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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> tons of breaking news. we're back here in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. harris: fox news alert. reports of american university of afghanistan under attack in kabul. here is what we know at this point. we've been following on twitter an associated press photographer who tweeted out a short time ago, help, we're stuck inside of the university. shooting followed by explosions. it this may be my last tweet. security forces are at american university in kabul. they're trying to assess what happened after reports of shots fired. this has been going on more than an hour at this point. reports are growing how many people might be there.
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just a couple of details. this university estimates that it has at some point 1700 students enrolled there. we don't know how many would be on campus at this point. we can tell you, it was about a deck kay ago they built this school. it was one of the areas where they wanted americans to try to go to establish, if you will, a presence. this would be considered a prime target, if you are a militant. that's what we're being told is happening at the complex right now. potentially militants have hit this american university in afghanistan. we don't have any other eyes on the ground right now. as information comes in on this, we'll bring it to you. want to direct your attention to the right of the screen. this first image we've gotten. you see black billowing smoke coming up from part of the complex there. normally when something like this happens and something under attack in the united states we would get some notification something is on lockdown or procedures.
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procedurally we're not being toll a lot here. we'll stay on the story. we'll bring you details as we learn them. american university of afghanistan. auaf today in the news. another fox news alert. this one in italy. witnesses calling what just happened to their homes in their town apocalyptic. a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit central italy while people sleeping overnight. three towns felt the brunt. quake's power. people felt it in rome 80 miles away. 73 people are dead with that expected to rise. they're tracking sounds of people trapped beneath their crumbled homes. amy kellogg joins us from one of the towns that was wiped out. amy? reporter: harris, i'm standing in front of the st. augustino church. the tower is still intact.
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you can see rubble around it. the two main churches in the town of amatrice have bell towers remain intact. one capturing the moments that the earthquake struck, very eerily keeping that watch forever, at three minutes, 3:36. but around you can see there is rubble everywhere and apocalyptic is a very fitting term for the scene. this is a town that dates back to the 12th century. it has all sorts of monuments and churches and historic buildings and they are all gone. the mayor said that first thing this morning. he was not exaggerating. hundreds of people are thought to be wounded on top of the 73 confirmed dead. many more may be injured. the mayor said he was quite pleased with the emergency response team, it being august. the middle of the summer this is time when italians are hard to reach. they came from all over to the towns with the heavy equipment.
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they said the equipment was sufficient. the situation is still incredibly dire. the rubble, you can see behind me, harris, is in very small bits. it is very fine. that obviates, that sort of cancels out the possibility of having these air pockets you often hear about when there is earthquake in collapsed building. children have been killed. elderly have been killed. thousands of people left homeless, which is sort of day two aspect of this story. tent cities are being set up around central italy to try to accommodate them. people are walking around the town in tears. you see grown men and women absolutely traumatized this beautiful city, with it is mountains and lakes, the town that for which the most famous pasta dish around rome was named is now gone forever. harris, back to you. harris: amy kellogg. thank you very much. ♪
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sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis is here. radio talk show host meghan mccain, and today's #oneluckyguy, the senior writer for "the weekly standard," stephen hayes is here and he is outnumbered. good to have you on a busy day. >> good to be back. lots of news. sandra: we'll get right to it. if you were a private citizen or worked outside the government and met with hillary clinton during her time at the state department, the chances are good that you donated to her family charity. that is the stunning conclusion according to a new report from the associated press. the folks at ap finding more than half of the people from private interests who met with clinton while she was serving as america's top diplomat coughed super russ dough to the clinton foundation. the reaction from republicans, furious. rnc chair reince priebus like
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donald trump the stay before calling for a special prosecutor to look at the appearance of pay to play. the gop nominee says latest revelations show the state department was up for sale. >> the new revelations about hillary clinton's email scandal make clear we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. [. [shouting] it is now abundantly clear the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. sandra: but the clinton campfiring back. they're calling the ap report flawed and campaign manager robby mook accusing the news agency being selective in its fact. >> by our count there were over 1700 other meetings that she had. she was secretary of state. she was meeting with foreign officials and government
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officials constantly. so to pull all of them out of the equation, cherry-pick a very small number of meetings is pretty outrageous. sandra: yet the clinton campaign calling this report flaw and distorted. what do you make of all this? >> what the associated press did they looked at meetings, hillary clinton would be unlikely to have but for clinton foundation. they deliberately excluded things like meeting with foreign diplomats so they could isolate these. i would be careful if i were the clinton campaign asking for more scrutiny on which foreign representatives hillary clinton met with that also contributed to the clinton foundation. we've seen in recent days through emails that is a rich varnas well. sandra: melissa, you're big reader of new york post. donors special access to hillary dough-nation on the "new york post."
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melissa: we're asked to believe a complete coincidence half people got optional meetings, making distinct shun, meetings with head of other countries, that was her job. those were mandatory. ap looked at regular meetings, lobbying with the state department, who had business before them, needed help. half of those people that showed up begged for a meeting and got it had given money to the clinton foundation. i will start to the francis foundation. if you donate to the francis foundation, i will say nice things about you on national television. how would that be? people would look at it the same way. it is ridiculous. harris: the flip side would be reflected in policy. that is the track we're trying to follow now. not whether or not nice things were said but were things left out? you should or should not be on a terror list, you know what i mean? you have to kind of look at what some of those countries who have horrible records with human rights, particularly among, against women and children, where were they in all of this? sandra: make fan, i want to --
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meghan i want to bring in from clinton press secretary brian fallen and response to trump. trump donated to the clinton foundation while hrc was secretary of state. doesn't that mean he is calling for an investigation of himself. meghan: that is so stupid. donald trump admitted he donated to her campaign and to her because he wanted access to her. if you want access to the clintons you give them money. this line, it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and state department begins should be blasted in their attack ads. put it in times square in giant letters. of all the attacks on hillary clinton this is the most effective. i have gotten more text messages of friends who don't pay attention to politics absolutely engaged what is happening. this is slow drip, drip that will keep coming out and get worse. >> it is effective in particular for two reasons. one, this is the history of how clintons operated. sandra: right. >> you go back to look in the
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1990s, look when she was senator, there was a pay for play aspect to a lot what the clintons did back then. there is a history. that line resonates in particular. also it is effective hillary clinton said in july of this year there is absolutely no connection, that is direct quote, absolutely no connection between work she did as secretary of state and clinton foundation. we now know that was not true. we know people were given meetings because they were clinton foundation donors. they couldn't get them through official channels but could get them because they were clinton foundation donors. we know that is a case with number of people. question is how many people and how much did they get. sandra: reince priebus is calling on hillary clinton and her team to hold a press conference and address all of this in the foundation scandal, highlighting in the press release he is calling for her to do this, streak of 263 days, harris she still has not held a press conference. harris: what is interesting
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about that, that would have specificity of this issue. at least at most news conference you might get a couple of softballs. now they're coming across the plate with a lost speed. how many days? sandra: 263. harris: okay. we want to get back to our top story on the situation we're learning more in kabul. the american university of afghanistan we're told is under attack. the police force, the kabul's rapid reaction police force says, quote, we are dealing with a complex attack inside of the american university. special forcessen rout. we have not heard confirmed reports of injuries or worse in all of this but again claims have estimated 1700 statutes enrolled there. this is, two of the employees we're told, an american and australian, two of the employees, were kidnapped at gunpoint in the capitol of kabul by men in military uniforms as they traveled between the campus and their home. that was back on august 7th.
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this area has been in the news in recent weeks. but now we're told suspected militants are hitting american university, under attack in kabul. we'll update you as we learn more. stay close. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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♪ harris: is donald trump softening his stance on immigration? he talked up issue at a town hall last night with your own sean hannity. he said he would use current law to deport le -- 11 million people here illegally. is he now considering a different path forward. >> there could be softenings. we're not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people this country but we'll follow the laws of this country. people don't realize, what people don't realize, we have very, very strong laws. i have had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me and they have said, mr. trump, i love you, but to take a person that has been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out it is so tough, mr. trump. i have it all the time! harris: what is interesting, sandra.
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i looked back at some of the things that were quoted that he said and actually what he said has been all along using the current law. but really using it. and the knew once now is that he is also saying that he is going to do these other things along the way. how do you see this playing out? sandra: i think the core question to ask, can he soften his stance without alienating the core base, while extending his reach out to still unsure voters, moving more to the middle if possible? >> i think it's a big lift. some of his core supporters who supported him because of strong stance on immigration. he did talk in november of 2015, he said he was talking about a deportation force so people would be rounded up and deported. now, obviously, listening to that sound he is not staying by that or seems to indicate he is moving away from that. for those people who came to donald trump, not because he was big celebrity, not because he was a different kind of a politician, but because of their
9:18 am
views on immigration. they will be disappointed. i think he will lose some of those. there is question whether he will bring in other people. a move aimed to bring in suburban voters, many suburban women grown skeptical of him over the last months and that is the big question. harris: scott pelley on cbs at one point, months ago, you're rounding them all up? we're rounding them up in humane way and nice way. they will be happy because they want to be legalized. by the way, i know it doesn't sound nice but not everything is nice. and then, separate from that, trump has said there certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we want people, we hadn't to have some great people in this country. so he is moving toward a different spot, wouldn't you say? melissa: he is. i wonder, kellyanne conway seems to have her finger on the pulse what is going on. they must have tested and decided this softening was a good idea.
9:19 am
i think it is interesting he is talking in the beginning to have the force or whatever to take people out. we in theory have that. that is i.c.e. they're supposed to be deporting people doing things. president obama has deported people. talking about like you said following the law and taking people who have committed crimes. what baffles me are the people who have committed crimes who are in custody of the government, who aren't deported, who are found to be here illegally, and have committed, in some cases horrible crimes. and are not taken out of the country and left. that is what he is talking about. that is something legally we're supposed to be already doing. harris: so the question is, why are we not? the obama administration has been doing some of that. what this would make it more staccato. we would speed up. what are your thoughts? meghan: coming from a border state this is most emotionally intense issue for voters especially lifting on the border. this is tone shift, you hear the
9:20 am
audience reacting in town hall. we can soften, people here, 15, 20 years. you're talking about d.r.e.a.m. act students. people brought here as babies became college students, great members of society. that is definitely a tone shift. when we're talking about nuance of the issue, it may please more moderate voters but you will lose the base. these are people voting on this -- this one issue vote and being pro-life and pro-choice. immigration to a lot of people only issue they care about. harris: what is the bigger number? is it people who are in the base who are that single issue -- sandra: part of the problem, he has a lot of questions and he is not answering a lot of questions. harris: or people he is trying to bring on? >> the other problem is, the other problem is he campaigned in the fall and through the primaries as the tough on immigration guy. now he is going to try to recast himself as maybe not so tough, compassionate, softer on immigration guy? this was litigated throughout the primaries. remember details of reporting
9:21 am
that we were doing on cruz versus rubio versus trump versus walker. harris: his former plan on the website i had printed a year ago. i still had it in my office. it is different. that's why i'm asking, do you see this progress, moving forward? how do you categorize it? sandra: he softened, as we heard softened on deportation policy, as far as building a wall, as he once said, having a big fat, beautiful door in the middle of that wall he is not softening or changing tone on the wall. meghan: people here in the country, 15, 20 years. a major issue in arizona. when you shift on that automatically, careful in texas, california and nevada, might be called amnesty trump. be very careful with this. ann coulter herself is not pleased about this right now. harris: house republicans pushing for more answers on hillary clinton's email server. it was more than one server, right? can we get clear? what they now want from the fbi director and how it could affect the presidential election.
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start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. melissa: house republicans are not done with hillary clinton. they still want answers about her emails. chairman of the house oversight committee jason chaffetz, sent a letter to fbi director james comey asking for more information who had access to classified information on the former secretary of state's server. listen to what he said on "on the record" last night. >> she's not the head of fish and wildlife. she is the secretary of state! she is dealing in classified information on an hourly basis. it is reasonable to think that her information is chock-full of classified information. and it is.
9:27 am
and it was. and that's why when she gave access to those attorneys, by the way, the i.t. professionals that were also al you loud to access that computer, we don't know who these people are. melissa: stephen hayes, he may be right, to a lot of people think this issue is dead as doornail. what do you think? >> to a lot of people in the media this issue is dead as doornail. they should be pushing as hard as they possibly can. it is beyond dispute that hillary clinton lied about emails, about the server, what she turned over and said again and again said things that weren't true. we found while congress has done, in many cases its level best to extract information from the state department, from the administration, it has been unable to. so we have gotten good information from places like citizen united and "judicial watch" and others. everybody should be trying to get more information. she clearly will not turn it over. remember back in august of 2015,
9:28 am
she signed a document under penalty of perjury saying she had turned over not only all work-related emails but all emails that could possibly be work-related. we have the fbi director saying there were thousands of work-related emails that were not turned over. he says he doesn't have evidence they did this intentionally. melissa: right. >> we know they didn't come, we still don't have everything. we ought to see it. sandra: jason chaffetz was our one lucky guy sitting there, why do republicans not pick their battles and go after every single thing? jason chaffetz responded, it is our job. if i didn't do that i wouldn't be holding right people accountable. there is so much news every day, they have so much, they as the republicans. why is it they can't make a clear case against hillary clinton and put it in front of voters? >> i think a big part of it journalists are not interested. a lot of mainstream media reporters, it's a complicated story.
9:29 am
they sort of shrug it off and think they know everything. there was a reporter on "special report," writes for "washington post," good reporter, ann gurin at beginning of the year was sick of email stories. think of what we learned then from now and mainstream reporters were tired of it. meghan: not whether mainstream journalists bead bored. how dare you. melissa: thank you. meghan: i'm sure a lot of americans are sick -- wanting to hear parents of benghazi victims. it feels so, just hopeless in so many different ways. there are some things you got hillary clinton on, she should be sitting in jail. if this were republican candidate or president they definitely would be. they slither out of everything because the media and this administration are so hell bent
9:30 am
her becoming the next president. harris: this might be one of those times more is really just more. coy hear, it was kennedy who asked congressman chaffetz that question, i could hear in the question and heard it from others, why can't you pick one or two and really make a strong argument? for instance, she signed that document, okay? there should be a penalty. if you and i signed that same document, saying that we weren't going to do certain things with classified information under perjury of law, so on, so forth, we would have to pay a penalty. why is it that -- melissa: they always go to intent. harris: i hear you. maybe that is when enumeration of other things could come but you could start in one place and make that the kind of thing that you could chew on. it is just so big and so much, that it plays into the clinton's hands, aren't you like bernie, aren't you tired of hearing about it? meghan: i'm not tired of hearing about it. new poll showing americans feel less safe than they have in a very long time.
9:31 am
according to the chicago council on foreign affairs 42% of americans feel the country is less safe than it was before the terrorist attacks on september 11th, 2001. only 27% felt that way in the 2014 survey. the same survey finding that 89% believe terrorism will likely be a part of life in the future. that is also up from a similar survey done in 2013. stephen, i take subway every day to work, live way downtown or midtown. every time i get on subway i say a little prayer nothing will happen. that is the world i think we live in. what do you think? >> i take the train from washington, d.c. to penn station, that is obvious. you get a sense look around on the train. there are bomb-sniffing dogs, there is extra security. harris: thank the good lord. >> yeah, exactly. but i think this goes in part to policy, to administration policy. it explains it to a certain extent the disconnect the american people feel when the president of the united states says, again and again and again, we're winning.
9:32 am
we're ahead here. we're making progress. isis is on the run. al qaeda has been defeated. people don't feel that every day in part because of what they see around them. then you have these random attacks in random places. some of them lone wolves. some of them with connections to foreign entities. thing we're not taking most seriously to make this is downer discussion is possibility of another mass casualty attack. harris: like orlando. melissa: absolutely. i'm a small government girl. i want my government to do very little. basically only thing i want them to do is national security. they are supposed to be keeping citizens safe at home and abroad. keeping us safe from terror. keeping law and order on the streets. that is one of the few things better done about it collective. they are struggling to do it right now. a lot of people feel like they're more vulnerable than they were before and i'm among them. harris: every time something happens, the president talks a lot, a lot of times it toggles
9:33 am
through the gun control issue, but when it doesn't go there he does not say words i'm feeling your pain. i know why you're feeling afraid and i get it. i want to tell you why you can sleep easier tonight. i want to tell you what i'm going to do. i don't hear that from him. >> remember in his interview with jeffrey goldberg from "the atlantic, he mocked the idea we're less safe. harris: talked about it here on "outnumbered." >> but we're not really less safe. it's a terrible -- harris: they're not jv. sandra: the report out of the chicago council, it is important to point out there was a split with the parties and their assessment of the threat of islamic fundamentalism. 75% of republicans said it was a critical threat while 49% of democrats did. that is a major difference in how we see the world and how we see the threat. >> remember in the democratic debates there was a time when both bernie sanders and hillary clinton with were asked to name the top three priorities, things they would do first. neither of the leadingandidatesd
9:34 am
anything having to do with national security or islamic terrorism. harris: wow. >> every single republican would have had that in his or her top three. harris: 49% are not just people in the democratic tent. they are a few of the poles holding up the tent. they're really believe it. meghan: there is rhetoric, talking about how the president speaks bit. i love president bush, one of the things he used to say we'll smoke them out, get them dead or alive. i like a old school cowboy way we're angry at these people as i am. we'll exhaust everything we possibly can. harris: joe biden said we'll follow them to the gates of hell. meghan: joe biden is not president. harris: he is not the obama or clinton. meghan: hillary clinton spending time with stars like justin timberlake. what she is not making time for and what it could mean for donald trump. ♪ ♪
9:35 am
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sandra: we're awaiting a donald trump rally in the key swing state of florida. the republican nominee sticking to script recently while hillary clinton hasn't held a presser in nearly nine months. but she has found time to hold, hmmm, fund-raisers and take sweet pictures like this with celebrities. this one right there. that is justin timberlake, what is his beautiful wife's name? melissa: jessica biel. sandra: she did make time over the weekend to attend this fund-raiser. harris: wow, look at that. sandra: yes. she made time for share over the weekend. "washington times" says it is all part of her strategy, writing, quote, hillary clinton has spent more time with celebrities than with voters over the past week. her presidential campaign is embracing a low profile strategy that is short on making real news and long on letting
9:40 am
donald trump and his penchant for creating controversy on an almost daily basis have the limelight. but some say that could give trump time to catch up. rnc chairman reince priebus telling reporters, quote, it is going to be important for us and for donald trump to continue down this measured path that he is on. if he does that i think he is going to be tied or ahead at or just, after labor day. so, i'm sure, melissa, you have a comment on the way hillary is spending her time. melissa: i would like to hang out with justin timberlake too. i could bring sexy back. they were having a great time. don't blame her for wanting to do that. the tone has benefited donald trump. they have given him rope. he has not done it. she he is doing serious things. they are raising money to good use. let's be honest, there are tons of attack ads out there. money is a good thing.
9:41 am
i don't think she is wasting her time. at same time trump feels like making progress and question of how much and how much time is left. meghan: juxtapose trump going down to flood victims and her in beverly hills. there is stereotype among majority of the americans only thing democrats care about is celebrities and coastal elites. this, i actually think this is completely tone dell. bad for justin timberlake's career, whatever you put out next i will not buy. jessica biel, you're out. stop making it political. i have a serious problem with this. this is not about celebrity. it is not about looking cool. there are very serious issues facing the country. we're talking about islamic extremism and attack in afghanistan. sandra: what opportunity for justin timberlake, off subject. he is southern boy. have fund-raiser for people in louisiana. i digress. that being said -- melissa: could really backfire. sandra: with fans like meghan might not like optics, is this opportunity for donald trump. >> i'm not totally buying
9:42 am
another justin timberlake, my huge collection of justin timberlake, look, you know, if you're hillary clinton this is what you do. this is the way to run. your point is well-taken but think about the people, what people are going to see? people who aren't paying attention to her email scandal, they see her hanging out with celebrities. they will see pictures everywhere. they will not look beyond that. it does, we're making fun of the fact that it looks like she is trying to have -- meghan: does this affects voters hanging out in photo booth with justin timberlake. >> i don't think it affects the needle -- meghan: won't see tom hanks movies anymore. they make it political. harris: people pay attention when kardashian or fun celebrity, like getting a fluff ball on the new purse. that attachment makes it much better. meghan: do i need one of those? harris: got you covered. the thing is with hillary
9:43 am
clinton, remember during the debates and during the primary season she broke out with kim kardashian on social media. she does this to kind of, a, change the subject. she needs younger voters. i would imagine jimmy kimmel is not filled with those people that she is seeing sometimes on the stump, not that -- meghan: she still has a bit of a problem with millenials. i think if celebrity were the only thing counted, this really helps you, she wouldn't be struggling way she is. no matter who you are, when you are running for president, if you nationalize it and look like you only care about hanging out with hollywood, it will affect you in negative way. i'm not only person has adverse reaction. harris: makes her look like she can dance. i have friends that say only time they look like they have rid think is in still photo. trying to pose with a celebrity. you're kind of look like you're dancing. >> so much for college students being allowed to think for themselves. now a professor at a pricey
9:44 am
school says donald trump is so beyond the pale, she doesn't need to present his views fairly in class. harris: oh, my gosh. sandra: the college standing behind her. we'll discuss next. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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melissa: colleges accused of pushing liberal agenda for decade but this may be a new liberal a professor at gettysburg college in pennsylvania she won't even try to treat donald trump fairly in class. calling trump presidency unthinkable and unteachable. she said that in an op ed she said writing quote, my approach for the fall session will be boldly honest. it is disservice to students to attempt to provide balance when balance is an offense to the truth. the professor later telling the college fixed website all students will have a voice in her classes. harris: wow. melissa: sentiment echoed by spokesperson for the $63,000 a year college which is standing behind the professor.
9:49 am
harris: wow. melissa: harris, the real problem is this, she said she can't teach trump. she is talking about his intolerance and then she is intolerant of other people's point of view. she has been described as intimidating, if you lean right, a person who gives conservatives in her classroom a hard time. if you're a right-winger, this is student writing this, be prepared to walk into a brick wall whenever you enter her classroom. harris: my cow patty meter went to 10. [laughter]. i just, you know, she says oh every voice will be heard in class. does she stand up to call them stupid? how does it work exactly? she already said she gives everybody with another point of view, particularly aligned with donald trump completely no credibility. completely no voice. i really look at this, one of those instances if he were to become president, she should exit stage left as fast -- get the hook out now because she ought to be leaving anyway. what other things in her
9:50 am
classroom does she not tolerate? i'm talking to her. melissa: when discussioning social security debt, a student said i voiced concern there are trillions of dollars in debt, a number that can be confirmed by numerous government agencies. she suggested she couldn't be exactly sure the exact figure. depends what website, effectively dismissing larger argument amount of debt looming above millenials is crisis level. that is not opinion, stephen hayes, that is math. >> yeah. melissa: this drives me crazy about liberal ideology, she wants to dismiss the math. sandra: she forgot to take that class. >> sound like open-minded ideologue. the thing struck me reading that one word in particular, unteachable. whatever you think about donald trump, i mean i'm not a donald trump fan. i've been very critical of donald trump. this is such a teachable election. meghan: totally. >> i used it to test some assumptions i had in this election, to learn more, to ask myself, why are people flocking
9:51 am
to donald trump in way i hadn't anticipated? this is exactly what a teacher should be doing, get students to go beyond what they think they know, test their own knowledge. that is the purpose of going to college. meghan: i was going to say, this is fascinating election just from political science standpoint. talking about a populist candidate. talking about someone basically overturning what it means to be republican, changing face of republican party. how is that not going to be interesting or important for children to learn? teenagers to learn. going forward if they are interested in politics, if you actually don't learn about donald trump, it will be detriment going forward if you want to do something on a campaign. melissa: sandra, this is polly sci 101. this is not some elective you can avoid. this is the introduction to policy sci. if you want to learn about political science i will not teach about donald trump. sandra: she is there for years. what do you look at rate my
9:52 am meghan: love the website. sandra: been described as intimidating if you lean right. one student said she gives conservatives a hard time. one student said, if you're a right-winger be prepared to walk into a brick wall whenever you enter the classroom. there is a lot of comments. meghan: there are a lot of professors. i love to say this is singular incident. i went to columbia, there is lot of intolerance on college campuses. harris: i get all of that. where are the parent? meghan: yeah. harris: somebody is paying $63,000 a year and they're not getting their money's worth, where are the parents just like this teacher? pray for the children. melissa: private school. very expensive private school. harris: they're not getting well-rounded education in that classroom with her. melissa: vote with your dollars. if you don't like what this teacher is doing -- harris: are the parents paying attention? are they watching melissa francis tell them what is going
9:53 am
on? melissa: i don't know. i will be. meghan: it is accepted you send your kids to college in general any place, unless like someplace in the conservative south -- harris: hostile talk right there. treating as we have just said here, treating certain students differently. sandra: harris faulkner may show up in the class. harris: we should. me and jesse watters. let's go to school. i'm done. your turn. campaign moment going viral. donald trump's running mate stopping into a local barbershop for haircut. it happened yesterday. it is what the basher said afterwards -- barber said, had some, well, cringing. we have it all next. ♪ the right things working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut.
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9:58 am
>> your name is? >> mike pence. >> mike pence. >> i'm the governor of state of indiana. running for vice president of the united states. >> oh, man. vice president? >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> oh, boy. >> i'm running with donald trump, his running mate. harris: go ahead, man. sandra: surprise. harris: very sweet. very humble. >> haircut truthers here. how was it that there was a whole camera crew there. harris: you don't believe it was real? >> this guy didn't have any idea? not like he should know. melissa: i could see it. they told him somebody special is coming. vice president, whatever they sat him down. he didn't recognize him in his chair. and still waiting for the guy he he is supposed to be doing it for. >> just didn't understand. that is possible. melissa: i hear you when you describe the story, when you saw the video, you didn't believe that little guy. >> it may have been the case how
9:59 am
was it that, pence -- i'm not suggesting this guy you should have known who mike pence is, clearly, but he -- nobody says anything to him? meghan: one people will say people recognize my dad a lot. he says i'm al gore all the time as a joke. people like recognize politicians but don't know who they are. harris: they buy john mccain is al gore? meghan: all the time. we were at the movies. al gore. he always says al gore though. harris: no, you're not. sandra: can i take this to a built of a serious level. stephen, doesn't this, i do believe possibly before everybody arrived clear the place out, maybe this barber never heard of mike pence, there is a lot of work that the trump campaign has to do to get out there and get their message across, to americans working all day, barbers, being there 12 hours a day. >> particularly with mike pence.
10:00 am
i think he would have known who donald trump was. harris: and the hair. continue discussion about save spaces in school. that is on the live chat, click on overtime tab. see you on the web. thanks, steven. >> thank you. harris: "happening now" now.


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