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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> thank you so much for joining us. see you back here in an hour. out numb -- "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert on the single largest transfer of gitmo detainees during the obama administration. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith, here today, there she is, harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis is here. gop strategist and "washington examiner" and contributor, lisa booth. today's #oneluckyguy, house homeland security committee member and 12-term new york congressman peter king is here and "outnumbered." good to have you, sir. >> great to be harris: so glad to have your expertise on the couch. >> good to be here. sandra: obama administration
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sent 15 gitmo detainees to united arab emirates. a drop from the 242 men held there when president obama took office. group of detainees took place, made up of 12 yemenis and three afghan nationals. several media outlets saying former bodyguard to usama bin laden is among them. fox news has not independently verified that. much of the prison population is significantly cut, but still short of president obama's long-time goal of shutting down gitmo completely. donald trump says keeping facility open is part of his plan to combat terror. watch. >> we will also keep open guantanamo bay and place renewed emphasis on human intelligence. [applause] drone strikes will remain part of our strategy but we will also seek to capture high-value targets to gain needed information to dismantle their organizations. sandra: the obama administration
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plans to transfer another 19 detainees in the near future. and it is the quiet nature, congressman, which the obama administration did this, that just felt, it feels scary, a scary time for the american people. >> yeah the president's obsessed with shutting down guantanamo. i've been to guantanamo, when he talks about it being stain on america, reputation on american politicians this denigrate guantanamo. they have soccer courts. they get language lessons, art lessons. there is one medical personnel for every three detainees. everyone gets copy of koran. arrows pointing toward mecca. start with that. this is not any kind of concentration camp or anything else. secondly it is dangerous to let these people go. he seems obsessed getting as many out as he can, sending them to the u.a.e. we have hard enough time monitoring people here under parole or house arrest, never mind sending them to --
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sandra: what do we know where these men end up? >> 17% gone back to the battlefield, at least. that means that 17% who are capable of killing americans. again the president seems driven with the goal of getting them out of guantanamo and shutting it down. i agree with donald trump. i think definitely think it needs to be maintained. sandra: why is he so obsessed getting them out. that was great liberal cause goes guantanamo was concentration camp and deprivation of human rights going on at guantanamo. i can't imagine any prisoner camp during a war or following a war where prisoners are treated as well as they are in guantanamo. harris: i would add this, the first 100 days of his presidency, president obama made it very clear that is one of the first acts it would get done. he made declaration and executive order. >> first executive order he signed. >> to the congressman's point, the reason he is doing this, this is campaign promise. this is not about national
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security. harris: it is beyond that. it is an executive order. >> this is beyond fulfilling campaign promise. this is checking off list he wanted to do before leaving office. the problem is the recidivism rate with these guys is high. you have the worst of the worst, khalid sheikh mohammed, mastermind behind 9/11, still at guantanamo bay. that is the big problem. harris: when you look at the list, sandra. it isn't just some of these people changed with al qaeda, that would be bad enough, right? these were bodyguards with bin laden. this little detail by mohamed ahmed, he met with bin laden went to the camp, insular twice within the circle. this is the worst of the worst. we have some details. this is per senator ayotte's office by the way. >> again, obama administration, these guys are on their way before the american people even
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find out about it. done almost literally in the dark of night, like the ransom money that was paid. sandra: donald trump says he is committed to keeping guantanamo bay open. is making his message clear? will that resonate with the american people? >> i think he has to keep dwelling on it say why, not because you want to keep people in jail or torture people, you get information and intelligence. this is place where they can be kept until the struggle is over. generally you don't release prisoners until the war is over and this war is ongoing. sandra: guess for lack of a better word their resume's as terrorists. these guys would have intelligence, information, you heard donald trump say, we want to renew the emphasis on human intelligence. that is about relationships and about access to people, right? >> if we do take prisoners, basically we're not taking prisoners now. drone attacks. >> mentioned that he would keep that in the program, donald trump. >> important to have a place where you interrogate people and interrogate -- again, information was gained at gitmo was very helpful stopping attacks here in country.
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melissa: how much information was gathered? what do we know about that? of these people released could argument be made that we gotten everything out of them that we possibly can? >> i think we've gotten most out of these people because they have been there a long time. on other hand you're putting trained people on the battlefield. people would be very angry they are kept prisoners this long. sending them back to the middle east. they can certainly find people they can work with. supposed to be under supervision of governments over there. we had any number of jailbreaks over there. security is not the best in that part of the world. harris: in qatar they're roaming free. they're supposed to be checked but not in prison. >> some kind of ankle bracelets and monitored by the government. it is up to the government. in the eye of the beholder. i'm not confident. >> wasn't president obama himself in 2009 who recognized the fact that the individuals, detainees at guantanamo bay present ad threat, clear and present danger to the american people?
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he made statements similar to that. president him several recognized these individuals pose a threat to the united states. we know they are returning to the battlefield. we don't have a lot of information what is happening to them once they are released. there is a reason why even democratic governors don't want a facility like guantanamo bay in their state. harris: not in my backyard. >> see effort people like john kerry and joe biden, meeting with leaders in mon at that negative grow and serbia. i wish as much effort to keep forces in iraq in 2011. melissa: see a lot of stats recidivism returning to the battlefield. i wonder how confident are you in the data? if we can't keep trackthem do we know what they're doing any sometimes read 30% or 17% and how confident do you feel? >> not exact, but close enough. even one or two of these people go back to the battlefield, that is americans that could be killed. harris: 17% of the latest list,
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i don't know who you would want back in civilization. melissa: right. harris: based on this information that has come out. i don't mean to overdramatize here. you can read about it, this is public. senator ayotte, this is according to unclassified report. so we have access to it. these are really frightening people. sandra: one of the last mentions on the list, a man received explosives training, joined al qaeda improvised explosive device cell. admitted to acquiring and planting anti-take mines to target u.s. and other coalition special forces. >> yeah. sandra: this is the worst of the worst, congressman. >> he claims he was forced to do all of that. if you want to believe that, you might as well just give up. the fact that senator ayotte is right on. she is expert in this. all we need is more people with explosive device expertise. sandra: i wonder how the jibe the president's recent comments, defeating isis is number one priority and then letting a group of people who want to
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kill, they are so bloodthirsty more than ever? >> this administration, one step forward, one step sideways, one step backwards. always apologizing what he is doing, backing away. even releasing them talking about a stain on america's honor. that hurts our reputation overseas. it is unfair and just a lie. sandra: donald trump calling for rethinking of the war on terror. >> time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it, extreme vetting. sandra: his plan to fight isis and the vetting he wants for immigrants who come to america. can it work? congressman king tells us. plus new email troubles for hillary clinton of the house republicans now accusing her of lying under oath. they put out a video to show just that. right after the show catch more from the couch. you can join us on our live chat by clicking on the "overtime"
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sandra: historic flooding situation in southeast louisiana. that is the fema director, craig fugate, speaking at the podium right now. they are giving a press conference. governor john bel edwards is also present. they just asked president obama to add parishes to the federal disaster list, as the conditions there continue to worsen. there is more bad weather headed that way. there are eight confirmed deaths in southern louisiana. 20,000 people, more than 20,000 rescues have occurred. again that press conference going on right now. the fema director and governor john bel edwards requesting eight more parishes to be added to the disaster list. harris: it is personal for all of us because these are americans in trouble. i know that is your old home. sandra: i know that area and in touch with many people down there, continued to worry about the recovery efforts and what
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will happen to these wonderful, wonderful towns and areas of southeast louisiana going forward. it is going to be a long recovery. harris: absolutely, our prayers for them. we'll bring you news as it happens on that. meantime donald trump is calling for a new war on terror. during a foreign policy speech in youngstown, ohio, yesterday, we covered live on fox, the gop nominee stayed more must be done to stop radicalization at home. he changed his tune a bit on nato which he called obsolete in march. if elected he said he will work with the allies to defeat the terror group. here it is. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. we will also work very closely with nato on this mission. i had previously said that nato was obsolete because they failed to deal adequately with terrorism. since my comments they have
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changed their policy and now have a new division focused on terror threats. very good, we will not remember this, defeat it, with closed eyes or silenced voices. we have a president that doesn't want to say the words. anyone who can not name our enemy is not fit to lead our country. harris: trump once again called for a temporary ban on immigration from dangerous areas of the globe, and stepped up screenings of immigrants who are coming here. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. in addition to screening all members of sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes towards our country or its principles or who believe sharia law should supplant
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american law. those who not believe in our constitution or support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. [applause] harris: you know, this close to the election it feels appropriate, congressman, to get into the details on this. you have former speaker of the house newt gingrich saying high praise for this type of detailed approach that donald trump took yesterday with extreme vetting. people asking about that today. ellis island was never a place you could pass through without being screened for health and -- some people were quarantined and sent back home. >> right. harris: so he could be going in that direction. i want to get your ideas what that would look like, extreme vetting? >> i think basically stepping up what we're doing now. for instance, using syria as an example. there have been syrian refugees allowed into this country. i don't see how you can vet syrian refugees and i'm sure good people could be hurt by this but the reality is we can't tell who is who coming from syria.
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there are no records or any way of telling. the fact you find them suddenly coming in larger numbers the emphasis is get the refugees into the country. i'm using that as one example. when it comes to country, especially in the middle east where there is obviously rampant islamist terrorism, burden should be on them to show with they belong here. using every possible, not give the benefit of any doubt to anyone coming from that part of the world. harris: so the difference in the process, sandra and i have been talking about this for months, they try to get the window of time they will vet the people even smaller. inside 18 months, inside 10 months, whatever it is going to be. back in the day in ellis island, you had to have health screenings and two character references. when you see people coming from syria that is impossible to do, the character reference part. >> we took refugees during the hungarian revolution, in this case, we know isis will infiltrate refugees coming in. there are no birth records.
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there are no school records. harris: many of them have been in camps for months. >> exactly. to me we should not be putting americans at risk to satisfy what they feel is humanitarian obligation. sandra: trump's response to that these people that would be doing the vetting would be trained to have their eye out for somebody who doesn't have american values at heart. who doesn't understand american values or want to even be a part of them. is that possible? do we have the manpower and ability to train people to do this kind of thing? >> no but i think we can create that as the goal. that will set the tone and the climate and set the mood. those who are doing the job, it is not their obligation to sneak people in. it is their obligation, to prove why they deserve to be here they are not going to get in. melissa: according to the white house and the blog that is exactly what is going on right now. i printed out the blog. it is infographic refugees coming in. they go more rigorous screening than anyone else allowed in the u.s. they collect biometrics.
9:20 am
they look for ties to known bad guys. there are homeland security specialists who are specially trained to ininterrogate them. this is up on the white house blog. they say they're doing that. are they not? >> they are doing it, same, sometimes the intelligence -- president says what he wants done, the people doing the job find a way to get it done. the president made it clear he wants the syrian refugees in the united states. so the burden i believe, the pressure is find a way to get them in. harris: that's interesting. >> i think pressure is there to let them in. melissa: real quick, donald trump is getting so much heat for saying things right here on the white house blog? it reads very similar, this intense screening, yet he is being vilified. the white house is saying almost the same thing. >> what really donald trump is saying, white house should enforce its own guidelines which it is not. harris: interesting. lisa? >> even cia director john brennan said isis will penetrate europe and america through syrian refugees. we don't want to be europe.
9:21 am
they are having some problems with open borders and assimulation. look at molenbeek area. harris: belgium. >> in belgium, second, third generation muslims who never moved to belgium and never felt like that was the home country. so they never assimilated to country. harris: to lisa's point, bavarian government gave us intelligence they felt like refugees folded in with the terrorists who were trying to come. do we trust that intel? >> yes. i mean, we trust the intel. harris: so then it is already happening? >> it is already happening, yeah. jim comey the fbi director said months ago you can not properly vet these refugees coming in. harris: the bavarian government says they have evidence it is already happening. >> i heard that evidence, yes. harris: all right. be sure to tune into "hannity" tonight. sean will host a exclusive town hall with donald trump with a focus on mr. trump's plan to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism.
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watch 10:00 p.m. eastern here on the fnc. hillary clinton could be facing more legal trouble. house republicans released a new video accusing her of lying under oath and calling on the department of justice to investigate. what it could mean for her campaign. more evidence of a pay for play state department under hillary clinton. why a clinton foundation employee was pushing for permission for bill clinton to give a paid speech in north korea. why?
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9:27 am
clinton's testimony about email setup. they point to four separate occasions during her sworn testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. here's one of them. ♪ >> there was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received. nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> also important to say something about the marking of classified information. only very small number of the emails here containing classified information bore markings that indicated the presence of classified information. even if information is not mark classified in an email, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it. melissa: pretty straightforward there. this comes as the fbi plans to give the house oversight committee its notes from the agency interview about clinton on the server.
9:28 am
last night, "on the record," sean duffy, who has been a one lucky guy, says the american people have the right to know what went on with clinton's private server. >> they will try to redact and slow walk delivery of this report to congress. frankly we have access to classified information but i don't think they want us to have it because, listen, this perpetuates the story of hillary clinton's corruption and dishonesty with the american people. this again, keeps this story alive in the minds of the american people about hillary clinton looking out for herself and trying to secure her emails owned by the american people and state department. she tried to keep those secret so we didn't have access to them through foia requests. melissa: congressman, the videos is pretty clear, and goes on. that is one example. side by side her testifying and word for word what she said and comey refuting it. at the same time, i don't think a lot of people think the department of justice or this admin operation is willing to do
9:29 am
anything about it. >> the fbi takes this very seriously. there was no pushback when no recommendation was made of the indictment. melissa: right. >> it will be difficult for the fbi, this goes to the justice department as far as perjury. fbi will make the first recommendation. looking there is real indication of perjury. they may say it is harder to prove perjury. actually my experience was from criminal law days, perjury is very easy to prove if you want to. you can get almost anybody on perjury. melissa: yeah. >> there is enough here. first of all, as far as saying they weren't marks when they were marked, state department read through everyone of emails they deleted. melissa: one server. and multiple. >> these are clear -- these are not technical mistakes. these are absolute mistakes, absolute misstatements that she made. melissa: lisa, looking at it from strategist point of view, is it necessarily about the idea it would stick? or is it about the idea when
9:30 am
this was all going on her poll numbers dropped. people of the american public, indictment or not could see what was going on? >> she does have issues on trust factor, people view her dishonest. i think they need to broaden the argument, saying lack of judgment took place, no matter excuse or arrogance involved in it, thinking we're stupid and we don't understand what is going on, she spent reportedly $140,000 out of her pocket to manage the servers. she deleted information in such a way forensic was not able to recover to recover emails she and her attorneys deleted. there were information on the iranian scientist on server. potentially information about cia personnel. what about special access programs higher than top secret. what information did she put on there? she is running to be commander-in-chief and how could she -- sandra: sorry, harris, you keep hearing from the left congressman, they say stop it
9:31 am
with this, to the republicans you will not get anywhere with this. republicans like the group here wouldn't be doing their jobs unless they exposed these truths. but is it going anywhere? the american people are watching this, they see the left, it is not going to go anywhere, it is not going to stick but there are facts right here that need to be dealt with. >> it is up to donald trump and mike pence to make the case coherently and intelligently. whether she ends up being indicted is almost irrelevant. that is the not the main issue. does she have to the capability as president to be this irresponsible? some emails are not released because they are so sensitive. if anyone hacked into them american lives would be definitely put at risk. harris: i hear lisa's argument and i hear, congressman, your argument and makes me go back to the movie michael douglas where he played the president. the problem with bob that he doesn't get it, he can't sell it. why haven't republicans been able to sell it to this point? because everything you're saying should be in the public sphere
9:32 am
as politically deadly for her but it is not. it is not resonating on that level. we saw early poll dips. that has been months ago. >> up to donald trump. up to him right now. he has to get it done. stop talking about side issues. -- harris: has to figure out how to sell it. >> tell the truth. >> phone a friend right now. phone donald trump. sandra: we're moving on. we're learning of two more potential conflicts of interest between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's state department. the "washington examiner" obtaining emails apparently showing a clinton foundation official pushed the state department for clearance for bill clinton to give a paid speech in north korea, partly at the urging of hillary's brother. hillary clinton's chief of staff at the time cheryl mills said no to the speech but ended up get pushback from a foundation employee. mr. clinton did not actually make the speech but he did make
9:33 am
$48 million for speeches approved by his wife's state department. fox news obtaining email and other supporting documents showing just a few weeks after secretary clinton left office, the state department formally expressed interest in purchasing property in nigeria, property owned, property, by the brother of gilbert chagori pictured here. records show he donated between one and $5 million to the clinton foundation. i don't know how long we've been on the story but we can confirm bill clinton toured the property on a trip to nigeria but ultimately the deal fell through. we discussed this on multiple times. harris: like the dog chasing the dog around the table, no one screaming at the dog, the food dish is over here. here is all the evidence. i will yield all my time to you, congressman. i am shocked this has not risen to level of more ire on capitol
9:34 am
hill? >> really should. i know president clinton. why he and hillary clinton allowed this to even happen, there -- sandra: knowing she was going to run for president all along. >> anyway, secretary of state, that is a pretty important position. harris: yeah! >> let's face it, forgetting president, just secretary of state, to have him with the clients dealing with the state department and shady characters. different tax raps against some of them. questions about them. why do they do it? seep seems they can't avoid this kind of trouble. i've known them for years. there is always something coming up. there is no need to. harris: why does it? entitlement or hubris? >> all the above, lack of judgment or responsibility which she can not bring in the oval office. harris: where is the sell on that? is that up to donald trump to try to work that into the message? >> up to all of us. we can get sidetracked on too many issues, shutting down the government. harris: comes back to why the establishment in your party is
9:35 am
not behind this candidate right now. >> he made it difficult for some. also they don't like what he has been saying about them the last few months. put that behind him. i have real problems with donald trump in some of his positions. he is nominee of the party. far superior to hillary clinton. we should behind him all the way. melissa: look attacks return, just stuff they released you see how much money the clintons have made off being in government. how they have sold access over time, i don't know how anybody can look away from that issue. i mean you look at tens of millions of dollars, that they have sold access, now we want to hand the white house back to them. that alone, that stand alone issue should be enough to really make americans -- >> they have defended their case. almost like they're better, to harris's point than republicans are making case against them. they went out and said cheryl mills conducted interview for head of the foundation on her own time and their own dollar. there is nothing wrong with that they say.
9:36 am
>> news busters did research. trump tower climber got two times more coverage than recent email revelations. mainstream media working against you. look at hillary clinton campaign, her and her allies spent $230 million on advertisement throughout the country. donald trump has not spent any. when you have this narrative that the clinton campaign is driving. mainstream media reiterating that narrative to voters, very difficult to get your message across. there is a lot here. hillary clinton only candidate to faced a fbi investigation, currently facing another fbi investigation, and an irs probe into the clinton foundation, three investigations. harris: you worked in crisis management on campaigns. i wondered why the trump people at some point when the guy was climbing, hey the economy is so bad, people are trying to break into where they know there is money. anything. >> as a donald trump supporter i don't even know if he got a hack. you're at least climbing trump tower to meet your hero, at least you should have gotten a hat. sandra: donald trump talking
9:37 am
tough on terror after several campaign controversys? can trump bring up the poll numbers with that powerful persona that led him to win in the republican primaries? we'll discuss. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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♪ >> one episode of bad judgment after another, hillary clinton's policies launched isis on to the world stage. importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. not only in terrorism, but in trade, and every other challenge, we must confront to turn our great country around. [applause] harris: donald trump focused on slamming hillary clinton during his anti-terror speech in ohio yesterday. he said only he can be trusted
9:42 am
to confront terrorism. so is mr. trump trying to recharge his campaign as some are expressing concern over what they see is his lack of discipline on the campaign trail? and is highlighting the tough terror policies that helped him win the primaries the way to go? talking strategy now, what should donald trump do? what do you think? >> terrorism is the key issue facing the country and donald trump's strength is the leadership ability. he has to combine the two. he has to focus on that. how he understands a threat to counter it. people going to vote for donald trump because he is a strong leader and because they don't trust hillary clinton. he has got to show to assert the leadership and foreign policy, especially dealing with isis. harris: melissa, i heard you say this before. that was very focused and we've seen that before. so set the egg timer for how long it will be before we're not talking about that anymore? melissa: yeah. i mean let's hope that is not the case. he has to stay on message. like you said, two things people
9:43 am
really care about right now, and i firmly believe this, national security, whether here or abroad the threat from isis and the economy. these are two issues he is really strong on and so much better than hillary clinton. when she points to her record, when you look at libya, egypt, syria, iraq, she has had a hand in all of these disasters. it has not been the architect of them. it is clear you just look out on the national stage and say well, that is not working. harris: we knew that part of his message, lisa was resonating. he didn't change it at all. he doubled down with cofounders of isis with the president and hillary clinton. >> even leon panetta at least echoed in the sense, failure to solidify status of forces agreement has given rise to isis. to most of the points, the indictment against the barack obama administration and hillary clinton, whether the economy, seeing 1.2% economic growth or terrorism, you fact that you look at libya, the failed russia reset and iran
9:44 am
deal. look what is going on with is sis in syria and iraq, the indictment is so strong. strum trump has to stay on message but he hasn't. hillary clinton is the status quo but you can trust me to make the right decisions. you can trust me to be commander-in-chief. there is question for voters, particularly on the temperment issue. harris: that specifically reaches out to independents, from what i'm hearing you say. sandra: from what you see congressman, is he refining his strategy? is he, a lot of questions about his tone and way he is addressing people and using teleprompter? have you seen a different donald trump in recent weeks? >> oh, in recent days anyway, yes, again, what he has to realize, i've been with him several times and he is totally calm, collected, knows what he is talking about, but even in the course of a day, 95% of what he says is on message but he is not disciplined enough as a politicians have been. he makes over the shoulder comments and goes on.
9:45 am
i was talking to someone on the plane with him, about the second amendment. he didn't even remember saying that. that is something he threw out there. he has -- sandra: he didn't know everybody was talking about it. harris: he might have remembered saying it but not people were talking about it. >> he has to focus and stay focused. maybe should have somebody with him. he is not a politician. he is not a lawyer. not used to watching every word. harris: exactly. that is what people who support him say they like. the question, how do you scoop up the 40% who self-identify as independents which is bigger than either of the other groups obviously when you do the math on that. so how do you scoop them up? >> again, i think if he can stay focused like yesterday and continue to stay on that go to the economy. know he is meeting next several days with experts. sandra: economy, melissa. talk about jobs. >> don't go into million different directions. take two or three points, focus on it. regulation, taxes and his role as businessman to do that.
9:46 am
harris: interesting in new york, we're not considered a battleground state but they both lived here, hillary clinton and donald trump. we're seeing economic ad, millions of dollars worth running in the state of new york, hillary clinton hitting jobs button. i'm hearing both of you say, melissa, sandra, time for him to hit it. melissa: can't even take it. i can't even take it. >> the economy stupid, is the tag line. harris: didn't her husband -- anyway. >> james carville, wasn't it? harris: democrats are stepping up the attacks on donald trump now. vice president joe biden joined hillary clinton on the campaign trail yesterday and said the republican presidential nominee is not prepared for the white house. and that he would have loved stalin. really? ♪
9:47 am
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with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. sandra: moreout "outnumbered" in just a moment. jenna lee. >> donald trump holding a rally in wisconsin.
9:51 am
he will hole a rally in big town hall with fox's sean hannity. breaking news on security briefings. hillary clinton campaigns in pennsylvania yet again. she faces new questions from republicans in congress over the email controversy. catherine herridge joins us with more on that at top of the hour. one of the nation's largest health insurers, aetna, is pulling out of obamacare in 11 states. growing number of insurers are saying they can't afford to buy plans. is president obama's signature program in trouble? that is question we're asking about on "happening now." sandra: thank you, jenna. harris: harris: vice president joe biden appeared alongside hillary clinton in pennsylvania and he called donald trump's ideas very dangerous and un-american while saying trump is unfit to lead our nation. >> no major party nominee in the united states of america, don't
9:52 am
cheer, just listen. has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. harris: the vice president said trump has love for murderous dictators. >> he has even showered praise on saddam hussein, one of the vialest dictators of the 20th century. a man who repeatedly backed terror attacks against israel because he was supposedly, the reason he admirers him, he was killer of terrorists. that is why he likes saddam. he would have loved stalin. he would have loved stalin. harris: congressman, whoa. >> want to talk about donald trump, but i love joe biden, but anybody made more mall la props or ridiculous statements than joe biden. thank god he is not running for president if media treated him like donald trump. this is pile on.
9:53 am
harris: when you hear someone say that you see a backfire coming. what do you mean? >> backfire, donald trump, next few days, next few weeks, keep making speeches, stay on message. this sounds like act of desperation. this is johnny-one-note. they played their one card. melissa: feels like, we, know how this works where there is backlash stories. reporters making fun of other reporters who are reporting that hillary clinton didn't found isis. president obama took it that seriously. there is that wave. if he can avoid making another mistake and still rehashing old ones, starts to sound ridiculous. got to avoid making more mistakes. harris: go ahead. >> two things watching that, one he served under president obama, who was a one-term senator and who was a a activist.
9:54 am
a professor? he never run anything. how was he fit to be president of the united states? secondly we see a lot of hyperbole on the campaign trail. the criticism of donald trump is not applied to hillary clinton and joe biden. he says donald trump would love stalin, that is okay. >> murdered 20 million people. harris: one donald trump had been making earlier a few days ago about the media and all of this, he has moved on to this much more substantive talk about foreign policy. to talk about the economy next. sandra: was joe biden a good attack dog for hillary clinton though? that was first time out on the trail with her? >> good right now. but it will look foolish in a few days if donald trump stays on message. joe biden, actually comparing him to stalin? that is not really a joke. he killed 20 million people stalin killed. if trump said that they would be all over it. harris: that is not a joke. if we had any mainstream media
9:55 am
in the audience would have pressed against that. >> uh-huh. sandra: wink-wink. harris: would have asked about that, if he meant it as a joke, that is not good. i don't know how -- how do you talk about that, if he is asked about that. >> "new york times," mainstream media, in press room and dress it in intelligent way and go on without himself overwill killing it. melissa: don't get distracted by people on side. this would be, he will focus on hillary clinton as only enemy and person he is running against, not even attack her surrogates. blind eye to them. >> do it in one line vetted beforehand. saying it the right way. melissa: i don't know. harris: to sandra's point i was talking specifically about joe biden, if he is ever asked about that, you're right, takes the air out of the sails of the attack on hillary clinton, or donald trump. >> donald trump needs to broaden
9:56 am
argument, not only dishonesty to emails, irs investigation, and the judgment. is she fit to be commander-in-chief. she is attacking donald trump on role to be commander-in-chief. but why should we trust her to be commander-in-chief? harris: surrogates need to step up and do that. i don't know. >> if donald trump gets serious, people will pay more attention to the surrogates. harris: that's true. >> mike pence could raise this intelligent, calm, rational way. harris: good point. more "outnumbered," we're cooking it up for you.
9:57 am
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sandra: thank you to congressman peter king exiting, did you have a good time? >> couldn't have been better. sandra: "outnumbered overtime." "happening now" starts now. >> fox news alert. donald trump will receive his first-classified priesting tomorrow. the briefing for the presidential nominee will likely take place in p an fbi office in new york city. we are covering all of the news "happening now" now. devastating floods in louisiana. more rain is in the forecast. plus, the end of an era, as a las vegas icon comes crashing down. what is replacing the


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