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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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evacuation for trauma or you e urgency. the last thing is you want to be completely devastated. >> thanks. >> great show. >> thanks for watching everybody. enjoy the rest of your sinuchbl. >> -- sunday. >> have a great day. ntsb still trying to determine the exact number of casualties saying at least 16 people on board lost their lives. we are live on the scene. hillary clinton facing threats from wiki leaks founder about releasing more campaign e-mails. donald trump faces harsh criticism for what he said about a muslim gold star family. >> and two retired generals are facing criticism. it is for appearing at party
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conventions, why it just made harder for all of the generals who follow them. thank you for spending your sunday with us. i'm shannon. >> and nice to be with you. 99 days until election day. i'm heland vittert. welcome. we are learning much more about the hot air balloon disaster in central texas. the hot air balloon burst into flames that then killed 16 people on board. investigators on the scene say they are look at the human aspects, the human aspect and the machine aspect. hi casey. he is live near the scene. >> reporter: hi. the power lines you talked about
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are just back there in the distance in that field. that is what eyewitnesss say th. although officials with the ntsb have not confirmed that saying it is clearly in the preliminary stages of the investigation. this area is very rural. it is only about 30 miles south of austin but it is wide open space out here. the balloon crashed in a pasture. we should tell you that this went down bursting into flames just before 8:00 yesterday morning. that is according to eyewitnesss. you may be surprised to know there is little regulation by the faa when it comes to these hot air balloon excursions including things like passenger limits and general safety practices, listen. >> it is a relatively lightly regulated industry. it is -- you know, there have
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been recommendations to have more oversight on it. the number is fairly low. it really did not justify any extra regulations. when you do have crashes they are awful as we have seen down in texas. >> the balloon was operated by heart of texas hot air balloon rides. friends have identified the pilot as this man, skip nicole . it is part of the investigation. we did speak to the community's mayor who tells us none of the victims he thought were local. it is extremely challenging. it is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. so there aren't a whole lot of resources but the feds have primarily taken over out here this accident.
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now, the deadliest on record in u.s. history on what was supposed to be a fun and thrilling experience for those 16 people who set out on the hot air balloon ride. >> casey is live in texas. thanks, casey. >> the general election is officially under bai. it is over remarks he made about a mother and father who lost their son serving in iraq. >> and today we have live team coverage. we are tracking the trump campaign in new york. jennifer is with the clinton campaign which is where we will go first.
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hi. >> reporter: hi. we just received a response from hillary clinton to donald trump's attack on the kahn family. she made the comments a moment ago while attending a church in cleveland. >> and what has he heard from donald trump? nothing but insults, degrading comments about muslims, a total misunderstanding of what made our country great, religious freedom, religious liberty. it is in our constitution. >> reporter: and in that exclusive interview we heard hillary clinton for the first time blame russia for that hack on the dnc e-mails and the server used by her campaign. >> i think laying out the facts raises serious issues about
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interfere ra interfe interfe interfere rans in our democracy. >> hillary and bill clinton attended a church in ohio today, the third day of a road trip. it is notable she gave her first interview since accepting the nomination. the campaign believes it is up for grabs in this election. >> said in the convention i'm not looking to repeal or take people's guns away. >> and the second amendment includes an individual right to bear arms? >> yes, but that right, like every other of our rights, our first amendment rights, every right that we have, is open to and even subject to reasonable regulations. >> also, a backlash brewing from general martin dempsey saying
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retired marine general john allen. they were introduced as generals. as generals they have an obligation to uphold our political intentions. they have just made the task of their successors who continue to serve in uniform and are accountable to our security more complicated. general dempsey said they should not have addressed the conventions but also said they should not have asked the military leaders to address the conventions. >> all right. thank you. good to see you. all right. to see the entire interview with hillary clinton stay tuned right after our show. it airs at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news, leland. donald trump said he was
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viciously attacked by that gold-star family and he should be allowed to defend himself. for more brian is outside trump tower in new york. hi, brian. >> reporter: hi. kahn is a gold-star father. he lost his son in a suicide bombing in iraq. on thursday night at the democratic national convention he attacked his call to ban muslims from entering the country. he also read he had sacrificed nothing and no one with. so yesterday trump had an interview with abc this week said he had sacrificed things and he helps thousands of americans get rjobs. he implied they may have written the speech for kahn. it caused major backlash on twitter. it trended nationwide and also ohio governor tweeting that he
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believed gold-star parents should be spoken about with honor and respect. trump doubled down on statements in a statement saying kahn was a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice. the real problem here is are the radical islamic terrorists who killed him. he has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim i have never read the institution which is false and say many other inaccurate things. trump also questioned why kahn's wife stood alongside her husband and said nothing, suggested she was silent because she is muslim. today in the washington pos post kahn said walking onto the convention stage with a huge picture of my son behind me i could hardly control myself. what mother could? donald trump has children whom he loves. does he really need to wonder
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why i did not speak? trump believes the upcoming three presidential debates are rigged by clinton and the democratic party because the first two presidential debates coincide with two prime time football games. trump believes he is doing what she is doing to sanders, making sure audiences are not watching the debates. he said i just want the largest audiences to watch and he want to work on presidential debates to make sure that happens. he also said that the nfl sent him a letter saying it was ridiculous as well. the nfl yesterday saying they never sent that letter but they obviously wish that the games did not interfere or coincide with the debates as well well, leland. >> all right. brian is live in new york. we have more analysis.
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let's take a look at some of the numbers. right now clinton tops trump. you can see it there. it is less than a three-point spread. the too close to numbers make the next 99 days crucial for both of the nominees. chris is here to help us break it all down. great to see you today. >> you look bright-eyed and bushy tailed. >> make up. >> smoke and mirrors are our friends. this is closer than a lot of people think it would be. the clinton campaign feels he has had bumble after bumble after bumble. she came off of a very impression of convention. maybe we are not getting all of it. >> right. we have to understand it is how the race was going into the convention. the two were stacked back to back. >> yes. it is tough to tell. >> we'll be able tole by thursday or friday how things
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have shaken out. definitely, democrats thought they should be smoking donald trump. they thought he should be toast. h how could it be so close? trump does stumble a lot. >> you didn't get the warm and fuzzies the other night? >> i don't warm and fuzzy it. the data tells me people don't trust her. >> yeah. >> and we do. the polling shows that. those are subjective numbers. these are factual. the polls are one thing but we both know it comes down to key states. >> yes. >> let's look back at 2004 and look at the electoral results there. >> this is the best the republicans did from 1992 to the present day. >> that is a lot of red. >> it is that wedge in the middle of the country.
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that is the map republicans have tried to recreate. they wanted to do that. the keys are you get all of the republican states. the deep south and the inner mountain west, you add in ohio and you add in florida and you have that's how george w. bush get reelected. it's not that way for donald trump right now. there are states and issues he might have problems based on demographics. >> let's talk about down south. that map was all red. you think there could be blue down there this time? >> well, virginia has been trending. virginia has been trending democrat. we see virginia as a more democratic state. in colorado large hispanic population. in arizona if it got to be a bad election it could be hard. you can see here on this
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lavishly designed graphic hillary clinton is over the top. 270 is what you need. if he looses those he needs another way through. >> is there a way? >> there sure is. >> okay. there is a graphic that reflects that. >> oh. >> our team is magical. >> verial lenlted. -- very talented. >> and you might even put iowa in. there are a couple of others. you might think about wisconsin. those represent states that could get donald trump over the top en ven if the southern tier states go through. these are the voters he has done well with. these are the voters that are upset. why do you think he talks about free trade so much? >> uh-huh. >> and he did a little bit of
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research on this. there are a number of union people that have come out publicly and said they are with them because of that issue. >> and we can see individual unions come out for donald trump. when we talk about these states, when trump talks about a tough line on immigration he talks about against free trade. remember, these are places where ross did okay. >> and some people have called you that too. >> i don't want to bring it up, just embrace it. >> yeah, always dashing in sere sucker. >> good bye. all right. a couple of minutes ago we showed you video of a balloon crash. it turns out that video was of a different balloon crash a few years ago, not the balloon crash in texas. i apologize for that and with that we roll on.
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partying turns deadly in texas and what police are asking the police to do for help. wiki leaks has more political bomb shells on the political game trail. what could it mean? as we watched yesterday pounding rain lead to disaster and death in maryland. >> it started coming through pretty heavy. it would have been about waist high on me right here. >> i'm just happy i'm alive. >> and today people are picking up the pieces. janice dean has more on the weather. hi. hi. we have a slow-moving storm bringing more rain and thunderstorms to the mid-atlantic and the northeast. when will it end?
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one woman dead and three people in the hospital.
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a suspect fired into a crowd just after 2:00 a.m. and a separate shooting sent another man to the hospital. police are not ruling out one of the wounded could not be a suspect. police urging anyone with photos to e-mail the video to investigators there in austin. the generals aren't doing so well right now. i have a feeling it may be obama's fault. they are spinning in their graves. they aren't doing very well right now. >> i think the kind of inflammatory answers that trump has provided, blame somebody, blame muslims, blame women, blame somebody, is attractive in the first instance to people who are looking for answers. >> they have 99 day to make their case before election day. this begins one of the longest
10:22 am
general election days in modern history, perhaps one of the more vicious. we have roy blunt and ben, washington director of moveon point org. how pont do you think it is you -- how parent do you think it is? >> it is clear that hillary clinton like most americans at this point believes this is no long aerorace between republicans and democrats, between conservatives, this is between people who agree with the basic idea of america and donald trump. it is part of the idea. she is making the case if you care about the constitution and
10:23 am
the decency of our values there's no choice in that election. she is reaching out to people who might not want to listen. >> you come from the traditional wing when you think about those kinds of things. does it make a difference to that part of the party? >> i think if you look at this right now this is a calculated move by the clinton campaign and it's a race for the middle. for her to come out with that little bump in the poll and answer questions about her e-mail and answer questions about benghazi, i think it shows that campaign is very confident. they won't see any of this middle ground to donald trump. >> how confident is the clinton campaign? >> i think the clinton campaign is appropriately running at absolute full steam. it is true of a lot of people across the country. we are hearing from across the
10:24 am
board people are horrified and i think the clinton campaign is pressing every advantage. i think we'll see a sprint-a-thon. trump doesn't have any events scheduled this weekend. clinton's is packed. the stakes are high and they know the more their message gets out the more advantage they will build. >> we heard them talk about the messaging coming out of the trump campaign and how it is worrying some americans. you think about it and he picks a fight with a gold-star family. why? >> look, if i was advising the trump campaign i would say that was a mistake, let's get it back. he knows that americans, across, what they are looking for is a fighter. they want to say the awkward things but not back down.
10:25 am
anyone else i don't think would be able to pull it off. he is doubling down. >> it certain worked for donald trump in the primaries. we all sat on so many minutes and hours saying this will be the end of donald trump. in his commenting about building a wall on and on and on yet none of them have destroyed it. is there a chance they don't understand the new dynamic? >> i think they are doing what the republicans didn't, which is go on the attack. most of republicans never actually went over donald trump. they were trying to steal some of his thunlder. that's not what the clinton campaign is doing. who is he fighting? he is fighting a family that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. it is horrifying to most americans. any family that has a member of the military in it, it's not
10:26 am
something you ever want to hear from a potential commander in chief. i think that's why he is fully on the attack. they are not letting him hoist himself as so many republicans hoped he would do. >> is the clinton method vastly different? does it work? >> we have 99 more cadays of th. i think anybody that would try to predict how it would go would make a mistake. honestly, i can't wait for these upcoming debates. >> and we have controversy about whether or not it will happen on the same day as an nfl game and they are sending a letter to donald trump and the nfl saying we never sent any letters. who knows when the debates will happen or if trump will show up. he says he will. thanks. appreciate you being here. >> thanks. torrential rains and flash
10:27 am
flooding have def staltd vastata outside baltimore. first responders rescued numerous people. it knocked out power more than 10,000 customers. local reports say at least one person is dead. low moving storms continue to hit the east coast. let's check in with janice dean. >> hi. let's take a look at it. we have the slow moving storm system across the northeast, mid-atlantic. it is bringing more rain throughout the day today and things will start to clear up as we head into tuesday. unfortunately the possibility of flash flooding up towards new jersey and new york and philadelphia, radar estimated precipitation over the last week in some cases over 4 to 6 inches of larain. we'll see the potential of more heavy rain over the next 48
10:28 am
hours. by tuesday things start to clear up. don't be surprised to see the potential for more flooding around the new york city area, new jersey up towards new england. real quick want to point out the west coast where we are still dealing with wild fires across much of the west. the fire danger remains for many states with red flag warnings and high fire alerts. drought monitor shows you the fact that we have extreme to exceptional drought. if i could, the most cutest picture on the internet swept the nation at the dnc. it was heavy rain across philadelphia. there is shannon green. look at you bringing back the rain bonnet. >> that is one sexy 95-year-old right there. >> i am working the rain bonnet. it was pouring down rain. we had to get to our next tv
10:29 am
location. i had been to the grocery store and they had rain bonnets there. when i would laugh at my aunts and grandgrandma, that was me r at the dnc. >> #rainbonnetsforall. >> i can't way to see you in new york this week. >> i can't wait. i'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. >> bye. hard to follow that act. when we return more on the hacking scandal and all eyes are on wiki leaks founder as he says he has gotten more documents to release. grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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his organization has even more hacked e-mails but won't say where he got them from or if
10:34 am
he will release them. fbi investigators are looking into allegations that it was the russians behind the hacks of the democratic national committee. following what has really become a spy novel mixed with an election. >> he said they will protect its sources and will not reveal how or from whom it received internal democratic party e-mails. they indicated that the dnc, which is expected to be impartial during its own party primary race possibly undermined bernie sanders. it lead to the ouster of dnc ouster, debbie. here is what clinton said about it on sunday. >> i think it raise sz serious issues about russian interfere rans.
10:35 am
we would not tolerate that from any other country, burgl. for trump to encourage that and praise putin despite what appears to be a deliberate ever to try to effect the election raises serious issues. >> he said he was being sarcastic when the russians would find from clinton's private e-mail server from when she was secretary of fastate. clinton is shifting focus away from the content of the e-mails. >> hillary clinton on fox is trying to undermind our publication, trying to draw attention to the fact that she conspired with the former
10:36 am
campaign manager. >> they said there is more to come on hillary clinton's campaign, leland. see which of the 99 days they choose to release those. thanks. all right. we told you earlier hillary clinton jumped off the campaign bus to make a rare bus on fox news sunday where she was asked about the hacked e-mails and her historic nomination as the first woman on a major party ticket. former member of congress joined me to talk about the campaign ahead. good to be with you. >> first of all, the dnc leak, it sort of got lost along the way. the question is how it makes the party look. were they picking favorites? were they backing a particular candidate. do you think it hurts the party long term? >> it does. it created wounds between those
10:37 am
who back bernie sanders because there is an attempt to sabotage the campaign. i don't think the dnc has effectively dealt with that issue. beyond that the question is why in the world was the democratic parties servers so vulnerable? if they say it is being hacked the third issue is i would be very careful about using this kind of an issue to drive a wedge between u.s. russian relations. russia has no business interfering. we have got to be very careful how we proceed with a response so we don't ignite a further separation. >> yeah, there are so many critical foreign policy issues. it is also a party to the conversation. whether it is syria, iran, israel, what do you make of the current tensions that we have?
10:38 am
zwl y >> you have to go back to the clinton state department. it wasn't very friendly to begin with. people were very negative towards russia and continue to be. that's a problem. you know what? that's contradiction here i haven't been able to figure out. there were major contributors who were involved there a deal which was able to get russia access to uranium deposits. so there's not -- on somet's oks with russia. on other matters it's not. i think it's better for the u.s. to proceed to try to keep peace, to work through our differences, not to continue to escalate a conflict with the world's formittable nuclear power. >> a couple of things, both of these are so high with their
10:39 am
unfavorables that people have as their two options, how do you think that effects the turnout this fall? >> there is probably -- you know, i heard from people. i talked to people who are saying look, i'm going to vote for hillary clinton because i think trump is going to get us into war and the world is going to d.en i talked to people who say i'm going to vote for donald trump. it will get us in a war and the war is going to end. so far we may have 80% actually holding that view. we have to lower decibal level here. we cannot permit this thing to keep escalating and driving fear and driving loathing in a country that is trying to hold onto democratic ideals. it will depress turnout. that is not good for secretary clinton, that republicans are
10:40 am
generally going to turn out -- to get a democratic turnout you have to make them feel good about the designation. >> back to you, leland. as we rush to the backlash about the muslim family that lost their son serving in the u.s. military. kahn accused trump of no one. trump criticized his wife. >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to sw anything to say. >>. >> i want his family to counsel him. he would be a better person but she a black soul.
10:41 am
>> a lot of folks have been wondering why we haven't had anyone from the trump campaign on yet to respond to this. all they had to do is keep watching. >> thanks for having me. >> glad to have you. is a presidential candidate's place to be picking a fight with a gold-star family? is that really what america wants? >> he is not picking a fight. the trump campaign and oall of america mourn the loss of almost 7,000 soldiers in afghanistan and iraq. this is a complete distraction by hillary and obama from the fact that they failed at fighting isis. >> hold on. hold on. hold on. kaiser -- >> i'm not kaiser. >> not kaiser. >> i'm morris. >> to say about someone's wife
10:42 am
why didn't she say anything which has a lot of overtones, what's wlo why say that? >> it is mr. trump's per ogtive. >> each has that -- >> morris -- >> he has insult -- >> i. >> you asked me a question. let me finish. trump has the ability to respond -- >> right, but it's -- >> morris. >> not these distractions. >> morris, doesn't it feed into the clinton campaign talking points about how trump can be baited by twitter or trump can be baited by personal insult. you have someone taking on a woman who lost her son serving the american military? he did take her on. that's what he said. >> he's not taking on a woman. he was part of a much longer
10:43 am
interview. you know that. i'm sure you have seen the transskitran transcri transcript. >> these are personal insults by the democrats. they are using these parents to go after donald trump. it is the democrats who made the country less safe. it is trump who will prevent more families being ripped apart such as they have. >> i'll give you the last word on that. now to this controversy that started about when the presidential debates will be. take a listen to mr. trump and more of that interview that you referenced. >> i'll tell you that i don't like. i get a letter from the nfl saying this is riridiculous. >> the nfl says they never sent a letter. was there a letter or not? >> that is personal correspondence that he has -- >> morris. >> again, your asking me a
10:44 am
question -- >> i asked you was there a lotter or not? >> that's a question you should ask donald trump. >> so you haven't seen the letter? the campaign hasn't sent out a letter or anything like that. >> that's something you have -- >> and you're -- >> and they want the debate to be hidden -- >> wait. wait. morris, i want to understand. are you accusing the commission of trying to throw the debates to niegts that is don't have as much of an audience? >> it is strange you would have them on sunday night and monday night football nights. if you have those debates on a tuesday or wednesday when there is not a sunday night football game or monday night football game more would be engaged. >> morris -- >> it is obvious --
10:45 am
>> up against a hard break. got to go. they deany any accusations of trying to throw things. >> and i'm -- >> as we move on two political endorsements. more on that when we come back. you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful!
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a former joint chiefs chairman. dempsy for appearing at the conventions. krystal fisher has the story. >> yes. he says it was a mistake for the two retired generals to speak at the conventions. he believes there's no place for political leaders. he made his case today. it reads the military is not a political prize. politicians should take the advice of senior military
10:50 am
leaders but keep them off the stage. they should not wonder where military leaders draw the line between military advice. he is talking about allen a and flynn. here is a taste that made general dempsey so uncomfortable. >> with her as our commander in chief our relations will not be reduce tod reduced to a business transaction. >> he called duhim one of the greatest soldiers he has ever known. he agonized over whether or not to speak at the dnc but decided it was something he had to do. >> it was not an easy decision for me to come off the bench to make these comments. i don't tend to remain active.
10:51 am
it was very clear i supported this particular candidate. >> general dempsey says both of those retired generals made the jobs much more difficult. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. trintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications
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pope francis surging young catholics to believe in a stronger humanity. the pontiff delivered that message to hundreds of thousands gathered for mass this morning. europe's migrant was a top issue with the pope expressing dismay and includingoland are not welcoming that many refugees. a 42-year-old sky driver became the first person in the world to jump without a para shoo
10:56 am
parachute. he jumped from 25,000 feet, was in free fall for go two minutes and landed in a 100 by 100 foot net. he was dead center. no way i'm doing that. you seemed like enough of a daredevil you might try it. >> there is one of those fine lines between brave and stupid. just before they took off they said you have to wear a parachute. hay said nevermind you don't have to wear it. that's when he made the final jump. i said okay if you want me to wear one i'll wear one just if case. >> no thanks. i'll take a pass on that. fox news sunday is next with chris's exclusive interview wit. >> take care. have a great night. heart atta, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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i'm chris wallace. >> clinton hits the road on a bus tour of battleground states and then sits down with us for the first time in this campaign. you say you're the real change agent. you're offering tweaks, not a dramatic shift. americans know what they think of you. two-thirds of them don't trust you. and the e-mails. >> yes.


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