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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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wallace earlier, you got gets this weekend but news sunday with chris wallace, an exclusive interview with hillary clinton. the only show she's going to be talking to this weekend after her successful nomination. fox news sunday with chris wallace martha: looking forward to that . bill: "happening now" begins right now. jon: and they're all on this friday morning, hillary clinton and donald trump kicking off a three-month battle for the white house on the day after secretary clinton made her mark in the history books, accepting the democratic nomination for president. good morning, welcome to "happening now". i've tried on and thank you melissa.
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melissa: i'm melissa francis in today for jenna lee. hillary clinton looking to keep up the momentum after wrapping up a convention last night with an acceptance speech that laid out her priorities, reached out to republicans and directly attack donald trump of course. chelsea clinton introducer by praising her mom's devotion to family andpublic-service. >> she's a listener and a doer. she's a woman driven by compassion , by faith , by a fierce sense of justice. and a heart full of love. >> we know that she has no other knows how to use all instruments of americanpower. not just the military, to keep us all safe and free . [applause] >> donald trump, you are asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? [applause] i will gladly lend you my copy.
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>> is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in american promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [applause] [music] jon: some of the highlights from last night. right now we are awaiting a rally by mrs. clinton and her running mate in philadelphia has they begin a tour of pennsylvania and ohio. two battleground states that donald trump thinks he can win. senior political correspondent mike emmanuelle in philadelphia, mike? reporter: john, good morning. here at temple university
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this will be the first of three stops for the democratic ticket as it tries to seize some momentum following this week's convention. last night hillary clinton accepted the democratic party's nomination, that historic moment for one of the major parties in this country to nominate a woman for president. clinton spoke of trying to unite the country to create opportunities for all americans and made outreach to those who might be uncomfortable supporting donald trump. >> i will be a president for democrats, republicans, independents. for the struggling, the striving, the successful. for all those who vote for me and for those who don't. for all americans together. [applause] reporter: there were also some attacks on donald trump as you might imagine. for example, one when donald trump suggests that he has all the answers. >> i alone can fix it. isn't he forgetting troops on
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the front lines? police officers and firefighters who run toward danger? doctors and nurses who care for us? reporter: after the speech of course democratic ticket took a little time to enjoy the celebration with a traditional balloon drop at the convention center . they are quick getting back to work, a rally here next hour then a bus tour of critical battleground states both pennsylvania and ohio, john? jon: mike and manuel in philadelphia, thank you. mrs. clinton's speech was the final chapter of a contentious democratic party primary season where bernie sanders moved the party significantly to the left. last night she praised her campaign rifle and offered an olive branch to his supporters, he heard them loud and clear, listen? >> bernie, your campaign inspired millions of
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americans, particularly the young people who through their hearts and souls into our primary. [applause] you put economic and social justice issues front and center where they belong . and to all of your supporters here and around the country i want you to know, i heard you. your cause is our cause. jon: let's talk about it with chris eaton, deputy online editor at the weekly standard, shira center's political editor at the boston globe. welcome to both of you, i hope you're getting some sleep after this couple of convention weeks area chris, what was interesting to me as the camera cuts to bernie sanders when she was so effusive in praise of him.
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and he just sat there stonefaced for the longest time, almost as though he were receiving. did she effectively reach the bernie sanders supporters last night? >> it was on last exhalation of disappointment, i think john. i think she did reach those supporters because you made an overt attempt to do so. this was very much a speech that was given by a democratic nominee for president and not be all-american nominee for president this seemed to be building tour. we have to remember that democrats coming into this week were writing about this being the most progressive platform the country has ever adopted and that will be coming into the forefront as they try to argue their principles you want but shira, she also reached out to republicans. can you have it both ways?
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>> i think that's the point of the general election. candidates are trying to have it both ways. this is remarkable to me that she made such an over outreach to republicans in her speech, personal because you can look at donald trump's speech, he really didn't go there but also because this is been such a big election so far both candidates have been focused on turning out their base . donald trump has been trying to do that with republicans. part of this is the primary lasted three months longer than the candidates anticipated but still it shows her language and rhetoric, shows what that we are about to see to the general election . jon: but it also reminds everybody that donald trump i guess had the highest negatives of any candidate ever to run for president. hillary clinton has the second highest negatives so you got so many people who don't like you you might as well go to the other side of the fence and get those folks to join you. chris, what you think about that? >> that's scrambling the electoral map.we've heard about donald trump taking a bid for the rustbelt, taking off states like wisconsin, michigan to try to realign
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the republican coalition and bring out a lot of blue-collar voters. i think very easily we could have seen thursday night that hillary clinton and even the night before that trying to realign the democratic base. this is a very patriotic, optimistic convention during the 2004 republican national convention so the entire thing has been scrambled and we're seeing more evidence of it here the one that why she made such direct references to donald trump and some of the things that he said, because she's trying to pull in disaffected republicans? >> i think that might be part of the strategy but i also think on, this presents a candidate who wasn't going to pull any punches. i wonder what the next big event for the candidates, it's going to be the debates and it's going to be a high contact sport. it's going to be very angry, very tense and she wanted to project to people in her own country that she was ready to fightand she went negative more on donald trump that i expected her to you last night . jon: this is the most
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liberal, progressive, whatever you want to call it campaign ever for the democratic party so how do you present that and still say republicans, bored? >> it depends on what they choose to focus on and that's what made this week so fascinating. there was some dissonance with the three days leading up to hillary clinton's speech where you had barack obama, michelle obama, joe biden and john allen going out and talking about how the united states of america is this shining city on the hill, the john winthrop rhetoric you're used to hearing from the republican party so it depends what kind of message they take out and whether in the coming months if they forgot and think we need to turn out our base areas were going to see an appeal to some of the more progressive rhetoric if they try to go to some 50 state strategy and think donald trump is going to fall apart, the proof will be in the pudding of what they talk about on the campaign trail . jon: thank you both. nice job. melissa: across the aisle, republican presidential nominee donald trump willing
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to campaign events today in colorado hoping to win back the key swing states for the gop in november. national correspondent john roberts is live in colorado springs with more. what does he have on this late today, john? reporter: good morning to you from colorado springs. donald trump hoping to turn this background to win the last two election cycles, they voted for bush in 2004 so he's trying to put this one back in the republican column and on a serious note weighing in on the terrible shooting of the two san diego police officers late last night, tweeting out a little while ago, two policemen just shot in san diego, one day. it is only getting worse. people want law and order and trump continuing to press the theme that he unveiled at the political convention in cleveland last week, the theme of safety and economic prosperity particularly in light of this terrible shooting of the two police officers. last night in cedar rapids
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trump also expanded on his concerns about allowing syrian refugees into the country without proper vetting, suggesting to the crowd there and it was a large crowd in cedar rapids that it's impossible to know with the current system who is coming into the country and where they are going. listen to what told the crowd . >> nobody even knows where there being put so we don't even know what's going to happen. but all we know is we watch these people with these flashings and the book wrote cuttings and the cutting off of the head and the drowning in steel cages where they put them in steel cages and they drown. this is not happened since medieval times. reporter: of course with the conventional verbal candidates are being classified in intelligence briefings by the director of national intelligence and each candidate is insisting the other one is disqualified.
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a clinton disqualified according to donald because she had this private email server, donald trump disqualified according to hillary clinton for as they say, inviting russia to look into the us email servers during his press conference but here's the official word from intelligence sources familiar with the matter. they say quote, briefings for the candidates will be provided on evenhanded, nonpartisan basis. candidates are advised of the material and operation and policy matters are not addressed. these are not daily briefings. candidates typically receive one or two strategic briefings that provide broad threat overviews. the first of those briefings probably won't happen until mid next week. takes a little while to get the invitations out to respond and arrange location for intelligence officials to come and give them briefings. we should also point out donald trump has been busy on twitter this morning, a very critical of general john allen suggesting little michael bloomberg would be run out of town on a rail if he ran for mayor again and hillary clinton, quote,
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hillary clinton said i couldn't handle the rough and tumble of a political campaign. i just seen people and i am beating her. 102 days until election day. we got a lot more of this ahead of us. melissa: we have a lot more ahead of us, you are right about that. thank you so much. don? jon: the former police officer convicted of killing his third wife gets sentenced to more prison time today. why drew peterson is now facing at least 20 more years behind bars. plus, crude oil prices just reversing a long nosedive. how it could affect the economy and we want to hear from do you think hillary clinton did in her convention speech last night? it's the topic of our day on our live chat, go to to join the conversation. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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jon: here now a look at some crime stories we are following today. the former illinois police officer serving a 38 year resin sentence for killing
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his third wife will be sentenced to more time behind bars today. drew peters can seem convicted of trying to arrange the murder of a prosecutor who put him behind bars the first time, he now faces 2260 additional years in prison. police charged a south carolina woman with filing a false police report after they say she faked her own kidnapping. jessica jumped in and missed she tired herself off then sent videos to her mother that showed her bound, gagged and crying in a motel room. the trial starts monday for a man accused of killing a 22-year-old indiana university student. police said daniel missile killed hannah wilson in a rural area in your school last year. melissa: crude oil prices turning positive after their longest losing streak since january. lauren is live with this one. markets still in negative. >> oil prices were down up
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until the past five minutes seven days in a row, down sharply for the weekend about what this is the timeof year when oil prices and gas prices are supposed to be going up. if summer driving season, families are on vacation and we are blowing through supplies . it's building in a big way, globally there are a 93 billion barrels of oil, most of it sitting on state and the experts say even more oil could be coming to the market as canadian producers recover from the wildfires there and nigerian production recovers from militant attacks so now oil is trading above $41 a barrel, $41.56. still down for july, its biggest monthly decline in a year and with that gas prices falling 47 of the top 48. costilla $.13 a gallon, that is the national average today, more than a third of gas stations filling gas for one dollar and change. $1.99, lower prices are hurting stocks, take a look
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at exxon mobile and chevron, sharply lower quarterly profits due to cheap energy and how to navigate that? in the meantime we got more money in our pockets. melissa: it cuts both ways, thanks so much lauren. jon: firefighters in california battling another active wildfire threatening thousands of homes. we have the latest on their progress.and these two? they are dubbed the terror twins. they are fighting now to get out of jail. what prosecutors are doing to try to keep them behind bars. >>
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melissa: california firefighters working around the clock to battle a massive wildfire near big sur. as of thursday the fire was only 10percent contained . look at that. officials estimate it will take until the end of august to extinguish it. it has destroyed 34 homes so far and put at least 2000 homes and other buildings at risk. jon: the terror twins are looking for release from prison in south africa. the 23-year-old man accused of plotting to bomb us embassy buildings, now the prosecuting submitting new evidence to stop their release. paul tells me is live from johannesburg, paul? reporter: john, twin brothers tony lee and brandon lee policy are accused of preparing a bomb plot against us and jewish interests in
8:24 am
south africa and being members of isis. prosecutors dramatically introduce new photo evidence in court today to try and stop the brothers being freed on bail. in one of the photos tony lee is shown with his finger apparently on a detonator box area his brother brandon lee poses with an assault rifle. more new evidence, a photo said to be found in the brothers possession of what's reported to be a suicide bomb vest along with a manual on how to make a bomb read another photo down at the twins home allegedly shows a car bomb. they are dubbed the terror twins and said to be radicalized islamists are accused of putting together a plot to bomb us mission buildings in south africa area only lethal see is said to have offered to blow himself up in the name of isis. us embassy buildings through the country have warned of the danger of an attack twice in the last year. prosecutors the twins came onto their radar as isis
8:25 am
supporters a year ago and they tried twice in thelast year to fly to syria to fight for the group . sources say it is alleged that when they were turned around that johannesburg's airport they decided instead to attack us embassy installations here. one final note, we reported four of our young south africans being recruited to go to syria to join isis. this is the first time we've learned of apparent plans to carry out isis attacks inside the country. on? jon: paul tinsley in south africa, it's a worldwide problem. melissa: sure is. heavy rain and thunderstorms to in the midwest and northeast today, maria molina as the latest from the fox weather center. in the democratic convention coming to a close last night. our meal media panel lazing on the coverage in cleveland and in philadelphia. >> if you have medicare
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jon: right now a quick look at what's still to come this hour of "happening now". chelsea a clinton speaking on behalf of her mother last night. our media panel discusses how her speech was received. prosecutors subtly dismiss all charges against the man convicted in 2010 of stealing washington dc intern chandra levy. his conviction overturned and new trial had been ordered. plus, human remains discovered near the site of an old new york prison. how they could be connected
8:30 am
to the man who assassinated president william clinton leach. melissa: showers and thunderstorms pulling parts of the country today from the central plains to the east coast, heavy rain bringing the possibility of floodingto some areas as well while other areas are still dealing with the heat wave . william is live in the fox weather center with more on this. a lot of weather out there today that's right melissa. we are tracking a lot of heavy rain itching through some areas and across the central plains and parts of the northeast. a few areas we are watching for flooding and even though the rain is over in some areas across the northeast we anticipate another round of wet weather coming up over the weekend and it could dump several inches of rainfall so that while we are looking for the potential for flash flooding and over the past week we pick up heavy rain out here, especially yesterday across parts of new jersey and southeastern pennsylvania, even across the mid-atlantic as in delaware with potentially more than
8:31 am
four inches of rain picked up in some areas from that massive rain and then here comes the next round. as we head into the weekend by saturday afternoon heavy rain coming down across parts of new york state, pennsylvania and pushing eastward so that will bring in another round for possible flooding and then again on sunday we could be looking at showers and additional storms so that means several inches of rain out here, potentially four or six inches of rain and another round of flooding is a concern. otherwise severe weather as a threat across portions of the planes, especially the high plains and portions of colorado, western forces of the brassica, heavy winds and a tornado will be a concern today and an isolated severe storms possible here or there across the plains and also across the mid-atlantic as we head into tomorrow so a lot what we are tracking, temperatures have also been on the hot side across the eastern us. you are getting a relief across the northeast today because of all the wet
8:32 am
weather that rolled through, temperatures only forecasted to make it into the 70s and 80s out there but take a look at the carolina through georgia, or cathing high temperatures into the 90s and then you factor in the humidity and those heat index values again into the triple digits, melissa. in wilmington it will feel like 103 degrees this afternoon and in myrtle beach, 102. melissa: we got dressed in new york so there you go, thank you for that. jon: the democratic national convention wrapping up last night and it's already drawing comparisons to the gop gathering in cleveland. critics say some media outlets devoted more time to clinton's convention than they did to donald trump's. hillary clinton needed to deliver a strong speech and she certainly did tonight. for nearly an hour she offered specific proposals, repeatedly ridiculed donald trump and his ideas, he embraced so many of bernie sanders ideas area he laid out a specific plan, celebrated on the same stage with her family and with tim
8:33 am
kane and his family, his her vice presidential running mate history was made here, now accepting the nomination of a major political party in the united states, first time in american history alone has, 96 years after winning the right to vote we are marking this historic occasion where a woman finally has been able to achieve what many others before hillary clinton had attempted area and it's really quite a moment in history hillary clinton has laid claim to the democratic nomination and the hall is going a little crazy. there's many balloons and beach balls the size of andrea mitchell and while it is impossible without the prism of our current divide of our currentpolitics , can we not take a moment to culturally take stock of the fact that history has been made tonight and it is now
8:34 am
possible to have a woman president at long last and if that woman is this woman, the fact that she once lived in the white house will just be a more interesting wikipedia entry further down the page. jon: perhaps it will surprise you that donald trump is responding to the coverage of the convention by to, writing the media coverage this morning of the very average clinton speech and the convention is a joke.cnn and the little watched morning joe, sad. let's bring in judith miller, a pulitzer prize investigative reporter and author and contributor, ellen ratner is also with us bureau chief atfox radio nurse news service and also fox news contributor . you said this morning? >> i'm tired, i'm not so sad but i have to tell you i think the media needs to hold
8:35 am
both candidates feet to the fire in terms of election promises, in terms of what their agenda did is and that's what the media's responsibility is, not to support one candidate or the other. jon: is there too much flooding in the media judy? >> in general there is that i thought last night was really an amazing night. it was not only a historic night in terms of nomination of the first woman as the head of a major party to be perhaps the next president of the united states but also frankly it was just a better show than the republicans put on and we weren't expecting that. we were expecting the veteran hero of the apprentice to be able to organize a great show but it was kind of a mess and the democrats were sowell scripted , there were primetime speakersactually appearing in prime time , their nominee did not step on the lines and the appearances of some of their top speakers and the charismatic leader
8:36 am
challenged mrs. clinton managed to pull off a rather extraordinary speech . it kind of lifted her own accomplishments which we come to expect from her but also went after donald trump in a very passionate way . so if you don't like her and you love him, you hated the speech but most americans, more americans watch that last night then watched donald trump so i think you have to say that so far, and i agree with al that we have to both hold both candidates feet to the fire but so far the democrats have just done a better job. jon: almost, well, ellen i guess because hillary clinton has been running for president effectively for 20 years it's almost lost on me that it was a groundbreaking moment. she was supposed to be the sure thing candidate in 2008
8:37 am
and she didn't get there. the fact we nominated, maybe it's because i'm a man but the fact we nominated a woman , it just didn't seem like such a big deal because it's hillary clinton and she's been running forever. >> as you know i work in africa and they said to me many times oh, you guys will never have a woman president, you will never have a woman nominee. they are still stuck way back when and so for them, for us to have a woman nominee and perhaps a woman president is amazing to them so some parts of the world still think it's amazing. jon: the camera captured the tears streaming down the faces of some of the women in the audience last night duty, obviously it's an impact that is somewhat lost on me. >> you are men, john and what the democrats are counting on our women like me who have been working for the quality of pay and women's rights for a long time and have thought that one day we might see a woman president, it was a very powerful moment but more than that look at the themes of the speech. jonah goldberg, conservative
8:38 am
columnist said the democratic convention was all about the love of country and the republican convention was all about the love of trump and it was a very powerful difference there and also in tone. democrats were all about patriotism, seal flags , finally last night and the democrats, the republicans uncharacteristically were very dark and down on america and it gave the democrats a huge opening so this is really a role reversal in terms of party. it was an amazing performance comparing these two conventions. >> is that one to be reflected ellen if duty is right, at the republicans have suddenly become a party darker in tone about optimism and the future. is that going to be reflected in the media coverage we are going to see it from here out that democrats are sunshine and rainbows and republicans
8:39 am
are not? >> i don't know what the media is going to do with it but i agree with judy as i was there that the americanism, the american flags and all that was much more prominent in the democratic convention on the republican convention.i haven't looked at all the media this morning but i don't know if that has been reflected but clear. jon: let me interrupt you that there were no flags on day one undemocratic podium and donald even tweeted about it and after he tweeted about it, all of a sudden flags started.. whether that was intentional or not i don't know . >> apparently the democrats spotted the criticism but boy did they recover. hillary clinton in white walked into a sea of red, white and blue. flags, placards, signs, it was just astonishing nevermind the appearance of so many military people, veterans, finally law enforcement in huge numbers and last night was just the celebration of the men and women who keep our country safe.
8:40 am
>> including that patriotic muslim, right judy?>> that was one of the most powerful moments in terms of television when you saw the father of the fallen lieutenant, who had given his life to save those of his unit. he was 27 years old, he was a muslim area he was the son of an immigrant and the father stood there, held a copy of the constitution and said donald trump, you have sacrificed nothing. here's the constitution. read it, iwill lend you my copy. it was very powerful . he was the mother of the bronze star mother in his job . it was just a very different look at how you keep the country safe. jon: we are going to have to leave it there, judy miller, ellen ratner, thank you. melissa: america looks to chelsea clinton to present the softer side of her mother. did she deliver?our panel will weigh in on that one.
8:41 am
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there was the fatal shooting of the a san diego police officer last night. right now theswat team has surrounded a home in san diego , more specifically shell town south of downtown san diego where a second suspect in that shooting is believed to be hold up. this is going on right now. we will stay on this and let you know what happens with that second san diego second suspect in the fatal shooting of the san diego police officer last night. melissa: chelsea clinton introducing her mom last night at the democratic convention, revealing a side of lori clinton the public doesn't often see . >> people ask me all the time how does she do it? how does she keep going?
8:45 am
amid the sound and the fury of politics. here's how. because she never, ever forgets who she's fighting for. [applause] she's worked to make it easier for foster kids to be adopted. for our 9/11 firstresponders to get the health care they deserve . [applause] for women around the world to be safe, to be treated with dignity and to have more opportunities. [applause] fights like these, they are what keep my mother going. they grabbed her heart and her conscience and they never, ever let go.
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melissa: brian joyce is a radio talkshow host of the brian joyce show and taylor bottom is republican campaign consultant and president of dco consulting, thanks to both of you for joining us. brian, let me start with you. chelsea clinton out there doing what it felt like was the main mission of the democratic national convention which was to humanize hillary clinton. you could really feel it for 25 years in politics and the public, it's astonishing that that would need to happen. what does that say? >> i think chelsea clinton did a very good job and of course we don't often hear a lot from chelsea clinton and she's very soft-spoken , she's sort of unassuming but especially i think juxtaposed to the theme of national security last night where people were talking about strength and toughness and issues like that i think she did a really good job of sort of showing that more human side of hillary clinton which
8:47 am
you are right, is not something a lot of people typically talk about. they think of her as a first lady, a former senator, they think of her as a former secretaryof state but it really wasn't until last night when chelsea got up there and it's easter those more human side to her personality . melissa: there's a video making the rounds on a lot of different websites that appears to show bill clinton sort of nodding off during his wife's speech last night and if you go on the google, go on the internet at all it's there, i don't know the favors he did. why is it so important to make her seem human at this point? we all know hillary clinton, she's very tough. she's very focused. are those characteristics that people want in a president anyway? >> i think they do and they are honorable qualities. they need to make her a little more humid for the same reason the need to make trouble look a little more human because these people are focused on their careers. they had lives that have been flashing across people's
8:48 am
television screens and on the previous supermarket tabloids that people saw. people see them as a specific role. you see donald trump as a builderand a businessman, hillary clinton as a person who stole he has political aspirations.why? because she's literate like in the public eye . >>.melissa: that seems like it's a reality for both of them, i don't know what's wrong with that. the other focus was on the fact that she can guard national security but it's been a big question in the public realm.last night on her behalf she had general john allen, here's what he had to say. >> we trusted her judgment. we believe in her vision for a united america. we believe in her vision of an america as a just and strong leader against the forces of hatred, the forces of chaos and darkness. we know that she has no other knows how to use all instruments of american power. not just the military, keep
8:49 am
us all safeand free . melissa: brian, was not effective? >> i think it was remarkably effective and when i was watching the convention last night what i really said to myself is democrats last night i think did a great job of taking the one issue that republicans have always been able to run on which is national security and issues of race and stability and they literally just ruined in the republican space and replayed it for themselves. i thought john allen sounded tougher and stronger than anybody i saw on last week's republican convention. when kaiser, the father of the muslim soldier who was killed overseas, when he stood up and held up that copy of the constitution and literally to the camera told donald trump you have sacrificed nothing for this country, that washumiliating for donald trump . >> that was a powerful moment but there is a lot of pushback this moment in the sense that hang on, donald trump on his he sacrifice? the clintons haven't
8:50 am
sacrificed either. you look back at, there were always questions around bill clinton at the time about did he fight in the war and how did he get out of that? they are in the same boat with that situation. but you look at thecurrent situation around the world and that is largely of hillary clinton's making, she has been secretary of state . >> that is the way donald trump will push back, what you think? >> general allen delivered a phenomenal speech. but what we saw last night was the peter principle in action. we saw hillary clinton likewise into her highest level of confidence. general allen claims a clinton is going to protect us but we have seen time and again throughout her lofty resume as first lady, senator and secretary of state and when she's been presented with opportunities to protect americans, she failed in benghazi. she failed to stabilize the
8:51 am
middle east in libya and in syria and in egypt, she's failed time and again that she's been in these positions to show strong security and she's incompetent so no, i don't think the american people find it. melissa: thanks to both of you. jon: a solemn moment and a few tears for pope francis during his pilgrimage for world youth day coming up. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me.
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jon: "outnumbered" coming up at the top of the hour, sandra and harris, what you have? >> hillary clinton kickingoff the general election with a rally in philadelphia and the next hour , will her blistering attacks on donald trump taste of what we can expect over the next three months? >> at no time in her acceptance beach did hillary
8:55 am
show any sign of remorse for her scandal. is this how you build trust? and what will bernie sanders supporters do?why the push for democratic unity all week long may not be enough. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy on outnumbered in new york. isn't it weird to be back? at the top of the hour, please join us. jon: are you jetlagged? >> there's no time difference. >> you later john. >> he flies a plane, it worries me that he doesn't know that. melissa: pope francis making a historic pilgrimage to poland for world youth the dare they wear hundreds of thousands of young catholics have gathered but today was all about summer reflection as the pope made his first visit to one of the most notorious camps of world war ii, auschwitz. where more than 1 million people were killed in the holocaust. there he prayed and met with survivors.
8:56 am
chief religion correspondent lauren greene has more on the trip live in a new york city newsroom, lauren pope francis as you saw solemnly walked through the gates of the notorious that camp in poland earlier today, the summer visit my francis to auschwitz where more than 1 million people were exterminated by the nazis, obviously meaningful to the pontiff where he met with survivors. >> this special silence in auschwitz is a cry to the world . please, let us come together. all the people. >> the pope's five-day pilgrimage to poland was part of the world youth day, sort of a catholic woodstock. pope francis taking mass for thousands of young catholics poland once every two or three years, it was ery created by pope john paul ii 30 years ago to infuse the
8:57 am
local church with enthusiastic young faithful and it's estimated more than 1,000,000 and a half young pilgrims traveled to the former communist country for the event and three are from new jersey but it will wrap up on sunday with a dedication of the next world youth day. melissa: we will be right back. >> you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. ..
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>> we are begin an hour, "outnumbered" start now. >> we are waiting hillary clinton's first rally that she accepted the democratic party's nomination for president. we will take you when it begins. we knew it was coming. hillary clinton, the first woman ever to stand on the stage and accept the nomination for president of the united states.


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