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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ing to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. book your next journey at breaking tonight tensions in dallas still very high as the nation mourns five heroes, and a debate rages that could impact the future of this country. hello and welcome to the special two-hour edition of "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. just moments ago police con clued a search at a parking garage investigating reports of a suspicious person there. joining me now live from dallas is correspondent rick leventhal. rick, what happened here? >> reporter: well, judge, we were in front of the doors here on dallas's south side when we saw a s.w.a.t. vehicle come
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screaming by with lights and sirens wield into this outdoor parking lot adjacent to the parking garage that is used by the police department, officers and employees. the garage is situated right behind the dallas police headquarters. so the s.w.a.t. officers went in very quickly as other officers took up defensive positions here outside the building. jay, come back down this way. you see a brick wall over there trees and vehicles in the parking lot. the officers were stand behind these vehicles as s.w.a.t. members went inside the garage because of another dallas police department employee who saw a suspicious person inside that garage. judge, the garage is only there for employees of the dallas police department. so one or two employees of dallas police saw this other person in the garage who did not belong there tried to stop that person, and that person took off. so that's why the s.w.a.t. team went in. they sealed this whole area off. they sealed it for blocks in
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either direction. there was a police helicopter overhead. they spent over an hour going over the cars. they used a shotgun to breach a fence and other areas in a search for this suspicious person who they never found. they sent a canine team in for a secondary search to ensure that there was not a living breathing person who didn't belong in there. did not find anyone. so just as you mentioned moments ago, they cleared this scene and we saw s.w.a.t. officers discussing the situation and congratulating each other, even fist bumping before they took off, and they have now allowed the media back in. we were behind some trees in this stand of woods. then they pushed us back to the sidewalk and then clear across the street because they were on edge. they were concerned there may be someone threatening officers. they had received what they said was a credible threat, judge, earlier today.
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the entire department was on alert, all of this coming after four officers were killed and several others wounded a dallas rapid transit officer killed na that rampage thursday night. they're on edge, they get this threat and have a suspicious person in the garage. fortunately there was no incident here. but unfortunately whoever that suspicious person was has gotten away. >> you know, rick, in addition to that, the shooter himself had made some threats about the end coming or more was coming, so that kind of tied in with the suspicious person as well as, you know the situation. i'm sure added to the -- you know, the fear. >> reporter: on the night of the shooting, micah johnson, the gunman, told a hostage negotiator during the standoff he had explosions and would set off bombs and when police went to his home after they killed micah johnson they found
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bomb-making materials in his home that he shared with his mother. they also found other rifles ammunition and ballistics vests and a journal of sorts that had combat techniques inside. we heard from neighbors that micah johnson was practicing those techniques in his backyard in the days and nights leading up to the attack. this is a man who had vendettas against police officers, especially white police officers, and carried out that venn data on thursday night and threatened other people's living before they took him out. yes, there was a concern he had left explosive devices in the city of dallas and no one found them. and when this all started, they didn't know if that's what this was about and it turns it it was about another suspicious person. >> rick leventhal. stay safe out there. on thursday night we were focused on the protests all across the country when gunshots rang out across dallas. here's what viewers saw when
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things unfolded. >> it was a peaceful protest very peaceful. no one was acting up. >> the police officers weren't trying to harm anybody. that's when i heard the gunshots. >> we're looking back in dallas, texas. this is disturbing. i'm not sure what we're seeing but it looks from this vantage point like an officer down. we're saul seeing it together. that officer is not moving. this is the state of america today. >> i need to let you know what the. [ ing news here is and that is we believe a number of police officers have been shot. >> i am standing in the middle of main street in downtown dallas at this time of night. bars and restaurants normally you'd have lots of traffic, and you have a massive police
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presence here instead tonight. this is still an active shooter situation. >> now it appears according to "the dallas morning news" that three dallas proper police officers are dead and one d.a.r.t. officer has been killed which brings the death toll to this police targeted shooting to four. >> currently we're in negotiations with a suspect involved in these shootings at the garage of el centro in downtown dallas. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. the suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups. >> and now my opening statement. americans got over the racial divide when we elected a black president. not only once but twice. americans overwhelmingly voted for the man, blind to his color. his color made no difference to american voters long past the issue of race, voters long past
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the civil war, long past the civil rights era focused more on the content of the character than the color of the skin. but this week's shooting of 12 police officers and two civilians in dallas is a reflection of a new deep division created by that very man. the shooting in dallas was not just about racism. make no mistake that dirt bag shooter who will remain nameless in this open was a racist. an african-american he only wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, and the shooting in dallas wasn't just about police brutality. i've got news for you, folks. police brutality is colorblind. it crosses all racial and ethnic lines. i know. i've prosecuted them. and it wasn't just about mentally ill. i always found that too easy an
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excuse for evil. and it wasn't about guns either. dallas was about anarchy. it was about lawlessness. it was about rhetoric. the rhetoric that too easily inflames those that feels wronged. rhetoric that does knot nothing but repeat udly stoke the flames and scars of old woundss resolved long ago. at a time when americans are both experiencing and fearing the reality of a muslim jihad against us, our president at a prayer breakfast no less attempts to reconcile or explain murders in the name of allah with this. >> unless we get on our high horse and they this is unique to some other place remember that during the crusade and inquest decision people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. in our home country, slavery and
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jim kroll all too often was justified in the name of christ. >> and after the shooting of 12 police officers, he seeks to again remind us not of the situation of the 12 officers shot, the shooting and the injured and the trauma that surrounded it, but instead talks of the deaths of two african-americans, a follow-up that seems like another "get off your high horse folks it's your turn." >> americans of all races all backgrounds are also rightly saddened and angered of the deaths of alton sterling and philando philando castile and the african-americans and latinos being treated differently in our criminal justice system. >> the problem of african-americans and latinos being treated differently in our criminal justice system. every chance he gets, he stokes the flames.
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example. trayvon martin, followed by a not guilty verdict and ferguson, a thug who grabbed a cop's gun at & got himself shot. ferguson was about anarchy and anyone with a functioning brain would have to assume that for my cal brown to grab a cop's gun suggests it wasn't his first encounter with the law. who told brown he and not the law should be in control. and yet the department of justice and attorney general and high end government officials all rushed to ferguson, to his funeral as well. and blchl, another training ground for anarchists. the response based on rhetoric of racial justice and hate that should be a violent protest? the response should be the burning of businesses? many owned by african-americans and a d.a. who outrageously runs to a microphone and announces an indictment of six cops saying
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she hears the calls of a lawless mob? and, again all the police painted as racist get no convictions, and it was an african-american judge who made the calls. and in new york the chanlts sts, what do we want, dead cops when do we want them, now. and two cops innocently eating lunch in their squad car assassinated not long after. when we have leaders who vehemently support the first amendment language and pro call for the protest of those who wear the badge and then caution the rest of us not to say something that would offend another's religion. >> and if, in fact, we defend the league right of a person to insult another person's religion, we're equally on gated to use our free speech to condemn such insult and stand shoulder to shoulder with religious communities particularly religious minorities who are targets of such attacks that and our
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president upon maring of the assassination of five police officers all white and the shooting of another seven officers wants to talk about a white kid walking into a black church shooting. why, mr. president, are you even bringing this up? it's the same thing you did at the prayer breakfast. after an american has his head cut off, you want to talk about the crusades. it's as if it's your turn. mr. president you have done nothing but tell us we deserve it. you have done nothing but looked back in the rear view mirror. but when i look at dallas all i saw were whites and blacks running away from anarchy. all i saw were whites and blacks picking each other up. that's the america i see and no one is going to change my mind and no one not even you mr. president, is going to do that, and that's my open.
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tell me what you think on facebook or twitter. #judgejeanine. and with any now live from dlarks rod wheeler, homicide detective and fox news contributor. good evening, rod. all right, lockdown there the last couple of hours. what's going on now that they say the threat they thought was there is gone. >> reporter: that's right judge. good evening to you. in these types of situations when you have a lot of people on the street after the horrific shooting situation we had on thursday, we sometimes receive threats in phone calls. i did have an opportunity a few minutes ago to talk to a sergeant. they told me they're ready, they've been prepared. actually at the police headquarters which is only about a half mile from where i'm standing, he said they have police officers around the headquarters all day today. let me just show you something real rew quickly that this sergeant showed me earlier,
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judge. where i'm standing is less than a half block away from where the shooting occurred the other day. i'm not sure if you and the viewers can see this. there's a regular brick build behind me. that's the actually parking garage that the shooter initially started shooting in. you may recall, judge it is there was a lot of discussion about this being a triangular shooting event. that's because the shooter moved around. he started there and then he went across the street. you can see the pillars right beyond my arm here. that's where the guy ended up. that's also where he shot the final police officer. this investigation is still going on. the dallas police have about a 2 1/2 block radius cornered off. they're still investigating, still collecting a lot of evidence, judge. >> all right, rod. now, what is the feeling in the community? i've seen a lot of kind of makeshift, you know, graves and flowers and messages. one of my producers there in dallas. what are people saying?
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>> reporter: you know what? i'm glad you asked me that. oi've been out here embedded with the community all day. i can tell you african-americans, white americans asian-americans, everybody in the this city have come together and they're standing arm in arm. i tell you it's really remarkable. to me it's a testament of what this country is all about. you're going to talk to some of these people later on in the show. i can tell you that everybody is caring about each other and they support their police here, which is a good thing. the police told me they said, rod, we're hurting still because they lost five of their own. they sacrificed their lives as we all know. >> and, you know, i've got to tell you, rod, my sense is that you know, all this talk of racism and all this other stuff it's more about given the fact that you've got a black police chief and black president and all of these officials who are african-american. it's not about that. it's about lawlessness and
6:16 pm
anarchy. it's about hatred for the rule of law and people thinking they have the right to take the law into their own hands. >> absolutely. here's the other thing judge. you'll find this very interesting. the black lives matter movement, the protest that was going on the other night it was very peaceful. there was no trouble whatsoever. as a matter of fact the police sergeant told me today. he said it was one of the most peaceful protests that they've had. this shooter micah johnson, what he did he hijacked that movement, that protest, and at 9:02 is what the police department is telling me, that's when he had positioned himself and that's when he decided to shoot the officers. that guy micah johnson had nothing to do with the black lives matter movement. >> and finally police chief, chief brown, he seems, although he hasn't gotten a lot of national attention before this, he seems a man totally devoted to that city and the force and is able to do both. >> reporter: he is.
6:17 pm
he's a great police chief. i talked to a number of the street police officers here today. they all seem to like this leedser, and that's exactly what he is and that's exactly what we need. we need leadership like chief brown. with need leadership like chief lanier in washington, d.c. i honestly believe we're headed in the right direction now. i also believe that black lives matter and police departments across the country will eventually come together and we're going to work this situation out. >> all right. thanks so much. rod wheeler, much more from dallas ahead in our special two-hour edition. we're going to hear from eyewitnesses from the carnage that broke out and we're going to head to the hospital on some of the wounded. "justice" resumes in a moment. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book subaru has the highest resale value
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my next guest says we're not having an honest conversation about why the attacks occurred or the events that led up to it. kevin what aren't people focusing on that they should be focusing on? >> well, every time we have this discussion, judge you know, the black lives matter group or the
6:22 pm
leftists, the whiners are why are we talking about black-on-black crime when all this stuff has gone on with the police. you know the fact of the matter is they don't want to have an honest discussion because of the roughly 6000 blacks who were killed last year. you're talking about a small fraction that are killed by the police. in fact, at this point, there have been 561 deaths by cop, 275 of them are white 136 are black, and 86 are latino. we're talking about a pretty small sub section of the black community. so where are these other black deaths occurring? they're occurring at the hands of blacks. when you look at that statistic and they about the fact that blacks commit felonious acts at six times more than the national average you understand why you have such a higher police presence. but they want to ignore these things because the narrative unfortunately of politicians is every time something like this occurs, we've got to get black
6:23 pm
people frothing at the mouth. it truly is a political discussion. >> let me see if i understand it. kevin, what you're saying is that something that we already know and that is that blacks are being murdered by blacks primarily, almost 80%ing smt inging something like that correct? let's talk about black-on-black crime. >> black on black crime is well into the 90s. >> 90s okay. good. hold on. what you're saying also is that the vast majority of people killed by cops are black, but there are more whites than blacks, does that make sense? >> sure. 40% of the police officers that have been killed were killed by black men that represent 6% of the population. >> okay. >> so if you look at the math on that alone, you look at cops
6:24 pm
roll up on black men -- i'm 40% more likely to be killed by a black man than anybody else in the country. that in and of itself is shocking. 6% of the officers that have been killed were dilled by black men. so if you're having an honest discussion, look, there are bad cops, there will bad doctor, whatever -- 40%, i'm sorry. but at the end of the day, you cannot ignore these stats, and that's the problem. the left wants us to continually dismiss -- >> why? how does racial tensions and racial hatred benefit the left? why would they do that? >> to be honest with you, it's really based on votes. some would argue they love having that level of ignorance in the population. i get asked that question all the time. kevin, how do we change it. the first thing out of people's mouths is education. i call the schools and all the systems that have been set up to
6:25 pm
so-called education people. these are manufacturing plants of ignorance. to have this discussion in a meaningful context with black lives matter and to dispel this narrative that cops are out hunting blacks, if you look at the past situations, judge, it isn't cops that willy nilly showed up at these events. someone called them to go investigate something. that's how they got there. >> but you know what, kevin? it's not only that. what people don't understand cops are trained a certain way. when they tell you to do something, you do it. and when they see a gun or they hear a gun, it's immediate reaction. they don't have time to look back at the video what did you see. but i want to ask you one last question. very interesting listening to you, kevin. we're going to have you back on. but tell me about you. you didn't have such a great experience as a kid. you said you live in the hood. talk to me. >> i live in the hood. when i was growing up my dad was a prisoner in san quinton.
6:26 pm
he was there most of his life. he committed armed robbery. my mother died when i was a kid. black folks talk to me and they i'm a silver spooned kid. they say, kevin, you're talking down. we're certainly not worse than anybody in the country but we're put in a situation where it created an ecosystem where we cannot survive without doing some unfortunate thing. >> or feeling that you were a victim. >> well, look. the fact is a lot of game is being run on black people and it's being done by the left who wants us to believe we were victims. at one point they want us to feel powerful but they want to tell us we're the perennial victim. >> kevin jackson thanks for being with us tonight. next a member of the finest. we'll also hear from an eyewitness who was on the scene when the chaos broke out.
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live from fox news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. the president says, quote, america is not as divided as some have suggested. he went on the say the suspected sniper does not represent all black americans and that all races are quote, rightly outraged by the violence that killed five officers and injured seven more. and government statistics suggesting the u.s. is making progress in the fight against isis. according to the numbers the terror group's twitter traffic has plunged 45% in the last two years. they claim they're interrupting propaganda. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to ""justice with judge
6:32 pm
jeanine."" justice with judge jeanine."" tonight we're learning more about those lost in the dallas attack. fox news correspondent rich edson with more. good evening rich. >> reporter: good oochbing judge. we're learning more about those who survive and those who did not. we have 12 in total who were shot, five who died, seven who survived and two civil yantiancivilians. brent thompson wasn't just 43 years old. married two weeks add. had six children and two. dallas police department michael krol, he had texted his girlfriend that evening and all was peaceful in the march and
6:33 pm
she never heard from him again. he moved from michigan to dallas. and patrick zarmarripa was married, had a toddler and school age stepchild and earlier his father spoke about his son smie said look. when he told me he was going to be a police officer, i told him don't be the bad cop. you be the good cop. i told you what's wrong, what's right. do the right thing. >> michael smith 55 years old a wife and two daughters a veteran of the u.s. and lorne ahrens. the dallas police department says two have been released from
6:34 pm
the hospital. that leaves misty mcbride. she was shot in the arm and an do men. her friends telling us that when she was shot she crawled under a car and her fellow officers brought her to the hospital. we're not getting any updates on the other officers nor is baylor university medical center or parkland memorial hospital. however, we did speak the a few doctors. there's trauma surgery at baylor who told us his experience that evening. >> any time you have public service that comes in, police fire ems that's been injured, yeah, it always -- it's a little bit more of a tug, but, you know, all of our parents are patients. every one of the people that
6:35 pm
walks through here we care about. >> reporter: he also mention thad evening there were other shooting victims in the hospital and that the entire hospital was still functioning as a normal level 1 trauma center here in the area. an incredibly busy night that evening. another doctor told our dr. marc siegel he had served in afghanistan and it was very reminiscent that evening of all the gunshot wounds coming in that evening of his service. judge? >> thank you. joining me now is the vice president of the dallas police department, the largest police union in dallas. he taught and worked with four of the victims of the deadly ambush. all right. good evening sergeant, our condolences and sympathies to you and the dallas police department and the larger law enforcement community. what are your thoughts tonight as you stand there?
6:36 pm
>> you know, just like all the officers that work here in the city of dallas, we're just trying to -- it's almost impossible to make sense of it. we're trying to carry on and do what we do every day and that's take care of the citizens of dallas and protect them and serve them the best we can. you know there are no holidays and there are no breaks in being a police officer. all of them had to wake up the next morning and put the vest back on and blue suit and boots and get back to work and we're going to continue to do that. >> you know officer, i have to tell you. when you look at how the police responded that night, you know, you realize how they have to be on their mark on their -- aware of everything going on around them to be able to protect not just the public but themselves as well. i mean to be -- to watch a fellow officer, you know felled in the line of work has to be emotionally dramatic, and i know that what you do is tough.
6:37 pm
i was a d.a. for many, many years. you see the body, you see the pain these are the guys, the strong guys with the guns. >> yeah, you know, it was a very peaceful protest. the officers and the protesters communicated together and it was a good event. it was a positive event. and then when you saw when it went bad, those officers their first response, their first responsibility -- the first thing they did was protect life. they looked at the protesters and they got in front of the protesters. they got in front of the protesters and got them to safety. as soon as they got them to safety, the next thing they did was charge into gunfire and went to try to find the assailant. >> what's the atmosphere among the police now? forget being traumatized, but the pain and fear. fear has to be very much a reality now for them. >> you know as police officers, we already accept that there is
6:38 pm
a high level of danger in our job and we know that when we go to calls we anticipate before we get to the call everything that could go wrong and our possible reactions or whatever. but we know that when we go to these calls, whether it be domestic service calls or shootings or cuttings or whatever. the difference in this event, it was a peaceful event. we were interacting with the public and it was almost at an end. at that point a lot of the officers had brought down a little bit of it. they were very ready that it was over and we were going to move on for the day and then when it went back and they started hearing the gunshots and they're turning and looking at their fellow officers hit the ground i'm sure they were as shocked as everybody else, but they got right back in it and did what they were trained to do and that is to protect the public. >> all right. sergeant, tell all the men and
6:39 pm
women out there, the public does support them. sometimes it doesn't feel that way, but we're very grateful. >>ing their you very much. >> more live from dallas in a moment as justice rolls on. clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ♪
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to transitions® signature®. now get up to a $90 rebate by mail. when you purchase glasses and sunglasses featuring select brands. ask your eyecare professional or visit for details. breaking right now. police facing protesters tonight as we look at live pictures from baton rouge, louisiana. protesters are out in force, marching and calling for action after the shooting of alton sterling at the hands of police. we're going to continue to monitor the tense situation unfolding in baton rouge and we'll keep you updated. also tonight we're hearing more from dallasy witnesses who saw brave police officers run toward the gunfire.
6:44 pm
my next guest was at the rally with his son when he heard the shots. he's a pastor and preacher in the dallas area. good evening. thanks for being with us. why were you at the rally? >> i was at the rally because i wanted to support the familiesy sies of individuals whose lives were lost. i also wanted to show my son there's an appropriate way to respond to the evils of society and weekendnessickedness of places. >> how old is your son? >> he's 5. i didn't want to bring him out because of concerns over what has happened at the dallas police department. >> what happened? you were there? you heard the shots?
6:45 pm
>> oh yeah. i was there. it was completely peaceful. as i said so many times. the people were peaceful. the police officers were peaceful. we were almost in unity except they were doing their jobs, of course. when we were nearly about to close, i thought having a 5-year-old i should leave a couple of minutes earlier. as i walked away, i would say a minute and 15 seconds from me leaving, you could hear the shots. some people thought it was fireworks. if you heard gunshots before you know wait sounds like. from there, me and my son we began to run instinctively. he did great. he did a lot better than me. >> did you see -- didkellon, did you see any of the cops that were shot? did you see bloodshed? a stampede? what happened? >> to be perfectly honest with you, i was on the other side -- by the grace of god, i was away
6:46 pm
from it. i saw police that did start to run toward it. i heard screaming, i heard yelling, but i just by discernment i guess i got a head start and was able to get ahead of it. >> kellon, let me ask you this. you went there to protest the deaths of two african-americans who died at the hands of police officers and it's yet to be determined what the circumstances were, but you experienced those police officers -- not the same ones, obviously different town different state, but you experienced them running to protect you and people irrespective of color. how did that make you feel? >> right. well, let me clear that up. first of all, i went to reresponsibility to injustice. i went to respond to the injustices that have taken place all around america. i was very proud of the police officers in their response.
6:47 pm
it made me feel good about society. but at the same time, i didn't have very long to have those feelings because they died, you know, and it hurt my heart because now there are just more dead people. there are more families who don't get to experience their loved ones, not just african-americans, an go americans, hispanic americans and it's all behind hatred. it's all behind a lack of respect for humanity. >> all right. kellon nixon thanks so much for being with us. back in a moment. >> all right. thank you so much for having me.
6:48 pm
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>> yes. he is a member of the new black panthers. the houston chapter will sign him as a member after he died is that correct? >> correct. he was identified. he wad head of the houston black panthers. >> i guess we don't have that photo. let me ask you this, then. what is the connection between this new black panther organization and your work in the justice department in 2009? >> well, remember, the new black panther party was the defendant in a voter intimidation lawsuit arising out of the 2008 election with two black panthers arewith a nightstick. i brought that case. we got the default. the doj eventually dismissed the charges against the party itself. the point is, this is a violent antisemetic, anti-white group that has been calling for the
6:53 pm
murder of cops for years. it's not new. >> all right. what is the connection to dallas, then? so there was this you know voter rights issue and i think do we have some full screens of that, guys? some of the black panthers the charges that were brought by the justice department? they were standing outside voting areas with bats, is that correct? >> yes. philadelphia polling mace inging place. >> that's not what i was asking for, guys. thanks. tell me about what the connection is between the two and why you think the justice department as you say laughed off this organization? >> you have to remember the people in the justice department the obama justice department, don't want to hear about violent black radical nation of islam style murderers. they don't want to hear about the new black panthers. when we had that case in philadelphia, we brought to the
6:54 pm
attention of top justice department officials low justice department officials, every justice department official, the threats to kill police officers. there's a video up at the pj media story called training day where they talk about lying in wait, teaching people how to hide behind bushes shoot cops with ak-47s. this was brought to the attention of the people at the obama justice department but they didn't take it seriously. they didn't think it was a serious concern. >> but the case itself, forget about warning them about the danger of this new black panther party and the new black panther threat, but the voting rights case where, unfortunately i guess we don't have it but there were bats and i remember this, justice department bringing this lawsuit. they were intimidating republicans and other voters. >> well look, that was the opening salvo of the problem with the new black panthers where america learned more about them. i thought the case was good. the obama political people
6:55 pm
dismissed the case. that was five or six years ago. the point is that this group has been active and violent and ignored by the left by the clinton -- by the obama people, by top justice department officials. they didn't take them seriously. that's the bottom line. they have known they wanted to kill cops. they have known for years they have been violent. this guy was a member of the new black panthers and he killed cops. >> all right. so now, how big is this organization? do we have any idea? and what is the future in terms of how they are accessing their followers? >> well, how big is it all you need is one apparently in dallas but it's all over the country. it's in philadelphia new york, active in atlanta, dallas. it doesn't matter if they have 1,000 members, 100 members, five or one. he who we shall not name. what they are is a violent anti-white, anti-police group that the justice department laughs at doesn't take
6:56 pm
seriously. >> but they're not just anti-white. aren't they also antisemetic? >> very much. their genesis arose out of a rabid antisemite. >> i have to go. i have a hard break here. thank you so much. obama justice department laughs off new black panthers, the article. and this special two-hour edition of "justice" is back in a moment. we will go back live to dallas in a moment with new details on the shooting and the situation there tonight. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive.
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here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. hello. welcome to the second hour of a special "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. dallas police issuing an all clear after searching for a suspicious person in a parking garage next to the city headquarters. a dallas police spokeswoman said earlier today that the department had tightened security after receiving an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the country. joining me now live from dallas is detective rod wheeler. all right can you hear me?


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