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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  July 30, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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weeks in a row on the best-seller list. let's hope democrats that read "the new york times" are ready to "wake up america" this november. get your own signed copy at a fox news alert as a hot air balloon in central texas has crashed. there are at least 16 people onboard with. it's unclear at this point if there have been injuries or deaths or what the situation on the ground is. according to the federal aviation administration, the hot air balloon caught fire around 7:40 this morning and crashed into a pasture neek lockhart, texas, 30 miles south of austin. the weather there hot and clear. there are authorities on the scene of this crash investigating as we speak. good saturday to you. nice to be with you this saturday. >> i'm melissa prann.
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welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. we'll bring you more details on this story as they begin to unfold. now on to politics. after the dnc, hillary clinton is road testing her campaign on a bus tour with her husband bill, former president clinton and tim kaine. her goal is to win over blue collar voters from donald trump, especially western pennsylvania, eastern ohio. investigators are working behind the scenes to pinpoint who is responsible for those embarrassing e-mail hacks that came out of the democratic national committee and elsewhere. kristen fisher tracking it all. >> this is the third time in one week we learned about hackers gaining access to democratic organizations. this time it's an analytic data program maintained by the dnc but used by the clinton
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campaign. clinton's press secretary confirms this breach did happen and it was accessed as part of the same hack that led to theosser of debbie wasserman schultz. he said in a statement yesterday, "our campaign computer system has been under review by outside cyber security experts. to date they have no evidence our internal systems have been compromised." a federal law enforcement official told fox news the hack appears to come from russia's intelligence services. earlier this week the clinton campaign suggested russia might be trying to sway the outcome of this election in trump's favor. the fbi and justice department are now investigating. yesterday the director of the cia declined to point fingers, but he did say this. >> i'm not going to comment on an ongoing investigation, irrespective of what some anonymous officials might be saying in terms of who is responsible for it. when it is determined who is responsible for this, then there
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will be discussion at the highest level for the government by the results of the investigation and intelligence professionals about what the right course of action should be. >> republicans like mike huckabee are raising questions about what these hacks into democratic organizations say about the party. >> what is it with democrats and their inability to deal with the simplest technology of e-mails? all the more reason not to trust them with the white house and national security because they can't even handle the simplest of e-mails. >> in terms of what these hackers actually got their hands on, the clinton campaign says it was basically just a voter data base. things like names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails, but no social security numbers or credit cards. as you well know, that could change. >> kristin fisher live in washington, thanks.
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let's bring in katie mcfarland, deputy assistant of secretary of defense during the reagan administration. we heard kristin fisher's report. a lot of finger pointing. i want to separate faction from fiction and your reaction to the fact donald trump made light of it this week. does that have any impact? >> i listened to that press conference. he was making a joke. he was making the same joke an awful lot of people made the last few weeks. if you want to find hillary clinton's e-mails, ask the russians, ask the chinese, ask the iranians. i thought it was a joke and totally inappropriate for the democrats and mainstream media to use that and seize on that to say trump and putin are in cahoots. but there is a bigger point to what you just said. is the russian government or any government trying to interfere with the american electoral process? if so, we need to take sharp and
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strong reaction. >> you say sharp and strong reaction. how unprecedented would it be that a foreign entity has any influence or impact on a campaign? also i want to get your reaction to people who are pointing to the clinton global initiative saying they have foreign influences. are those totally apples and oranges? are they do different issues we are talking about here? >> we have gone to great lengths in the united states to not let foreign countries or foreign individuals or foreign governments or foreign companies influence and interfere with the american electoral process. we have laws against that. you can't donate to the democratic national committee, the republican national committee if you're a foreign country or foreign citizen. we have rules in place. people have said that the clinton global initiative or clinton foundation was the way around that. that foreign countries or companies to donate to the clinton foundation then the clintons have been living on the donations to advance their
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political careers. there is a lot of coincidence of donations to the clinton foundation and decisions by secretary of state hillary clinton. >> before u.s. said there should be swift action, what does that look like? how should the u.s. respond if in fact russia is involved? >> you need to find out who is involved. on the second point, we need better data security. the government has been hesitant. we protect the data, supposedly protect the data of our military. we don't protect the data of our banking system, the electric grid, we need to rethink that. this is only going to get worse. secondly, we have the trump card, bad pun, but the ultimate weapon against any country that tries to do this to us. the countries are iran, russia, china, north korea. guess what they all have? they don't let people have access to the worldwide web. if we want to say, you mess with us, here is how we'll mess with
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you. we could tear down your cyber walls, then your people can see what's going on in your country, then we let it happen. >> do you foresee the administration taking action like that? >> no. not this administration. when hillary clinton was informed by the justice department that they thought her campaign was hacked into several peeks ago, the clinton campaign ignored it i think these are actions that need to be taken. my guess is they will only be taken by the next president. >> there's been a lot of headlines about paul and his past relations, business relations with russian-friendly businesses, most notably in ukraine. totally unimportant? is that something we should be talking about? >> if to the ukrainian elections, which is what you're talking about, a lot of the obama people, they also
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worked the ukrainian campaigns for different candidates. this is modern times. frankly, if there are former dictatorships struggling with their new democracies and they want to learn from us, that's great. >> thank you for joining us. an update on the fox news alert. authorities in central texas say it appears there are no survivors in that hot air balloon crash just south of austin, texas. accord together faa, the hot air balloon was carrying at least 16 people when it caught fire around 7:40 this morning. that would be about three hours and 20 minutes ago. the faa reports it crashed into a pasture near lockhart, texas, just south of the college town of austin. the bull ten coming across from associated press said that there are no survivors. authorities are on the scene
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investigating as we speak. a rural area when you look at pictures there. a hot, dry and relatively clear day in central texas. will carr following the latest developments. it seems at times like this, there are precious few details other than we know this is a serious tragedy. >> that's right. a lot of questions right now. not many answers. you just mentioned the reports coming out that 16 people were killed in this crash. something authorities on the ground will be keeping in mind is when you're dealing with hot air balloons, they are dictated in their direction based on the weather. you mentioned that it's hot there, there are wind gusts around 9 to 10 miles per hour, which are not significant enough to really cause a bad crash. reports are that the balloon caught fire in the air. they have propane tanks that lead to the fire that ends up
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picking them up into the air. obviously, there's potential for a combustible situation there. i'll tell you i lived in albuquerque, new mexico for three years. they are very well known for the balloon fiesta there. i went to a number of fiestas. a balloon carrying 16 people is definitely on the larger side. the larger ones i've seen typically carry up to maybe 12 people. 16 is quite a lot. they'll be looking into that. every balloon has to have an faa inspection. the pilot has to be licensed. all things both the faa and the ntsb will be looking into on the scene throughout the rest of the day. >> probable why it rest of the week. a very large balloon with 16 people reported onboard. one local sheriff saying at least 16 people. will carr will go back to making
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calls and find out what new information you can bring us. thanks, will. we'll report the latest across the wires from an ap statement. "the balloon was occupied and does not appear at this time that there were if i survivors of the crash." that caldwell county sheriff. he said investigators are determining the number and the identities of victims at this time, as we just heard from will's reporting. we are getting reports there were 16 people, but we do not have necessarily certified. joining us now is a former faa official and aviation attorney. thank you so much for joining us. i want to get your reaction and especially, like i said, we haven't rfrmed reports there could have been up to 16 people onboard. >> your reporter pointed out -- thank you for having me. this is a very significant accident. you think about it just an
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effective airplane with 16 passengers and crew members onboard. it's certainly being treated by the national transportation safety board and faa just like any other aviation accident. i think it's quite serious. we'll get information over the next several days. >> that number 16 confirmed by the sheriff. i want to ask you a little bit about what investigators at this point would be looking at. we talked about the crash site and hot air balloons are dictated by weather. all those factors coming into play. as they first get to the scene, what is taking place? >> i think the first thing that's going to happen, the investigation is going to get organized. we have in this country operating under the ntsb what's called the party system. in the ntsb, which will lead the investigation, will designate parties to the investigation. one of those will certainly be the faa which is entitled to be a party. likely the balloon operator, the company operating the balloon.
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it might well be the balloon manufacturer. once the ntsb is able to survey the nature of the accident, they can decide whether there might be additional parties to the investigation going forward over the next several days. >> when we talk about the possibility of a hot air balloon catching fire, can you break it down for us? little bit how that could possibly take place and turn into a combustible situation? >> i'd say as your reporter indicated, the way the balloon flies and the faa does, in fact as pointed out, they certificate the pilots and balloon operator. the pilot has to operate consistent with the federal aviation regulations. the way it operates, it's lighter than air. the way the gas, the air inside the balloon becomes lighter than air is it's heated.
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it's heated through an open flame. i'm sure many of your viewers have seen this on television when they cover the albuquerque balloon festival. there is on open flame controlled from the basket. in this case yes, it was quite a large basket. if there were 16 people onboard, it's controlled from the basket with the flame increasing or decreasing. so the hotter that the air trapped inside the balloon becomes, the lighter it becomes then the balloon goes up. so it's really a relatively simple principle of physics. the problem is you really are at the mercy of the atmosphere, winds, wind currents, down drafts, updrafts, power lines if you get too low, obstacles depending upon where you are. and there may be a situation where the balloon itself, the
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actual envelope that's carrying the basket and the people could, in fact, encounter the flame and you obviously then have the potential for a catastrophe. >> mark dombroff, thank you for helping us with this story. as we continue with our coverage, the sheriff is releasing that 16 people were onboard and they had just put out a statement saying there were not any survivors of the crash. mark dombroff, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. the clinton team ticket is already on the road selling its jobs platform to voters in the midwest. a key voting block that could swing republicans this november. the campaign bus rolls into ohio tonight. it's been in pennsylvania after the dnc in philadelphia. mike emanuel is on the ground in
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pittsburgh. >> the clinton campaign campaigning on republican turf when it visits pennsylvania later today, an area mitt romney won with 58% support. they are targeting white working class voters, which hillary clinton has struggled with so far. the clinton campaign bus tour of the rust belt launched yesterday in philadelphia. the campaign is calling this an american manufacturing jobs tour focusing on infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and clean energy. clinton faced heckling and said she understands some of the frustration. >> i understand that because i'm not satisfied with the status quo, are you? i think we can do better. i believe we had to recover from the recession that we inherited from the last republican administration.
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>> no surprise donald trump tweeted this morning, we are suffering through the worst long-term unemployment in the last 07 years. i want change. crooked hillary does not. clinton's running mate senator tim kaine says trump's claims on the economy lack credibility. >> does anybody here believe him? how about this? does anybody here believe one word of what he says? not one word, folks. not one word. >> democrats have won every presidential election cycle here in pennsylvania since 1992. the concern for democrats is trump seems to be connecting with those white working class voters. pennsylvania should be fascinating to watch over the next 100 days. >> mike emanuel in pittsburgh, pennsylvania congressman and trump's surrogate coming up in the next hour. thanks, mike. tomorrow "fox news sunday"
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you do not want to miss. hillary clinton herself, one-on-one with chris wallace. an exclusive interview. hillary clinton's first since becoming the democratic presidential nominee. check your local listings for sunday morning air time tomorrow. back to the gop site, donald trump is set to campaign in ohio and pennsylvania monday. mike pence heads out west. today boast are off the campaign trail. trump is home in new york. brian has the latest on the gop ticket. >> reporter: well today does mark officially 100 days till the final election day on november 8, the finish line. donald trump and mike pence are taking a campaign trail reprieve this weekend after what followed two really hectic weeks. you had the convention in cleveland and a full week of campaigning with several stocks including key battleground states of north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio and colorado. yesterday in colorado and
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denver, trump really zeroed in on hillary clinton's convention speech. she lauded how he had better ratings, 2.4 million people, more people watched his speech over hers. he talked about how it was so boring and average, and it was like taking a sleeping pill. mike pence saying the same thing in iowa, pointing out bill clinton was falling asleep. there was that. trump declared in colorado springs that he's no longer going to be mr. nice guy. he said he's going to start taking the gloves off. yesterday in that same speech it seemed as though he backed that up. there was a chant of "lock her up." a chant seen and heard at the rnc. initially trump said he wasn't supportive of that chant. he called it shameful. yesterday he signalled support for it. listen to it. >> you know what? i've been saying let's just beat
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her on november 8th. but you know what? no. no. i'm starting to agree with you. i'll tell you. >> the trump campaign also releasing a new web ad yesterday that icons traited on the fact hillary clinton's speech. it called the speech, characterized the country as wonderful which is completely different, an alternate reality, he says, from what's really happening. that came out yesterday. he started bashing bernie sanders yesterday for selling out his supporters. he said bernie sanders had made a deal with the devil. that's what we are going to start seeing throughout the rest of the campaign as he makes a play for bernie sanders' supporters who feel the democratic convention sabotaged anymore a rigged system. today he tweeted this tweet for bernie sanders. he said, "as usual, hillary and the dems are trying to rig the
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debate so two are up against major nfl games. same as last time with bernie. unacceptable." trump is going with the bernie supporters trying to get their support. we are following a breaking news story out of texas. we'll have the very latest after the break. stay with us. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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this is a fox news alert. we are following a devastating story out of lockhart, texas where we are learning that 16 people died in a hot air balloon accident. we just received the statement from the federal aviation administration writing and confirming the details we learned from the sheriff's department earlier. a large hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people crashed into a pasture this morning near lockhart, texas, after catching fire in flight. the accident occurred shortly after 7:40 a.m. local time. she goes on to say faa investigators are on their way to the site and working with the ntsb, which is the national transportation safety board. they will be investigating this accident and bring us all the details. we are in touch with the caldwell county sheriff's department. we heard from the sheriff earlier this morning. he did confirm the accident
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which happened right around 7:40 this morning in thepasture. as we get more information, we are going to continue to bring you all the details. back to politics now. we are exactly 100 days till the election. making this one of the longest general election campaigns in recent history. if conventions are any judge, it's likely to be one of the most vicious. associate editor for real clear politics is trying to work on recovering from the two conventions. we appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me. >> we heard from brian in the last block. he said donald trump now says the gloves are going to come off which i found interesting. you look at donald trump's campaign over the past year, i didn't know the gloves were ever on. >> i didn't either. i found that a remarkable line. i can't wait to see what offense looks like if this has been donald trump being nice so far. >> when you think about the way these campaigns have gone so
9:27 am
far, you see a paradoxal difference between the guys at the top of the ticket saying nice things and the guys at the bottom of the ticket, the vp candidates being the attack dog. it seems with kaine and pence those roles shifted. >> i think that's true hillary clinton is so unpopular she needs to make much of her campaign a referendum on donald trump's candidacy and scare people into believing he's unfit for office, and to turn out for her. she is going to keep talking about trump as much as she talks about her own policies. i actually thought tim kaine, as face a guy as he is, he's this dorky, endearing figure, he's been going after trump pretty hard as well. i don't think he is going to shy away from that. mike pence has not figured out his role. yesterday he said there is no place for name-calling, talking about someone else belittling trump as trump was name-calling
9:28 am
everybody. i think that is a different dynamic entirely. you can expect kaine and hillary to trump bash regularly. >> he said things so outrageous, he got high ratings, he got a lot of television time and twitter response. the general election it seems both candidates have the same access to media because everybody is covering just these two people. does that hurt trump, that overexposure issue? >> i think trump supporters hang on his every tweet. they don't expect him to do anything at these rallies except talk about himself and who he's angry with and who is being dishonest, all this stuff. i think i holds -- he probably has a ceiling, but holds a group of supporters no matter what. in using that earned media to reach out to other people that might not want to vote for clinton, but would have to warm
9:29 am
up to trump, i argue he probably needs ground presence and he's not invested in that so far. he's wanted to do this from the air on twitter and television. this race will be won on the margins. votes matter more in ohio, pennsylvania, florida, nevada and iowa. that's where he needs to invest man power to tip himself over the top. >> ohio, pennsylvania. he's up in pennsylvania talking to political watchers there. they said in bucks and montgomery county two, philadelphia suburban counties, big amount of swing women voters that could sway the state's election coming up here. hillary clinton has staffers, hundreds of volunteers, district offices, we haven't seen anything like that with donald trump. is it a new paradigm where it doesn't matter or will trump be
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rudely awakened with the idea a ground game is actually important. >> we'll see. this is a bet he's taking. he defied existing rules and norms before. he's proven us wrong in the primary. i think the advertisements aren't working. he outspent 4-1 and didn't get a lead in the polls. after comey indicted clinton politically, she started to tank. i don't foe advertising works. that walking door-to-door, staying on social media, identifying your voters and making sure they are registered is really important. to get those voters from pennsylvania to turn it red for the first time since 1988, i think is probably going to require getting people who haven't voted in a long time or ever to make sure they turn out november 8th. that requires man power on the ground. >> president obama proves the value of man power in 2008 and value of data in 2012. appreciate your insights. thanks. we are staying on top of the


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