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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we're about solutions to big, big problems. problems that have gone on forever. i have traveled all over the country in recent weeks offering detailed plans to make life better for you and for your family. so important to me. i have outlined detailed proposals for providing school choice. we have to do that, reforming our tax and regulatory code. littling restrictions on american energy. rebuilding our military. changing our foreign policy. fixing our immigration, so important. and keeping our country safe. [ applause ] right now, thank you.
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right now our politicians have locked our country into endless fights about small and petty things. i'm asking the nation to lift our sights and to imagine what we can accomplish if we work together, trust each other, and put the needs of our citizens first for a change we must break our ties with the failed and bitter politics of the past and pursue a future where every american is honored, and i mean really honored and respected we have to reject the arrogance of washington, d.c. that looks down on every day hard-working people. and that's what's happening. [cheers and applause] too often those that have power have disdain for the views, beliefs, and
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attitudes of those who don't have any political power those in leadership must put themselves in the shoes of the laid olfactory worker, the family worried about security, or the mom struggling to afford child care. child care is such a big problem. [ applause ] we're going to solve that problem. that means we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to affordable, quality child care for their kids. that's what we're doing. [ applause ] we want higher pay, better wages, and a growing economy for everyone. these solutions must update laws passed more than a half a century ago when most women were still not in the labor force. most of them weren't even close. today, nearly two in three
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mothers with young children have jobs. for many families in our country, child care is now the single largest expense. who would think that, even more so than housing. yet, very little meaningful policy work has been done in this area. and my opponent has no child care plan. she never will. and if it ever evolves into a plan it will never get done anyway. all talk, no action. [ applause ] many measures are just one crisis away from disaster. a sick kid, a lost job. a danged home there is no financial security in our country, especially anymore. but that will change under our pro-family, when you just take a look, it's pro-family, it's pro-child,
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it's pro-worker. these are the people we have to take care of and this is what i'm going to be outlining tonight. [ applause ] before going any further i want everybody watching on tv and there are a lot of people right now to go to donald j. to read the full plan. great detail. the first part of my child care plan allows for every parent or family in america, including adoptive parents and foster parent guardians to deduct their child care expenses from their income taxes. that's a first. [cheers and applause] i see the women who i just met in the front row very
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happy about that. they will be fully able to deduct the average cost of child care from their state from birth through the age of 13. because of the way the benefit is capped and structured our plan will bring relief to working and middle class families. the deduction also applies to elder care, capped at $5,000 deduction per year. $5,000 deduction. importantly, our policy also supports mothers who choose to stay at home and honors and recognizes their incredible contributions to their families and to our society. [ applause ] families with a stay-at-home parent will be able to fully deduct the average cost of child care from their taxes. it's a big thing. i'm hearing wow. i like to hear wow.
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the congresswomen like to hear wow. it makes your life a lot easier, right? for low income individuals who have no net income, tax liability. we will offer expanded earned income tax credit in the form of a child care rebate. [ applause ] working parents can get an expanded eitc benefit that equals up to half of their total payroll tax. a major relief for low income parents. low income parents have it tougher than anybody. this translates to as much as an extra $1,200 in eitc benefits for working families. [ applause ] next, our plan allows every parent in america to open up a dependent care savings
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account. families can contribute up to $2,000 a year to these accounts, completely tax-free. she is very happy about that. ivanka is very happy about this. crucially, unlike the flexible spending accounts that exist today, these accounts will be available to all americans. you won't have to depend on your employer to provide them. immediate family and employers can -- this is like right away, can also contribute to a dependent account each of which is designed and designated for specific child, including an unborn child. the money that is put into these accounts can also be spent, not only on child care but also child enrichment activities. see? we will start with that
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child. that will be our first child. [cheers and applause] that's cute. additionally, the funds in these accounts do not expire at the end of the year, they don't revert to employers or to the treasury. instead, the funds roll over so that while only $2,000 can be contributed each year, unspent sums can accumulate and create substantial savings. tremendous savings, actually. these savings can be used by parents to help give their kids school choice and will, thus, contribute to the school choice reforms i outlined last week. a lot of good outlines last week on schools. and really popular, i will tell you. the funds will remain in the account until the age of 18. whatever still remains at that time can be used to
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help offset the cost of higher education for your child. for low income individuals, the federal government will provide matching funds if parents contribute $1,000, the federal government will provide a $500 match. to help low income families reach these targets and save money, we will put a box on federal income tax forms allowing these parents to have their earned income tax credit funds directly deposited into their dependent care savings accounts. pretty simple. these dependent care savings accounts can also be set up to provide care for he would kerrly dependents of which we have many. many, many, many. our plan also includes much needed regulatory reform to
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incentivize private sector solutions. the new funds offered by our plan will create a new market for innovative child care solutions. but to make sure these solutions are available, especially in low income and rural communities, we must reduce regulations that favor large institutional care facilities. you know what i'm talking about. it's called special interest got them there. we will allow the states to make the decisions that are right for them. in this era of sharing economy, we want parents to be able to access lower costs, competitive and innovative solutions at the click of a button, including surfaces like nanny sharing our plan would also cover care provided by relatives and grand parents, incentives for employers to
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offer on sight child care as well. we want employers to get involved. now they will start getting involved big league, right? [ applause ] and you will start liking your employer a lot more. that's one of the benefits. [ laughter ] this can also be a good working solution for many working parents and can save them 30 minutes in commute time. that's a lot. currently only 7% of these employers provide these. expand for employers. allow company to provide pool -- provide shared child care service was and we move knowedless appreciates the employers. the requirements are onerous
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never get to use it even though they would like to. our plan offers a crucial safety net fork working mothers whose employers do not provide paid maternity leave. this solution will receive strong bipartisan support. do you agree with that? do you think? when you god to the other side they will be okay? i'm hearing they will be. we will get them to be okay, right? and we will be completely self-finances. i think you will. you will have by partisan support. by recapturing frawshed and improper payments in the insurance program we can provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother with a newborn child whose employer does not provide the benefit. [cheers and applause] this maternity leave will be paid straight out president unemployed insurance fund.
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again, the safety net will be completely paid for through savings within the program. there are more reforms and solutions in our child care plan. and you can review them all on the website. on thursday, i will owg my full economic plan completely paid for through economic. it'sing if to be something special like this country hasn't seen in many, many decades. [cheers and applause] together our tax, trade, regulatory and energy policies will ad trillions and trillions of dollars in new deficit lowering growth. these are the kinds of solutions i want to bring to the white house as your president.
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it's time to free ourselves from the baskets that politicians try to put us into and always have put us into and, instead, to work together and i think you know what i mean. that includes democrats, republicans and all americans. [cheers and applause] i think you know thank you very much. thank you. yeah, i think you know what i'm talking about. while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country, love your family and want a better future for all-americans. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting] >> thank you. thank you. it's time to end the rule of special interest and to begin the rule of the american people. that's what it's all about. it's going to be a big change. it's time to stop fighting over the smallest words and to start dreaming about the great adventures that lie ahead for our incredible country. it's time to start believing in america again. together -- >> -- -- i promise you, together, we will make our country strong again. we will make our country
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prosperous again. we will make our country great again. greater than ever before. thank you. thank you very much. god bless you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. and, ivanka, thank you. congresswomen, thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> that was donald trump wrapping up the speech in philadelphia, the suburb where he laid out a plan that guarantees america mothers six weeks of need and donald trump a variety of ways. donald trump trying to close the gap on women. did he alienate the republican comment. i don't want to get into the microof the plan. let people go to the website it is not the usual republican smaller government situation. it's an expansion of the entitlement system. do you think mr. trump is going to have problems with
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that? >> well, if he becomes president, he would certainly have problems with the conservative fiscal party in washington because there is a massive, almost 20 trillion-dollar national debt that has caused fiscal cliffs and government shutdowns. and that will be an issue. what trump is really doing here is laying out a policy that he will try to implement if he becomes president. by laying out these poles he is hole i had courting the young fee nail vote, imream families with seniors who need. >> >> he needs that to win pennsylvania. >> is he here in aston, pennsylvania. rit owts of pennsylvania. more liberal. this is a swing stated difficult for republican presidential candidates to win in recent presidential races. so, he is both trying to get ahead of hillary clinton while she has taken i will
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but he is also checking off boxes. one of which hillary clinton has claimed to be a leader on. he has laid out his child care policies before hillary clinton has done anything in serious detail. as of searier this morning there weren't dined of policy statements on the sh k page than you page. going to maces that republicans don't often go an talking about. expast his porms, prg recognize romneys about packages he shoiz the he has to -- it's going to appeal. he is going to have to answer to republicans who have going to say wait a minute. what are we going to do about entitlements? what are we going to do it b. social security, medicaid. what are we going to do about the expenses government can't afford
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already. >> expansion. all right. karl carl, reappreciate it next lays in to donald trump and the republican ticket. wait until you hear this. later, i have some advice for collin kaepernick and other athletes who are disrespecting our flag. up ahead. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor.
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get organized at i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, president obama traveled to philadelphia today to try to help hillary clinton. >> what we've seen from the other side in this election, this isn't abraham lincoln's republican party: this isn't even division of freedom that ronald reagan talked about. this is a dark, pessimistic vision of a country where we
5:23 pm
turn against each other. we turn away from the rest of the world. they are not offering serious solutions. they are just fanning resentment and blame and anger and hate. >> joining us now from washington lisa booth here in new york city, juan williams. before we get to that donald trump sounding like a democrat tonight with the expansion of entitlements, did he not. >> he sure did. i'm glad you pointed that out. that's honest reporting. the fact is if you look at it, any economist would say well, one, how are you going to pay for it and he doesn't say. two, they would say this is really rewarding the very rich in society because if you have a thane, you are the ones that would benefit. working class moms. >> well, they would have to put a cap on it. i don't want to get too microin it. the philosophy of the government intruding in all aspects of life, including child-rearing, maternity leave has traditionally been a democratic strong hold and
5:24 pm
republicans said, you know what? we'll handle it on the local level. we will do tax credits. it was interesting that president obama said that trump has nothing and then trump gives this big policy speech that obama couldn't even criticize because obama would be for all that stuff. i think trump was pretty smart to do what he did. >> i don't know if he did it intentionally today. >> it worked that way. >> i mean, look, trump at the convention we know is a very dark image of america. economy is fragile and yelling this and that. immigrants are surging across the border. you can't watch the streets because of crime. that's trump. >> i think he would say it's realistic while you say it's dark. >> lisa, you heard all the entitlement proposals from donald trump tonight. did that give you pause? >> from a policy perspective, i tend to like the government out of the way. but from a political perspective, it was a smart move. it was a smart move right now where hillary clinton is not on the campaign trail for donald trump to get out there on a policy issue. and an issue that should be
5:25 pm
a strong substitute for her. she is winning women by 53% right now. clearly he is trying to cut that lead. also focusing on a state like pennsylvania. >> he has to win pennsylvania, sure. >> he has cut her lead by about half. >> here is something interesting, lisa. the other two cable networks, who clearly favored hillary clinton, there is no doubt about it, and i guess you could make an argument that fox news is more friendly to donald trump although i'm not going to name names but there are a lot of people on this network that don't like donald trump. and it's really clear they don't like him. but, the other two, it's almost a monolith of these are cable news networks that they will do anything. i mean, a reporter like christiane am pour, a legend at cnn and good reporter came out and endorsed hillary clinton for all intents and purposes. i'm going are you a reporter or what is this? anyway that diatribe that i just delivered has a point. they didn't want to run this donald trump speech over
5:26 pm
there. they didn't want to let their audience know that donald trump did this tonight. and that's why they didn't run it. >> well, and that's a big problem for him because he does need to get this message out. part of the reason, bill, we have seen donald trump start closing the gap both nationally and in swing states is because of policy speeches like this one. he has now laid out policy speeches on the economy and school choice. trying to reach out to minority voters. nice is you burr began voter. college educated voter. >> or hillary clinton's continuing problems. it's very impossible to say it but the point that the left has now got to go back and regroup because donald trump has co-opted one of their big issues is pretty amusing, is it not? juan is with us tonight. remember that. >> his turn now. >> look, i don't think that hillary clinton or barack obama are worried about
5:27 pm
donald trump having his statements about women and his position on. >> you don't think they are worried about it? >> about donald trump making up what lisa described, lisa it's not a 50 point lead but it's something like 53-4-0 something. >> i said 53%. >> you have noticed the tightening of the race? >> it's tightening she still has by all accounts a 3 to 5 point lead. >> that's not very much on a neo fight against somebody who is a powerful machine. north a lot. >> i think it could be more and i think democrats think it should be more. do you know what? given the percentages of republicans and democrats, the thing here is there is a large number of undecided, this comes back to why trump -- a lot of those undecided are republicans who come to trump. >> lisa is straining at the bit here. >> i'm trying to get in. >> all right. >> but a big problem for hillary clinton, why president obama was in
5:28 pm
philadelphia a city or that gave him about 490,000 votes is because hillary clinton desperately needs to rebuild the obama coalition. she is having difficulty to do that. 538 analysis of looking at african-american voters if they return to pro-obama levels democrats would lose florida and lead in ohio and virginia would be cut by more than half. >> wait, wait, wait. you know, i don't have time to children. ivanka we will do that later. lisa, juan, thank you. directly ahead. right now hillary clinton has enough projected electoral votes to win. but will that change? then, will the man who helped hillary clinton set up a private server be punished for not showing up to a congressional hearing today? amazing story. is it legal on it moments away. hey marc, how you feelin'? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles.
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specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. impact segment tonight. in order to become president, you need 270 electoral votes, right now fox news projects that hillary clinton has 273. joining us from cleveland, kyle, who works for the university of virginia center for politics. you guys are also analyzing the electoral college. are you on the same track as fox news is? >> yeah. we do think that clinton has got a little bit over 270 pretty solid electoral votes. there is an additional group of 70 electoral votes where clinton is leading but where trump is very competitive. the state of ohio where i am right now is very competitive.
5:33 pm
but i think clinton has a small lead. florida, iowa, north carolina which mitt romney won. i think in order to win, trump needs to put away states like ohio, florida, and iowa and then start eating into the traditional democratic states maybe a pennsylvania or a wisconsin or one of them. but, so far. >> he seems to be close in wisconsin. i think it's 5. >> sure. >> he is going to new hampshire later this week. that's only 3. but, you know, three could tell the tale. i see it this way. that the first debate is really this year going to change pretty much all the prevailing wisdom there is in place before it. am i wrong? >> well, so i do think that the electorate is pretty stable. although we do see a lot of fluctuations in the polls. sometimes it's just a gungs of that trump has a good week so republicans get excited. clinton has a good week so democrats get excited. i think where we are right now is sort of the race is kind of where it was right before the convention. clinton has this sort of
5:34 pm
small lead but it's a lead sort of akin to what obama had in 2012. that's enough but maybe a little too close for comfort. >> let me put this forth because i don't believe the model of past elections holds this time. i don't believe it holds. >> there is some evidence for that. >> right. >> so just today we had a poll just came out from the "boston globe" showing clinton only up in three in maine which obama won by 16. another poll came out showing that trump was only up 6 in texas. romney won texas by 16. so there is some weird things going on out there. >> here's the reason. hillary clinton is a suspicious candidate. that's the best word. i'm not saying this in any condemnation or any kind of ideological way. many americans are suspicious of her. okay? so you didn't have that with gore or kerry or obama. people didn't like them or
5:35 pm
like their policies or whatever. there is a personal suspicion surrounding hillary clinton now that is unique in my lifetime. remember, richard nixon didn't have that until after he was in office. on the other side, donald trump is largely hated or loved, all right? but those who love him, they are coming out. trump campaign believes they will poll people who have never been out before because he engenders that kind of emotion. either loathing or love. and the african-american vote, if it isn't mobilized at the same extent that barack obama saw, is -- will bring hillary clinton down 2 or 3 percentage points. this model this year is totally different than all the other years. >> well, do i agree that if the democrats have a problem, i think it is an enthusiasm problem particularly amongst the youngest voters which is the most unreliable group of voters and almost the most
5:36 pm
diverse. think about a state like ohio, there are a lot of big universities in ohio. clinton is going to need optimal turnout in those places and a lot of places where bernie sanders did well in the primary. we also see that particularly the youngest voters 18 to 24, a lot of them are saying that they're going to support gary johnson or jill stein. >> tick off 10% johnson. >> sure. >> hillary clinton has a very good get out the vote organization in all of these states. >> right. >> whereas trump is relying more on his personal charisma to carry the day. >> right. >> so on election day, if trump does well in debates, this is the big caveat. if she holds her own with trump, is he not going to win. >> i agree. >> if he wins, if he defeats her on the debate on policy, can't call her crooked hillary, can't make fun of her pants suits. when she starts coughing throw water on her. that was not good. he cannot do that. >> and bill, one other thing still a pretty big majority of the public doesn't think
5:37 pm
that trump is qualified for the job. >> he is going to have to prove that. >> that's where the debates come in. the speech he gave tonight about child care policy. that is a step his campaign was trying to take. >> he is going to do another one this week on his economic plan. is he reading off the prompter. whole different ballgame when you are talking than when you are reading. thank you very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, is it legal? the bold man who set up hillary clinton's private server defies a congressional subpoena. wow. what's going to happen to this guy? is it legal next.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly and is it legal segment tonight the house oversight committee held yet another hearing on the hillary clinton email situation today. the headline is that brian pagliano, the man who helped set up hillary clinton's private server in her chappaqua new york home defied a subpoena to testify. he just didn't show up. with us now here in new york city attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. this guy should be in jail. shouldn't somebody at the justice department got an warrant for his arrest? you can't do this.
5:42 pm
>> they pan to him and his black card there. his little seat there. traumatic, a chair and he is not there. >> his attorney wasn't there either. >> no. >> what county establishment do to him? >> they can try to show him in criminal contempt of congress. >> that's a crime, right? that's a crime, a misdemeanor. it starts in the committee itself. the committee would have to vote for a criminal contempt charge. so go through the committee. then it would have to go through the full house and the full senate. they all have to vote a majority. >> could you filibuster the vote? could do you all that stuff where they have to vote? big, big thing to get criminal charges. so then the house and senate vote yes the d.c. attorney's office. must, it's their duty to go to a grand jury where the grand jury would then have
5:43 pm
to -- so no wonder he didn't show up. he will be dead by this time. 95 years old. >> will decide whether to indict following an indictment then there would be an equal criminal trial whereby there would be a fine and one year. >> doesn't this send a message that you don't have to answer a subpoena issued to you. >> you just want to make a joke a parade of my client. >> i understand they didn't want him to come in even though he has immunity this guy pagliano has been granted immunity. justice department immunity. >> here is a problem. >> that may be congress can't try him and he could have taken the fifth amendment. he is basically giving the finger, i'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, that's what he is doing to congress. and congress can't do anything about it. >> civil contempt. he should have just showed up. >> i don't care. what i care about is that we really don't have a system. we don't have a system of
5:44 pm
accountability. nobody, anybody watching this saying hey, go ahead, subpoena me, i'm not going tgoingto show up because it will take you 20 years to do anything. there is not a democrat in congress who would vote to hold this guy. not one. >> the republicans. they will vote to get this guy to the office. >> is he saying rubber stamp sanction if anything. you would have to assume then that a judge. >> boy, i didn't know any of this. if andrew jackson were president he would have goran to his house and shot him. >> that's a great solution. >> no ohio all kinds of stuff about people wanting to vote at the last minute. they want to vote after the election. they want to vote at 3:00 a.m. and if you say no, you can't do any of that then you are disenfranchising them. but they drew the line the supreme court said today, guilfoyle, that in ohio you can't just have the week of sign up because they have all kinds of easy ways to do it before, right? >> so what happened was the golden week.
5:45 pm
the court today was cancelled no more golden week. >> the golden week. >> you could sign up at any time for any reason. >> there was no proof. >> that court didn't actually formally hear it they said we are not going to hear it. >> the lower court said you can't have golden week. the reason is you can't check these people that fast. so somebody can come in with fraudulent documentation the day of or the week of the state can't check it? >> the law in ohio, top ten states in the country that allows for, you know, long time in advance election, you know, can you sign up 30 days in advance. >> very lenient about what they can do and what they can't do. >> there was no evidence of disenfranchisement. >> there never has been. all of the states -- >> -- and ohio. >> you have to show an i.d. oh, no. you can't do that. oh, no, no. then african-americans won't -- i'm saying to
5:46 pm
myself every african-american i know has an i.d. and not only that the states that wanted that we'll send you an i.d. they will come to your house with an i.d. and ice cream. they will give you ice cream with the i.d. >> and a ride anywhere. >> right. >> and they will take you to the movies after. >> i didn't see the ice cream and the movie thing. >> you didn't look. i saw it i forget what state it is. it might have been idaho. >> do you have i.d. on you. >> i always do because nobody knows who i am. in a good country brian pagliano would be in prison tonight. fine and subpoena. i don't say that with any partisan things. you have to have a system or you don't. it's anarchy. >> going to go after it. they have to. because you have to send a message. you can't let everything slide. >> we will be old people well you people. >> you already are. >> you guys will be old before that ever comes on. >> all right, ladies.
5:47 pm
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tonight, patriotism. as you may know, some nfl players are refusing to stand during the national anthem. others are giving the black power salute. that is now spreading across the country in the name of social justice. apparently these players believe that america is an unfair nation especially to blacks. this morning i appeared on the today show and dealt with the issue in a different way. >> you take on the japanese theater in world war ii and we were talking in the break, this is something that does not get
5:51 pm
as much attention and you really shine a light. what do you hope that people who read this book take away and learn about that book. >> i want colin kaepernick to read this book. i want the guy who want stand up during the national anthem to read "killing the rising sun" and to understand how much brave americans sacrifice to free millions of people all over the world, in japanese theater and the european theater. i want colin kaepernick -- i'm sending him a copy -- to read every single word of this book and tell me he shouldn't be standing up during the national anthem. the bravery and the sacrifice that americans made in world war ii to free this world from hitler and here hey to was unprecedented in human history and i'm tired of be seeing our country besmirched. everybody needs to read "killing the rising sun."
5:52 pm
i'm not hold out hope that i can persuade colin kaepernick that america is a noble nation. kaepernick said last night that he believes black americans are being murdered by the police and responded to criticism from espn analyst frank dill fer. >> the fact that you say -- no. you're a backup quarterback staying in place, that's the issue. to me you're telling me that my position as a backup quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. now i would ask him to really have a conversation with the families of people that have been murdered and see if he still feels that way because i bet you he doesn't. because he's never felt that type of oppression. >> here's my message to mr. kaepernick and his sympathizers, no nation is perfect but american police officers very rarely shoot civilians. the statistics prove it. also while there is social
5:53 pm
unjustice and blacks have suffered in this country, most americans deplor bias and we have seen tremendous improvements in that area. to overhype the few police shootings that do occur and to create hostility toward your own country should be put in a basket of deplorables. perspective is everything in life. now, i am going to send kaepernick a copy of "killing the rising sun." i am not confident he will read it. but if he does, he might understand that millions of americans have given their lives for the cause of freedom, freedom for blacks in the civil war, freedom frr everybody in the revolutionary war, freedom for asians and freedom for europe in world war ii and world war i. i do not respect colin kaepernick's actions. i think he is wrong in the extreme and i think his frame of
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
coauthor and me talking about "the rising sun." alley from california, bill, your talking points are not fair and balance as you state. you quickly jumped on hillary's deplorable remark but didn't compare it to the terrible things that trump has said. why would i do that, sally. the trump gaffes have been so widely reported, pretty much every single individual on the planet knows about them. secretary clinton's statement is a major stand alone story, is it not? darlene antonio, phoenix, arizona, i happen to think that anyone who votes for hillary clinton has no moral compass, 100% of them. aren't you doing exactly what mrs. clinton did then by two, darlene? melissa, louisville, kentucky, i am an adorable deplorable. just sayin'. we believe you, melissa.
5:58 pm
dr. elizabeth, rhode island, i disagree with dr. cat hammer minimizing the athletes dissent during the national anthem. just because one should protest doesn't mean one should. i have grave concern of the lack of freedoms we enjoy. california, it's time for the nfl to step in to protect fans from that pathetic anti-american protests. i am ready for some football, not someone else's issues real or imagined. >> beverly hills, california, thank you for mentioning my late father's film. sydney was a brilliant director. thanks for writing. pamela from delaware, mr. o'reilly thank you for writing "killing the rising sun." my dad was a fine man. we know many americans like you, pam, will read "rising sun" with
5:59 pm
emotion. we know that. i just hope i do your father justice. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. do your christmas shopping now. now! many merchants are starving. nobody is buying. this is the off season. but all of the winter stuff is there. in some stores they're throwing this stuff at you were marking everything down. you'll save 50% or more now on christmas gifts. the big stuff too. once november 1st rolls around, boom, prices with jacked up. factor tip of the day. that is it for to night. check out the fox news factor website. also we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, name and town. word of the day, do not be insolent when writing to the factor. big story tomorrow night. we're demanding that dennis miller release his medical
6:00 pm
records. he's going to do it right here. it's got to be done. thapgs for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, with 56 day to go until the election, democrats are reportedly getting nervous as hillary clinton watches her polling slip again while facing new questions about her health and an embarrassing hearing over her e-mail. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. tonight less than three points separate hillary clinton and donald trump in the average of all polls, a sharp change from last month's eight. point spread. when you look at the drop over the last few weeks, it is clear that questions about mrs. clinton's credibility are having an impact. adding to that head ache, a hearing in washington today where two men who helped mrs. clinton set up


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