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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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find us at facebook, we'll have more from philly on the web. but we'll be back in new york on your tv tomorrow at noon eastern. we look forward to seeing you there. "happening now" starts right now. national security is on the minds of countless voters. we are covering all of the news "happening now". president obama embracing hillary clinton last night and now all eyes will be on clinton as she makes the most important speech of her life and trying to win over democrats in the hall
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and voters in america. plus, a barn burner from joe biden. >> this is a bittersweet moment for jill and me. >> should the popular vice-president run for the white house himself this year. >> and donald trump stealing the spotlight in the convention. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope that you are able to find the 30000 e-mails that are missing. >> is she upstaging hillary clinton and the democrats? it is all "happening now". we begin with a fox news alert and hillary clinton making history in the birth place of our democracy and tonight in philadelphia, she will accept the democratic nomination for president and lay out her vision for america's future. welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. >> and i am meiss francis. nine hours from now mrs. clinton will take the podium and make
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the case and why american voters should choose her over donald trump. >> and first, chelsea will make a rare speech. the democrats took sharp aim at the republican portrayal of america. >> what we heard in cleveland was not particularly republican and sure was not conservative. what we heard is a deeply peszs mystic vision of a country where we turn away from the world. >> donald trump with all of his rhetoric would make us less sake. he so ws division in america. confuses bluster with strength. we simply cannot let that happen as americans.
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period. it is never, never, never been a good bet to bet against america. [applause] when you want to know something about the character of somebody in public life,ee if they have a passion that began long before they were in office and that they have consistently held it throughout their career. [applause] do they have a passion? did it start before they were in office and have they held on to it consistently. folks, hillary clinton has a passion for kids and family. [applause] donald trump has a passion, too. it is himself. >> and there's only one candidate in this race that
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believes in that future. has devoted her life to that future, the next president of the united states hillary clinton. [applause] >> and donald trump hitting back by telling fox and friends that he's confident about pennsylvania which of course, is the sight of the democratic convention. >> i think we are going to win it. miners are out of business and gas regulated so they can't produce. i went to school in pennsylvania and i have so many friends. i think we will do fantastic. and we will put the miners and steel workers back to work and bring jobs back to pennsylvania. >> today donald trump and his running mate mike pence are campaign nothing iowa and michigan. we'll talk to chris wallace. and we'll begin with fox news
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coverage. carl cameron is with the trump campaign. and we'll get to mike emmanuel in the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> reporter: tonight is huge for hillary clinton and her campaign team. you heard president obama, vice-president biden and her husband make the case for her, now it is her turn. we saw hillary clinton on stage at the convention after the president's speech on her behalf and she enjoyed a moment. she had time up there last night and her team is putting the finishing touches on her speech. her daughter cherylsy will introduce clinton tonight. and she will be thinking about her children and talking about her mom and it could get overwhelming. the speech's themes and coming together as a country and building an economy that works for all americans. >> hillary clinton will stitch together each of these themeses.
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and talk about how this election is really a moment of reckoning for the voters. are we going to succumb to powerful forces that are tearing at our social fabric. >> reporter: bernie sanders received a lot of praise from president obama, vice-president biden and vp nominee tim kaine and today sanders focused his gratitude to his supporters. >> i want to thank you. you have helped to transform this country. it may come and go. but what we are doing will continue. [applause] we are on the right tide of history. >> reporter: looking live in
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the stage in the democratic national convention. katy perry is warming up for her appearance. and big night for hillary clinton and her campaign team as she tries to make her case for the american people. >> donald trump on the campaign trail. he and running make mike pence are holding rallies. and they have been on the move trying to counter the attacks from democrats and concan vincing voters that hillary clinton is unfit to be be president. trump will hold a rally later today. how is it going today, carl? >> reporter: trump also has an event on daven port and weigh in over the controversy of his comments direct to russia, he would welcome them helping out and finding hillary clinton's lost e-mails.
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that caused a stir and moscow responded saying that the idea that russia was idea involved to the american politics and stupidity. and a great deal more. trump said he didn't actually mean it. it was an attempt at humor. and he was wise cracking. listen. >> and first of all, sad with sarcasm and they may have them. who knows who have them? they tonight know. it is pretty sad them or china disrespects us so much that they would do a thing like that. >> there was a tough statement about russia and the possibility they were involved from mike pence yesterday and the spokesman from the kremlin said it the example of u.s. tendency to be anti- russia though they
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understand that trump talked about crimia and russia. they don't get involved in america's politics and the u.s. should sort out the lost e-mailses. >> it was the embrace seen around the world, once bitter rivals on the campaign trail join forces to try to keep the white house in the democratic hands. president obama disputing donald trump's version of america and making the case for hillary clinton. what can she say tonight to win over skeptical voterses. chris wallace, it is coming down to two different visions of america. donald trump said there is a lot of problems that the next president needs to fix. president obama said you need more time for a democrat to continue what i have done for
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the last seven and half years. >> reporter: you know, it is an interesting problem for the democrats, they can't say things are going just fine and obama didn't last night. they say it is well enough and acknowledge there are problems and two-thirds of the country think that we are on the wrong track to say it is just peachy, we are out of touch. we have to understand that there are problems and we are the right ones to solve them and we need more time. and there are a few things that hillary clinton, it seems to be to do did tonight, jon. and specifically one of them. that embrace. it was not just personal but political. because obama has a coalition of young african-american and more liberal and while he is successful in marshaling that to support him in 2008, he's not been able to transfer that in
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the sdraftous returns for democrats in 2010 and 2014. and can he transfer his popularity to hillary clinton? she has to reach out to the the bernie sanders supporters and we have seen a lot of of contention. and sanders' supporters are not saying they will sign up and vote for her. and she has to reach out to white working class mails. she is trailing 30 points against trump with them. her biggest job is trump is the most unpopular nominee she is the second most unpopular nominee ever. i don't know she can get them to trust her, but accept her as the best alternative to lead the country for the next four years. >> it is interesting to me under
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the obama administration that isis is a worldwide scourge. we see the terrorist attacks in germany and orlando and san bernardino. yet up to last night, there was hard he a mention of isis until the president mentioned it in connection with hillary clinton. >> i have to say this. people outside of the united states do not understand what's going on in this election. they really don't. because they know hillary. they have seen her work. she's worked closely with our inteleigence teams and diplomats and military. she has the judgment and the experience and the temperament to meet the threat from terrorist. it is not knew to her. our troops pounded isil without mercy and taking back leaders
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and territory and hillary will not relent until isil is destroyed. >> it is going to be under the next administration that isil is destroyed he said. >> again, this is a delicate job for hillary clinton. isis achieved its position in the world under the obama administration and four of those years when hillary clinton was is secretary of state and you have to make the case, things are worse in that particular area certainly, but you have to trust, clinton will say you have to trust me to deal with it. i have to tell you shocking and under commented upon moment in the convention and this was 8:30 when leon panneta, former cia director ticked off the various things that isis has done eending, you are seeing it right there. and ending with talking about
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the slitting of the throat of the french priest. we have to end this war and kill ice six. and hundreds of delegates and mostly bernie sanders started shouting no more war and no more war. and i thought to myself. this is not an american war of choice. it is isis trying to slaughter innocents. and i am not sure isis is listening about no more war. >> we have a few seconds left and you will be speaking about p hillary clinton? >> that's right. first interview as the democratic nominee. i have worked on it 15 months and we'll sit down with her and the only place she will appear this weekend and i have a lot of questions to ask her and it is
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must see tv, jon. >> we'll watch sunday morning and check the listings for what time fox news sunday runs in your local area. i will get you questions, too, chris. >> send them hoong. >> will do, back in a moment. canned cheer
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>> it's been 235 days since crooked hillary clinton has had a press conference and you as reporters who give her glowing reports should ask yourself why. i put myself through your new's conferences often not that it is fun. but ask yourself why she doesn't have new's conferences and honestly the reason is there's no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is
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so bad. >> donald trump is grabbing headlines with new's conference the and rallies while the new conference is under way. and the media pounced on his comments and suggesting that russia should find hillary clinton's missing e-mails. critics say that trump is encouraging foreign espionage. he said he was joking. there are so is many nuances. when wiki leaks released the e-mails from the dnc. how many people tweeted and said and thought. they must have her 30000 deleted e-mails. this is not the first time we heard that in this cycle.
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was it really that outrageous. >> if he seriously looked in the camera, and russia if you are listening, get the 30000 e-mails. for people to believe he was serious, you would have to think that donald trump is insane. and media coverage falls in two categories. and some thing he is unhinged and it seems he was not joking and sarcasm is obvious to me. i was a trump watcher. no, he was not exactly serious but feel they can use those words against him to create a furor which creates more coverage for donald trump. the idea is he is the most masterful marketer of all time. you have dnc going on and big speeches and all guests line up talking about the dnc and he
10:21 am
walk withes out in front of a camera and simply has a new's conference and decide what the reporters can be. and invariably he will completely turn the new's cycle on his head because the he's letting the reporters. and he takes over the new's cycle. does everyone see that is what is going on? any candidateto. that she chooses not to. the press gave up to. that and donald trump did a lot of things. went after anthony weiner and the russia thing is resonating in a way to divert attention from joe biden and bill clinton and president obama. that helps trump.
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>> amazing. thank you. vice-president joe biden delivering a fiery speech and getting the crowd into it and some say he is have run for president himself. our next guest said the democrats need more joe. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. come on! ♪ come on. ♪ ♪ p&g. proud sponsor of moms.
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>> think about everything you learned as a child. no matter where you were raised. how can there be pleasure and saying you're fireded. he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle-class. give me a break. that is a bunch of malarky. this guy doesn't have a clue
10:26 am
about the middle class. not a clue. >> and that was vice-president joe biden slamming donald trump in a passionate and emotional speech in the dnc. biden called it a bittersweet moment as he gave what could be the last address in the political career. we'll bring in matthew litman. former speech writer for joe biden. >> when i see him at events. i think he wants to be president and i am surprised he didn't run. are you surprised he is going out without running for president in this round. >> you are always most popular when you are not running for president. i agree with you. he would like to be president and i am sure joe biden thinks that he would be a really, really good president. but running for president especially how late he would get into it, would be an
10:27 am
extraordinarily difficult thing to do given what happen to his son and raising all of that money is extraordinarily difficult. while i think he would be a great president. it was not his time. >> was it about what happened with his family and raising money so late or muscled out by the clintons? >> i really do believe it was his family and the fact he couldn't raise the money. i think joe biden, ego wise hillary clinton can't muscle out joe biden. if he saw a path to raise that money and felt emotionally he had the commitment to run for president is incredible and one of the reasons i admire hillary because she can do this. i don't think he thought he could do it. >> we'll bring in kristin anderson who is a pollster.
10:28 am
i know we are having trouble hooking up. but let me ask you. would joe biden have been a more formidable candidate than hillary clinton for the republicans? >> in the general election, i think joe biden would have been tough for republicans to go up against in large part because joe biden holds on to a piece of the democratic coalition that is slipping away with with the hillary clinton. that is working place white voters in scranton, pennsylvania. it is because of those voters that donald trump put a state like pennsylvania in play in the presidential election. and even as florida is tougher for him going after the rust belt states, that is the plates that joe biden came from and that's the message in the speech last night. he would have been stronger than hillary clinton. >> let me interject. kristin is the best person i have been on opposite. and you should give her a full-
10:29 am
time job in the channel. she's great. but the poll came out in pennsylvania has i almost said biden. hillary is up nine point ps before she speaks and in term was pennsylvania hillary is doing really well. >> kristin, he does. biden does appeal to the group that trump is siphoning off that will make a critical difference in the lekdz. what does hillary clinton have that biden is missing. one of the things that hillary clinton brings to the table. she has more appeal within the democratic party, pardon me. if you look at the polling in the early democratic process as bernie sanders was making its rise, he tapped in to the piece of the democratic base and it was a race between bernie
10:30 am
sanders and hillary clinton. and for someone like joe biden or martin o'mally that had appeal. that was not a path for him and it would have been a difficult race for him to win that democratic nomination. the general election he would have had a better shot than hillary clinton. >> there is no plan b. if future e-mail dumpses. we saw the impact they had in the begins of the leaks and wiki has said they have more and releasing more. you think joe biden is standing by at plan b? >> i don't think there is going to worry about on the e-mails. i would be concerned if the trump campaign given what he said and how he feels about putin. i wouldn't be worried about the e-mails. >> nice deflection.
10:31 am
thank you for coming on. >> and so hillary clinton getting high marks from the commander in chief in the dnc. >> i am{you to join me to reject cynicism and fear and summon what is best in us. to elect hillary clinton as next president of the united states. >> so how does hillary clinton follow her eloquent former boss on the convention stage and convince bernie sanders supporters to choose her over donald trump? our next guess said she has three main goals. (vo) maybe it was here,
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>> it's been you who fuelled my dogged faith in our future even when the odds were great and even when the road is long. hope in the face of difficulty. hope in the face of uncertainty. and the audacity of home. america you indicated hope the past eight years and i am ready to pass the baton is do my part as a private citizen. i am asking you to you reject cynicism and fear and summon what is best in us to elect hillary clinton as the next
10:36 am
president of the united states. >> well, the crowd on its feet and president obama raising the bar and endorsing his chosen successor. and so tonight it is hillary clinton's turn to step up to the plate and make the place for herself. she will lean on the theme stronger together when she makes the most speech of her career. what else will we expect to hear. washington bureau chief. she has three main things to accomplish. what are they? >> oversimpleifying make them like her more and make them like donald trump less. and make herself be seen as a serious candidate. and the democratic wrap is that it is all about attitude in no agenda and she does. she may not be a show horse.
10:37 am
she is a work horse and you have to have the material to work with. and i think she will do that. and the foot note in the outset. she was going to try to unify the party and we are all here together after a rocky beginning to the convention. >> there is an interesting piece on line in the new york times. jeremmy peters wrote this. no one could close a trust deficit with the american people as long as mrs. clinton's one speech. thursday night will be the beginning of her biggest challenge, making voters think she is trustworthy. how do you do that? >> well, i agree with the sentiment there and i am working on something similar tomorrow. it is it a longer term process and she's got 3 or 4 months to accomplish.
10:38 am
and donald trump has the time to get people comfortable with him as president. none of that happens in one speech or one week. but the key from the point of view is to start making progress on that. she's not a person who is not well known. there are well formed opinions. and it is tougher for someone who is a blank slate. >> one of the things that it seems to me hurts her, is the campaign advertising from her first go around and running in 2008. and made a well done commercial about the 3:00 a.m. phone call and then you know, she has the benghazi episode while she is secretary of state and donald trump said when the phone rang at 3:00 a.m. she was not to be found. >> i think they will push back hard on that by saying essentially there were plenty.
10:39 am
benghazi episode was complicated and a lot of other examples in which she was flying around the world and going to israel to broker peace between palestinian and israeli. and they will take it head-on and i don't think they will avoid that charge. it is an assertion that republicans hope undercut the image of confidence and the one that trusts her to tell us what she is going to do. >> it is it a fascinating race here on out. thank you for joining us. >> russiane to be behind the dnc e-mails. kremlin dismisses the claims and how the reaction could impact the election. >> you have to be kidding?
10:40 am
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10:44 am
and they pretended those problems didn't even exist. 70 percent of the americans think america is on the wrong track. the party is disconnected. and trump defended his comments on russia and dnc hacking. >> crooked hillary clinton. russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30000 e-mails that are missing. i think you would be probably be rewarded mightily by our press. and trump had this to say when brian asked if he was joking. >> you have to be kidding? his client and person deleted 33000 e-mails illegally and i am sarcastic. >> were you? >> of course, i am.
10:45 am
you have 33000 e-mails deleted and the problem is what was said on the e-mails from the democratic national committee. it is disgraceful they talk about religion and race and woman. what they said on the e-mail system a disgrace. >> we have a former deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley. and chris is a pollster. kareem, what he said a sad night for democrats as they sat there and cheered. it is interesting that with his slogan with make america great again. he has backed democrats in the corner of saying what are you talking about. america is fantastic and then people at home, i don't know if that is true. from a strategist point of view who is winning the argument?
10:46 am
>> hey, melissa, look, look, look, president obama had 50 plus approval rating, right. there is something to be said about his job as president of the united states. we saw unifying the party and last night we saw the optimism and what democrats were able to represent. we have a lot of work to be done in the country. it is not doomsday and we are not living in the sci- fi end of days type of world. america is a great country and we need someone to take us in the optimistic fashion to it the future. the republicans presented something so scary and put fear in the american people. >> chris, what was said in this convention, i ask you the question. it is interesting that trump backed them in the corner of
10:47 am
saying we are optimistic and things are going great and the country is great. i don't know how much that resonates, i guess we'll see how much. >> it does resonant to a certain extent. president obama's speech minus 4 or 5 paragraphed could be like ronald reagan. i agree on that. but i disagree that the attitude in the convention it is fab tace land upon and clintons great marriage and resounding secretary of state and not many people outside of the building believe that. that is a challenge in the tightrope that they have to walk forward. what we have now, president obama has a solid job approval. but we have a large majority of americans saying the country is moving in the wrong direction. you have a change election and
10:48 am
you want to advertise hillary clinton as third term obama and my firm did a survey. what would you rather have hillary clinton or obama's third term and a large said third term of obama. that's the challenge they find themselves facing. >> that is a big point and challenge. how do you deal with that. >> i am sorry, i didn't hear. >> we are going through back and forth kind of thing. do you want a third term of obama or change? and for hillary clinton, she sorts of stands on the pres pice of. that her husband said she is a agent of change and next night you have president obama saying she will continue my term. people outside of the arena, say which one is it? is she change or more of the same? >> there was a lot done in president obama administration and what hillary clinton will do
10:49 am
is continue the change that he started off, right? expanding social security and increasing minimum wage and there is a lot of work that needs to be done and that's where the change comes in. >> but 70 percent of the country thinks that we are in the wrong direction and continuing the work of president obama, as much as people feel affection for the man and they are attracted to that. but at the same time 70 percent say we are heading down the wromg track. they are difficult to reconcile. and they are. and it is who obama is. there are policys that are unpopular and be a man ho is popular. and i don't want to give advice for democrats, but they are are trying to make it an obama third term to continue hells policy they will lose. that is not the way to run are a presidential campaign.
10:50 am
but if they are trying to capture obama's popularity. it is different and a win- win. >> and thanks to both of you, jon? >> donald trump talking terror and touching on the isis murder of a french priest. >> we have to get isis and you saw what happened with the priest. it will only get worse. >> we are getting new details on one of the young men responsible for killing the priest. the police were already looking for this giechlt -- guy. hey mom! than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
10:51 am
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>> what would we hear tonight from hillary clinton. she will be introduced by daughter chelsea who has a tough act to follow on the heels of the speech given by trump's four children who got positive p responses. and we'll see what we hear from her this evening and vice-president joe bide bited. the billionaire candidate supporting the middle-class was malarky. we'll get reaction to that. i hope you join us, we'll be right back. fox news alert. investigators identifying the second attacker that ended with a savage murder of a elderly catholic priest. greg is following the story from
10:55 am
london. >> reporter: hi, jon. we are getting more details about p the attack and those posted on line. the video showing the two attackers declaring the allegiance to isis. from the town in northwest france where the hostage taking and killing of the 85-year-old priest happened. newly naep-year-old abdell malik. and his family home is in southeast home raided by police. it turns out he wanted to join isis in syria and was sent back to france by turkish authorities and the french were seeking him when the attack happened. the first attacker camish tried to join isis and was jailed and under surveillance. how do two people from two different parts of france come
10:56 am
together to create the terrible act. back to you, jon? >> and promises to be quite a night in the cradle of american democracy where hillary clinton will make history accepting the nomination for president.
10:57 am
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thanks for joining us. that was fun. >> it was fun. we try to make it fun. >> absolutely. "the real story" starts now. thanks, you guys. fox news alert on history in the making today. hillary clinton is just hours from becoming the first woman to formally accept a major political party's nomination for president of the united states. hello, everybody, i'm martha maccallum, live in philadelphia. so we have live pictures of some of the action here in philly today. nearly triple-digit heat out there, which i can attest to, i just walked outside and melted, essentially. it's going to turn into thunderstorms, we understand, as well as protesters that will be raining down as well, both threatening to rain on the parade this evening as we gear up for a fourth and final night


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