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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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in my hair. and remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it's to us at jeron fnc. that's all. hope to see you right here next week. ♪ hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's election headquarters. hi, eric. >> and hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn. topping the news this hour, the terrorist attack targeting the wedding party in turkey. turns out the suicide bomber said to be a child, only 12 to 14 years old, and isis is being blamed. hillary clinton and donald trump both off the campaign trail. but still very hard at work behind the scenes. what they are focusing on today. and after the devastating flooding in louisiana, the state only beginning on the long road to recovery. more from the ground there as
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the president prepares to visit this week. isis now being blamed for a horrific attack on a wedding in turkey. at least 51 people are dead. dozens more wounded in what is now the deadliest terror attack in turkey so far this year. some of the victims already being laid to rest this hour. the white house calling this, quote, a barbaric and cowardly act. we now believe the suicide bomber was no more than 14 years old. let's go live to conor powell who is in our middle east bureau with more. >> turkish officials say this party, this kurdish wedding celebration was ongoing. it was beginning to wrap up. as the people there enjoying the festivities dancing and having a good time, a young suicide bomber between the ages of 12 and 14 with a suicide vest went into the crowd and detonated his vest, killing at least 51
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people. more than 90 people were wounded. the attack took place in a syrian-turkish border side. it's on the turkish side it's an area where there is a lot of syrian refugees who have been trying to escape the bloody civil war in syria. but it's also home to a lot of jihadists and a lot of extremists. this is an area where for many years turkey turned a blind eye to the syrian fighters going back and forth, the european fighters going to join isis. so it has a very deadly reputation as a place where there are a lot of extremists. and according to turkish officials, they say isis is trying to stoke sectarian ethnic tensions down in that area. but this attack comes at a really chaotic and deadly time for turkey. it was just a month ago that the military tried to launch a coup against president erdogan. kurdish separatists launched several attacks in the southeastern part of turkey in the last week or so, attacking police and military checkpoints.
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and then you have this isis attack. isis has launched several attacks not only in gaziantep. the stability of turkey is being questioned. the white house condemned this attack, but they are sending vice president joe biden to ankara to pete with turkish officials, not only to show support foreturkey, their nato ally, but to stress the stability of turkey. a lot of european capitals and in washington, d.c., arthel, right now, are very concerned and skittish about what direction turkey might be going with the syrian civil war seemingly to flow over the borders there as things are getting more violent and more deadly there is a concern that turkey's stability sat real risk, arthel. >> indeed. copper powell, thank you. judy miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research and a fox news contributor. i'll get it right, judy.
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what conor was just saying a moment ago, the town is 37 miles from the syrian border. is there a possibility or probability do you think that the horrific syrian civil war can still over into turkey? >> well, i think it already has, eric. you know, this town which i visited at the very beginning of the civil war has been a major entry and exit point for isis fighters, for jihadis going back and forth. and so for isis to stage a terrorist attack in this particular town is kind of an indication that the war has spread, that there is no town in turkey which is off limits, and that turkey better brace itself for more of these horrific attacks that we've seen today. >> you know, it is a major jihadi transit point. and you were there. >> i was. >> what is the town like? what was the mood like? was there evidence of the jihadi philosophy there? tell us about that.
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>> not at the beginning. in the beginning, there were mostly refugees going back and forth. and a few people meeting there to discuss politics with the turkish government, and a few jihadis of various sorts meeting there or meeting near there. but the idea that turkey would not shut this down, the americans had spoken often to the turks about their quiet acquiescence to jihadis going back and forth. and the americans have warned the turks again and again that one day somehow, somewhere this war would spill back and the jihadis would take their revenge on turkey, which seems to be what's happened, especially because the turks are now working so closely with the russians, which is by the way going to be another source of conversation between joe biden and the turkish leadership when joe biden arrives on wednesday. >> vice president is going to have to really talk to them, lay
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the law down, perhaps. because the prime minister and the foreign minister are talking about having russian troops or russian forces potentially station stationed the air base there. turkey is a nato ally and to have the russians there? >> the russians there at a place that has tactical nuclear weapons. >> hopefully they're taken out before that happens. look, this suicide attack, it just exposes the barbaric, utter depravity of radical islamic terrorists. the suicide bomber was 12 to 14 years old. a child. you know, an adult built that suicide vest. an adult put it on, an adult perhaps ordered this young child to do that. what are your thoughts when you're dealing with a mind-set and a philosophy that will sacrifice the innocence that will target a wedding and use a 12 to 14-year-old child to do this? >> it reminds me of the women that i interviewed in an israeli
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jail, palestinian failed female suicide bombers, all of whom said in one way or another that their families and their communities had been complicit in their willingness to kill themselves and a lot of innocent people with them in order to make a statement for their cause. it is, as you said, a sign of utter depravity. and it also shows how hard it's going to be to defeat isis. it's not enough to bomb them. you cannot bomb them into oblivion. you've got to work to change this cultural and political mind-set. and that is going to be so difficult. that. >> child has got to have parents, you would think, or at least people who took care of him and fed him and clothed him. it's beyond words, judy. >> it is. but it's very reflective of the psychology which says the next life will be so much better than what we have here on earth. and they taught that it's just beaten into them.
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and these are young people who are willing to die for their cause. we must not underestimate them, just because they're not here on our shores repeatedly, the way they are in turkey and jordan and syria. this is the force we're up against. and this is why it's really going to take a lot of patience and perseverance to defeat them. >> this is the force we are up against. judy miller reminds us of that. judy, always good the see you. thank you for your insight. >> good to see you, eric. meanwhile, in somalia, the terror group al shabaab claiming responsibility for a deadly attack. police there reporting at least nine people killed at a pair of suicide blasts, one a car bomb outside a government building, the other aimed at a market right next door. this happened in a town, a part of town, in the northern part of that country, which has barely and rarely seen any sorts of attacks. meanwhile, back here at home on the campaign trail, believe
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it or not, hillary clinton and donald trump are behind closed doors this sunday. not together, but in separate meetings. they have no rallies, no speeches, no big events. it's largely a quiet weekend for mrs. clinton after she had some fundraising on martha's vineyard. they say she raised $1.5 million yesterday. no public events, though, or the mr. trump after an event-filled week. that's another staffing overhaul in his campaign. an apology for causing some people pain, he said. all making republican national committee chairman reince priebus praising mr. trump for seemingly shifting his tone somewhat. >> i think that keep doing what he has been doing over the last ten days, which i think he has shown maturity. i think he is growing in his role. he is a person who has never run for public office. we have someone who is not politically correct, who at a times says some harsh things even he admitted, versus someone who lies with incredible skill and grace. >> and kristen fisher joins us now with the very latest on the
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campaign trail. >> hey, eric. the candidates may be taking the day off. but their campaign managers certainly are not. today trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway, she made headlines this morning when she said it's, quote, to be determined whether trump still soorps deportation force to remove undocumented immigrants from the united states. remember, that idea has been a big part of trump's campaign, especially during the primaries. conway also said trump just had the best week of his entire campaign because in her words, he is finally able to be himself. perhaps a dig at former campaign chair paul manafort who resigned earlier about his alleged ties to russia. it's something robbie mook seeds upon today. >> we need donald trump to explain to us the extent the hand of the kremlin is at the core of his own campaign there is a web of financial interests that have not been disclosed, and there are real questions
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being raised about whether donald trump himself is just a puppet for the kremlin in this race. >> so while the clinton campaign is focused on trump and russia, the trump cam plain is going after the clinton foundation for what it calls a blatant conflict of interest, a foundation that was accepting foreign donations while hillary clinton was still secretary of state. today former new york city mayor and trump supporter rudy giuliani went so far as to say this. listen. >> if i were back in my old job as u.s. attorney, i would probably indict the clinton foundation as a racketeering enterprise. she did favors for those very people who gave money to the clinton foundation. >> some strong words. so clinton spent the weekend fundraising on cape cod and martha's vineyard, and she will continue that effort tomorrow in los angeles. while trump, he is off to ohio. he's got a big rally planned tomorrow night at the university of akron. eric? >> all right. everybody is back to work on monday. kristen, thank you so much. meanwhile, president obama heading home later today from
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martha's vineyard after a two-week summer vacation with his family. the president has a full plate waiting for him in washington as he moves in to the final months of his presidency. first up, a visit to flood stricken louisiana. the president receiving some criticism for not going there sooner. white house correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president on martha's vineyard. kevin? >> hey, there, arthel. you're right. optics matter, especially when you're on vacation, right? and even though the administration did the right thing in sending the director of fema and the secretary of homeland security down there to the region to sort of survey the recovery effort, sometimes you just have to be there when you're the president. and on tuesday, finally, the president will in fact make his way down to the bayou to see firsthand what is going on and the recovery effort. he'll also learn a great deal about the people of louisiana and how they came together in the midst of this devastating tragedy. but even as the president finally puts down his clubs to pick up the spirits of the
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people of louisiana, he is, you're right, going to continue to face some criticism from a lot of folks who feel he should have been there already. here is just some of what the advocate editorial staff wrote in an editorial earlier this week. that's the big paper, by the way over in baton rouge. it reads in part the optics of obama golfing while louisiana residents languished in floodwaters was striking. it evoked the president of the passive federal response to the state's agony in 2005, a chapter of history no one should ever repeat. now that reference to 2005 of course a reference to hurricane katrina. now to be fair, the governor of the state of louisiana did say earlier today that he wanted the president to wait before coming down so as not to interfere with the rescue and recovery operation. listen. >> i didn't want to divert the police officers, sheriff's deputies, the state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president while they were needed in this region.
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>> of course, this has been the argument of the white house has been making for some time that they wanted to wait until the governor said it was okay to come down there. but, again, the other side of this argument is simply this. when hurricane sandy struck new jersey and parts of the metro area in new york, he got right up in there in a couple days without such consideration. so, again, you can see it both ways. either way, we'll be there tuesday, arthel. in the meantime, back to you. >> we'll look forward to your report, kevin corke. thank you so much. eric? a trip to a water park goes tragically wrong. emergency crews rush to try to save the life of a man who was pulled from the rough waters. and donald trump as we've been reporting, well, his campaign shake-up faces the first full week coming up with the new team at the helm. but it is enough to get his bid for the white house back on track? coming up, we'll ask our political panel, when we come back. >> donald trump is extremely focused now. if you look at this entire week, you can see it was focused on
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time now for a quick check of the headlines for you. pope francis paying tribute to
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the victims of that deadly terror attack in turkey. leading a silent prayer in st. peter's square. later the holy father saying, quote, we ask for the gift of peace for all. there was a tragedy at a water park in washington state. a man in his 30s drowned in one of the park's pools. this happened in the town of federal way which is near tacoma. lifeguards pulled him out of the waves, but sadly they were not able to revive him. republican party leaders offering lots of praise for their candidate, donald trump, saying he is getting his campaign on the right track. and that new polls should soon reflect his improved performance. let's talk about it now with nan hayward, former republican congressman from new york and dennis kucinich, former democratic congressman from ohio and a fox news contributor. good to have you both here on the set with me. >> great to be here. >> congresswoman hayward, i'll start with you.
1:20 pm
do you agree with mr. reince priebus? >> i love that he made special effort to reach out to members of minorities that have been taken advantage of and many ways taken advantage of -- dennis, not by you personally, but by the democratic candidate and party. he has a positive message to put america back to work, get our economy going again, make us safe and secure. and that does need to come forward. this was a great week for him. >> how do you see it? >> first of all, labor day is when the presidential campaign hits a reset button. and it will be a whole new campaign then. secretary clinton's campaign very much aware that this election is not over, and that donald trump has shown an ability to recover after many different gaffes, and has shown a willingness to hang in there. now whether or not that will result in his victory remains to be seen. and she certainly is a formidable candidate. but again, labor day, mark that
1:21 pm
date. because that's when the race to the finish line truly begins. and anything that happens from that point on could sink a candidate. >> well, kellyanne conway, trump's new campaign manager was on abc this week, discussing debate logistics and working on debate prep. let's listen, and then we'll talk about it. >> he is very engaged with that it's actually a very enjoyable pursuit for him. he is a natural communicator, a natural connect were people. and the debates are a fabulous opportunity to force a conversation on to substance. again, what i learned this week, we had a great week. best week so far. but the other thing i learned is i think donald trump is back in hillary clinton's head. >> congressman kucinich, should hillary clinton be concerned about debating donald trump? >> in a word, yes, and here is why. if this was a boxing match, hillary clinton is a champ because she can win on points. very few people have the command of the issues that secretary clinton does. on the other hand, donald trump
1:22 pm
is like a brawler. and he could knock himself out or he could also knock out his opponent. so this is going to be probably one of the most watched presidential debate seasons that we've ever had. >> and continuing with that analogy, congresswoman hayward, so if donald trump is the boxer, hillary clinton has a cut over her eye. >> yeah. >> and that's her e-mail use of her private server for e-mails. >> yes. >> and her trustworthy factor or lack thereof. >> yes. >> so how does donald trump keep punching on that cut? >> one way is by making the transition that he did this week to emphasizing the message and the issues and to getting his own persona in the background so to speak so that the real questions about hillary clinton's character and integrity, and the very legitimate questions, the evidence-based questions about how she dealt with her -- with
1:23 pm
the information that should have been protected on behalf of the united states and what she was doing for the clinton foundation and for her own interests as she was secretary of state. those are legitimate questions that do deserve attention. >> okay. and congressman kucinich, i want to end with you. how does donald trump avoid self-inflicted wounds and costly political missteps going forward? >> it's important for him to focus on the needs of the american people. to basically step out of his ego and talk about jobs, about the trade, which has hurt the people, about the tpp which is a horrible trade deal. about glass-steagall and what is happening on wall street that could end up hurting the economy. if he focuses on economics, he has a chance. if he doesn't and there is more gaffes, hillary clinton will win easily. >> well, you get the last word, congressman kucinich. congresswoman hayward, good to have you both here. and per both you have, this race is far from over. eric? >> all right, thanks, arthel.
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♪ ♪ vice president joe biden will travel to turkey this week to discuss the fight against terrorism. turkey, of course, is a nato ally and central player in the u.s. fight against isis, which is why there are concerns in washington over turkish president erdogan's warming ties with russia. but in the wake of this weekend's massacre at that wedding in turkey, what can we expect going forward with our nato ally? joining me now to talk about this is retired navy captain bob
1:29 pm
wells, a former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney. captain wells, good to have you. >> thank you, arthel. >> lots to talk about. let's start here. last month, turkey's president called on nato to do more to fight isis. is nato equipped to answer the call? and are the nato allies doing enough to assist turkey, and in what areas is nato's help most needed? >> i think the call is important. and certainly focusing on turkey i think would be the most important issue. how well have they been an ally? certainly in the context of the coup attempt was the genesis of mr. erdogan's call for additional help from nato. the turkish military is really hampered by the post coup environment. they do need help. i think nato could help with additional intelligence and warning capability. they are already helping in turkey at incirlik air base able
1:30 pm
to do missions inside of syria and also supporting greater freedom of movement of nato forces, if that would be something that the turkish would welcome. especially during in that keyboarder area where this latest suicide attack occurred. >> a couple of things there popping into my mind based on what you just said, captain wells. first of all, you've got russia now flying, being allowed to fly out of incirlik as well. what does that mean? and also the u.s. had, you know, warned turkey in the past saying hey, look, you've got to do something about this porous border between turkey and syria. that's come back to bite them. >> indeed it has. i recall judith miller on your previous segment mentioning the number of times the united states diplomats have reinforced that particular message with regard to having to deal with the border. on incirlik and the russian, the access to the air base in incirlik, i discount that somewhat with regard to the greater interests of turkey,
1:31 pm
especially the greater interests with nato itself. you mentioned vice president biden heading out to meet with turkey and president erdogan coming up in ankara next week. it's important to note that before he gets to ankara, vice president biden is also going to the baltic states. he'll be meting with the presidents of latvia, estonia, latvia and he is also going to go to sweden. russia is front and center with regard to the geopolitics here. i think mr. erdogan is trying to leverage a new policy with russia against the united states as these other issues between u.s. and turkey get unpacked. >> yeah, because as you well know, what you're pointing to now is turkey's improved ties with russia in the anti-isis fight has concerned the west. i mean, what has the u.s. done or perhaps not done to open the door to this renewed political coziness between putin and erdogan? >> i think we've been behind in terms of our diplomatic efforts. i note that you have to focus on
1:32 pm
turkey as a key ally, as was mentioned previously and was noted throughout the week. it's an incrediblytant partner in this entire anti-terrorism, anti-isis fight with syria. also the broader middle east with regard to peace. istanbul and ankara are key, political hubs with regard to communication in the middle east. i think the united states is playing catch-up. i think mr. biden's trip is a little bit late. i think we should have been there about a month ago after the coup. i note that general dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff went throughout to meet with the turkish military about two weeks of the coup to reassure a trend, an ally that we're there with you still. i think it's very important to get back on step with regard to the relationship. well still have quite a bit of the momentum from the warsaw nato summit in july. and i think turkey will pick the right choice still overall with regard to their national interests as opposed to the personal interests sometimes president erdogan.
1:33 pm
>> more questions in my mind. but i'm just told that i have to leave there it, captain bob wells. always good to have you. and thank you very much for your perspective, sir. >> thank you very much, arthel. good to see you. >> thank you. same here. eric? >> well, arthel, while we're deeming with turkey and that future of that nato ally, the u.s. and the west have vowed to destroy the radical islamic terrorists of isis. but what will be the result of that? from iran, continuing of testing of ballistic missiles to reportedly backing as many as 100,000 fighters in iraq there are troubling predictions about the future of the middle east. fox news's lucas tomlinson has more. >> despite claims by the u.s. coalition to have killed 45,000 isis fighters in iraq and syria, a new fear is sweeping the u.s. intelligence ranks. should the islamic state be defeated, it may soon be replaced by another anti-american force. u.s. military officials tell fox there are now up to 100,000 iranian-backed fighters inside
1:34 pm
iraq battling isis. these are the same fighters who recently threatened the nearly 4,000 u.s. advisers currently on the ground there, calling them an occupying force. last month firebrand shia cleric muqtada al sadr, a long-time enemy of the united states said this about american troops, quote, they are a target for us. a decade ago these same iran-backed forces killed hundreds of u.s. soldiers in iraq. >> do you know how many soldiers, marines underneath your command were killed by iranian activities? >> the number has been recently quoted as about 500. we were always able to attribute the casualties that we had to iranian activity, although many times we suspected it was iranian activity. >> armed with a fresh infusion of cash from the nuclear deal, military analysts fear iran's influence in the region is growing. the rise of the militias is a direct result of the united states losing influence inside of iraq. >> the iranian nuclear deal has freed up billions in billions of
1:35 pm
dollars in cash for iran to support these militias inside of iraq as well as inside syria. >> the u.s. military says if iraqi forces want help from iran, that's up to them. >> if the government of iraq chooses to bring in other advisers, that's an issue for the government of iraq. we are not coordinating with the iranians in any way. >> but one of those advisers is the man who leads the iranian-backed fighters inside iraq. in february 2009, the u.s. treasury department designated him a terrorist. the obama administration says mohandas is an adviser head of iran's quds force. there is talks that he is once again back on the ground in iraq. a spokesman for the shia militia says he will play a major role in the upcoming battle in mosul. >> thanks, lucas. fire crews in california making major progress against a raging wildfire that could mean
1:36 pm
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constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix test test test test test test p dangerous wildfire in northern california. we're told the lower lake fire is now 95% contained. but that news comes too late for nearly 200 homeowners whose homes were destroyed in the fast-moving fire. meantime further south, evacuation orders are being lifted for some residents near the blue cut fire in san bernardino county. as many as 82,000 people were forced to flee at one point. that fire has destroyed over 100 homes. and from scorching wildfires to torrential downpours, heavy rain causing flash flooding in texas.
1:41 pm
man, oh, man, look at that. wouldn't you like to be out in there? it's amazing. this is what it looked like 40 miles southeast of san antonio. meanwhile, over in louisiana, those devastating floodwaters that were responsible for the deaths of 13 people are thankfully slowly receding. authorities are still assessing the widespread destruction there. they say at least 60,000 homes have been damaged. and more than 100,000 people have registered for federal help. brian ennis is following all of this from our newsroom in new york city. hi, brian. >> hi, eric. louisiana is beginning recovery efforts. the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy four years ago. now as waters recede in southern louisiana, residents begin the process of entering their homes for the first time. water leaving behind mud, mold, soaked furniture, carpets, and lost votes. in areas like lake arthur, the
1:42 pm
water is still too high to allow people back in their homes. louisiana governor john bel edwards says the storm hasn't gotten the attention it deserves nationally, perhaps because it wasn't a named hurricane. he says they need more help. >> this is a historic unprecedented flood event. and because it wasn't a hurricane or a tropical storm, this rain event didn't have a name we have folks around the country that i think are just now realizing how significant it was. and so we really need help. typically by this point in a storm, i think red cross would be receiving a lot more donations. >> the governor went on to talk -- to thank republican nominee donald trump and his running mate mike pence for coming to louisiana, saying it helped shine a national spotlight on the state during a dire time. horrifically, floodwaters have caused coffins to become unearthed. look at this. in at least 15 semi-taxpayers cross seven parrish, according
1:43 pm
to the louisiana department of health, caskets floating, and now some families have to rebury relatives. no word yet on how many tomb sites have been damaged church groups, the red cross and family mebts of the victims are all chipping in to clean up. the local farm bureau is offering meals. some 3200 people are now in shelters. that's down from a high of 11,000. >> there is tons of people out here that are just pretty much don't have anything. i never thought in a million years i'd be one of those people. honestly, i really didn't. >> meantime, in texas heavy winds and rain have caused flooding in the san antonio area, particularly in florasville. there is currently a flash flood watch in south central texas. eric? >> wow, it has really been tough. thank you, bryan. >> such devastation. for more on this now, let's go to senior meteorologist janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. j.d.?
1:44 pm
>> across the west, look at this. 100 in medford is your daytime high. 95 in boys it is. 91 in spokane. 91 in billings, montana. the good news is as we head into monday we have a cold front that is going to move through. it's going to knock back those temperatures. however, wildfires, 31 of them burning across the west. as you can see, not getting a lot of relief here in terms of moisture. we will get some rainfall across the southwest. but nothing really in the way of helpful relief across the northwest, the northern plains, or even california. so watching this wildfire danger continue well into next week. future radar across the northeast. we have a cold front. same cold front that brought tornadoes across the midwest in the great lakes yesterday, now moving across the northeast. the eastern seaboard. overnight tonight, be aware. we could actually see some strong to severe storms. the tail end of this front across texas and louisiana where we could see the potential for more flooding, especially for
1:45 pm
the big bend of texas, south texas, central texas. and we're still dealing with flooding, of course, across louisiana with the historic flooding that we saw last week. the forecast precipitation, as we head into wednesday. the bulls-eye of the moisture across south texas, still getting a lot of moisture for the gulf coast states, including coastal louisiana. and then across the southeast and the northeast overnight tonight. also watching the tropics. we're getting into that time of year. peak season, watching a couple waves move off the coast of africa. one in particular 99-l. we're going watch this very carefully thursday into friday as it comes very close to the caribbean and perhaps the u.s. late next week. but of course we will monitor it and give you the very latest. arthel, back to you. >> j.d., janice dean, thank you very much. meanwhile, arthel, the zika zone is expanding ing ing a bit u.s. with new cases confirmed in the tourist hot spot of miami beach. so why is the area's mayor
1:46 pm
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how much should people who are fault pregnant or about to have relations with a pregnant person, will get some pregnant, you know what i mean? should anyone worry? the centers for disease control issue add number of guide lines for those planning to get pregnant. if you have traveled to an area endemic with zika virus should avoid trying to get pregnant for 8 weeks men and women. if you have been infected, for membership, it can live in your semen for six months. i avoid unprotected sex with someone during that period. asix months. and what else is interesting it is coming from another miami neighborhood and the mosquitoes can only fly about 450' and you have one area, and now a new
1:53 pm
area in south beach with localized mosquitoes, you are talking just a couple of blocks? >> about 450 yards. mosquitoes block local. in it is on your street it is unlikely to get to two other streets. efforts are being taken to decrease the mosquito population. the reason these advisories were issued because we have 2,200 cases in the united states. these are small clusters of cases that have been then for occur because of the local mosquito population. that is why the efforts are being taken, the travel advisories are issued. people are going door to door to take questionnaires and offering testing for zika virus and giving emergency kits for mosquito repellant and other information they need. >> so it is a localized. let me show you symptoms
1:54 pm
according to the centers for disease control, very general: fever, rash, joint pain, red eyes. how do you know, 80% have no symptoms. how do you know if you are in, or you have staff -- zika virus? >> if you have been in an area and were bit, take precautions. if you come back from travel from another country or the olympics, avoid mosquito bites. you do not want to be the carrier that infects the local mosquito populations that infect as pregnant woman and they have a child with microcephaly. we all have a responsibility if you not pregnant or your partner is not pregnant to take part in this. >> use the bug spray. >> absolutely. >> thank you, doctor, great to see you. >> thank you, both, with the best athletes gathered in rio, competitors from 35 countries
1:55 pm
convened for a different battle royale in san francisco.
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1:59 pm
>> a high stakes competition, emotions running high on the final day of the pokemon warmed championships. >> group play. >> hundreds of players from more than 35 countries are gathering in san francisco for the invitation-only event but only six emerge victors take home $500,000 worth of prizes including trips, scholarships and, of course, pokemon cards. if you are in to pokemon you are in to pokemon. >> you that is for sure. it does it for us. "media buzz" is next. >> we will see you in one hour
2:00 pm
at 6:00 p.m. for the latest on american election headquarters. thank you for spending time with us at fox news channel. a million choices, glad you are with us. thank you. >> on the buzz beater from los angeles this sunday, donald trump after weekends of being pummeled by the press shakes up his campaign team, a move quickly dismissed by the pundits. >> first, i'm always for new chairs on the trump panic. the problem is not corey lewandowski or are more manafort or the new people, it is the candidate, stupid. >> i don't think it matters because the problem is donald trump. >> if he hires someone who will broaden the appeal or just a mirror that indulges his worse impulsions? given that breitbart has embraced conspiracies, i worry. >> with paul manafort resigning, will hiring


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