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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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perch tomorrow. >> thanks very much. >> drive this back to new york, steve? steve, hit the pedal. >> bye. bill: good morning. tonight is the night she'll make her closing argument. but on night three, a tong lashing for donald trump. i'm bill hemmer as we say good morning to you live at the wells fargo arena. two hours of greatness. here we go. martha: what a night it was last night. it's the final day of the democratic convention. hillary clinton has her big moment tonight. her one-time political rival,
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the current president, said she is the way forward. and, boy, did he go after donald trump. >> there has before then a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified to serve as president of the united states of america. anyone who threatens our values whether fascist, jihadists or home-grown demagogues. martha: trump jumped on twitter and said this. our country does not feel great already to the millions of people living in poverty, violence and despair. bill: trump tweeted shooting deaths of police officers up 78% this year. we must protect our police
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officers. byron york and chris stirewalt. good morning. i always thought barack obama would be a great tv news anchor, boy, can he read a teleprompter. 75% of the way home. how are they doing? >> hillary clinton couldn't be teed up better. they were eating out of biden's hands. and obama's speech. it could have been given a few years ago at a republican convention. national pride and rah-rah. >> you have to think it has been a successful night. the democratic party has big stars, and they all turned in
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really good performances. we did not see a comparable set of performances at the republican convention because they weren't there. will this sunny picture of things going well and let's keep going on this path. will that sell to voters who 73% say we are on the wrong track. when the president says it's been a great journey, let's keep it going. martha: you had tim kaine who spoke about his faith, and you have leon panetta in one of the most interesting moments of the night. we had been saying you can't not discuss what's going on with isis and whether this administration's way of attacking that has succeeded. leon panetta who has been a critic of president obama. he is ones of four secretaries
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of defense this administration has gone through. here twice had to say and this was the response. >> donald trump asks our troops to the commit war crimes, endorses torture, spurns our allies from europe to asia, suggest that countries have nuclear weapons. and he praises dictators from saddam hussein to vladimir putin. martha: in that sounds bite he was going after donald trump. but prior to that he was making an argument for going after isis. you have to wonder. hillary clinton has to set herself up to be stronger on this issue than president obama. >> she is probably going to get some booze. it's the same folks. the california delegation. martha: what's left of them. the bernie delegates have left.
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>>er in burned out. >> you know how they finished that for anybody who wasn't watching? they finished that with usa! usa! usa! the republicans are booing if free trade. over here at the democratic convention they are chanting usa! bill: dominic di-natalusa!^ . bill: donald trump saying he's ready for a woman presidents. >> madame president, i don't want to hear that. i want to hear it eventually, i would like to see a woman president, but it can't be her. she is a disaster. she'll set you back a long way, women, if that happens. it will be a long way before it happens again.
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you better be careful what you wish for. bill: she has a big challenge tonight. this room walking rockin'. can she carry the day? >> they will be supportive of her. but she is not a good performer. nobody ever said she is as good a performer as bill clinton or barack obama. she said she realized how heard it was to perform at level her husband performed. it won't be enough to attack donald trump. she needs to come out and portray some sort of vision for the future in which she respects the accomplishments of barack obama but promises to move in a different direction. i don't know if she can do that. >> she has a billion dollars worth of campaign behind her. i'm sure they have had the folk fuss group and have figured out
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the right phrase for the touchstone of this speech. i suspect it will be something like together and forward. remember her husband, bridge to the 2st century. and i suspect we'll hear feeling in our feeling from hillary clinton. martha: thank you, guys. so much more to talk about. donald trump is busy on the campaign trail. he did three rallies yesterday. he's the energier bunny while -- he's the energizer bunny. he's in davenport, iowa, be just in case you don't know what state you are in, john, you are in iowa. good morning. reporter: good morning. the sleep is unnecessary at least for the moment.
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campaigns have been broken by going dark during an opponent's convention. it happened to downkerry. he was out wind serving while george bush was on stage. donald trump is making sure he stays in the headlines and lets no attack go unanswered. he's in davenport this afternoon. he's absolutely unapologetic about not ceding the spotlight to hillary clinton this week. >> you are not supposed to be campaigning today. you have broken all the rules. what's going on. they are having their convention. sir, you are not supposed to be campaigning. guess what, folks? we are campaigning because we are going to make america great again, folks. reporter: yesterday he appeared to dominate the headlines just a little bit too much in doral in
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what appeared to be a tongue and cheek moment. the clinton campaign and others immediately jumped on that saying trump was encouraging foreign espionage of american seem servers, and he had to walk it back a little bit. he told pour brian kilmeade in an interview in scranton, i was just being sarcastic about the whole thing. >> of course i'm being sarcastic. they don't know if it's russia or china. who knows who it is. but you have 33,000 emails deleted. the real problem is what was said on tseho emails from the democratic international committee. reporter: the clinton campaign manager is suggesting the f.b.i. is investigating what donald trump said. this no doubt will catch the. >eyeof the trump campaign.
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martha: by talking so much about russia he pulled the narrative away from the under lying contents of those emails which a lot of people think is the stronger focus. now it's talking about the hacking and russia which many people thought was a head fake. bill: i think last night when you think about 12 years to the day barack obama is back here. he walked out of the wilderness 12 years ago. he likes to do things based on historical moments in the past. he likes to put that marker down. the irony that you can time it exactly to the 12 years, extraordinary. what about the things he did not say. a closer look at what was missing from that speech coming up. martha: hillary clinton and the actual poll numbers out there. the one group of voters that
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could make it awfully hard for the democratic nominee to win in november. bill: new polling showing good news for trump in ohio. what are his chances in the buckeye state? former mayor jerry springer is in town. first, donald trump. >> hillary clinton is saying change. she is not going to change anything. she is totally controlled by the lobbyists and special interests. she is not going to change anything. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> does anyone really believe that a guy who spent his 70 years on this earth showing no regard for working people is suddenly going to be your champion, your voice? if so, you should vote for him. bill: that was one of several times last night president obama knocked donald trump. he made little mention of foreign policy and terror threats. it came up, but only in passing. lanny davis is here.
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>> this is what rudy giuliani did this morning when he walked into fox. xing out the photograph of hillary clinton and president obama. we should be respectful of the differences. bill: i are respect you and you can take that up with the former mayor. a year ago people were thinking why didn't you beat isis? >> not so easy and so difficult. isis is part of a movement in order to destroy isis and all the airstrikes and drone strike and the killing of isis leaders it's going to take a while to destroy isis. bill: you would agree this is an issue that's been sidestepped. i talked to chuck schumer about the lack of this topic and he
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turns and deflects to donald trump. this is something the administration has to answer for. >> i think the administration. president obama, and hillary clinton will be talking about isis and the need to destroy both. that sentence was repeated self times. maybe not to the extent you were listening. the al qaeda movement and 9/11 began a long time ago. it's just as wrong to blame george bush for al qaeda as it is to blame obama for isis. bill: michael bloomberg said she is not flawless, no one is. why do you need that line? >> because she isn't. she has made mistakes. i have known her a long time. her life's work since the day ii
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met her has been public service. her life's work need to be judged and the mistake she has made has to be put in perspective. bill: there was a video spot that ran about two minutes. the $19 trillion debt is a legacy of this administration. >> the national debt is a main issue in this campaign. there was a segment, you probably missed it, where one of the expert quoting expert said donald trump's proposal would add $30 trillion to our debt. i don't know if it's true, but i heard it. >> he said i'm the king of debt, and it doesn't matter if we default on our debt.
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that will be a main issue in our campaign. bill: sean spitzer tweeted this. two mentions of isis, zero of israel, zero of iraq, zero of libya and zero of trade. >> i tried to keep kowfnt one solution in his entire acceptance speech to a single problem. the on thing i heard trump say was build a wall, that was it. what hillary has to do tonight, just do two things. number one, she has to address the issue that we all know is a concern of ours. the perception of untrustworthiness. she is going to say what i believe she'll say, i don't know, look at my life's work.
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and whatever reasons led to your perception of me, i'm going to earn your trust back. she needs to contrast herself with donald trump by offering specific solutions. she has always been about solutions. republicans in the u.s. senate have always praised her for bipartisan work. lyndsey graham and her passed bipartisan bills. bill: i heard that from her husband. the first point is interesting. how do you close that deal? >> other than acknowledge that people see her in a certain way. she has done this before, i think. she knows, she gets it. and it's up to her to remind people as you heard people last night reminding people, look at my life's work in public service. look at what i have done, ban i
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can gain your trust back. martha: vice president joe biden came out swinging, also slamming president trump. he called one part of trump's campaign a bunch of malarkey. bill: trump says 235 days without a press conference is no bueno. relook.
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martha: no rest for donald trump. he hit the campaign trail really hard. the republican nominee fielding questions yesterday from florida. he capped off that event with a challenge to hillary clinton. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. i think it's time for hillary clinton to do a news conference. it's almost a year now. it would be interesting to see how she does. martha: let's bring in morgan ortegas. it's worth pointing out she hasn't done a real news conference where you are fielding questions from an open room of reporters since december 15 in iowa and that didn't do that well. >> her campaign says she has done over 300 press conferences in 2016. his campaign manager was asked
6:26 am
if she will be doing more press conferences and he started laughing, and we take that as a no. martha: obviously she knows if she opens herself up to that kind of for actual, she'll get questions about the dnc emails and jim comey and the things he leveled at her. can she get away with it without doing it at all? or should she get herself out there. >> we all remember the infamous press conference where she had on the orange pant suit that unfortunately looked like an orange jumpsuit where she was talking about wiping the server clean. it's clearly an environment in which she is not very comfortable. when she does the one-on-one interviews her press people can negotiate the questions and pull her out of the interview if
6:27 am
needed. do i think the voters care whether she does a press conference versus an interview? i don't think so because there is a lot of disdain for the media at large from a lot of voters. but i think the trump campaign will be smart in hammering this in. it points to the arrogance that we don't have to abide by the same rules as everybody else. trump does just the opposite. sometimes it gets him into trouble, but the campaigns when it comes to press conferences could not be taking two more diametrically opposed positions. martha: he loves to be out there. he loves the press conference environment and fielding questions. he says stuff all the time that gets him in trouble. she is afraid of saying one thing that might be problematic. it's just a daily churn for him and i think he feels he can keep
6:28 am
finding them off like flies. >> he does screw up in press conferences sometimes and he admits it. she has to appear not so controlled and calculated to the american people. she may mess up a few times, but if she doesn't take it so seriously she can show her personality to the american public. but from the sounds of her campaign manager, he laughed it off yesterday, so i don't see an about-face. martha: she needs less discipline and he needs more. martha: thank you very much. good to see you. bill: sometimes you wonder if she should come out and make a statement about the press conference. almost like a vine. 6 second necessary lengths and
6:29 am
everyone runs and it goes viral. i'm not a root just but hillary clinton struggling to gain support in a key demographic. this is a critical part of this election. martha: donald trump facing attacks from top democrats in philadelphia. they went after him in a big way as expected, claiming he doesn't care about the middle class. a closer look at some of that straight ahead. >> they are hitting me at that convention. trump trump and they are going a little crazy, because we are leading now in the polls. we are leading. they are going crazy. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast).
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martha: tonight is a big night for hillary clinton. perhaps one of the biggest knives her political career. she'll try to convince voters. she needs to boost her support in key demographics. she will need to bring over some of the white men. nancy pelosi says white men are warming to hillary clinton, but they disagree with her on three points. >> sometimes uneducated non-college educated white males vote against their own economic interests because of guns, gaze and because of god. the three gs. god being the woman's right to choose. that is softening. some of those people will never be voting democratic anyway.
6:34 am
martha: amy stoddard and steve hayes, interesting comments, a.b. what does she mean? >> i think the democratic party on inclusion and tolerance and social justice, that's great, but i'm disappointed the way they are writing off parts of the country. white men are not warming to hillary. her negatives among white men is 70%. that's worse than donald trump's ratings with women. both parties are writing off swaths of the electorate. this is becoming a party of females, non-college white women and white college voters.
6:35 am
i think it's a mistake. >> i think she is right. if you contrast the campaign she is running right now which is effectively barack obama's campaign, the campaign she is returning now is the opposite of the campaign she ran in the frye primaries where she went after if the *. if you look at what mapped in the primaries, she lost white men in primaries like missouri, north carolina and ohio. she lost those white men in those places to bernie sanders by double digits. she won white men in those same three states by double digits when she ran again barack obama in 2008. martha: this is the group donald trump is calling the forgotten men and women. richard nixon called them the silent majority.
6:36 am
they are the working class, blue collar worker. joe biden tried very hard to reach out to this group last night as did tim kaine who talked about his working class upbringing. but whether they are alienated to the extent they can't get hem back we'll see. >> they clings to guns and religion and antipathy towards people who aren't tweet and anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment. bill: that was in san francisco in 2008. he was talking about voters in pennsylvania of all states. >> pennsylvania is really in play here. if you look at these statements
6:37 am
from he localsy and obama, it's completely fox toik these people whose cities and towns are dying. who believe they will never have the life their parents had. who believe they will never be able to get an anchor again in the middle class. they can fight over guns and abortion. but they are not offering them an economic path. if trump focuses solely. it's a mistake to write off the other portions of what could be a bigger coalition. he's focusing solely on these people, they believe him, they trust him. he's making promises they think are real. it's very powerful, and hillary clinton is not even trying to compete with that. >> is donald trump's focus on those groups keeping other demographic groups from embracing them in the way other republicans hoped the candidate would be embraced. you think about blacks and
6:38 am
demographic groups that republican consultant and wisemen and women have said for years republicans have to do better with. donald trump isn't making inroads. his numbers are still low with many of those other demographic groups. the argument you will get from some consultants and pollsters on the right is there aren't enough white men, even if he does exceedingly well and she does poorly. >> that's where trump is most comfortable in this campaign. he loves being in those crowds. maybe it's the panhandle of florida. maybe it's northern ohio. he thrives there. martha: i would just point out, while joe biden tried to reach out to this group last night and so did tim kaine. there is an issue that prevented these people from having jobs in this country. so many corporations moved outside of our borders. there is nobody to edge ploy
6:39 am
them. they moved manufacturing outside the country. joe biden can't stay i'm with you but do nothing about corporate taxes. >> you heard hillary clinton's comment about coal miners and putting them out of business. there is almost a lack of compassion and caring we have seen on the democratic side. donald trump promised to bring back manufacturing. while it may be appealing. i think it's unlikely. we are going through convulsions in our economy. going back to the heyday of american manufacturing the way donald trump talks about it. if he's president, i think people will be disafointsd that doesn't happen. >> for hillary clinton her husband was once a free trader. for her to run now to try to secure the bernie vote and keep people from voting for trump in her party, she'll have an
6:40 am
interesting path when people like virginia governor terry mcauliffe is running around saying she may cave on tpp in the next session of congress. this is an issue where she has a trust deficit. on the issue of trade, they can go to trump. bill: opening bell on wall street. it went down 10 minutes ago. we are trading lower at the moment. markets treading water. investors reacting to the federal reserve that it might raise interest rates. we'll keep our powder dry and see what it does. facebook had really good earnings. some of these tech companies are thriving so we are doing very well. martha: vice president joe biden went on the attack trying to derail the trump train.
6:41 am
>> he has no clue about what makes america great. tuolumnely he has no -- actually, he has no clue period. bill: trump's name has been mentioned here hundreds of times? we'll say dozens. maybe hundreds. the republican nominee says there is a good reason democrats would rather talk about him than talk about other topics. >> they don't talk about isis because they caused the problem. and this guy has no idea how to fix the problem. but i know how to fix the problem. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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bill: the dnc speakers dropping donald trump's name many times. >> is cynicism is unbound. his lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in a phrase i suspect he's most proud of having made famous. "you're fired." how can there be pleasure in saying, you're fired. he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey. bill: good morning to you. nice to see you after running into you last night. i think malarkey was tweeted
6:46 am
thousands of times. where is trump vulnerable after three days in philadelphia. >> he and governor pence have had an active schedule with press conferences and rallies every day. i think that was smart. what the democrats will try to do is make donald trump vulnerable on not paying small businesses or not meeting his obligations as a businessman. i think this whole argument. and there are many republicans who tried this in the primary. but his tax plan not working for the middle class coming out of joe biden's mouth is rich. look at the statistic of labor department this morning that 2 26,000 people have applied for unemployment. joe biden and i both grew up in this area. when i was growing up when he was here. the backbone of the economy were
6:47 am
small businesses and non-college educated households. the democratic party has ceded them. where are the plumbers and electricians. that's the middle class. bill: flip it around now, where is she most vulnerable? >> hillary clinton continues to be vulnerable in the fact that 2/3 of americans don't trust her and don't find her to be honest. we heard so much from president obama that hillary clinton is the most qualified president. to voters integrity is a qualification. trustworthiness is a qualification. a d.c. resume is not a qualification. that's always been true, but it's especially true in the able of bernie sanders and donald trump. bill: do you think this race has changed at all over the past two weeks? oftentimes you go into this, you are not quite sure how you will
6:48 am
come out on the other end. if you were to define that now, what would be your best guess. >> if you look at all the polling averages. he's now leading her. that is a remarkable continues from just two weeks ago. nate silver three weeks ago thanked hillary clinton and 83.2 per 'er possible of being president. there is a lot of covering my butt in the media right now. some of these undercover hidden trump voters are coming forward and they see a possible winner and they are willing to say imfor donald trump. they are also given an excuse to vote against hillary. people got a reason to vote for trump last week. we have never had a successful presidential candidate where
6:49 am
americans by 2/3 say is not trustworthy. bill: lanny davis said she'll say i made mistakes, but look at my life's work. >> let's look at it. it's an odd strain of thought coming from the podium that hillary clinton has worked hard for 20 years for women and children. then the next speaker will talk about everything that ills women and children. where is she successful in producing for women and children. bill: it could be a disconnect there. we'll see how people react. martha: the battle for the swing states in the end. this is really what it's all about. what do the poll numbers show for each of these candidates. who has got the advantage. we'll look at the poll numbers. donald trump criticizing hillary clinton on the economy. making the case for reform in a state that could be crucial for the white house win.
6:50 am
>> ohio is going to see so much of me, you are going to beg me not to come back. you will say trump don't come back. i promise you, trump, i'll vote for you.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
martha: the buckeye state always looms large. less than 1% between these two. he said he will be there a lot. joining us, jerry springer. good to have you with us.
6:54 am
two cincinnati guys. >> this guy is steeped in politics. he ran for governor at least once. >> let's talk about bill. bill used to do sports when i was anchoring the news in cincinnati. martha: we know all about that. bill: when i was a-year-old college kids i would debate the benefits of social security with jerry springer. you felt it in your bone marrow. i want you to explain to your audience why ohio is such a harbinger of national elections. what is moving in that state right now. >> ohio is a picture of america
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leads our coverage in the evening throughout "primetime." evening throughout "primetime." martha: tough sell as hillary clinton as change maker when she has been a washington institution for so long. >> and the status quo and what you will hear from the trump campaign, third time of the president obama. that is the real challenge for the clinton campaign. i do think it is interesting to hear all of these speakers, every single one mention republicans again and again and again. do this outreach, that clearly the campaign is trying to make the disaffected republicans, moderates the focus. even though we came into this convention with a focus on progressives and bernie sanders. they have a confidence that they can get those at least to the
7:03 am
polls as a alternative to donald trump. bill: would that suggest their internal polling and surveys they do, shows a level of dissatisfaction among republicans? >> i think so. i mean i think that they must have polling that they are confident enough to to to this point. this is not the same sounding democratic party that we've heard from the last convention and one before that. this is embracing the military. this is talking about values. talking about america and pride in america. and, remember, mitt romney's pitch was about, you know, how president obama did not express that enough, the exceptionalism of america. you're hearing that almost every speech at some way, shape or form, exceptionalism of america. bill: conversely, trump is making a play for the middle and centrist democrats. >> exactly. martha: it is fascinating to see. you saw bloomberg and tim kaine, they all made that argument.
7:04 am
joe biden, said, if, tim kaine said his father-in-law is republican but he is voting democrat these days. they clearly see some territory there. tough look at the record. whether or not the words that they're saying has been backed up by their actions. let's play if we can, this joe biden sound bite from last night, guys. >> neither of their numbers are that good. >> both are lousy. both are lousy. >> that is what campaigns are all about. it is also a discussion for your vision of the future. her vision for the future will be much more positive, bright one for america than her opponent. being a woman president doesn't mean anything except what it means in the lives of the american people. >> we have had candidates before that attempted to get elected by appealing to our fears but they never succeeded because we do not scare easily. we never bow. we never bend. we never break. when confronted with crisis.
7:05 am
martha: we never bend, we never break, we never bow. i think a lot of people would look at things like the iran deal and elsewhere to say, kind of looks like we bent many times during the course of this administration some would say. >> exactly. critics will come back with a list of things as you just mentioned a couple of them and they will say the record doesn't meet the words. this is just rhetoric and presentation. if you look at the last eight years, they will talk record. president obama was trying to, you know, sell his last eight years, trying to package it in a legacy speech while also doing a sales pitch for hillary clinton. it is a tough line to walk, so she is not too tied to the obama legacy. bill: "wall street journal/nbc" poll, says 56% of americans prefer a next president will be someone to make major changes. with how does she package her message, hey, we've come this
7:06 am
far and we have a little further to go and i'm the one who can take you there? >> that is the criticism that bernie sanders said all along. she was about incremental change. that she is about moving the ball just slightly, the change just slightly down the field. and he was about big structural change. well, those are the things donald trump talks about. kicking the table over and starting over in washington. it is not working for both parties. she has a challenge to make herself the change agent these others are talking about and frankly it is going to be difficult because she is the status quo of democratic establishment politics. martha: i'm thinking as we're talking about this, exact same argument for barack obama's second term, bill clinton stood up there, nobody can fix the economy just yet. hang with us for four more years. president obama is working on it. he will get there, you have to give him four more years. now they're saying we haven't gotten all the way there. the economy doesn't feel that much better, we get it. we'll join together in love and
7:07 am
harmonious american people and get together, it will all be okay. >> it will be fascinating to see what her tone is. if she takes the measured presentation that is kind of, a little bit softer, as we saw in her acceptance when she went over the number and became the nominee on the primary. or whether she is trying to fire up the crowd and sometimes you know, she gets into a, a part where she is really trying to get them going and it is not the same as president obama and his cadence as he builds up inside of this hall. bill: maybe his most effective line last night, man or woman, he has never seen anybody qualified for the job. that includes me and includes you, bill. meaning bill clinton. >> i thought it was you? bill: no. not this bill. not this time. so we'll see what happens tonight. looking forward to being with you. >> it has been fun and long howl. bill: yeah, you know what he i say, there is daylight out there.
7:08 am
>> that's right. martha: good having you guys in our ears doing a great job on the floor. brit, thank you so much. see you tonight. bill: fox news alert. police identified a second suspect who attack ad normandy church, murdered an elderly priest. we're learning the suspect had possible links to islamic militants. seen year foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot live in london. what have you learned? reporter: bill, important new details how the attack took place and who was involved just discovered on internet, apparently posted there by isis, a video of the two attackers. on the left, 19 abdelkamish from the northwestern town where the killing of priest happened. second attacker, neely identified, also 19. his family apartment is in southeast france. that was raided by police. turns out he too wanted to join
7:09 am
with isis in syria just last month. he was sent back to france by turkish authorities. french were in fact seeking him at the time of the attack. remember the first attacker, kamish, also tried to join with isis in syria and was being watched by french authorities but, in spite of that we now know also a day before the attack, he posted online, watch for big things happening. bill? bill: what is france doing to deal with this one now, greg, another one? reporter: they're trying to defend their citizenry. they're still trying to figure out how they allowed this to happen at noteter calm cathedral in paris last night, president hollande was in attendance a national guard of reserves, will be formed another body to pry to protect the french citizentry. investigators are trying to figure out the two attacksers,
7:10 am
came from two different parts of france came together to the commit the act. it is thought perhaps it was directed from isis headquarters in syria. the focus right now is on a figure, an important figure who spent time at that isis headquarters and also spent time in france. mystery continues. back to you, bill. bill: thank you, greg palkot. they have so much anxiety living with that day-to-day in france, germany and elsewhere. so, we'll see where this goes because right now it does not look good frankly. martha: it does not. all right, here is with we have coming up here this morning. we'll go back to donald trump's chances of winning the white house could hinge how he does in the middle east. the key issue that could swing that part of the country, the rust belt, whatever you want to refer to it as, the core of the country and it matters in this election. bill: last night, speaker after speaker, laying into donald trump. it is what they did not say however that may speak volumes.
7:11 am
first here's tim kaine making his case as the vp pick with hillary clinton. >> everybody, we all, we all should feel the bern and we all should not want to get burned by the other guy. [cheering] i'm terrible at golf.
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:15 am
martha: so convention speakers last night wept hard after donald trump as you know. hillary clinton's vp pick, tim kaine, told the crowd trump makes empty promises. michael bloomberg issued a blisser iting attack on republican nominee who he knows well. they are both businessmen of course in new york city. and bloomberg said independent voters, come on with me. >> we must unite around the candidate who can defeat a dangerous demagogue. [cheering] i believe it is the duty of all american citizens to make our voices heard by voting in this election. >> ann's parents are here today. he is still a republican but voting for an awful lot of democrats these days. an awful lot of democrats. and here's why.
7:16 am
he is voting for democrats because any party that would nominate donald trump for president has moved too far away from his party of lincoln. martha: sean spicer, rnc communications director and chief strategist. he has been camped out here all week doing, i don't know, counterpunching every day. >> it is fun. martha: coming back with your argument for the rnc. they made, some would say a pretty compelling argument. there was triumvirate of them, joe biden, mike bloomberg, tim kaine. both said look if you are republican or independent and you're not a trump person come on over. >> look i think there is no question they're making a case for third term of obama. what you didn't hear a lot, they did, spent a ton of time talking about donald trump. didn't talk anything about national security. barely mentioned isis. didn't mention iraq, israel, national debt, trade. for a party talks about attacks and problems they have, they spent a lot of time attacking not a lot of time talking about
7:17 am
solutions for country. hillary clinton this ticket is the ultimate establishment status quo ticket in american history. talking about more government and maintaining status quo. if you like what you've seen, the way government operating i think you found a home last night. martha: interesting. put sean's tweet up on the screen. you just referenced it in terms of mentions of things. six mentions of donald trump. two mentions of isis. zero israel. zero iraq. zero libya. zero on trade and tpp and zero on the national debt. you know, it is a lot, there is a lot of stuff has been left out. >> that not just one speech, right? we've not seen these issues covered at all this week. i find it ironic issues facing nation, issues bernie sanders is talking a lot about, trade and foreign policy not mentioned by any of the big speakers tonight. what will be interesting about hillary clinton's speech, not what she says, what she doesn't say. will she continue the pattern of
7:18 am
not addressing a lot of foreign policy challenges, a lot of domestic policy challenges, security of this country and trade and national debt that we face as a nation. martha: we look at numbers, donald trump has done very well obviously with blue-collar workers and non-college educated. this appeal last night was clearly to college educated republicans, who are have rag hard time with donald trump. i think at his convention in cleveland, his children went a long way to bringing those folks in. i know, just purely anecdotally, people i spoke to last weekend, i wasn't sure, i thought the kids were so impressive. >> the kids were a home run. martha: there's a battle going on for college-educated moderate voter between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i think this election comes down to a very, very binary choice. if you think government is working well, if you things are going well, go with the status quo, go with the establishment. if you think it is time for change, if you think we can do better, if you had enough of hillary clinton and enough of
7:19 am
scandals, enough of corruption -- martha: gotcha. the argument last night this guy can't do it. he is not able or experience. >> american people have been tired of watching politicians just stand up over and over again, say, that is what you've seen here, a bunch of politicians, stand up and attack donald trump but offer no solutions. i think american people are on to the joke. if you want mo same, vote for these guys. if you're happy do it. if you had enough, you got a guy will make america great again. martha: you look where the passion is, right, and emotion. i think it is fascinating having spent last two weeks looking at peoples faces on floor, these are delegates, very committed to their causes. bernie sanders people, very, very passionate. they're fired up. bernie sanders very authentic guy. i think everybody on both sides says he means what he says and says what he means. donald trump supporters, also feel so strongly towards him. then you do have this sort of, establishment core, that i think feels very threatened that they might be losing their gig in
7:20 am
washington. >> that's right. martha: and, they're the ones who are saying, oh, my gosh, you can't possibly trust someone else to do this job. we're the ones who do this job! >> you're absolutely right. sanders and trump folks. they're tired of excuses. they had enough of it. they want to shake things up to get a government responsive. both speak to that. that is interesting there is a segment of that bernie sanders vote, there are three he categories, people who of the sanders team we're going with hillary, we're not happy. some will sit home, forget it, my guy didn't win. there is decent amount that says i can't vote for hillary clinton, i like donald trump i'm willing to take a chance on somebody shaking up the system and not making anymore excuses. martha: tpp -- those signs are everywhere. >> that is what is so fascinating failure to mention it. they're not trying to bring these people into the tent. they're leaving them behind. martha: fascinating. sean, thank you so much. good to see you. go down to bill who is down on the floor of the convention. hey, bill. bill: they're bringing out
7:21 am
owering it. a lot of people get a walk-through this time of day. all the states on the floor, why they're critical. kyle has been crunching numbers. he will tell us, michigan, iowa, pennsylvania, ohio, all that good stuff, right? coming up in a moment. where we stand in the battleground state of iowa and more, coming up next.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> hillary clinton now all of sudden said, we must renegotiate our trade deals. where was she for the last 30 years, okay? bill: yeah. donald trump talking about trade and there is a good reason for that.
7:25 am
today he and mike pence will split duties in iowa and state of michigan. they're trying to keep them in play. kyle condit with crystal ball, larry sabato's group and wrote the book, the bellwether, why ohio picks the president. >> hi, bill. bill: let's start in michigan, a state based on polling shows hillary clinton with a lead but the trump team wants to put it in play. what do you think is the state of play in michigan today. >> michigan is always tough state for republican. polls can be close in the summer and democrats extend out. one of the more democratic states in the midwest. if trump is making inroads with blue-collar white voters, there are a lot of them in michigan. if trump would win michigan, would suggest he is winning midwest, maybe that is his path to victory. bill: good point. detroit and reagan democrats. want to take a walk real quick? >> sure. bill: which mentioned iowa.
7:26 am
iowa is neck-and-neck. that is state too close to call. >> absolutely. iowa is very, very white. obama won white vote in 2012. if trump is making big inroads amongst those voters that could suggest a state like iowa is in play. there is also, trump may be gaining among non-college whites but might be weaker than mitt romney was with college-educated whites. bill: how come? >> you know, i think there are a lot of kind of well-off republicans who may respond to someone like mitt romney more of a governing background. maybe wasn't so crass as donald trump is. so trump, i think that some of those voters are responding to trump, some of non-college folks. maybe college folks are more resistant. bill: ohio, too close to call obviously. we had jerry springer on a few minutes ago. little surprised he thinks hillary clinton wins based on ground operation. what do you know about that. >> so does seem like hillary clinton will have a lot more money to spend on television ads
7:27 am
and also on the ground game, there is not a whole lot of indication that stuff matters a ton. maybe it matters at margins. maybe that makes a difference in close state like ohio. important thing to remember about ohio is that if trump can't win ohio, probably can't win pennsylvania, michigan, iowa, those states vote historically more democratic than ohio does. bill: i see how you analyze it. we're in pennsylvania. donald trump was in scranton yesterday. hillary clinton goes there this weekend. now you see the importance of a state that is clearly in play and hasn't gone republican since 1988. >> again, there are a lot of working class areas of pennsylvania, scranton which is joe biden country. joe biden's speech last night was speaking specifically to that kind of voter. western pa is trending republican too. the question is, how much better does trump do than romney did in, in pennsylvania outside of philadelphia. and then can clinton do better
7:28 am
than obama did in greater philly and interplay between those two. bill: we need a billboard for this, don't we. >> that's right. bill: we'll get that next time. kyle, good to see you in philadelphia. kyle kondik from the crystal ball. martha: thanks, bill. there is new crisis for the dnc after the hackers who looked all the embarrassing emails have revealed something else when we come back. >> you take a look what was said on the emails it is disgraceful. it is disgraceful. they talk about religion. they talk about race. they talk about all sorts of things including woman and what they said on those emails is a disgrace. your car insurance policy
7:29 am
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martha: hackers leaking more embarrassing information on the democratic party this week in philadelphia. voice mails now, from the dnc revealing special treatment for donors seeking insider access to the white house. this follows release of embarrassing emails showing bias against bernie sanders during the primaries. donald trump raising eyebrows when he called for hackers to help find hillary clinton's delete the emails. >> would be interesting to see, i will tell you this, russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. martha: says he was joking. alan colmes, host of alan colmes show. fox news contributor. lisa booth, president and founder of high noon strategies. republican strategist. contributor to the washington examiner. lisa, do you buy that
7:33 am
explanation. >> yeah i think he was joking. of course he was. okay,. >> hilarious. >> democrats can't say this was hack from russia and same breadth, hillary clinton's server secure as gmail. >> no evidence is was hacked. no evidence. it wasn't hacked. >> problem for this drip, drip of information, keep being this in the news. this is time when hillary clinton wants to reintroduce herself to voters that are concerned. this is a time, especially with the emails driving a wedge further with the sanders supporters. further with the liberal base not convinced hillary clinton is their candidate. taking her off message. reminds voters of this other email scandal which majority of americans believe she did something wrong. they think she broke the law or exercised bad judgment. this gets hillary clinton off message. this is not what she wants this week, particularly on a day where she is addressing the nation, trying to address a lot of concerns voters have. >> nobody cares about the dnc, who is the head of dnc no one
7:34 am
will vote based on debbie wasserman schultz is or is not head of dnc. this is nothing to did with hillary clinton. i don't agree with what the dnc did. of course some of those statements we heard are despicable. but, this is not, doesn't have anything to do with her message and not what voters will really care about in november, what happened. >> liberals will care. bill: newt gingrich's big point everybody seems more upset about a joke. >> it wasn't a joke. bill: than they do, hilary's personal server was vulnerable to russia. >> three is no evidence it was vulnerable or hacked. state department has been hacked. pentagon servers have been hacked. safer to be in hillary clinton's server than government server. no evidence it was hacked. people keep bringing it up. ig investigated it. fbi talked about. no evidence it was hacked. >> you're right that issue is done deal. came out and said, he slammed her for being reckless and careless and with the use of
7:35 am
that server. there are some questions out there that remain about why, why she needed to keep this information in a separate place. she wanted to have control over it all the time. all those questions are still out there. but the political issue, you know, donald trump may have, you know, done himself a disservice with the russia comment because it makes it about that, rather than about the content. but he spoke with brian kilmeade yesterday and here is what he had to say about the comment. let's play that. >> of course i'm being sarcastic. they don't even know frankly if it is russia, if it is china, if it is somebody else. who knows who it is. but you have 33,000 emails deleted. and the real problem what was said on those emails from the democratic committee. martha: says he was sarcastic t was said in a sarcastic tone. bill: explanation, they were just fishing for some sort of answer. he threw out russia.
7:36 am
he threw out possibly trump. they don't know. >> real problem the fact that hillary clinton deleted more emails than she turned over. spent $140,000 out of her own pocket to set up private i mail server to circumvent congress, not creditable for democrats to claim foreign government hacked dnc server and say hillary clinton's emails were not hacked. secretary gates, highly improbable and more likely than not emails were compromised. >> no evidence of that. >> fbi director said same thing. >> no evidence. martha: the point that lisa is making when it is convenient to say hacked by russians and they jump to us that as excuse. >> donald trump, he says now, it was a joke. didn't sound like a joke at time. >> sure it did. >> i hope putin likes me. you got to be kidding me. this is all he cares whether putin likes him. what is the bromance. >> you gave him the nickname. >> you know. that is -- >> also this is hillary clinton
7:37 am
who tried to have the failed russia reset. she warrant ad reset relationship with russia and now it is abysmal failure. the real problem here we know what hillary clinton's record on foreign policy is. how are we -- >> foreign policy? >> how are we possibly supposed to trust hillary clinton when we can't trust her with email. >> running against a guy that says foreign policy experience i ran international beauty pageants. bill: did you say pootput? >> he did. bill: gave him a little make. >> republicans love i'm trying to. bill: kremlin says, quit using us excuse for your problems. >> donald trump clearly has relationship. he clearly knows him. met in a green room at "60 minutes." there is no green room. yesterday he said i never met him. does he know him or doesn't know him? bill: are we talking about this tomorrow? trump dominated the news cycle
7:38 am
yesterday in the middle of the opposition's convention. >> that is also the problem for hillary clinton because donald trump is so open and part of hillary clinton's problem is this inauthenticity of hillary clinton. and feeling that hillary clinton is not being honest. that is evident in polls and been evident for the duration of her candidacy in this presidential election. >> mr. honesty, donald trump. >> she hasn't addressed media and hands end held a press conference almost a year. martha: throws so much at the wall, that people, you pundits are freaking out about this russia statement. i do think most people looked at it, i thought he said it, there he goes again. it was sarcastic comment. >> mr. teflon. martha: doesn't matter what he sticks because he says so much. >> should stick. bill: pootput. i. >> you like that? happy to help. bill: thank you, lisa.
7:39 am
president obama making his case for former rival hillary clinton of eight years ago. it is her turn to take the main stage. democratic nominee working on the stage later today. how does she state her case tonight. >> i'm asking you to rejoin me and reject sin that system and fear and what is best for us and elect hillary clinton as next president of the united states. ♪
7:40 am
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martha: so tonight hillary clinton will take the stage for the biggest speech of her political life. she had tried before to win the nomination. this time she was successful. so she will accept it and she will be the candidate for the democratic party for the presidency of the united states. this is a big deal. she also will try to answer critics like, like republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence. here he is. >> i think i see america the way most of the american people see us, after seven 1/2 years of the leadership of barack obama, and hillary clinton, we've seen america's role in the world decline and we've seen an economy stifled by the high
7:44 am
taxes, government and obamacare preceding out of this administration. one of the reason why donald trump's message is resonating so much with so many people all across this country because people know we have got to come back. we've got to be bold and we've got to see america strong ad home and abroad again. martha: dave good friend, salve secretary to president bill clinton and hillary clinton supporter. good to have you on the show this morning. >> thanks. martha: the argument made on the stage that america is great. that there is nothing wrong with america. it is a great place. everybody agrees with that, but when you listen to mike pence, woe could have been listening to the same convention four years ago. a lack of acknowledgement of what is going on in people's lives. >> first of all, i apologize for being a little hoarse. martha: yelling in the maryland delegation last night. >> i'm a delegate from maryland. i'm sorry i am hoarse but i will
7:45 am
say this, no one is suggesting there is nowhere to go to improve. and if i had one speech that i really loved last night, with no offense to our new vice-presidential nominee i think michael bloomberg's speech really spoke to me. a lot of independents who watch fox news, i think it spoke to them too. he said, i'm not a democrat. i'm not a republican. although i have been a member of both those parties. i am voting based on who i think is competent and ready an temperment. donald trump is con. i'm from new yorker. i can spot a con. he is a con. that mentality is all about who is ready to be president. at least as tim kaine said, the spanish word for ready. yes, we can argue about whether or not the democrat have sort of captured the reaganesque, sunny morning in america. i think we have ironically. martha: here is the question, david. they have a record. >> yeah. martha: i heard the same speeches basically four years ago and eight years ago, that we were going to be this journey.
7:46 am
it would be a about hope and change. things were going to change. look what is going on in the inner cities. look at homicide rates in this country. look what is going on young people. >> they're down over obama presidency. martha: you can talk about the national. the argument that everything is just awesome, and that if you suggest that the country needs to be back to the way it was in some respects, that is not what we're hearing. >> so if you, i'm going to speak a little bit like a politician here, so forgive me. when i see polls where people say, right track, wrong track, you're right. a lot of people say wrong track. then you go to the question that says, compared to where we were at end of bush presidency, much different result. why you heard a lot last night. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. economy was in the tank. wall street was running amok. when you bring people back to people back to the beginning of obama presidency, much as reagan did, are you better today than
7:47 am
you were then. overwhelmingly i'm better off but there insecurity. martha: i'm talking about what you see in the halls at donald trump rallies. people who feel like nobody is listening to them. people who feel like, you know, you listen to hillary clinton, talk about her past, i give her a lot of credit for public service. she has done a lot over course of her life to work with women, children and families. but you look at past 50 years, since we developed all the programs to help women and children and families, the family has gotten, is in worse shape. families are not as together as they were back then. so you know the record, the way of getting at helping people is what is under the microscope right now. >> sure. martha: you have got people saying i don't know if this works. it is all nice to say love and happiness but does it work to fix people's lives? >> again, i think, if i talked to someone from wisconsin where i'm from originally, someone from baltimore, maryland, representing as delegate, ask them to do comparison, how you
7:48 am
feel today how you felt at end of bush presidency, i get a much different answer, when you say i'm nervous about your economic future. people are nervous. martha: economic. they're nervous about the security. >> that is overplayed by republicans significantly. martha: really, how so? >> security means my job. martha: talking about -- >> you're talking about national security. martha: talking about somebody taking a truck through times square or any other part of american city. people getting slashed. >> here is the thing. retired rear admiral, former cia director. martha: i heard them all. >> they told us, they said the other guy, donald trump is trying to play on your fears, yet he is totally incompetent and scary as a commander-in-chief. he is not your security answer, okay. hillary clinton actually rates quite well among a lot of people, who is tough and who is ready to command. that i think is someone, more assurance. sorry about my voice. martha: okay. >> other thing is, this is a point i think a lost bernie sanders people have brought successfully to this convention,.
7:49 am
martha: quickly. >> security means an economic sense of security, as wells. when you leave that out of the discussion you run the risk. martha: that is the test. people will ask themselves that test, economic security and national security. >> yes. martha: and which person they think represents a better future for them. hillary clinton. we have to go. hillary clinton will present her argument for that tonight. we'll be listening on the floor and reporting on what she says. see you down there. >> thanks for having me on. martha: good to see you. >> you too. bill: hillary clinton gives her first interview after accepting nomination to chris wallace, "fox news sunday." it airs on your local big fox, 2:00 and 6:00 here on the fox news channel. check it out, coming up sunday. jon scott is coming up now. "happening now" rolls your way next. >> bill, hold on to the voice. president obama ending the third night of the democratic convention with embrace of hillary clinton, both figuratively and literally.
7:50 am
democrats bring out the big guns controversy over his remarks yesterday heats up. we'll talk about that. when hillary clinton needs to do tonight to sell her candidacy. karl rove, joe trippi, chris wallace all weigh in on that "happening now." bill: see you in ten minutes. thank you, jon. donald trump is not on stage but still making headlines. trump and clinton about to barnstorm battleground states as they go one-on-one starting tomorrow. so then, when is the state of the race today? >> i'm only interested in winning. once i win, i will get along great with foreign leaders but they won't be taking advantage. problem with foreign leaders, china, russia, or anybody, is they don't respect our leadership. ♪ if you're approaching 65,
7:51 am
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7:52 am
go long.
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7:54 am
>> let me tell you, eight years ago you may remember hillary and i were rivals for the democratic nomination. we battled for a year-and-a-half let me tell you. it was tough. because hillary was tough. i was warn out. she was doing everything i was doing. but like ginger rogers, it was -- in heels. bill: he referred to that a couple times. martha: he has. one of the big moments that got
7:55 am
a huge response last night. could you definitely feel president obama taking in the room as he walked out and as you pointed out, reflecting on 12 years ago, when he got on the stage in boston and captivated the crowd, coming out of nowhere, saying we're not a white america, we're not a black america, we're the united states of america. this was a book end speech to that night in boston last night, bill. bill: i also thought one of the moments that really stuck out was seeing gabby giffords walk out with her husband waiting at podium. the woman was shot in the brain five years ago and she has come back like this. she spoke and fired this place up. martha: she sure did. that was really terrific moment. bill: i think about her life p. i did the last interview with her on a friday morning before she flew to tucson and shot in the parking lot of that grocery store on saturday. martha, she was filled with sense of bipartisanship.
7:56 am
we can do it, we can get along. she always came and joined us anytime we threw out invitation. she wasn't afraid of being in the ring. and that attitude is probably what a lot of people would like to hear more of, but to see her stand on that stage. i thought that was very, very cool touch. martha: it was. i thought joe biden was really one of the stars of last night. his speech was very strong, and he made that appeal to blue-collar america as he is trying to win them back from donald trump, if they might be thinking about going over to the other side. so interesting, stuff. and a big night tonight. as you stick with fox news, of course, you will be seeing hillary clinton on that stage tonight. we will be giving you, reporting from the floor and all analysis of what is going on on the other side, what will donald trump do today. that is another major question, which we'll be watching with great interest as well. stick around, folks. been great being with you from philadelphia. we'll see you after this.
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bill: were going to crowd around with 10,000 of her closest friends in florida. martha: any available room. have a great afternoon. the one hillary clinton gears up for the biggest speech of her life as the first woman ever nominated for president by a major party prepares to address the convention and the nation hours from now. good morning, i jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. barack obama, her own vp pick senator tim kaine and even longtime businessman michael bloomberg all laying the groundwork for hillary clinton's big night with powerful speeches, touting her accomplishments while pointing out what they call the stark contrast between her and donald trump.>> there


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