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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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have with the federal bureau of investigation, we've asked the fbi's evidence response team out of san antonio to come and assist us with scene documentation. this is a normal practice for the ntsb in events that are classified as major accidents. that's what this case is. i'll take one or two questions. again, i'm just here to tell you that we are performing a stake down until the rest of the team arrives later tonight. >> what is the company? is this the heart of texas balloon company ride? >> that is my understanding, sir, houf we've been so busy at the scene i have not addressed that. >> can we confirm the number of 16 dead? >> right now we have a number of fatalities. >> range? >> i cannot. the ntsb, for everybody, the ntsb will provide factual information as the investigation begins full bore tomorrow when the rest of the team is here. >> what are some of the difficulties of investigating an accident such as this? everyone onboard being dead.
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what are the difficulties? >> you have weather, you have coordination with a number of resources here, local, state, and federal, getting the documentation. it's much like a crime scene. you only get one chance at it so we want to make sure we do everything correctly. thanks to the cooperation of all of these agencies standing next to me and behind me. we've been able to start on the right foot for that. >> constitutes a major event? >> significant loss of life. >> thank y'all. >> okay. that was a quick news conference from the scene there in texas where police are saying, as of now, there are no survivors in a fiery hot air balloon crash in central texas which happened earlier today. we are working to confirm more details. but from what you heard there they have the ntsb on the ground. they're following this crash. the ntsb will investigate, take a look at the weather conditions
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and other factors as to what led to this crash. now it's believed that there are 16 fatalities. although officials on the ground there are not confirming that number yet. just saying that there are a number of fatalities. as we understand it, the basket portion of that hot air balloon caught fire, crashing to the ground. this is obviously a developing story, a horrendous story, and one that we are following very closely there from central texas near austin. and this is a situation where the weather conditions as we understand it are clear. no storms in the area. but the ntsb says the full investigation is now under way and we will continue to monitor that area and information coming from the scene there as we get it. again, the ntsb, faa investigating this crash of a hot air balloon where we are understanding that there are a
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number of fatalities. we'll bring you the very latest and continue to follow this story. all right. shifting gears in a big way and turning now to the battle for the white house and the high stakes showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. with today marking 100 days until the november elections with political conventions now history, both candidates are waging a fight that will focus on the battleground states in the days ahead. now this hour hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine are in the midst of a bus tour through the rust belt. they are in rural pennsylvania en route to a wire technologies factory in a community hard hit by the loss of manufacturing and jobs. trying to make the case that they can turn things around. joining us now is jennifer griffin who is clinton headquarters there on the way now to pennsylvania. she's on the bus. how is the bus trip and where
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are you headed next? >> well, uma, we're on the bus with the rest of the press. we're trait trailing behind hillary clinton's bus as we head towards johnstown. i an interesting county in pennsylvania because it went to mitt romney in 2012. he won by 58%. that's unusual because pennsylvania, which is a very important battleground state, has not voted republican since 1988. but the clinton campaign is very concerned given that jobs -- so many jobs have been lost in pennsylvania, 271,000 in the last 20 years of manufacturing jobs have been lost. and so this is the moment where they're going to be taking their message to white voters, in particular, as well as to -- as well as to republicans here in the western part of pennsylvania and going on to ohio. a fun fact about the bus hillary clinton is traveling on. it's made in america.
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in north dakota. and the wrap around cover for the bus with the words "stronger together" on it also made in america by american press printing in nashville, tennessee. which the campaign proudly states is a union shop. her message has been "make it in america again." >> when he talks about make america great again but he doesn't make a single thing in america. >> reporter: she's pointing out -- she's been pointing out on the campaign trail that donald trump's products are made in 12 different countries overseas. so she is needling her opponent on that fact. we should be in johnstown an hour from now but you can see if you look out the window here there was pounding rain just moments ago. but we are really seeing -- get aggregate view of the rust belt as we make our way towards ohio over -- this is a part of this three-day bus tour that hillary clinton and her running mate tim
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kaine are making again to bring their message not only to blue collar workers but also to republicans in these very key battleground states. >> indeed. you've got a beautiful view of the lovely countryside there, jennifer. any mention from the candidate or the campaign about the alleged russian hack of the dnc and how thisaffecting her campaign? >> it's interesting. certainly on the minds of campaign officials who we've spoken to. but the candidate hers has not made any public remarks about that hack. her running mate has referenced it and certainly campaign officials have been saying publicly including her chairman john podesta they believe there's enough evidence that the russians were behind this attack. the statement that we've received from the campaign suggests that this was a breach of the data analytics server, not the personal internal communications server of the campaign. they do not believe that any
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credit cards or social security numbers of democrats who have contributed to the campaign have been released. again, they say these are two different servers and they are helping the fbi according to officials i spoke to this morning. i did have the opportunity to sit in on that exclusive interview that chris wallace conducted with hillary clinton. her first since she accepted the nomination of her party. that will air tomorrow. i can tell you there was a lot of news made in that interview. but i'll let chris tell you more about it. but fox news sunday tomorrow gets the first exclusive interview with hillary clinton since she became the first woman nominee of her party for making history. back to you, uma. >> definitely must see tv. jennifer, thank you very much. now to the fallout that continues over that moment of silence for fallen police officers thursday night at the democratic national convention which was interrupted by chants
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from some in the crowd of black lives matter, angering many who wanted to honor the sacrifices of law enforcement. >> please help me in honor of all of american fallen officers with a moment of silence. >> joining us now sheriff david clark who is the milwaukee county sheriff. it's great to have you on the program once again. i'd like to get your reaction as you witnessed that moment where you heard people chanting in the background "black lives matter" at a time when people were taking a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of those fallen officers. >> uma, nothing surprises me. these are slimy people that are
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attach to this pateful ideology. the phrase" black lives matter" suggests racial priority. they also preach hate and violence in the name of virtue. that is a separatist movement. we've gotten way from that in the united states. the american people decided they don't put up with that crap anymore. now, compare and contrast that to the republican national convention where donald trump is one of the themes that he had is make america safe again which includes all people across the united states who want to be safe from crime, from criminals, from terror acts. so when i hear this stuff coming out of the -- filth coming out of the mouths of the hateful ideology it re-enforces everything i've said from the beginning. i've been on this movement, hateful ideology for the last several years trying to slap it down. it's dangerous and hateful. i wish the southern poverty law center would add them to the list of hate groups in america.
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>> are you ycalling on the clinton campaign to do more to tamp down on the divisive rhetoric? >> that would be useless and a waste of my breath and a waste of my time. they've made it clear. one of their themes was compassion for criminals. they stood there and held off individuals who were involved in criminality. mike brown committed two felonies before he lost his life. most of the individuals that were held up there, this moms on the move, whoever they call, their sons were resisting arrest or involved in some criminal act. so they have embraced criminality as if it's some mainstream behavior or mainstream activity. i'm tired of the clinton campaign, i'm tired of mrs. bill clinton who thinks so little of black people that we don't -- she acts as if we don't have the intellectual capacity, the discipline to adapt mainstream cultural values, cultural norms. she feels the bar needs to be lower and we need to be given a pass for some of the ugly unacceptable lifestyle choices like gang involvement, drug use,
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school failure, fathering kids out of wedlock. no, those are outside the cultural norms. those have been destructive for the black community and you know who understands that more than anybody else? black people. >> let me ask you this. there are those who have suggested that with donald trump calming himself the law and order candidate, that he's positioning himself in a way that is fearmongering and putting himself in a situation that gives off the idea that he is looking for a role as an authoritarian figure who does not listen to outside input and just wants things to go one way. how do you react to that? >> well, first of all, what donald trump is talking about is really the bed rock of an orderly society, law and order. society sets up rules. that's what i'm talking about when i mention cultural norms. things that we agree that we're going to live to order our behavior behind in order to
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maintain that law and order here in the united states. that transcends race. that transcends gender. that transcends religion and some of these other demographics. everybody wants to be safe. everybody does. so i think it's a unifying theme, especially at a time when crime and 29 of the largest cities in america, murders are up, violent crimes are up. you know who is on the receiving end more times than not? good law abiding black people are victimizing and unfortunately by other black people. when donald trump talks about law and order, that is inclusive of all americans. >> you know we have news again of yet another fallen officer in san diego. there are big concerns across the country and you know this very well, law enforcement really believes and has a target on its back. what are you you hearing right now from your fellow officers out there about the environment and their concerns going forward
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given this summer of incredible violence? >> well, what i'm hearing, i talked to the illinois fraternal order of police yesterday, the chicago fraternal order of police. i've been all across the nation talking to luft officers individually. they're beleengerred. they are great concernnd rightfully so over anti-police in the country. there was a time before this anti-police sentiment picked up after ferguson where criminals were content with just trying to flee from the police. they thought they could outrun them. maybe run and hide and get away. now what they're doing is shooting first. of course, two of san diego's finest were shot in the line of duty. one died yesterday. and every time a law enforcement officer is killed in the united states, uma, a little bit of every cop in america dies along with that. my heart and soul, my prayers go out not only to the san diego police department but to the dallas police department, baton rouge, milwaukee, new york,
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chicago, every law enforcement organization in the united states, not just at the local level but at the federal level as well. we are under siege. a war has been declared on the american police officer. it's been fueled by this anti-police sent m. who is at the heart of the anti. police sentiment? very powerful people. i've called them out from time to time but this hateful ideology of black lives matter, that's who i'm talking about. they are fueling this anti-police sentiment sweeping across america. fortunately, uma, the majority of americans support their local law enforcement officers and their law enforcement agencies. we have the support of the overwhelming majority. overwhelming. i don't mean 51%, 52%. there have been polls out there where we have the support of the law abiding community. the only group we struggle with is law enforcement officials, the criminals and we're not looking to get along with them. >> i hear you. sheriff clark, always good to see you. thank you so much for joining us
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and of course our hearts do go out to all of those families of the fallen officers and to all of your brother officers and sister officers who are on the job every day trying to sacrifice and put their lives on the line for all of us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and i want to thank fox as well. fox news. you guys have been front and center on this stuff unlike the ho has not made a big deal about this. >> all right. sheriff clark, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. i watched her last night giving a speech that was so average. every tomb i mention her, everyone screams lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. they keep screaming. you know what i do? i've been nice. but after watch that performance last night, such lies. i don't have to be so nice anymore. i'm taking the gloves off. right? yes? take the gloves off. right? just remember this, trump is
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going to be no more mr. nice guy. >> well, there you go. that from gop nominee donald trump with supporters in colorado where he lauchlged a barrage of attacks gain hillary clinton and grading her acceptance speech at the democratic convention as, quote, average. and declaring that 4th has created a movement that he believes will help him win in november. let's bring in the national spokesperson for the trump campaign, katrina pierson. thank you for having here today. >> good to see you you. >> many political observers are declaring the rhetoric voters can expect is very clear, that they will see one of the biggest slug fests in the history of presidential campaigns leading up to november. both hillary clinton and mr. trump are hampered by the worst favorability ratings in recent times and both are kourpti icou making real headway in battleground states like pennsylvania and ohio. does mr. trump want to cast this republican versus democrat but more in terms of the outsider
11:17 am
versus insider? >> well, you know, uma, from the beginning mr. trump has said this is a movement of the people. his policies clearly are resonating among the american public. we see that with the outpouring in the republican party breaking records, winning 38 states. several million votes over everyone else. and in is a movement because not only that, but tens of thousands of democrats supported mr. trump as well as he's winning independents right now by double digits. this is a movement of the people. and now you have hillary clinton, someone who has been on the front lines of every problem in this country, whether it's education, immigration, and foreign policy, all the things that people are upset about. >> there are reports that a clinton super pac plans to spend upwards of $10 million or so in ads in those battleground states just focusing on what the campaign describes as the divisive nature of mr. trump in their words. the feeling is that because she has been embraced by president
11:18 am
obama to carry on his legacy, she appears as a status quo candidate, not as a change agent as her husband calls her. so now her only choice from their view is to try and eviscerate mr. trump's record and reputation. your reaction? >> well, i mean, look, this is the same thing that happened during the primary. there was hundreds of millions of dollars spent against mr. trump. that came essentially out of the dnc playbook that was released on wikileaks. you're going to see more of the same thing. mr. trump is a racest, sexist, unhinged because that's what they want to paint mr. trump as. mr. trump isn't just a new person that showed up to run for office. mr. trump has been very public for three to four decades now. so it can't be all of the sudden he's all of these things. he's an extremely successful business pan. he has businesses all over the world and created tens of thousands of jobs. that is something that hillary clinton nor her vice presidential candidate can say. so they have one option. considering mr. trump's positions, are opposite of
11:19 am
theirs, and that to try to character assassinate him. we've got news for them, it's not going to happen. >> really quickly in the few seconds i have left. the trump campaign soon after mrs. clinton's acceptance speech at the dnc described it as a speech delivered tr a fantasy universe, not a the reality we live in today. specifically what does the campaign seen as fantasy universe? >> well, the fantasy universe is, you know, just as your previous guest sheriff clark was talking about the problems we're seeing in the country. you have the president and hillary clinton now saying there's nothing to see here, move along. everything is fine. crime is down. prior to mr. trump's speech everything was bad. rich people are bad. christians are bad. and we've got to take away guns because crime is high. and now we're seeing the opposite. they have created a fantasy world to position themselves better with the american public all the while the american public is saying as you mentioned just yesterday, another police officer shot, crime is bad in inner cities,
11:20 am
mainly because of the failed liberal policies, and terrorism is running rampant under the rein of hillary clinton and barack obama. >> all right. katrina, always good to have you on the program. thank you for joining us. we're going to take a break and come back with more after this.
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welcome back, everybody. a wide ranging cyber attack on the democratic party targeting hillary clinton's campaign. expert are saying it appears to be the work of the russian government. moscow also suspected breaches at two other democratic party organizations. now the feds are working behind the scenes to get to the bottom of it. joining us now with more christian fisher who is joining us live from dc bureau with more details. kristen? >> uma, the clinton campaign is saying internal computer system was not compromised. what was compromised is a separate computer network used by the clinton campaign but maintained by the dnc. the democratic national committee. nick merrill explains it this. analytics data program maintained by the dnc and used by our campaign and a number of other entities was accessed as part of the dnc hack. he says, quote, no evidence our
11:25 am
internal systems have been compromised. still, this is the third time in just one week that we've learned about hackers gaining access to democratic organizations. first it was the dnc, then the dccc, the party's fund raidsing committee, and now this. earlier this week president obama said rush a is almost certainty responsible and with election day just 100 days away, the clinton campaign is now openly speculating that russian president vladimir putin might be trying to help trump win in november. here's the direct or of the cia john brennan speaking last night in colorado. >> obviously interference in the u.s. election spro cess is a very, very serious matter. and i think certainly this government will treat it with great seriousness. that's all i can say at this point. xwr the fbi and department of justice are now investigating and in terms of what kind of data was actually compromised. this is a system that was used specifically to analyze voter
11:26 am
data. so think things like names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, but not social security numbers and not credit card numbers. at least that's what the clinton campaign is claiming. >> kristen, thank you very much. as we've been reporting a fiery hot air balloon crash killing at least 16 people in central texas making news at this hour. we're going to have the very latest from federal investigators on the scene as they try to figure out how this tragedy happened. and back to politics. our next guest weighs in on the democratic party's e-mail breach that we are telling you about as we get more information about who might be behind that cyber attack. but first, here's governor mike huckabee. >> this nonsense last week about, you know, the russians and, you know, saying donald trump was really doing something horrible, look, hillary said the only thing she had on the e-mails destroyed were things about chelsea's wedding and her yoga classes. they shouldn't be worried about
11:27 am
the russians have that, should they? ...clear for take off.
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we are back with the fox news alert on the story we brought you at the top of the hour. authorities now saying there are apparently no survivors following a hot air balloon crash in central texas. as of now, we are learning that at least 16 people were onboard. it happened near lockhart, texas, about 30 miles south of austin. the ntsb is on the way to investigate. join uks now with more with the latest will carr. will? >> this is now the deadliest hot air balloon crash on record in the united states. witnesses in the area this morning say that they heard a lot of popping noises just like a gun went off. then they saw a fireball shoot up into the sky. now, when authorities got on-scene they say the basket of the balloon was on fire and the weather this morning, which is very important, was actually
11:32 am
fairly calm. hot air balloons pass in directions are dictated by winds throughout the area. we do know that this balloon crashed next to massive power lines in that area. most fatal crashes with hot air balloons happen when they hit either trees, buildings, or power line or power poles. now, the ntsb and the faa are now heading to the scene to find out the exact cause. take a listen. >> to the families that may be watching this right now, we offer our thoughts and prayers to all of them, for the loss, and this will be a difficult site for us to work through. >> we're just now getting in some of that witness reaction from this morning, people who lived right in this area. take a listen to this. >> when the cows heard the explosion, they all ran as fast as they could back to the barn. >> when you saw the flames, was it in the air or on the ground? >> no, it was on the ground. i mean, it went up like a big
11:33 am
fireball. >> like a big fireball, she says. over the last couple of years the ntsb has said that it's concerned about how large hot air balloons are getting with their baskets. they can carry now up to 20 people. the ntsb's expressed concerns over that. also they've expressed concerns over the lack of regulations. so when it comes to hot air balloons pilots have to have licenses and the balloons are inspected annually by the faa. beyond that, they don't have the same regulations that airplanes or helicopters have. they don't havelight plans. as i mentioned, very difficult, not an exact science to figure out exactly where a hot air balloon will land, depending on the winds, they could land very close to their picked location or they could end up miles down the road. uma? >> all right, will, thank you very much. big tragedy, indeed. well, the democratic party becoming a major target for
11:34 am
hackers this election season. experts are now saying that russia's government may be to blame. donald trump weighing in on those e-mails earlier this week. >> and if it is russia, which is probably not, nobody knows who it is, but if it is russia, it's really bad for a different reason. because it shows how little respect they have for our country when they would hack into a major party and get everything. but it would be interesting to see -- i will tell you this. russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. >> joining us now is more reaction, ed rollins, former campaign manager for ronald reagan and the chief strategist for the great america pac as well as being a fox news
11:35 am
analyst. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> lots has been made of that chent, mr. trump saying it was tongue in cheek being sarcastic but journalists went crazy with that comments, somal aing out says he being treasonist. >> when he made the statement we don't know what it is. should have stopped right there. and what i think he's learning in this process is anything he says, any time, any place, marley when the democratic convention is going on is going to get blown out of proportion. my sense is he ended up with a controversy that he should shouldn't have had when he could have been raising p issues of her e-mails which obviously the fbi said she was careless with. sometimes you need to be careful what you say. >> what do you think do you make of the fact that the fbi is involved in trying to investigate the hacks? >> i think they see it as a serious issue. and obviously they had warned the dnc months ago they had some indication of this happening. i think we all have to learn today in this day and age of
11:36 am
wondrous machines that everything is hackable. and you have to preserve your most important information, whatever that may be, whether it's your donor list, where you're going on a campaign, attack points are, any of the rest of it. it's all about mischief. it's not going to change. the course of this campaign. that's going to be changed by either donald trump or hillary clinton. but it's certainly create chaos. >> as we understand it, the clinton campaign didn't want to cooperate with the fbi. >> i think because the fact the fbi was investigating other elements of both from the state department, the e-mails and what have you. they didn't want the fbi anywhere near any part of it. and i think that's -- it was not wise at this point. i think at the end of the day if the fbi comes in and tells you there's something wrong with your system and you want to help them fix it, take their counsel and have them fix it. >> the wikileaks document dump and the latest hacks coming through, what do you think voters come away with from witnessing this? >> i think voters come away with a leeriness in the sense that what's going on, why is it going
11:37 am
on, why is potentially the russians trying to get in the dnc, what's going on? i mean,ic the point -- i have no information other than what i've read, the russians are involved in any way shape or form but we know that other countries have the ability to hack and i think we have to be careful. i think the key thing here is it's creating part of the chaos that's going on in everyone's lives today and that it don't feel anything secure from here. it builds your file, anything. >> also common knowledge though that the u.s. is also involved with trying to go after the secrets of other governments and other countries. >> the world is totally different. as i said earlier, in 1972 with the nixon team broke into watergate nobody understood why they did it. it seems stupid. at that point in time, there were only papers trying to find out or files they were trying to find out it, it took down a presidency. at this point in time everything on a computer, an iphone, everything that's out there is up for grabs. >> shifting gears a little bit
11:38 am
right now. i mentioned earlier that there is a clinton super pac out there that is planning to target specifically millions of dollars in those key battleground states to paint mr. trump as divisive force in america rather han focusing on issues but more on his personality, et cetera. what do you think about that strategy? >> a discussion of policy issues is pretty much over. after the convention. i think what's going to happen now is not much that mrs. clinton can do to change her image. she had a good convention. i think she did a very able job of getting through that convention but she's still got 68% on the country which is more than two-thirds don't think she's honest. not much you can do to change that because it's built up over a 20 or 30-year period. she needs to make trump an unacceptable alternative. they will do that. they will spend millis maybe billions of dollars and pounding him. he will do some of that in return but he doesn't quite with those kinds of resources. at least in the evidence that i
11:39 am
have. so we'll have to see. maybe changes the dynamics which when two candidates most unpopular in the history of the country it's hard to move numbers, hard to move polling numbers and those negative numbers. >> this is the election unlike any other for sure. >> in my lifetime there's never been another one like this. >> very interesting, particularly since you're in the middle of it. great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate you, too. >> thank you. and tacking act must see tv, hillary clinton will be sitting down to talk with fox's chris wallace tomorrow on "fox news sunday." it's her first appearance since the convention and also her first time on "fox news sunday" in almost five years. don't miss it tomorrow right here on fox news channel. check your local listings. as the general election shifts into high gear, appeals court issues a new ruling on voter rights in three states. plus, taking out isis in the mid m east could be the equivalent of opening a pandora's box. why the director of the fbi is
11:40 am
saying it could lead to greater dangers here at home. >> i've described our mission as we've got to find needles in a haystack and it's actually harder than that. we have of figure out which pieces of hay may become a needle because there are troubled people consume that propaganda all over the world. beyond has a natural
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welcome back. quick look at the headlines making news right now. a federal appeals court ruling loosens a photo id laws in north carolina and wisconsin. that ruling also halting strict citizenship requirements in kansas. opponents are calling the rules discriminatory but supporters say they are meant to curtail voter fraud. facebook may end up paying the irs 3 to $5 billion in taxes. the irs investigating the company for possibly understating assets in the tax years of 2008-2013.
11:45 am
well, winning the war on terror in the middle east could have an unintended consequence. that's according to fbi director james comb mow who warns an isis defeat in syria and iraq could lead to a massive my griigratio the fighters into europe and the u.s. >> not all of the islamic states killers are going to die on the battlefield. hundreds and hundreds of them, when the coalition succeeds, and i'm confident it will, in crushing the islamic state, through the fingers of that crush are going to come hundreds of really dangerous people and they're going to flow out primarily towards western europe but we might as well be right next door to western europe given the ease of which people can travel. and this is an order of magnitude greater than anything we've seen before. >> joining us now with the reaction lieu tern nent colonel schaeffer and senior fellow at the london tcenter for policy ad
11:46 am
resear research. that was a dire warning from the fbi director. >> he's been completely correct. i think we're making headway on the ground, uma, in iraq and syria. i've talked to my pentagon sources and they're confident by inauguration day next year we will have the campaign completed to retake all the lost territory that isis gained in iraq at least, which means it's going to be a tactical victory. but what director comey is saying is correct. we're not addressing this as a global threat. as you push on the balloon and in which we are they're going other places. so we've seen the results of that in europe and frankly my sources both in intelligence community and in the pentagon are very concerned and back up what director comey is saying about them coming here and, uma, we've seen the attacks here. i don't believe in self radicalization thing. isis is behind it. whether they recruit them directly or inspire them to take arms, but i think comey is correct on his assessment. >> so essentially that terror
11:47 am
network basically concedes that it is losing ground over there. >> right. >> so it's now regrouping, plotting out new strategies to go ahead and spread out into europe and the u.s. >> correct. absolutely. yeah, look, we're applying tactics to a strategic situation. tactics before -- sorry, tactics only essentially are the noise before the failure because you're not applying strategic thinking. we don't have a strategic plan to go after this. this is one of the failings of the white house. one of the things that the white house has refused do to do is allow the pentagon the authority to go wherever and whenever isis shows up. so by the fact that we're not getting there ahead of them, they're getting there, they're establishing their command and control, their network. and let me be clear on this, to defeat isis we cannot simply retake territory. you must define and then address and then destroy the network. the networks critical aspect here, not simply taking territory back. >> also you have a destroyed the
11:48 am
ideology but let me ask you this, what impact though is all of this going to have on the current situation when you're dealing with the refugee crisis? the fact that the fbi, comey, fbi director comey has said we don't have the resources in place to properly vet people in the way we need to at this moment to avoid allowing those people who are -- who may be tied to isis into this country because isis has made it clear they're trying to infiltrate different countries via the refugee route. >> right. and in europe. we know that to be true. therefore, you do two things. first, you stop allowing refugees to come in. you just stop. you take a step back and assess what you can do safely to preserve the citizens safety of the united states. that must be the first priority. preserving the safety of our own citizens. then you try to figure out what you can safely accept within the resources given. i've seen james comey. he said it in the run-up to our interview that it's like looking for a need until a haystack.
11:49 am
it's not. this is a policy failure to look in the right places. like looking for a crowbar in a garage where you know it's going to be there. you've got to look at the source community. i'm sorry, i'm going to say this as directly as i have to. it's within the radical islamic community, within the radical sliss. so it's not the propertestants. it's not the catholics. it's the islamists. you have to start there and go throughout, otherwise if you're looking at everything you will see nothing and you will see more attacks like in orlando where the guy was interviewed three times by the fbi. >> tony schaeffer, it's very sobering reality and something we have to pay close attention to. we're going to be watching it very closely as well. appreciate you joining us today with your insights. belgian officials arresting two brothers for possibly planning a terror attack there. what police are now saying about that investigation. and the crucial decision a judge is making today. plus, it's a big party at the san diego zoo. how zookeepers are celebrating the giant pandas '4th birthday.
11:50 am
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and being part of a terrorist group. though it's unclear what belgian officials what group they're talking about. police raids in the cities. police stormed seven homes, one in liege. no explosives were found but it's believed the man identified as nourredine h. may have been trying to acquire weapons or materials to launch an attack in france. that's a major concern because as we know, terror cells in both
11:55 am
countries have been working together. this is the latest terrorism threat in belgium. belgian officials had warnings last month about plans to attack areas in the country where sommer fans were watching the euro cup. police arrested 12 people and detained 40 others tied to that threat. there have been dozens of other raids since the march 22nd bombing at the brussels airport and metro station. 32 people were killed, many others injured. security in belgium has remained on high alert since then and the attack in nice. belgian officials have been concerned about something similar being carried out in belgium, and again, concerns about terror cells in both countries coordinating another major attack. we are not hearing anything of the sort, but of course this latest arrest raises concerns and the possibilities of something like that happening. >> john, thank you very much for the update. and now shifting gears in a very big way, a story that will
11:56 am
make you smile. it's a birthday bash for panda triplets in china celebrating their second birthday in grand style, of course. they're enjoying a custom designed cake made of bamboo, carrots and apples. they're the only surviving panda triplets in the world, they're growing up quickly, each weigh 480 pounds. they're expected to be full grown in three years. they're absolutely adorable. that's wrap for us here in the studio. i hope everywhewherever you are make it a great day and a great weekend. i'm uma pemmaraju. have a great day. see you next time. be exact. by refinancing her mortgage, jennifer was able to put all that extra money back into her home-based business. month after month. helping her pursue her passion
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yes, the world is watching what we do. yes, america's destiny is ours to choose. so let's be stronger together, my fellow americans. >> welcome to this specially digs of "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. that was hillary clinton accepting her party's nomination in philadelphia, where she was hailed as a change maker by her husband, former president bill clinton, and an


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