here? >> happening here? >> it's not unusual in large police departments to put officers -- >> this could be something graphic on air that we're going to see here. we see officers going in the building inside. >> that's not the beginning. that's what we've been watching here. >> okay many so what we're looking at now on television. >> is the end. we have not seen that. >> here chief we see a man with a gun, she's shooting, and
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putting the gun down, it's a long arm rifle, he runs to the opposite side. he has on a jacket, light slacks it appears. there's some trash can, and he's crouching down he seems to be shooting from a different angle. >> the person shooting the video is up on the rooftop. >> they could have shots coming in their direction as well. >> this is unedited as you can tell. now, i believe we have him back in focus, he's standing there. there you see -- here comes someone running up, shots are fired, he comes around the pillar. >> yes, it's obvious the person who was shot in this instance was unaware that the other person was there at that time. we don't know if one of these
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people is going to be a police officer, it's not unusual in a situation like this for a major event to have undercover officers in the crowd and co mingling with the crowd, so they can give intelligence back to the people at the command center. . it's quite possible that could have been one of the people in this, the suspect took advantage of them without them knowing it. >> who puts this type of plan of attack together, chief? >> well, it's very calculated. there's no doubt a plan put together like this, is orchestrated by people who want to cause a sensational reaction, they want to harm people. they want to bring attention to themselves. and they're howards. there's no doubt these are cowards. >> we did not know -- this event was not announced it was going to happen until yesterday. being announced just yesterday
9:53 pm
evening this rally was going to take place today did not give anyone a lot of time to plot, plan scope it out in add vans. >> it leads you to believe it's someone who's local. at some point in time knew where the protest was going to be starting and ending. as i understand it, this is near the end of the parade route where they would be picking people off as they came by. it's my understanding some people were shot in the back without having a chance to defend themselves, i would have every indication to believe it's someone who knows their way around and knew the parade route and knew where it was going to end. >> wow! it is simply unbelievable.
9:54 pm
it's not like we don't know this can happen in any city across america, big or small, but that it is playing out on the main arteries of the downtown streets in dallas tonight is unreal. >> the most horrific act took place just a couple hours ago, but this will have repercussions in waives that go across our condition the. it's such an act that officers who are performing their jobs and doing their expectation, in no way trying to harm anyone, but protect someone, for all practical purposes were ambushed and shot from behind. and cowardly acts committed against them. this is going to send a message that police officers already know they're in a deadly job. now police officers are going to be more suspicious than ever of their surrounding, going to have
9:55 pm
a heightened sense. we're going to have officers that maybe single manned elements will be done away with for a while, everything will go to two man elements. >> let's explain, a single man element is one officer in a patrol car, responding to calls himself. >> officers are going to want to have cover. they're going to want to have a congressman onofficer with them to protect them. these officers are just doing their job they're performing their function and trying to protect the people in the parade. that was the purpose for being there, to make sure this was a peaceful event. and it turns out they were the warms that were harmed in all of this. >> it is three hours into this nightmare in dallas. >> i can promise you, i cannot
9:56 pm
put into words for anyone who's lost a loved one, can understand the gravity of finding out that you've lost a loved one in the police family, there are both husbands and wives tonight who are just finding out that their loved one, the father, the mother of their children are not going to be coming home and when they left the house today. >> i hate to interrupt this, sean rabb is speaking with a local police chief. i have gotten very good news, police now confirm both suspects are in custody. the danger to the public has passed. both of the sniper suspects in dallas have been taken into custody by police. apparently both survived and both will be able to tell their stories and face justice after apparently getting to a perch in downtown dallas, shooting
9:57 pm
officer officers, murdering four of them. surgery is underway, and the city is reeling. our good friends at fox 4 are trying to come to terms with that. and for that, we as a nation are eavesdropping. let's do that. >> you'll recall the apartment complex in southwest dallas. about 10 years or so ago. the sheer number when you hear 11 officers, dallas officers, 7, i believe four dart officers i believe in total, to have four dead at one time, i don't recall these kinds of numbers in the 26 years i've been reporting on this station in dallas. >> it's never happened in the more than 100 years in the history of the city of dallas, i think you raised a good comment. these are dallas officers, but they're also dart officers. we don't know if there are other
9:58 pm
officers from other agencies represented in this, we don't know that for sure. the fact is, these are officers whose job is to help, protect the citizens of our kmoont, and that's what they were doing. and while performing their job, some of them were shot in the back by someone from a hidden location. maybe from an elevated location where there's no way they could know what was coming and what was going to happen to them. >> again, we say with certainty, those who came to protest as the first amendment gives us right to do in this country were not involved in what happened here. these folks came with a plan to carry out an act of violence against police. >> absolutely. these are knuckle heads, people that came into this with the express intent of hurting people, this was a peaceful event where people were coming to -- in our country, the ability to protest and to rally,
9:59 pm
and to speak your mind. it's not wrong and it's not inappropriate, and the police were there, aware of that, and they were trying to protect those people. rather than protecting those people from being harmed, it was the police officers who became the victims in this case. we can't tolerate that as a country. we cannot tolerate this happening to police officers or anyone. people who are in a position to serve and protect our most precious commodities should not be taken advantage of this way, and we cannot tolerate this as a cun. >> i think we are looking at -- >> steve -- this is going to be recorded video. >> that was sean rabb. the breaking news at this moment is, the two suspects, people suspected of targeting and murdering dallas police officers during a quiet -- during a
10:00 pm
peaceful protest in downtown dallas, those two suspects are in custody, the danger to the public is over, i'm shepard smith in new york, our coverage continues now live. patricia stark is taking you through the night, until tomorrow. good evening. >> this is a fox news alert, i'm patricia stark in new york. protests, marches and deadly violence on our nation's streets. at this hour, four dallas police officers are dead, shot by at least two snipers armed with rifles from an elevated perch, eight other officers have been injured, three are in critical condition at this time. the city's police chief says some were shot in the back. [ screaming ]