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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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service, rather than condemning people for the sins of global warming. >> that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. >> hello i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, tropical storm warnings are in effect as hermine works his way up the east coast. history made at the vatican, as pope francis -- and a decades long mystery, the body of a missing young boy is found, what's next in the cold case investigation. we begin with post tropical storm hermine, this system is yet again nearing hurricane
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strength. hermine's stop wind speed now is hitting about 70 miles an hour, stirring up dangerous currents for anybody venturing to the beach. kristen fisher ventured to the beach. she's been reporting all day from ocean city, maryland, kristen, what is it like there? >> greg, it's turned out to be a beautiful day at the beach, we have got blue skies, a brisk wind, big surf, the only thing is you can't actually go in the water and enjoy it. nobody is allowed to go in past their ankles or knees, you can see a few people wading a little ways in. but if they go any farther than that, these life guards are going to make you get out. hermine is about 325 miles off the coast of ocean city, and he's just churning up big waves. and this life guard is a surfer
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and he says that the waves are 12 to a feet. and producing really strong rip currents. in fact last night, three fishermen and a dog had to be rest cucued from a commercial fishing vessel. but beachgoers, the beach is now open, they have opened up the steel gates which have been closed for the last 24 hours and we're going to chat with a brave beachgoer right now, phil, how are you doing, phil? how about this tropical storm or what's left of her? >> what's left of it. yeah, the storm that didn't happen. we were checking and and it kept calling for a big storm, but i guess the weather men can be wrong and still get paid. >> the storm can change her mind. >> there's a higher power that can make the storm change. >> you've been here since thursday, correct? >> yes.
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>> and it got probably the worst yesterday, yesterday evening, do you see anything bad around town? >> the waves are rough, it came up to the wall almost. but other than that, not much, i don't think. it was worst in late july or august, when the tornado touched down. so this is nothing. >> i'll let you enjoy your day at the beach. thanks for chatting with us. and the mayor of ocean city pretty much said the same thing, no damage, really to be reported, no flooding, no injuries. the one thing that folks are still kind of watching out for is there is a chance of a little bit of flooding, a little bit of a chance of some possible storm surge at high tide later tonight, maybe even tomorrow morning, if it happens, they're predicting a storm surge of what
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could be 2 to 4 feet. i tell you what, i've been wandering arrange town. folks don't seem worried about it one bit. the other area that could kind of see an impact here is just the businesses. this is supposed to be one of the busiest weekends of the entire year here at ocean city and a lot of these hotels along the boardwalk are at about 50% capacity. but keep in mind, a lot of people have tomorrow off, and some of the hotel managers i have talked to say that reservations are ticking up. >> party in ocean city. we're going to have lots more at the bottom of the hour, with our senior meteorologist janice dee. . massive crowds at the vatican today for the
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canonization of mother teresa. officially declaring her as a saint, just 19 years after her death. most of the catholic churches receive sainthood centuries after their death. but a spokesman says mother teresa's case was different. >> she had two great promoters, one was john paul ii and one was pope francis. amy kellogg is live in rome on this historic day. >> well, both pope francis and st. teresa of calcutta, have this total dedication to the poor, so therefore this pizza party that he threw was a fitting finality to this day of
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pomp and ceremony. her fast track sainthood process culminated today, over 100,000 pilgrims flocked to st. peters square, whom according to the vatican, two miracles were attributed to a process that involved 30,000 pages of documents. in the middle of the last century, mother teresa broke away from her -- to care for abaca bac ban donned children. >> there's a lot of selfishness and narcissism, but there's something in our human nature that's called forth. even in the popular culture, she's identified with kindness,
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charity, it's common for people to say, who do you think i am, mother teresa? >> she was born before both world wars to albanian parents who absolutely adored her. teresa born agnes ganja or flower bud. her mother was saddened after realizing that between her fragile health, mother teresa in fact laura left her con vent in air land at the age of 18 and she was never to see that loving mother of hers again. but of course we know, mother, now st. teresa a lived a long time into the age of 87, and by that point, she was being called mother herself by hundreds, if
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not thousands around the world. >> this is a monumental day, catholic week president and author of mother teresa's critics." welcome to you, i'm glad you're here on this day that we have been watching this. before we get to the critics, i want to get your thoughts on how you feel about what happened today and watching these images and how many people turned out to see this. >> in my lifetime, i have never seen anything like her. she's a role model for men and women. it's her selflessness, she gave herself to the poorest of the poor. to theleppers. people who the hospitals rejected in calcutta, she said give them to me. she's a very special person. >> now as st. thereseresa now,
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some critics around the globe do they have anything in common? >> they're militant atheists and they're radical socialists. the militant atheists are self evident. this is a minister, a nun giving to the poor. but the radical socialists, what's going on here? they believe it's the job of the state and the state alone to do something for the poor. she's doing something on her own with a religious base. they say for example she was used by the vatican, but the vatican didn't do a good job, because the vatican didn't even know who she was in the 1960s, '70s and '80s, she was discovered by a british atheist who because of her became a catholic. and after that, catholics came out of the wood work because
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she -- the quality of care was unbelievable, otherwise the mortality rate would not have dropped precipitously during those years that the nuns were in charge of the destitute. >> i want to ask you why you wrote the book, obviously there's some points that you feel the general public needs to know about this. >> christopher hitchens and i weren't the best of friends, he was a british atheist and socialist. he died in 2011. he was the most important critic. and there have been others as well. he wrote a 98-page book about mother teresa, without a footnote or and an notation. >> she was known for being very simple and practical, that's something we have read about and seen during her work, she had a motto do small things with great love. what is your favorite example of this in work?
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>> when she met margaret thatcher and margaret thatch thatcher -- in other words you can't give love to masters in social work. a lot of great people with it. i'm simply saying that love is interior, you either have it for you don't, you don't get it from a professor in the classroom. and that's the difference between her and some of the good work done by people trying in government to help out the poor. >> thank you so much for your perspective, great to have you here on this very important day. turning now to politics and more reaction pouring into donald trump's new punish for minority voters whose outreach is taking him to detroit where he met with members of an african-american church. molly?
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>> reporter: trump is asking african-american voters to give him a chance, to listen to his economic message to see him as a businessman and outsider. that was part of his message yesterday at an african-american church. and some of his soup porters said today they were glad to hear it. >> i think donald trump is the first republican since jack kemp and me to go into minority poor communities and say the democrats have failed you for 50 years, and you are reflectively giving them your vote and it's going from bad to worse, food stamps have gone up 2 1/2 times under barack obama. >> recent republican presidential candidates have not done well with african-american voters. john mccain in 2008 got 4% of their vote. mitt romney in 2012 got 6%. trump is trying to improve those
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numbers and he told the congregation yesterday that he's, quote, determined to do something about the economic hard ships americans are facing. >> nothing would make me happier or more fulfilled than to use what i have learned in business and in traveling all over the world, i have sort of seen a lot. to bring the wealth and prosperity and opportunity to those who have not had these opportunities before and that's many, many people in detroit. >> trump told the great faith ministries church he wants to bring jobs back to detroit and make that city, quote, the economic envy of the world. greg? >> molly, thanks. so donald trump was joined in detroit yet by detroit native ben carson, saying trump is changing the narrative of the campaign. >> traditionally the republican
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party has not made an extensive outreach to the african-american community because they have pretty much written that off as democrat territory. trump is changing that narrative. what is going to be accomplished is something that many in the democrat party fear and that is an alternative. >> political reporter from the daily beast, becky, good to see you, maybe he's changing the narrative, the big question is he changing any of his poll numbers in the african-american community. he gets 3%. that's almost no support at all. when you wait 14 months since you launched your campaign to visit a black church in a black community, is there any way to change minds? >> to be very candid, it's probably too late for him to do substantially better with
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african-american voters than romney did. trump is playing catch up with romney in 2012. he would need to double his support from african-americans. it's a little bit narrow to solely blame trump for how low his numbers are with this contingent of voters. every four years or so, republicans say they want to do more to reach out to african-american voters, the leaders of the rnc know if they can just increase their margins by a few percentage points -- every election cycle they say they're zbol to -- >> is there too much in his record to seven serely attract african-american votes, his company was accused of racism against and discrimination against african-american tenn t tennants, he continued his birtherism claims.
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he stood before a white group and said that black lives are so miserable, what do they have to lose, vote for me. is there just too much there? >> there's a good chance that there is, like you said, one of trump's companies was targeted for housing discrimination against african-american renters, but that with the fact that tim kaine spent much of his career fighting -- if you're an african-american leader and trump kind of par that chutes in and says i'm going to fix everything, just take my word for it, there's not a lot of trust for that outreach to work. >> is his low numbers among african-american voter so low that this time around it could really hurt him and the republican party in major swing states, like pennsylvania, michigan and others? >> i think without a doubt, one of the states that trump is trying really hard to do well in, that would be historic wins in the state of wisconsin, even
1:17 pm
though hispanics are the largest minority in the u.s., african-americans are the biggest non -- courting african-american votes would be really, really helpful. and if he doesn't get -- it's going to be impossible for him to flip that state. trump's only down by 3 points or so. >> he's behind hillary clinton 40-points below' is there any way he can win the presidency when he is so low among minorities. >> probably not. if his numbers stay where they're at, particularly in those -- things could change, the three debates coming up are an amazing opportunity, but as of now, there's not really a change. he clearly has a ton of work to
1:18 pm
do. >> he's got three debates ahead of him that could change dramatically. we're getting details on two wounded officers and the gun men accused of gunning them down. and a decades old search for a missing child comes to a close uncovering what happened to jacob wetterling. >> it's bad that it ended up this way, but at least it's closure for the family. terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. a universal expression of disgust, (vo) stank face.
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two unarmed correctional officers fighting for their lives after being shot in the lobby of a jail in fresno, california. officials say the two were shot in the head and neck from a man who tried to cut to the front of the visitor's line. a lieutenant fired shots at the gunman. the 37-year-old seen here is a convicted rapist who was released from prison two years ago, he now facing charges of attempted murder and possessing a handgun as a felon. a bittersweet day for a
1:23 pm
minnesota community. investigators now confirming the remains of jacob wetterling have been found. he was 11 years old when he vanished in 1989 and the news bringing closure and grief for those who had hoped somehow, somewhere, he would be find alive. now the focus shifting to the investigation as new evidence is reportedly being reviewed. bill carr has more from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: for 27 years, 27 summers, jacob's family didn't know what happened. now that they do, they say their hearts are broken. he was last seen back in 1989 when his brother and a friend when a masked man snatched jacob and took off. there were no signs of either jacob or his abductor, it ultimately led to the passing of jacob's law. his family releasing a statement through the jacob wetterling
1:24 pm
resource center in part that says, we are in deep grief, we didn't want jacob's story to end this way, our hearts are heavy, but we are being held up by all of the people making jacob's hope a light that will never been extinguished. >> to have something close like this, it's bad that it ended up this way, but at least it's peace for the family. >> back in 1989, dany heinrich was questioned by authorities after jacob's initial disappearance. but heinrich was arrested last year on child pornography charges, authorities aren't saying whether he'll face any additional charges, but heinrich is the one who led authorities to jacob's remains on a farm near st. joseph. >> they deserve to know what happened, they deserve to have closure and they deserve to have jacob at rest.
1:25 pm
>> the medical examiner identified jacob by using his dental records. back to you. >> big carr in our risk news room. okay, what's left of hermine is moving over the atlantic, but the storm could city bring high winds and dangerous waves to parts of the northeast. we're tracking the storm next. plus hillary clinton's campaign still on the fence over here email controversy. so can she put the issue behind her once and for all?
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post tropical storm hermine stirring up dangerous waves and currents as it turns northeast, moving away from the east coast. this thing has been going all over the place. has it made up its mind? >> no, it has not, that's the bottom line. this is the most frustrating forecast we have had in a few years. this is hermine, 75 miles an hour sustained winds. look at the radar, this forecast model brings the storm closer to shore on monday and tuesday, perhaps getting some rain bands all along the coast. so my message is still the same, if you live anywhere from the mid-atlantic to the northeast, stay close to the television,
1:31 pm
keep an ear to the local weather forecast, and listen to your officials. here's the official track, we're going to get a new track at 5:00, it's going to be very interesting to see what they do with hermine, because a lot of forecast models don't know quite what to do with this system. that cone still coming close to the shore, that's what i'm concerned where. tropical storm force probabilities, the bulk of the tropical storm force winds will be offshore, but we still have to watch this area over the next couple of days as the storm is still forecast to sit there across the atlantic, does it come closer? does it move more eastward, does it move northward, i don't know. so the advisories are still up. tropical storm warnings, and we will continue to keep you up to da date. that advisory comes out at 5:00, sometimes we get it a little bit sooner, some of the models are showing it closer to shore.
1:32 pm
so stay tuned, i guess is the message here. >> i don't envy you with this job. this reminds me when i used to cover jury trials and people used to ask me to predict how a jury was going to go, i don't know, it's very hard to predict. >> i don't know. >> we know you have your job cut out. thanks, janice. the clinton campaign is on defense as it faces renewed questions about hillary clinton's private email server while she was secretary of state running mate. virginia senator tim kaine says addition certaining what is and isn't classified material isn't difficult. >> she did make a mistake and she decided she wanted to use more than one device, and she said it was a mistake and she learned in it. >> the clinton campaign is really spinning this fbi report and these notes as a positive. they say they wanted the fbi to
1:33 pm
release these notes of hillary clinton's three-hour interview with the feds in the name of transparency, they believe the notes re-enforce why the fbi recommended no criminal charges be pursued against clinton. the fbi said in july, clinton was extremely careless, but they believe she did not intentionally mishandle classified materials. clinton said 39 times she could not recall key details about her, mail plastics, she could not recall training on handling classified documents. she did not know what the c meant in, mails marked confidential. she did not realize drone strike discussions were classified. she used 13 separate mobile devices, all of which the fbi could not recover. at least two were destroyed, some with a hammer. her running mate tim kaine
1:34 pm
defending her saying it's sometimes difficult to discern classified information. >> when she received her email, the material that was supposed to be flagged and identified as classified unless it is pulled out and identified, it is difficult to know whether a statement or a paragraph is classified or not. and that's what she was saying. >> donald trump and his running mate mike pence are not buying that clinton simply could not recall key information. >> it's just more evidence that hillary clinton is the most dishonest candidate for president of the united states since richard nixon. hillary clinton operated in such a way to keep her emails and particularly her interactions with the clinton foundation, out of public reach. >> and the clinton campaign say they're taking a hard look at
1:35 pm
the fbi's investigates. >> they acted like stenographers instead of probing fbi agents. brian, thanks. okay, so many questions for both campaigns surrounding transparency. for hillary clinton, her campaign is battling the drip, drip, drip of the email controversy. and for donald trump it's all about his tax returns and whether he will eventually make them public. something that indiana governor mike pence says will happen. >> donald trump and i are both going to release our tax returns, i'll release mine in the next week, and donald trump will be releasing his tax returns after his audit. >> fox news contributor and chief political corporate for the conservative review and garland nixon, radio talk show host and democratic strategist,
1:36 pm
welcome to you both. i want to start with you garland, there's been such an outcry for the candidates to give more information. nothing new, right? do you see this changing any time soon? >> no, i don't. in fact, with both of these candidates, i think that they both, let's face it, have a lot of things in their past that they probably don't want people to focus on. and here on the seventh, we have got this -- we have got the debate coming up and i suspect that both campaigns will be pushing to move toward more substantive policy issues to discuss. so i don't think the issue of transparency, particularly what the two of these have been doing in the secretary's office are going to be on the table much longer, at least not after the debate. >> and indiana governor mike pence promised to release his full returns next week, will that help satisfy those who want more transparency? it's a little bit of something,
1:37 pm
right? >> i don't think those on the left will be happy one way or the other, for donald trump to release his tax returns, i totally agree with the transparency aspect. all of the candidates should release their tax returns, but i don't know of anyone who wants to pay more in taxes, especially me, any time it's tax season. so i don't think that's something that's going to hurt him with his base or with independents. >> and garland, the fbi document released on hillary clinton's interviews have left some more aggravated than satisfied on the information that clinton was able to give investigators. 39 times she said she couldn't recall specific details on how information was supposed to be handled. it doesn't help her cause going into this month? >> i think if we look at both
1:38 pm
candidates, the historically low trust numbers that both candidates have kind of cancel each other out to the point where the issue of trust, the issue of honesty is unfortunately rendered mute in this elect 14u7b in a way that we have never seen it happen before. first and foremost, that's going to be about the u.s. job market. i will say that secretary clinton errs greatly on the issue of foreign policy. if you don't have a job, you don't care whether vladimir putin is engroecroaching on cri. >> listening, this document, with the emails, how convenient for hillary clinton that it was done on a friday on a holiday weekend and this drip, drip of emails and what we're finding out more and more every day is
1:39 pm
not trust worthy, and it's n politics as usual. again, people are tired of the lies, they do want transparency and we're not getting that when it comes to hillary clinton. >> clinton will be turning a new corner after labor day, she's traveling with the press on her campaign plane, we all know that she's kept the press at arm's length. now getting into september, maybe that will change. >> she hasn't had a press conference in over 200 days, i have a visual of her roping off the reporters because she didn't want them to get close to her. but this is hillary. >> you think we might see a press conference once we get past labor day? >> i think now that the debates are going to start, secretary clinton is going to have to initiate whatever her plan is to deal with the press, she's going
1:40 pm
to be pushed back in front of the cameras. i have no idea what's going to happen, but we'll see shortly. >> greg? >> can the united states and russia reach a cease fire in syria after -- the latest on the high stakes diplomacy coming up next. >> i have said all along that we're not going to rush and we're not going to do something that we think is less than a legitimate opportunity to try to get the job done. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. it's the big steak and crab bash... you get half a pound of sweet, snow crab legs... ...paired with our new tender center-cut sirloin... hurry in... the outback steak & crab bash
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1:45 pm
the turkish president is seeking the extradition of an exiled cleric living in the u.s. claiming he orchestrated the attempted coup. secretary of state john kerry updating efforts to reaching a new agreement with russia. mr. kerry indicating the parties have made progress, but says there are still several hurdles to clear, adding to the u.s. does not want to rush things. these talks coming as russian air strikes have been plopping up the syrian rebels. mark, good to see you, would it be an absolute fool'ser rand to do a deal with putin who has allegiances not just to assad, but iran?
1:46 pm
>> it's a fool's errand to deal with putin without a plan. they have had advisors from hillary clinton to david petraeus and others talk about ways to bolster their leverage. so if you're going to do a deal with putin and you have no leverage, he's going to take you to the cleaners. >> as putin provided air cover for the iranians and they were operations in this? >> he has, and in fact he has very much militarized a solution. you have heard from obama and kerry for a number of years that there's no military option. vladimir putin founded the military action. he's provided air cover to the assad regime. and he's allowed them to turn the tide. and last year it looked like the assad regime was back on its heels and ready to fall.
1:47 pm
and with russian air cover they have turned the tide of the war, they have got the prow wes right now and they're going to turn that into political and diplomatic achievements. >> is any deal with any of these parties destined to fail and if so, then what's the solution? >> greg, any time you're negotiates with brutal thugs like putin and assad, you have got to have significant rev lage. if you take power off the table, then they know they've got you and they know they can extract major concessions from you. they know obama is not going to walk away from the table. he didn't walk away from the table in the iranian deal. he knows a syrian crisis is a stain on his legacy and he wants to cult a diplomatic deal before he leaves office in january. it will be a flawed deal just
1:48 pm
like the iranian nuclear deal was. >> we would be sharing our military intelligence with them, right? >> very dangerous, and very true. and also something that both the secretary of defense and the director of intelligence have objected to. it's a deep concern that we are going to be actually cooperating with the russians, we're going to be sharing our intelligence and we keeclearly don't have th same objectives. everybody the europeans, the israelis, the arab countries, everybody is going to putin today to try and protect their fl fl flank because they don't trust this administration, and that's unfortunately the position that the obama administration has put itself in and with five months left, we only hope the damage doesn't get portion. >> when the russians first intervened they were roundly condemned by obama and the obama
1:49 pm
m, now by obama proposing to do a deal with putin, isn't he legitimizing and empowering the rish sh russian leader? >> very much so s he's made the russian leader indispensable. and you know, obama was sort of mocking putin a year ago, saying that the russians were going to intervene and find themselves in a quagmire, and he would have to rescue putin from this quagmire, and putin has turned the tide for assad and the iranians and they look like they're the winning team. so with five months to go, it looks like they're going to translate that military leverage for assad and the iranians. >> it looks like president obama got outflanked and outman nooufred. >> coming up, the analysis of
1:50 pm
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>> we are seeing a growing political divide in states around the country the we are not talking about red vs. blue
1:54 pm
but city vs. country. we explain. >> there is just watermelon and can't low pressure. >> for a farmer and many in rural america the economic recovery they hear about has not happened. >> a lot people have other jobs. >> three house away in denver, ellen believes it is headed in the right direction since president obama took office. >> we were in the midst of the worst economic recession i have ever experienced in my lifetime. in the last eight areas it has improved. >> she is voted for hillary clinton and van dyke said probably donald trump. analysts say the difference in viewpoint from two people in the same state is summed up in one word: gentlemannography. colorado was the second fastest growing state between 2010 and 20 february but it has been in the north-south urban corridor
1:55 pm
where you find denver and the democrats. the eastern part of the state is republican. >> we have seen a decline in population between 2010 and 2015 in rural america while cities have been growing rapidly. >> dwindling populations and economies comes shrinking political clout. key toss upstates like virginia and north carolina and colorado have the greatest economic gap between city and country according to the economic innovation group. in carol county, colorado, population 20,000, folks say most state and federal answers are in big cities where it is easy to forget the price of convenience. >> people in urban areas do not realize where the make comes from, where meat comes from, where the poultry or grains, cereals, where it comes from. >> that matter who is in office it will take a long time to start to heal the wounds we have in the up.
1:56 pm
>> with fewer farms and coal mines, the political shift is expected to continue. something republicans are attempting to navigate as democrats target historically red states. >> with economic growth, g.d.p. barely above zero, no wonder there is a divide between us. >> interesting information. >> that does it for us, i will be back at 6:00 eastern for yet another america's elections headquarters and at 7:00 p.m. eastern for fox report and "media buzz" is next. have a happy labor day. wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. ♪"my friends know me so well.
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>> donald trump wins the media praise for the surprise trip to mexico and endorses scorn for a fiery speech on illegal immigration. first the meeting with mexico's president. >> he was standing on the world stage with the world leader. >> this is the single best day of the general election campaign for donald trump. >> it seems that this probably turned out for donald trump to be a pivotal moment and i argue the best day of his campaign. >> this is the best thing he probably has ever done in his life. >> this was the most difficult make moment we have seen from donald trump. welcome to the trump stunt


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