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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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a lot of you let me know what you think. we got through it. we will be back next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. . donald trump and hillary clinton entering a critical new week for their campaigns, as both turn their focus to the economy with big policy speeches in the days to come. i'm laura ingel in for harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." >> both donald trump and hillary clinton will go in to details on their economic agendas. trump set to deliver a major address tomorrow in detroit. clinton will make her speech the same city on thursday. this comes as brand new "washington post" abc news poll shows more people think clinton would do a better job handling the economy. it's an issue that is supposed to be one of trump's strengths.
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all though we should note the latest polling shows trump ahead by five points on the same question. john kasich says he has no idea how he will vote in november because he doesn't support either trump or clinton. remember, he stayed away from the republican convention in cleveland and so far has not endorsed anyone. he says he doubts whether trump can win the crucial state of ohio if he remains so divisive. >> i wish i could be fully enthusiastic, i can't be. i don't know what will happen at the end. i've said everything i need to say about mr. trump. my actions speak louder than my words at the convention. >> we have fox team coverage. brian ennis is following the latest from the clinton campaign but we begin with leland vitter live from washington. where do we stand tonight? >> good evening, laura r. trump enters the week not exactly where he wants to be, down eight points even when you include the
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third party candidate. the latest poll out today, clinton 35, trump 37, johnson in the libertarian party, 8% jill stein, green party at 4%. the attacks of the weekend give us an idea where we will start monday morning. trump has a slew of nicknames for hillary clinton and a web voo centered around clinton's explanation that her brain "short circuited" trying to answer a question from our own chris wallace. >> so i may have short circuited. >> unstable, hillary clinton and you saw that. you saw that where she basically short circuited? i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. >> now these talking points, these attack lines are exactly
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what republicans want trump focused on, laura, rather than the distractions from last week. >> what's the word is team trump the economic speech will change the conversation. >> confident might be a stretch. but hopeful their candidate will stay on message. they are facing questions over how melania gained legal status in the united states when she came back here to model. >> first of all, we know that his wife had a green card before she met him. she came here -- >> how did she get the green card? >> she came here legally. >> she applied for a green card. she didn't know donald trump. >> before she applied for the green card. >> and she came and decided to stay and work. the only immigrant in america you are worried about. it's amazing the one prn you decide to pick on happens to be the wife of donald trump. >> the immigrant basher is unwilling to describe how his
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wife got legal status. >> he employs illegal immigrants but he likes them to be legal. >> tomorrow will be trump's major policy speech after the convention. here's what he is looking at proposing. corporate tax rate goes from 35% down to 15%. trump economic adviser promises middle class tax savings between 1500 and $2,000. he says his tax plan eliminates the estate tax, marriage penalty and alternative minimum tax. what remains to be seen is if it will be significant enough to change the conversation. if the candidate can stay on message through the week. >> one of the big questions. thank you. hillary clinton to deliver what's being called a major address on the economy. she will be speaking in detroit on thursday, three days after trump gives his economy speech in the same city. the democratic nominee focusing on the issues and launching new attacks, as you heard on trump.
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our team coverage with brian here now with more on the clinton campaign. what can we expect to hear in clinton's speech? >> a clinton campaign official tells fox news we can expect clinton to give a clear contrast to donald trump's economic policy. she will present the case that her economic policy will benefit all americans, not just the top while trump's policy benefits only the top wealthiest at the expense of working-class americans. clinton will highlight all of the ways her campaign says trump, as a businessman, has taken advantage of american workers. they will paint him as someone who stifles small businesses, blocked unions and remind people how he rooted for the housing collapse in 2008 for profit. hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine have been running and concentrating on the k34i. they went on a nine bus stop tour including pennsylvania and ohio. they will invest in roads,
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bridges and the electric grid. the latest fox news poll shows trump is leading on the issue of who will do a better job for the economy. that's 50-45%. clinton is gaining ground. that's a five-point margin. the gap was 12 points back in may. voters prefer clinton over trump on every issue according to fox news polling except for the deficit and the economiful the clinton campaign feels that will not be true much longer. >> the clinton campaign releasing these new ads based on trump's not so great week. >> they want to remind voters this is a week trump would want to forget and they don't want voters to forget it. a new ad highlights his missteps including failure to endorse paul ryan and senator john mccain and his attacks on the khan family who lost their son in iraq. today two clinton super pacs released a new ad in eight battleground state in which a gold star mother that lost her
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son in iraq said she is outraged by trump's attacks on the cannes. >> the sense of emptiness that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness the rest of their life and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. >> clinton hits the campaign trail again tomorrow. >> a big week for both candidates. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. the insiders will join us at the bottom of the hour to talk about the day's political headlines, as well as the new reaction coming from washington on the controversial $400 million cash payment to iran. it was made four americans held in teheran were freed. president obama denied it was a ransom payment. instead it was part of the iran nuclear deal, unfreezing iranian assets that had been held inside of the u.s. for years. tom cotton, arkansas senator, who sits on the intelligence
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committee said the money sends the wrong message to bad people around the world and the white house still has answers -- questions to answer. >> the united states groovernme was acting -- there are a lot of questions to be answered and the obama administration continues to stumble. >> white house correspondent kevin cork is traveling with the first familily as they travel in martha's vineyard. what's the administration saying about the ongoing controversy surrounding the payment to iran that some are calling a ransom for hostages? >> i have to tell you, some stories simply don't go away just because you are on vacation. this is a classic example of a story that could stick around for sometime, even as the president was out golfing today, once again, 300th round since he
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took office. he was hanging out with nba superstar chris paul. that's him in the red. the questions surrounded the campaign, surround the white house, for that matter. $400 million payment to iran that happened around the time of the iran nuclear deal. the white house saying it was not a ransom. as you pointed out, arkansas republican tom cotton said that's not the point. iran thinks it was. >> they clearly think this was a ransom payment and if they take an american hostage maybe they too will get a $400 million win fall. that's why it is dangerous. >> it is important to point out it was repayment to theize rainians for the cash they gave to the u.s. in '79 but have been held since the overthrow of the shah. >> a lot of people bringing in to question the timing. what about that? >> this is the crux of the problem.
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they will say, the negotiations, one had nothing to do with the other. but it doesn't pass the smell test with a lot of critics. they are towing the company line saying the same thing. listen to vp nominee tim kaine and what he had to say about it today. >> we bargained it down to a portion of the claim and we got hostages home, both of those things are appropriate. i understand why trump is trying to make 134g out of it, but there's no there there. >> he is talking about a hague ruling that found the u.s. was responsible to repay the money to the iranians and they have been looking for $10 billion. so the idea he is saying is look, we are paying 1.7 billion. the taxpayer which would have been on the hook for the money is getting a great deal. it doesn't answer the question. if one had nothing to do with the other why settle the deal now? laura?
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>> thank you so much for that report. keeping us informed on what's happening on vacation. thank you. iran executing one of the top nuclear scientists. a man who was once hailed as a national hero. ahead the mysterious circumstances in this real life spy mystery. plus, disturbing developments in the battle against isis. why it now claims to have seized american military equipment.
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in its bloody campaign around the world. the terror army says it seized american military equipment in afghanistan. isis posting photos on-line
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which include an image of a u.s. soldier's i.d. the soldier has been accounted for. a military spokesman said it is possible some equipment was left behind during a recent operation but it was not the result of a hasty withdrawal. isis claiming responsibility for a vicious ma sh shetty attack that wounded two female officers in belgium last week. police shot and killed the attacker. teheran confirming it executed a prominent nuclear scientist at the center of a real-life spy mystery. connor powell has the story from jerusalem. >> reporter: he was once a national hero and a top nuclear scientist, but this week shahram amiri was executed by teheran for espionage. he disappeared in 2009 while visiting the muslim holy site of mecca. after a year missing, he returned to iran amid celebration. he claimed he had been abducted in saudi arabia by cia.
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but they say he provided useful information. hillary clinton now infamous state department e-mails appeared to reference him and his desire to return to iran. once he did, little is san antonio about his life. though he was arrested in 2011. this week, his mother said she had received his body while iranian officials announced amiri had been convicted of spying for the enemy. his death is one year after the international community in teheran signed an agreement aimed at limiting iran's nuclear program. laura? >> thank you for that report. an american among two professors kidnapped in kabul according to a police source in the country. the other an australian. they were taking near the american university of afghanistan. it's unclear if they were staff members or just visiting the school. kidnapping for ransom has been on the rise the area recently. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. a surprise good-bye for one
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of baseball's most controversial stars. tears flowing at yankees stadium as alex rodriguez prepares for his final game and we are learning more about the victims of a deadly sky diving accident. what was one of them doing? they were celebrating during a
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a tandem sky diving jump in northern california ending in tragedy. investigators two young men were parachuting yesterday morning when their chute apparently failed to open. crews recovering their body in a vineyard, not far from the sky dive low dpie parachute center. it is the school's second fatal
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jump this year. will carr has more from our west coast newsroom. >> good evening, lawyer rachl the fatal crash took place in lodi, california, a rural area. there's a lot of vineyards and fields that are perfect for sky diving. this parachute center involved claims to be one of the oldest and largest in the country as federal investigators try to determine what went wrong. with ino the weather was good. no storms,er no wind. we learned both victims were men. one was an experienced die sky diver and the other on his first jump celebrating a friend's birthday when the fatal crash happened saturday morning. >> deputies responded to the scene and located a tandem jumping pair that did impact the ground without the chute deploying. the coroner's investigation of that and the faa will handle what contributing factors were to that. >> the fatality rate when it comes to sky diving is relatively low. over the last six years, 22
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people died annually sky diving in the united states out of 3.2 million who jumped. the three-plus million who are brave enough show just about anyone who wants to sky dive can. take president george h.w. bush. he went sky diving on his birthday. he said if he could do it anyone could do it at any age. it helps to be fearless. will carr in our west coast newsroom. thank you. the new york yankees dropping a bombshell on the world of sports calling a surprise news conference to announce alex rodriguez will play his final game with the club on friday. the team released the 14-time all star after benching him for most of the past month. of course he was suspended the entire 2014 season for using performance-enhancing drugs. the emotional a-rod shed a few
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tears earlier today. >> i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18 i just wanted to make the team. we all want to keep playing forever. but it doesn't work that way. accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete. saying good-bye maybe the hardest part of the job. >> a-rod is 41 and will walk away as one of the game's most prolific home run hitters. his career total of 696 homers trailed only barry bonds, hank aaron and babe ruth. we're told he will stay on with the yankees as a special adviser and instructor and will keep his $20 million salary this year and is owed $20 million more next year. here's a story that will
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literally warm your heart. a bride in pennsylvania could not have her father give her away because he was shot and killed ten years ago. the family decided to donate his organs. on her wedding day, this daughter felt her father's heart beat again. the man who received her father's heart walked her down the aisle. >> i was just so thankful that my dad could be here with us today in spirit and a piece of his physical being, as well. that was really special for us. >> what a greater honor could a person have than walking the daughter of a man who's given his heart to him. i can't imagine a greater honor. >> reporter: ar they are thomas says he was days away from death when he received the heart and there was no way he was going to let the bride go down by herself. >> reporter: fox news political insiders are next. we will talk about donald trump's week ahead, it's a big one. can he turn the page after a series of recent missteps?
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will it begin with that big speech tomorrow on the economy? what does hillary clinton have to do to win in november? is her strategy as simple as sitting back and letting trump tweet? remember, we love when you chime in, tune in, hit us up on twitter and facebook.
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i'm laura ingel and this is "the fox report."
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the second full day of olympic competition in brazil. here's the medal count. italy, china and the u.s. and japan tied with seven apiece. italy and china are tied for the most golds. the u.s. has one gold, five silver and one bronze. there's your update. back to politics. both hillary clinton and donald trump turning their attention to the economy this week. brand new "washington post" polling shows hillary clinton topping donald trump by eight points in a four-way kras that includes gary johnson as well as green party candidate jill stein. the guys are here. let's bring in our political insiders, former republican congressman for new york, a former pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contributor and former pollster for president clinton and a fox news contributor, as well. welcome, guys. what a week. so many people have been waiting to hear what you have to say to chime in. i'm going to get right to it. john, trump has had a pretty bad
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week. the polls replekt it. is he doing enough? he did the endorsements on friday. where do you see it going? >> he has had a terrible ten days created by himself. maybe he is changing it and sticking to a written script which will not tick anyone off. he has to stabilize himself and then he has to get on offense and present an argument about why we can't go for four more years with hillary following on obama. he has to make the case i'm the guy that will change the country and you can trust me to do the change. pat always talks about an acceptability threshold to be president. you have to get to that threshold. i'm afraid trump has not gotten there and he may have retreated from it in the last few weeks and he needs to get back to it now. >> i want to bring in a little sound here from inni newt gingrich. he talked about the need to be
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redirected. here is what he had to say. >> i think he got the messages. enhe endorsed paul ryan and john mccain which he should have done in the first place. these are steps back in to being -- it's tricky if you have never run for public office to jump from being a businessman to being one of the two leaders fighting for the presidency and he's made some mistakes. >> pat, there's been what is call urgent and strained conversations around trump's allies, imploring senior republicans to get him in and redirect him. where do you see it going? >> i think it is up to donald trump. there are millions of people who wanted him to be their champion. instead he has engaged in what seems to be a battle, punching down, just awful. the point is if this referendum -- he's going to have problems with some republicans. he is a candidate against
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washington at a time when 70% of americans are against washington. he's the candidate that says we're in decline, we're not just slipping. we're declining, two-thirds of americans agree with him but he is not making those points. he has a specific opponent. this is a new election and has new parameters and those parameters got him nominated. they almost succeeded in getting bernie sanders facing a rigged system that he had nominated before he took a dive. all of this is -- he either gets to at this time or he won't. that's it. >> some people say for hillary clinton's part. she should sit back and let this go ahead and see what he tweets out. she had a little blip this week, as well. >> the polls were very good. she is way up in virtually every swing state. states like georgia and arizona are now in play for her. she did have a blip. she went before the minority journalists and couldn't really
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answer a question about the veracity of what she said to director comey and his staff and what she had done previously. that being said, the advice i would give her, no more press conferences. stay head down. raise money, talk to supporters, stay out of harm's way. >> so many people have said have more press conferences. >> no, no, no. this is about winning and losing. we're the political insiders. each of us in our own way has play ed at a high level in national politics. this is not trying to be a good sport or good citizen. it's about winning and losing and for secretary clinton, let donald trump self destruct. do not engage many with the media. >> the problem with that is -- and i do believe that's what they will do -- because they think conventionally. i want to tell you something, you give up the initiative and trump gets on the right initiative and he -- >> aren't there a lot of ifs.
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>> starting will he stay on, right. >> the strategy in the clinton campaign, seriously, i think they are sitting there right now planning something in the next day or two to bait donald trump in to going off script again and blowing his top. that's what we see all the time. >> there's been talk about stuff that came out about melania trump and the photos and they are doing it to see what he will do because he is a provokable guy. >> the pictures of mrs. trump were in "the new york post." it makes no sense why it was in there. the story is about the immigration problem, i think are designed, a, to prove that trump is a hypocrite and to provoke him. >> let's talk about the speeches coming this week. we know what is coming down the pipe and we know both will be resetting. what do we need to hear from these candidates this week? >> trump is the candidate who needs to say here's a plan that will work and he needs to integrate it with his ideas that
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by the way, you people, 80% of some people believe that capitalism screwed america. the problem is he has advisers that are a part of that but nevertheless he needs to put a plan there and say i created jobs. it's the one thing he has on her. her problem is i don't think there is anything she can say. her latest thing last week when she said i'm going to have a road infrastructure plan. and chris wallace asked her, isn't that what obama did? oh, i'm going to do it bigger. that is $800 million down the tubes. the question, there is little she can argue with 1% growth. >> she can't argue with it. 250,000 jobs created in the report on friday. obama's approval rating up to 50 to 54% in some polls. she's going to basically say she's going to build on the progress of the last four years.
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pat's right, john's right. it is a woefully inaccurate and inadequate record, but the action -- absence of a narrative from trump she will lose the argument. >> your thoughts on the economy speeches, john? >> i think they are crucial but this election is not about issues, per se, it's about changing the country or not changing it. more people want to change than don't. that's why hillary clinton and bill clinton at the convention, suddenly she's a change maker. signs on the floor she's a change maker. they tap in to it and would never beat any good republican candidate this year, except trump is proving to be so far not able to make the case. he can't do it. he makes it all about himself instead of the change. >> we will take a break and i want to ask you about the swing
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states. about this poll numbers that came back and surprised a lot of people. more insiders after the break and we love in when you tune in.
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we're back. let's talk about the path to victory in november. it's all about the battleground states. look at this. in the real clear politics average of polls in california clinton is ahead of trump 44.7 to 42. our political insiders are back looking at the numbers. john, looking at those poll numbers, what do you think? a lot of people said today they were surprised. >> i'd say florida you should treat it as a tie. it is crucial for both of them. they will both be there this
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week. hillary is there tomorrow and i think you can tell what they are up to by where they send their candidate. the bad news for trump is in the last two weeks two of the states that are normally in play hillary has stopped advertising in because she thinks she's secure, colorado and virginia. both of which trump thought he could win maybe or challenge in. so the place is shrinking for him but there's still other stuff going on. >> what other states should we be looking a ? >> i don't think we should look at states. i think this, looking back at this election among the political class in main stream media is based on what happened the last few elections. for those that go back a little further, there's an elections, and this is one of them, it is a
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mass election. it is not surprising with the polls, moving the national polls at this point it moved the battleground states. this thing is national election, all of them will move together. this notion that we can go in to a few states, that no longer holds. there are big questions to be determined. a lot of votes and a lot of states will move in tandem. right now that's what is happening and i think it requires a new set of strategies. that's one thing i will tell you about the clinton people, they are so locked in to a mindset that is so wrong. >> let's let doug weigh in on that. >> 300 electoral votes and trump's strategy was based, at least in part -- pat if i can finish, please, given the trump strategy was based logically on winning states like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin, given that pat is
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right the numbers do move nationally but trump was overperforming in the midwest. now we're seeing in states like pennsylvania that advantage is going away and with his weakness in traditionally republican states like georgia, arizona, virginia. >> utah. >> utah. he has a bigger electoral map to contend with and hillary is in a stronger position. >> just two weeks ago, i saw paul manafort on tv repeatedly say we will play in states that no one thought we could win in like connecticut where manafort comes from and apparently a poll that made it look like trump could win. trump said california and new york. nothing. none of these are happening. so, maybe you are right, pat. i've always thought this year is different. >> i think it's both. i think pat is right. >> the difference is hillary is doing all of the things, in case there is some semblance to normal years are. heavy tv in the battleground
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states. heavy staff, identify voters, data collection, get out your vote. they have all of that and trump decided not to do any of it. he maybe right or may regret it on election day. >> i want to talk about some of the name calling that's been going on a long time. i think in the last week we have a list of the names that trump has called hillary clinton, the devil, monster, unbalanced, unhinged, unstable, unfit. a lot of people looking at donald trump and his temperament. we have a fox news poll to show you, his temperament to serve effectively as president. here we go. clinton 64% yes. trump 37% no. we have been asking for tweets. i got a lot of them today and thank you very much to everyone who tweeted in. one said i'd like to hear more about hillary's health, both physical and mental. a lot of people curious where they stand inside of their head with what has been going on. >> clearly the benefit nationally in the way that pat
1:45 am
was referring to goes to the secretary of state. on temperament given the way that donald trump attacked the khan family, attacked newt gingrich -- i'm sorry, not newt gingrich but john mccain, kelly ayotte and paul ryan. all in swing states, all popular. a mistake for him. that hurt donald trump very badly. pat could be right. newt could be right. he could be getting back on message, time will tell. the second question, if i can finish, is, is her health okay? people who raise the question and people that raise the question point to her mental health. no obvious evidence than she is fine.
1:46 am
>> temperament issue. >> the temperament issue is important right now. i want to back up and make a larger point about this election, folks. i have been in a lot more than i think anyone, most people have been in within politics because i'm that old now. i go back. look, you have an election, first of all, this is the longest general election we will have. usually the general election, because of the olympics, all of the conventions went back for the first time since 1960 to july. we have essentially added an entire month to the calendar. what we are seeing now would normally happen in late august, early september. trump should thank god that is the case. whether he makes use of it or not i can't but the question is, do we have a long way to go? people running challengers particularly, particularly someone who's had no political experience. when they stumble out of the
1:47 am
box. i want to remind people in 1976, j immy carter started with a 30 some point lead and stumbled immediately coming out and ronald reagan in 1980, when he was slightly -- went down to philadelphia, mississippi where the three civil rights workers were killed and had a terrible few weeks. it takes some time. if the can 2k5i9s can't get their sea legs they will lose. >> really quick. >> trump won the nomination may 4th. that's three months ago. he's less popular today nationally. he is less popular among republicans than he was three months ago. he hasn't used this period of time well. he's running against the most beatable candidate ever to be nominated by a major party. this woman is a disaster on the ratings. he should be ahead of her by ten points and he is behind by five or six. this is a political malpractice of the highest degree so far by donald trump himself. >> we will have more of this coming up. the insiders come back for more.
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what about gary johnson? we will talk about that next.
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we are back with the political insiders. during the break you had a good point about the media. >> i said in my 45 years of being on the national scene, i have never seen the media so united in support and advocacy for one campaign against the other. actual it will goes back to '64 with goldwater. >> who were they for? >> johnson and barry goldwater's crazy, insane. whatever it was. >> who are they for? >> for hillary clinton, for god's sake. you don't want me to interrupt you. you let me finish. >> i'm happy to. >> thank you.
1:52 am
>> what happens is -- what they do and i will give you examples of this. she gets no coverage basically from what happened to her last week. if donald trump announced he was having a short circuit, you can imagine what it would be like. the minor ones where people accused oim-throwing a child out of his rally, which is untrue, turns out. where msnbc and the others say oh, the memo was fake. which it wasn't. the man -- nobody bothered to ask the veteran. i'm saying issue after issue there is a narrative being promoted and it's being promoted but understand something, it is not just because they are liberal. it is because they are the political establishment in a year in this the people are against the political establishment. this media has become a player not to tell people who just to sloet for but cover up the truth. >> do you agree with this? >> the reason we're on this network, the reason this network
1:53 am
is so popular is because of that. that people want an alternative to what they considered a corrupt main stream media. hold on. wait a second and trump has had a great advantage by having this network getting his word out and the talk radio world, which is huge in this country is all pro trump. >> fair and balanced. that's right. >> virtually all of the problems that donald trump has had are of his own making. there's a strong argument, strong sentiment for donald trump and the argument we have advanced the last few years is there is a strong desire for change. trump undermined it and the secretary of state hillary clinton stayed well out of the media until friday when she made a major gaffe. my advice to her, keep staying out. speeches, controlled environment. >> we have to talk about iran. >> let me go to that point, iran but also let me point out it wasn't just trump's mistakes. look at how they called his
1:54 am
speech, which was successful, dark and evil and how they awarded her the absolute stuff, outrageous but look at iran, $400 million -- which is a ransom deal. you have to be insane to think you take $400 million in foreign currency, putt it on pallets that can't be traced, fly in an unmarked airplane while hostages are sitting 0 then grown and tell us there's not a deal an the president's attitude and the rest of your friends are basically- >> which friends are those. >> the ones that pay you off. >> all right. >> what the media hasn't done is ask this question, does this administration repeatedly pay for hostages? did they pay for bowe bergdahl, james folly and they asked for 100 million for him and when the administration wouldn't pay the family said we will try to raise the money and the obama
1:55 am
administration said to the family we will prosecute you. >> quick point. the larger issue is we don't have a foreign policy or strategy to fight isis, to fight terror, to stand up to putin, north korea, iran an the chinese. that's what is lacking. >> trump's policy is -- >> you guys hear the music. we have to go. final thoughts with the insiders are next. we love when you chime and tune in. in. hit us
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test test flush we're back on twitter. dawn darnell says meaty discussion without shouting. what a concept. enjoy your show. i wish we could have the cameras on during the break. final thought with our political insiders. all right, pat, go. >> this time $400 million nothing to do with the campaign. we have a president of the united states who's done this deal in which onld only a blind person could say. we have two "new york times," two networks did not mention in their shows this blockout of news. it's not good for the country and being done to the detriment of the country. >> john? >> i have a lot of different things i could say about the iran nuke deal. but on the president we saw something we have never seen before in our lifetime, a sitting president, not running anymore, at a press conference with a foreign leader,
1:58 am
singaporean prime minister open the questions by trashing trump and saying trump is not qualified to be president and i call on republicans to withdrawal their endorsement of him. >> a lot of people talking about that. >> and i think it was done by obama. >> hillary clinton's lead is up to six, seven points in real clear politics shchl se winning by increasing margins in swing states. this election is moving her way. >> why don't you just say it is over. >> it isn't over. >> gary johnson, se is he going to make it on the debate stage. >> probably not. >> that's it. >> it is monday august 8th. this is a fox news alert. the young star of the kansas state lawmaker is killed on the world's tallest water slide.
1:59 am
>> shell shock, tears, moms crying. i ran full speed toward the slide. >> we will have the breaking details as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. >> getting back on track, donald trump unveiling his economic plan today. new this morning an inside look at what he is proposing and how it will impact you. >> shining bright in rio. taking the lead in olympic medal count. the moments you must be from the summer combam -- games. fox & friends first starts right now.
2:00 am
>> i love a little florida georgia line. >> nice to be here. little bit of a week off. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day and week off with us. a bay of fun at a water park turns to tragedy. >> a 10-year-old boy dies going down the world's tallest water park. >> new details on what really happened as investigators try to piece it all together. kelly wright joins us live with the latest on this tragedy. >> good morning to you as well heather and abbie. no one knows what went wrong. they only know the family is in mourning as the young boy


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