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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the day. >> no, i'm an overt hippie. truly on my cereal. harris: thanks for being here. we'll go overtime on the web, click on the "overtime" tab. facebook live. outnumbered fnc. "happening now" now.
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are forceed to evacuate and flooding now. and we begin with two major campaigns in the afternoon. the race per white house takes no break and we are waiting a major speech about p donald trump an hour from now in ohio. and amid growing fears of of terrorism here and overseas. you you are seeing a live shot in pennsylvania, where joe biden is joining hillary clinton. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jenna lee. first, the democrats. vice-president biden making
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a debut with hillary clinton appearing with her in pennsylvania. it is a bastion of blue collar voters. but vice-president biden said mrs. clinton grandfather was born in scranton and she has their best interests at heart. >> there is the vice-presidential seal on the podium. we understand they are here right now. it is important to point out the latest wall street nbp c marist poll shows her leading by 11 points in pennsylvania. it is important to point out a republican hasn't run
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pennsylvania since 1998. the campaign stop had to be cancelled after the dallas shooting. it is the first time we'll see them both together. they will be emphasizing the scranton roots. >> biden was born here in scranton and hillary's father was born here had. we were in an italian restaurant prekwented by clinton's brother and she talked about how to learn to shoot a gun at her grandfather's place. the crowd is growing wild. upon vice-president biden making his way down the ramp there. they are going to hear about clinton's plan to create jobs. this is mostly blue collar and they have lost many, many jobs
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here. it is very interesting and donald trump support among millennials. and clinton had 56 percent than donald trump's 20 percent. we expect them to it take hits at trump and his campaign. and expect them to jab at paul manafort who received 12.7 from ukrainian politicians that he had helped. hillary clinton on stage with joe bide biechltd both of them with their families from scanton
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-- scranton. >> thank you. thank you all so much. [chanting hillary] >> it is so great to be back in scranton, pennsylvania. i can't tell you how important this is, to it me and to vice-president bide ep. [applause] we both have a lot of memories of scranton and lake miniolea. >> that's right. and it is a nostalgic trip for me. my brothers are here. we came to lake minnola every sum isser of my life and loved every minute of it. and there is a lot of people in
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this crowd who our family has known or joe's family has known over the years and we are graflt to each and every one of you. and wonderful to be here in scranton with senator bob casy. and your congressman matt cartwright. and your amazing reporter of doeds. -- deeds. and we sure miss that husband of yours and thinking about you and sending you our best wishes and we are here with auditor general. and of course, as i said, i am here with the one and the only
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vice-president joe biden. [applause] you know, joe grew up over in north washington avenue. [applause] no matter how far he travels, he never forgets where he's from. i have seen him in a lot of settings in the spotlight as vice-president and senator, in quiet moments with constituents and in the situation room, helping to make decisions that impact our lives and security. and wherever he goes, he's always the same guy, a fighter for everyone who needs a champion for towns like
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scranton and above all a fighter for family. [applause] [chanting joe] >> and you know, i think he'd be the first to say that he cares about your family because of his family. joe senior and catherine taught joe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity. when you see someone fall, you help them back up because we are all in this together. that is the biden way. we have seen how he fights for working families because he passionately believes in the basic bargain that makes america great. that our economy should work for everyone, not just those at the
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top. and he stands up against injustice. he has led the fight to end violence against women and girls. [applause] and he stands up for people's lives and health including the project he's now leading on behelpful of president obama, the cancer moon shot to fund break throughs to save lives. as many of you know, his wonderful son beau, a great father and public servant and human being passed away last year, this so this is personal to joe biden. he know its is personal to a lot of families and that's why he's fighting so hard to make a difference. and if i'm elected this fall, i
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will ask joe to it continue the important work he's done to help us fight and defeat cancer. [applause] so as someone who's worked with joe for years, first in the senate and then as a member of the obama/biden cabinet. i can attest that passion for standing up for people and trying to make lives better. and pushes him to work harder every second of the day for all of us. and joe and his wonderful wife jill, raised their children and grandchildren with those same values. joe, i hope you know, how much not just scranton, but america loves you and your family.
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[applause] so it means a great deal. when joe and i decided to have our first campaign rally, there really was only one answer. scranton is not only joe's hometown, it is my dad's hometown. and the bidens were on north washington, my family were a few blocks away on diamond. and i was kirstened on the methodist church on court street and my grandfather worked in the lace mill starting as a teenager. that business treated its workers right. the scranton lace company, all of those years ago, actually offered a profit sharing plan and health benefits at the
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beginning of the 20th century. they understood that a lot of folks have forgotten. [applause] they understood that their workers were responsible for much of the business' success and so it was only fair to share in that success and their families benefitted, too. and because of that job, my grandfather could give my father a better life. my father was able to go to college and went to penn state where he played football. then, after he got out of penn state, it was 1935 right in the depths of the depression and he was looking for a job and heard a friend of his anyhow somebody and that heard are somebody hired in chicago and he hired
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a freight train from scranton to chicago. and i don't understand upon that. and he got a job as a salesman and went in the navy in world war ii. and when he got out he started a small business in chicago where i grew up. and just like his parents before him, that is the american dream. no matter where life takes me. i am a grand daughter of a factory worker and a daughter of a small business owner and i am so proud of it. and you know, the story of the rodhams and the bidens is not unique. what is unique is the country where those stories were written. no matter what donald trump
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says, america is great the american dream is big enough for everyone to share in its promise. but that doesn't mean we can take it for granted. we have a lot of work to do. here in scranton you know. that president obama and vice-president biden pulled us back and put our economy back on a stronger footing. i personally don't think they get enough credit for that. under their leadership, we created 15 million new private sector jobs and 20 million people have health care and the auto industry just had its best year ever. so is i think the job of the
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next president is to build on that, but to take on the doper challenges that emerged long before the crisis and persisted through our recovery. wages are too low. and it is still too hard for too many to get ahead. my top priority is creating an economy that works for everyone and not just those at the top. i have set five ambitious goals to get us there. we'll make the biggest investment in new good paying jobs since world war ii. [applause] second, we're going to make college debt- free-for-all and help millions of people struggling. and we are going to crack down on companies that ship jobs and profits overseas and we are
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going to reward companies that share profits corporations and the super rich finally pay their share of taxes and fifth. we are going to respond to the way american families live and work today by making child care affordable. in today's economy, there is often no parent or grand parent to it stay home with the kids. we'll fight for family leave to
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take care of a child or sick parent or spouse. and you shouldn't lose your job for taking care of them. now, i mention these issues, you know donald trump said that i am playing the woman's card. if playing the woman's card, deal me in. i really that together this plan will go a long way to building a stronger and fairer are economy where everyone can attribute to the growth and share in their reward. what is trump's plan. he laid it out last week. and i will admit, i didn't think it was going to be good for working americans, but it turned out to be worse than i ever imagined. i know some of you may have friends up here in northeastern pennsylvania who are thinking of
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voting for trump. i know, i know. friends should not let friends vote for trump. but, just in case you can have a conversation, explain that donald trump would give trillions, with a t in tax cuts to corporation and money managers and that would explode the national debt and led to cuts in education and health care. it is called the trump loop hole. and it allows and that is he would end up paying a rate lower than millions middle-class families assume issing he paid taxes at all.
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because we really don't know because we haven't seen his tax returns. we know by looking at the data, we know that the 400 richest taxpayers would get an average tax cut of 15 million a year from the trump loop hole and then there is the estate tax that trump wants to eliminate. if you you believe he's wealthy as he claims, that would save the trump family $4 billion and do nothing for 9.8 percent of all of the other americans in our country. and so yeah, 4 billion tax cut for trump and 99.8 percent of the americans get nothing. think of when we could do with $4 billion. we could pay for 47000 veterans to get a four year college
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degree. and that is health care to nearly 3 million kids or fund a year's worth of federal assistance to state and local law enforcement. and there is a lot of better ways to spend the money and one more part of trump's plan to mention. he wants to help people pay for child care and excluding those payments of taxation. guess who will that will help the most? it will help rich people who get 30 or $0.40 on the dollar to pay for their nannies. hard working families who can't afford child care in the first place will get little to no real help. that's why the child care plan is panned left and right and
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center. child care coast as much as instate college tuitition in much of the country. we need real working solution and not just the well off and to prove he cares about this issue. he talked about how his businesses offered on sight child care for workers. that perked me up. if he did that, it would be a big deal. i wish more companies provided on sight child care and that is a huge benefit for employees. like so much what he said it is not true. some of his resort and hotels and clubs, offer child care services, but for guests, not employees. just saying? if you stay at a trump hotel,
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you can enroll your kid in something called trump kids. they will get special children's room service and children spa services. even a nanny for a fee, but if you work for his business, if you clean the rooms or water the lawns or carry people's bags, you get nothing. i am not even sure trump knows that providing a trump kids program for paying customers is not the same thing as providing real child care for workers, just like the tax breaks for billionaires are not the same as a real plan to help american's working families. joe biden said don't tell me what you value. and show me your budget and i will tell you what you value.
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[applause] so it is pretty clear, donald trump wants to give trillions of tax breaks and not invest in veterans orchids and or are police officers or anyone who provides services and we face serious challenges in america. we need serious leadership. this is not a reality tv show. it is real as it gets. look at what is happening in milwaukee, we have urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundmental principal that everyone should be upon respected by the law. and on all of the important challenges. you have to ask yourself. is trump up to the job. he's giving a speech, he's giving a speech about isis today. i laid out my strategy for
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defeating isis over many months. we will strike their sanctuaries from the air and support local forces and take them out. under president obama and vice-president biden we are making progress and we are detecting and preventing attacks before they happen. and disrupt their efforts on line to reach and radicalize young people in the country. it will not be easier, but make no mistake, we will prevail. there is no doubt in my mind. [applause] in comparison donald is all over the place. letting syria be a free zone for isis, a major country in the middle east that could launch
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attacks and talked about sending american ground troops. that is off of the table as far as i am concerned. so, we'll wait and see what he says today. you upon know, sometimes he says he will not tell anyone what he will do because he wants to keep his plan "secret" and the turns the secret is he has no plan. and that was very clear when he said i know more about isis than the generals. no, no donald, you don't. and on top of that. more countries should have nuclear weapons including the middle east. and talked about walking away from european allies and that the united states military is
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a disaster. well, i wish he would spend as much time as joe and i have is meeting the brave young men and women that serve in the military and meeting with families and gold star families, those are not the words of someone who respects our military and the sacrifice that our young women and men make every single day. i said in philadelphia, that you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. it is also not a man to run our economy or heal our cities or role model for our children. and there is no doubt donald trump is temperamentally and totally unqualified to be president of united states and
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commander in chief. so my friends, america deserves a president who can get the job done and bring our country together and not tear it apart and deliver real results for hard working americans and we can't win the election without you. i am asking you to join. join to 47246 or go to hillary we are hiring organizers right here in pennsylvania and across the country. we are going to run a vigorous campaign in pennsylvania. we are going to keep building the future that you and your families deserve and i am sure we can do this especially with this man fighting alongside us just like he has. scranton, please, let's give it
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up for the vice-president of the united states, joe biden. [applause] >> hello, folks. [applause] >> it is good to be home. [applause] folks, let me tell you what scranton does deserve. thank you. scranton deserves what it's always deserved because it is made up of so many people with grit and courage, i mean it sincerely from the bottom of my heart. with dprit, courage and determination who never, ever
10:29 am
give up. they deserve someone who not only understands them, they deserve someone who is with them and they deserve someone who is made of the same stuff. that's hillary clinton. [applause] that's who she is. [applause] it's good to be home with so many friends as i look around and as a matter of fact one of the people in the reception line said my aunt owns your house. [laughter] tell her i'm coming home. i was there when i was running and up in the bed room i wrote joe biden slept here. and then it said, lived here. i am glad they added the lived here part. and you know, i'm often asked why, why we moved from green
10:30 am
ridge to delaware and then wilmington. claymont is a suburb of wilmington, dell care. it is because of of bob casy. the casy's lived five blocks from us in saint clare and i am midway between bobbi's dad and bobbi. and i knew only one would make it out of green sxrij i knew it would not be me. there was too much casy talent in the neighborhood. boeb -- bobbi, you are a great, great friend and a great united states senator, thank you. as they say in southern dell care they talk at you you. maccart wright. that boy married up. and i don't know, always seeking influence, you got it, man.
10:31 am
and matt you are doing a wonderful job as well. [applause] oif been home since this time and i stood here eight years kicking off our campaign with hillary and bill clinton at my side and having my back. it was just me up here and they came to show their support. and i want to make it clear, that as scranton always had my back. we all of us are going to have your back, hillary. [applause] some of the folks, in our administration were there on election night when the results were coming in. i give you my word as a biden, i
10:32 am
asked one question. what did we do in the northeast? we won by a larger margin. >> vice-president talking at a hillary clinton campaign stop and she gave a speech on the economy and national security and talking about donald trump, her rival to see be the president in 2016. we'll see, and right now the polls stand and real clear politics show hillary clinton supby nine in the state of pennsylvania and we'll monitor that event. in the meantime donald trump will make a foreign policy speech on defeating islamic terrorism. hillary clinton mentioned it. and this is what his campaign surrogate had to say about p that in the first hour of "happening now". >> he's going to reintroduce common sense. we have lost orientation of who
10:33 am
the enemy says they are. >> joining me now is a former coordinator for counter terrorism where he was principle advisor to hillary clinton. it is nice to have you on the program. >> thank you for having me. >> paying a little bit of what the trump campaign had to say. summing up and farra phrasing saying that hillary clinton is far too politically correct to be effective when it comes to the national security and fight against terrorism. what is your reaction to that? >> that is nonsense. i worked with the secretary and she had hardheaded and showed that she is prepared to do what needs to be done to defeat jihadi terrorism. >> she talked about victory over isis and said it will not be easy or quick but we will prevail. look nothing your time in the
10:34 am
state department and look at the middle east and different areas of the world where there is intense conflict, why should voters believe that a president hillary clinton will bring us peace? >> well, the first thing is because the record from that period, certainly her term in the state department was a positive one and saw the virtial defeat of al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan and that was the greatest threat after 9/11. and al-qaeda was prepareed to use weapons was mass destruction and that threat largely receded right now and that is hugely important thing. obviously we saw the rise of isis in the period beginning in 2013 after the secretary left and that unfortunately was further outgrowth of the mistakes that were made in the invasion of iraq in 2003.
10:35 am
there is a lot of work to be done. >> your opinion is that there is a virtual defeat of al-qaeda. how does she take what she learned in that and apply it to isis to also virtually defeat them? >> so, isis is on the retreat right now. we see news that suggest that their territory is reduced 40 percent. and their leadership is destroyed in iraq, syria and afghanistan and libya in many different places. and secretary clinton as president will be aggressive and continue pummelling their safrpthuariieies -- sanctuaries the region and fortify our allies who are involved in this fight and mr. trump alienated
10:36 am
allies and said there is a sickness in the heart of is lal and alienated them in a way that can be recouped. >> isis has lost territory in the middle east. but look at europe and the terrorist attack and happen in san bernardino that was inspired by isis, it is easy to happen how americans can feel vulnerable. and what new ideas it hillary clinton have to make sure that we are safe and secure here at home. >> i think that secretary clinton has a lot of ideas of how to diminish and recruit globally and working on line and communities around the world and we have seen increasing evidence that working through communities and doctors and teachers and imans is more effective than throwing the messages out of the
10:37 am
door on how this is islamic and the wrong way to go. and the other thing she has is the ability to galvanize and help them do what needs to be done. and if we have m mr. trump in the white house. you will see countries fleeing us like there is no tomorrow and it virtually guaranteed we would be fighting alone. even countries who are not islamic will not want to stand with us and rick be tarred. >> and plan to be working with community groups. what is the plan in the middle east or here at home to reassure americans that we are safe in our malls and wakaluking down our streets and not see the a tannings that we saw in europe? >> it is important to important that the attacks that we have
10:38 am
seen at home were carried out uniformly by people living here many, many years. we don't face the threats that donald trump suggested we face of a large scale extremist. there is not a terrorist attack carried out by someone outside of our borders since 9/11. the important thing at home is insure that muslim- american communities feel trusted and empowered and continue to be the tripwires for our national defenses. and if it those communities are deeply unsettled by the rhetoric they hear coming out of trump and his surrogates, that is hard to achieve. milita militarily, hillary clinton will be clear to take the fight in the regions where they are active and worked closely for the military for four years of
10:39 am
her term in office. she worked close with the military and they have a lot of regard and she speaks their language and she pushed for the attack against bin laden and others shyed away. >> it is the belief that al-qaeda is virtually defeated and gives us a lot to talk about. thank you for being on the program. >> my pleasure. >> the presidential race is getting a lion race. there is a battle for the senate. mcconnell warning they could lose the upper chamber. and i may or may not be calling the shots next year. i hope we can make it about hillary clinton and we can win. the democrats are are pulling ahead and can the republicans hold the senate or will it slip
10:40 am
from their grasp. we'll have a tony. and that is upon vice-president of james up to associates and fox news contributor. do you think that the senate will switch sides? >> it is possible, eric. the path is difficult and we have known it all a long and mcconnell has been be candit. 24 seats in which republicans are playing defense and ten seats only democrats and they need a net game of five. there is enough on the table to gain. the probability has changed where as in the beginning of the year it was a deeper climb and questions of surrounding what donald trump will do. you are seeing compettive races still performing well for republicans in a state like ohio senator portman is ahead of his opponent
10:41 am
and pennsylvania, pat toume is only three points behind. and where as donald trump is behind by nine. rubio jumping in florida is positive as far as retaining the society. and offense in nevada. >> you mentioned the number. is it math or trump affect. more than twice as many republican seats are up. >> it is the trump affect and true. he brings us what is going right. but indiana, wisconsin and new hampshire gone. pennsylvania likely gone and arizona, and north carolina, we are looking at bad races there. senator mccain is tied with his. >> and let me interrupt you. role clear politics has mccain up 5.5 percent. and that could be surprising.
10:42 am
>> all public polling contradicts what you just said. in a lot of states where trump is behind, the senate candidates are performing well. we recruited better candidates and indiana, evan was up 18 points and now only nine. there is a lot of movement and still work to be done. but look at nevada and pennsylvania where democrats have selected flawed candidates and you have strong republican campaigns moving up against them. >> crook in illinois. and johnson. >> and nevada is going to go to nevada because of harry reid's ground game and latino turn out. it is it is a wonder they are doing as well as they have given trump's down balo. i have been part of the later to urge the rnc to keep the senate
10:43 am
in the majority. it is endangered and our majorities is danger because of mr. trump is divisive. >> tony, last word are? >> it is difficult to hold but no data to substanteate what was said. they are outperforming the top of the ticket. but the democrats are closer associated to hillary clinton numbers as she goes down in the polls it will hurt democrats. >> but societies that are wide open and it is competitive. and we'll see what happens. >> shouldn't be this close. thank you. >> a finger printing system used by the government coming urched fire. it may be vulnerable be to russian hackers. the right things working together
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>> new lawsuit complaining the finger print bite fbi and other agencies can be hacked. and the technology was developed by a russian firm and russian's government may be able to override it. is that true? we have our attorneys joining us. heather, start wu. this contract and finger print technology widely used was supposedly developed by a french term but actually russian? >> it was the russians who developed the technology and misled the united states. they spent billionses and now you exposed americans to the fact that the russians can hack in their own technology and gain access to places that they shouldn't be.
10:48 am
>> can that happen? >> potentially. but the problem be with the lawsuit, there is no substance there. if what they are claiming is true. that would be horrible for the united states, of course. and they have only made the claim. they don't have there to there to back it up. it is fine for now. the u.s. should investigate. this we shouldn't have the russian's back door hacking our digital security. and we do need to get in there and investigate. but the lawsuit will probably fall flat now. >> there is no back door and the russians or anybody can do this. and the president of the united states. you know, he doesn't stay there anymore? >> and right now, they approached the doj and approached the people and it seems to have weakness.
10:49 am
why does it have to it go to france and russia? that is a problem. but we'll learn a lot. two whistle-blowers are the key. >> you raised a point. a lot of questions of foreign interest owning american infrastructure. the ore out west has a controversy. >> i why we are farming that out to other places. we don't have to worry about the back door but also the front door. the secretary of state using her own personal server that is a front door. we need to get a grip on this it. >> how do you think it plays out. >> it could get dismissed. the feds and california said they would not intervoen. >> but can they prove the case.
10:50 am
it is it great for us to know about it. and one thing about the law we learn a lot. >> are they whistle blowers or disgrunteled exemployees. >> we'll find out who owns the company. all right, guys, thank you. >> the fbi could turn over over a file on hillary clinton to congress. what lawmakers are pushing hard to get their hands on.
10:51 am
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all right. now we are awaiting the major foreign policy speech from donald trump. he's set to speak in youngstown, ohio, about 15 minutes from now.
10:54 am
and how he will deal with isis and threats from radical islamic terrorism. we'll show you that speech live on the fox news channel when mr. trump appears on the stage. the fbi could hand over part of its file on hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server to a house oversight committee as early as this week. why is that significant? our correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> reporter: in this six-page letter, the house oversight committee requested the fbi's investigative file on secretary clinton's e-mails with a strong focus on the fbi's interviews of her. a summary is drafted based on the notes taken by the fbi agents. this summary is known as a 302. and in this case, it's a highly classified document because clinton was asked about the top secret e-mails on her server that are too damaging to national security to make public. during his congressional testimony, fbi director comey
10:55 am
promised to give congress as much of the file as possible. >> i'll commit to giving you everything i can possibly give you under the law and to doing it as quickly as possible. that said, that means i've got to go back and sort it out. for example, the 302 of secretary clinton is classified at the tssci level. we have to sort through all that. we'll do it quickly. >> reporter: a congressional source tells fox news that portions of the file may be handed over as early as mid-week. but the holdup appears to be with legislative affairs at the justice department. meantime, congressional republicans have also asked the fbi to investigate whether clinton lied under oath about her e-mail practices during her 2015 testimony. >> did the fbi investigate her statements under oath on this topic? >> not to my knowledge. i don't think there's been a referral from congress. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> you'll have one. you'll have one in the next few hours.
10:56 am
>> reporter: fox news is told that referral was sent and the fbi justice department have confirmed receipt of that perjury request, though they did not provide congress with any timeline as to when that work will be finished, jenna. >> catherine, thank you very much. a story to watch this week. we'll be right back with more "happening now." you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. a devastating louisiana flood has killed at least six people, as we see some incredible images of those rescued from the rising waters. >> we're breaking the window. >> get the dog!
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>> she may be gone. >> unbelievable. thank goodness they're okay. incredible video. thanks for joining us, everybody. "america's election headquarters" starts now. all right. this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting donald trump, who is set to deliver a major speech this hour on terrorism. and his plan for combatting it. hello from "america's election headquarters," i'm sandra smith. those remarks expected at any moment in ohio, a swing state where the trump campaign hopes to chip away at hillary clinton's lead in the polls. meanwhile, vp joe biden still speaking in scranton, pennsylvania, there he is, where hillary clinton took sharp aim at what trump might say today and his foreign policy chops. >> sometimes he says he won't tell anyone what he'll do because he wants to


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