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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. >> are you coming back tomorrow? >> absolutely, you bet. >> "the real story" starts right now. fox news alert donald trump goes on the offensive as the democrats kick off day three of their convention. hello, everyone. i'm martha mack cal um and this is "the real story." the republican presidential nominee taking questions that spanned everything from vladimir putin to the dnc wikileaks which is one of his favorite topics and clinton's campaign at this stage, doing as they do so well, firing back. first let's go to john roberts
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who's in miami traveling with the candidate donald trump. good afternoon, john. >> reporter: martha, good afternoon to you. it was a classic trump conference. i asked him four or five questions myself. he talked about the minimum wage saying it should be raised to $10 at the very minimum. he was very critical of hillary clinton, calling her a disaster. barack obama, calling him the most ignorant president in history. trying to tie donald trump very closely to vladimir putin after trump said he thought he was a strong leader. i asked him at the press conference if he becomes pretty would he treat putin as an adversary or an ally. here's how he responded. >> i would treat vladimir putin firmly but there's nothing i could think of that i'd rather do is have them friendly as
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opposed to the way we are right now so we can go knock out isis together with other people and other countries. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with people? wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with people like russia? >> i asked him whether or not he has any business interest in russia of russia has any business in his companies. he said he has no business in russia and zero of russia in this country but he ignited a brushfire when asked if russia might be behind the leaked e-mails. it was one of those typical campaign moments so many, many times. he said this. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> reporter: now, the medial reaction to that was a lot of
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people are saying he's encouraging russia to spy on the united states. minutes after the press conference he put out a tweet saying if russia or any other country or individual happens to have the 33,000 e-mails deleetsd by hillary clinton, they should turn those over to the fbi. he's got a couple of campaign this afternoon, martha. one in scranton, pennsylvania, and another in toledo, ohio. i expect he'll reiterate those comments about turning the e-mails over to the fbi if not at one or both of the campaign events. they're trying to clear this up, martha. >> thank you very much. they went right after trump's comments about russia hacking or the e-mails. covering the campaign and live on the convention floor this afternoon. what's the clinton campaign response to all this? >> well, martha, the senior
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policy adviser issued a statement saying, quote, this has to be a first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct is po naj. that's not hyperbole. those are just facts this has been a matter of curiosity and politics to a national security issue. as for tonight on the convention floor we expect a speech from new running mate tim kaine, a new moment for him and earlier at his delegation breakfast he made known this moment in political history. >> how many times have women stood to support male candidates and male presidents and been rock solid in support of them? i think it's great for men to be able to stand and support strong women leaders all across this nation. i've supported ann's public service career as she's suppo supported mine and i can't wait
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until saturday moving forward to support hillary clinton in support of this nation. >> reporter: kaine will talk about his work from being a catholic missionary to his campaign. martha? >> he's had an interesting political career and people will learn more about him tonight to be sure. bernie sanders gave quite a speech. had quite a moment on the floor. what now though? >> he's been working on party unity and he's made his rounds to the delegation breakfast and bernie sanders was very clear in saying that the huge challenges over the next 100 days or so is to defeat what he called the worst and most dangerous presidential candidate in the world, donald trump. sanders also spoke about what's next in the movement started by this 2016 bernie campaign for president.
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>> away from a presidential campaign to a didn't type of campaign, a campaign which is going to focus in bringing more and more people into the political process. >> reporter: so bottom line, we expect bernie sanders going forward to get people who share his political views elected to lower level offices to continue what he has called a political revolution. martha? >> mark, thank you very much. let's get back to donald trump. he tried to put distance between himself and russian president put putin. >> i don't know anything about putin. i never met him. he said one thing about me, he said i was a genius. i said thank you. i've never met putin. >> there have been various comments on whether they even ever met. chris wallace, good to have you
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here. in the past yhe said, i met him and i got to know him very well. now he says he never met him. which is it? >> it's that he never met him. it was kind of ludicrous. i was doing a fox news debate. he said he knew him because they were on an episode of "60 minutes" at one time. of course they were in two different place doing two different segments. i think for him to suggest or not that if russia has the e-mails of hillary clinton they should put them out, first to the media and then to the fbi, i think that's pretty serious. you're talking about a foreign country trying to help or hurt another. that's pretty serious. after the news conference, mike pence, trump's running mate said while he made a big deal about
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the leaks and what they showed, he also said the idea that a foreign country would interview with an american election, it would be serious crime, cyber crime. i suspect you're going to see the clinton campaign if not hillary clinton herself pounce on this. >> it feels like the clinton campaign is trying to make it more about the russian hacking than the contents of the e-mail. that's been sort of their spin. but as you say if it does turn out they hacked into these and they did it for that reason, i don't know if we're ever going to know. >> let me quickly say this. one of the points that the clinton campaign is trying to make about tudonald trump, he's not careful enough.
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to say, oh, let's put out more stuff, i think is going to speak to the question of his fitness. >> let's listen to this this morning, president obama talking about the selection and the tenor of it. let's listen. we'll get chris's thoughts. >> what i think is scary is a president who doesn't know their stuff and doesn't seem to have an interest in learning what they don't know. what mr. trump has done is to make more explicit and branded what really has been going on for a long time. this isn't new stuff. so we don't take it personally. >> what do you think? is he going to eviscerate donald trump up there? >> he's not an attack dog. but he didn't like donald trump clearly since the birther thing. he's taken a special delight in
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sticking it to donald trump but i think it would be more with a scalpel than a meat ax. >> some say elizabeth warren seems to be more so. who is it going to be? >> ultimately it's going to have to be tim kaine and hillary clinton will certainly do. so she's not been shy in recent speeches in going after the economy and foreign policy what she sees as trump's unfitness for the job. i think she'll continue that tomorrow night in her expense tans speech. >> you have a big interview announcement. who is that? >> that's right. we'll have hillary clinton on fox news sunday. it will be her only interview. i have been working on it for 15
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months. what i've learned is the value of persistence. if you keep knocking on doors, nobody answers, finally somebody opened the door. you pick the right time, the right pitch, the right person to speak to and it all worked together. >> obviously it's a big deal because she's just coming off the nomination. last night was a bit matter no matter who you support. what are you going to ask her? honestly. >> you always ask good questions. >> i want to keep updating it. there's plenty to talk to her about. i only have 15 months to prepare. >> we're ready. i'm going to take that as you're ready. big stuff. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll see you later tonight. all right, so this is very troubling. terrorism is obviously escalating by the week in
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europe. another vicious deadly attack, the killing of a priest in front of nuns in a small town in france. this has everyone on edge there and at home. democrats say the gop is just trying to scare you. a fair and balanced debate on what's going on when we come back. >> i think the greatest threat to the physical safety of americans today is violence directed by and inspired by, urged by the group that calls itself the islamic state.
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so we are back. we've been talking about a lot of what we can expect tonight. president obama will speak as will tim kaine as will vice president joe biden as well. and then there's the issue of bernie sanders and his supporters and the green party candidate, jill stein, which is the name many will bring up. since bernie's not left in the mix, who are you going to vote for. they've been holding a demonstration outside the doors at the dnc convention. here's a peak at what's going on out there. take a look. protefrts make it very clear that they will not support hillary clinton come hell or high water despite bernie sanders asking them to do just that. >> will you vote for hillary clinton? >> no. >> who will you vote for? >> jill stein.
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i know a platform is just a platform. candidates will do whatever they want. i do not trust hillary clinton. i think she will say whatever she has to say to get elected. >> lelan leland vittert live wi more. >> reporter: this is secret service fencing that's hard to climb up. three or four people made the climb and secret service was able to oblige their service. this is gate they used to be able to get in. now it's been padlocked shut. now you have to go past two philadelphia police officers and three or four more checkpoints from inside. it shows the passion that these bernie sanders supporters have
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and the anger that they have. they feel like they're being shut out it's translating into a real challenge on who they're thinking about voting for. >> i've voted all my life for a democrat. >> and now you're willing to vote for trump. >> i don't want hillary clinton. she's the first woman and then we'll get chelsea. >> reporter: bernie sanders has been saying you need to get behind hillary clinton. i'm behind hillary clinton. we ask the supporters who are protesting. they all say, look, this has become more than just about bernie sanders. this is more thanis more about rather than just one man. >> we've heard about that. >> reporter: it got heated at times and there were 300 or 400
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people who start and started marching down here to the convention site. there were 300 or 400 chanting white people to get into the back of the line. there are things we can't repeat on television. there were at least a couple hundred police officers escorting them thinking they might shut down intersections. that didn't happen. what we're waiting for is to see if the officers involved sort of energizes the crowd and fires people to come back tonight. it's only 2:20. you figure this doesn't kick off until 5:00 or 6:00 as the delegates start to stream in and the protesters have time to enjoy their afternoon and comes
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back. >> exactly. that's when it all gets started. leland, thanks very much. last night the scene was hi hi hilla hillary, change maker. we're going to talk with don spicer. you see the live shot of people inside. they're going to feel for it out there. we'll be back with shaun spicer straight ahead. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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president obama ran his first campaign promising hope and change. now donald trump is saying with hillary clinton he believes there's no hope for change.
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here he is. >> just ask yourself why she doesn't have news conferences, and honestly the reason is there's no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad. when they talk about change, i notice they have change. she's been there for 30 years. 30 years. there's no change. it's going to be the same. it's going to be an extension of obama. in my opinion, worse. >> sean spicer is communications director and chief strategist for the national convention. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> a little bit of questionable -- some of the things he said, people weren't so sure what he meant. i'm going to play one of those in a minute. dwlou think he did? >> this has been convention and
11:25 am
chaos. the democratic party is deeply divided by the far extreme left. you've seen that last night, there was a walkout over a good chunk of the delegates of bernie sanders. this was not a convention of unity, which they were talking about. almost every one of those speakers has been booed when they get up there. tim kaine has been a big disappointment. >> that's what you do to each other, everybody is chaotic and boog. there's trookt to it but not to the extreme -- >> i'll be the first to admit we had a few hiccups. when ted cruz spoke and didn't ask them to stand behind donald trump, it was ted cruz who they booed. what you're seeing is people walking out, chaos in the t street. they met behind closed doors for an entire day to strike a deal
11:26 am
with bernie sanders. they couldn't do it. >> what is the deal you're hearing? there's more to this than just weather it's pulled off well. there's a question of intensity when the vote -- when voting time comes in november. are these people going to stay home? do you feel like it's part of the party? so what did you hear about that meeting? >> i think what it is, it is, again, about policies and issues and they're trying to continue to drag hillary clinton to the far extreme left. this is truly when you listen to the complaints and the folks in the street that are rallying and crying, this is about issues. they believe as donald trump said, she's more of the same. she's flip-flopping.
11:27 am
they say she'll flip-flop, then she won't. then they're showing what's mounting to a hostage video. tim kaine saying he'll change his opinion on the hide amendment. they are changing. >> donald trump is now evolving on the wall, evolving on the issue of -- >> there's a difference. these guys stay or do whatever they have to to the audience in front of. that's one thing. over the last ten years i've gotten more pro-life. it's quite different over a 24- to 48-hour period. apparently tom kane talk about tim kaine. i mean that's -- how do you stop that kind of thing from happening? >> it's a slip of the tongue. tom kane was governor of virginia -- i just did it, new jersey for a long time.
11:28 am
i did it. it's a slip of the tongue. >> the candidate knows who the vp is. >> of course he does. >> all right. sean spicer, that. you very much. >> donald trump talk about the awful trade deals. how he plans to fix them. watch. >> i'm not blaming china for getting away with murder. i'm blaming our leadership. it's incompetent. we don't know what we're doing. i respect china. if china can get away with that rm my hat's off to them. at usese only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it.
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trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. the clinton campaign rushing to clarify her position on trade and the trans-pacific partnership known as tpp. there's a ton of tpp signs all over the convention arena. donald trump already seizing on the opportunity to criticize hillary clinton. they go back and forth. you know that's what they do at these conventions. he and his running mate aren't exactly on the same page. james rosen on the convention floor to break this all down for us. james. >> well, martha, good afternoon. just when the democratic party was achieving unity came this
11:33 am
bombshell from virginia governor terry mcauliffe, a friend for over 20 years. he renewed charges of hypocrisy overriding the concerns, tpp, a proposed trade deal between the u.s. and 1,100 other pacific rim nations which if approved would be the largest accord in history. once it's closed, people understand there are a couple of things we want to fix on it, but going forward we got a bill on economy. the argument continued whether she would support the trade he opposed. mcauliffe said, quote, yes, listen she was in support of it. there were specific things she wanted fixed. his office said there's no expectation that she'll change her position, never expected to
11:34 am
at wuch. said he was flat wrong. >> she has a long economic agenda that including investing and infrastructure, in raising our trade laws, raising the minimum wage, fighting to make sure college is affordable, and she is not interested in renegotiating the tpp. >> but also lending credence to governor mcauliffe's comments is the fact that hillary clinton has flip-flopped on tpp once already. >> this tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free transparent fair trade, the kind of environmental that has the rule of law and a >> i did say when i was secretary of state three years ago they hoped it would be the gold standard.
11:35 am
it was just people negotiating last week and in looking at it, it didn't meet my standards. >> now donald trump giving a statement was quick to pounce on this, however, he has said he would rip it up but mike pence tweetsed he's in support of it. >> thank you very much. the vice president has a big job tonight, vice president joe biden. he has to defend the foreign policy and take on donald trump's local views and say he believes they're putting the united states at risk. >> is we have the most significant homeland security in the world. what are they doing? they're breaking up the allia e alliances. >> joining me now, monica crowley, she's a fox news contributor. hi, monica.
11:36 am
>> hi, martha. >> it sounds like it was all about credibility. that he was presidential and could do the job. now they're going to try to dismantle that. there's no doubt in my mind from vice president joe biden and the president he's unfit and incapable and doesn't do his homework. >> and doesn't have the experience. president obama is also speaking tonight and i expect him to do the same thing. it would actually be political malpractice if the sitting vice president and president didn't go ahead and try to defend the last eight years. the problem is over 70% of americans believe the country is on the wrong track. part of that is discontent, frustration, fear, disappointment over the nation's security policy over the last eight years. the american people look at the world, see the growing it there. you see a rise in china, newly
11:37 am
aggressive russia ya, rise in isis, the middle east to blame, terror threats here and abroad, hitting our allies, hitting us here at home. i think they have their work cut out trying to defend it. >> i think americans walk into stadiums, airports, any large gathering spot and the thought goes through your mind, we've seat so many places it happens. with regard to what happened in france, donald trump has spoken out about it quite a bit and i wonder if we're going to hear anything about it which is really the latest chapter in the attack that's been happening against christians. you look at nigeria and africa where churches have been attack and people have been killed. here's donald trump on that.
11:38 am
>> france is no longer france. they won't like me for saying that, but you see what happened in nice, you saw what happened yesterday with the breast that was supposed to be a spectacular man. france is no longer france. >> how are they going to walk that line, acknowledge the anxiety and not accept the plame for some of the dynamics that are out there? >> it's a huge challenge because they're defending an eight-year record. donald trump at his convention gave a very strong speech that was built on the simple message of law and oerpd and strong international defense. his most powerful argument is, look, we tried it your way. we tried it over the last eight years and look at the catastrophic failures around the world. the american people feel wholly unsafe, certainly less safe than they were eight years ago.
11:39 am
their challenge tonight is to say, look, give us more time, we're working with our partners. there's fear and anxiety. they're going to have a very tough time even acknowledging never mind addressing tonight. >> i would expect, last night we saw the montage of donald trump saying things about women. i don't know how mu folks saw it at home, but they may have seen the ad sort of spliced together. you may have seen things about foreign policy, not understanding who the leader is and what country and they're going to try to build the case. you heard them say on the "today" show this morning, how is he going to combat that. >> i expect to hear from president obama and joe biden that he's an unknown quality. the problem with that is mrs. clinton who is the nominee for
11:40 am
their party, her record is so checkered with catastrophic failures from libya to syria, she voted for the iraq war, that they're going to try to square circles tonight and defending the last eight years and putting her out there as the response sober choice and that might have some traction but i think the american people understand we're an existential -- we're in war against religious fanaticism that needs strong leadership and the democrats have had eight years including four years with police clinton ahead of the helm as secretary of state. >> we know the goal of islamic fundamental radicalism is to build a caliphate across south africa and head to europe. although these are actors coming off of a central theme, you have to look alt these as connectnd and ask yourself what's going on out there. it will be interesting to hear
11:41 am
what their answer is for all of that as we go through the next couple of nights. mon karks thank you. always a pleasure. >> you bet. it's been 35 years since john hinckley jr. attempted to assassinate president ronald reagan. he's about to be a free man. the reason and the reaction. plus, bernie sanders says hillary clinton is the nominee and she has his support. his campaign will be making the transition. what's next for the vermont senator and what everyone calls his revolution.
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test test test test test
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the end that's what the
11:45 am
election is about. to we participate in politics of partisanship or hope. it's the hope of immigrants setting out for distant shores. the hope of a young naval lieutenant bravely patrolling the may con delta, the hope of a metal worker's son who hopes to defy the odds. the hopes of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes america has place for him too. >> wow. amazing to look back at that night in boston. i remember it well from the convention floor in july of 2004. that's when barack obama emerged on the political scene in a national way. he gave an arousing speech all the way to the whoois just four years later and this convention has already seen some big moment, which ones will be memorable at this point is anyone's guess. but clearly the first lady michelle obama had a very strong
11:46 am
impact when she came out. she gave a solid speech that was well received inside the hall and outside of the hall. bernie sanders hat a strong moment. his authenticity shining through. last night former president former president bill clinton spoke about his wife in very tender terms. some would say some pieces were missing. but bill clinton getting high marks for his comments as well. joining me now, former spokeswoman for george w. bush and leslie fox, contributor and talk show host of "the learnly marshal show." >> thank you. >> food to be here. >> he has to be feeling this moment. where does he go next? he'll be leaving the white house in january. he really appears to be focusing so much on his legacy now.
11:47 am
we've basically heard he's cl r cleared his schedule. there's a lot of discussion that the obamas and clintons don't get along so well. what are we going to see tonight? >> i think we're going to see what she's done in the past for him, what her husband has done in the past for him, which is to put the party first, even if you may not love the person. you share the politics and the vision for america's future and he certainly wants a democrat to take over the white house. that would be part of his legacy as well. it would not bode favorably upon him if a republican were to take place. >> if donald trump gets in, he's going to try to undo the health care and iranian deal. i wonder how hard he's going to go after donald trump. my guess is he's really going to let him have it. >> i agree. it think
11:48 am
i think it's one of his arguments he can make, obama going after donald trump saying he'll be damaging america, reversing the liberal agenda they've pushed through. he's going to be entering a crowd of people who adore him, adore his family. they don't like clinton so much. you have a president with a 56% approval rating that. is high for a second term president. so he wants to make sure he's rubbed off saying she'll carry the legacy for me in the next term. however, she comes with a lot of bag ganl, history, scandal. that's going to be a hard sell for the american public that have negative views. >> which is precisely why, he'll say the other guy is not an option. hillary has not made the here's my vision.
11:49 am
it's going to look so great. she hasn't really done that. >> would argue she has specific plans for the future compared to donald trump. >> if you asked a normal perch on the street. are you listening? >> you've got have people roll it off their tuj. >> look. we know that. senator sanders has a lot of things he wants in his supporters. she's got nine out of ten of those. the democrats are going for democrats. the rupp for republicans. so i think he needs to clearly make it known. look, i have this job and the next person who has this job, here are the challenges, here's what we need do, and if this is our platform, here's what you have to do. >> lately the independents, double digits in favor of donald trump. here's the deal. the americans are feeling
11:50 am
scared. they're feeling anxious. there's not the job creation, leslie. they don't want a third term obama. and what is hillary clinton offering? much of the same thing. i think that's why there's a need that change, is why donald trump is being effective. >> a 56% approval rating right now, at this point in the presidency. >> they like obama but they don't like his policies. >> his numbers may have gone up because everybody seems to dislike these two so much. it makes people go, ah. so we'll see. thanks, ladies. good to see you both. >> thank you. all right. so why is the man who tried to kill president reagan winning his freedom from a mental hospital? we'll talk about that when we come back. essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. all hp ink buy one get one fifty percent off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan has won his release from a psychiatric hospital, 35 years after that attempt the assassination, a day that none of us will forget. trace gallagher joins us now with more live, trace. >> reporter: hi, marta. john hinckley junior has been taking case to freedom the past few decades. he already spends sometime at his mother's home, and he could be released full-time. st. elizabeth's hospital says hinckley's psychosis is in full remission and nos longer poses a threat to himself. it was 1981 when hinckley fired six hots at president reagan. he was struck in the check below his level arm and speft arm ands recovering. a dc officer was wounded, as was
11:55 am
press secretary james brady left paralyz paralyzed after being shot in the head. hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity, a verdict that many, including the family called outrageous. the foundation says quoting here, contrary to the decision, we believe hinckley is a threat to others and we strongly oppose his release, and today, gop presidential nominee, donald trump said this, watch. >> david hinckley, should not have been freed. okay? david hinckley was just released. i think that's a -- john hinckley. i think that john hinckley -- excuse me -- john hinckley should not have been freed. i just heard about it. >> reporter: as part of his release, hinckley will not be allowed to contact his victims, their relatives or actress jodie foster. remember his motivation of shooting the president was
11:56 am
impress foster for whom he was obsessed and will not be allowed to travel to the places of the current president or member of congress are present. in one year he could be allowed to live completely on his own, martha. >> michael reagan weighed in and said he felt it was justified. we spoke to rudy guliana who was involved in the case and he felt he was a very sick man, and that it was all right to release him at this point, so we'll see. we'll see how it works out. trace, thank you very much. >> yep. so we are hours away from night three, the big night in the arena. the vice president and the president will take the stage in there. secure security is ramped up and you can see people getting ready for the emotions as they will take the stage in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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a few hours from now i will head on to the floor of the convention center. vice president joe biden, president obama and tim kaine. all up. thanks for being here. see you tonight. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in philadelphia where tonight, the president of the united states will address the democratic national convention and make the case for hillary clinton to take his job. this morning, we heard him slam donald trump's intelligence, and lack thereof, and hours later, trump fired back on a whole slew of people. >> i'm not like obama where he tells you what he's going to do. i believe hillary clinton is even more bought and paid for than barack obama. huma abedin is married to anthony weiner, who is a sleeze ball and


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