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tv   Legends Lies The Patriots  FOX News  July 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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experience this here the night of the shooting, because it happened at night. a lot of the media crews spread out over the area. we all had our camera lights on, all broadcasting live from the scene. and they told us to get out of that. because they don't want to -- fox news alert. live from dallas, texas, where right now some kind of a threat has concerned police this after the shootings of 12 officers, 5 of whom died. rick leventhal is outside police headquarters with an update on the search there. rick? >> reporter: john, there remains a tense scene outside dallas police headquarters. marsh street has been closed to traffic. pedestrians have been pushed back across the street, and warned to stay inside, and reporters have also been pushed across the street further from a parking structure behind the dallas headquarters building on dallas' south side where
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authorities saw a man who did not belong in that garage. there are reports that the man was wearing a mask. dallas police have not confirmed that. but we have confirmation there was a suspicious person inside a garage, used by the dallas police department and not open to the general public. that person was spotted by one or two dallas police department employees. they attempted to stop that person, that person ran. so there was a suspicious person inside the garage, used by the dallas police department. not long after the dallas police department announced it had received a credible threat about a threat towards the members of its department. so they receive a threat, then they spot someone inside the garage that only they can use, and they have now locked down this entire area. there are police on nearly every corner. there are s.w.a.t. officers inside that garage and on the outside of the garage. there are officers with weapons drawn outside the garage, taking
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defensive positions behind vehicles, brick walls and trees. and we have spotted officers inside the roof of the parking structure and the second floor, appearing to go car to car inside that structure to look for the suspicious person. we have also been told by the dallas police department that there were -- there was at least one breach of a locked fence using an explosive device by the s.w.a.t. team, and that there may, in fact, be another breach -- a shotgun breach of a door, a locked door inside the garage. so what we have now is a department that is investigating the shooting of four of its own, the killing of four of its own and the wounding of seven others, collecting forensic evidence at the crime scene. continuing to protect the streets of the city and now also investigating a suspicious person in the wake of threats made against dallas police department, and investigating whether or not a suspicious person remains in the garage adjacent to dallas police headquarters. >> and rick leventhal, we'll let
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you get back to your work, which you're doing a great job of, outside dallas police right now. police headquarters right now. where the search is under way for this mystery person who should not have been in the parking garage that belonged solely to dallas police when this person was confronted by an officer, he ran. and that's why there is so much tension right now. and there is grief. grief because of the five officers who died in the ambush on thursday. we want to show you their names again. officer brent thompson, a dallas rapid transit officer, the first one killed since that force was formed about 30 years ago. also, officers patrick zamarripa, michael krol, michael smith, and lorne ahrens. those four from the dallas police department. their loss obviously leaves a huge hole in that force. barely 48 hours ago, they were gunned down as they were trying to protect their fellow citizens who are gathered to protest
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police. you can imagine how very difficult it is for officers right now who are trying to deal with so many emotions, and yet they are confronted with almost daily ongoing threats, and then mysteries like the one we are addressing now. and this person who suddenly appeared where he should not have been in the parking garage that belongs to dallas police and their employees only. when confronted by an officer, we're told, he simply ran so they're sweeping that parking garage. they have pushed reporters back, asked us to stop all live feeds from outside the parking garage and outside police headquarters, which is why you're seeing this tape loop over and over again on your screen. dallas police also said when they tweeted about, oh, eight to ten minutes ago, that officers are ordering reporters to move back, because they, the reporters, are making it very difficult for them to do their jobs. we certainly do not want to make anything difficult for dallas
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police right now, and we are trying to abide by their orders. you may have seen if you were watching us just about an hour ago that at the top of this broadcast, we were much closer. we were in a position much closer to the parking garage and to police headquarters. but the officers started pushing us back. we had no idea at the time what the nature of the threat was, but we do now. this is a suspicious person, spotted inside the dallas police parking garage. we believe it was on the second floor. when confronted by an officer, that person took off running. it is serious enough that the s.w.a.t. team went in with their breach device. we believe that's the one that's actually on the sort of bomb disposal robot. they send in that heavy duty tract vehicle. it carries the device very much like a shotgun. they can aim it and point it remotely, and they used it to breach some kind of a locked gate or door. that is blow the lock off,
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basically. and we are told that that is the one and only shot that has been fired this evening. but there is also likely to be a second breach, we are told. and when that happens, obviously, nerves are going to be jangeled all over again. so dallas police are trying to keep the information as accurate as possible. they are tweeting the information as they feel the need. but again, they pushed reporters back in hopes of keeping people away from the garage who -- well, shouldn't be there. so that they can focus on this one suspect that they know is there, or at least was there, and try and track that person down. very difficult and tense times for dallas police. just 48 hours after the thursday night ambush, execution-style murders of five police officers, four of them from the dallas force. seven others are still badly
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injured. four more on the investigation, casey stegal live, not far from police headquarters. bring us up to date. >> reporter: well, john, as the situation is developing at dallas police headquarters, keep in mind, this is still a city that is feeling the impacts of thursday night's ambush-style attack in which five officers lost their lives. so you have a giant investigation currently going on within the city of dallas. just right downtown here. a stone's throw away. the crime scene is from dallas police headquarters where this, you know -- this person of interest is being sought, and you see the activity going on there. so they have this investigation under way. but, of course, the federal government is involved in this mostly now. the fbi is leading the investigation into the thursday night incident here in dallas. and of course, the atf, the
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bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, working very closely with them. officials tell us they still have several more days worth of work ahead of them when it comes to processing what they characterize as a large, widespread, elaborate crime scene. in fact, they have so much work to do, we are told that the area will likely not be reopened until at least wednesday, according to dallas police. so that gives you a sense of the work ahead. so this is really impactful. because several businesses inside the yellow tape are forced now to close their doors. more -- and also employees have to stay home from work. and one of the country's largest maitss. investigators are combing the area for weapons and shell casings. the atf tells me shell casings are extremely important, because they help paint a very clear picture for investigators.
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each gun leaves its own unique fingerprint on a casing. no two weapons are alike. a lot of people don't know that. so once all of the casings are collected from the scene here in dallas, but we run through a special machine, which is part of what's called the nybon and evaluates suspects, which can lead investigators to where a weapon was person, who sold it, how it is exchanged hands. it can even connect the gun to other crimes across the country, if it is pinged in the database. so the aft tells us they have about 30 agents on the ground from the dallas field office, working here to assist the fbi and all of the other agencies involved. the shooter lived about 12 miles or so from where he actually opened fire. a quiet dallas suburb of mesquite, texas. officials say the home he lived in belonged to his mother. nobody wanted to go on camera in
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that neighborhood to talk to us today. in fact, a person had a sign on their front door, saying no comment. but investigators say not only did they recover a, quote, stockpile of additional guns and ammo, they also found bomb-making material and body armor inside that home. what's more, dallas police say a journal was discovered, a journal that reportedly contained combat tactics. almost as if he possibly mapped out his reign of terror ahead of time. former dpd deputy chief telling our own shepard smith that drugs were also seized from that house, specifically methamphetamine or meth. so, again, the investigation still really in the infancy stages from talking to officials here on the ground now you pulled in this active situation, going on at dallas police headquarters, where some type of
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an anonymous threat was made against the dallas police department. again, not headquarters specifically, but it was just a general threat to dallas police officers. and that is why we have seen the activity at police headquarters, and police have been pushing media back, pushing the public back, because they want to make sure that everyone is safe and that no strategic positions are being broadcast on television, john. that's one of the reasons why they're asking everyone to turn their cameras off, not because they don't want us to see it. they don't want to -- we don't want to disclose where the officers are. >> that's right. casey stayingel, live in dallas, thank you. in this helicopter shot, you can see the dallas police headquarters center left of your screen, brownish brick building. the parking garage in question is sort of center right in your screen. you can see cars parked on the upper deck. but the dallas police just tweeted this. that officers have completed a
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manual search of the garage. no suspect has been found. as a precautionary measure, we understand, k-9 is conducting a secondary search. so they are sending the dog teams in. obviously, dogs much better able than we humans at finding suspicious activities. to explain more about what's going on there now, ted williams, a former homicide detective, also a fox news contributor. so ted, i can only imagine how tense things must be in dallas right now. when they see a suspicious person in their parking garage, their police parking garage, they tell him to stop, he takes off running, and this is all against the backdrop of what happened thursday night. so tell us, you know, from your perspective as a former homicide investigator what's going through their minds. >> well, john, a lot is going through the minds of law enforcement. not only here in dallas, but all over the country.
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but specifically here in dallas right now, they are on -- alert, and acting out of an abundance of caution. they've got this one guy -- first of all, they get a phone call, a phone call, and they probably had quite a few that -- the public are not cognizant of, making threats against the law enforcement officers. and they have to take each and every threat as being credible, and they have to try to run down that threat. and now when you get a combination of a threat and then you get someone citing someone in a police facility under the circumstances here, it certainly puts the officers whose nerves are already fragile on a heightened state of alert. and they have to act out. now, they have now tried to
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neutralize what, if anything, is going on in that garage. their first thing was to go in manually themselves, to try to determine the location of this alleged person in the building. if they don't and as of now they have not found anybody, as we know. so the next step is to bring in the k-9 dogs. those k-9 dogs are highly sensitive in locating individuals. but every, every threat must be taken very seriously by not only the dallas police department, but police officers all over this country. john, there is a wall. police officers are under siege. you know, i heard casey stegal a little earlier talk about this. and john, i was out there this morning. and our viewers need to know
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that police officers who are grieving the loss of five of their own, were out there this morning. the house of the killer. and they were out there serving and protecting and professionally protecting that home. that says a lot about the law enforcement officers in this area, and elsewhere around the country. they're forever serving and protecting and doing it in a ma commercial manner, even in the height of their grief. >> and just to update our viewers who might just be turning in, there is some kind of a serious situation under way at dallas police headquarters. there was a suspicious person seen in the police parking garage. it's about a three-story structure. they've even got their police chopper up in the air. they're taking this very seriously. they sent in the s.w.a.t. team,
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pushed reporters back. and they sent in the s.w.a.t. team to blow the lock off of a door on some kind of a locked facility inside a parking garage. we are told, according to the official tweet from the dallas police department that officers have completed a manual search of the parking garage. the suspect was not found. no suspect found, is the way they put it. and officers supposedly saw somebody who looked a little suspicious, confronted that person, and the person took off running. maybe they made it out of the garage. we certainly hope so. but that is the reason for this heightened state of alert under way right now at the dallas police department. they are sending in police k-9 units, and there you see the s.w.a.t. team reacting. this is taken from within the last hour they have asked us not
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to show live images what's going on outside the police department garage because they don't want the shooter of knowing exactly where police officers knowing where they are positioned. so again, this is tape taken within the last hour of the s.w.a.t. team responding outside the dallas police garage. that was ted williams saying goodbye there. ted, thanks very much for your expertise. former homicide detective with the city of washington, d.c. so, again, nerves on edge in dallas. not only in the city, but especially in the police department, as they continue to grieve the loss of their four officers and that dallas rapid transit officer. let me read their names again. because america needs to remember the heroes who gave their lives responding to this shooting the other night. brent thompson. patrick zamarripa. michael krol. michael smith. and lorne ahrens. all five of them killed at the
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hands, police say, of a former army enlisted man, micah johnson. 25 years old. when they searched johnson's home, the home he shared with his mother, they say that he had amassed a personal arsenal that they found inside the home, bomb-making materials, ammunition, rifles. also a journal of combat tactics. and we spoke to one source earlier this morning who said they also found drugs, methamphetamine in particular. methamphetamine is a drug that can make people do absolutely crazy things, and show almost inhuman strength in doing so. whether micah johnson was on methamphetamine thursday night, we do not yet know and we might never know. apparently when the bomb robot set off the explosives, it
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finally ended the carnage and killed him. it didn't leave a lot of him to be tested. but that is down the road. in the meantime, what's going on right now is on your screen there, outside dallas police headquarters. they are searching for a suspicious person seen inside the police parking garage by one of the officers. that officer ordered the suspect, the person of interest, to stop. and the guy took off running. again, we can only hope he got out of the parking garage, and there is nothing untoward about to happen here. the dallas police have responded, they have pushed reporters back, they've got the helicopter in the air over their parking garage on lamar street in the east section of downtown dallas. and that's where things have been for the better part of an hour and a half now since this report came in about quarter to 6:00, dallas time. now, again, the official tweet from the dallas police
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department, officers have completed a manual search of the garage, no suspect was found. but as a precautionary measure, k-9 is conducting a secondary search. so they've got the dog teams in there. dogs are obviously going to be able to pick up more of a scent of a moving person, who might be, you know, hiding under a car, hiding in front of a car. you don't know. but you can imagine how difficult it is to search a three-story parking garage, probably dark inside. and, again, they are -- their nerves have to be on a razor's edge, given the events of thursday night. when the police officers had to run toward the shots, as civilians were running away screaming. and the police are doing their very best to protect them. not really knowing, because of the echoing in the concrete canyons there in downtown dallas, where the shots were
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coming from. that was part of the problem. and part of the reason that authorities at first thought there were multiple snipers in multiple locations. because the gunshots were echoing off buildings, and reverberating around the streets of downtown dallas to the extent they thought they had different shooters operating from different places. in the end, they believe, they say now, that micah johnson, 25 years old, an army veteran who had served one tour in afghanistan, that he was acting alone. that he was the only gunman. but what carnage he caused. 12 officers shot, five of them dead. seven of them wounded, and still recovering. and now tonight, this. we see the officers who are posted outside their parking garage, where a suspicious person was cited about an hour and a half ago. one police officer ordered that person to stop, present himself. he took off running. and that's what caused the
5:22 pm
situation that we see now. they have pushed reporters back, asked us to drop all live feeds. and we have done so. but we are continuing to monitor the situation. again, they have swept the parking garage manually, did not find anything. they did send in the s.w.a.t. team with a shotgun-type discharge device. fired a shell, a shot, into some kind of a locked door or gate. they wanted that open pretty badly, obviously. and they blew the lock off of that thing with a s.w.a.t. team -- most likely a robot, i'm going to say. an explosive breach. but they did not find any suspicious person. they have not so far. once again, the dogs are sweeping that area right now. we will certainly keep you apprised if they find anything. right now it looks like -- well, they haven't found anything yet.
5:23 pm
and let's hope that somehow this it turns out to be a false alarm. but it has all of the hall marks of credibility, because the report didn't come from the general public. it wasn't apparently a threat just phoned in at random, and they're certainly getting plenty of those in police departments across the country right now. this was an actual police officer who reported seeing a suspicious person in the police garage in dallas. when that person was ordered to stop, he didn't do so. he took off running. and that's where we find ourselves now. this has been going on for an hour and 40 minutes now. rick levien thal was pushed back so police could focus on the job at hand and not have to deal with reporters. rick levien levy en that you wig
5:24 pm
them. >> reporter: the police helicopter has now left. it appears the s.w.a.t. team is now out of the garage. i can see them closer to our position now, going car to car in the outdoor lot adjacent to the parking garage. we were told that officers completed a manual search of the garage itself, and no suspect was found inside. and as you mentioned, as a precautionary measure, k-9 conducted a secondary search, we don't know if that's concluded, but it certainly appears as if they are now acting like there is no perceived threat inside the structure. and they have moved their search now to the perimeter of that structure. i saw s.w.a.t. team members with a flashlight and weapons drawn, pointed inside vehicles in the outdoor parking lot adjacent to that garage. it they appear to be clearing those vehicles now to confirm that whoever suspect -- whoever the person was, who didn't belong there, is not now hiding in one of these vehicles just outside that garage.
5:25 pm
but again, it does appear as if the search of the garage is concluded. and s.w.a.t. is now outside of the garage. outside of police headquarters here on lamar street, which remains closed to traffic. the entire area sealed off. officers standing in the middle of lamar street to ensure that no more press or members of the public venture closer to that parking structure. and the parking lot next to it, where the s.w.a.t. team officers are now going, vehicle to vehicle, to confirm that the person that they were looking for, the suspicious person, is the not still hiding very, very close to that garage in police headquarters. >> rick leventhal joining us from outside dallas police headquarters. perhaps the best news rick brought us is that the police helicopter, which had been hovering over the scene, has now gone back to base. so it appears that the threat or the perception of a threat, is perhaps not as vivid as it was when it first came in about an
5:26 pm
hour and 45 minutes ago. when a police officer apparently saw a suspicious person on the second floor of their police parking garage. that's the structure to the right of your screen. the lower right. just above that banner with the wording on it. you can see the cars parked on the upper deck, but there are several decks down below. and it is a pretty sizeable structure. so you can imagine how much time it took to thoroughly search that area, and make sure that there was nobody hiding. apparently, the search is still under way. this time using k-9 teams. and if there is somebody in there, who shouldn't be there, you can just about guarantee they are going to have an unpleasant meeting with belgian mal know or german shepard. the k-9 search is under way. we'll get you back to dallas with the very latest in just a moment. ♪
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fox news alert. we have been keeping you apprised of the tension really under way outside dallas police headquarters, specifically in their parking garage, as they searched for a suspicious person that one of their personnel saw inside the garage. when ordered to stop, that person did not do so, took off on foot. and a very tense situation erupted. that all began about an hour and forty five minutes ago. they sent in police s.w.a.t. teams to search the garage. they found nothing. as we understand it, a k-9 search of the garage is still under way. rick leventhal was reporting live outside the garage just when all of this began. he has been pushed a little bit
5:31 pm
farther away. but still at a vantage point where he is getting some of the most up to date information. let's go to him for the latest. >> reporter: john, i think it's safe to say the secondary search by k-9 units is over. the s.w.a.t. team has packed up. we saw them walking casually through the parking lot outside after checking all of the vehicles inside the parking garage. they came to the lawn outside the garage, checked those vehicles. then they were discussing and talking amongst themselves, and then sort of pat each other on the back. there were a couple fist bumps and walked as a group off the -- out of the area. so it does appear that the search of that structure is over. which is obviously good news for the dallas police department, which have had the worst week of its existence. but the bad news is, the suspicious pen that they spotted inside the garage was not, as far as we know, apprehended. so we don't know who that person was, what he was doing in the garage or where he is tonight. and this all came after the
5:32 pm
dallas police department received a credible threat in which four dallas police officers were killed and fifth d.a.r.t. officer killed and others wounded. a massive shooting this week, now threats against the dallas police department and a search that lasted almost two hours at the garage next door to dallas police headquarters that has apparently turned up no sign of a suspect spotted within the garage, which is reserved for the use of the dallas police department and its employees. so right now i'm right across the street from the police headquarters. i can see the garage. i can see the officers in the parking lot there now, resting casually against police vehicles, whereas before, they were taking cover behind walls and trees and positioning themselves for the possibility of someone shooting at them. that no longer, fortunately, appears to be the case, john. >> of perhaps to the detriment of our viewers, i may have been conflating the two events, rick.
5:33 pm
i just wanted to get this clear from you. so there was this unspecified threat that came into the department by some means of communication. but that is separate and apart from this suspicious person that they found in or that one of the police departments employees, possible an officer saw, inside the parking garage. two different things. >> correct. the s.w.a.t. team went to the back door of the police department, and there was a lot of discussion about whether or not the headquarters had been locked down. there were still people coming to leave flowers and candles in signs of support in front of headquarters, where a memorial was grown to a remarkable size. two cruisers parked out front, covered and surrounded by bouquets, candles, and balloons and signs of support for the officers who lost their lives, and the others shot and wounded. and there were people coming and going from that scene, even as we heard that the police headquarters might, in fact, be locked down because of this
5:34 pm
threat that the department had received. and the s.w.a.t. team packed up and pulled out of here. and then later, perhaps 30 minutes to 45 minutes later, that s.w.a.t. team came roaring back because of this second incident in which officers -- or an officer inside the garage, saw a suspicious person who did not belong inside that garage, tried to stop that person and that person took off. so that prompted this secondary lockdown of the entire vicinity. they moved everyone out of here, especially the civilians gathered out front, and shut down the streets. and sent the s.w.a.t. team in to go car to car inside that garage to search for the suspicious person who, as far as we know, was not found. that garage has a gate where you need to use proper credentials to get inside. but it's not a rolldown gate. it's a standard, you know, sort of lift gate. so anyone could walk around that gate, and apparently that's what this person may have done.
5:35 pm
>> rick leventhal outside dallas police headquarters. thanks very much. rick alluded to it a moment ago. there you see the memorial, impromptu memorial, that has grown up outside the dallas police headquarters in the last 48 hours. well, and here -- this is footage from just a couple minutes ago. i guess maybe 90 minutes ago, of the s.w.a.t. wagon rolling up to the search inside the parking garage. but here is the memorial that has sprung up outside dallas police headquarters. just unbelievable outpouring of love, concern and caring for the dallas police department after four of their officers and one dallas rapid transit officer gave their lives protecting others about this time on thursday night. just moments ago, our affiliate, kdfw, spoke with a man who came to his respects at that
5:36 pm
memorial. listen to what he had to say. . >> well, my son is 5 years old. and -- so is he is kind of confused right now about cops are good guys. why is somebody killing them. and he begged us to get flowers. >> you wanted to come, despite seeing what's happening here. >> yep. as a matter of fact, when we pulled up, it was like a bomb threat or something. we were going to come regardless. this is extremely important for my kid, just because he loves cops so much. and we're trying to explain to him what's going on. bad guys versus good guys. >> reporter: can you put into words the feeling -- i mean,
5:37 pm
these officers were just attacked thursday night. and now we're here again. potentially being attacked again. what emotions are you feeling? what's your reaction to that? >> i can't put it into words. i mean, we, as an african-american male, too just having that perspective. it's crazy. and to see all these stories on the news, and you almost wonder, hey, you know, what if that's me. this issue. like, it's real. and i just caught my wife driving up here, and it's real. and i drove halfway here, i'm a teacher, and we're here primarily for the kids. >> so imagine the father that you just heard trying to explain to his 5-year-old son, his son says hey, i thought cops were good guys. why would somebody be shooting them. imagine trying to explain that to a 5-year-old.
5:38 pm
so, again, there you see dallas police headquarters, where it appears the threat has passed. there was some kind of a suspicious person seen in their police parking garage. what you see, the vehicles parked on top, a multilevel garage. they had to go in and sweep it car by car. and i don't even like to get on my knees and look under my car if there is something making a noise down there. can you imagine having to go into that garage and check under every single car, looking for the person, the suspicious person, that was seen by a police department employee. that person took off running, and that's what launched this level of high left that we have seen for the better part of two hours now. but we want to go back to the investigation into the suspect, the now unlamented and departed suspect, who caused all of this carnage. micah xavier johnson, 25 years old. an army veteran. served one tour in afghanistan.
5:39 pm
and he is the person on which so much of the focus and so much of the sadness is pointed today. lieutenant colonel bill callan, fox news military analyst, joins us now. we understand, colonel callan, that in johnson's home, they found some kind of a journal of combat tactics. could you shed some light on what that might be? what it was all about? well, our detail, john, an awful lot of manuals he could certainly get that you can get on ebay, the army mannels. he might have gotten some of them and taking notes and doing whatever he could. looking at his military career, he did not have any kind of infantry training, weapons training. he was a masonry and carpenter
5:40 pm
in the trade. the fact he was trying to learn something, maybe buy that journal, maybe things he had seen on tv. you can earn a lot by watching the history channel. no telling how many places he was trying to learn things. >> we need to take a short break now that the standdown order appears to have been given there in downtown blass dallas at the police department. we'll bring viewers an update on what's going on there in just a moment. new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was
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a fox news alert. and it appears they are about to sound, if they haven't already, the all-clear at the dallas police department, where a suspicious person was spotted inside the dallas police parking garage, just about two hours ago. this came against the backdrop of an unspecified threat that
5:44 pm
was issued against the dallas police department citywide earlier today by some means of communication, which -- which means in particular, we do not know. but they closed off the parking garage, swept it with the s.w.a.t. team, blew the locks off, at least one door or gate. sent in the k-9 unit to do a followup. but they found nothing. whoever was in there apparently managed to get away. but the investigation you know is going to continue. in the meantime, authorities are still looking into the background of micah xavier johnson, the 25-year-old former army reservist, who brought so much misery to this city, and so much carnage on thursday night when he opened fire from a community college parking garage, shooting 12 officers, killing 5 of them. back with us now, retired marine lieutenant colonel, bill cowen,
5:45 pm
fox news military analyst. the guy at the center of all of this, micah johnson, friends and equate anlss have said he was obsessed with heavy duty weapons. but as you put it, he was not trained in infantry. as i understand it, you get about one infantry officer for every nine or ten other people in the army. it takes nine or ten to support that one infantry officer. so this wasn't a guy who had training as a sniper, had a lot of weapons experience. but he was apparently obsessed with them. then got trumd out of the army on a sexual harassment charge. a female soldier accused him of sexual harassment, and it was serious enough that the army sent him back to the states. his lawyer even said that he was supposed to get other than an honorable discharge, but apparently did get discharged,
5:46 pm
and honorably. i don't know. bill, tell us what that smacks of to you. what happened here? >> i think, john, that it all got lost in the paperwork, shuffled when he came back. but remember, again, sexual harassment is a level down from sexual assault. so there must have been other things going on with him in afghanistan that made them want to get him out of here. but you just took note of the fact his friends said he was obsessed with heavy weapons. john, that help weapon that he used is basically a world war ii vintage soviet sks. we've got a lot of them in vietnam, captured them from the vietcong and north vietnamese, it's such an old weapon, it wasn't you put the rounds inside. i had a number of these weapons, i used them a couple times in vietnam. so when we talk about him being some kind of proficient guy, you would expect he would have gone down and got himself an m-16 or an ak-47, something that could really rattle the rounds off and he could quickly change a
5:47 pm
magazine with. instead, he went to the total opposite end of the spectrum. indeed, a semi automatic. the other thing striking me. this guy shot 12 people in short order. he didn't have any training with the old ratty rifle, he apparently was a pretty good shot. and i dare say as the investigators work along here, they're going to have to find at that he was doing some kind of shooting, some kind of training, somewhere in order to be that capable with a weapon like that. >> but even the lawyer who represented him, when he was accused of this sexual harassment, said it was serious enough that, you know, normally, they say -- he said in that kind of a situation, the guy gets some counseling. in this case, the army drummed him right out of afghanistan, and shipped him back to the united states. he was supposed to be removed from the army in september of 2014, because of it. but instead, a few months later, he got an honorable discharge. this is all according to his lawyer, the guy who represented
5:48 pm
him. so, you know, this is somebody who advocated for him, and he said the quote from this lawyer is, "somebody really screwed up." just paperwork you're saying, huh? >> my guess would be, john, it was a paperwork shuffle between afghanistan and back to the united states. but even so, that's not -- if he had even gotten out with a less than honorable discharge, that's still not sufficient level to bring him to the attention of law enforcement. i dare say that as they start looking at him, they're going to find there were a lot of things going on on the internet, on the web, with him. we know he was looking at some radical african-american radical websites out there. he was liking the new black panther party. he was liking the african-american league -- i don't remember what the exact name is. anybody can find it quickly. but the point is, those are basically -- every bit like jihadists, radical organizations
5:49 pm
here in the united states. they're not islamic, but they're advocating the killing and the death of police officers, and yet people are going to those sites, i don't think our law enforcement agencies have any ability to track them as they were if he were going to islamic sites coming out of syria or iraq or something else. so i think we're going to end up as we see what this guy has been doing, the congress and law enforcement people are going to say, look, we've got to look at these radical sites "new york times" islamic sites, radical sights here in the united states and start following some of the people giving them the thumbs up on facebook or communicating with them or listening to them or doing something that incites people like him. incites people like him to do the things he did. >> as you point out, he had no criminal history, so there would have been no red flags, no reason for authorities to watch him, other than this sexual harassment allegation that apparently got him drummed out of afghanistan and eventually ended his time in the army
5:50 pm
reserves. lieutenant colonel bill callan, thanks very much. the update there from dallas is that the first and second floors of the parking garage have been cleared. police employees have been allowed to get into their vehicles and drive away. it appears get into their vehicles and drive away. it appears that calm is returning to the dallas force after the frightening events that began just about two hours ago. more in just a moment here on fox.
5:51 pm
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font news alert. the stress and grief has been off the charts in dallas for the past few days, especially the past few hours when the police
5:54 pm
thought they had a real threat on their hands right next to their building. a search was under way because a dallas police officer or employee saw somebody in the garage that didn't belong there. when the person was confronted, he took off running. they began a methodical search of the dallas police parking garage. they have now concluded that search and dallas police say nothing untoward was found, yet they went in there there with a shotgun breach device, blew the lock off and checked every car in that storage and parking garage. they found nothing. i suppose that's the good news. the bad news is whoever caused this red alert is still out there somewhere. we don't know what happened to that person, but they're not in the parking garage and authorities -- police are breathing a little bit easier in dallas right now. of course, it's just been 48 hours ago since so many of their
5:55 pm
officers were gunned down. i just want to put their faces back up on the screen so we remember five officers died. they are d.a.r.t. officer brent thompson, dallas p.d. officers patrick zamarripa, michael krol, michael smith, and lorne ahrens. their families are greekti igri them. again, the dallas police searched their garage. the police chief is tweeting also that his officers have done a great job, and that they have under very difficult circumstances. they are grieving tonight, and
5:56 pm
the grieving will go on for a long time. now, donations are pouring in to support the families of those five fallen officers. shepherd smith spoke to the president of the dallas police ben everybody lepolice benevolent association today. listen. >> we delivered one and one that was $2,000 check and the officer is still gathering funds from around the country. people are sending money and donations in to our ato and we're raising money. 100% of the money goes back to our officers. >> every dime. >> every dime depose back to these officers. >> those officers' families will be hurting for a long time. you saw earlier the memorial that has sprung up outside dallas police headquarters. that continues to grow. and you can find out more about
5:57 pm
donating to the dallas assist the officer foundation at that's how fox reports this saturday, july 9, 2016. i'm john scott in for julie banderas. thanks for watching. so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. book your next journey at breaking tonight, tensions in dallas still very high as the nation mourns five heroes, and a debate rages that could impact the future of this country. hello and welcome to the special two-hour edition of "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. just moments ago police con clued a search at a parking garage investigating reports of a suspicious person there. joining me now live from dallas is correspondent rick leventhal. rick, what happened here? >> reporter: well, judge, we were in front of the doors here on dallas's south side when we saw a s.w.a.t. vehie


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