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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you know what, red wine, too many people are drinking red wine thinking they're getting benefits. it may actually be bad for them. drink rats, maybe they'll go in the traps. >> i don't think it's really helpful to have a glass of red wine, the social part is great. cheers to you. >> thanks for watching. on the offensive. donald trump ratchets up the tough talk against hillary clinton to try and stop his fall in the polls. tomorrow comes his major policy speech on the economy. but will it be enough? >> and on the defensive, hillary clinton and her surrogates trying to explain her short circuit excuse over whether she told the truth about her e-mails. this is while clinton is preparing to hit the campaign trail in florida tomorrow. >> plus, iran says it has executed this man, a nuclear scientist accused of being a u.s. spy. what does this latest iranian move mean for the 2016 campaign?
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good sunday to you at home. nice to be with you. special treat having you on a sunday. i'm leland vit yerlt. >> i'm elizabeth prann in for shannon bream. welcome to america's election headquarters. donald trump has opened a new line avenue tacks against hillary clinton. brand new polls show him losing ground in key swing states. for weeks we've heard him call hillary clinton crooked hillary. now trump's questioning her mental state. if it sounds familiar, it's because he's borrowing insults democrats including president obama have used against him. kristen fisher is falling it all and keeping tabs on all of it. what's the latest? >> from crooked to crazy. that's essentially what donald trump is accusing the democratic presidential nominee of being when he says that she's unfit to be president because her brain short-circuited. what makes that attack especially sharp is the fact those are words that hillary clinton used to describe
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herself, words that trump is now playing over and over in this new web video. >> so i may have short-circuited. >> short-circuiting robot. then trump brought it up again at a rally last night in new hampshire. >> unstable hillary clinton. and you saw that. did you saw that where she basically short-circuited? i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short-circuit up here. >> now, that kind of attack is exactly what many republicans have been waiting for. they want trum top stay on target attacking clinton, not members of his own party. here's newt gingrich on "fox news sunday" explaining why he believes clinton's attempt at clarifying previous statements about her private e-mail server is so damaging.
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>> it's one thing to lie. it's another thing to lie about lying. and then friday she gave us the perfect explanation. her brain had apparently short circuited when she was talking to you. as george romney can tell you, using a short circuit as an explanation for you why do something is very dangerous in a presidential campaign. so i'll take the week. i think she managed to trump trump in terms of a mistake. >> but trump still made a lot of mistakes over the last week and they may be starting to show up in the polls. a new one out just today from abc news and the "washington post" has clinton ahead by eight points. so the trump campaign is really hoping that tomorrow's economic policy speech in detroit will begin to turn those numbers around and turn around what was a pretty bad week for the trump campaign. liz? >> kristin fisher reporting. thank you so much. >> for some insight into team trump's thinking ahead of monday's economic speech, gaby morangiello is a political reporter. we heard from kristin fisher both what we saw happen outside in terms of trump and clinton
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going back and forth and then the result, poll numbers. give us a sense of what it's like inside team trump right now. >> well, i spoke to somebody who's close to the campaign last week, and there were rumors swirling at that time that campaign staffers were really in over their heads -- >> suicidal is one word that going around. >> right. that the campaign was in freefall. that seemed to be the sentiment a lot of his staffers were feeling. i think this week the goal is to get back on message. they realize their poll numbers are slipping not just nextly but in a number of crucial battleground states and in order for donald trump to rein in the chaos that has happened that has overcome his campaign he needs to get back on message. >> you think about this. we've heard from newt gingrich going off on the short-circuit answer. that happened a week ago. which is an eternity right now in presidential politics. it took the trump campaign five or six days to latch on to that word. it was friday that they came out with that web video. why is it taking them so long to respond and to capitalize on these kinds of things? >> the thing is it always seems
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like the candidate is catching up with his own campaign. i remember seeing rapid response e-mails come out as soon as hillary clinton said that. his campaign was responding p but then he during his own campaign rallies and interviews wasn't talking about that. >> where is the disconnect? are they not talking to each other? is he not listening to his campaign advisers? does he think as he said before i'm a better adviser than any of my advisers? >> well, it comes down to trump's personality. the motto that has yore come his campaign is let donald trump be trump. at every point that a key adviser, senior adviser paul man atorte the campaign chairman has tried to turn him in one direction, it seems as though he does that for an hour or a day or a week. >> or one speech off a prompter and then you go from there. it's interesting to see how this is being set up in terms of the surrogates and where they're hitting on in an issue that could conceivably become a bigger one, at least politico seems to think it is, the issue of melania trump's visa. take a listen to newt gingrich and becerra on fox news sunday.
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>> she came here legally. >> how did she get the green card? >> she applied for a green card. >> under what circumstances? she had been here before she applied for the green card. >> and then she came and decided she wanted to stay and work. this is the only immigrant in america you're worried about. >> no. >> i think it's amazing the one you 12k50id to pick on happens to be -- >> it's interesting the immigrant basher is unwilling to explain how his wife an immigrant gained her status. >> it used to be that spouses were off limits. donald trump may have changed that with heidi cruz. so he can't pull that card. is melania trump's visa going to be an issue going forward? >> i think the further that journalists look into this and what's uncovered about it, it could be. right now the trump campaign has tried to pivot any discussion about melania trump's immigration status or her history as an immigrant away from that. they do think that she is off limits, although trump has gone after bill clinton pretty seriously. >> gone after bill clinton. went after heidi cruz among others. how does that play out, do you think? is it better for team trump to just say look, we're almost 90
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days from the election, let's try to move the melania issue out of the way, or is it this sort of deny and push away a better idea? >> i don't think the deny and push away tactic has worked well for the campaign. if i were them, i would at this point just issue a statement, get this out of the way and melania trump did come out and say look, i have always abided by the immigration laws of this country, period. that was a strong statement. but the campaign should echo that. >> also see what facts come out to whether they back than up or not. gabby, nice to be with you. thanks so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> good to see you. liz? let's go to the other side of the aisle. hillary clinton is expected to roll out her economic plan in detroit later this week. right on the heels of donald trump. in a brand new fox news poll voters say they trust donald trump over clinton when it comes to the economy. brian yenes is following this story. >> with donald trump expected to unveil his economic plan tomorrow hillary clinton will counterpunch with a major speech on the economy on thursday in detroit, michigan.
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the same place where donald trump will be making his speech. a clinton campaign official telling fox news she will present a clear contrast between her plan and trump's outlining how she will help everyone while trump's proposals will simply benefit the wealthy. this as a new "washington post"/abc news poll released today shows a lead for clinton over donald trump. the polls showing clinton up by eight points over trump. 50% to 42% among registered voters. important to note, this poll was done monday through thursday in what has been considered trump's worst week yet of his campaign. and speaking of trump's worst week yet, clinton is making sure voters don't forget it. this weekend her campaign releasing a new web ad highlighting key moments like interparty fighting after he failed tone doris house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain and attacking the family of a fallen soldier, the khans. two clinton super pacs also releasing a new ad today which will run nationally and in eight key battleground states. the ad features a gold star
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mother who lost her son in a roadside bomb in iraq. >> the sense of emptiness that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life. and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. >> earlier today on "meet the press" clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine, reiterated that clinton is apologetic about using a private e-mail server, and he made the following promise. >> she said it was a mistake. i am not presumptuous enough to start thinking about how i'm going to do things after november. but i know that this is something that she's learned from, and we're going to be real transparent. absolutely. >> clinton hits the campaign trail again tomorrow in florida. elizabeth? >> all right, bryan llenas reporting live. bryan, thank you so much.
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>> i know you can't call me directly about the pending e-mail releases from wikileaks. would you expect more about the clinton foundation? >> yes. >> do you believe she can win given the e-mails you've so far -- >> can she win the election? that's an interesting question. i wouldn't be willing to say so far. the evidence that the fbi has is enough for a grand jury to indict. >> that was quicki leakes founder julian assange teasing a potential october surprise. let's bring in daniel helper, the "washington post" bureau chief from the "new york post." >> good to be here. >> i want to get your reaction because we're starting to hear rumblings and we have heard it before, that there could be more e-mails pertaining to hillary clinton that we could see. if that does happen, if it does happen in october, is that something that she can survive? are her supporters going to support her no matter what?
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because we've seen some pretty damning evidence so far. >> the short is we don't know because we don't know what those revelations would be. because let's review the last month. wikileaks had a trove of stolen e-mails from the democratic national committee. they put them online. the findings were devastating. and the entire leadership of the dnc had to resign in the wake of that. if that happens in october and the revelations are just as bad, well, it could be a huge october surprise and it could change the trajectory of the election. if you're donald trump i'm not sure you want to bet on that, but it's a huge sort of external factor that's weighing in on the clinton campaign. they just don't know how to react at this moment. >> what type of impact does that have on a campaign when you see so many members of the national committee really having to resign in the midst of the last three months of the election? >> i think on the one hand it's bad because it's always bad when you lose -- when there's that sort of instability. on the other hand, the clinton campaign was essentially the democratic national committee, they were more powerful, they
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had the establishment in their back pocket. it's not really as determinative as it might have been if it were on the republican side, it was playing a much larger role in the trump campaign. the dnc has taken a much smaller role. they're not raising as much money. they're not that influential. so it's a little bit of a smaller role than it might have had it happened on the other side. but you know, let's not kid ourselves. both sides rundowner attack by these external factors, by these external people who are looking for dirt and frapsperhaps attac the systems of both parties. >> we've heard a lot of people critical of donald trump saying listen, you need to be focusing on the issues and also focusing on the fact that there's chaos across the globe and this is all a result of when hillary clinton was secretary of state during her tenure. does he need to be focusing more on that? is that damaging to her campaign? especially as we go forward. god willing, let's hope there's no more terror attacks. but we've seen a very deadly summer so far. >> correct. the foreign policy around the
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world, the world in chaos, the middle east on fire, that sort of thing donald trump is able to use and say she was secretary of state, she had a role in the outcome of these world events or perhaps leading up to these world events, perhaps setting the stage for these things to happen. and therefore, she wouldn't be a good president. i think that's a big factor. and a big argument donald trump will be making as we go on that every time something bad happens in the world he's going to try to pin on hillary clinton. of course hillary clinton hasn't been there for 3 1/2 years. she will say but she is running to be the third term of obama as she has accepted herself. by the way, that also doesn't relate just to foreign policy. domestic events too. i think he's able to pin on hillary clinton, who is tied so closely to barack obama. and that's sort of -- those two, the leaked documents and then the foreign and domestic affairs, those are external factors that really neither of the campaigns is able to control. >> another thing they seem to not be able to control is her
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response into whether or not she knew that there was classified material on that server. i want to play a sound bite for you and get your reaction. listen here. >> what we have here is pretty much what i have been saying throughout this whole year. and that is that i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. >> that was her press conference. from what she has been saying, with all due respect, i feel there has been a lot of versions of what she has been saying. am i the only one who's confused? >> noip i think everybody's confused. and i think it start aid week ago when she was talking to chris wallace and he asked her directly and she said the fbi director said she always told the truth. well, the fbi director didn't say that nin his testimony. she's been in a predicament. everybody knows she's untrustworthy. at least that's the public opinion of her according to polls. so if she admits she didn't tell the truth, she concedes a huge factor.
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and it hurts her biggest vulnerability. she doesn't want to do that. she's sort of in this bind where she keeps on telling something that isn't true so she doesn't have to admit that what she said was not true. it's a huge -- it's like this circle. and she gets in this cycle where she's not able to break it. and it's not -- it doesn't show -- it shows she's not quite fast-footed and she's not able to sort of break away at a moment when really all the attention could be on donald trump and all the problems that he's had in his own campaign. >> i think heard one op-ed, and i wish i noo so i could credit it, i think they said her responses are like a pretzel. daniel, i appreciate you breaking down all these aspects of the campaign. >> great to be here. thank you. just this morning the islamic regime in iran confirmed it executed a nuclear scientist accused of being a u.s. spy. here he is. sahram amiri had been in custody since 2010. he claimed the u.s. had took him
10:16 am
in 2009, on a pilgrimage to mecca and he had been physically tortured. he told the bbc he had defected of his own free will and provided useful information to the united states. returning to tehran a year later to a hero's welcome, amiri was eventually arrested and charged with treason. we're going to take a look at how this execution fits into the national security debate between hillary clinton and donald trump coming up a little later in the show. and we're learning new details today about the obama administration's weapon of choice in the fight against terror. remotely piloted aircraft commonly known as drones have been striking terror targets in pakistan and other countries. but concerns arose that innocent civilians are also being killed. voices prompted the white house to release its drone policy, which we're just learning more about this weekend. the white house revealing its "highest standard in drones are used only against lawful targets and when there is continuing and imminent threat."
10:17 am
it went on to say there has to be near certainty that the target is present. it also states that all non-combatants will not be killed or injured. intelligence officials say more than 2,300 combatants and more than 64 non-combatants were killed in strikes outside of areas in hostile parts between 2009 and 2015. isis today has claimed satu machete attack against two policewomen in belgium. this as we're learning more about the man wielding the machete who shouted "allah akbar" as he attacked. prosecutors have identified that man as a 33-year-old algerian identified as k-b, who they say lived in belgium since 2012. he was known to police for his criminal activity, they say, but not for any terrorist acts. he was fatally shot during that attack. and in nice a somber tribute to the 85 victims who died in the july 14th bastille day
10:18 am
attack. you can see crowds gathering and placing flowers, messages, stuffed animals and candles around a pavilion in a park close to the promenade. as you remember, it was there the 31-year-old attacker drove a large truck over a mile stretch through the parade. authorities are still trying to find evidence that he had any links to a terror group. coming up on the show, it may look and taste like candy. so why did it lead to a trip to the hospital for a number of concertgoers? and searching for answers after a california skydiving adventure goes horribly wrong. and if hurling political insults were an olympic event, who would win the gold? well, here it is. you be the judge. >> donald trump is not qualified to be president. he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. >> i don't think she's all there. when i watched the interview that she did on fox, i said, boy, this is going to be a
10:19 am
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24 concertgoers in ohio were hospitalized after eating too many candies laced with thc, the active ingredient in marijuana if you did not know that. officials say one man was seen handing out packets of candies labeled "prescribed medibles." one or two would get you high, but some people ate the entire bag. victims were treated with an antidote, and thankfully nobody died. a northern california tandem skydiving trip went horribly wrong, ending with both men plummeting to earth without a parachute. now the faa wants to know what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future. will carr following this from our west coast newsroom. hi, will. >> hey there, leland. we've learned that one of these skydivers was very experienced. the other was there on his first jump. he was celebrating a birthday with a friend. now, this took place in
10:24 am
california's northern central valley. it's a rural area. there's a lot of vineyards around the region. so a perfect area for skydiving. the weather yesterday morning was perfect. it was clear outside. there wasn't much wind. now federal investigators are trying to figure out exactly what led up to this fatal crash. >> deputies responded out to the scene and located a tandem jumping pair that did impact the ground without the chute deployed. handling the coroner's investigation of that and then the faa will handle what the contributing factors were to that. >> the numbers show that skydiving deaths aren't as common as you might think. we took a look, and over the last six years an average of 22 people a year died skydiving in the united states out of 3.2 million who skydived every year. so a relatively low fatality rate. and as we've seen, leland, over recent years pretty much anybody who wants to skydive can. president h.w. bush went
10:25 am
skydiving on his 80th, 85th, and 90th birthday a couple years ago, really proving that if you're fearless enough you can pretty much jump out of a plane at any age. leland. >> and some would ask why you would ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane. but that's a discussion for another time. thanks, will. >> right. >> liz? >> all right. coming up after the break, who's the best presidential candidate to deal with vladimir putin? of course we need to show a shirtless photo of him. one former cia director has strong opinions. we're going to take a closer look. meanwhile, the clinton camp's bump in the polls. why trump supporters say they're not worried yet. >> i remember george bush the first being 16 points down to dukakis going into september. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one.
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fwfrnlths a week of missteps by donald trump. and they are taking a toll. the latest fox news poll shows
10:30 am
democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton with a 10% lead over donald trump and the new "washington post"/abc poll has clinton and her running mate, virginia senator tim kaine, now leading trump and his vice presidential pick indiana governor mike pence by eight points. so joining me now, mark ash, author of "standing america," and matt bennett who worked on both president bill clinton's campaigns. thank you so much for joining us. >> pleasure. >> first and foremost, let's look at this. the two polls, our fox news poll and the washington/abc news poll. matt, i want to start with you. what was your reaction when you saw this? did you think it was just a post-convention surge or is this something we're going to see as we continue into august and september? >> well, i get nervous when i see these kinds of polls for two reasons. one is worrying about complacency by democrats if they look like this is going to be a blowout, a lot of folks might stay home. but the other thing that worries me is i started my political career working on the dukakis campaign and we came out of the convention in 1988 ahead by 16 points and dukakis went on to lose by a large margin.
10:31 am
so these things can turn around. it is a little nerve-wracking to have these kinds of polls in august. >> so what you're saying is it's disturbing but then also the side that is winning should not be complacent. is that what i'm getting? >> yeah. >> do you agree with that? >> i do. it's always better to be ahead than behind. >> although is the underdog so bad all the time? >> you also remember how president dukakis's first state of the union was. exactly to the point. you'd rather be up than down but it is certainly not insurmountable. and i also think as you look at the honest and trustworthy issues, hillary clinton has spent her entire life working in government. people are frustrated with government. donald trump hasn't spent a day working in government. the credentials are there. the key is can he leverage that and turn it into something? >> let's pull up that poll. the honest and trustworthy, this again is a "washington post"/abc -- it looks as if they're really neck and neck. so basically, a 38-36 i guess you would say approval rating. which is what you don't -- you kind of want it to be flipped.
10:32 am
ahead of the more heated months of the election, can you really flip these numbers around? who has a better chance of flipping these numbers around? >> i think the key is for donald trump can he get to a place where he demonstrates he's not a typical politician? you watch those great leaders where they were able to get the american people -- president kennedy said we're going to send a man to the moon and back by the end of the decade. if he can create that non-politician side to him and juxtapose that with hillary clinton, who spent her entire career in government, that can begin to move those dmunumbers >> but as he's doing that, he's sort of causing -- he's creating a circus. >> i think he's there now. he's definitely not a typical politician. we have never seen anything like donald trump before. the big problem for him isn't just trustworthiness. it's a sense that he is completely unsuited for the job. if he is unfit to be commander in chief, that's the very first priority for a president. and if voters are just not sure that that guy can handle the
10:33 am
job, that in this incredibly dangerous and complicated world he's not the right guy to be leading us, they're just not going to vote for him. >> so correct me if i'm wrong, you're talking about temperament, which is actually our segue to the next poll. part of it is temperament. not entirely. if we can put that poll up so our viewers can see this, it's again a "washington post"/abc news poll. it seems as if clinton is right at 59%. donald trump 33% as far as temperament. do you need temperament to win an election? good temperament? >> you do. this has never really come up before. nobody asked about temperament when it was mitt romney against obama or it was bob dole running against clinton. you were just assumed to have the right kind of temperament to be president if you got to the nomination. but again, donald frtrump is li nothing we've ever seen and this last couple of weeks where he's doing all these seemingly insane things and offensive things really have people worried. >> okay. but temperament or jobs? and i'll give you the last word. >> i think you go to this piece, we were talking this morning,
10:34 am
newt gingrich was speaking about we're at a point where we're lying about the lies that we told. right? so if we're going to talk about temperament i think it does cut both ways with those things. i think the key for donald trump is he has got to demonstrate -- you want an election of certainty. hillary clp. we know what the end of her first term is going to look like. we're going to be $23 trillion in debt rather than 19.5. we know what that glide path is. or do we want the path of disruption to get government to actually begin to produce results for people? do you want to pick certainty or do you want to go with disruption? >> some people are looking for everything to be flipped upside down. we'll see. >> certainty has not been good. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see what happens and hope to have you back. >> thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, who the voters say is the best when it comes to national security. we didn't get to that, so we will.
10:35 am
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the national weather service is warning residents across florida's west coast to prepare for some heavy rains and severe flooding this week as a slow-moving storm heads its way. the forecast is calling for 10 to 15 inches of rain in spots from tampa to pensacola. in new orleans cleanup is under way after a tornado ripped through several neighborhoods near the french quarter, ripping down trees, power lines and ruining abandoned homes and thousands of fiefshs continue to battle severe wildfires in the pacific northwest. a two-week-old blaze is burning
10:40 am
through the mountains of california's beautiful big sur. it has grown to nearly 100 square miles. in western montana, the site of another blaze, hundreds of homes have been evacuated and dozens are damaged. firefighters' resources are stretched in the pacific northwest. seven states are currently battling fires. depending on which poll you read, national security and terrorism is either the first or second issue voters care about the most. and we are now seeing how that debate will frame up. >> he saw that donald trump wanted to be complimented. he complimented him. that led donald trump to then compliment vladimir putin and to defend vladimir putin's actions in a number of places around the world. >> she is in no small measure responsible for the deaths of four americans in benghazi, and she lied to the faces of their families. she set up an unsecure server in which she used classified information that put americans
10:41 am
at risk. >> joining us now, john hannah, senior counselor for the foundation of the defense of democracies. nice to see you, sir, from raleigh. >> great to see you, leland. thanks for having me. >> some good barbecue down there. john, as you look at this right now, you have hillary clinton wanting to define this about temperament and you saw mike morel there the former acting director of the cia talking about trump's temperament saying he's unfit to be president. on the other side you have trump supporters or even some non-trump supporters saying look at all of hillary clinton's failures on national security from egypt to libya to syria to the ukraine to her server to putin and saying she's unfit. who wins this framing match? >> well, we're going to find out in november. i think they both have tremendous baggage, leland. mike morel is a consummate professional who served both administrations from both parties really well for several decades, and i do think he represents probably the center of the american national security establishment that has really been disturbed by some of
10:42 am
the things that donald trump has said, particularly his calling into question the foundational premises of the western alliance that kind of provided peace and security in the world for most of the last 70 years. but if you look at the obama administration record and if you're able to tie mrs. clinton to that, to the disastrous withdrawal from iraq, artificial timelines in afghanistan, the failure of libya, i think she's got real weaknesses as well. >> you think about those failures of the obama administration and even people within the obama administration, even the president himself to say look, we screwed up libya. then you look at iran and the iran nuclear deal sort of coming back into the news because of the ransom payment, the $400 million that the administration can't seem to call a ransom payment and now today learning that an american spy who clearly provided a lot of information about the nuclear program, mr. amiri, was executed by the iranians today, does this give trump an opportunity to all of a
10:43 am
sudden start changing the narrative that he so badly needs to do? >> oh, absolutely. i think he ought to stop talking about questioning article 5 of the nato treaty and really focus entirely on the disasters of this administration and the extent to which the wheels have just come off american national security policy. and this iran deal has got to be exhibit number 1. this $400 million ransom payment and the absolute mishandling of what looks like really a key nuclear defector. the prospect of america getting any new defectors from that iranian nuclear program i think has just gone down to about zero now that people see what happens to somebody that falls into america's hands. >> that certainly probably doesn't inspire any spies there in iran to try to help us out. going forward, so much of the national security debate from trump's perspective is look, i can make deals, i'm going to make better deals, people are going to trust me more, people are going to fear me more. and then you look at how the
10:44 am
american people are interpreting that in terms of temperament to be the president. take a look at the latest fox news poll. does this person have the temperament to serve effectively as president? clinton, 64% yes. trump only 37% say yes. how much of that do you think has to do with trump's talking about questioning nato and some of these other issues that to your point had been bedrock principles of american foreign policies? >> yeah, i think there is a lot of loose talk from mr. trump. he's just got to get more disciplined. because i do think he hits on some key questions at the end of the day about readjusting and rebalancing burden sharing within our alliances, about the way america uses military force overseas, whether or not we're overextended, what we need to do about an aggressive china that is really eating our lunch on economic issues. all of those are legitimate. but he's got to be able to talk about them in a measured,
10:45 am
disciplined way that doesn't make people believe that he is just completely unhinged and undisciplined and can't pass that minimal threshold of can you see this guy being the commander in chief of the greatest superpower in the world. >> a lot of people have been talking about getting some measure and discipline to donald trump's speeches for about a year now. we'll see if anything changes going up to the election. john hannah, always appreciate your insights, sir. good to see you. >> thanks so much, leland. >> liz, what's coming up? >> after the break some prominent republicans are showing support for hillary clinton. so what does this mean for gop unity? and a village in india finds a surprise visitor in their local well. we'll tell you about it after the break.
10:46 am
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10:49 am
residents of a western indian village had to call in forest rangers when they discovered a female leopard had fallen into a 20-foot-deep well. rescue teams spent about four hours trying to bring the leopard onto a makeshift platform. they were eventually able to put her in a cage and release her back into the wild. and just so you know, she was uninjured. >> let her be happy.
10:50 am
the list of prominent republicans saying they cannot vote for donald trump continues to grow. the newest member, virginia congressman scott riggle, who g libertarian instead. he follows meg whitman, who has now thrown her support behind hillary clinton. joining us now for some analysis, matt mckoviak, republican strategist, former communications director for senator kay bailey hutchison. matt, nice to see you. >> hey, good to be with you. thanks so much. >> you know, you think about these endorsements. . and we in the press love to talk about it, love to talk about, will trump endorse paul ryan, won't he? what about john mccain? what about kelly ayotte? but we saw in the primaries, for some reason this cycle, endorsements mean absolutely nothing. so when you think about the situation here, about these congressmen saying they're not going to vote for trump, does it even matter? >> yeah, i think there's two things to look at in that regard. i think, first of all, it's important to remember, the primary is a subset of the
10:51 am
general electorate. you had 30 million people vote in the spraprimary. donald trump got 13 million of those votes. he got the benefit of a high floor and a low ceiling. as it relates to the general election, trump is not winning enough conservative and republican votes at this point. he's getting less than 80% of republicans, when generally you need 92, 93, 94% of republicans. and even self-described conservatives, he's getting 64% compared to romney getting 82% four years ago. so i don't think these names are going to impact the way voters perceive these candidates. but i think it is illustrative of the fact that trump has not fully unified the republican party. he needs to let hillary clinton do that. and if he can get himself out of the news and stop making controversial statements for a few days, hillary may that do that for him. >> a few things to push back on that, though. you think about the idea that trump isn't doing as well with very strong conservatives. at the same time, his folks will tell you, look, we're doing much better with reagan democrats, are blue-collar democrats, places like pennsylvania, places
10:52 am
like eastern ohio, in west virginia, and those kinds of places. . and these are different voters who are going to turn out for trump who have never voted republican before. >> yeah, and i think that's the potential that trump has, but he has to unify the party, first. you work from your base outward, not from the middle in -- the middle back inward. that doesn't really work. >> but trump says the republican party is unified behind him. is he wrong? >> if you look deep inside it will polling so far, we're not seeing that. but the path to victory for trump is through the midwest. there's no question. the states who have a disproportionately percentage of white voters. trump is doing very well with white men, he's not doing very well with white women. and ultimately, that's where he's going to have to find the votes in order to make, pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, iowa those states states that he can win, so he has a path to 270 electoral votes. >> particularly at a time like this, august, we're already past the conventions. almost every republican
10:53 am
strategist, in one way or another, would be working for the republican presidential campaign. they would be a state director, a state comes director, they would be running a get out the vote campaign, those kind of things. is it just me or is trump's very, very small campaign, which he argues is a lot leaner and better operation, leaves a lot of folks like you to be on the sidelines chirping, rather than being on the campaign low and towing the party line. >> i would start by saying there are a lot of professional republican operatives that don't want to work on the trump campaign, but you're right, he has 70 or 80 staff at his headquarters. hillary has ten times that. so he's questioning the fact whether you can run a national campaign with essentially a bare bones operation. i have real concerns about that. look, if you're not doing -- >> people would argue that you have a vested interest in having real concerns over that. >> no, i don't think so. like i said, i wouldn't work for trump if he offered me anyway. but again, my concern is that you have to have a big enough campaign that you have a surrogate department, a fully
10:54 am
staffed communications team, that you're doing polling and data and research. i don't know that they're doing all of that. so i think they could be running a better campaign. august is a crucial month for them to get back on solid ground, so they have a chance to start making the race competitive in september when the debates come around. >> well, when the debates come around, and also a big question of how much debate prep donald trump will be doing and the like. matt, appreciate you being with us from down in austin. all the best, sir. >> my pleasure. talk to you soon. and after the break, she has been making us laugh for generations. but a statue made in her memory is leaving her fans scared. we're going to explain why her hometown is trying to make amends by unveiling a new statue this weekend just in time for her 95th birthday. we'll give you a look, coming up. >> she's nailed this one. she hit it right out of the park. ♪ i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off.
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team usa drawing first blood in rio. on saturday, 19-year-old virginia thrasher from west virginia won the first gold in the olympic games in the women's 10 meter air rifle competition. swimmer chase kalisz picked up the first silver medal for the united states. the men's 400 individual.
10:59 am
china currently leads in the overall medal race with 6. u.s. and japan follow up 5 a piece. australia, boy, could their swimmers swimmer last night, along with hungary, are tied for the most gold at two each. all right. fans, don't worry. scarey lucy is gone. the statue of the beloved actress, lucille ball, was dubbed scary lucy because so many fans disliked it. you can kind of see why. they say it looked nothing like the iconic woman. ball's hometown where the statue was erected heard their complaints and they commissioned a new one. >> oh, my gosh, she looked amazing. >> wanted to portray lucy very glamorous and very playful and also confident. >> it's great to see all these people out here to see it. hopefully, it will draw people in here forever now. >> well, you can see, she now looks beautiful, unveiled on saturday, what would have been her 95th birthday.
11:00 am
it made her fans love lucy all over again. the town says -- the town's mayor says scary lucy remains an attraction and will get a new home in the park. >> don't do it, lucy! don't do it! fox news sunday's next. i'm chris wallace. hillary clinton opens a big lead in the polls. what can donald trump do to cut into it? >> donald trump is not qualified to be president. >> she's a monster. she's actually not strong enough to be president. >> today, a debate between one of trump's most trusted backers, former house speaker, newt gingrich, and clinton supporter, congressman javier bacera about the race, the issues, and trump's missteps. then -- >> $400 million gets flown at night into iran. who could approve a thing like that? >> we do not pay ransoms. we didn't here and we won't in the future. >> the


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