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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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produced literally this mess. >> all right, dan, thank you. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet us to us @jer. thanks to all of you watching. hope to see you here next week. and hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> hello. >> everyone, i'm eric sean. top of the news this hour, donald trump set to unveil his economic plan tomorrow. so what can we expect he will propose? and will it be enough to help him silence his critics after his rocky stretch on the campaign trail this week? plus vice presidential nominee tim kaine speaking out about the hillary clinton e-mail scandals, promising both will be more transparent. so how is that going over with their critics? and a prominent scientist who helped our side by apparently giving information on
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iran's nuclear program, he is executed by the regime in iran. why did they hang him, what could it mean? and how could it impact a controversial nuclear deal? first we begin with politics. donald trump ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton as new poll numbers show him falling further behind the democratic nominee. this of course comes after that week of stumbles in the cam trail last week. several comments that have caused controversy for the republican nominee, and what many analysts had been saying is one of his toughest weeks on the campaign trail so far. leland is joining us live in washington with the very latest. hi, leland. >> hi, eric. trump is now doing exactly what many republicans want him to do, attack hillary clinton. he is accusing the democratic nominee of being crazy, for saying her brain short circuited when answering a question from our own chris wallace. now trump is playing her own words over and over in his web video.
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>> so i may have short circuited -- >> and on the stump in new hampshire, trump has a whole new set of nicknames for his opponent. >> unstable hillary clinton. and you saw that. did you saw that where she basically short circuited. but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. >> clinton is also getting hit by trump surrogates over her e-mail explanations. "the washington post" fact checker gave her four pinocchios. >> it's one thing to lie. it's another thing to lie about lying. and friday she gave us the perfect explanation. her brain apparently had short circuited while she was talking to her. well, as george romney can tell her, using a short circuit for
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why you do something is very dangerous in a presidential campaign. so i'll take the week. i think she managed to [ trumpet playing ] in terms of mistakes. . >> it comes at a time when it indicates team trump is near panic poll. news went out today has clinton ahead by eight points. trump gives a speech outlining his economic policy tomorrow. the question going forward is if he can stay on message next week, and out of the campaign pitfalls, eric. >> yeah, leland. and this year's short circuit could be the equivalent of 2008's 3:00 a.m. phone call. i think we're going to be seeing that phrase a lot in the coming weeks. thank you. well, meanwhile, donald trump finally endorsing some big name republicans in a play to men's sense and create more party unity. newt gingrich appearing on fox news sunday saying it's all part of the learning curve for the businessman turned presidential
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nominee. >> if you look at the last few days, i think he's gotten the messages. he came out and endorsed paul ryan, which he should have done the first place. he endorsed john mccain, which he should have done in the first place. it's very trick request if you have never run for public office to jump from being a businessman to being one of the two leaders fighting for the presidency. and he has made some mistakes. >> let's talk about it now with dr. ben carson, a former 2016 republican presidential candidate. and trump supporter. dr. carson, pleasure to have you here with me today. >> my pleasure. >> okay. let's start here. we'll talk about what speaker gingrich said in a moment. but i want to start here, sir. moving forward, what's the prescription for the gop to completely heal and unified and can the republicans take back the white house without party unity? >> well, i think they have to ask themselveses what does the republican party stand for. look at the values that created the republican party, which was formed originally as an
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abolitionist party. but it's always been a party that's been looking out for rights of people, looking out for individualism, smaller government, strength in the military, economic power, not disabling future generations with massive debt. and if those are the important things, then unity should be readily available. if people have other agendas and are just looking for a power base or, you know, licking their wounds because they've been offended, then there is a problem. and they need to search their souls and ask themselves what is it that we stand for and are we willing to get behind and push for those things, recognizing that the future generations will suffer if we don't. >> and so i hear the underlying -- not messages. you're quite free to speak clearly as you have so well in
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the past, but let me move on and we'll touch on that in a second. you know, dr. carson, there is no secret that high republicans like senator ryan, senator mccain, reince priebus as well as others in the party continue to be frustrated by donald trump. it is possible that somehow there may be some sort of 11th hour plan where the party will cut the cord with trump, or is that just nonsensical thinking? >> no, that's wishful thinking on behalf of those who would like to see something else happen. recognize that we're a critical time in our nation where we're deciding what kind of nation we're going to be. the federal judges and the supreme court justices that will be selected will have a profound effect on what kind of nation this is. so, you know, that's really what it's about. and i think as long as donald trump can stick to that and not
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allow the opposition to make this about him. because they will try with everything they have to make it about him. because they cannot defend any of the other things that are going on. so they would much rather not talk about them. >> let me push back a little bit there, dr. carson. it seems that mr. trump has done a pretty good job himself at imposing self-inflicted wounds. so it's not just the opposition targeting trump. trump is making mistakes. >> no question. >> so when i ask you, you know, can he focus, your candidate. can he get focused and listen to the advisers on how to stop the bleeding, if you will. >> well, the only thing the democrats can do to win is make it about trump. and the only thing the republicans can do to lose is make it about trump. he, i believe, is coming to an understanding of that. you know, throughout his life, he has been a person who believes in tit for tat. you attack me, i'm going to
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attack you. you play well with me, i'm going to play well with you. but the political arena is a little bit different than that. you're talking about being the leader of the whole nation of the free world. and if you're going to get involved with it ttit for tat, you're not going to get anything done. >> i beg your pardon. i lost my earpiece. i want to go back to the top where speaker gingrich said donald trump is on a learning curve and he is going to get the point now. and also something you said a bit ago where he says that some people in the republican party, they need to sort of get over and lick their wounds and come to the side of donald trump. who are you talk about there? and does speaker gingrich have a point? >> well, i'm talking about all the never trump people, the people who absolutely refuse to
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support him even though they are stalwarts in the republican party. they know who they are. everybody knows who they are. and they need to ask themselves would they really truly rather have hillary? would they truly rather have a continuation of the progressive policies that are destroying our inner city, destroying our whole nation, destroying our economy, weakening our armed forces? is that what they truly want? >> well, you have been the voice of reason for a long time for mr. trump. close adviser now. we'll see if he'll listen to you and some of the others in your party. dr. ben carson, it's a pleasure again. thanks a lot for your analysis. >> thank you. >> and good luck to your candidate, sir. >> and arthel, meanwhile, arthel on the democratic side, hillary clinton heading to detroit this upcoming week. she'll appear there just days after donald trump for what is being build as major speech on the economy. live in our newsroom with more on her proposals. hi, brian. >> hi, rick. hillary clinton will deliver a major economic speech on thursday in detroit in a clinton
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campaign official says the speech will show a very clear contrast between clinton's vision of the economy, meant to help every american, and trump's vision, they say that's only meant to help the top wealthiest. now clinton and her running mate tim kaine have been campaigning heavily the last two weeks, concentrating on the economy. they went on a nine-stop bus tour to pennsylvania and ohio recently, highlighting her plan to make the largest investment in jobs since world war ii in her first 100 days in office by investing in roads, bridges, and even the nation's electric. who will do a better job, 50 to 45%. but clinton is gaining ground. that five point gap is better than the 12-point deficit she had in may. a campaign official is characterizing trump's speech on monday as a last-minute attempt to shift attention from what was a bad week for him. and it's a week that the clinton
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campaign does not want voters to forget. they released a new web ad yesterday, highlighting the week with everything from trump's failure to endorse house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain to his attacks on the gold star khan family who lost their son in iraq. in fact, just today two clinton superpacs released a new ad nationally, and in eight battleground states in which a gold star mother who also lost her son in iraq says she is outraged by trump's attacks on the khans. >> the sense of emptiness that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life. and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. >> voters prefer clinton over trump on every issue, according to recent fox news polling except for the deficit and the economy. the clinton campaign feels that won't be true for very long.
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eric? >> all right, brian. thanks very much. arthel? >> eric, isis today claiming responsibility for a machete attack that injured two female police officers in belgium. the terror group calling the suspect a, quote, soldier. he was shot to death by a third officer after the attack. prosecutors say he is a 33-year-old algerian who had lived in belgium since 2012. he was known to police for his criminal activity, but not for any terrorist acts. also oversea, paying tribute to the victims of that horrific attack in nice, france last month. people there gathering and placing flowers and candles around a pavilion in a park that is close to the promenade. that of course is where that attacker identified as radical islamic terrorist mohammed bilal drove that large truck over a one-mile stretch ramming through the huge crowd who were joyfully enjoying fireworks display during bastille day. 85 people were killed in the
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carnage before bilal was shot dead by police. a tandem skydiving jump in northern california ends in tragedy. investigators say the two men were parachuting yesterday morning when their chute apparently failed to open. their bodies were later found in a nearby vineyard. will carr has the latest from our west coast bureau. will? >> hey there, arthel. it's now up to the faa to try to figure out what went wrong here. here's what we know. the two men who dived, one was very experienced when it came to skydiving. the other was actually on his first jump. he was there celebrating a birthday with a friend. this happened yesterday morning near lodi, california. that's in california's northern central valley. it's a rural area. there are lots of vineyards, pretty much a good area for skydiving. in fact, the parachute center there calls itself the largest and the oldest, one of the oldest in the united states. the weather yesterday was pretty much perfect. it was sunny. there was no wind out.
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now federal investigators are trying to figure out what exactly led up to the fatal crash. >> deputies responded out to the scene and located a tandem jumping pair that did impact the ground without the chute deployed. the coroner's investigation of that and then the faa will handle what the contributing factors were to that. >> we checked. the fatality rate for skydiving is actually relatively low. over the past six years, an average of 22 people annually died sky diving in the united states. out of the 3.2 million who jump every year. and pretty much anybody who wants to go up and is fearless enough to sky dive can. you may remember in recent memory president george h.w. bush actually sky dove on his 80th birthday, his 85th birthday and his 90th birthday a couple of years ago, arthel.
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you may remember when he did that on his ninth president obama tweeted that that just went to prove that anybody of any age can go skydiving if they're brave enough. arthel? >> that was very impressive for sure. will carr, thank you. arthel, disney is unveiling some new safety measures in the wake of that horrible alligator attack that so tragically killed a toddler. coming up, we'll show you what they're doing to make the magic kingdom safer. plus, he has been locked up for the murder of his girlfriend on valentine's day. why oscar pistorius was just transported to the hospital. and the death of the nuclear scientist in iraq. what he was accused for, what it means to us, and there are reported e-mails to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state about his case. max and i just discovered
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. a 28-year-old man in michigan arrested on felony drug trafficking charges after handing out drug-laced candies at a musical festival. about two dozen concertgoers got sick. an officer seen here holding up
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the tainted sweets. and we are happy to report that everyone is okay. to florida where disney is building a stonewall around the lake where an alligator killed a 2-year-old boy in june while he was on vacation with his family. and to south africa. oscar pistorius treated for minor wrist injuries in prison. his brother saying it was not self-inflicted, and that he slipped in his cell. the former olympic splinter known as the blade runner is serving six years for the murder of his girlfriend. well, there could be an unintended tragic result of the iranian nuclear deal. iran announcing it has executed a prominent nuclear scientist. he was hanged. iran saying he provided the u.s. with important information about that country's disputed nuclear program. u.s. officials telling the associated press 40-year-old shahram amiri fled to our country and was paid $5 million for information about the pam in 2009. but the very next year this 2010, he returned home to iran,
1:21 pm
publicly claiming he was actually kidnapped by the u.s. government. others say he went home because the iran regime threatened his family. why was amiri, who apparently helped us put to death? what does this mean going forward. a republican of new york and member of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, this is so sad, so shocking, and just astounding. do you think that shahram amiri was left out in the cold? >> this is a shock story. the most recent e-mail with jake sullivan, hillary clinton in that serve they're was unclassified talked about how amiri may have went into the iranian interest sec of the pakistani embassy in washington, d.c. and went there on his home for whatever reason, maybe he was impatient, needed to get back to iran. this is a fascinating story that hopefully we get a little bit
1:22 pm
more information than what we have already. it's almost like made for a movie. >> you talk about that e-mail. jake sullivan was one of the aides to hillary clinton when she is secretary of state. this is 2010. and the associated press does have several e-mails from sullivan to the secretary of state in 2010 at that time talking about this case, apparently. here is one of the ap e-mails that they quote. the gentleman, meaning him, has apparently gone to his country's interests section because he is unhappy with how much time it has taken to facilitate his departure. this could lead to problematic news stories in the next 24 hours it almost seems they're concerned about the public impact. john bolton had been a state department official. he said you really can't stop someone from going back home, even though he helped us. but what do you make of this type of e-mail when they're talking about public impact? >> it shows you where their
1:23 pm
priorities are at that particular moment there are a few different issues here at play. what is why are these e-mails being sent unclassified. why is there a private e-mail server in the home of the secretary of state? why were these e-mails released as unclassified e-mails? because they're talking about hanging this man out to dry. the fact is these e-mails seem to be very incriminating, referring to him as a friend, not sullivan's e-mail, but an e-mail from the special envoy. and it's not too complicated to put these pieces together if you're the iranians. and it has a very chilling effect on american national security if anyone else wants to be helpful, to cooperate, they don't want to see this happening to them and that carelessness at the state department in many fashions displayed in this particular case has a chilling effect on people helping news the future. >> you bring up a great point.
1:24 pm
let's say he is a spy. let's say he flees here and he did live here for some period of time, paid reportedly $5 million for this nuclear information. he helps us, and the iranians, what do they do? they read the e-mails. breadcrumbs right to his doorstep. maybe they threaten his family then. so he has to go back to iran. first he is hailed as a hero, and now this. >> and something else that is telling on top of this all, the iranians when they're putting out a statement with regards to this execution, it's important for us here at home when we're trying to understand the iranian mentality. there have been some americans that have praised that the iranians have elected some of the most moderate members in their most recent election. the first point it's worth noting that the 12,000 most moderate candidates on the ballot weren't even allowed access to the ballot come election day. secondly, though, the statement
1:25 pm
that they put out refers to america as our hostile number one enemy, the great satan. so from that standpoint, it's also very important for americans to realize exactly how the iranians view us. this has a chilling effect within our own country and for other countries and potential help as well in the future. >> and not so very quickly, i'll read you what the leading opposition group of iran, the largest. and they hit that moderation aspect exactly. amiri's execution is a desperate attempt by the supreme leader khamenei to intimidate and terrorize the regime's nuclear experts and scientists and to prevent them from leaving the country after the deal. engulfed in serious domestic and external crisis and facing growing popular discontent and opposition at home, the regime has had to doo with defections. what better way to suppress than
1:26 pm
to kill one of them. >> iranians in 2009 took to the street, trying to protest an undemocratic election then when we said it was none of our business. we are propping up the wrong regime right now. with this iran nuclear agreement, the cash ransom that was paid for american hostages, with our tolerance for them financing terror and overthrowing foreign governments. so all this evidence with regards to this regime, the statement that you point out. and there are other opposition groups as well that talk about a future of a free democratic stable iran. that's the regime we should be proposition up. the one that wants to reform and modernize iran, not this one. >> the white house, of course works take exception to you call it a ransom. they say it wasn't. but it's 400 million swiss euros and swiss francs and euros. >> yeah, they want to call it coincidence. >> and an airplane in the dead of night. republican congressman lee zeldin from long island, thanks so much for joining us on fox news canale channel. arthel? breaking news overseas. two foreign professors kidnapped
1:27 pm
in afghanistan, and one of them may be an american. what police know about this developing situation. and both presidential candidates, they're getting ready to discuss jobs and the economy. they'll give their proposals ironically in detroit, a city that has really needed help over the past years. donald trump goes first. what he will say in the motor city. >> it's a plan that touches all economic spheres of our economy. all demographics. and we think is going to contrast very nicely with clinton's hidden tax increase plan. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee,
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a fox news alert for you. we are learning that two foreign professors have been kidnapped in the afghan capital of kabul. and police say it happened near the american university of afghanistan there. officials are not confirming the nationalities of those victims,
1:32 pm
but a police source does tell fox news that one of those professors is an american citizen and the other is australian. so far there has been no claim of responsibility, and the two are not being publicly identified. we of course will bring more on this developing story as we get it. getting back to politics now. it's an economic duel in detroit as both presidential nominees prepare to unveil their jobs plan. in a city that has fallen on hard financial times. this as a fox news poll finding the economy is a top concern for voters. it's tied with terrorism as the most important issue facing the country. voters giving donald trump an edge over hillary clinton when they were asked who did they trust to do a better job with the economy. joining me now is steve moore. he is a distinguished visiting fellow with the heritage foundation and a fox news contributor. steve, good to see you. if the economy is a top concern for americans alongside terrorism, will there be
1:33 pm
something in trump's economic plan that will speak to trump supporters as well as the undecided voters? >> well, you know, just as you said, there is a reason that donald trump cice detroit. detroit is, you know, once a great american industrial city that had two million people. now it's less than 600,000 and it's a wasteland. donald trump wants to make the point that his economic program is going to bring economic development and jobs to even some of the most -- the worst areas of the country that have been hollowed out by liberal democratic policies. so the answer to your question is yes. these are policies on tax, on energy, on regulation that are going to make a big difference for the middle class. every meeting i've been in with him, he said these are policies that have to be oriented to the financially stressed out middle class families that haven't seen the kinds of jobs that we use today create in this country. >> and i know you spoke with maria bartiromo, and she asked you this. so i'm going to ask you maria's question, because as you know,
1:34 pm
there have been hints and sort of previews of donald trump's economic plan. >> yep. >> and the question that has been asked several times, which is how do you pay 40. how do you cut tax and not drive up the deficit. >> first of all, when hillary clinton attacks donald trump for a plan that would rise the deficit, this is a woman whose worked for an administration that has increased the deficit by $9 trillion, more than every president combined. so a little hypothetical for hillary to be bringing up the budget deficit and debt. she is the queen of debt. but i will say this. this is a plan that will cut business taxes significantly. and by the way, importantly for our small businesses, which really are the big generator of jobs in this country. so by the way, hillary wants to go to 50% tax, 50, 5-0 on our small businesses. we want to go to 15%. that's a huge difference. and we believe that's going to bring a lot of jobs back to this country. the manufacturing jobs and others that have left when
1:35 pm
plants leave for mexico or china. you lower that tax rate, and you're going to bring those jobs back. now the answer to your question, how do you pay for it? number one, when you get more economic growth, when you get vitality, when you get businesses coming back to the united states, guess what? they start paying tax here is, not in china or mexico and europe. that's the number one way we're going to do it, by getting growth back in this country and putting people back on the job. we're also going to have spending cuts. thirdly, we're going to close a lot of the loopholes that hillary clinton and congress has put this the tax code for the last 30 years. special interest provisions that allow some people to get away with pay nothing tax. >> you know mr. tlump address the detroit economic club, and the world will be watching. when donald trump finally unveils what is being billed as a detailed economic plan. not to mention 50% of those in the recent fox news poll say they trust trump to do a better job on the economy. before we go, how much is riding on this? >> huge.
1:36 pm
by the way, it's amazing that 45 in that poll, that 45% say they think hillary would do a better job. that's astonishing because donald trump has spent his whole life creating jobs. hillary doesn't know anything about creating jobs except in the government sector and in politics. so we've got to widen that lead. we've got to have a 75-25 advantage. i think after this speech, and after donald trump really lays it out. and energy is another big one. well can create 10 million jobs in our oil and gas and coal industries. we have more oil and gas and coal than any other country in the world, for goodness sakes. hillary's position is keep mitt the ground there is a sharp contrast where hillary is and donald trump is on the economy. >> well, there definitely will be some line by line comparisons. >> we welcome that. we want the see that. we want to see people compare side by side his plan on taxes and the economy and energy and regulation versus what she is proposing. and that don't think it's a tough choice for the american voter. >> okay. whether we be watching.
1:37 pm
we thank you for your time. good luck to your candidate. take care. >> should it be an interesting week with both plans out there. >> what everybody has been waiting for, one of the biggies, the economic plan. >> finally some facts. well, hillary clinton meanwhile, her running mate tim kaine who has been fending off criticism over her e-mail controversy and promising more transparency if they win the white house. will that carry any weight with the voters? and a-rod, alex rodriguez getting ready to hang up his baseball gloves. but he is still going to be a part, an important part of the yankees. we'll tell you how. >> this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying goodbye to both. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelithing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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... it is the end of an era in major league baseball. new york yankees superstar most recently designated hitter alex
1:42 pm
rodriguez. well, he has announced his retirement. a-rod, the three-time american league mvp and 14-time all-star was going to become a special adviser and instructor for the yankees. a-rod ending a brilliant but somewhat blemished 22 year career. in 2009 it was revealed he previously used performance-enhancing drugs. accusations of drug use then led to a suspension for the entire 2014 season. more recently, his lack of power at the plate has hut him on the bench. he has been hitting .132. a-rod's game, the last will come next friday. and only four home runs away from 700. like 18 from babe ruth. it will be a very bittersweet experience for him. >> i hope he gets it. but they're only allowing him to play one more game. >> i guess just another week. >> he should play every game this week. all right. hillary clinton e-mail's controversy now a topic for her running mate. senator tim kaine coming to her defense saying mrs. clinton has
1:43 pm
learned her lesson. >> you know, in fact in an interview the other day, you said she told you she is going to do it differently. what does that mean? >> it's the same thing that she has said. look, knowing what i know now, i wouldn't have done the private server in that way. she said it was a mistake. i am not presumptuous enough to start thinking about how i'm going to do things after november. but i know that this is something that she has learned from. and we're going to be real transparent, absolutely. >> so is senator kaine helping his running mate move past the controversy? bringing in the white house correspondent for "the wall street journal." good to see you, colleen. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. >> so did senator kaine give chuck todd a satisfactory answer? >> well, the good news for kaine and clinton is that kaine didn't give any more ammunition to republicans with his answer. he basically just said look, she says she has made a mistake, and he left it at that, which is
1:44 pm
probably the best answer he can give at this point. hillary clinton has also said that. but the problem that she keeps running into is she offers this mea culpa but with all of these caveats. and then segues into a very legalistic and complicated defense, still trying to kind of explain away some of the things she has done and said. so when she starts defending herself, that's when she runs into problems. and so by kaine saying simply this was a mistake and leaving it at that, that was probably the best strategy for them. >> so let's follow up to that with showing everybody this recent fox news poll on when asked are the candidates honest and trustworthy. 61% answered no to hillary clinton. and 62% said donald trump is not honest and trustworthy. so colleen, how much would it help hillary clinton if she were more plainspoken when explaining about issues like the e-mails, kind of say what you mean, mean what you say? and how much would donald trump
1:45 pm
himself help himself by sticking to the campaign script and suggested strategy. >> good questions both. i think hillary clinton certainly could help herself by just making more definitive statements about the e-mail, not going down the rabbit trail of trying to parse what fbi director comey said. if she would just apologize and move on that, would help her start to rebuild trust with voters. it's certainly not going to happen overnight. voters have had decades to reach a conclusion about hillary clinton. and over the period of decades, more than 60% have concluded she is not honest and trustworthy. one answer, one interview is not going to repair that damage. it's certainly not going to help. if she would be more straight forward, people aren't certain what she meant when she short circuited in the response in fox news sunday. that didn't really help clear things up. as for donald trump, as you know, if he could stick to the
1:46 pm
script, that might help him. we'll see if he does a better job of that. this week he will be giving the economic address in detroit tomorrow, as you were talk about earlier. and this likely will be a speech where he speaks from a teleprompter, reads a script, and doesn't veer too far off course. and at this point is exactly what donald trump needs to do. >> what do you think, everybody, the voter, people who are decided, they're in, you know, they're in the campaign for hillary. they're in the camp for trump. and then there are the people who are not. what are they all looking for when the both of the candidates reveal their economics plan this week? >> well, i think they're going to be looking for some details. we're still lacking details from both of the candidates. donald trump has not provided a lot of specifics so far. and so it will be interesting to learn more about how he plans to pay for his plans. a lot of economists have come out and said that what he has proposed so far just doesn't add up and would not ultimately be good for the economy. so he needs to put some numbers
1:47 pm
and specifics beyond -- behind what he is proposing. hillary clinton has offered some more specifics, but she spent the last week talking a lot about her infrastructure plan, which she says will help create jobs. but she still hasn't explained precisely how she'll pay for that. she has simply said that business tax reform will help fund the $275 billion plan. but she hasn't given us the exact numbers. >> okay. we'll be looking for specific, colleen mccain nelson. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> eric? >> voter id laws being struck down across the country recently. coming up, we'll look at how some states are using it successfully, and why experts say their versions are more legally sound and work. (lionel) ♪it's peyton... ♪it's peyton on sunday mornings.♪ (peyton) you know with directv nfl sunday ticket you can watch your favorite team no matter where you live. like broncos or colts. (cashier) cool. (peyton) ah...18. the old number.
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well, voters -- the battle over voter i.d. laws have been heating up over the last couple of weeks. one state where the legislation appears to be working is indiana, one of several that allowed voters to use affidavits if they don't have a photo i.d. so is this the plan for the future? you led the effort to pass the law and served as the state secretary of state and you were behind this law a decade ago and argued for it in front of the supreme court.
1:52 pm
congressman, good to see you. >> eric, good to be with you. we're celebrating ten years with this law in indiana. >> why has it held up? >> first of all, we narrowly tailored it, took an honest look at it and made sure reasonable exceptions were put in and gave people a bit of a grace period. if they didn't have it, they co-si could sign an affidavit. again, we just made a very -- an example of making a very good balance of the situation so that it does what we pride ourselves in indiana, on our hoosiers commonsense. >> some other states don't have that, apparently. let's look at the map, and you know what they say, it's politically motivated. it hurts mine north.
1:53 pm
you can't go to a courthouse and get an i.d. six days later. >> let's be clear, i don't judge those states. it seems to me, as i have parsed through a few of the cases, this is more the result of activist judges. mostly appointed by democrats who are reviving this issue again. that's been settled now by the u.s. supreme court for ten years and it was a fixed decision. it wasn't even close when we went to the supreme court. really, i'm getting on tv with you now as an example of trying to fight back and say, look, these laws aren't working. you shouldn't read into them, any kind of political motivation. in indiana, the same critics in those states have yet to find one legitimate voter invalidly
1:54 pm
disenfranchised at the polls in indiana. they can't find one. they can't find a victim, eric. that's why they keep losing. >> i'll give another state for you. new hampshire. bill garner, who is a legendary historic longer serving secretary of state in new hampshire, you know him, i was up there in january and he's a democrat and he supports voter i.d. he gave me a call a few weeks ago and said, look, two of the states that have the highest rate of turnout, they had voter i.d. garner pointed out that new hampshire's 52.4%, highest ever, was 49.4%, record-breaking turnout while some states with no i.d., new jersey and new york, put that in the 20s. 20%. mr. garner says it works if you do it right. >> that's exactly right. what you're seeing, though, the data that you just laid out, when you give people confidence in the system, when they have that confidence, they'll come out and participate more.
1:55 pm
that's what we found in indiana saying, hey, look, if you're going to do those things done to me when i go into a store or go get a government benefit or whatever else, we'll participate in the process again. you're seeing that. it's, again, a commonsense way. it's 20th century technology, a simple photo. it's the only way to show that the person standing in front of you at the voting booth is the person on the roll. >> we're up against the clock. an affidavit. that's what they do in new hampshire and indiana. congressman, thank you for joining us and explaining what is working in indiana. >> thanks, eric. >> of course. eric, it's a party faux pas that a lot of people find disgusting. just how many germs are spread when people double-dip. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills
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2:00 pm
foods go way up. put your half-eaten cracker into an onion dip twice, it's enough to spread disease. >> it's gross. thanks for watching. >> don't double-dip. see you next week. the mainstream media savaging donald trump, portraying his campaign as collapsing and the republican party in revolt. >> i am told that senior officials at the party are actively exploring what would happen if trump dropped out, how to replace him on the ballot. >> his campaign seems to be deploding. >> trump's only chance at winning the presidency is to stay on message. america is in decline and he can fix it. if he fights everyone who comes after him, he'll lose. >> some questioning whether trump is crazy. >> seems like a lot


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