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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  July 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> this one tells the story, a protester standing with two police officers and all of them are smiling for the camera. that does it for us. >> it has been a difficult weekend. have a safe one. >> jon scott is up next with the fox report. a night filled with tragedy and accounts of incredible heroism. a new threat against dallas police officers. police headquarters on lock down surrounded by swat vehicles right now. i am jon scott. this is the fox report. breaking right now in dallas, police there have received an anonymous threat against dallas that goes across the city. after the attacks on thursday night the department is taking extra precautions right now. this threat, rick, we don't know much about it. it is anonymous.
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>> it is. we don't know what is happening or why officers are on edge outside of police headquarters but they are. we are on lamar street. police have sealed off lamar street and cleared everyone out of the front of the building and the side of the building where the swat team is now deployed and numerous officers are out with weapons out surrounding a parking structure on the back side of the building. there are officers in the street. they are urging people to get back. they have yelled at the press numerous times to retreat further and further. whatever they are concerned about, it may or may not be in the parking structure. others have taken up defensive positions outside behind brick walls and trees wondering what is happening.
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the police asked the media to cut live feeds of police positions outside of the structure suggesting there might be a real threat in the area that could be -- their lives may be in danger again. >> it just goes to show how heroically they are trying to follow on to the events of thursday night. first of all, they are still grieving for their fellow officers who were gunned down so horrifically in that ambush, and yet at the same time they have to stay on the heightened state of alert. their nerves have to be on edge when things like this all of a sudden come across. >> absolutely. i mean the dallas police department suffered the greatest single day loss of life of any department since 9/11. and their officers are still continuing to protect and serve the community while their forensic team is out collecting
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evidence from a crime scene where their officers were assassinated. here they are outside their own police headquarters because of a perceived and incredibcredible they are outside of the building with weapons drawn. they are surrounding this parking structure where there may or may not be an individual or vehicle or device of something they think can cause even more harm. >> they are being pushed well away. at any rate, yeah. they are moving the reporters well out of the way. that typically, in my experience does not happen if they don't
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have a serious concern. >> i would echo that. their behavior suggested that this is something that they were genuinely very concerned about. i can tell you they have snipers positioned on the roof tops now. more forces on the ground. they are not standing down, not yet. whatever is happening there is still being investigated. this could be nothing or it could be something very significant and they are treating it as if it were in fact a credible threat against the dallas police department. >> the dead gunman, micah johnson, said he left explosives in other places around the city and they found explosives apparently in the home where he lived with his mother. is it a stretch of the imagination to think that now
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they may have it might be something he left or a brand-new left? >> i think that is a very astute observation. we are talking about a structure that is adjacent to the dallas police headquarters and said he had bomb making materials in his home and it is certainly plausible he built bombs and left them strategically. but there has been no confirmation of that or anything else. it would seem odd to me they would have snipers positioned because of a bomb but we just don't know. perhaps they don't know. perhaps they know there is something to be concerned about. they are taking every precaution until they examine and investigate and determine it is safe. i am seeing more officers inside-the-parking structure. it appears that they are moving car to car on the roof of that building inspecting those
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vehicles for any persons. but i can't say for sure. but they are moving across the rooftop of that structure and they are looking at individual vehicles as they go. >> your heart goes out to the dallas police. trying to grieve in their own way and in comes something like this that kicks off the adrenaline. for viewers that might just be joining us, the dallas police department received an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the city and it is taking precautions to heighten security at its dallas headquarter there and police facilities across dallas. we will check back in with rick when we get the opportunity and when we get more information about what is going on there. in the meantime casey, is this a
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typical response for the dallas police department? or is this a weekend and era where nothing will be typical? >> you hit it with the latter part of that question. this hasn't been your typical week in the city of dallas. they are not playing around here. they are not taking any threats lightly. i can tell you that we have been standing outside in front of the crime scene all day. the reason we are inside is because there is a severe thunderstorm impacting parts of the city. when we were out there earlier some of the media were standing on the sidewalk. i wrapped up an interview with an atf agent and a random person from nowhere started to scream at all of us on the streets and he was saying that the dallas police department was on trial. they were getting what they had coming to them.
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things like that. police quickly surrounded that man. told him to keep moving. they ushered him along. this is a city that is heart broken, jon. it is hard to put in to words. i live in this community. the only thing i have been saying to myself over and over in my head as we have been learning more about this is dear god, please make this not be true. please make this be a false threat. this community cannot handle anything else, especially when it comes to our police department because we are grieving. the rest of the country is. those that live here and call this part of north texas home, we cannot go through another tragedy like this, jon.
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they are not playing. if this is a joke, it is not funny. but the response that rick is describing by dallas police right now is one that is one that is absolutely warranted. no stone will be left unturned. they want to be sure that no other brothers and sisters are hurt or killed, jon. >> stay with us for just a moment. i wanted to update our viewers. there is some kind of heightened activity outside of dallas police headquarters right now. even two nights after the massacre of the 5 police officers, 12 were shot and 5 were killed, an anonymous threat issued to law enforcement officers across the city of dallas. based on whatever information
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they have, they are pushing reporters well away from dallas police headquarters and from a parking garage nearby. whether they have found something in the garage or responding to a threat that was phoned or e-mailed in, we do not know. it is all taking place right now. they are trying to grieve and react. it is a tall order in dallas right now. the grieving is still underway. those officers are very much on edge. casey, let's talk about the gunman, micah johnson. >> yeah. >> they have searched the home where he lived, apparently with his mother, correct? tell us what they found.
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>> yeah, jon. that is about 12 miles or so from where he opened fire in the quiet dallas superb of mesquite. the home does belong to the suspect's mother. it is a place where neighbors know neighbors, wave to each other on the front lawn, their children plays on the side walks. one person had a sign on their door saying no comment. not only did they recover a stockpile of guns and a&m mission at the house, they found bomb-making material and body armor. what is more, dallas police say a journal was discovered that contains combat tactics as if he possibly mapped out his terror ahead of time. a former deputy chief telling
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shepard smith that drugs were seized, specifically meth. they have been going through that home. they have collected evidence. that is what they told us was discovered so far, jon. again, investigators are being tight-lipped about certain components of this investigation and certain evidence that has been seized because this is a very active and ongoing investigation and one that will take a very long time and they don't want to compromise it in any way. but absolutely terrifying when you talk about additional guns and ammo and body armor and then the journal that was discovered at the suspect's mother's home. >> thank you. if you get any more information get back to us. once again, there has been some kind of an anonymous threat
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phoned in or e-mailed to the dallas police department and they are on especially high alert right now. pat is a former new york police detective and he joins us now by phone. pat, i suppose from the distance not being there and having access to the information it is hard to speculate on what is going on. what does your detective's sense say that is underway in dallas right now? >> you are perfectly accurate. it is difficult to speculate this early in the investigation of what clearly is a credible and reliable threat to the extent that the dallas p.d. responded like this. but as a fellow new yorker, within 24 hours of the brutal assassinations in december 2014, we had no less than three copy
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cat shootings. one where the gun misfired and two others in brooklyn. the viral nature of the incidents and the poisonous result of the rhetoric that surrounded it and all of the stew basically comes together and it can trigger additional copy cats. this may well be a credible and reliable threat. i am sure they are responding in kind. but keep in mind history. those incidents occurred within 24 hours. all happened right before christmas in 2013. i am sure the chief there and all of his senior commanders are taking it extremely serious as evidenced by the response. >> the police lockdown is taking place outside of dallas police headquarters, although the threat that we have been told about was lodged against police
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across the city. but as you noted or as you may have noted if you joined us since the top of the broadcast, they moved reporters away from the parking garage that apparently police officers use outside their headquarters. there are local media reports that there is a suspicious person in the parking garage who has apparently been cornered. that is the language that i was given. he has been cornered apparently according to local reports. some suspicious person cornered in a parking garage. that is what dallas police appear to be responding to and why they pushed reporters well away from the parking garage.
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what takes place after this is anybody's guess. but pat, you have to think that somebody has to be, well, not exactly of right mind at a time like this to try to go waltzing into the dallas police garage and issue any kind of threat or make any kind of a move that looks threatening to officers. >> the depth of the depravity of the unhinged individuals never ceases to amaze me. in january of 86 up in the bronx there were three police officers shot in the 46th precinct, i there was that night and no less than 200 cops responded in the search and the bad guy tried to walk through the crowd and consequently killed. you can't assess their behavior on a reasonable paradigm. none of it surprises me.
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in relation to the operational moves approximate the department has made and the activity is consistent, you know, moving away and establishing a perimeter, contain and confine with a scenario that might very well support that. >> just about half an hour ago we got word that dallas police were responding to an anonymous threat, we don't know if it was phoned in or e-mailed. about half an hour ago. armored vehicle, the one that you see is being brought in. swat teams have been set up and reporters have been pushed away. again, it leads us to believe that whatever the threat is, they are taking it very seriously. and again, there are local media reports.
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we stress these are unconfirmed that a suspicious person has been cornered inside the dallas police parking garage. there are indications and only indications at this point that the gunman who was killed on thursday night, micah johnson. micah xavier johnson, had crystal meth in his home. i'm sure you have dealt, on the streets of new york, with suspects under the influence of crystal meth. can you tell us what that drug will do to a incredible suspect. >> basically the worst of the worst, jon. there is a sense that coke and crack and heroin are the first cousins of crystal meth, it is the absolute worst. it rearranges their behavior to an extent that is remarkable. i have seen it and dealt with them. it is astonishing.
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it really, really is. that is very troubling to me, as a former narcotics investigator for years where we dealt with crystal methamphetamine cases. another layer. another chapter. it is turning into an evolving nightmare that just keeps getting worse. i pray that this is a red herring or a deranged practical joke that somebody is playing and there are individuals who are like that. i would say that the assessment is probably quite incredible. spot on. they are leaving no stone unturned. by mixing in the crack or the crystal meth into the equation
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you have a recipe for disaster at every level. it is exhausting. it is horrible. i feel for these guys. >> for the gunman who was blown to bits by that police robot which was carrying an explosive charge, there is no toxicology report on him yet. that will take some time. i am told it might not be possible to come up with a toxicology report because of the force of the explosion that killed him. they might not be able to get a sample large enough of his blood to absolutely know what was in his bloom stream and in his head. we are told authorities there in dallas are scrubbing the parking garage, going from floor to floor and car to car and
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checking absolutely everything. there is some concern the threat lodged against the dallas police department is established right now in their parking garage. again, we don't know if this is just a red herring, prank, crank call, we do not know. but dallas police are taking it with all of the seriousness that they can muster. they have pushed reporters away from the building. they are obviously -- they have brought in armored vehicles. they brought in the swat team. they are taking this very seriously. we are able to bring you what we know. an anonymous threat was issued to the dallas police department about a half-hour ago.
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5:45 dallas time. they are responding. pat, i mentioned it earlier, you know, it is dueling emotions for this department. they have to try to carry on. they have to try to keep their community safe. they have to try to keep themselves safe. yet they are as much if not probably more in shock and grieving what happened to their fellow officers than anybody else in the city of dallas right now. how do you try to balance those competing emotions and continue to do your work as a police officer? i mean we are all human beings. we all feel that pain. >> the answer is with great difficulty. these officers, and i feel for them, it is unbelievable. they still have to protect and serve. they still have a duty to protect and serve.
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so i assure you that apart from what you are seeing on the screen. apart from the horror show and the omni presence threat of a copy cat there are instances going on around the clock where they are going to homes for routine calls and trespassing and people falling down that can't get up and all of the litany of the other mundane chores and tasks and duties that the police do quietly and selflessly around the clock in every corner of the world. it is an extraordinarily difficult juggling task. i can't. to have this unfolding, and your assessment was spot on. reasonable and rational based on
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the context of what has happened in the last 36 hours, it is absolutely a reasonable and rational and seasoned assessment of what may be the facts. life goes on. the people still need all of the protections they need and the police are still trying to protect themselves. >> yeah. >> it is the most difficult paradox you can imagine. you are looking forward to helping the population and the community and on the other hand you have a clear target on your back which is not only credible but likely. there is a decent probability, and i don't want to jinx it, but a fair probability that something else could occur.
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i don't know anything more than you know or perhaps less but i do know the behavior of bad guys and crystal methamphetamine and shootings and deranged behavior. you know the tipping point as we have seen over the years. scary business. >> there were copy cat follow ones to the execution style orders of the two new york city cops in december 2014. pat, thank you very much. so again, you are looking at what is going on around the dallas police headquarters. going on 40 minutes now, an anonymous threat was issued that dallas police are taking
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seriously. they have the front of their headquarters closed, they have pushed the press away. and the public away as well. they are asking that live reports, live camera images be held back right now. that is why, if you are seeing these looped pieces of video over and over again,. >> >> right next to the dallas police headquarters building. i am roughly 70 feet from some of the officers set up outside of the parking structure where
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the swat team has gone in. we have seen some of the officers inside-the-parking structure moving from the vehicle to vehicle as they inspect that structure for whatever threat they have been warned about or concerned about. the media is here along side me and the public pushed to the other side of the street. i am told the parking structure is only for police officers and for their use to park when they are on the job. this structure shouldn't have been open to anyone else. it is unclear if someone was able to get in there somehow and what there is someone in there remains to be seen. we have no confirmation of someone being cornered or any explosive devices being located. apparently checking vehicle to vehicle.
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i see another officer moving inside, two of them right now. they are inside. they are continuing to work the scene. we still have officers outside of the structure taking cover behind trees and vehicles and walls. we have at least one sniper on the rooftop with a good view of that building. there were reports earlier of shots fired. we did not hear any. there was a loud bang which was apparently a flower pot knocked out of an apartment building where people had their windows open. apparently somebody knocked a flower pot out of a window and people were concerned that there was a potential shot fired. but that apparently wasn't the case. but there is a lot of attention. officers are yelling at people that are getting in the way and officers are remaining on guard outside the parking structure while they investigate the
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source of a potential threat right next door to the dallas police headquarters. >> that parking garage is a sign to employees. how large of a structure is it? >> yeah. it appears to be at least three stories, open air roof and at least two floors that are covered by some sort of brick wall. whether there is a basement to it, i don't know. there are three floors that have to be checked out if they are going vehicle to vehicle. you know, it is worth reinforcing what you have been talking about, that this police department is in mourning losing four officers and a fifth from d.a.r.t.
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continuing to answer calls for help from the citizens of dallas and now investigating another possible threat against their own. >> you know it has been said before, barely 48 hours ago that the entire crisis began when officers were guarding the general public who had come to rally in downtown dallas and protest what they saw police brutality. the dallas police force was helping them. photos were tweeted out of citizens arm and arm with dallas police. not directed at their department but against the issue nationwide after the killings of black men in minneapolis and baton rouge. people came together in dallas
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to protest. all of a sudden, you have seen the vid yo and heard the sound. bullets started flying. 12 police officers shot. five of them fatally. >> they were doing what departments do every day across the country. they protect people even if the people yell and spit in their face. i do want to let you know, jon, the dallas police department asked all live feeds to stop for the safety of the officers. that is why we are not transmitting live pictures from the scene. we don't want to reveal specific locations of the officers. we can tell you the officers are surrounding the garage and in the garage and they are continuing to investigate the source of the threat.
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the dallas police department is asking the media to stop all live feeds for the very reason that it is concerned about the safety of their officers who are currently continuing to investigate whatever it is. >> officers from the dallas force are sweeping their own parking garage. there was an indication, a local report that a suspicious person has been seen or cornered inside. >> that may or may not be true. there was an initial report there was a masked man. you are go to hear a lot of things and we do not know if any one of those things are true. >> a station in dallas, kdfw, was on air when this threat first game in about 45 minutes
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ago. here is allison harris with fox 4 dallas/fort worth. all of it began 45 minutes ago at dallas police headquarters. >> we did not hear anything or see anything that alerted our attention until we heard that suv pull in and officers started to run in. it was a shock to the media who were looking down the street where all of the police presence is. we did not know that anything caused them to, you know, to move in. we did not hear anything at all. it was calm and quiet until officers started to move in. we are not exactly sure w happening. >> allison harris from fox 4 dallas. this mystery report has police officers very concerned.
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they blocked off the street. we understand that they are sweeping their own parking garage. the garage they use to park when they come to work. the gunman, micah johnson, was using a parking garage as his sniper's perch only adds to the tension that you know they are feeling. all of this is not even 48 hours old when they were helping their fellow citizens at a rally protesting police when all of a sudden 12 police officers became the victim of the gunman's bullets and all hell broke loose. they are trying to grieve their fellow officers and trying to figure out what is going on now in the parking garage.
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they have asked all media to stop the live feed outside of the parking garage and police headquarters. you are seeing a taped loop that we have taken within the last 40 minutes but it does not show the positions the officers have taken at this time. the helicopter shot is not one that -- they don't show enough detail that we would be able to alert anybody that might be up to something no good. >> i want to let you know the dallas police team intent on moving the media further back from where we are positioned right now. we are on the dallas police
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headquarters side of lamar. they are telling us to move across to the other side of lamar. much further away from this garage. we saw a swat vehicle come flying by. that vehicle left not long ago parked by the backdoor where we were told the headquarters were locked down because of the perceived threat. they left. we assume the threat was gone. it came back in a hurry. that swat vehicle and officers remain back there in the garage continuing to investigate and go from car to car within that three-story structure looking for whatever it is that they are
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concerned about. >> there is no indication yet that there is somebody in there. but there must be something, rick, that has them pushing reporters back. >> something that has them spooked. they came out aggressively and they were aggressive with the journalists making their way closer and closer to the scene. whatever it is that they are concerned about seems to them to be real or real enough where they want more distance between civilians and the press and this parking structure where the officers continue to work and investigate. >> this all started a little less than an hour ago. we were told that an anonymous
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threat was issued towards the dallas police department. whether that was an e-mail, phone call, we do not know. but something has caused dallas police to take extreme precautions outside of their headquarters, swat officers are in place. the army vehicles that you have seen time and time again are in place and we understand that they are sweeping their own parking garage. the garage officers would use to park during their duty hours, that seems to be the source of this concern. >> i can tell you that they have closed down lamar street, a major boulevard running in front of the police department headquarters for several blocks. they have the side streets closed as well. that i have shut the entire area
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down. one of the officers just talked to me and encouraged me to move away from where i was standing right now as if it was not a safe position to be in. these guys are crouched behind their police vehicles across the street from the parking lot that is adjacent to the parking garage. they have a significant distance between them and the investigation. we don't know what it is that they are concerned about. but they are treating it very, very seriously. >> rick, get back to us as soon as you get any more information. i know that could be long in coming. again, there is an unspecified threat issued against dallas police within the last hour.
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they are taking the threat seriously. they have the armored vehicle on site. they asked the television reporters to stop live feeds because they do not want some bad guy that may have an internet connection or a television connection on his phone knowing where the officers are at any given moment. to honor that request we are playing tape on the right of the screen and helicopter aerials on the left. bill gavin, former chief executive for the fbi in new york, miami and denver, he is joining us now by phone. bill, what does your police sense tell you is up here? >> obviously they have received
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some threat now. the bottom line is that you got to understand and you do understand that these officers are in the middle of a grieving process for the individuals murdered in the course of this horrible incident and at the same time they have to do their job. they must have received a threat. the reason they are having media and civilians moving back are a couple of reasons. one is to protect the media. if in that garage some suspicious package or something put in there, they want to make sure that everybody is safe as they clear the area. the other thing is that they do not want any live transmission of any part of the garage.
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they don't want the individual to be able to see the police officers, where they are in the garage. there are all kinds of things going on right now and they have to think of all of them and react to each and every one of them. >> i threw out an idea earlier, there might be a grain of truth to it, micah johnson, the gunman that was obliterated by the bomb sent in by the dallas police bomb squad robot spent a great deal of time planning this apparently. when they got to his house they found a journal. he has been doing military style maneuvers in his backyard according to neighbors. writings found suggesting it is a plan in place for some time
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and he told negotiators that he built bombs. there were bomb-making materials found in the home shared with his mother. to my knowledge no bombs have been found elsewhere even though he was telling negotiators that he put bombs around. it is possible something has been found in the police department garage that he might have dropped or it might be completely unrelated. the department is reacting on a hair trigger now and i am sure they do not want to be surprised by anybody they find in the garage and just pushing citizens and the media back helps to keep a tragedy from happening just in case that there is somebody in the garage who shouldn't be there. >> i think you are on the right
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track. bottom line they did find bottom-making material in the apartment where he lived. suppose he constructed an i.e.d. and went into the garage and set it down someplace. they haven't found any. that is why they have to take everything seriously that comes up. if somebody has discovered something, they have to take it like the real thing. no other way around it. >> bill, thanks for your insights. once again rick is just outside police headquarters in dallas where an unspecified anonymous threat came in. what can you tell us? >> i learned the nature of the
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threat was an unidentified individual who was in fact inside the garage on the second floor of that structure who was spotted by a dallas police officer. the dallas police officer was apparently concerned about the individual. that individual ran. that is what precipitated this series of events we have seen. i am told the noise that sounded like a gunshot was in fact a shotgun breech of a secured area. there was someone that did not belong in the garage. it was reserved for officers and members of the dallas police department and this person was not a member of the dallas
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police department. that prompted a brief chase and this lock down which is ongoing. they sealed off streets and the area and they are continuing to search the garage and search for a suspect. the noise that we heard was a swat explosive device, a shotgun breech to enter a locked fence. we are being told that there were no shots fired but the swat set off a device to enter a locked fence. that was described to me as a shotgun breech. >> a shotgun breech is essentially a shotgun shell that the swat teams will use when they want to detonate a
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suspicious package or in this case blow out a lock. >> one more thing to add here. now the dallas police department are confirming the officers are searching the parking garage for a suspicious person. confirming that there was a suspicious person spotted inside the garage on the second floor. the police tried to stop the person. the person ran. the entire scenario and unfolding of events was launched because of this person who was spotted in the police garage where he did not belong. >> the first reports of this came in about an hour ago. great reporting there outside of police headquarters, rick, thank you very much. perhaps it helps you understand
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why they are pushing reporters and civilians back. they have the street closed in front of the police department because if this person does somehow bolt from the police parking garage they certainly do not want him to be able to kind of just jump into a civilian population. pushing civilians back away from the garage and headquarters in particular. apparently an officer spotted a suspicious person on the second floor of the parking garage, tried to ask what they were doing and the person took off running. so, there was some kind of a shotgun breech deployed, probably by the bomb squad or perhaps the swat team who may have used a shotgun or the bomb
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robot which is capable of discharging such a device to blow a hole in a door or lock off of a gate or something like that. there was one shot fired according to rick's great reporting. other than that we do not know. if you can imagine what it is like that try to go car by car and search underneath, search in front of, every car in a multistory parking garage, probably pretty dark in there and the nerves are frayed of every single dallas police officer right now. four of their fellow officers gunned down. a dallas area rapid transit officer gunned down. those five were killed. there are seven others who were wounded and some of them quite badly as a result of the carnage of thursday night.
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now this one appears to have some basis to it. a suspicious person seen inside the dallas police parking garage. ordered to stop or present himself to the police officer and the person took off running. we have the dallas police department frozen right now. authorities told reporters and the public to get away from the dallas police headquarters and the parking garage and asked that all live feeds and transmissions be turned off from in front of the police headquarters. that it would give a bad guy an idea of where they are coming from. on the right of your screen, you're seeing the armored vehicle they brought in to try to deal with this situation.
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and, again, these are tense times in dallas. and it wouldn't take much for a mistake to be made. you know those officers haven't been getting a lot of sleep. they have been under a lot of criticism, and they're trying to grieve the loss of their fellow officers. these are very tense times. nobody wants to make a mistake. but nobody also wants to -- well, become the victim of yet some kind of follow-on attack after what micah johnson brought to this city just less than 48 hours ago. just about 48 hours ago now. it's very tense times in dallas, as you can imagine. and that's why we are staying on this particular situation. it all started about an hour ago. apparently, a police officer did see somebody in the parking garage who wasn't supposed to be there. this officer ordered this suspicious person, and that's all we can say about him or
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possibl ordered this suspicious person to stop, whatever it is they were doing, and they took off running. now you can imagine, after all of the threats from micah johnson, the talk of explosives, the talk of killing other police officers, this has brought an awful lot of tension to that department. and now about three minutes ago, dallas police tweeted that officers are planning to breach a locked door in the garage, with a shotgun. before that, they said reporters putting out misinformation is making our jobs more difficult. they also tweeted this. officers are conducting a systemic search of the parking lot. officers are searching the parking -- the police parking garage for a suspicious person. further, they said, there have been media reports of shots fired at police headquarters. there have been no shots fired,
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s.w.a.t. -- that is the special weapons and tactics team, set off a device to enter a locked fence. reports of headquarters being on lockdown, those reports are incorrect. so no lockdown at police headquarters, and no shots fired at headquarters. that is nothing directed at headquarters. but once again, they did use what's called a shotgun breach. they have a device that is very much like a -- well, a robot-carrying shotgun, or a shotgun-carrying robot, i should say. it is able to point a device, and bring it up very close to some kind of structure, and set off a shotgun blast. and that's apparently what happened. they did tweet some time ago, they are asking the media to stop all live feeds of dallas police headquarters and the
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parking garage for the safety of our officers. and we are respecting that request. that's why the scenes you're seeing on the right of your screen are, frankly, getting a little repetitive. you're seeing the s.w.a.t. wagon, the armored vehicle that they brought in to deal with this threat. and you're seeing some of the officers, their faces have become quite familiar to you by now. but we do not want to put officers in danger. we are representing their request we do not show live footage from street level what's going on outside the dallas police headquarters parking garage where a suspicious person was apparently spotted on the second floor, about an hour ago. police officers saw that person, yelled at him to stop. the person took off running, and you can imagine the decision that creates at this moment in dallas, just about 48 hours after micah johnson opened fire on police and brought the worst day of carnage to american law
4:55 pm
enforcement since the deadly attacks of 9/11, 2001. five officers killed, one of them a dallas d.a.r.t. rapid transit officer. his body was taken to his home in a very solemn motorcade a little bit earlier today. motorists would pull over to the side of the road when they saw that police escort taking that officer's body to his home, some distance from dallas. but right now, there's the very real threat, and the real concern under way. the dallas police are trying to deal with right now, in this parking garage. a suspicious person seen by a police officer, and that person took off running. we don't have a great deal more information. the situation serious enough they used that breach device. they blew the lock off a gate or a door, something that was
4:56 pm
locked that they felt might contain that person or perhaps had been some sort of egress for that person. they blew that off with a shotgun-type device, and that sent mourners on edge. again, they are trying to tell reporters there have been no shots fired at police headquarters, nothing directed towards police headquarters. the one shot that did go off was set off by dallas police officers themselves. cas cas casey steagal has a bit more on the investigation into the assault and perhaps more on what's going on right now. bring us up to date. >> i want to kind of give our viewers a lay of the land for those not familiar with dallas. the police headquarters where all of this reported activity is happening. sits on the marsh street in downtown dallas. in fact, not terribly far, only a stone's throw away from where the shooting actually happened here last week.
4:57 pm
and there is a parking structure immediately behind dallas police headquarters. and that is what all of the focus is on at this point. so if you're standing on the marsh street looking right at the front of dallas police headquarters, are there are two different parking structures, actually, on the rear of that building. and one belongs to ibm, the other to dallas police. so that gives you a little bit of perspective in terms of the pictures that you see, and where those parking garages are, relative to the police department itself. now, we should also note that the threat was made, this anonymous threat was made, not to dallas police headquarters in specific, but to dallas police in general. keep in mind, this is obviously one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. and so this is a very, very large police department. so you have, like many
4:58 pm
communities do, substations all over the community. different districts or sectors, if you will. and so we don't know if this is a threat that is being taken seriously at those particular substations, as well. because this wasn't, again, specific to dallas police headquarters. it just so happens to be where this large memorial has been set up honoring the five officers who lost their lives here this week. and that is where so many members of the community have been gathering over the past 48 hours to drop off cards and balloons, to light candles, teddy bears, anything they can to show their support and their love and solidarity for the men and women in blue. so there is a lot of activity that is going on outside of that police headquarters than there would typically be, obviously, on a regular saturday evening.
4:59 pm
so with that many people there from the public who have been stopping by to pay tribute and, of course, then when you fold in the feeling and what this city has gone through in the last 48 hours or so, that is why you see such an urgent response from the police. we know that bomb threats and other threats are called in to schools and police departments and airports across the country. quite regularly. some of them are not taken seriously, because it is not deemed to be a credible threat. others are deemed to be credible. so clearly, the police have some kind of information that they're not entirely sharing for them to be behaving this way. their posture, their stance, for them to be pushing the media and reporters back. so, you know, that is important to note. as far as why they're asking the reporters to get back, we
5:00 pm
experience this here the night of the shooting, because it happened at night. a lot of the media crews spread out over the area. we all had our camera lights on, all broadcasting live from the scene. and they told us to get out of that. because they don't want to -- fox news alert. live from dallas, texas, where right now some kind of a threat has concerned police this after the shootings of 12 officers, 5 of whom died. rick leventhal is outside police headquarters with an update on the search there. rick? >> reporter: john, there remains a tense scene outside dallas police headquarters. marsh street has been closed to traffic. pedestrians have been pushed back across the street, and warned to stay inside, and reporters have also been pushed across the street further from a parking structure behind the dallas headquarters building on dallas' south


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