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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  July 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. hello. welcome to the second hour of a special "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. dallas police issuing an all clear after searching for a suspicious person in a parking garage next to the city headquarters. a dallas police spokeswoman said earlier today that the department had tightened security after receiving an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the country. joining me now live from dallas is detective rod wheeler. all right, can you hear me? >> yes, i can, judge.
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>> okay. good. all right. the mood in dallas now is what? is anybody out on the streets? what are people saying? what's going on now? >> well, for a saturday night, after a busy, busy week here in the city of dallas, texas, it's actually quite a few people on the street tonight. now, as i mentioned to you earlier, the dallas police department, judge, they still have about a two and a half block radius marked off with police crime tape, and what are they doing right now with that part of the investigation. according to the law enforcement officials, it's going to take them at least two, maybe even three more days before they can release that scene which is the buildings behind me here. why? because they're still getting ballistics information primarily and then they're still taking statements from the many people that were down here thursday night. so this investigation is still going to be ongoing even though as we know, the suspect is deceased. >> rod, let me ask you something. the day that this happened, we
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heard about two people, two men, i understand, who were arrested and taken into custody. one woman in a mercedes from a different area -- i mean, from the dallas area, obviously, but not with the two men. three of them in custody. then we hear nothing. do you know what that was about? >> yes. i do. i know exactly what that was about. i'm gh i'm glad you asked that question. a lot of viewers have asked me that. all three of those individuals have been released, by the way. what happened was they were in the proximity of where everything was going on and what some officers decided to do based on the fact that these people were nearby and they had some description of a suspect, they grabbed a couple of those individuals, including that woman. now, the woman, just so your viewers know, she was actually spotted and taken in for questioning. she was never called a suspect. she was a person of interest. she was actually about two blocks over but actually, that's where the shooter first started out anyway. so at that time, because of all the chaos that was going on,
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there was a lot of information going back and forth. the police started taking people that they thought may have had something to do with it. they questioned them and then quickly they released them as well. >> all right. and now, with the latest in terms of the threat, it wasn't just a national threat. we hear there are protests now going on in louisiana, but what are the plans now going forward? is it just funerals or what's going on? >> right. well, here in the city of dallas, as you know, on monday night as a matter of fact, they have a candlelight vigil they will hold over at the police headquarters. the actual location where that bomb threat came in today. right now, the mood right here in dallas is kind of a somber mood but it's also a mood filled with love. you see a lot of people still hugging each other. our big concern in law enforcement right now, though, are some of these outer groups and i didn't know if you were going to ask me about this, but latest information i have is
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that you have groups like the new black panthers party, they have converged on louisiana now and from what i hear, they are about to start trouble. so law enforcement are looking at those groups, they really want them to stay away because groups like that have nothing to do with black lives matter. >> you know, the -- we just had a guest on about the new black panthers and apparently, they are rearing their head. we remember them from, i don't know, the '70s but this is a more, newer and totally distinct organization. anyway, rod wheeler, thanks so much for being with us and more now on the threat in dallas tonight and what's going on on the ground right now. back with me is fox news' rick leventhal. >> reporter: we are in front of dallas police headquarters where a memorial has grown. there are hundreds of bouquets of flowers and candles that have obscured the two police cruisers that are out in front of this
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building. this is a memorial that is moving people to tears. there has been a steady stream of visitors to dallas police headquarters throughout the day and the night and there's a woman crying on her knees in front of this memorial right now who just walked up to me and said we didn't have problems here before this, before what happened roughly 48 hours ago. we were here earlier today when there was an incident here, a s.w.a.t. team had left and came roaring back on to the scene here at dallas police headquarters because of a suspicious person that was spotted in a parking garage that is adjacent to this building, that is reserved for the use of dallas police officers and employees. department employees. that garage is off-limits to the general public but apparently someone was inside that garage. one or two people with the dallas police department saw a person in the garage, tried to stop that person, that person took off and that prompted a sealing off of this area that went on for nearly two hours with s.w.a.t. members inside the garage going car to car and
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floor by floor clearing that garage. a k-9 team went in after. they found nothing, no sign of that suspicious person, but this was a very tense situation here in a city that has been dealing with the worst imaginable pain for the last 48 hours. >> you know, you said something earlier and that was that dallas was a pretty safe community and that they were kind of surprised to see this happen given that some of the issues were in minnesota and louisiana. with this now happening in dallas, are the police capable given what they have been through to continue to stay on alert, or will they be calling for law enforcement from other communities? >> reporter: well it's an excellent question. not only are they grieving and mourning but they also have to plan for five funerals here next week. that's a very, very difficult time for the dallas police department which is not as strong as it was a few months
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ago. they have lost nearly 200 officers who resigned or took retirement. they are i think maybe 650, roughly 650 officers now, uniformed officers in the department. that's down significantly from last year. so they're shorthanded and now taxed emotionally and physically because they are working more hours and now dealing with the loss of four of their own, seven others shot and wounded. fortunately, half of them, three or four of them have gotten out of the hospital but still, they are dealing with unimaginable loss and tragedy and still having to go out and protect and serve. yeah, they probably do need the help. >> it's more than just the immediate, what's coming up. if they have lost 200 and they are going through all this now planning for funerals, how do we backfill those people who have left? how do we convince people to be cops? >> reporter: it's a tough situation.
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one of the reasons why they lost a lot of officers was reportedly because the pay wasn't good enough here, and officers took jobs with other neighboring departments because they could make more money. so they are dealing with some morale issues and now they are dealing with this attack, this assassination of several of their officers, and they have to continue to police the streets. how they do that and whether they can get help is -- i couldn't tell you. but i'm sure they would welcome the assistance because of what they are going through and again, we are seeing an outpouring of support from the community. we are seeing that here on the streets. we are seeing a lot of hugs for these officers who are doing a remarkable job under the circumstances. >> yes, they are. thanks so much. joining me now, an eyewitness to thursday night's madness. she was taking part in a pea peaceful protest when shots rang out. she's with us now. good evening. all right. tell us about the protest. you were there. why were you there and who were you with?
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>> good evening. the reason why my family and i, my two children and myself were there, because we have been watching the news for years and in recent years, there's been such -- such anger, such turmoil, so many negative things going on and one thing about dallas is that as diverse as our community is and even though there hasn't been a major incident here, whenever there is something going on in the nation, we band together and we show solidarity with them and we show our support. and that's why we were there. >> how old are your children? >> my daughter is 17 and my son is 14. >> okay. what is the first thing that you heard? tell us what you saw. >> the very first thing that we saw was love. it was truly amazing. we were going down as we had many times before to
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participate. you park, you walk down to wherever we're gathering and when we turned on the street to go park, it wasn't that easy. there was a red light, there were multiple police vehicles that were in front of the street blocking the street and cars were lined up, and all you could see were people. and just seeing the people was so amazing. there were people sitting in the cars next to us, tears were streaming down their eyes. people were getting out of their cars and joining the protesters. the police officers were hugging people. they were giving high fives and shaking hands. >> all right. so, because i don't have a lot of time, it was all positive, all good. typical dallas, the way i hear it. then tell me about the pandemonium. what's the first thing that happened? >> the first thing that happened was we were chanting on our way back to where we started and we heard shots ring out. initially, no one believed that it was shots because it sounded like fireworks and that's what's
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been going on here in dallas. it wasn't until the second set of shots rang out that we realized something was wrong and people began to clear the streets. >> did you run? did you see any blood? what did you see? >> thankfully, we didn't see any blood but what we did see was people moving quickly out of the way. dallas police officers asked us to move, leave the street, leave the area and as they were running toward the shots, as the police officers, the cars were running toward, driving toward the area where the shots rang out, different men within the protest were helping to move people out of the way and move them back to where we originally had started, and from there, it really escalated. at one point in time people began running when a set of shots rang out. people began to run and we were afraid we might get trampled. we stopped at a wall, we saw people fall and we saw people pick them up and run with them. we also saw -- >> by the way, when you saw
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people fall, other people stopped to pick them up, no one made -- discriminated based on you're black, you're white. this was one nation, one america as you saw it in the state of emergency, correct? >> yes, ma'am. definitely. >> let me ask you this. you went to legitimately express your first amendment right to protest. nobody has a problem with that. not even the police. although some of them ended up giving their lives for that. but when you think back, you went to protest what possibly might be police brutality of two african-american men who were dead. do you have a different impression of police after what you saw in dallas when you saw them running toward the fire, when you saw them putting their lives on the line and doing nothing to deserve that? >> not at all. we didn't go just for the two recent deaths. we went for all the deaths.
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we went for all the anger that's been going on. i teach my children as i know it doesn't matter if you wear a uniform or not, a good person is good and a bad person is bad. and you hope and you pray that people who take an oath to serve and protect us will do that. we never hated the police. we have been fearful of the police at times but here in dallas it's one of the few places we have been that we have never feared the police. >> wow. what do you think that's about? the police chief or is there just a culture that everyone respects everyone else? what is it about dallas? >> it's a community. it is the community. i have never felt so welcome. i was born and raised in texas. i feel more welcome in dallas than i have in my own hometown. the police walk the streets. they greet the kids. they high five the kids. we see them all the time. even if you get a traffic ticket or you have to go to jail, they are respectful. they are respectful of you as a
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person. you will hear them say hey, i want to go home. i know you want to go home so let's just handle our business and get it done. >> you know what bothers me as you say that? it's such a great story that you're telling us, great experience, not even a story, but now the police know that they're targets and they are being assassinated and i hope that this community policing that you find is the basis for this unity can continue, although i'm not so sure it can given what's going on now. anyway, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. much more live from dallas as we roll on. plus we check in on the breaking situation and other police protests that are going on right now across the country. stay with us. ♪
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my next guest says the attack on dallas police proves that america has become more divided than ever. and that he's willing to help the next president work on reforms in the law enforcement community. joining us now, former new york city police detective and fox news contributor, beau dietl. you want to work on law
7:19 pm
enforcement reforms. what might they be? >> you know, first off, i was three weeks ago, i was with sheriff brown in dallas and that's one of the most beautiful cities in america and it seems like one of the most peaceful places in america also. i was really shocked when i saw what occurred there because everyone was getting along there. everyone -- two days i spent there and we were going over this operation blue shield with sheriff brown. what that's about is the cops going into the communities, going into schools after they close down, interacting with the community, children in the community, and it was a wonderful program. the sheriff is part of it, sheriff brown and tony -- >> let me ask you this. i just had a guest on who was a resident of dallas who was at the protest and she said you know, i never felt as safe or --
7:20 pm
with the police as she has in dallas even though she's from texas. she attributed both of that to the community policing concept and that is police just as you say, blue shield, whatever you want to call it, going into the community. but your experience as a detective, given the events of recent -- of the recent past, i don't know if that's going to be possible anymore. i don't know if with this new black panthers and these calls for the deaths to cops, can they do that? >> well, you know, the numbers speak for themselves, jeanine. i was on fox and friends this morning and i did some of my own research, and there's approximately 4500 african-americans killed by other african-americans in our country every year. >> 90% of blacks are killed by blacks. >> no, but i'm talking about also approximately 100 people
7:21 pm
are killed by police every year. now, of that hundred, approximately 97% to 98% of them are involved with crimes, shootouts or people with weapons and all that. so there's a small amount of questionable incidents with cops. because you got to remember, across this country, there's millions of interactions with cops and people on the street, and now with the advent of the cell phone cameras and all that, and i'm not here to try those two incidents that i saw on videotape, i have my own feelings but i want all the information to come out -- >> bo, in one of the cases as i understand it the video was after the person was deceased. >> right. i don't know if the guy went for the gun, i'm not saying he did. i don't know what happened. but we certainly have a judicial due process system that we have to wait. we don't just string somebody up and hang someone from the tree. with that said, the whole black life movement, i offered today
7:22 pm
to join black lives matter. all black lives matter. i'll start the movement. i'll go to chicago first -- >> why? >> and we'll start marching there about the kids that are being killed. >> why? >> the problem is this black lives movement is about one thing. it's about division and going against the police. that's not what -- >> do you see black lives matter as an organization that is only against when white people kill black as opposed to when blacks kill blacks? >> jeanine, where are they demonstrating? >> they're not demonstrating on the south side of chicago where i lived for three years. i'll tell you that right now. that's where they are shooting everybody else up. >> you got rahm emanuel running over there as the mayor. it's one of the worst, i think that's 300 murders this year. they are well on track to do about 700 murders. 99% of the people killed in chicago are black people that are being killed by black gang members over there. let's be real about this. let's stop this division against
7:23 pm
the cops. i talk to cops everywhere i go and i thank them and this is getting really disgusting. i want to start all black lives matter movement and if trump gets in or hillary gets in, i want to work to bring the community together with the police, because let's just think about the police not being around for three days, what kind of -- >> bo dietl, this is all about anarchy. thank you so much for being with us. take care. up next, we head back to dallas to check on the conditions of the victims. our live coverage on "justice" resumes in just a moment. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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good evening. live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. president obama returns to washington tomorrow, cutting his europe trip short. the president changes his schedule so he can go to dallas next week. meantime, in poland, the president says the nato alliance is at a pivotal moment because of a wide range of threats.
7:28 pm
and that nato can count on the u.s. the president agreeing to send troops to poland as part of a multi-national force which will take up positions on nato's eastern flank. the president also urging nato members to step up and spend 2% of their national incomes on defense. iraqi troops continue making gains on the ground against isis fighters. backed by shiite militia, government forces pushed isis militants out of two villages north of ramadi but iraq's second biggest city mosul still remains under isis control tonight. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." you're looking at live pictures of a protest in minneapolis where marchers have apparently shut down a freeway. matt finn is on the scene. >> reporter: believe it or not i'm standing in the middle of
7:29 pm
interstate 94 just outside of st. paul, just a few blocks away from the governor's mansion. this interstate is shut down in both directions, eight lanes closed to traffic. there are hundreds of protesters on both sides of the freeway and cops on both sides of the freeway. the officers are accommodating these protesters. they have been all day long making sure that they do not get hit by traffic, there are no cars interfering with them and now these officers are sitting here accommodating them on the side of the freeway. we have heard that in about an hour -- >> okay. right now we will go to matt in a few minutes. i think that apparently we are losing something there but we will be back with matt. tonight we are learning more about the victims of the shooting in dallas. we are also getting new details about how the emergency medical personnel responded. fox news correspondent rich edson is live at baylor with the
7:30 pm
latest. >> reporter: evening, judge. we have police officers across two separate departments here, some of whom remain in the hospital and some of whom didn't survive. we are learning a lot more about those who were injured and those who were killed. we will start with a couple of the officers who didn't survive thursday night's attack. the dallas area rapid transit police department lost brent thompson, a 43-year-old, married, fellow officer in just the past couple weeks at that department, and he had six children and three grandchildren. from the dallas police department, michael krol, a 40-year-old, who had texted his girlfriend during that rally on thursday evening, said everything was peaceful and fine. that's the last that she had heard from him. he had moved from michigan to dallas to become a police officer. then patrick zamarripa, 33 years old. he had three tours of duty in iraq for the united states navy and earlier today, his father spoke to fox news.
7:31 pm
>> hopefully everything will stop. it needs to stop. like i said, i don't care if you're black, brown, white, green, we are all god's children. we need to get along. we need to move forward. >> reporter: also from the dallas police department, michael smith, 55-year-old, leaves behind a wife and two daughters and lorne ahrens, who leaves behind a wife and two children. we talked about two police departments being involved with the injured. dallas area rapid transit department says of their injured officers, two have been released. misty mcbride is still in the hospital and according to the associated press, these reports coming from family and friends saying she was shot in the arm and in the abdomen and when she was shot on thursday night, according to the associated press, she crawled beneath a car and was brought to safety in the
7:32 pm
hospital by a fellow police officer. there is no word from the dallas police department on their four injured and the baylor university medical center behind me and parkland memorial hospital are refusing to comment on the condition of those dallas police officers or any police officers or civilians who were injured. we did however speak to one of the doctors here who works, director of the trauma department, and was here on thursday night treating many of the victims. here's some of what he experienced. >> we had multiple o.r.s that magically became available with people coming in. we had beds being created in the intensive care unit. we had beds being cleared out from the resuscitation area and teams staffed for that so that really in a very short period of time, we were ready and able to take care of anything else that was coming in. >> reporter: another doctor
7:33 pm
here, an emergency room doctor, said he's the captain in the navy reserves, says he was on duty thursday night and told us on that thursday night he was on duty and it was surreal. it felt as though he were back serving in afghanistan. back to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead, we will get into the issue of race relations both before and in the wake of the shootings. we will also talk with a former dallas police officer about the shootings and how they will impact the community. stay with us. seems like we've hd block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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more breaking news. police and protesters facing off in baton rouge, louisiana. we are going to go live to jonathan. >> reporter: this is a very tense situation here.
7:38 pm
just moments ago, police in full riot gear marched to a busy intersection here, the intersection of goodwin boulevard and airline highway. a police officer on bullhorn warned the protesters that if any of them blocked the highway, that they would be arrested. now that they have made their announcement, they are slowly backing off and their intention is to reopen airline highway to traffic in all directions. earlier in the day, protesters came and they marched along the side of the road. most of the protesters were heeding warnings from police that they need to stay off of the road but occasionally, small groups would go into the road, blocking traffic, then that's when the police would come out in riot gear and make a handful of arrests of those who would not leave the highway, and the others would be forced back to
7:39 pm
the curbside. so we have been seeing this unfolding on and off throughout the night. of course, when the police show up in full riot gear, the protesters get really riled up, start yelling at the police. but now it appears that the police have backed off to the other side of the road here and things seem to be calming down. judge? >> all right. thanks so much, jonathan. the dallas police department has been recognized as a national leader in community policing. when chief david brown took office in 2010, he implemented a series of reforms meant to improve relations between the force and the people they protect. john matthews is a former dallas police officer and the community safety institute's executive director. he joins me now. i want to ask you a question. just based on that report we heard from baton rouge, louisiana, police confronting
7:40 pm
protesters at a busy intersection, saying in the bullhorn that they will be arrested if they try to stop traffic, what jonathan just said was, you know, that when the police showed up in riot gear, the protesters seemed to be as he said all riled up. tell us what the impact of things like riot gear and other protections the police need in the event that they are now being targets of assassins, how does it impact their ability to engage in community policing? >> well, i think the riot gear is there of course to protect the officers, to keep them safe and you know, i have been at different protests before and officers showed up in riot gear. to me it seems like the protesters get loud when tv cameras show up and go on. but we want to make the police approachable and so at protests like this, an environment like we have had over the last 48
7:41 pm
hours, over the last week, and over the last several months, these officers are just trying to be safe. they want to protect the public and they don't want to be a victim like we saw here in dallas the other night. >> and apparently, you know, we are hearing now about a new black panthers organization and a new black panthers threat. black lives matter as well. do you see these organizations gaining more strength in the future or do you think that this assassination of five cops and the shooting of seven others is almost a point where people say this has to stop? >> well, i hope it's a point where they say it has to stop, the violence has to stop, and the communities have to come together. let me tell you what i witnessed just a few minutes ago as we are waiting to go on air. you have officers right behind me protecting one of the deadliest crime scenes we have ever had in the history of this
7:42 pm
city and certainly in the history of this department. the tensions are very high. these officers have not even had an opportunity to grieve for their fellow officers. they are guarding these posts and citizens are coming up to them and giving them water and they are giving them hugs and a few minutes ago i saw the cops take time, move the barricade over and took pictures with a group of kids who came by. that's what we want to see. we want to see those positive police community relations. we want that to make the news. we want people to highlight the good things that are going on and the bridges that we're building with the community. are there concerns? of course there are concerns. and both sides need to sit down across the table and visit with each other and dress the concerns. but it's that bridge building and that partnership, that's what we want to come out of this. we don't want any other attacks. >> to your credit in dallas, and to chief brown's credit, that's what was accomplished in dallas. hopefully other cities will be able to do that. but i got to tell you, police now feel they have got a target
7:43 pm
on their back and they have got to protect themselves. i hope the community policing can continue because i do believe in it. all right. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, judge. on saturday, at a nato summit in poland, president obama said he did not believe the united states was as divided as some have suggested. good evening, coco. i think to be honest with you that there is more division in the country than there's been in a long time. i like wishful thinking, too, but the reality is that five cops, five white cops, were shot and killed by a racist who said he was doing it in the name of black lives matter. >> no, that's not what he said. that's not what he said. the shooter had a grudge against black lives matter. the shooter was a crazy loner criminal who had too many guns
7:44 pm
and had some mental illness issues and he specifically said he had it in for black lives matter. he didn't do this for black lives matter. he was a crazy person. he didn't represent the african-american community. >> he said he had it in for white cops. you know what? get your facts straight. i want to have a conversation. >> he specifically was not affiliated with black lives matter. he hated black lives matter. >> he did not. i don't know, did you write letters to him? because this guy did not say that to the cops. >> what did he say? >> okay. let's move on. i want to talk to you. was he a racist? the shooter? >> i mean, he was certainly crazy. >> was he -- wait a minute. how do you know he was crazy? how do you know he was crazy? >> i got to tell you, i think he was a racist. he was prejudiced against people based on their ethnicity. >> why don't you just say it.
7:45 pm
he said he hated white people and wanted to kill white people. >> he doesn't represent the black community. >> i didn't ask you that question. i asked if he was a racist. the answer is yes or no. what is the answer? >> yes. >> thank you. all right. now, are more whites shot by police than blacks? >> this is a trick question, right? >> no. no, it's not. >> judge, are you going to tell me that you really think there isn't an issue with the way -- with the different experiences between white and blacks in this country? >> you know what, if you listen to my open, what i said was that when we elected an african-american president, we became colorblind. we didn't elect him once. we elected him twice. all this digging up of hogwash and jim crow and slavery and everything else he wants to talk about is creating a division. you look at dallas, that woman said as a black woman she never felt as safe as she did in
7:46 pm
dallas. all right? the truth is that police are now the targets and if that black lives matter movement doesn't get on board and say they are angry when blacks kill blacks, it's only when a white cop kills a black, or a black cop kills a black, that's anarchy. this whole thing is about anarchy. >> let me reply, please. it is not anarchy. black lives matter is a peaceful organization, a peaceful network of people trying to enforce the rule of law. >> by what, shooting white cops? >> but black lives matter did not kill that -- those people in dallas. black lives matter didn't do that. a crazy loner with a gun, just like dylann roof. >> what makes you say he was crazy? i'm so sick and tired of people using craziness as a rationale for straight out evil. he was evil. he was a hater.
7:47 pm
>> this guy got thrown out of the military for sexually harassing a woman. he was so bad that she said he really needs mental help and yet he was able to get guns. and live by himself and have an arsenal. it wasn't black lives matter that killed all these people. >> we can't keep doing this. i have to ask the questions. he was thrown out of the military because he sexually harassed a woman. does that mean he's crazy? >> i mean, look, he was a loner and he did some really crazy things. >> i know a lot of people who are loners. >> are you saying he wasn't mentally ill? >> i don't know that he's mentally ill. do you? you know what, the guy was evil. >> he was evil. yes. i will give you that. >> all right. i'm done. i'm done. i'm cooked. it's over. good to have you on tonight. i'm moving on. >> good to see you, judge. we will close out this special two-hour edition of "justice" with a special message to the men and women in blue next. stay with us.
7:48 pm
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to recap, it has been a sad and somber weekend in dallas and throughout the country. not just in the law enforcement
7:52 pm
community, but for everyone. it all started more than 48 hours ago, when the reverberations of the cold-blooded killing of five police officers and the shooting of 12 more and two civilians will be felt for years. that is seven more and two civilians. on thursday night, we were focused on demonstrations across the country when the gunshots rang out in dallas. here's what viewers saw as the events unfolded. [ chanting ] >> very peaceful. no one was acting up. no one was acting crazy. >> they weren't harming anybody or anything. that's when i heard the gunshots and i just saw everybody scatter. >> we're looking back in dallas, texas. this is disturbing.
7:53 pm
i'm not sure what we're seeing but it looks from this vantage point like an officer down. we are all seeing this together. that officer is not moving. this is the state of america today. >> i need to let you know what the breaking news here is and that is we believe a number of police officers have been shot. >> i am standing in the middle of main street in downtown dallas. at this time of night, bars and restaurants here, normally you would have lots of traffic and you have a massive police presence instead here tonight. this is still an active shooter situation. >> now it appears according to the reporting of the dallas morning news, three dallas proper police officers are dead and one d.a.r.t. officer has been killed which brings the death toll to this police targeted shooting to four. >> currently we are in negotiations with a suspect involved in these shootings at the garage of el centro in downtown dallas. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially
7:54 pm
white officers. the suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups. >> and this evening, before we go, i want to refer to a poem that i have referred to many when police officers have died, and i think that you will appreciate it as i do. it's called "the final inspection." the policeman stood and faced his god which must always come to pass. he hoped his shoes were shining just as brightly as his brass. step forward now, policeman, how shall i deal with you? have you always turned the other cheek, to my church have you been true? the policeman squared his shoulders and said no, lord, i guess i ain't, because those of us who carry badges can't always be a saint. i've had to work most sundays, lord, and at times my talk was
7:55 pm
rough, and sometimes i've been violent because the streets are awfully tough. but i never took a penny, lord, that wasn't mine to keep, though i worked a lot of overtime when the bills got just too steep. and i never passed a cry for help, though at times i shook with fear. and sometimes, god forgive me, i've wept unmanly tears. i know, lord, i don't deserve a place among the people here. they never wanted me around in fact, except to calm their fear. if you've a place for me here, lord, it needn't be so grand. i never expected or had too much but if you don't, i'll understand. there was silence all around the throne where the saints had
7:56 pm
often trod as the policeman waited quietly for the judgment of his god. step forward now, policeman, you've borne your burdens well. come walk a beat on heaven's streets. you've done your time in hell. tonight, we recognize all of the men and women who have walked those streets and we tell them that we understand it's not an easy beat. that's it for us tonight. i'm judge jeanine pirro. we will see you tomorrow night at 9:00 for another two-hour edition of "justice." see you tomorrow. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand.
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. breaking tonight, tensions in dallas still very high as the nation mourns five heroes, and a debate rages that could impact the future of this country. hello and welcome to the special two-hour edition of "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. just moments ago police con clued a search at a parking garage investigating reports of a suspicious person there. joining me now live from dallas is correspondent rick leventhal. rick, what happened here? >> reporter: well, judge, we were in front of the doors here on dallas's south side when we saw a s.w.a.t v


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