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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  July 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a special called heaven sent. it will be live at 8:00 p.m. on the fox network. >> we'll watch it anyway. patty ann brown is up next. we are 100 days from election day and the race for the white house has seen twists and turns already and now a now controversy on the campaign trail. donald trump responding to a father of a soldier killed in iraq who delivered an emotional remark in the dnc. this is the fox report now reaction to a memorable moment from the democratic convention. khan, a father of a soldier killed in a battle in baghdad.
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he called out donald trump and told the crowd that trump never sack foized for america >> donald trump you are asking americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? [applause] i will, i will gladly lend you my copy. you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> and trump responded in an interview to air on abc's news this week. >> i have made a lot of sacrifices. i have worked hard and created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, are
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they sacrifices? oh, sure they are are sacrifices. >> this comes as both campaigns gears up for an intense show down. >> trump is off of the trail and will campaign in pennsylvania and ohio. and as usual weighing in on event throughs twitter. >> hillary clinton is campaigning as a bus tour with v, pick tim kaine, targeting working class whites that went for mitt rom no. she is taking time to fire back at trump over the retookz the democratic convention. we have fox team coverage, we have the latest from the clinton campaign in pennsylvania and begin with brian who is outside of trump tower. what does trump have to say about the speech? >> reporter: patty ann, the statement and speech was a biting repudiation of donald
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trump's call to ban all muslims from entering the country. he said khanwas probably emotional and probably a noise giechlt he reiterated the terrorism threat. >> we have had a lot of problems with problems. and you look at san bernardino and orlando and look at what happened to the priest over the weekend in paris where his throat was cut. the 85 wroer old beloved catholic priest and look what happened in nice. something is going on and it is not good. >> reporter: trump said the hillary clinton campaign may have provided some of his speech. khan's speech was one of the best and memorable speeches of the democratic national
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convention. not only when he pulled out the constitution and his wife who stood by her husband. she was too emotional to speak that night. trump suggested she remained silent because she is a muslim. >> his wife, she was standing there and had nothing to say. maybe she was not allowed to have going to say. you tell me. she was extremely quiet. and it looked like she had nothing to say. a lot of people said that. i personally watched him and wish him the best of luck. >> reporter: in a statement from paul ryan. the speaker made clear he rejects the idea and himself talked about how muslim americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. the hash tag trump sacrifices is
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trending nationwide on twitter. >> donald trump is claiming that democrats are conspiring against him in the scheduling of the debates. >> that's right. the democratic party rigged the presidential debates and tweeting as usual. hillary and the dems are trying to rig the debates so they are are up against major nfl games. unacceptable. and there are two national nfl games on september 26th and trump is stealing a page out of the sanders' playbook. sanders said they held the debates in weekend nights so less people could see sanders and benefitting hillary clinton. the difference here the democratic party does not set these debates up. that is the part p of the
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presidential debate. and the commission telling fox news that they had not spoke to political parties and campaigns and the dates for the presidential debates were set back in september 2015. >> thank you. and hillary clinton firing back at donald trump's comments on captain khan's father. jennifer griffin is in pittsburg. what are they saying. >> well, first patti, he said hello in russian to donald trump. that's how they started the rally here. we have a statement from hillary clinton in response to the controversy in the remark that donald trump made about kaiser
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khan's wife. she was moved by her son's story as well as when she heard him speak in an interview. this is a time for all americas to stand with the khans and all families whose children died in service to our country and this is a time to honor the sacrifice of captain khanand all of the fallen. he and his family represent the best of america and we salute them. needless to say the campaign denied they wrote the remarks that were delivered in the convention. >> what is mrs. clinton hoping to achieve in the bus tour in pennsylvania and ohio? >> she's trying to appeal to republicans. but the bus tour is going across pennsylvania and ohio and they would like to it secure key
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battleground states. in 2012 mitt romney won with three percent of the vote. she continueses to have to respond to donald trump. >> he loses his cool at the slightest prove skragz. he went after retired general john allen who commanded the troops in afghanistan. he is a hero and a patriot. and donald trump called him a failed general. why? because he does not believe donald trump should be commander in chief. well, i say that proves it, our commander in chief shouldn't insult and deride our generals. >> in a factory, she said she wants to charge an exit tax for company cans who leave america
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to lower their tax bill. she quoteed mark zannedy who said trump's economic plans will lose jobs. and the trump campaign issued their response and said hillary clinton visiting johnstown, pennsylvania is like a robber visiting their victims. the state of pennsylvania lost one in three manufacturing jobs. the johnston region lost one in two manufacturing jobses since hillary- backed fasty went in to effect. the next will be the tpp. and pennsylvania is a key battleground state and voted democratic since known 88. but hillary clinton and tim kaine are leaving nothing to
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chance. >> thank you. and tomorrow, don't miss fox news sunday. chris wallace has an exclusive sit down interview with hillary clinton. this will mark hillary clinton's first interview since the democratic convention when she was the first nom no of the party and first on fox news sunday tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. and 6 clk p.m. on fox news channel. check when fox news sunday airs on your local fox station. >> fox urgent. an experience of a lifetime turns deadly in texas. a hot air balloon burst in names with 16 people on board. there were no survivors and they are working to identify everyone killed in the disaster. it caught fire and crashed in a pasture 35 miles south of austin. the witness said she saw
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balloons in the air all of the time but never wants to it see this again. >> i heard one pop. and then i heard another pop and looked around to see who is shooting, it sounded like a gun. and then the next thing i saw was a fire ball and praying who ever is there got away in time. >> casy ste gal is on the ground in lockheart, texas with the latest. >> reporter: patti, we don't have a cause. that's what ntsb officials or national transportation safety board are looking into right now. it is active back there in the field. we can tell you the balloon came down just under those tall power transmission lines that you see back there.
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one eyewitness said it looked like the basket was on fire and not the balloon itself. it is unclear right now who operated the balloon and who was on board. the safety record. we can tell you it is known for extreme activity and lots of sky diving. and other hot air balloon excursion and a woman driving down the highway snapped this photo of the ill fated balloon just momentses before the disaster. >> i think the pops i heard was the balloon hitting the lines and it was on the ground and a four ball went up. >> the fire ball was high as the lowest lines and it just blew. >> suitly terfoying. and the investigation hampered
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a bit the recovery out here because it is rur sxal kind of out in the middle of no where, south of austin and it will take time for investigators to get through all of the evidence back there and try to figure out what went terribly wrong this morning, patti ann. >> this is the deadliest hot air balloon ever in the united states? >> yes, since 1964. prior to this, six people were killed involving a hot air balloon in 1993 in colorado. the fatality count in texas is more than double that. prior to today, there have been 13 people killed in hot air balloon crashes in the last decade. and at least half of the accidentses and fatalities and people injured or killed
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involved the balloon coming in contact with a stationary item on the ground. again, don't know if the power lines here caused the balloon to go down. >> casy, live in texas, thank you. >> right now, growing concerns about the zeka virus. new cases likely came from the mosquitoes in the state it. where could the virus being spreading and wra what is done to stop it. san diego in mourning after the death of a police officer and his partner injured in a gup fight. more on how the victims are being remembered today. put some distance between you and temptation with... ...meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. ♪
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with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> olympics champions, the brian brothers will not defend their tithes in rio. they withdrew.
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they said the health of their families comes first. this comes as athletes and tourist are concerned about the zika virus. officials say the risk is minimal. growing concerns about the zika virus spreading here at home. health officials confirmed four new cases were likely transmitted by mosquitoes there. this is the first documentation of the trandz mission in the continental u.s. officials say there is no cause for alarm but the fda is releasing more guidelines. phil keating has more from miami. >> florida was the first state to have local transmission of the zika virus. >> it is the scenario that doctors are treading. the zika virus transmitted by mosquitoes in florida. this is only a one square mile
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area in miami. >> i will direct the department of the miami to increase in the area. >> cvc released a statement saying we anticipate there may be additional cases of home grown zika in the coming weeks. our top priority is to protect pregnant women from the potentially devastating harm becaused by zik a. just because they are in florida, there is no cause for panic. they don't fly well or far. >> south florida's largest blood bank is screening for zika in every single pint of donated blood in the state and in georgia, alabama and south carolina. cvc said there are no plans for limiting the travel in the area. >> we are a tourism state and
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welcome families and tell people to wear mosquito spray. researchers are working on a zika vaccine but will not be ready for distribution until 2018. a scary scene after she gets out of her parent's gras'm. belgian on high alert. new terror arrest in the area. what police say one man was plotting before they busted him.
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s >> a shooting people in a house
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party left four people dead. 20 adults were gathered and a man with a roifl started to shoot outside of the home. the mayor is speaking out saying enough is enough. >> our community has been shaken to its core. for too many families in our community their lives are changed forever. it was 30 miles north of seattle. the witnesses say the shooter had broken up with one of the victims. new reaction to a shooting that left a san diego police officer dead and his partner wounded. the mayor wants everyone to recognize the officers as heroes. >> we have two heroes. absolutely represent the best of the best. and we'll continue to show that support in the come canning days and months and of course, year.
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deguzzman and his partner make a traffic stop and a gun fight broke out almost immediately. two suspects were later d deguzman was a 16 year department veteran and father of two. this latest attack comes after the deadly ambushes against the police in dallas and baton rouge. >> police in belgian preventing a potential terror attack. authorities arrested two brotherses after a raid. one was released but the other was arrested. >> belgian prosecutor said one of the brothers is facing of attempting to commit terrorist murder and being part of a terrorist group, though it is unclear what group prosecutors are talking about whether isis or another terrorist organization and what this guy
4:26 pm
was planning to do. this stems from the raids last night. police stormed seven homes in monss and one in leeds. the man might have been trying to a kwoir weapons and materials to launch an attack and had contacts in france. this is the latest terrorism threat in belgium. belgian officials warned about areas that are attacked where soccer founds watched a euro cup. they have been dozens of raids sense the bombing in the brussels airport and metro station. 32 people were killed there and many other injured. security remained on a high alert and particularly after the recent attack in nice. belgian official its are concerned about that in france
4:27 pm
and belgual coordinating a major attack. there is concern about attack and security has been bolstered. as for the two brothers taken in to custody. one released without charge and the second is facing terrorism charges, but belgium officials don't believe he was connected with the brussels's airport or metro attack though the case remains under investigation. >> patty ann? >> one of europe's busiest airport is boosting security presence. word of an unspecified threat in amsterdam's airport. they checked cars as they arrived to drop off passengers. that prompted a major traffic back up. many people there and across europe are starting summer vacations.
4:28 pm
authorities say the additional security would be visible and noticeable. >> and a software program rused by the clinton campaign was used as part of the hack attack. the fbi is actively investigating and learning more are about the hackers and what may or may not had had access to. >> and tragedy striking and 16 killed and a hot air balloon burst in to flames. we'll have the latest on the investigation. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. a hot air balon burst in to flames in central texas, killing everyone on board. it caught fire and crashed in a pasture. witnesses said they heard popping noises. rudy, i understand the ntsb is there and also the fbi, what is that about? >> reporter: the fbi team is part of the specialized crash analysis time. they have specialized expertise in these situations and plane crashes and other type of catastrophic events. that is part of the investigation. and there is a lot of the state and local investigators that are
4:33 pm
part of the federal effort to figure out what went wrong earlier this morning and we know through photographses that were circulated on social media that the balloon appeared to go very low and before it came to the high voltage power lines and according to one witness who lives on the stretch of roadway, she heard a popping noise and indicated that the balloon made contact with the high voltage power lines and came to the ground. this is special otherwising in with the specific time out here helping the ntsb. >> so rooty, what is the latest on the victims? >> reporter: as of right now, the number is 16. but we believe that may be based on the lists that the company provided federal investigators n. our local new's station in
4:34 pm
austin area, an individual said she and her husband were supposed to be on board and they missed the linkup or hook up to it bring them to the launch sight. this individual who contacted the station that she got a call from the company where are you and have you landed yet. and believing that the balloon landed in a remote area. and she told those individuals and us that they were on board and missed the hook up and pick up this morning and why it is it is a good possibility that the number 16 could be brought down to 14. we'll have to wait for official confirmation on that. >> rudy, thank you. hillary clinton speaking right now in a rally in pittsburg. she took the stage a short time ago as part of the swing state bus tour with tim kaine. moenl, the fbi is looking into a hack attack on the democratic
4:35 pm
party serve isser. and it was utilized by the clinton campaign. christian, what is the data compromised. >> reporter: these hackers gained acitosis a dnc voter analysis program. and able to get names, addresses and phone numbers and e-mails and not social security numbers and credit card numbers. at least that's what the clinton campaign is saying. the breach did happen and part of the same hack that lead to the ouster of debbie wasserman-schultz. to date, they have found nope evidence that the systems were compromised. and the clinton campaign said they were not breached.
4:36 pm
but he might have a surprised pattyann. and who do investigators think it behenthe attack. must expert thes so many to agree that the russian campaign will they are trying to help. >> what is it with democrats and inability to deal with simple technology of e-mails. all the more reason not to trust them in the white house and national security. they can't watch the simple e-mails. >> reporter: they were asked about the latest breach and she
4:37 pm
declined to answer the question and citing the fbi and justice investigation. >> kristin fisher, live in washington, thank you. >> speaking of russia, russian president putin making a trip to europe. in slovenia. it was his third visit in the past 12 months to a european country. sanctions were put in place after russia alexed crimestoppers -- crimia from ukraine. malaysia, american and malaysian service members hold joint military exercises. the annual operation between the two nations is meant to
4:38 pm
reenforce cooperation between the u.s. and allies in the region. the arm they will have visits in south korea. >> and poland, pope francis celebrating mass. the leader of the of the world's plus billion cathices is there in poland. >> and kenya. students have now torched more than a hundred government schools in the last couple of weeks. cheating on exams and pressure on students are the cause of the arson attacks. >> students blame government for the outbreak. >> china. a little girl knocked down by a moving car. she fell and stood up on the
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>> extreme weather and golf ball size is hail damaging the homes. >> this is my kitchen window here and we were in the basement and it was shooting the hail through the window and hitting the basement dor. >> the storm damaged wheat and other crops as well. the national guard pitching in to help with the recovery. >> a deadly wild fire in big sur, california can. 48 square miles burned and the fire claimed one person's life. they can battled tough terrain and hot weather for days and have a long way to go. >> we are are not out of the woods. the fire can change direction and increase in intensity and rate of spread.
4:44 pm
it has to be monitored. >> janice don't is here with more. >> we watched the west and started the four season and already two dozen fire burning. we have moisture courtesy of the monson season. it is so driveway out here, the moisture didn't hit the ground and you are left with driveway lightning. we have a high fire danger. extreme to exceptional drought in southern and central colorado. that has not improved and over the next several weeks. we'll not see the relief. large than are 100 acre are more. we just started wild wild season. because of the monsoon storms, we could see relief in the
4:45 pm
southwest, but not getting into california. and past 24 hours. showers and thunderstorms moving in the northeast and midatlantic. and it is the weekend and need to see good 57: we have seen thee- six years up to hit lit. and last woke or toe. it is a lingberring reg con. and look at that tettletony >> that's not glaets. in >> we'll get relief cross the great lakes.
4:46 pm
it is u.s. will remain warm. weep had a couple of weeks of summer time. and police work on it. and police officers arrest a brother in blue. and that is the top story as we go across america. indiana, investigators say a detective was responding to a domestic disturbance between an off duty officer and his estranged wife in indianapolis. the the authorities apprehended the man in ohio. georgia. the hunt is on after a robber wearing a spider man mask strikeses a grocery store.
4:47 pm
the suspect forced the manager to open two safes and take taping the manager's hand and feet together and steals his car. >> there was a trail derailment in arlington. trying to get around is a nightmare. i had to go all the way to mcklain. and then it was not a shuttle bus to bring me back. >> 60 passengers were on board when the train derailed. local transit officials and the ntsb are investigating. >> and new hampshire, a community is on edge after reports of a peeping tom to spy on neighbors. >> i think i will close the curtains at night. >> it happened at least twice. witnesses reported a drone hovering outside of the windows
4:48 pm
at night and followed them as they move around the houses. that is a fox watch in america. >> tomorrow night don't miss legends and lies and features the life of george washington. >> gentlemen, the floor is open. >> our nation is on the verge of collapse. >> there is but one choice. >> legends and lies, president george washington airing tomorrow on fox news channel. hillary clinton on on the campaign trail reaching out to voters and making her case that she happens them on the jobs and economy. new polling suggest she may not a line with most voters on one controversial issue. we'll have that next.
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hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine are moving on to ohio as the campaign bus tour continues. and they are hoping to make the case for white working class voter ises. fox news chief legal correspondent lookses as where clinton stands on the oborgz issue and where it may differ from where americanses stand. >> vice-president nominee senator tim kaine who is personally pro-life made a private deal to repeat the height amendment and blocks federal tax dollars from being used. he has a perfect pro-choice
4:53 pm
voting record. and it is a win for are pro-choice advocates who are taking center stage and pledging to do everything to make sure hillary clinton is the next president. >> hillary knows woman deserve. and stand up the right for reproductive health care and including abortion no matter her economic status. >> hillary clinton did not support expanded access to abortion but personal convictions of average americans shouldn't stand in the way. >> laws have to be backed up with will and dope seated cultural codes and religious beliefs and structural al biesz.
4:54 pm
>> 78 percent support substantial restricks on abortion and others who self identify as pro-choice and 62 percent oppose taxpayer dollars for abortion. >> since known 93, the pro-life movement has never been stronger. the democratic party's position is weaker. >> two pro-life democratic senators believe the party went to far. and making taxpayer fund abortion crazy. senator bob casy critized the move. in philadelphia, shannon bream, fox news. >> are you feeling luck haddy? lottery fever sweeping the nation. we'll tell you how much is at
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>> throw times the birthday fun in china. the only giant panda triplets. the party was packed with performance. and the birthday cake made out of bamboo. they each tip the scales at 140 pounds.
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and so by this time tomorrow, someone may be half billion dollars richer. people are lining up as stores try to get in on the jackpot. and coming in at a $478 million. anyone who matches all five balls and red power ball can take that over 29 years or lump sum payment of 330 million which is good enough. that's how fox reports on this saturday july 30th. watters' world starts right now.
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after invading the rnc convention i went to the dnc convention and not everyone is happy to see me. >> i don't trust them. >> and the pastor who electified the rnc. >> all lives matter. plus, i check out a justin bieber concert to see if i will be a believer and the panel of democrats try to convince me why


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