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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. >> here's martha with "america's election headquarters." >> thank you, jenna and jon. we start with a fox news alert. evacuation orders are now in place for florida as tropical storm hermine approaches. residents until the panhand residents in the panhandle are being told to head to high ground. fox team coverage for you, jonathan serrie is in panama city where it is starting to kick up a bit. but rain is starting to fall in
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other parts of the state. the storm has not made landfall yet. florida not the only state affected by hermine. brand-new information on the course of all of this weather as we head into the labor day weekend. and it does have the potential to impact nearly the entire eastern seaboard. so get ready for this in a summer that has been pretty much beautiful in so many places. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth, we wanted to start the show with you because you have brand-new information on where the storm is going. >> we've had this storm we've been dealing with for two weeks now. if you think about florida, this piece of land should be hit by hurricanes a lot, and it generally is. we've had 11 years of hurricanes. these are all the hurricanes in the atlantic. only one of those hit florida, but not as a hurricane. florida's been spared. that will change tonight, likely. we've got a storm that is now up to 70 miles an hour of sustained winds. the difference between 70 and 74, which would be hurricane speed, the damage is the same
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but we change the category. hurricane warnings where you see the red. the strongest winds, strop form first to winds are extending out. we have tropical storm warnings towards tampa, towards sarasota. you see it's a really large storm, and it's getting its act together. the pressure has been dropping, the winds have been going up, all of that doesn't bode well for landfall tonight around the southernmost point along the panhandle of iffflorida. this is what we call the big bend of florida. fortunately not a lot of population in that area, smaller communities, from a few hundred to a few thousand people in some smaller towns there. but you mentioned, it makes landfall, and then we see this trek across georgia, south carolina, north carolina, for friday into saturday. and then take a look at what happens here. this storm, all of our guidance kind of shows this gets blocked
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here across parts of the northeast. we'll have a storm ling aering here. we don't know if it will be a hurricane or tropical storm or like a nor'easter. beaches across long island, parts of new england, will have a pretty ugly saturday, sunday, monday, and maybe the latter part of this week with this storm hanging out here. >> not good news. >> not good news for the last unofficial weekend of summer. >> but we really can't complain because we've had nothing, in the east coast at least, gorgeous, sunny, summer days. looks like we'll take it on the chin over the course of labor day. thank you very much, rick, see you later. as rick was just telling us, the state of emergency has been issued in dozens of counties in florida. and 100 national guard troops have been activated to help the first responders with thousands more expanding by if they're needed.
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jonathan serrie is live on the scene of this storm. he's in panama city beach. what can you tell us there, jonathan? >> reporter: hi, martha. a rain shower just came through here, chasing many tourists away. there are still some hardy souls exploring the beach. lifeguards and even a plane pulling a banner are warning swimmers to stay out of the water because of the potential for dangerous rip currents. we've seen lifeguards and other crews coming up and down the beach, removing trash cans, chairs, any objects that could be picked up in tropical storm-force and potentially hurricane-force winds as a precaution. many tourists were preparing for a long holiday weekend. we asked some what they plan to do now that a tropical storm is approaching. >> i got kind of freaked out. i talked to the wife, she's like, no, we're going to stay. she's been a couple of them. >> we're supposed to be getting married at sunset today. i don't think that's going to
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happen. >> what are you going to do? >> wait until tomorrow. >> i'm getting out of here. it's so unpredictable. i just think it would be wise probably to leave. >> reporter: what's amazing, when you look at the radar over the gulf of mexico, the heavy rains from this storm extend far east of the eye. so yesterday, as it was passing by the central florida gulf coast, you have places like tampa, st. petersburg, sarasota, bradenton, receiving rainfall even though they were far away from the storm. here on the panhandle, you can see conditions are beginning to deteriorate, martha. >> jonathan, thank you very much. we'll be watching it throughout the course of the afternoon and into the weekend. thanks, jonathan. meantime, let's turn attention back to election 2016, which is the main theme for the hour. both campaigns hitting the battleground state of ohio today where vice president joe biden is there campaigning for hillary clinton today. donald trump spoke to veterans and cincinnati this morning before moving on to a rally in
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wilmington. the real clear politics average in ohio looks like this, pretty tight. basically right around the margin of report. 44.8 to 41.0, where we've seen a lot of tightening in this race in a number of the battleground states in the recent days. let's go to senior correspondent john roberts who joins us from there. hey, john, good afternoon. what's going on? >> reporter: martha, good afternoon to you. with both of his events today, donald trump tailored his remarks to a local audience, talking to the american legion about reforming the veterans affairs administration, also talking about respect for the things that many veterans in this country fought for and in some cases died for to preserve. the national anthem, he wants schoolchildren to say it in school every day. also talking about his newly outlined plans for immigration when he articulated last night
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in phoenix. here's what he told the crowd in wilmington earlier today. >> last night i outlined a bold new immigration reform to create prosperity and opportunity for all of our people, especially those who have the least. we will treat everyone with dignity, respect, and compassion. but our greatest compassion will be for the american citizen. >> reporter: donald trump talking about treating people who are in this country illegally and those who would seek to come into this country with dignity and respect. also a hard tone when it comes to closing down the border, building a wall, not issuing visas in countries where terrorists abound. as well talking about what might happen with the people illegally in this country already, kicking out people with criminal backgrounds and leaving for a
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future time what to do about the rest of the people living here illegally. but that speech running afoul of donald trump's hispanic advisory board, womone of them resigning after that speech. as many as seven members of the advisory panel may have nothing more to do with the donald trump campaign. they don't want to resign because they think that would be embarrassing for the republican party. more information on that as we get it. but also donald trump last night talking about his meeting yesterday with mexican president pena nieto, who insists that he told trump yesterday that we're not going to pay for a wall. we'll see if that matter resolves itself by the time the campaign is over. >> so interesting. john, thank you very much. so donald trump repeated, as we talked about, his previous call to deport, eventually, millions of illegal immigrants and also to build a border wall
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and that mexico, as he has said famously, would pay for it. >> mexico will pay for the wall. [ cheers and applause ] 100%. they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall. and they're great people, and great leaders. but they're going to pay for the wall.ñb >> fascinating, how he's sort of riding both sides of that throughout the day yesterday. joining us now is jan brewer, former arizona governor and a donald trump supporter. governor, welcome, good to have you here today. >> thank you so much, great to be with you. >> so, you know, it's an interesting kind of fence to be on top of, in way. he's trying to extend outreach to the president of mexico yesterday and trying to open a
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dialogue with him for the future. however, when he got to phoenix, he was very clear and, you know, enthusiastic in sticking with that line that he will build the wall and that mexico will indeed, despite the criticism from the president of mexico, that they'll pay for it. how is all this going to work, do you think? >> well, you know, and i support him wholeheartedly, i think the american people, he has put american citizens at the top of the list. and by the way, i thought he was terrific down in mexico, he really looked presidential and showed great leadership. but those of us that have dealt with this border issue, we know there are ways to get it done. in one instance i will tell you that i believe that as we were all told when we were kids, basically you can do it, make it happen. donald trump is that kind of guy. we can address those issues certainly with the patriot act, dealing with the transmission of all those dollars that are coming out of our economy that these illegals are sending back to mexico to boost their
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economy. millions and millions of dollars transferred and leaving our country. we need to address the issue and renegotiate the nafta situation, to make it different. we can adjust and redo the visa fee. there is a way. if we want to do it, donald can make it happen. we've all been in those spots in our lives. so i'm excited. i'm very, very excited. >> let's put up on the board some of what you just talked about, which is -- this is our fox news research that shows that in 2015 mexicans living abroad sent home $24.6 billion, 95% of that was u.s.-made money that was sent back into mexico. that was the highest number since 2008 and totals more than oil revenues for the very first time. the idea that a check is going to get written is simply not how this is likely to be done, but over time, through trade agreements and through changes in the way this is orchestrated
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with the remittances, you could pay off the cost of the wall over time, right? that's basically the plan. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> so let me -- >> there's no doubt about it. >> i just want to ask you about this other game that john roberts just brought up, which is that some of the hispanic council that has been supporting donald trump was upset about his speech last night and perhaps some of them will not be able to support him anymore. they wanted to hear more of that compassion for people who live in this country, children of those who were -- you know, who came in as immigrants and had children here, all of those people who fall into that category. what do you say to them? >> well, i believe that he said very clearly last night that the first people that would be addressed, get the border wall built and then address the people that are here that are criminals, that have overstayed their visas. and then we would come up with a plan to see what direction we're going to go. this is the beginning.
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this is the beginning of his plan. and he has promised the people of america, the citizens of america, that we believe in the rule of law. now, when he gets in there and we get our borders secured and we get these other issues started, it's going to all start at one time. it's not going to happen overnight. then we can address that other issue. but we know that those people that are here, that come across the board with their families, who come here to work to send their money back, that they are kind, good people. we don't have problems in fact with them or who they are. but we need our borders secured. and we've got to know who is coming in here. and we cannot simply take care of the whole world. there's other immigrants who want to come in too from other countries. get in line. >> governor brewer, thank you. we have to leave it there. good to see you, as always, today. quick knocfox news alert fo you, we have video of the spacex
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rocket exploding on the launch pad with shock waves felt for miles. we'll tell what you facebook lost the on that pad today. a judge orders the release of records about hillary clinton's security training. did she ever get that training that's mandatory? when we come back.
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here's the latest on the e-mail front. a federal judge ordered the state department to provide records to show whether hillary clinton and her close aide huma abedin received security training while at the state department. this is standard stuff everybody has to do, state department employees have to undergo annual security and i.t. training to show they are up to speed on all the precautions that need to be taken. but there is no record of either doing that while they were at
11:18 am
the state department. at first the state department said they never received any training. but later, clinton was -- it was said that clinton was trained in person at an orientation, sort of a personal session, i guess. a federal judge ordered the state department to address these questions or to face depositions on this matter about their procedures since they are obviously a publicly funded agency that taxpayer dollars go towards for all of this training for all the people employed there. bradley moss, thank you for being with us today. explain to everybody at home why this is a big deal in your mind. >> absolutely, martha, happy to do so. everyone who holds a clearance at the state department has to it this basic training so they understand all the details of what they're working with, especially when it comes to classified information. of course we're 68 days now from the presidential election. everybody knows about hillary clinton's e-mail saga, everybody knows what the director of the
11:19 am
fbi said, namely that her and her senior staff were extremely careless and how they handled classified information while at the state department, including the fact that secretary clinton did not recognize classification portion markings. these are the basic things you would learn about in that security training. we know the state department said she got an in-person orientation. we have no idea who provided it, what it entailed. it may have been completely legitimate and substantive but we don't know yet. that's what the judge is asking the state department to provide more details on. >> let's say she never did it. what would be the ramifications for that? >> from a legal standpoint for her there's no ramifications. it's more of a political and public interest aspect right now. i'm not here to say who people should vote for. but from our standpoint, from foia and from bringing information out to the public, this is something to be considered, something to be debated, whether or not this affects how people choose to
11:20 am
evaluate her competency and qualifications to become president of the united states and how they'll to vote come november. >> we remember that director comey that i hsaid that regardl whether these e-mails were marked classified, because hillary clinton made a big point of saying that nothing was marked classified, like a stamp on top of that document, he said given her background and her position, she would be expected to understand, obviously, what kind of information is classified and what isn't. >> yeah, and that's, again, this is a very basic kind of thing you would walk through in that security awareness training. it's an online agency portal, is what most people have to do, to recognize not only classification markings but also the type of information that you should understand is reasonably likely to be classified and you should take precautions, whether it's you sending it or, as most of the time with secretary clinton, receiving it, that she should have recognized it as such.
11:21 am
that's i believe what director comey was referencing. depending what this personal orientation was like and how she got it, we don't know how well-trained she was. >> if indeed she never took it, you believe it showed they was careless and thought she fit into a different category, didn't have to do what everybody else did? >> correct. we don't know whether huma abedin did it, whether cheryl mills got that training. >> we heard her say there's a hillary standard and a standard for everything. she thought it meant she was under higher scrutiny but you're arguing perhaps it's just the opposite. interesting. thanks very much. today there was a devastating setback for spacex once again. wow. an enormous loss of money,
11:22 am
technology, investment, and time. they lost a rocket after that explosion on the launch pad. it was supposed to go up into space this weekend. an update on what caused that blast, coming up. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪
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back now with a major setback at cape canaveral today for spacex, which is elon musk's operation, and also for facebook. an explosion on the launch pad destroyed a rocket and its satellite payload. trace gallagher joins us now with more on this and what was on board this whole operation. trace, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, martha. boy, the video is just amazing, the falcon 9 rocket exploding
11:26 am
right next to the kennedy space center. residents from almost 40 miles away say it sounded like thunder at first, followed by a series of blast. we just got video in of the actual explosion. the rocket was not scheduled to launch this saturday. the explosion happened during the prelaunch static test fire. the cause still unknown, but spacex founder elon musk just posted on twitter that the problem appears to have originated around the upper stage oxygen tank. the falcon 9 was supposed to carry a satellite into space for facebook, which is trying to improve internet service to poorly collected places like the middle east, parts of europe, and africa. the satellite was also destroyed, so this is a huge setback for facebook. this is the second mishap in just over a year for spacex. the company also lost a falcon 9 last june, minutes after it took
11:27 am
off from cape canaveral. that rocket was carrying cargo to the international space station. prior to that explosion, spacex had successfully fired 18 rockets in a row. these missions are critical because spacex is only one of two companies along with orbital atk that carries supplies to the international space station. they're also working on building capsules to carry astronauts to the iss as well. >> trace, thank you, interesting story. obviously a tough day for the folks at spacex and facebook. back to politics, hillary clinton gets a little help from fronds. vice president joe biden stum stumping in ohio for her. and we'll tell you what donald trump was getting at when he said hillary clinton should be deported, after this.
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a fox news alert now. to florida, where authorities say mosquito samples have tested positive for zika virus, the first time insects have tested positive in the continental united states. the chicago police department says the city recorded 90 homicides in august
11:32 am
as well as 472 shooting victims during that one month, a terrible situation, chicago. two nasa astronauts taking a space walk outside the international space station today. they're working on retracting a radiator that is no longer in use. always amazing to see them working up there in the sky. more to come. vice president joe biden hitting the campaign trail, slamming donald trump as he stumps for hillary clinton in ohio. jennifer griffin joins us live from cleveland. what was vice president biden's message for union workers today, jennifer? >> reporter: polls in ohio show both candidates in a 60 cal tie. the race is very close in ohio. vice president biden campaigning for the second time for hillary clinton on the campaign trail, spoke to unionized auto workers, giving a full-throated defense of hillary clinton. he hit out at donald trump. he also pointed out that she was
11:33 am
the co-author of the card check legislation favored by unions. he acknowledged some of the problems faced by the clinton foundation and some of the scandals that have been reported on in the press. >> i know some of you are mad at hillary, some of you look at her and say, let me tell you something, man, she gets it, and she never yields. she she does not break. she stands up. you know what? they know how to spell the word "union," u-n-i-o-n. >> reporter: biden was asked on the rope line about the clinton foundation and the perception that while secretary of state, the foundation was taking money from foreign donors. he suggested that that would end soon and that the situation has become more complicated and that the campaign understands that. the trump campaign has just
11:34 am
released a statement describing what they said as, quote, terrible judgment on the part of clinton and hitting on the idea that biden did not defend clinton when it comes to the foundation. that was their interpretation from the trump campaign just moments ago. martha? >> jennifer, what about this report in politico that bill clinton used taxpayer money to set up their server? what do you know about that? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is pushing back hard on that report, in fact they're demanding a retraction from politico. we received a statement from bill clinton's spokesman, angel uberra, moments ago. he said, quote, this is patently and demonstrably false, the clintons personally paid for their server. no gsa government funding was used for a private server anywhere and the clinton foundation never housed a private server.
11:35 am
the server was housed at president clinton's harlem office and contains his post-presidency correspondence, totally separate from the clinton foundation, according to the spokesman. they get $1 million a year from the gsa, and most of that money went to rent his office in harlem, not part of the e-mail server kept at the clinton home in chappaqua. >> jennifer, thank you very much. for more on this, guy benson, a fox news contributor. bar nerd whitman is a former bill clinton pollster and ceo of whit none insiman inside strate. guy, you're shaking your head. >> it's amazing that this obscure, obsolete law is still on the book. bill clinton, who has earned
11:36 am
reportedly $9 million is exploiting this to rent an office in harlem. >> every president gets the same $1 million. he hasn't even used the money entirely, he's turned it back to the federal government. every president does the same. all the presidents. why don't you ask w. to give back the money as well? >> i agree with you, leave taxpayers alone and don't take the million dollars . >> maybe they get so used to being in public service. >> i'm sure bill clinton would have paid his rent had he been asked. >> let's move on to the foundation question and whether or not they need to separate it and separate it now or not. >> i actually think it would do the campaign well to accelerate the separation. there's no question when hillary clinton is president there's going to be a separation. i think that separation could be accelerated. it's a shame because the clinton foundation has done an extraordinary amount of good.
11:37 am
it's driven down the cost of hiv and aids drugs of 90%, half of adults, three-quarters of children get their hiv medicine from the foundation. but it's time for a complete separation, it's serving as a distraction from the campaign. >> a lot of democrats like yourself are calling for that, we'll see if they listen to it. i want to move on to the donald trump immigration speech during which he made this sort of offhand comment. let's listen. >> within i.c.e., i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice, just like hillary clinton has evaded justice, okay? maybe they'll be able to deport her. >> guy? >> i mean, it's a silly, stupid joke, no one takes that ad lib
11:38 am
one-liner seriously, he's not going to deport hillary clinton. but i've had issues with donald trump's immigration policies. they seem to be a moving target still. but i really do think it is smart and reasonable to focus most -- not necessarily exclusively, but mostrnestly on finding illegal immigrants who have not only come here in violation of our laws but then broken the law again and committed felonies. that's what he's talking about. that's the focus we heard from governor brewer in the show. >> absolutely. what strikes me, bernard, you constantly hear how unhinge ed donald trump is and the stuff he's throwing out there is so hurtful to hispanics and other communities. but he's not calling for any new laws. he's just -- >> hold on, martha. >> -- to pay attention to the laws on the books. >> look, that trip to mexico and the subsequent speech showed him to be a liar, a fraud, and basically -- >> how so? >> because he said we didn't
11:39 am
discuss who is going to pay for the law. complete lie. total coward for not saying he got played by the mexican president. to say we're going to have an ideological screen, these are fundamentally un-american. >> when you go back to that meeting, right, do you think it would be wise in the first meeting for a presidential candidate to do anything other than accept graciously the invitation, show up, begin the process of building a relationship, clearly there's been tensions there. you don't walk into that meeting and say, buddy, you're -- >> he said it didn't come up, and it did. the president said you're not going to pay for it. trump could have said we agreed to disagree. he is a lawyer. -- liar. >> guy? >> both candidates in this race have had trouble with the truth. when you look at the new fox news poll, hillary clinton's numbers are in the tank on truthfulness because that is someone who cannot stop lying. >> i think democrats are testy because so many people who don't
11:40 am
even like donald trump are saying it was a brilliant move. >> three-quarters of americans disagree with his plan, including two-thirds of republicans. he's completely out of step with everybody except for his own eagle g ego. >> the trip went well, that's why you're testy. >> no, the trip was a disaster. >> thanks, you guys, good to see you both. good panel. headline news, facing allegations of media bias. have you seen this? they aired an interview with a man who rescued a baby from a hot car. he saved this little baby's life. in the original broadcast, this is what it looked like. he had a trump t-shirt on. he's allowed to wear a trump t-shirt, just like he would be allowed to wear a hillary clinton t-shirt. when the interview reaired, this is what headline news did. can you believe that? any message that they might have found offensive. a spokesperson for the network said, quote, we blurred the logo, we should not have, it was
11:41 am
done in error. good for them for 'fessing up. this isn't a third world country, it's america, you get to wear the t-shirt you want. this is shaping up to be one of the most expensive senate raises in the country. and american airlines facing blowback. what the company is saying that got fliers extremely upset, when we come back. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. soon, she'll be binge-studying.. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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turn the trips you have to take, into one you'll never forget. expedia plus rewards. earn points on over one million hotels, flights, and packages. shepard smith on the fox news desk. all eyes on florida, tropical storm hermine gets stronger and closer and approaches hurricane status. forecasters say it could be a hurricane soon. updates up and down the coast. plus fox news polls show a lot of americans using words like terrible and untrustworthy to describe hillary clinton and
11:45 am
donald trump. we'll break down the numbers on "shepard smith reporting," see you then. police in michigan releasing a dash cam video of an officer shooting a teen who was chasing her boyfriend with a knife in her hand. wow. so that was a 15-year-old girl carrying an eight-inch serrated knife. here's the slowdown. she was shot in the leg by muskegan officer doug conrad after she ordered her to drop te knife. she was treated and released from the hospital the same day, dramatic video to be sure. back to politics now, pennsylvania is clearly a battleground state on all fronts, really. a new poll finds that the race between hillary clinton and donald trump in pennsylvania is
11:46 am
tightening a little bit. but still a pretty good lead for hillary clinton in the state of pennsylvania. she is up by seven points in a state that many people believe donald trump should be competitive in, not showing up in the numbers so far. meanwhile, the senate race in that state between republicans incumbent pat toomey and democratic challenger katie mcginty is shaping up to be a serious race to watch for the senate and also one of the most expensive raises in the country. correspondent rick leventhal joins us. why is this race so expensive? >> reporter: martha, it's too close to call, one of the closest in america at this point with two months to go. democratic katie mcginty is leading pat toomey by just under two points with both candidates
11:47 am
spending tens of millions of dollars, now the most expensive race in america at $59 million and counting with plenty of mutt slinging on both sides. >> all of this dark money, special interests that pat toomey has spent a lot of money going to bat for as a congressman, as a senator, as a wall street insider, as a washington insider. boy, are they pouring money in here. >> my opponent, katie mcginty, would be a rubber stamp for a hillary clinton or an obstacle for donald trump. that's not good for pennsylvania. >> reporter: senator toomey put his nra endorsement at risk with a couple of pro gun control votes on the senate floor. he won some key gun control activist support. of course ma consistencginty haf her own including senator elizabeth warren who will be
11:48 am
campaigning for her next week. >> so clinton and trump are playing a role in this race? >> reporter: that's right. hillary clinton has spoken about breaking through the glass ceiling, along with the potential first female president. but toomey has repeatedly refused to endorse donald trump and says he can win pennsylvania even if trump fails to win the white house. analysts agree. >> i think if senator toomey has made it this far without either rejecting or endorsing mr. trump, i think he probably can make it all the way to election day without doing so. >> reporter: but toomey has another challenge. there are nearly 4.1 million registered democrats in pennsylvania and just 3.2 million registered republicans. >> a tough race, one to watch. rick, thank you very much. >> reporter: absolutely. look at these two women, arrested in a massive cocaine bust. you won't believe how much was
11:49 am
seized and where they traveled with it. stick around for that one, folks. what a story that is, when we come back. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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here's what america is clicking on out there today. trouble for samsung after reports of the new galaxy note 7 smartphone exploding. samsung -- when it's charging. they have stopped shipment on the phones until they figure out the problem. sounds like a wise decision. and bash larry for mental -- american airlines how this new ad tells customers how to be great fliers. customers feel like they're being lectured and don't like it. that one is going to be in the
11:53 am
dust. and romanian daredevil recording a cringe, worthy video of himself. i can't look at this. a unicycle around an industrial chimney. 840 feet above theground. okay. how bit this one. a record drug bust ending with the arrest of three world travelers and $22 million in cocaine of the streets. the three suspects boarded a cruise ship in england in july. who of them, women anywhere 20s. the man, much older. documenting their trip on social media along the way and now all three are facing prison charges after authorities discovered 200-pounds of cocaine while the ship was donged in sydney, strawing and that hour their story ended, at least for now. what's the story? >> reporter: this fairy tale vacation did not have a happy
11:54 am
end can forks women in the 20s and and a 63-year-old man were arrested in australia after authorities discovered $30 million worth of cocaine in their luggage, australia's largest cocaine bust. the suspects from canada boarded the cruise ship in inning planned in july. the women today not keep a low prefile. documenting an entire trip. showing them sipping from coconuts and relax opening the beach. the cruise lipper made saturday number the america and -- making it d.c. for authorities to determine which port they may have used to transport the drugs. the vacation came to a shocking end on sunday when australian authoritied boarded the msc princess, conducted an extensive searched and found 200-pounds of cocaine. the trio could now face life in
11:55 am
prison. unbelievable. >> wow. so, let's talk about the social ya posts they put out. does that help them in maybe make the argument they had no idea what is going on. >> an interesting conundrum. this is a rarity. right? well, a lot of legal experts are saying the social media posts could help them because it kind of shows that are were living a clean lifestyle and weren't doing anything nefarious, others say it could hurt them. they're in the 20s, so begs the question, where did they get $20,000 to afford the ticket for a cruise around the world? was it drug money? we don't know but they're due back in court in october. >> it's like breaking bad. you think their -- they're normal people but who knows what is going on. >> the pictures worth more than a thousand words, maybe $30 million. >> oh, my gosh, thank you. >> thank you. >> so, a monster crocodile is
11:56 am
captured and then relocate but not without a fight. >> using duct tape? we'll show you where that big boy was found when we come back.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
get this. georgetown university will offer previous rep shall admission status to descendents of slaves owned by the maryland jesuits. a move to i tone for profiting from a large sale of slaves in 1838. two priests who were president of the school sold more than 20 slaves to pay off the university debt. the university says the descendents of the slaves will get the same preferential treatment given to an applicants who have family members who went to georgetown. what do you think about that? a 14-foot crocodile putting up quite a fight in australia after cattle owners said it
12:00 pm
snatched the livestock. it was taken to a local crocodile farm. he is a big guy. thank you, see you tomorrow. here's shep. >> now, "shepard smith reporting." live from the fox news deck. >> politics in a moment. first very quick weather update. florida updating for the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade. just moments ago the national hurricane center in miami upgraded tropical storm hermine to a category 1 hurricane, now packing winds at least 75-miles-an-hour and headed right toward the big bend of florida. here's where it is. hermine getting stronger. the forecast expected to make land inflame overnight, around 1 am. this think it just to the south of tall has see could be very, very wet in hall has -- tallahassee, up to 20 inches


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