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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: facebook live and "outnumbered" overtime page as well. kennedy: open up your phone. harris: we'll do it big. hemmer, thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. good luck this week. harris: have a great day. now "happening now."
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united together. with big name speakers including
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senator bernie sanders and first lady michelle obama. >> a cloud is hanging over the proceedings. debbie wasserman-schultz resigning showing that the dnc was not exactly impartial in the primary season. we have the latest in the e-mail hack including claims of a russian connection. jennifer griffin is traveling with mrs. clinton in charlotte, north carolina. >> reporter: right now hillary clinton is talking to campaign volunteers and finished speaking here in vfw. it was subdued and received pop light applause. they have 4 million members and veterans of foreign wars and it is the oldest major veteran's organization in the country. donald trump will be here tomorrow. clinton reminded them what she
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had done on the senate armed service's committee and talked about opponent donald trump without mentioning his name. >> one thing for certain, you will not ever hear from me is phrase for dictators and strong men who have no love for america. >> clearly weighing in on the campaign is the distraction resulting from the forced resignation from dnc chair debbie wasserman-schultz. she fought to the end. but pressure from the clinton campaign and white house forced her to step down a day after she introduceded hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> i want to thank debbie wasserman-schultz and i am looking forward to working with her. >> reporter: the controversy
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overshadowed the roll out for tim kaine. >> the next president of the united states will be the president who will celebrate 100 years of women having the right to vote. i mean, i think having a woman president will leading that celebration would be one with of the instances of history working out right in a poetic and beautiful way. >> reporter: hillary clinton received the most applause from female veterans when she quoted elonnar roosevelt when she said it required a skin thenning to get in politics these days. >> meanwhile donald trump with mike pence is react being the tweeting. hillary is involved in e-mail scandal because she is the only
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one who has bad judgment. >> and writing really dumb e-mail and using religion against bernie. you anyhow he couldn't resist. and the clinton campaign is accusing russia. president putin said he could work with clinton or trump. catherine herridge is live in washington. that is a lot to cover, catherine. i know you are up for it. >> reporter: within the last hour, the fbi spokes person telling reporters that they are are investigating the dnc hack and the bureau aims to bring charges against those responsible. the clinton campaign responded to reports that russia was likely behind the release. >> i think we are reflecting what experts are telling us. it is up to donald trump to
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decide what he thinks of it. i think that voters need to look the at this. it is troubling and if it is true. >> investigative sourceses believe the communications were likely seized with ties to the russian government and connected to earlier breaches. dnc servers. and head of wiki locs julian a safrj promised to release more e-mails before the election and unsecureed e-mails from hillary clinton's server and they believe that there is a russia link here as well they believe. >> we have upcoming leaks in relations to hillary clinton. >> some of them coming in the public domain you are planning to put out. >> we have e-mails by hillary clinton which are pending
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publication, that is correct. >> the state department produced news that they are evolve index and they are with held from public release under the freedom of information act. fox news reported that the 22 top e-mails were circulated with clinton and her senior aides. then secretary of state clinton and deputy chief of staff jake sullivan part of her campaign and personal lawyer sharia mills shared the top secret information. it cannot be be released not even with heavy sections blacked out, melissa. >> so wiki leaks is putting out more of the e-mails from hillary clinton's server? great reporting, thank you for that. >> and how this will affect the democratic convention remains to
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be scene. the republican convention impacted donald trump's numbers and nate silver said if the election would be held today mr. trump would be elected. trump has a 57 percent chance of winning and hillary clinton a 42 percent chance. silver tweeting don't think that people are grasping how plausible it is that trump could be president. new polls suggest he could be right. donald trump getting a bounce. six point jump from last week when the republican nominee was trailing by seven. and a morning consult survey shows trump leading mrs. clinton four points and l.a. times gives trump a four- point edge. david drubbinger is cnn correspondent. trump bump, a lot of people said
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he would not get a bump from the republican convention because of the tim kaine roll out and hillary's vice-presidential roll out a day after the convention was over and then the democrat national convention. are you surprised? >> no, this is why we play the game. the race has been close and always within the margin of error are and sometimes a lot outside of it. and specifically based on low expectations. trump delivered with his speech. and even though there wdisessio he shored up the republicans and numbers for independents went up. and we'll see how it goes and look at the polling. you never hold a presidential election where only one
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candidate gets a convention. >> and given the problems that there were no endorsement from governor kasich in ohio and ted cruz, a lot of people said the republicans went in to the convention as a fractured party. but the rifts seemed to have healed and now an argument over debbie wasserman-schultz and what the democratic national convention did to tip the scaleses in favor of hillary clinton, there is real fault lines ahead for the democrats this week? >> reporter: there are. the democrats are more fractured than people realize and they control the white house. still what we will see for hillary clinton this week, we'll see the first lady, vice-president and president and bill clinton and tim kaine and elizabeth war withen and bernie sanders. you will see the breadth of the
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party vouch for hillary clinton and it could help her. it doesn't mean she could get a huge bounce. democrats historica willy get 5 or 6. and the republicanses get 4 or 5. but the point i am making, there is a lot of the convention that can go right despite the debbie wasserman-schultz problems. and i think that we can't make a judgment until after how all of this goes. and all of the democrats are in good stead with the party and president. his numbers are around 50 percent and she has a chance, hillary clinton to come out of this in good shape, but a lot will happen over the next four days. >> you say another clinton administration will not be like one in 1992, clinton, meaning hillary was not a democrat in the center left mold of her
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husband. more liberal? >> always more liberal but not as liberal as bernie sanders. but i think clinton's natural motus of oprandi. is center left and not progressive. and sapd sandpu -- sanders pull to the left. she would work with a republican house as long as the democrat base allowed her to do so. you can argue the argument is not ready for that. but her instincts have been there. he positioned himself as a new democrat. and we could see a much different administration from her than her husband, if for no other reason politics in the country changed.
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democrats don't apologize for being too liberal or aggressive. it is something they embrace because they feel it is an advantage. thank you, david. >> a democrat who doesn't apologize for being too liberal. a democratic socialist trying to capture the nomination. bernie sanders speaking to supporters in philadelphia. >> we have made history. [cheering]. as all of you will recall when we began the campaign, we were considered to be fringe players by establishment and the corporate media. well, a year has come and gone, we are not fringe players
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anymore. >> you can tell the bernie sanders supporters will not get the nominations, but they are fired up in philly and especially after the wiki leak e-mails suggest that the party apparatus tipping the scales against bernie sanders and for hillary clinton and sparks could fly. >> i wonder if he will wear that tonight. hillary clinton and running mate senator tim kaine accepting the nominations in philly. will the moment be overshadowed by the resignation of the dnc chair? we have hillary clinton's communication director. and what do you expect in philly, that is all ahead on "happening now". if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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>> we have to make sure we move forward in a unified way. we know the voices in this rom that is [inaudible], we know that that is not the florida we know. >> nothing like a among friends. that was debbie wasserman-schultz getting booed by the florida delegation, her on or about be state in the breakfast in philadelphia. bernie sanders supporters are not happy with wasserman-schultz over the leaked dnc e-mails. you could sort of hear her talking about unity. that is supposed to be the theme for day one. kristina shocky is the deputy director for the clinton campaign. unity is that a pipe dream?
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>> no, it is not. we'll be a unified party. debbie resigned as party chair as a way to not be a distraction and unify us in the convention. we'll start with first lady obama who will take about the importance of the role of presidency for children and rousing speak by corey booker and elizabeth warren talking about the experience of building an economy for everyone. and tonight they will talk about phenomenal speakers that they have to start the convention off. >> she resigned and got a push from the white house and clinton campaign. >> you know, she made the decision. she has been be a tireless fighter for the last five years and played an important role in reelecting president obama.
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and fighting for candidates all over the country and she made the decision it was the right thing to do to bring the party together. >> but the sanders' people said she worked for hillary clinton and working against bernie sanders. >> we'll not defend the e-mails themselves. that is the issue for the dnc to review and take action. but what senator sanders said it is important to move forward. he will do everything he can to elect hillary clinton as president of the united states. it is important and understand what is at stake. and senator sanders will do everything possible to make sure donald trump is not the president of the united states. and he has the knowledge and judgment to serve in that role. you will see a united party tonight. >> we are watching sanders as he
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address his supporters. what about the wisdom of clinton to be honorary co-chair of her campaign and steps down as head of the dnc. doesn't that make it look like there was a tradeoff for her help in getting hillary to this point? >> there was no tradeoff. and debbie played an important role the last five yearses and fielding out democratic campaigns in all 50 states. it is not just battle grouped states but making sure we elect democrats to all levels of government. and debbie has been working nationally five years and will be a fighter for how to bring down the cost of prescription drugs and make college more affordable and good paying jobs in this country.
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>> fox news alert on the investigation of the early morning shooting in ft. myers, florida that comes a month after the pulse night club. the police say it may have been gang related and not an act of terrorism. there was a party for teens. and we have a gun shot victim in the porking lot. >> and we need more units in the parking lot.
10:26 am
>> we have a second victim up by the front. >> and we need units. i have another victim over here on the evans side. >> two teens were killed. >> and more than a dozen victims were wounded. and survivors tried to make it out alive. >> i just thank god my daughter is okay. her dodging bullets and it is ridiculous that they have to go through this and senate enjay themselves. >> retired fbi special agent. let me ask you. this is possibly gang related and not related to terror. and parents are wondering how something so similar could happen afterwards. and in this club, they did everything they could. that they had people with weapons there security, and that
10:27 am
is was making sure that everything was safe. it is not a great difference. and even if it is not terror. how could it happen again? >> i think it points out it is impossible to protect public places and public celebrations and in the outdoors. there is no way that police and they have a sad fact of life that the tempo of the events are coming right after orlando increased on a basis. it is impossible to protect public places. does that mean you can't go to night clubs? i mean, this is a teen night club and they were young to be out. but it was a teen directed
10:28 am
event. there's no way to be safe in the events. >> it is the tragedy that affected the individuals and their families. but the over all perspective. this happening in the united states are small. and yeah, it does get at your nerves when it happens so quickly and a closely located place. over all it is generally safe. with that in mind, you have to understand it is impossible to protect them even with armed security. >> i want to ask you about those events in the past week. three of them. and what do you make of that when you come back. >> a massive wild fire explodes inside and putting more lives and homes in danger.
10:29 am
>> and weather blameded for a transformer explosion that halted transservice in a major u.s. city. more dramatic footage like this. hillary clinton about to be the next democratic leader. how has had the party changed since her husband was elected. the democratic convention could be just as the republican national convention. >> the main difference between the one in cleveland and this one with, democratses will get them out of play on the first day. whatever platform rules will be done today. this is the summer.
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the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. get out there. find hotels at up to 50% off and more ways to save at
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>> fox news alert. isis claiming latest attack in germany. a syrian man blew himself in a wine bar after he tried to get in the concert unsuccessfully. 15 people were hurt. it was the fourth attack in germany in one week and raising more concern about how the nation will deal with 1 million migrantses and refugeeses that entered the country in the last year. we are back with jeff lansa.
10:34 am
three out of those four attacks were carried out by migrants. how does jerry deal with this. how do you deal with the migrant situation. >> three reasons they are involved. dissolutioned with with themselves and the place in the world people in the migrant community may be more susceptible. and they may be more susceptible to the terrorist affect or inspirational aspect of isis. that is a problem not only germ no has to face but the other countries there is no easy solution to that. >> we are focused on germany
10:35 am
because this is where it happened most recently. they were genous with what they had. and unfortunately the predictions. negative aspect is coming true. what does it say to those who want to be compassionate and they are also fearful. in many other countries they will have to step up that activity as well. a high percentage will not be be involved in the acts.
10:36 am
a heat dome blanketing much of the area. and that has a fast- moving fire inside. and we have janice dean and the william this started as a brush acre and chewed up 10000 football fields a day and in the angelo national forest and fuelled by temps in the one with hundred degrees range. and the fire left bunch of l.a. under smoke see thick it showed up on a cloud. and it was 2000 sames. and more than 2000 residents were evacuated from the homes.
10:37 am
the winds are gusting up to 34 miles per hour. it is making it difficult. >> and they dropped retardant and water from the sky. they are trying to treat as much containment as possible. with these conditions that are difficult just due to the fire intensity. and that intensity is because of the fuel and brush and timbers. so driveway and brittle it is
10:38 am
burning like september instead of july. our fire season didn't start when the santa hananacame in. a man was burned in his car as he tried to evacuate is. >> prayers for the fire crews. they are going to need it. >> team coverage continues with janice dean who is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> unfortunately warm temperatures are not helping the fire crews in southern california. highs today in the upper 80s and further to the east up to the 100 degrees range. we are dealing with 28 fires here and each of those fires are deemed large wildfires because they are over 100 acre. we have not a lot of rainfall over the next couple of days and getting in the areas that need
10:39 am
it and extreme to exceptional drought not helping the situation. >> across the rest of the u.s., it is the heat dome with heat indexes over on 100 degrees and plain states and gulf coast and midatlantic and northeast. it will remain hot over the next couple of days for new york and dc with temps over the 100 degrees range. and what we should be seeing for the month of july. and point out. philadelphia. a lot going on with the convention and protestors outside. and we have a severe thunderstorm a later. and we could see isolated tornados. we'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you as always. >> they already had violent weather in philadelphia this morning and also in chicago. three train lines were halted and check out this amazing
10:40 am
video. >> oh, my god. it is on the track. >> well, after sparking a train reaction accident. a lightning strike the canope was on the third really and tossed debris on the tracks and the fire department shut down the power and evacuated a nor by train. thankfully no one was hurt. >> how terrifying. >> and back to politics now. first lady michelle obama set to speak in the democratic national convention. will she help another first lady get back in the white house. we are live with the story coming up. .
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>> thank you, thank you. and they want bernie so much so. they have expressed feelings
10:45 am
about the democratic national committee. he is wrapping up a meeting. they interrupted him with we want bernie. >> and two hours from now. it will drop. and this wall street journal piece. hillary clinton to take command of a changed democratic party. and sabringa shaver is the director of the independent women's forum. what do you make of that article
10:46 am
from those people who travelled on the dnc shouting they want bernie. taking about middle-class tax relief and now we have a changing democratic. and the party's platform is reflecting that. we are hearing and it is a real turn for the democratic party. and what about hillary clinton. and some people think that she is far left. and a lot of people being she is
10:47 am
more moderate and very easy to wall street and accept issed a lot of money from them and very much pro trade and opposite of where bernie sanders folks and the youth in the party seem to come down. do you agree with that. this is her biggest challenge. people don't know who she is. they thought she was conservative and hawkish and on foreign policy that worried a lot of democrats and republicans were okay with. and we are finding she had problems shoring up her base. and a woman outside of the convention is there. and she might vote for donald trump. that is an interesting telling sign of what kind of voters she will need to attract. and debbie wasserman-schultz is
10:48 am
not going to gavel in the dnc, just a few hours from now. she was shouted down this morning getting out in front of the floefrd delegation. and as those e-mails came out showing that she put her finger on the scale for hillary clinton. how does that impact the voters that the wall street jaurnal is talking about that are more akin to bernie sanders. do they see a pole in donald trump; what do you believe? >> this is what is so interesting. whether you are on the left or right, it is the establishment versus the nonestablishment. and a referundum on business as usual in washington and hillary clinton had a hard time coming out from that shadow of being involveded with dirty politics in washington. and this is the latest and not having her in the convention is
10:49 am
a spot thing. she wants to put the vote on the side of voters and african-american and latinos and this kind of yet another scandal could hurt her with those people who are undecided and there was a lot of undecided voters. she was going to fightment and you couldn't hear her. and hillary clinton putting debbie wasserman-schultz as honorary chair to keep her involved. it is a trum in the eye of the bernie sanders people. >> i am surprised to learn of that. and they want this to go away
10:50 am
quickly as possible so they can get back to policy and ideas on the the democratic stage and that's what we will hear from the rest of the convention. they don't want this to linger. i think that the one big area that democrats are probably, you know, thinking that they have the advantage here, and we saw trump got a big boost after the rnc last week, is on some substantive policies. i may disagree vehemently on a lot of them, but we'll hear from hillary clinton about paid leave, universal childcare, college tuition. she wants to get right down to business, is my guess. >> fox news is confirming those reports as well, after an adu t tumultuous day, debbie wasserman schultz will not be gaveling in
10:51 am
the convention. >> they're calling an audible on the convention. >> yep. we'll take you for a live look now inside the wells fargo convention center in the city of brotherly love. the countdown is on for the kickoff of the dnc convention in just a bit. already plenty of drama. the wro" no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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hello, everybody. i'm martha maccallum, live in philadelphia. out with debbie and in with donna. that's the word we just received moments ago after the e-mail scandal that was rocked day one of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz apparently showing a bias against bernie sanders and the process of the nomination here, the convention kicks off. it's day one. two hours from now they will gavel in but it won't be debbie wasserman schultz who does that.
10:55 am
we just received that a few moments ago. new poll numbers show the vast majority of americans have trust issues with hillary clinton, about 68%. we'll speak with her complain about her plan to overcome that. donald trump getting a post-convention bump propelling him ahead of hillary clinton for the first time in one critical metric. a very busy, newsy show starting at 2:00 p.m. join us, we'll see you at the top of the hour. first lady michelle obama preparing to address the democratic national convention tonight. her speech could help the party make the transition from her husband to hillary clinton. doug mcelway is live in philly with that. doug? >> reporter: hi, john. the first lady's remarks tonight are subject to speculation on whether this will amount to a full-throated endorsement of hillary clinton. whatever bad blood existed between the obamas and the
10:56 am
clintons after the '08 race will surely have dissipated. >> i think it is entirely fair for you to interpret president obama's remarks in the video that was released today as consistent with the first lady's views of the campaign. the first lady is enthusiastic about secretary clinton's campaign. and you could certainly interpret that video as a joint endorsement. >> reporter: and even earlier than that, in april of this year, michelle told a 14-year-old girl at a take our sons and daughters to work event that hillary clinton was a phenomen phenomenal, impressive woman. so there's little doubt she'll sing the praises of hillary clinton tonight. she wants to see her husband's legacy preserved and the best
10:57 am
way to do that is with a hillary clinton first term. that said, they have to weave a fairly tight web when it comes to endorsing her because they say things need to get better, implying things are not all that great right now. >> doug, thanks. we'll be right back.
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i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. lots of breaking news we kick off with. this fox news alert, bernie sanders telling his supporters to vote for hillary clinton and many in the room responded with boos. we're getting ready for a raucous day on day one in philadelphia. i'm martha maccallum. take a look at what happened a little while ago. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and


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