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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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so much news to talk about, all these e-mails. dagen: 10 a.m. to noon. sandra: we're back on tv monday at noon earp. "happening now" starts -- noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. %
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>> we begin with big news. hillary clinton and running mate tim kaine releasing tax returns and calling out republican nominee donald trump for not doing the same. >> i am leland vitter in for jon scott. mrs. clinton releasing tax information showing she paid over 43 percent combined tax rate and governor kaine revealed a decade worth of tax return. the move focused attention on what might be in his returns. and mike emmanuel spent the past hour going through mrs. clinton and senator kaine's return. anything interesting? >> this is all pressure by the clinton campaign trying to force donald trump releasing his
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returns as well. the clintons paid 34.2 percent in 2015 and local tax rate nine percent and combined 42 percent. they donated 9.8 adjusted gross income of 10.6 million to char arity. running mate and his wife released ten years. their tax rate was 23.3 percent. and combined tax rate 29.6 percent. they have donated 7.5 adjusted gross income to charity. hillary clinton and tim kaine continue to set the standard for financial transparency as she releases her 2015 personal tax return and builds on the clintons' tradition of making
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their rurps public since 19sfech and kaine released ten years of his return. clinton said she is the candidate that would look out for the little guy. and ripped donald trump's plan for being good for his buddies and pressed his tax return. >> and then trump's tax plan. he would give trillions in tax cuts to corporation and wall street and money managers and pay a lower rate than millions of middle class fam upon fames. one expert described this plan as and i quote, a really noise deal worry donald trump. it is hard to say how nice because he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate has done and release his tax returns. >> trump so far declined to
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release income tax information saying he will not do so while under audit by the irs. there is more reports of turmoil with trump campaign. team trump huddling with the rnc. and they are calling it a really meeting and another is come to jesus meeting. they say it is routine and we see what the headlines come out of that in the future. donald trump plummeted in the polls in florida and north carolina and he trails by 5 and 9 respectively. and virginia and colorado clinton leads by double-digit. we have our experts in. why not 53, i guess we'll find out. >> i want to leave it.
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benard we appreciate it. brad, we know the plummet in poll numbers. you rather be up than down. >> he needs to stil stick to policy and stop the self infl t inflicted bounds of if you are defending you are not on offense. and look, there is plenty of fodder to attack hillary clinton and he has to realize, it is not the republicans who are the enemy. it is not bam obama but clinton. if he sticks to that and has a firm agenda on the national security and economy. he can turn it around. but every time he puts his foot in his mouth he spent the next three days defending what he said. and eventually he had to retract like he did the most recent
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gaffe like obama invented isis and he said it was satire. one of the big stories of hillary clinton is the e-mails that show a connection with the state department. and donald trump is not hyper focused on that, but hillary clinton is going to have to face questions on that in debates and otherwise. what sort of challenges is it? >> there is no there, there. cheryl mills took a train trip to new york to interview someone with the head of the clinton foundation. there is nothing wrong and did so on her own expense. donald trump's campaign is insanity. this is 30 years in politics. he's unglued and unhinged and barely three weeks after being nominated. can you imagine what he would be like in the oval office?
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the temperament underscores how unfit he is for office. he said well, the only way to get into heaven is be president. and military tribounales for citizens. and endpaj in torteur which is illegal. and the list goes on and on. and the biggest indictment is not from the democrats but from the 70 former rnc officials elected and former officials and staffers saying donald trump is going to bring us down in flames and abandon ship now. >> the issue is funding. these are the reports that are swirling right now and it is hard to sort out the truth and the reports at the time. we tonight talk to our viewers as much as we would like and
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these are supporterses of donald trump. and this is why they are standing pie the candidate. >> he's new and we need someone with a fresh take. trump will create jobs and repeal and replace obama care can. and he truly loves the country. you we need a president that cleans up the mess. they believe in donald trump despite the columnist or the beltway elite are saying. they are showing up for the trump rallies and they are still there. and what about that factor? >> he has a strong base of support. that is not enough to win. and donald trump has a short time to turn it around and i am talking about the polls in battleground states. first week after september will tell the tale. if these numbers slide in florida, and howe on ohio.
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rnc has to look at do they cut their loss says and that means money that was going to donald trump is going to be targeted to the house members and shores up the senate and down ballet state and local elections. the rnc cannot put all of the investment in the trump basket and we can't go down for the ship. and i am a trump supporter, but i hope he will stick to policy and stick to hillary clinton and you will do fabulously well because her record is a disaster. >> what about her record? and focusoth policies what is her biggest challenge? >> making clear to the american people that her economic plan will work for the average person. if you you look at donald trump's tax plan it advantages
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donald trump and bring record deficits. she needs to make the positive case of how she would steer the economy and make change and build jobs and bring the country together after a divisive campaign. if you look at battleground states, i appreciate brad's commitment to trump and it is it happy talk. but he is down double-digits in virginia and colorado and states like arizona and utah and georgia is in play. that is portending to be a land slide for hillary clinton. and with rubio back in the race and mitch mcconnell is worried about the senate falling. >> and it is it fair to say anything can happen at this point. >> a warning to benard don't count your chickens and donald trump's biggest thing is it under estimating.
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>> i don't estimate him. and we have to go vote and keep the insanity out of the white house. >> we'll see who shows up. >> people on tv underestimated him as well. donald trump is en route to pennsylvania as we speak. and will he take brad blakeman's advice? he's trying to get the campaign back on patch and as he commands so much media attention, is the coverage making a rebound that much harder. and we'll discuss it with howard kurtz coming up. and donald trump said repeatedly that the main stream media is in the tank for hillary clinton. is that fair and upon go to, to join the conversation. plus, accusations fly between russia and the ukraine and now moscow may be moving forward
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new ensure enlive. always be you. moscow is accusinghe neighbor of trying to report with an attack. and our senior foreign affairs gregical cot has more on this that we cannot ignore. >> we are trying to figure it out right now. we know that russia and ukrainian troops are on high alert. russia is claiming that their own intelligence agent brought up a plan.
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and they claimed they fought off a diversion. and they went on television and showed one individual that they nabbed and a bomb that he was going to use against targets. they do admit as well russian soldiers and intelligence agents were killed. ukraine said they were not behind this and the u.s. said russia has not shown the proof. there is as you noted a lot of military activity. they said there would be a response. he is moving gear and a sophisticated anti- aircraft defense system up to the defactor border between crimia and ukraine and stepping you up series of military experiences. ukraine put all of its troops in
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the east on combat footing. it could be the real thing. it could be vladimar putin deciding to make another defensive move in ukraine and used this kind of timing, for example, olympics when people are distracted. but experts think that it is political rather than military. there are more ukraine peace talks in september and putin said he is not sure he will participate. it sounds like according to analyst that he is angling for a deal to get rid of the crippling sanctions that are against him in russia. it looks like according to at this time experts that he is stabilizing and undermine the pro western government in ukraine. they could be working and so could presidential politics factored in, jenna. the thinking is that he wants to deal with obama while in the white house no matter what is
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said on the campaign trail with hillary and donald, they are unknown quantities. >> that's true. more on this, we'll bring in general jack keane. general, nice to see you on this friday. >> nice to see you. >> put it in perspective for us. put an grabbed crimia. why does it matter at home what putin is doing with the military in the ukraine? >> this is out of the putin p y playbo playbook. he creates instability and using false claims to create it. and then justifies the use of his military and deflects theous of that military. that was false claims in crimia and seized and annexed it.
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and false claims in europe and i am sorry, i said eastern europe. this play bock is coming again. he wants the instability and notes inially a military objective but he is attacking in three locations. he creates instability and he uses it as a leverage for negotiations to it stop the instability and bring it to it a halt. and in the intro is 100 percent accurate. sanctions have hurt putin and he wants them removed and this is an attempt to go after that. and at home, he has elections coming in duma and local regional elections and his party is up for election. he wants a decisive victory and seen that he is in control. >> how much has it to do with
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putin would rather with president obama who he has steam rolled rather than roll the dice and see who he faces in january? >> i don't think the american presidency at this point is that big p of a deal to him given the time that is left. i don't think these incidents have going to do with president obama or cliptor or whether it will be trump. he has issues that he wants resolution of and who the player ares are, are in the that relevant to him. he has g- 20 nations that are meeting and wants to influence those countries always focused on influencing the european countries. they matter to him as much as the united states. >> we have seen that with nato. >> good talking to you you.
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>> in the rio limb lipses, a police officer was shot and killed. they have double the number of police officers back in london in 2012, steve? >> reporter: jenna in rio, some neighborhoods are so dangerous even soldiers can't go inside. a truck load of soldiers came under machine gunfire and one soldier was shot and killed.
10:25 am
brazil flooded rio with security forces, 85000, it is little sign of slowing street crime. they target tourist with back packs and waiting on corner ares distracted by the smart phones. they strike and disa pore. it is not only tourist. they can be targets. like the bronze medal. and tried to chase down a theft and punched in the face and hospitalized and brazil head of security robbed at knife point leaving the event. and the nerve center to protect the people is here. and at that tima from is 6000 cameras and 20 security agencies and squad cars all streams in.
10:26 am
attendance is down in part of the security linesha can last up to it two hours, jenna. >> security is not the only problem on the rio olympics. a woman got sick after race nothing polluted water. her coach said she caught a serious intestinal infection while trailing. and she's the first taylor to get sick in the waters off of the bay of rio. the bay has high levels of bacteria and raw sewage. they are talking about bleaching everything in and out of the boats and all sorts of stuff. >> that sounds like an obissue obstacle. and you jump in this and here's the pool you are going to compete in. >> it looks --
10:27 am
>> i don't know. in television newses, we might need you to white balance. >> the grown color popped up and two different pools. one is a do i having pool and olympics officials say there is nothing wrong with the water. it is a imbalance but health issues. >> it is a simple question. you are going to a pool party with kids, i don't think a parent would let them get in the pool. >> in your past life as a certified pool operator. >> i know how to chemically balance. they don't require it here in fox. but it is not the easiest thing. it is chemicals can get off a bit. >> if it gets bad in rio. they might call for you. >> the pools were fine where we
10:28 am
were that's all i know. >> we are getting reports that donald trump's campaign staff is sitting down with the republican rnc staff. the nominee is on the way to it pennsylvania for a rally set to start in the top of the hour. we'll be live there just ahead. >> once i get in i will do my thing i do error well and i figure it's probably, maybe the only way i get to heaven and so i better do a good job, okay.
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>> we have told you this hour about the unusual challenges that donald trump's campaign. the controversy with his own remarks and new he is admitting that the obstacles may be too much to overcome. >> in the end of 90 days and i fallen show because i am some what politically correct and even though i am the smart one and good ideas, it is okay, i go to a good way of life. >> trump taking hard hits with the media covering every misstep, but is hillary clinton
10:33 am
getting a pass on her e-mail mess in the process? joining us now howard kurtz. and good friend from dc, nice to see you, howy. everyone chuckled when they saw it because of what is and said mean for journalism. cnn. right after trump called him founder of isis and he's not. and calling it their own fact checking. >> and cnn said clinton said she didn't have classified e-mails and she did. is that okay. >> i have sewn cnn do with fact checking with donald trump several times. maybe i have missed it but not with hillary clinton and the other one. >> that's because hillary
10:34 am
clinton tells the truth and not said anything questionable the whole campaign? >> i don't think cnn would argue that. of course, bark bookkeeper obama and hillary clinton are not the founders of isis. it was a political hyper baly by it is just struck me, the tone was condescending. and trump said it was sarcasm. but no one believed that he literally was saying they founded the islamic state. >> it is interesting, trump responded to cnn on banners. ratings challenged cnn reports so seriously that i called president obama and clinton founder of isis and mv, they don't get up sarcasm. it brings up a question.
10:35 am
one of the two-running. when does the media decide if they are sarcasm and when does world leaders decide when the president is sarcast and i can when he or she does not? >> that is a fair condition. every presidential candidate until donald trump stayed away from jokes and sarcasm because the media can jump on a sentence or word and you get yourself in trouble. donald trump doesn't do that. it is a technique. when he says something provocative and russia if you are listening, you should hack hillary clintons and find the lead in 33000. it drives the news. not only what we are reporting and does he go too far. and it helps him and hurts him at times when detractorsous it as a club to beat him up up with. >> and gives the media an excuse
10:36 am
to put the latest outrage of what donald trump is talking about. and in the meantime, it seems as though hillary clinton is getting a pass on real scandals that you think that major public corrupgdz in the state department and pay to play would get teamses of investigate identify reporters a signed to them. >> i wouldn't say it was a pass. the new york times broke the story of the private e-mail server and the latest batch of e-mails about the clinton foundation and cozy relationship with the aides in the state department has gotten coverage. it is overshadowed by one trump story after another. and you look at newspapers and website. and trump, trump, trump. and here's one on hillary. in that sense it is letting the media go after trump which they
10:37 am
are doing while she gets less scrutiny. >> and a lot of discussions amongst the trump advisor to get him to pipe down and see if there can be more coverage of hillary clinton. >> good luck with that. >> and we'll leave it there. and howie kurtz, getting ready for media buzz on sunday 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. >> and now fox news alert. donald trump, republican nominee is holding first of two campaign events in pennsylvania today. within the next hour and rnc officials and trump campaign plan a meeting of the minds today. jon robert ps is where we expect him shortly, jon. >> good afternoon to you. there is reporting that the orlando was emergency because of
10:38 am
the state of the campaign. we are told by the trump campaign and rnc, it is a typical meeting and staffed and talk about logistics and what they need to fight the general election campaign. at this point, in the cycle. we are thinking about going tots convention and let alone launching in the national campaign. there is an old split between the old guard and trump campaign. 70 prominent republicans and former members of the rnc will send a letter to reince priebus to take all of the money they were going to spend on the the trump campaign and take to down ball on the things. we believe his record- breaking unpopularity risk turning the election in a democratic land slide. and the house and senate races
10:39 am
will prevent the gop from drowning. strong words and i am told that it is nonsense to think they can take it away from trump. trump is the cash cow for the rnc and raising the money. and if they take it. he will stop raising money and it will dry up and there will not be and to spend. donald trump is expected here in eerie. and hitting hard hillary clinton and president obama over isis and quad rupling in the rally of kissimmee. listen to how he cast it last evening. >> he is the founder in a tue sense. if you want to state, i didn't want to be there. if he want have kept a relatively small force, he
10:40 am
probably could have prevented isis from forming, okay. and now you look at what is going on with isis and the way they are spreading. ndonald trump getting a lot of criticism for calling obama and clinton the co-founder of isis. many say there is no evidence that. >> don't you recognize sarcasm when you see it? we expect more sarcasm today, jenna? >> and look at the crowd. they talk about him and his campaign struggling. but look at the crowd. how big is that droud to join to welcome donald trump. >> this is the interesting thing and it is a incongruity of the polls. this place can hold 9000 and there is a few less than that today. but a crowd. and the problem is, that donald trump can't just get these
10:41 am
people out to vote for him. he has to get thousands and thousands and millions and millions of other people. and it is those people who don't so many to be with him. what the campaign is hoping to do, branch out beyond the core audience and democrats that would come over to the republican side and get them supporting donald trump. and looking at the way the polls are going that is a lift at this point. >> and a jon, thank you very much. >> thanks, jenna. >> coming up, new developments in two recent murders. both victims, young women, jog nothing the northeast and police are asking all of us to look for coming up. for lower back pain sufferers,
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the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. >> police are asking for the public's help.
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we don't know if it is a man. we are not sure who killed the women. especially one jogging in broad daylight. vanessa was visiting her mother in massachusetts and she went out for a run and never came home. >> we believe that there was a struggle between vanessa and the killer that resulted, may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries. therefore, we would ask that anyone who observed a male when these typeses of injuries that would have been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state police tip line. >> the 27-year-old jogger bears striking similarities to another young woman found dead in new york. she went for a run near queens
10:46 am
new york. we'll have cands a. we don't know about the killer or killer ares in this case. we simply don't have any information about the killers. you were the head profiler in upon frap fran for the fbi. do you think that two crimes are related? >> it is unlikely they are related because of the 190 mile distance between the two attacks. if they were in the same area, that would be cause to believe that it is it probably the work of one person. but that is not the the case. >> we don't know why they were targeted. how would you go about solving the mystery? >> to address your issue. we don't know the motive. i believe that both women were sexual assaulted. and both women ended up dead.
10:47 am
i would say the motive of the offender was violent sexual homicide. that saids. >> let's clear that up. law enforcement that the reports were they were sexual assaulted and then they came off of it. and it is a mixed reporting. maybe you can share with our viewers why they would do that and not be as specific as they would be in other cases? >> sometimes early reports on crimes like this, and things that are getting attention are not accurate. it is long enough at this point that the police know if there was a sexual assault or not. but regardless, both weapons are murder victims. and that probably wasn't an accident. and violent assault out of the
10:48 am
blue, the offender's purpose was to kill. >> how do you you go about finding the offender? >> it is homicide 101, investigate. and important to know the victim's history and the victimology. and the crime scene analysis is important and gathering evidence such as dna. in one of the cases the police have dna and talking to friends and associates of the victims and uponing who frequents the area. >> the dnan under one of the victims and a shocking mystery and two murders and similarities in the story, we'll continue to watch, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> coming up, sports history in the making and alex rodriguez steps up to bat last time with the new york yankees.
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hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. donald trump set to speak in the battleground state of pennsylvania. we'll hear from him for the first time since hillary clinton released her tax returns, challenging him to do the same. what's he going to say about that? donald trump said there were tremendous problems in utah. was he referring to the fact
10:53 am
that bill clinton was there yesterday? and is america a dark or dangerous place or in a strong position for progress? those answers coming up on "america's news headquarters," next. welcome back to "happening now" on a friday. one of baseball's best known players saying goodbye tonight. alex rodriguez playing his last game for the new york yankees as he gets ready to take on a new role. rick leventhal is live at new york stadium. hi, rick. >> reporter: hey, leland. they say he'll be a special adviser but his exit from the team is anything but special. he's cut loose with 50 games left in the season. a-rod hasn't played in the field all year. the 41-year-old asked to play third base and the manager joe
10:54 am
girardi said no. he's got more than 3,000 hits, but many missteps in his more than 20-year career including his use of peds, admitting to it twice. sports caster jim gray says a-rod stained what should have been a brilliant career. >> it's all very sad. it's not what we want in the people who are out there on the field. it's not what we hold up to our ideals, who we want to put on the pedestal, to who we want to stand up and cheer. and unfortunately, he went down that path. but he did it to himself. >> reporter: rodriguez will still get paid the $27 million that he's owed by the yankees through the end of 2017, giving him more than $380 million in career earnings. he could still play for another
10:55 am
team. rumors say the marlins might sign hundrim. a ceremony to honor a-rod is scheduled for tonight but there could be a rainout, thunderstorms in the forecast. >> tough to rain on the tickets of a long career. rick leventhal, live at yankee stadium, thanks, rick. quite a show across the sky last night. you might have stayed up to see a cascade of shooting stars. it's the perseid meteor shower. they're dust from a comet's wake. check out the image of the p perseid. >> nasa always gets the very best pictures. it came in like a wrecking ball. perhaps this wasn't what was planned. see the damage done by mistake
10:56 am
to number 3 world trade center, all courtesy of -- well, all it took was a windy day. ♪ ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ all i wanted was to break you up ♪ g a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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presidential candidates would have some occasionally. now starting today, coming to a walmart near you. >> i'm game. >> i think it looks pretty good. i'll try anything once. >> or twice. thank you for joining us today. >> it was awesome. so much fun. >> and thank you as well. "america's election headquarters" starts right now. and we begin with a fox news alert. donald trump expected any moment now at a rally in pennsylvania on a day that is jam-packed with political headlines. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. trump is set to take the stage amid a growing effort among republicans to end his white house run. rival hillary clinton is off the trail today but still making moves. senior political correspondent mike emanuel with live in washington with the latest on the clinton campaign. f john roberts, new polling in key


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