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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: were going to crowd around with 10,000 of her closest friends in florida. martha: any available room. have a great afternoon. the one hillary clinton gears up for the biggest speech of her life as the first woman ever nominated for president by a major party prepares to address the convention and the nation hours from now. good morning, i jon scott. melissa: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. barack obama, her own vp pick senator tim kaine and even longtime businessman michael bloomberg all laying the groundwork for hillary clinton's big night with powerful speeches, touting her accomplishments while pointing out what they call the stark contrast between her and donald trump.>> there has never been a man or
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a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. [applause] >> he never tells you how he's going to do any of the things he says he will do. he just says believe me. here's the question. do you really believe him? i'm a new yorker and i know, when i see one. >> the richest thing about donald trump is his hypocrisy. he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey. >> donald trump says he gets his foreign-policy experience from watching tv and running the miss universe pageant and he praises dictators from saddam hussein to vladimir
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putin. i ask you to do for hillary clinton what you did for me. i ask you to carry her the same way you carried me. lx hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. [applause] jon: joining us now, glenn hall, editor for the wall street journal. all the surveys say, glenn, that hillary clinton is not particularly well-liked by voters, somewhere around 50 percent negative you but in that while they were liking her pretty well last night. >> that's absolutely right. of course, this is horrible
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so it's going to work out that way. the question is are they reaching out beyond philadelphia and getting into the hearts of minds of voters across the nation? last night was a powerful night and there wasa lot of reframing done, trying to position hillary clinton as someone you can trust because that trust and those negative ratings are the thing they're battling against as much as donald trump right now . jon: on that issue, the things that happened in benghazi and so forth have never been particularly burnishing her resume. >> that's right. he's got a lot of things that she needs to address in terms of presenting herself to the nation as a candidate that they can trust to be in the white house and donald trump and the republicans have hammered very hard on those issues of ben ghazi, about how her time as secretary of state may have destabilized the world and led the way for isis. those are the claims against her she now needs to counter and on the other side of that there's the whole question of authenticity and being a career politicianand her ability to bring passion
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alongside a purposeful, careful, methodical campaign she's been running. she's got a lot hanging up tonight's speech . jon: what about michael bloomberg? he was a democrat and republican then ultimately he was an independent. when you talk about authenticity, does michael bloomberg bring authenticity to the democratic convention? >> i don't know if he brings authenticity as much as a demonstration that those who are not necessarily in with the democrats, all in are starting to lean over to hillary's side or at least that's the method they wanted to portray last night with michael bloomberg on the stage, telling those republicans who may be on the fence or maybe concerned about donald trump that there is an alternative and that hillary clinton is one that someone like michael bloomberg would turn to,maybe others will follow, that's what they're hoping . >> overall the message is that if you want america to carry on in the way that it has for the last 7 and a half years, hillary clinton is the only one who can do that.
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>> that is the core of this entire election debate, right? if you believe the country is on the right path and you want to continue down that path, what do you think of radical change in the whole different approach is needed? that donald trump or hillary clinton. another point that hillary clinton has to manage is how close does she align herself with obama and how far can she reach out to present a new message that allows her to go beyond the perception of a third term for president obama? jon: that's what voters ultimately have to decide, essentially they had two terms of the obama presidency. hillary clinton, i mean, you heard president obama last night saying everything's great and he will make it even greater. but it's talking to convince a lot of americans right now that things are great in the country . >> that is the whole thing we seem to many times through this election season. there is a large part of america, middle-class america that is not helping the
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recovery in parts that other parts of the country have and that were reaching out to bernie sanders, reaching out to donald trump and now hillary clinton has to persuade them that she can look out for their interests better than donald trump can and it's a difficult message and there'sgoing to be a lot of battle over who really will do the most for america's working class . jon: what about the challenge for her also, sort of matching up to those speeches last night, isn't it? >> absolutely. that wasa big night and that was the all-star team . you look at the number of surrogates she had to go out and they were powerful speakers. that was one of joe biden's best speeches, president obama had his a game on so hillary clinton has to match that level of passion, match that mastery of the room. those are where some of her weaknesses are. is a very thoughtful candidate but sometimes she comes across as though she's not all in, as though she doesn't bring her passion because she's very cautious. jon: by had tears in his eyes
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as he was making message last night, i'm not sure if fulton the hall could see it on the screen but it was obvious on television and very effective. >> in many ways that was his valedictory speech, sort of his farewell to being in the white house as it was about endorsing hillary clinton and he wanted to make one last passionate plea in that joe biden way that says let's not forget we've got to lookout for the middle class . jon: glenn hall, wall street journal, thank you. melissa: meanwhile republican nominee donald trump is not sitting this convention out quietly to say the least. he is holding multiple rallies in iowa, slamming last night was at the dnc while alsodefending his comments on russia . senior national correspondent john roberts is live in davenport iowa. another busy day for the trump campaign.
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reporter: good morning, we are back in iowa for the first time since the iowa caucuses. donald trump campaigning in iowa for the first time since those february carcasses with a bigrally coming up at the adler theater in davenport later today. he will go to cedar rapids tomorrow. like he did yesterday, take a look at this graphic where he was on literally every television set anywhere near anybody . he is going to try to steal the headlines away. he had that breast conference at the route, he was on television more than hillary clinton yesterday. he got a few too many headlines yesterday when he appeared to, what seemed to me to be a tongue-in-cheek sarcastic comment, inviting russia to find hillary clinton's missing 33,000 emails. in an interview yesterday afternoon with brian kelly in scranton which aired on fox and friends, donald trumpsaid he was just being sarcastic , here is first of all, said with sarcasm. second of all, it didn't encourage anybody. who knows who have been? they don't know, they have no idea and it's pretty sad when
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a foreign country whether it's them or china or anybody else disrespects her so much that they would even do a thing like that. reporter: today ahead of hillary clinton's big speech donald trump will make the case that hillary clinton will merely be a third term of barack obama. he's also going to hit her very hard on trade today, particularly after virginia governor terry mcauliffe said this week that hillary clinton will eventually come around to support the transpacific partnership which donald trump says he would tear up on day one of his presidency. listen to what trump had last night in toledo ohio. >> as soon as she gets elected she will sign it 100 percent and terry mcauliffe said that. now he took it back. i was onlykidding, right? it would be a disaster for ohio. it would be a disaster for toledo . we can't let it happen and the one way you know it's not going to happen is to elect donald trump.
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reporter: here's an interesting scene that happened outside donald trump's toledo event last night. supporters of donald trump as they filed out of that rally lined up and shook hands with police officers who had been standing in the brutal heat for hours keeping the peace between protesters you can hear yelling in the background and trump supporters. they just wanted to say thank you for helping them out last night and providing safety at that trumpet melissa? melissa: recognizing law enforcement, we love it. thank you so much. jon: fox news alert on the terror attacks overseas with police in germany rating hotspots for islamic extremists after a wave of attacks that nation on high alert as chancellor angela merkel promises new security measures following the barbaric acts while bringing those responsible to justice. benjamin hall is following all the breaking developments live now from london, benjamin? reporter: germany has been in
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shock over the last few weeks over a state of four attacks in rapid succession, two of them claimed by isis, to carried out by refugees and they showed a spotlight on the immigration policy in germany. yesterday police raided a mosque as well as the apartments of eight leading members of the german-speaking islamic circle organization which is believed to be a hotspot for islamic extremists . the interior ministry said numerous members of atmos have traveled to syria and iraq to join isis and some of them have called for hate against nonbelievers. germany remains on high alert after these attacks left 15 people dead including the attacker and dozens more injured, at least two of the assailants had links to islamic militancy as well as mental health issues and chancellor angela merkel cut short her holiday to address the crisis. >> and we can show the relatives of the many victims that we suffer with them, that we mourn with them, that they are not alone and we
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will do everything to clear up the barbaric acts, find out who was behind them and bring them to justice. reporter: she acknowledged there were problems in germany but promised a way around them including the need for internet monitoring and an early warning system for refugees coming into the country though she gave no real specifics about how that could be done. up till now germany has avoided the chaos in the attacks that have plagued france and belgium with but with these four attacks there's a growing sense that germany is next on the target list and that 1.1 million refugees arrived last year, but there was a sense of fear in this country that this is going to get worse. john? jon: benjamin hall live from london, thank you. melissa: donald trump trying to steal the democrats ponder, keeping the pressure on about hillary clinton's emails and links from the democratic national committee. is it working for him? our political panel takes a closer look. and we want to hear from you as always.
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do you think the democrats did an effective job selling hillary clinton as the next president last night. our live chat is up and running, go to and join the conversation. >> you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. jon: it used to be that during the opposing party's convention, the nominees for the other party would pretty much lay low but this is an unconventional campaign season and all rules have gone out the window. mike pence, the vice presidential nominee on the republican side is meeting with republicans at the kent county michigan headquarters. it's not far from grand rapids. he and donald trump are all out campaigning this week as the democrats wrap up their convention in philadelphia. we will keep an eye on the republican side and let you know if these two candidates have anything major to say today. in the meantime the democrats feeling an all-star lineup in philadelphia to attack donald
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trump as hillary clinton gets ready for her turn in the spotlight speaking to a crowd that heard a blistering assault onthe republican nominee after he called on russia to look into hillary's missing email . joining us on philadelphia karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush, also joe trippi who served as our dean's campaign manager, both fox news contributor. joe, as a loyal democrat how are you feeling over these cracks beaches last night? >> pretty good. i thought the better speeches and more powerful ones came from mayor bloomberg of new york. the way he, i think he connected with independence, there are signs already from some of the focus groups and other things that have been on our air earlier in the day that showed him doing very well in convincing independents in particular
8:18 am
that there was a stark difference between trump and clinton and showed them moving over so i think he did a great job and then you had both biden and obama who i think for the most part, what they were intending to do was to galvanize and unify the obama coalition that's been so successful for democrats in 2008 and 2012, try to pull that together. both then and the president in particular did a great job reaching out to that group so between the independents that bloomberg was speaking to and the coalition that obama put together andthat he was addressing last night, i think it was a great night for hillary clinton and the democrats . jon: carl, you're the guy who knows how to move the needle in the presidential race and new york city's former mayor, did they do that last night? >> well, i think they may have but let's put this in perspective. i think the speeches ranged from adequate, it was interesting that joe passed over vice presidential
8:19 am
nominee tim kaine's speech. i think president obama's speech was good, the best of them was joe biden gave a disciplined, wellorganized, energetic speech that i think connected but there was a price to be paid in all three of those addresses and that was that the message as joe said was aimed at the obama other words we've done a good job . you've got to be happy with what we've done and let's have more of the same and the third term of hillary clinton and in a year where the dynamic is so oriented toward change, last week the gallup poll came out, 17 percent of the american people are satisfied with the condition of the country and the nbc wall street journal poll, 56 percent and they want to change even if it was changed that they didn't know the nature of and compared to 41 percent who said they wanted to have somebody who's experienced and qualified even if it meant less change, that's a 15 point gap in favor of change and i think all they did last night,
8:20 am
particularly president obama ordered off saying the economy is good, you like obamacare, on the domestic front were doing something else with students who now have record debt. were taking care of fraud for the consumers many of them have lost their free checking accounts and we cut homelessness for veterans in half when we got a huge scandal at the va. how was it bad way to start off hillary clinton. we got a great record, you want to have more of the same, go with hillary.jon: one of the problems if she wants to resurrect the obama coalition is repealed to young people. bernie sanders had the young people all fired up on the democratic side. are they going to come out and vote for hillary clinton? >> she's not a bunch of people in her forces there. biden, the president, bernie sanders himself, elizabeth warren. already polls are showing that 90 percent of sanders voters are already rallying
8:21 am
behind hillary clinton. yes, there's 10 percent left out there and there's a long time between now and november. i think you may be right in that question that some young people may stay home. that's something democrats are really good at getting out the vote and contacting people across the board, identifying the voters and getting them out and that is a big advantage to hillary clinton's campaignover trump . he has the same kind of campaign apparatus in place . he's visually trying to do that and unifying with his party but i think clinton has , and the democrats have a leg up when it comes to organizing and getting out" the one i've got 30 seconds, karl. what about comparing hillary clinton's oratorical abilities to barack obama? >> she's not going to shine by comparison to eat any of those or even her husband and were going to end up i think taking the hillary clinton and tim kaine have roughly
8:22 am
the same abilities, adequate but not electrifying and in terms of generating that turnout among the african-american community, young people and the blue-collar working-class democrats, i'm not sure this message and this team will be able to energize it. jon: karl and joe, thank you very much. we will be right back. if you have medicare
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melissa: right now fallout from controversy on the convention floor last night, listen they were chanting no more war, that disrupted former defense secretary leon panetta as he talked about fighting terror. panetta also blasted donald
8:26 am
trump, calling him a threat to national security after he suggested russia should help find no hillary clinton's missing emails. >> today once again took russia's side. he asked the russians to interfere in american politics. think about that. think about that for a moment. donald trump who wants to be president of the united states is asking one of our adversaries to engage in packing or intelligence efforts against the united states of america to affect an election. 11. [boos] as someone who was responsible for protecting our nation, from cyber attacks, it is inconceivable to me that any presidential candidate would be that irresponsible.
8:27 am
melissa: joining us now, retired lieutenant general michael flynn, former defense intelligence agency director and author of the new book field of fight: how we can win the global war against radical islam and its allies. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thanks melissa. i'm laughing a little bit because leon panetta talking about cyber attacks and the next president of the united states, the potential for russia and china to have everything that hillary clinton exposed using her unclassified server and all the things we know the fbi director said is just unbelievable. another point, another speaker last night that was president obama and he talked about reducing fraud. the biggest fraud that we have right now is the person running for president and that's hillary clinton.
8:28 am
what she did to our national security, to expose some of the most sensitive secrets we have of our country that can't even be disclosed to the american public in the record of the fbi and the other fraud that we have seen in the last week is the fraud of the entire democratic national committee leadership by disparaging african americans, disparaging latin americans, disparaging jews. my god. look at the level of corruption inside this incredibly just rigged system that we've heard about so that's why i think the reason that people are talking about this and frankly i even talking about it is because the rest of the media won't talk about the potential cyber threats, that's what leon panetta ought to have said. he should have consul hillary clinton on that. melissa: you listen to the audience shouting no more war. a lot of people ask the question the first few days why didn't we hear the speakers talk about isis and
8:29 am
a plan against isis and what we are doing going to do when it's in the forefront of what is terrifying, a lot of americans area when you heard them get shouted down, no more war you realize that is a party that does not have a will or the interest or the inclination to go quite isis, you feel like the people in that arena feel like the outbreak of isis is our fault , is america's fault and we need to live with it now. to that point. >> we cannot live with this and you see angela merkel having to change her position on immigration because of the devastating number of attacks in germany. we have already had our own red this president wants to bring in 100,000 refugees from syria, afghanistan and iraq and my guess is that he's going to plan on trying to do that and that's very dangerous for this country right now. we have to understand what we are facing. this business and this frustration you've seen is because this administration and hillary clinton was a big part of this, the creation of libya as a failed nation and
8:30 am
the rise of islamic state in other parts of the world where they are using now libya as a major base of operations area we have got to face up to this fact and there's a lot of ways to do this. i talk about it in my book, i appreciate you mentioning it but this is not about that book. this is about what we must face and the next president is going to face the perils of the last eight years that we have just witnessed and for the president last night to talk about that he's unified this country, oh my god. this country is so disputed by right now and that's why people are so attracted to donald trump because it's like they're sick of the political class in this country and we have got to change the direction that we're headed. melissa: very opposite approaches from the candidates. general, thank you for joining us today. jon: president obama going all in for his one-time rival and secretary of state.
8:31 am
the president joining a long line of democratic stars declaring hillary clinton adjacent maker while defending his own legacy in the white house. >> america isn't about yes he will. it's about yes we can. were going to carry hillary to victory this fall because that's what the moment demands. >> of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double.
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jon: while the democrats are convening in philadelphia and ready to hear from their standardbearer, hillary clinton tonight, the republican team is doing a bit of campaigning as well. governor mike pence is dropping by the kent county michigan gop headquarters. that's not too far from grand rapids, michigan. he and donald trump both on the campaign trail today. we will keep an ear on what he has to say and let him know if he's making news. melissa: president obama sharing his vision of america, the road traveled during his presidency and his hopes for the future last night while slamming donald trump and making it clear he will fight for hillary clinton. >> america, you vindicated that hope these past eight years. and now i'm ready to pass the baton and do my part as a private citizen so this year, in theselection i'm asking
8:36 am
you to join me , to reject cynicism and reject fear and summon what is best in us to elect ellery clinton as our nextpresident of the united states . and show the world we still believe in the promise of this great nation. [applause] melissa: matt bennett, cofounder of third way, a former deputy assistant for intergovernmental affairs for president clinton. we also have former senator scott brown, a republican from massachusetts and a fox news contributor. thanks to both of you for joining us. letus start with you. president obama, on an order. hereally knows how to bring a room to its feet . a lot of the message that we heard was that things are good area government is working . things are getting there, leading the way it is. do you think that's a message that resonates in the year of
8:37 am
change? >> you also heard from the president that we are still perfecting our union, there's still a lot to be done. this beach was really, really hard because you had to do three different things. he had to defend his own legacy and talk a little bit about things are better than when he took over. he has to talk about how hillary would be a great president and he has to prosecute the case against donald trump. weaving those things together is superhardand there are challenges but i think he did really well . melissa: senator brown, the challenges that he is going to get out there and say you know, things are great. you want more of me but at the same time there calling her a change agent, change maker area it seems like the teams at the convention are very conflicted. >> of course and that's the problem.
8:38 am
you can't actually say that about hillary clinton because she is part of the establishment and it would be a third obama term. there's two sets of rules when it comes to law and order and the law and fair play, one for the obama's and clinton's with the intersection of money and politics and one for everybody else and there's also two different types of presentations as to what's really happening in the world and in the economy.very little mention about what's happening in world affairs, isis, the terror we are facing not only apart onour shores and there's also the economic realities . obamacare is crushing businesses. there's lack of regulatory certainty. the middle class is getting crushed. jobs are stagnant so there's three different presentations here so it comes down to, do you want to have a third term of president obama and he was obviously going right for his face. but they are already with him . but they're not going to get those burly supporters they think they are going to get and they're not going to get the disenfranchised, those reagan democrats, those good jfk, bill clinton democrats
8:39 am
who feel the democratic party have left them so it's going to be a fascinating time. she's going to get above, i don't think the boat she thinks she's going to get and i think it's donald trump game at this point. melissa: is going to be interesting to see, one of the biggest challenges as we were reminded last night as an audience what incredible speakers joe biden and president obama are, just eking as an audience they get., may have a rhythm, they seem sincere, they breakthrough. hillary clinton is not that kind of speaker. how hard is it for her now to go out after them, after michelle obama who had the audience in the palm of her hand. it's a lot to live up to as the big closer. >> it is. it's a tough act to follow and look, this has been one of the challenges for hillary for many years. she has a husband who's an incredible speaker and she has a former boss was an incredible speaker and her white you as you point out. that said, managing the room for her tonight is going to be incredible. this is a convention that is
8:40 am
now almostentirely unified behind her .and that's going to boy her a little bit and i really think she's going to knock it out of the park but there's just no question that what we are hearing here in philadelphia is a completely different description but not only where the country is now, but also where we want to go.we have an optimistic vision as opposed to a pessimistic one. melissa: without question the message coming out either party is it a binary choice. if you are happy with how things are, if you're happy with governments, if you're happy with your pocketbook and you think you feel like things are going the right directionstay the course, stick with washington. the other side saying we got to wake up , this is our last chance and siding with which side you're on, they're painting donald trump as dangerous again and again, that's a word you hear. they are clearly pulling on
8:41 am
it, they feel like it's working and a lot of corners it is how to counter that on the republican side that donald trump is dangerous? >> you look at hillary clinton and her failure when it comes to foreign policy. benghazi, the reset with russia, ben ghazi, you can go on and on. that intersection of money and politics that's so typical of the clintons over the generations, over the years so you're absolutely right but i'm not sure what convention that folks are looking at because i was at both conventions and in philly i have never in my lifetime scene such chaos. it's still going on and the reason you could have so many people in that stadium at the wells fargo center is because a lot of the burden people left.
8:42 am
or they are outside protesting and they basically locked down and made sure that all you see are the pro-hillary things but outside, if you take the time to go downtown in philly and i used to live there, i spoke to those people. i see what they're talking about. they don't trust her, they don't like her. they are completely just disgusted with what thednc people did and you're going to have a real hard time bringing those people on board. melissa: we've got to go. the truth is, on both sides there is a ton of passion and everyone is alike invested in this election, that's a good thing for america . hang out with fox news anchors on the final day of the democratic convention. join us at or any other news app where the host of "outnumbered" will stream it for eastern time and shepard smith will screen at five eastern. they will answer your questions, teach you behind the scenes and review tonight's coverage of hillary clinton's acceptance speech. all that coming up. jon: wikileaks is turning up trauma in philadelphia releasing packed voicemails and emails from the democratic national committee. the democrats have avoided this headache?
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8:46 am
jon: wikileaks fallout continues for democrats. voicemails from the dnc are exposed now revealing special treatment for donors seeking
8:47 am
insider access to the white house during the weeks that should have been all about party unity and hillary clinton. now critics say the democrats could have avoided the headache by hopping wikileaks at least six years ago darting back in 2010 when it released tens of thousands of secret intelligence documents exposing the identities of afghan informants against the taliban. joining us now emily williams,attorney and fox news contributor and richard st. paul, an attorney and veteran of several republican campaigns . welcome to both of you. wikileaks has put out all this stuff against the democratic national committee. clearly julian sans does not like hillary clinton and is attempting to damage her during the democrats national convention. have any, can any legal action be taken against him? >> certainly, john. here's the thing. many would say for the
8:48 am
democratic party this is a case of the chickens coming home to roost but we also know that then attorney general in eric holder did open a criminal investigation around espionage violation acts so we know there's an investigation going on as of december 2015 but it does seem that the dod is dragging their feet around the issue and we will see if there's more expediency around this now that some would say it's targeting a community that they can turn the other way around. jon: the irony here richard is that the obama administration has looked the other way time after time when wikileaks was releasing the identities of more than 100 afghans whowere informing on the taliban and helping united states . no prosecutions, nothing done for wikileaks and julian julian assange. now all of a sudden the democratic national committee comes under attack and things arelooking a bit different . >> the truth of the matter is the obama administration has failed to stop the
8:49 am
mishandling and also the leaking of classified information by those who we trust with our nation's secrets so to name a few, edward snowden . private manning and of course secretary clinton. this failure to stop those that we trust with our nation's secrets has caused wikileaks to basically embolden those who hold our nation's secrets and send information to wikileaks. the information is we have to stop people on our side, in our intelligence community from sending information out because wikileaks doesn't hack into our information systems are in the united states. that information is provided by people who hold our nation's secrets to wikileaks so we need to have a crackdown and those that we trust with our information including secretary clinton who should have been charged like edward snowden would be or manning for mishandling and leaking information. jon: there's been so much speculation about whether the
8:50 am
russian government is behind these hacks, whether those are the ones who released the information to wikileaks but i timing plane earlier, julian assange does not like hillary clinton and he's made it plain that he would do what he could to try to hurt her campaign. >> certainly and we saw fbi director james colby speak about the speculation of whether or not she was hack but also offering that wikileaks wouldn't have proof if she was so maybe this is julian assange trying to offer proof so there can be a prosecution there. if this is about the administration consistency with their application of justice and ultimately their credibility.richard point, when you got threatening issues around national security i can't imagine any worst-case scenario, anything more urgent or important to move forward with the prosecution.certainly it looks suspicious and disappointing, it's now all of a sudden the administration was jealous in advocating that prosecution
8:51 am
involving a political issue, mainly the dnc. so agree, this should have been handled long ago and in an aggressive and consistent manner you want any williams, richard st. paul, i'm sorry. thank you. >> thank you john. >>
8:52 am
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8:54 am
jon: outnumbered coming out yet at you from philadelphia, sandra and harris, what are you cooking up? we all live in philly for the final day of the dnc. when we will see a historic moment tonight, a woman formally accepting her party's nomination for president . wilber speech help her with voters trust issues? and with that white male demographic? and here last night, it was a
8:55 am
trunk bash fest to be the man. did the big pile on changing minds? we will talk about it. and nancy pelosi going where the government has gone before claiming the anger against working-class americans has been clean to guns and god. she drew in another g word as well, we will tell you what it is. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy, he's a new guy, slightly unafraid but i can catch him, "outnumbered", top of the hour. jon: see you then. melissa: bernie sanders supporters digging in their heels, taking to the street and demonstrating outside the convention hall as we near the end of the dnc in philadelphia. leyland is their life, they are hanging in, what's going on today?
8:56 am
reporter: degrees all protesters get more and more aggressive. we saw them find these walls in the past couple of days, yesterday you saw them use bolt cutters to get in and try to russian, police were able to push them back. seven arrests in all and there were a bunch of different groups of here that overlap, you've got prove bernie groups, the pro-e-groups, the communist and then you have the anarchist groups out here protesting. there was one protester, demonstrators washurt last night, there was an american flag on fire and this person was trying to jump on the american flag . as you look at the video it appears to be a woman. we are told it was actually a man in a dress then had his dress lit on fire and that's what caused his injuries. every day we see this or service increase the level of enforcement and their resources out here as the protesters continue to get more aggressive. unclear exactly what the secret service is going to do tonight. we know there's another flagburning planned for 6 pm, also in terms of weather, 60 and thunderstorms as well.
8:57 am
back to you. jon: new next hour of "happening now", vice president biden comes out swinging as he tries to appeal to a c voting block. was this what his own presidential campaign might have looked like? >> and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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jon: are you game for another hour of fun? >> absolutely. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. tonight it's her turn. hillary clinton set to make the biggest speech of her political life as she makes yet another crack in that proverbial glass ceiling when she accepts the democratic nomination for president. and makes her case to ascend to the highest office in the land. this is "outnumbered." welcome back to philadelphia. i'm sandra smith. here today, there she is, harris faulkner. host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. democratic strategist julie roginsky is here. today's #oneluckyguy, as harris mentionea


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