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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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rather than condemning people for the sins of global rm warmi for example. >> that's it. thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. a major storm system barrelling up the east kroes threatening to wash out what's left of this holiday weekend. this is america's election headquarters. tropical storm warnings and watches are in effect from north carolina through new england as hermine has the potential to inflict damage and florida is trying to dry off after hermine made land fall there yesterday as a hurricane. knocking out power for more than 300,000 people. the state's governor warning his residents they're not out of the woods just yet. >> we'll continue to spend the
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coming days assessing damage and respond to the needs of your communities and florida families. today i'll continue to visit homes and businesses impacted. throughout the weekend we will remain vigilant about taking proper safety precautions. because it's a sunny day outside doesn't mean it's safe. >> we have live coverage. our senior meteorologist is on deck in the fox extreme weather center and near where the storm is passing through south carolina. we go to the gulf coast and where steve is live for us. steve, what's happening? >> reporter: it's a beautiful sunny day here in florida. the slight winds, the heavy winds are gone, the hurricane has passed through, the first category one hurricane in this state for 11 years but the headache remains which is the floodwater, up to two feet in some places.
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we've seen people trying to dig out from the mess. ruined floors, ruined furniture, bad smell in the house, trying to pull out and salvage what they can. this storm dumped up to five to 20 inches of rain in different parts of the state and hit with a flood surge of nine feet in different places so a lot more powerful than many people anticipated. at least two dozen people were evacuated from the county where i am now over the past 24 hours. the drama might be gone but the cleanup heroic adache is under . there is a lack of electric power. more than 150,000 people across the state without power despite the fact that electric companies are working around the clock to try to restore that. florida's governor urging them to keep it up. trees knocked down and power lines down. law enforcement also trying to step up the pace more patrols out on the streets. they're trying to prevent looting. also with so many damaged homes
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without water and electricity it's too early for many people to return home after the storm. laura back to you. >> thank you so much. hermine pounding the carolina coast leaving tens of thousands without power. we go to where caroline is standing by. how bad is it where you are? >> reporter: it's getting better for the first time in several hours you can actually stand and look in the wind waand not take face full of sand, but it is still pretty bad. you can look over my left shoulder. we're standing by this fishing pier. we saw part of a roof being ripped off earlier. it appears to be holding for now. if you look at the waves, there are massive swells pounding into the surf but they are further down. just a few hours ago the wind
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would take it up to the bottom of the pier but we're not seeing that as much as we have. the sea foam is all over. you might see something that looks like popcorn but it's the sea foam. as steve reported in florida, we have thousands of people here in north carolina without power at this hour and one fatality to report in a nearby county. a tractor-trailer driving across the alligator bridge and it went down. you can continue to look to see the scene of what we have here. it is still rough, but it is indeed getting better as hermine pushes out into the atlantic and starts heading your way, laura. >> thanks so much. on top of all this, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake hitting the midwest rattling communities across seven states. the quake was centered in northern oklahoma where it left a number of buildings damaged and at least one person injured.
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our senior meteorologist is live in the fox extreme weather center. you're busy today. >> we'll talk about the earthquake first. 5.6 magnitude that happened early this morning and the depth was 2.8 miles. a shallow earthquake felt by millions, seven states felt this earthquake. that ties for the strongest earthquake ever felt in oklahoma. so something considerable we're watching and i want to show you within the last five to ten years we've had a huge uptake -- up tick rather in earthquake activity across the state of oklahoma. let's point our attention to hermine. this storm is going to be unpredictable over the next couple of days as it remains offshore perhaps regaining hurricane strength. it's 70 mile an hour sustained winds right now and we could see wind gusts in excess of hurricane gusts along the shore. it's not going to make land fall but it will stay offshore for
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more many days. all of that water, waves, wind is going to move into the coast line. vulnerable beach areas from new jersey up towards the long island sound where they could get upwards of five feet of storm surge piling into the long island sound. that could be very dangerous and very destructive. that's something we're going to watch over the next couple of days. here is our track of uncertainty and i mean that is exactly what is happening here over the next couple of days as this system continues to kind of sit and spin for days. again, as mentioned all of these vulnerable areas along the beaches that were effected by sandy a few years ago, they need to be monitoring this very carefully as it's not going anywhere, it's going to be well within tuesday, wednesday and thursday that we're going to be dealing with this system and as you can see, laura, the tracks don't quite now what do with
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this system. if you live anywhere up towards new england you need to watch this system. a wobble to the west by 50 miles could mean a disastrous area. >> every time i'm out there i see the effects of sandy and the people still trying to recover. we'll keep our ear to you as you keep us informed this labor day weekend. two correction officers are in critical condition after a shooting at a jail in fresno, california. will carr has the breaking details from our west coast. what's happening there? >> reporter: this happened early this morning. what we know from authorities is that a man walked into the lobby of the jail there, an area where anybody can walk in off the streets, and that he started shooting two correctional officers were shot.
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both were raced to a local hospital in fresno where we're told both remain in critical condition, a man and woman. at this point it's unclear if they were being targeted or they were caught in the cross fire here. we know there was a massive response, police officers from all across the city raced to the jail when the shots were being fired here. we have some of the scanner traffic that took place in the minutes after the shooting. take a listen. >> attention all units be advised have an active shooter at 1225 mstreet. officer down. >> reporter: first responders remaining very calm during the scanner traffic there. many going to the scene. we do know that the shooter was taken into custody. again, the motivation unclear right now, laura. we're anticipating there's going to be a press conference in the
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next couple of minutes and we're hoping to get more information. >> all right. will carr for us. thank you. donald trump trying to appeal to minority voters with a trip to detroit. he spoke briefly at a predominantly black church today before sitting down with a one-on-one interview with the church's leader. he received a warm welcome inside the sanctuary but outside the mood was very different. you can see there protesters getting aggressive as they express their outrage over the visit. peter ducy is live in detroit. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi. trump seems to be happy with the way things went today because when he's not he'll tweet at somebody about his displeasure but this afternoon he took
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and the community around it. he spoke about how he thinks african-american churches are one of god's greatest gifts to this country and he promised to use his business experience to advance a new civil rights agenda with an emphasis on job creation. >> we need a civil rights agenda for our time. one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important, and the right to live in safety and in peace and to have a really, really great job, a good paying job and one that you love to go to every morning. and that can happen. >> reporter: from here trump went to a nearby neighborhood to see the house ben carson used to live in. dr. carson is from detroit. he's one of the most prominent
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republicans in the city and announced his candidacy last year. trump announced a few other african-american members, including his wife and the vp and a trump spokeswoman and alma rosa. there were protesters outside who we who. those protesters were not able to break through. >> wow. an active day for sure. donald trump's vice presidential nominee announcing when he'll release his tax returns. that news breaking today. >> reporter: mike pence has been saying for a while that his tax returns have been prepared. he's going to say that his tax returns are coming next week and something else that's notable
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about this interview is the vp says he and donald trump will release their tax returns before the election. we can keep an eye out for that. >> thank you so much. joining us now for more on this let's talk about is the senior vice president for policy and co founder of third way and former jeb bush spokesman. welcome to you both gentlemen. how big of a move was this do you think for trump to win over african-american voters? did he do a good job? >> well, i think it's a big move for him to give that speech to address african-american voters. it's certainly a change from what we've seen in the past and i think it's terrible news for the hillary clinton and the clinton campaign and democrats because this is a base constituency for the democratic party and barack obama galvanized that constituency to vote for him and now if donald trump decides to make a
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consistent effort to go after african-american votes on the issue of jobs and education and a new civil rights agenda for the 21st century hillary clinton could have trouble here. >> jim, a lot of people have been picking up on trump's tone. he really seemed to have a change of tone today. he was measured. he told the crowd he was there to listen to your message. did that work? did it play well? >> first of all, donald trump is not trying to win black voters. he's trying to win suburban white voters and that's the purpose of this visit today. the first black american president, donald trump repeatedly questioned whether he was actually an american citizen and whether that's a christian. in terms of african-american voters, the cake is baked, they're not going to vote for him, but there's a group of voters that have been traditionally for republicans, college educated whites, they live in the suburbs, they went for romney by 12 points. hillary is winning them by ten
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points and trump needs to do something to convince those folks that he's not a monster on race and i think that's what this speech is about. i'm not sure it's going to work, but this speech was not about winning black voters, it was about winning suburban white voters. >> let's look at how he's doing in the polls. we have numbers we want to put up right now, especially in the state of michigan. we know he's down there and it's dr. ben carson's home state. hillary clinton 46%, donald trump 38%. let's talk about why michigan was chosen today. why not other areas where there's economic hardship? >> i think that michigan obviously dr. ben carson, african-american candidate for president on the republican party, it's where he launched his campaign and michigan is part of the rust belt. it's near ohio and so i think that's an area where not only does the economic message appeal to african-americans, but also appeals to the broader
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constituency in the so-called rust belt of our country. i think for that reason his message of economic growth and job creation is going to be powerful in that part of the country. >> do you think michigan was a good choice? >> every republican thinks they're going to win michigan and for a few months they believe so and then about six weeks before the actual race they stop going there and they stop spending money there because they're just not winning and democrats have won it six times in a row. look, trump has to break through in some of these places. right now he's not breaking through anywhere. he's actually having trouble in kind of republican areas like north carolina and georgia and he's got to do something different. look, congratulations. he had a measured tone today, but race is not going to be made or broken on whether he can control himself for 24 hours. i mean, he's got to do a little bit better than that. >> all right. we've got to leave this there guys. thank you so much for being with us today.
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and tragic developments in a decades old abduction case in minnesota. jacob's body has been found. he was 11 years old when he disappeared in 1989. in the following years his
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mother became an advocate for missing children. no word on the cause of death or where the body was found. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you updates as we get them. a bombshell report on the iran nuclear deal claiming that the u.s. and other world powers let tehran bend the rules on key requirements to meet the deadline on implementation. so there's a lot in this report. so walk us through the exceptkp. >> there's three we know of and two appear to be minor on giving iran an exepgs on uranium but another one seems serious and
1:22 pm
this concerns something called hot shells. these are containers. iran is allowed to operate small ones for medical purposes, but it was given 22 exceptions to use hot cells. this is a big deal especially since these were made in secret. >> the report cites many instances of secrecy. how were these uncovered and how can there be more transparency moving forward. >> there's a question here because there's been a history of secrecy of this agreement from the very beginning. there was a secrecy deal congress discovered last july which allowed inspect itself, a plane load of cash secretly flew to iran to get the release of the u.s. hostages. i think congress has to ask what is going on here. how many secret agreements are and what is iran's real come
1:23 pm
app appliance with this agreement. >> there was a lot to get through here. one of the things ta stood out to me i want to ask you how concerning it was too you that there were significant exceptions that had to do with iran violating a cap of its uranium stockpile under certain circumstances is how they put it. that doesn't sound very good. >> it goes to the nature of this agreement. iran was going to receive $150 billion in sanctions relief in january if it met fairly easy to meet requirements and apparently it didn't meet these requirements so the rules were bent and they were bent secretly and apparently congress was not informed. >> the significance of the timing of the 14 iranians being removed from the list. >> it wasn't just the sanctions release that was granted, it was the release of the american hostages and exchange of these hostages for iraniansen and i
1:24 pm
think that was more incentive to ask bend the rules. >> i pointed out a couple of things in this. what sticks out to you the most? >> my concern is it's a pattern of secrecy. what i see here is when i see secret information i wonder who is this being kept secret from and obviously it's not being kept secret from iran. it's being kept secret from the american people and congress because this administration does not want this agreement examined too closely because frankly in the end it doesn't add up. it does not reduce the threat from iran's nuclear program. >> thank you so much for your perspective. thank you for being here today. moving forward, the clinton campaign is trying to move on amid growing criticism over the e-mail scandal. the latest revelations from the fbi and keep it on fox news. we're tracking the path of hermine. the danger is not over yet.
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hillary clinton facing new attacks amid new details on the e-mail investigation. the fbi documents revealing comments clinton and her aides made about her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. republicans say the document shows clinton is unfit for the presidency. brian is live in our new york city newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: these are striking revelations from these documents. the fbi's notes on their investigation of hillary clinton and her private e-mail server. among the biggest bomb shell is during her interview with the fbi she told investigators roughly 35 times she could not remember key details about her e-mails. she could not remember getting a security clearance and handling e-mail information and she could
1:30 pm
not recall receiving management training for managing the closely held secrets known as special access programs but the same week clinton became secretary of state she signed two nondisclosure agreements where she said that she knew the rules and violating the agreements could result in criminal charges. she said she did not recall the details surrounding the setout p her private e-mail but it was set up as a matter of convenience. critics are not buying this saying that clinton simply forgot or did not remember these key details. donald trump saying after reading these documents i don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. a clinton campaign spokesman providing a more positive spin saying we are pleased that the fbi has released the materials from hillary clinton's interview as we had requested while her use of a single e-mail account was clearly a mistake and she has taken responsibility for it, these materials may clear why
1:31 pm
the justice department believed there was no bias to move forward with this case. we also learned that clinton herself was concerned that her private e-mail server had been hacked after receiving a suspicious e-mail from a known associate. we also learned that clinton had 13 mobile devices and the fbi was unable to recover any of them in part because an aide to bill clinton used a hammer to break old clinton blackberries. >> a lot to digest there. these documents show that clinton says she couldn't recall about three dozen times in that thr three-hour interview. joining us now the chief congressional correspondent. hillary clinton has been working on this message of getting voters to trust her but when clinton says she can't remember the key detail of how classified information was handled as secretary of state doesn't help remember right. >> the trust issue has been a
1:32 pm
long standing problem for mrs. clinton and i don't think there's any way she can recover from that in this election cycle, but i think the latest revelations speak to the compete competentsy issue where her and she and trump are neck and neck on that. it creates an opening for him to try to show that she is someone who did not show competentsy during her tenure at the state department. this is a time in her campaign where she should be talking about her accomplishments during her time as secretary of state but she can't because it's been overshadowed about her e-mails and her private server. do we hear her talking about what she did at the state department, no. instead we're hearing her talk about her blackberries and two are missing and broke n with hammers. so you have all these revelations coming out that actually make her look like she
1:33 pm
wasn't a very competent secretary of state and that's a dangerous place for her to be. we already know voters don't trust her, but if they see her as not competent on top of that, i think you're going to see her unfavorability ratings continue to climb which we've seen in september and you see more voters become undecide d. this is dangerous territory. she will have some explaining do when these debates happen and there will be more revelations and more stuff released, more e-mails. we're supposed to see some missing schedule pages we haven't gotten yet. >> we learned clinton said she wasn't trained to handle sensitive e-mail information including the president's address. that's got to be surprising, right? >> it contradicts what she said before the television cameras
1:34 pm
when this revelation of the e-mail server first came out. she said i understand the classification system. i did not send any classified e-mails. now she's telling the fbi she doesn't understand the classification system and could not decipher classification marks on these documents. she said at one point the "c" on the document was a lettering of the par. it doesn't make any sense. she said she gets it on one hand and as she should know as the secretary of state has the power to classify documents. she should have known. so either she looks like she's not telling the truth or that she didn't know what she was doing, neither of which is helpful to her as a candidate for the presidency. >> i want to go back to the amount of devices that she had and where they ended up. when you get to the thing about the hammer and the blackberries, how damning is this? >> where are those 13 devices.
1:35 pm
the fbi couldn't get ahold of them and what was on them? i think really what's frightening about that is that the information on there the fbi said is missing and so because of that they cannot determine whether she was hacked or not. again, anyone can tell from that that this is very dangerous, that she was using classified information on these devices. nobody knows if it was hacked into or not. nobody knows what was on the devices and some of them were destroyed using a hammer. if you haven't done anything wrong exhib wrong, why are you breaking things with hammers. it doesn't smell very good. >> maybe there will be parts in a zip lock bag somewhere. who knows. thank you very much for being here today. thousands of faithful gathering at the vatican for the cannonation for mother teresa,
1:36 pm
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pope francis greeting thousands of the faithful on the eve of a historic ceremony to cannonize mother theeresa as a saint. it begins tomorrow. look at what happened today. rescue workers have been digging through the rubble in central italy. they found a dog named leo. pope francis shaking its paw. the black lab found a 4-year-old girl alive beneath her collapsed home. now to a unique piece of new
1:41 pm
york city reale estate. it's in the basement of the old ka theet ral in new york city and the buyer will own part of history forever. it comes with a hefty price tag. jana lee explains this one. >> reporter: under the hustle and beautiful of the manhattan streets lies a hidden treasure few have ever seen. beneath one of the oldest churches in the nation, a series of crypts with some fascinating stories. tell us about this name. >> the o conner vault, this gentleman was a presidential candidate. >> reporter: so if you were to open this door and we're not going to do that because it's not appropriate, but if we were to open this door, what would we see? >> it's interesting. if you were to open this door and you have the key, which we don't have the key. >> you don't have the key at
1:42 pm
all. >> no. >> reporter: no one can open this. >> no one knows where the key is. these are very elaborate vaults. what happens if you were to open this door there would be stairs that would go back and you could have up to 18 people in here. >> reporter: so let's walk up here a little bit to look at who else is down here. who is john keley. >> he was the city sheriff and a member of the house of repetitives. >> reporter: this is a really interesting name, someone that maybe not everyone knows but is a very important person to our history. >> yes. this general was a confident of abe raham lincoln. >> reporter: there's room for one more family. the church is offering a unique opportunity to the public.
1:43 pm
a $7 million donation secures your own resting place. this is the family crypt and the dimensions are being worked out but we have a pretty good what it will look like. >> it will have iron or brass rails and a brass door and then you would open up and there would be six areas with full body burials and then we would have perhaps two banks where future generations could be buried. >> reporter: tell us about the price. how did you arrive at $7 million? >> well, $7 million was just a wish number and of course we would entertain any reasonable offer. >> reporter: really? so it's open for negotiation? >> we would -- >> reporter: i was just wondering how much flexibility are you talking about, frank? >> how much would you pay for this. >> reporter: that's the question. how much will people pay out for
1:44 pm
it. >> we have a number of things we need to do. we need to finish the restoration down here. we need to finish the restoration in the cemeteries and we wanted to ear mark money for the restoration of the organ. if you really think about it, it's going to be -- it would be a low payment. >> a low payment. >> sure. you figure you're going to be dead for eternity so if you took that amount and you kind of put it over 10,000 years or whatever. >> reporter: okay. fair point. >> what they're getting is they're getting to rest in peace in one of the most historical catholic spots in new york city. >> reporter: historical and famous. >> michael, do you believe in god, the father al mighty, creator of heaven and earth. >> reporter:over looking the spot of that scene of the god
1:45 pm
father is the only piporgan of its kind in the country put in place after the civil war the organ needs to be taken apart piece by piece and repaired. the same restoration is taking outside the church in a cemetery protected by an original wall that dates back to 1836, a time when parishioners had to defend their church in the column of new york city. >> who holds sway over the five points? us natives born right wise to this fine land. >> reporter: then of course there's gangs of new york and we've all seen that movie and the scenes of fighting in the streets. >> this was the place. you had men with mus kets with holes through the whole protecting this church. >> reporter: why did they have to protect the church?
1:46 pm
>> because they were burning down catholic churches. >> reporter: who will own a piece of history from now until eternity? while we wait for an answer, this question remains. we are dealing where there are some people that are in etern al rest. have you ever been down here at night by yourself and feel like you weren't alone? >> absolutely not. i would not come down here. >> reporter: that was happening now. bad news for samsung cell phone owners. the company's newest device is so hot it's catching on fire. what the company is doing about it just as apple announces its getting ready to release the latest iphone. so will samsung customers make the switch. a man uncovers a piece of american history while on the job. now he's on a mission to find it's rightful owner. >> i don't come across cool stuff and this is the coolest thing i've ever found in a car. i don't know what these medals mean, but they have to mean something.
1:47 pm
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a man in colorado discovering some priceless world war ii memorabilia all in a day's work. a general manager of an auto salvage shop come across a box
1:51 pm
and inside a flag and two books and a medal from world war ii. he doesn't plan to keep it. >> somebody was a war hero back in the day and fought for our country and did very well. maybe his family misplaced this and somehow or another it ended up here or there and now i've got my hands on it and me personally i'd like to see the family get it back. >> he hopes to track down the owner. some items seem to indicate they might be from massachusetts. there's a clue. a heart warming moment caught on video. firefighters helping a family dig through the wreckage of their home in italy when they come across something they did not expect. the firefighters pulling the family's golden retriever from the rubble. the dog appeared happy and
1:52 pm
healthy despite being trapped for more than a week. now that is a good boy. samsung is pulling its galaxy note 7 smoeartphones from the shelves. reports of the devices exploding or catching fire. the recall is issued in ten countries, including the united states. the company says customers who bought them will be able to swap them for new smartphones in a couple of weeks. all this coming two weeks after the smartphone's debut. let's talk about this with our cyber security attorney and an expert on this. obviously this all sounds very scarey. what happened here? isn't there quality control? aren't people testing these things out before they get into consumer's hands. >> thank you for having me today and yes this is the big question, how did this happen. samsung is known for having this quality control vendor pipeline. unfortunately they said a couple
1:53 pm
of different vendors could have been responsible for what they're calling a battery cell problem and we don't know all the details yet. >> this has happened before. samsung has seen some problems, not just samsung, other companies as well with exploding batteries. >> sure. many companies have had problems and we think back to earlier this year, earlier in 2016 with the hoverboard crazy and in those hover boards were the same types of batteries, same type in the iphone and in this samsung galaxy. while these batteries are popular for smaller devices, they're powerful and compact, but we have to remember the technology behind it they produce so much energy and inside they have extremely dangerous and flammable chemicals and that can be an extreme problem and that's what we're seeing right now. >> that's crazy. i think about all the kids that i know that have phones. my 3-year-old doesn't have a phone but he will grab mine, run through the house and use it and
1:54 pm
i think about something that dangerous being in his hands and that' that's scarey. what should customers do. you can trade it in but what can you do to keep yourself safe while it's still in your home. >> samsung has shipped 2.5 million phones, they were pushing this retail luxury phone, and right now customers have to be very careful. they've only seen 35 reported incidents with explosions or burning of the phone when you plug it in to charge it, but for now customers should be extremely cautious. don't plug in your phone. don't charge it. don't use it. power it off. different vendors are offering customers the option to bring the phone back and refund or exchange it. they want to keep their customers happy. some say they will give them a new iphone 7 when it comes out
1:55 pm
instead. that's why samsung is trying to get ahead of the problem. they're going to be rolling out a program but the details aren't known yet. >> that's crazy. obviously samsung has to protect its brand competing with iphone. a lot of people are excited about the apple iphone 7 coming out. they have to protect their reputation and customers. what you think about plugging in i think about all the times that all of us plug our phones in before we go to bed at night. you go to sleep and turn off the lights and plug in your phone and you have the potential for something blowing up in your house. that is crazy. to true i and recover from that, you're an attorney, you mentioned a couple of ways, but moving forward how do you get the trust back for the consumers once they've got that in mayor mind. >> sure. i've been holding my own phone when i have a couple of different apps open and it overheats in your hand and it feels warm. it's important to understand the technology behind it. we expect so much from these
1:56 pm
devices that we use every day whether it's a rechargeable car like a tesla or the hoverboard or a smartphone, i don't sleep with my phone next to my head. you have to be cautious when using this kind of technology. we haven't seen many issues like this. it's important to keep in the back of your mind. >> thank you so much for being with us. we'll keep a close eye on this one and see what samsung does next to repair this. that does it for us. america's news headquarters continues next and i'll be back for the fox report tonight p.m. eastern. keep it right here on fox news channel. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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