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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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chief brown in dallas. five of his officers are dead, others are shot. he's doing a great job. >> they don't get enough support. let's not let this be one of those days. thank you for joining us. shepard smith reporting this afternoon from dallas. and good day. when reporters jet to scenes of carnage, we often get our first sense of the gravity of the tragedy from the faces of the people we come across at the airport, the convenience store, and the think piece in the local newspaper, the summation of emotions that's often placed below the fold of the newspaper of record, a city in mourning and shack. at dfw, hours ago, the terminal was unusually quiet, faces unsurprisingly long. at 7-eleven, where we stocked up
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on water in a 100-degree day in dallas, a state police officer's badge was covered in black tape. i shared sympathy and got a nod of thanks. his colleagues lie lifeless in the morgue. in the "dallas morning news," they wrote of the pall over north texas. i'll show with you the thoughts their readers awoke to. "the sun rose over dallas, helicopters roared, police lights flickered, and numbed hearts which ached. daylight brought gray clouds that settled above downtown, shielding the city from an unflinching sun that would have felt like too much, too soon. as the city awakened or rather emerged from a dark night in which many people did not sleep, the first memorials were born.
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six tall candles and a decorative american flag were propped up outside dallas police headquarters. white roses, a teddy bear, candles that pledged support and burned with chemical sweetness. flags at city hall were lowered to half-staff in the lobby. the dallas mayor, mike rawlings, and dallas police chief dave brown issued grave reports into at least 18 cameras. this was dallas. once again, at the center of a national tragedy. after working for decades to shed the noxious moniker of "city of hate" bestowed on this city for decades, after lee harvey oswald assassinated john f. kennedy in 1963."
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she writes, "those who called dallas home tried to process what happened." sarah murvash from "the dallas morning news" will be our guest in a few minutes. i want to convey to you this is not just a shooting scene in a great american city, and we move our cameras on to the next city where a madman targets our people. this is a place where the process of grieving has just begun, a place where hearts are broken, where families are devastated, and where those who respond to our modern horrors are focused on the sense of loss of their own. america grieves today through the people and the first responders of the city of dallas. and we're here to share the details of what happened in this strike on the soul of our nation. we're learning the identity of
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the gunman in the ambush on the police. a texas law enforcement official tells the associated press the suspect is 25-year-old micah johnson. police say they used him using a bomb squad robot equipped with explosives after they cornered the guy in a parking garage. johnson is an army veteran. we'll have more on that ahead. today as the sun rose, we learned exactly how many people are dead and how many others are hurt. the cops say the attack last night killed five police officers, making yesterday the deadliest day for law enforcement since the attacks on 9/11. police say seven other officers and two civilians were hurt. so far we do not know how many people were involved in the attack. police earlier said snipers triangulated in the downtown area, seemed to know which route the protesters would take. while investigators say they have suspects in custody, they
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have not released any information on them. as of this hour, the cops have confirmed only one attacker. and he's dead. in the late night hours last night, the news of this came around the world through fox news channel, through the facilities of kdfw, fox 4 here in dallas, and veteran police officer sean rabb, who had the first video of the shooting of a police officer and shared with his viewers and his friends on the force the grave news that all texans know today. sean, it's an honor to have you. i watched in awe and horror as you and your colleagues were reporting this. as it was coming together, did you have a sense of how big this was? >> immediately my sources started contacting me. and was two officers. and then calling into the station, i was having dinner when this began to break. suddenly i'm told, hey, it's
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multiple officers. i knew it was going to be big, quickly learned between three and six officers were wounded, we thought. and it wasn't until after i had gotten back to on air that i started learning five are gravely ill. and we began to get the final calls. and it was incredible, unbelievable. no one thought we would have that many officers die in downtown dallas last night. >> as it was happening, we watched from our studio in new york, our viewers watched from their homes. as you got the video of what appeared to be an assassination, you hadn't seen that video, as you played it for your viewers and ours. >> no, hadn't seen it. i was asking sources in the newsroom, is this live? and as it began to play, outside el centro college, you saw the officers standing behind the pillar. you could see the suspect raising his weapon and firing, raising his weapon and firing.
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you knew from the way he held his weapon and the way he moved that he had experience with what he was doing. and he fired to the left and got the officer to move. and he went around the pillar and opened fire on him. and it was incredible, unbelievable, gut-wrenching to watch. >> i was seeing this scene of chaos and thinking, i wonder when they realized, this isn't random shooting. and our people went back and listened to the scanner traffic from the police radios. and there seemed to come a point when the cops realized, we're the targets here. >> at the beginning of that march, you had police officers leading the protesters as they were marching to the west end, a popular tourist spot here in dallas. and then the shots rang out. the officers are trying to figure out where they're coming from. there's an echo in the downtown buildings of the gunfire. that's why i believe there was the initial thought that the shots were triangulated, we now
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think it was echoes, one shooter. that's the premise we're working on in now, and he was in el centro college. >> this strike on police officers, take us back to the days leading up to this protest. we had the killing in baton rouge and then the killing outside st. paul, minnesota. people in north texas were reacting as they were across the nation, but it wasn't a violent reaction at all. >> no, it was not. of course people were talking about it, many people who live here are from baton rouge and louisiana. i wrote stories and reported on both of those officer-involved shootings. there was no sense from people we were talking to, from protest planners. that vitriol was absent as we talked to people in dallas. this man, the suspect, told hostage negotiators he was not
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part of any group, not part of the planners of the protest, he was on his own. >> it is very early, but no history of any violent complaints, of any lashing out at police or anyone else. >> as you mentioned, it's very early. we learned of his experience with explosives in the military. we understand that. his training with high powered weapons. but we can find nothing that indicated how he felt or that something like this might happen at his hand here in dallas. >> people are told, see something, say something. we solve so many crimes before they happen. in this case there was no red flag or warning sign that we know of. >> right, not at all. >> shaun rabb, thanks to you and the men and women of the force who you cover every day so diligently. since 1986, covering news in the state of texas. you'll hear from a witness to last night's killings. there were so many.
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that's next on this special expanded edition of "shepard smith reporting" live from dallas on this friday afternoon. >> perhaps you both have a
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13 minutes past the hour. president obama called the police ambush here in dallas a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement. >> the entire city of dallas is grieving. police across america, which is a tight-knit family, feels this loss to their core. and we're grieving with them. i would ask all americans to say a prayer for these officers and their families, keep them in your thoughts, and as a nation, let's remember to express our profound gratitude to our men and women in blue, not just today, but every day.
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>> and here in dallas, police saluted outside parkland hospital as advance frvans from coroner's office prepared to take away the bodies of their fellow officers. trowan henderson was there last night. >> the march was going toward main. i was chilling out, just going to a restaurant over there. possibly around late 8:45-ish, towards 9:00, i walked out the. literally as we were standing there, we heard shots, everybody scattered. so the first of all i thought to do was get behind a corner or a wall, but all the buildings were locked, so we just went behind a wall and took cover. >> the march had been quiet and peaceful and sort of coming together, right? >> yeah. actually the march and the rally was all peaceful. literally you had cops coordinating with everybody who was involved with the rally.
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>> they were taking pictures. >> they were taking pictures, everybody was pretty peaceful, yeah. >> it must have been pretty shocking. >> it was a shocking experience, yeah. you come to these things because of police brutality, to help people create a safe space, and you don't really think you're going to have shots. >> if you look over our history and you do it fairly, you can see that protests throughout american history have caused change that's been good. and then there have been times when protests have riled anger, that have caused problems we didn't anticipate. i just wonder where we are on that line right now. how are people here? >> at least what i've known from living in dallas, i've never seen like these protests get out of line. usually it's a pretty peaceful thing, they're cooperating with the officers, the officers i've known cooperate with the people there. i've never known it to get out of line or anything. >> do you remember, after the shots rang out, you first realized, somebody's shooting, do you remember what you saw then or what you were thinking
11:16 am
then? >> i was like, yo, this is crazy. my thing was first to take cover. what caught me offguard, i don't know where it was coming from. people were scattering all over. the thing was, hide behind the nearest wall. we heard the shots, saw people deduction, that was about it. >> do you know how long you were hunkered down? >> taking cover? >> taking cover, yeah. >> probably 30 to 40 minutes. we were behind a wall where the one main building was, 30 to 40 minutes. we came out one more time, and it was like, duck. i think everybody was in a panic, started taking cover again. literally after 30 or 40 minutes, people started coming out to the middle of the street. that's when all the cop cars came, the vans, and everybody was in the middle of the street. i would say 30 or 40 minutes. >> do you think thinking how many shots you heard or how long it went on or was it just too much? >> i was in the moment, it was a
11:17 am
lot. you're talking about at least 30 to 50. initially you should heard, boom boom boom. it was get to safety right then. i had friends out there. while we were waiting behind the walls, i was texting, trying to call my friends, see what was going on. it was all one quick thing. >> and during that time, how were people -- was it just chaos around you, or were people trying to figure out where the shots were coming from? >> i think it was a bit of both. obviously -- there was no chaos like anybody angry before that. people were literally peacefully moving about, trying to get where they came from. once the shots started letting off, everybody was trying to duck for cover, hit the ground, run, because nobody knew where they were coming from. it was like, hey, hide behind a wall, cut a corner, go in a restaurant, the hotel. people just going different ways. everybody was just in a frenzy once they heard all the gunshots.
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>> these police shootings, they've been in the news for a while. >> right. >> tensions have gotten higher in american cities. i wonder if you think people are going to take a step back for a minute and kind of think about how we're all in this together to figure out just how to get along. or are we past that. >> there's tension in america between people of color in regards to the police. even with black lives matter, we're looking for accountability months the police, you shot this man on camera, you asked him to get a wallet and then you shot him, you get to go home to your family, eat lunch, dinner, hug your children, this man and this child don't have that same right. people are pissed off about it because there's no accountability about it. had it been the other way around, when the officers were shot, we know for a fact that whoever shot them, they're not walking out of that building alive. so i think it's a lot of
11:19 am
division between the community. i can't say if it's going to get better or worse. right now, i don't see it getting better until the officers start getting held accountable for their actions. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> certainly today, you think about those first responders who were so peacefully taking pictures and wandering the streets protecting the people of dallas, and all of a sudden became targets out of nowhere, and their grieving families today. a lot of angles to our problems. a lot of angles for us to all learn to understand. ahead, more of what we're learning about this gunman and his service in the united states military. there are new details, and we'll bring them to you, as "shepard smith reporting" continues live from dallas. >> the suspect said he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at
11:20 am
white people. the suspect stated he wants to kill white people, especially white officers. the suspect stated he will eventually -- that we will eventually find the ieds. the suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone. the suspect said other things that are part of this investigation, so that we can make sure that everyone associated with this tragic event is brought to justice. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. ugh. heartburn.g ] sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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continuing coverage now of the shooting, the police massacre last night in dallas
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that left five officers dead and seven more injured. we're learning more about the man police say is responsible. a senior u.s. defense official says micah johnson served in the united states military. and there's more. jennifer griffin has that live in washington. what do we know about his military record, to begin, jennifer? >> shepherd, we have obtained the service record micah xavier johnson, the dallas shooter. he was listed as a carpenter/masonry expert, a 12-w in army terms. he had one employment in afghanistan from 2013 to 2014. he was in the army reserves until may 2015. i'm told he was honorably discharged from the army at that time. looking at that service record, nothing unusual, the basic service medals one would expect. according to my military sources, there were no red flags
11:25 am
they've seen so far in his military record, shep. >> he was not trained as a sniper, right, jennifer? >> not according to my army sources. there's no indication that the alleged dallas shooter was trained by the army as a sniper. he deployed to afghanistan with an engineer brigade. he enlisted as an army reserve soldier, rose merely to the rank of a private first class, and got out within five years. he was not in the active duty army per se but did deploy to afghanistan for one tour for less than a year with the 284th engineer company, the 420th engineer brigade out of seagoville, texas, shepherd. >> jennifer griffin on capitol hill this afternoon, jennifer, thank you. there were officers struck down from two different police departments. one is the d.a.r.t. police department, the dallas area rapid transit police department, established a quarter century or so ago with this enormous transportation network here. no one had ever died in the line of duty in that department until last night. the transit police officer,
11:26 am
brent thompson, among the five officers, including four from dallas pd, killed. three of his transit colleagues were also wounded. they're identified as officer omar cannon, officer misty mcbride, and officer jesus retana. all three are expected to survive. no life-threatening injuries there. dallas area rapid transit operates bus and commuter rail lines along with streetcar and trolley services in the downtown area near last night's protest root. morgan lyons is the assistant vice president of external relations for d.a.r.t. so sorry for your loss. >> thanks, shep. >> tell me about this officer who died in the line of duty last night. >> an excellent officer. he had been with us since around 2009, had come to us from corsicana police department. we have a lot of employees who come from that police department, from that area over the years. the officer had recently remarried only a few weeks ago.
11:27 am
but well-liked, well-regarded. we're not a huge agency, although when you think about it, with 3,000, if you've been around for a while, you run into all of these folks and get a chance to meet them and get to know them a little bit. as i talked to other officers today, and the chief, they're crushed. but they're resilient, they've got a job to do today, keep the system safe, take care of the customers. last night this all happened while they were doing what they were trained to do, which is take care of our customers. >> what was his duty last night? >> last night, as is typical when some big event like this is happening, we work in cooperation request dallas police officers and other law enforcement agencies. our primary responsibility is to make sure that our rail corridors and our bus routes are accessible, and also work with the protesters in some cases, because they're using it to get down here. so these officers and others were on the rail lines or working around the rail lines,
11:28 am
work the bus routes, trying to in some cases to keep the protesters off the tracks or out of harm's way. and that's what they were doing when this happened. >> how will d.a.r.t. police remember him and honor him? >> we still have some details to work out on the specifics, but generally he will be remembered as a good cop and as a good guy. there are a lot of hurting people today. i think if you've seen some of the still images from the hospital last night, you get an idea of the emotion there. you had 200 sworn officers, about another hundred additional employees, whether they're enforcement for administrative staff. it's not a huge group, when you think of the dallas police department. it's a tight group. how do you prepare for this? >> i don't know how you prepare for that, but i know that that is the job of people within departments. >> right. >> and i just wonder how you counsel families and friends today.
11:29 am
>> i think we look back on the experiences we've had as an agency with the police force since 1989. we've had difficult days, a few years ago we had one of our motorcycle officers very seriously hurt, we weren't sure he was going to make it. and to say everybody rally around them and come to their aid and stay focused on two things. one is to take care of their colleagues, and do the job. that's what you see with the officers today. they're out on the system. i've been on the system a lot today, seen a lot of them, talked to a lot of them. they're hurting. but they're focused on what they need to do. and they know that's what their colleagues who were shot last night would expect them to do. >> morgan lyons from dallas area rapid transit police, thank you so much. >> take care. >> all the best. as the bullets flew in dallas last night, a mom threw herself on top of her four children to try to protect them. she's one of two civilians
11:30 am
wounded in the gunfire. we'll get a live update on how the survivors are doing as our coverage continues. some of the best men and women you would ever want to be associated with. you see video footage after video footage of them running toward gunfire from an elevated position, with no chance to protect themselves. and to put themselves in harm's way, to make sure citizens can get to a place of security. so please join me in applauding these brave men and women who do this job under great scrutiny, under great vulnerability, who literally risk their lives to
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continuing coverage now live from dallas. one witness says all the cops were getting shot, i just saw cops bending over, there had to be five or six cops all getting shot down. we know now five officers did die and at least seven others were hurt. it wasn't only police. family members say a mother was shot in the leg while trying to shield her sons from the gunfire. rich edson is live outside baylor university medical center
11:36 am
here in dallas. rich? >> reporter: shep, police officers, police cruisers, have been coming here to baylor university medical center all morning. also reports of the police chief and mayor coming here as well. we just spoke to the police department, the dallas police department. they say they have to updates to offer us on the seven injured police officers, nor the other civilians who were injured as part of this shooting last evening. we do know the statistics, there were 12 officers shot, seven of whom were injured, five of whom died, and two civilians. and authorities right now are being very tight-lipped about the condition of those who were injured last night, shep. >> tell us about the mom who was injured, if you could, rich. >> reporter: yeah, this story has really made its rounds and has gotten quite the play here. shetamia taylor, her sister tells one of our affiliates that
11:37 am
as the shooting started, she was shot in the calf. she was with four of her children. they were here, just part of the protest events of last evening, the peaceful protest events. as she was shot, she jumped on one of her sons. her three other children ran off, took cover behind another building. she stayed on top of her son to protect him during all the melee and shooting last evening. she was treated, she was released, and upon doing so, she had a tough time, apparently, getting reunited with her kids who were on the other side of a barricade. so, you know, what we've heard from her, and the discussion we've heard from her family members is at this point, even though she's shot, she's just thinking about jumping on her son and making sure that he's not injured in all this, shep. >> we shared with our viewers today a vigil that was held for the fallen officers. >> reporter: yeah, that vigil just concluding a short time ago. we heard from the police chief
11:38 am
again, we heard from the mayor again. the two of them have been seen almost inseparable in a number of these events, the press conferences and updates they've been giving. i spoke to one police officer who said that fact is not lost on us as police officers, to see that type of unity at the top of the command and control for the dallas police department and for the city of dallas. in his remarks, the mayor of dallas said that eventually, right now we've got to get on the friction and the tension between the police officers and the community and solve this. here is what he said. >> this city will be better and see better days because of the lives that were lost last night. god bless dallas. god bless texas. >> reporter: the police chief adding about this attack, it appeared to be well-planned. and they're still trying to get all the details. their investigation continues, of course, on the number of shooters involved here.
11:39 am
that continues here at baylor university medical center. we're still waiting for updates on how the injured officers and civilians are doing. >> when the updates come, we'll come back to rich edson, rich, thank you so much. craig miller is the former police chief of the city of dallas and in addition has worked the deaths of police officers more than you want to think about, i'm guessing, over the years. >> my time here in dallas pd had the job of investigating officer-involved shootings. i was at 75 officer-involved shooting investigations where i directly led those. those included more than a hundred officers from dallas pd, atf, fbi, dea, local agencies here inned it technicixas. i have a lot of experience in these types of incidents. a situation like this you're never prepared for, though. >> never a day like this in dallas, though. >> this will go down in history as one of the darkest days of the dallas police department. such a sad situation. i've been involved in notifying
11:40 am
families of deaths of their loved ones. there's no words to describe what goes on from your perspective, having to deliver that message, but also the perspective of having the family and what they're going through. in a situation like this, it makes it even harder because of the cowardly situation. you have to tell the loved one their loved one was manning their post, doing their job, watching a protest against the very job that they perform, but doing it so professionally and admirably, then to have those officers, in several instances we know, to be shot in the back and killed by this person is almost unfathomable. to try to explain that to loved ones is an impossible delivery. >> you were with us in the late night hours on fox news channel last night. we were able to witness as you and shaun rabb were seeing the video of one of these assassinations. i know you watched it for the
11:41 am
first time as viewers did, and i listened as you were processing it. could you take me back through that and where your head was? >> it's hard to fathom where shaun and i were in the studio. we were literally two blocks from where the action was going on. you could see the officer, looked like a plainclothes officers, who is actually walking. you can see the suspect in this instance sneak up on him and actually shoot him. and there's a gunfire exchange. we don't know that officer, if that was one of the officers who died during the exchange or if he was one of the officers who was seriously injured. we don't know that. but when you're watching that, it's mind-numbing to think, how does this happen, how did we get to this point. as shaun and i were talking about it, we didn't know that that suspect had ran from that point to where later in the evening he was trapped did i dallas police officers. as this day we'll continue to go on we'll get additional video from other people, just like the
11:42 am
video that we were watching last night, that's going to show us the heroic acts of the dallas police officers and also the cowardly and senseless acts of the people who committed these crimes. >> can you help us think about this in a big picture way from your experience? it's hard to write history as it's still unfolding. but as you see the sort of arc of trouble that we've had in this nation over the past few decades, where does this fit? and does it have -- are we in the middle of a moment in history? >> i believe that we are. i really do. i'm not trying to make this sensational, but it takes major events to make changes in our country. we know'99, the columbine shooting, will forever change schools. we know the effect 9/11 had on the u.s. and on the world. we now the 2007 virginia tech shooting. we know the impact that had on colleges. we've had a number of incidents, you know, going back to orlando
11:43 am
and other major incidents that have happened in our country. it takes these types of incredibly sensational incidents to change our history. i think you're going to see police officers, 20 and 30 and 50 years from now, talking about dallas and talking about the dallas example as to what took place here. we'll talk about, we do have the right of assembly in our country, we want to allow people the ability to express their feelings, but if we're going to have a situation where an incidence like this can take place, then i think we're going to have to look at how we process that scene as far as how did they get to the point and what is the route of the event and how is it going to get there and how that's processed and who has that information. because we don't know right now in this case if the person actually was privy to the parade route, which was unknown to modifimost of the people, or whether or not he just took advantage of a situation he saw and did this. whatever, it was certainly premeditated. the officers did not warrant being shot upon, they did not
11:44 am
initiate any action against this individual or the other individuals. it's important right now for people to understand, we're all grieving, we're all hurting, we want to know why, the police families want to know why, our families want to know why. but we've got a criminal investigation, a capital murder case that's going on right now. there's a number of things that we need to look at and victimology is one of the things we need to look at. not necessarily the victimology regarding the officers but the person involved in this. what sort of things were going on in that person's life. we need to find out what was going on, what messages he had coordinated with people on the phone, who he had spoken to on the phone. they've gone to his house and they have his computer. who he was talking to, was anybody else involved in this, did they know he was going to pull the trigger. >> thank you so much. all the best to the men and women of the dallas police force. >> thank you, sir, you bet. last night's demonstration was of course a response to the deadly police shootings in two
11:45 am
other cities. now a relative of one of the men killed this week is condemning what she calls the reprehensible violence against police officers here. we'll get live updates on the investigations in louisiana and minnesota, that's next. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure.
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as people here in dallas deal with the tragic events of last night, investigators elsewhere are looking into the shooting death of black men that sparked outrage against police. in minnesota, a cop opened fire on a black driver during a traffic stop as the man's girlfriend streamed the gruesome scene on facebook. in the video, she says her boyfriend told the officer that he was legally carrying a gun. she says the officer shot her boyfriend multiple times as he reached for his wallet to get his license and registration. 32-year-old philando castile died. the minnesota governor, mark
11:49 am
dayton, had some strong words. >> would this have happened if the driver and the passenger were white? i don't think it would have. so i'm forced to confront, and i think all of us are forced to confront, this kind of racism exists. >> the governor from yesterday. mike tobin now outside the governor's manages in st. paul. mike, how are things there? >> reporter: there was a little bit of trouble last night. the hundreds of people who gathered here at the governor's mansion, 20 kids, mostly, hung around until 2:00 it a.m., and they took off marching down grand avenue. they found an unoccupied police cruiser and took after it with baseball bats and rocks. police showed up, gave them multiple orders to leave. the kids turned on the police with the rocks. ultimately the kids did disperse. there was one molotov cocktail thrown, no one was injured. there was one arrest made last
11:50 am
night. as you look back live at the governor's mansion in st. paul, you can see the crowd of hundreds of demonstrators has dwindled now to 20 or 30. >> is there talk or was there talk, mike, of what happened here in dallas? >> reporter: particularly last night, when the crowd was thick and things were developing in dallas, i walked through the crowd. some of the kids were learning about it, getting the information over their phones. when i talked with the white kids, the white kids said this had been building for a long time and the cops had it coming. >> mike tobin, live outside the governor's mansion there in st. paul. ahead, reaction from a relative of another black man killed by police this week. we're live in baton rouge, louisiana, next. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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much of the early reporting here in dallas is coming from the local television stations. we just got nat from investigative reporter scott freedman from nbc, who is quote quoting police sources saying the shooter last night what laughing and singing during the massacre and not at all anxious. we'll learn more as the day goes on in bat -- bat don rouge, louisiana, the mother of alton sterling is speaking out. alton sterling this black man the who it police officer shot and killed outside the convince store this week in baton rouge in a statement the mother of her 15-year-old son says, and i quote. we reject the reprehensible acts of violence perpetrate against members of the dallas police department. she goes on, our hearts break for the families of the officers who were shot and lost, and who
11:55 am
were protecting protesters and residents alike during a rally. jonathan is on sunshine baton rouge. how have the shootings in dallas affected the protests where you are? >> reporter: it seems to have had very little effect on the protests. we have the same number of people here that we saw yesterday. what is dramatically changed is the number of reporters here. this convenience store parking lot was crowded with media organizationsful right now i'm among the few right here, and that's a concern to many organizers who want to keep much of the spotlight here on -- >> i sympathize with the people of dallas. i sympathize with the family of those five officers. i think that was unfortunate and tragic. but at the same token we have people here who are hurting, and we don't have answers.
11:56 am
>> reporter: and these same civil rights leaders are calling for murder charges to be leveled against the two officers that were involved with tuesday's incident that led to the death of this man right here in the parking lot of this convenience store where i'm standing right now, shep. >> how would you describe the demonstrations there today in baton rouge, jonathan? >> reporter: well, the demonstrators and these civil rights organizers are calling for a three-day economic boycott against major retailers near baton rouge. they're hoping that the economic pinch will prompt local leaders to speed the investigation into the shootings. it's unclear what impact that will have since the justice department is getting involved with the investigation, but the protesters are saying that from what they saw on the video, to them, this is a very clearcut case and they want swift justice. back to you, shep.
11:57 am
>> jonathan serrie reporting live from baton rouge this afternoon. we're learning much more phenomenon police and expect to throughout the afternoon. it's time for the top of the hour headlines right after this. you're on fox news channel. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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