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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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are you ready for the election? >> i'm ready, please, please. harris: you're reading more of the emails that came out. meghan: can't say it on television. i will get fired. read it yourself. harris: "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click on the "overtime" tab. "happening now" now. donald trump's poll numbers are gaining gavenlt more good news for donald trump. we are cover canning all of the news "happening now". >> a new push for donald trump to appear more presidential as he closes the gap in a crucial battleground state. protest targeting a north dakota pipeline spreading across the country and native american activity get support in stopping the construction. and a rare weather event. a tropical storm forms over
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land. wh where is it heading next? it is all on "happening now". >> we begin with hillary clinton, the democratic candidate about to return to the campaign trail and while she recovers, she has president obama and her husband bill clinton delivering her message. welcome to the second hour of "happening now", i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. clinton's ilinns sidelined her just weeks before election day. 44 percent of the likely voters currently support trump and 42 on clinton. that is a flip. mike emmanuel is live in chappaqua, new york. >> hillary clinton is set to return in the campaign trial in greensboro, north carolina.
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she's had bill clinton fill in for her while recuperating from nenonia. and also president obama taking on comments that trump said. >> can you imagine ronald reagan idolizing someone like that? he saw america as a shining city on the hill. donald trump call its a divided crime scene. he's offering division and fear. >> and there is tremendous buzz about the leaked e-mails from secretary of state colin powell. powell called trump a national disgrace and blasted back in may writing, i told hillary's minions repeatedly they are
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making a mistake to drag me in. yet they try. the media is not fooled and she's getting crucified. no comments from the clinton campaign responding to the leaked e-mails, jon. >> as if things could get more interesting in this election. thank you. >> fox news alert. we are getting new details after donald trump's health after audience say mr. trump shared a letter and discussed his health and they say he's healthy enough to be president. this is the audience of that show. we'll see the show officially tomorrow. and all of this though after the trump campaign initially said he would not share medical information. both candidates handling questions about their health. how important is it in this
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campaign. we'll talk to the senior analyst. we asked for your medical records. you puts on hold. we appreciate it. with both candidates talking about health. it is less about the questions and who you actually believe. and believe in. and on that front, who's winning? >> i think the long- term issue in this campaign in candidate's health, it feeds in the preexisting notions of hillary clinton and rump trump are not that honest or trustworthy and hillary clinton's case, the pneumonia issue that plagued her campaign. it is the way the clinton campaign handleed the situation. she was diagnosed on friday and she had the spell on sunday morning. and you know, the penchant of privacy that the clinton campaign has blew it up in a big
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story. and donald trump continuing refusal to release medical records. we have no reason to believe he's unhealthy. we'll see what he told dr. oz and his campaign is willing to divulge. this speaks to why trump and clinton have high negatives. >> take the story and move it forward. we'll see dr. oz show for mr. trump. is it a crucial moment for him? how do you see this sort of playing in to the show. and what it could mean for his campaign. does it move the needle or have that potential? >> again, it ali depends on what he discloses the show. it will not reluc, but that to
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be one tv paefrps. it will not change theeracy that much. >> audience members are coming out with the taping. and this is dined're kind of funny. audience members said donald trump is healthy enough to be president but could lose some weight. we'll await the new's alert when it comes tomorrow. >> what is imperative for hillary clinton. supporter ares admit it was a rough week or see. what does it make when she gets back to the campaign trail. >> for hillary clinton it is getting back to normal and she should begin to actual it beend
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her and keep her and so, as longs on as issues return to be stay the course. shooy will the conversation, we are not talking about policy or substance. that's part of the campaign season. we have seen stories that have little to teal with the pot florm of the >> exactly. the first debate coming up here it certainty. that is dominating the head lines and once they actually fet on the signature terror and
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moderate on press them. >> we appreciate. it >> and today, a subcommittee chair by ted cruz held a hearing on president obama's plans to relingish the u.s. oversight of the internet. the proposal has been in the works sometime and with the october 1st deadline fast approaching. conservative law makers are concerned about the impact of the move. it would handle address signing functions. >> there has been testing over the last many months of the new system that will allow that to occur without the government in the middle and that tested error free. we are ready to go forward. >> today you can reach
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three. billion as a business potential. it is tiny parts all working together and all important and can be replaced. >> senator cruz said it could give more power to countries that do not protect free speech. >> some of the hottest issue of the presidential campaign. and now the general motors producing cars south uft border. and we want to hear from you. you expect trump to win. what dew think? go to fox -- to join in the conversation.
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remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. >> ford motor company revealing it will move all of his small
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car production to mexico. it was a conference hosted bite automaker. the move will reduce production costs and will happen over 2 or 3 years. we'll have more later on this hour. there is a new poll out showing donald trump taking the lead in the critical swing state in ohio. trump now leads hillary clinton 48- 43 percent. and a front page piece in the wall street journal said it could be trump's new campaign strategy. donald trump new team recast his tv image. and we'll talk about it with garland nixon and dc based radio hosts. and garland we are bringing in kerry picket, a reporter for the daily call. hillary clinton came out of the
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democratic national convention ten points and more ahead had. what's happened to the race in >> people who are saying some of the things that trump is doing is causing him to surge. i argue it is the strumbles and gaffes of the clinton campaign. i don't think the recent health scare will affect the polls. but she made the 50 percent statement she had to back track on. and i think the best thing donald trump can do is go hide himself and get out of the way. the clinton campaign is making mistakes and stepping on their own feet and donald trump is taking advantage of it. >> and that's the message most political campaign practice. if your opponent is shooting themselves in the foot, stay out of the foot. what do you attribute the
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tightening of the race. >> the past weekend was troublesome for mrs. clinton. not just the fact that these e-mails have come out, but the fact that she had that stumble leaving the 9/11 memorial. she reveals she's distant from the press and voters. and people are wondering how transparent she is really going to be? >> in reaction to the wall street journal headline and talks about how the trump campaign is making him look more presidential. his campaign manager. kelly conway said it is more simple. listen. >> i think he needed an environment to let him be him, that those of us who are around him know and see every day.
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generous and funny and engaged and getting oxygen from the crowds and someone who has a great deal to say about public policy. >> bombastic is not one of the terms she used. that was the way he was in the republican primary. is it better handling. >> no, i don't think that. i think donald trump defined himself based on his statements and how he approached the critical issues of our times. i don't think you will put a new paint job and convince he is gandhi and he is a nice guy. but i do think that donald trump can help himself by being fairly quiet and being more reasonable. i always felt it was hillary clinton's to lose. but if donald trump, may quiet, get more quiet than he is now.
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>> i have to wonder kerry, so many people don't like the candidates. but she is more of a known quality in politics for 20 years or more and people who have concerns about both of them might be more ready to take a chance on donald trump because they know what they are getting with hillary clinton? >> absolutely. and to keep in mind, remember. donald trump went to louisiana very recently after the horr areific storms and he went to mexico to talk to the president there. and then going to find out more about the situation. he is showing himself for the domestic policy circumstances that highlight his empathy more than anyone else. they saw he can throw a punch.
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but the campaign shows he is empathetic. >> he had problems with female voters but talk about this paid maternity leave does that help his numbers. >> i think it will. one of the things that donald trump is doing, reaching to the left of hillary and recognizing she has problems with her base. and many of the bernie supporter ares will never vote for hillary. and oftentimes. it is 1 or 2 percent and if he grabs anti- hillary voters on the left. and his base will vote for donald trump where ever he is ideally. >> it is fascinating to watch. >> human right's groups are soaking a presidential pardon for edward snowden.
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why the movement is not really about him. and the clenton campaign reacting to the maternity leave proposal and calling it unserious. why that is. next.
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>> well, donald trump unveiling new child care proposal aimed at easing the burden on parents. there is new tax deductions for parent and six weeks paid maternity leave. he hopes to convince woman voters that he is fighting for them and their family. he's done it privately for years. >> he's showed in his business
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practice to take on roles that women hasn't been p able to do. that is a big deal. >> we'll bring in a democrat from florida and a hillary clinton surrogate. and mrs. clinton doesn't think much of donald trump's plan of six weeks of maternity leave, why? >> first of all. it is good to be be with you. it is not a serious plan. if you look at demeaning things donald trump said, it is easy to understand why he rolls out a plan that doesn't address the needs of women in the work force. it focuses on the women staying home and doesn't provide adequate pay for women who stay home. and secretary of state clinton's plan recognizes that women need to have access to afford arable
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child care and women who stay home, they shouldn't be punished to staying home to take care of their children. it is no surprise that donald trump who once said pregnancy is a inconveniency for employers would be carrying it through in the plan he unveiled today. >> this are deductions for women who stay home and families who pay for outside child care. i don't see how you can see he's not making plans for one or the other here. >> it is focused on the women who stay home. and the amounts that are played. it is a small amount of machiny. can based on what they were anguish are earning on their
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yobs. again, given the way that donald trump talked about women in the campaign, i don't think we should have expected anything more. >> what about the employers, i mean. it is one thing for a legislator and government to talk about giving women six weeks or 12 weeks of leave. it is quite another for small businesses to afford that kind of thick. what do you say to the. os about both of those plan. >> women are a productive part of the work force when you have a meaningful family leave policy. and because i said before. secretary clinton's policy not
10:26 am
affo affordable we ought to encourage women to participate fully. >> we just talked about the fact that the race is so much tighter and in fact there is a bloomberg point that shows donald trump up five points in howe. and when is it tighter race. >> my colegs and can i the sent a letter to the justice department asking them to look at the pay for play scheme that trump had with the university. it is paid to look the another way. >> they announced there were
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complainted p >> people need to understand about donald trump. and the way he's contact the trump made a 12, head -- once the attorney general of new york decided to pursue the claim, trump's campaign made a six figure contribution to launch an attack on the attorney general. donald trump thinks that he can simply throw his money around and get politicians to do what he wants. the chief state law officer decided not to act on the best
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interest of the people of the state. the justice department needs to look at this. and the necessary is find out who is at fault: >> a group targeting the north american pipeline. the company was ordered to stop the pine line near the reservations. >> law makers are preventing. reference fox news alert.
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in june, there was a sit in of sorts by the democratic members of the house for more gun control legislation. now they are at it again. just as republicans are getting ready to take up a bill that would essentially allow punishment for this kind of
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things. democrats are putting up that. and there will be more on that on special report. that is going on live in the floor of the house. intelligence officials increasingly concerned about attacks in the western countries. and they want foreign fighters to go back to the native nation. and now, there is a task of vetting thousands of incoming thousands of refugees. national security leaders are in a committee meeting discussing all of the challenges. peter doocey has that from washington. >> reporter: they are using last year's terrorist attacks as an example of why making more refugee in the country could cause security problems because attackers got into france
10:34 am
pretending to be helpless refugees. >> we know that the jihadiist are looking into sneaking in the south boarder and fly nothing has tourist and refugee. we don't have a national strategy. our refugee program is not secure and we are struggling to bring security checks in social media age. >> there is a vigorous screening process. and amid american authorities meet and half a dozen or so times. that was not reassuring to republican law makers who reminded something that fbi comey said. it doesn't matter if a database is checked if the person has stayed off of the grid. it doesn't appear law enforcement is too concerned. >> what we are see nothing the
10:35 am
discussions and terrorist publicications and that is debunked with our governor to mexico and counterparts and not seeing a ton of credible and validated, to suggest that isis is trying to exploit. >> reporter: it is important to point out the 110 authors refugee are not from just syria or countries where isis controls the law. that is worldwide. >> peter, thank you. >> and controversy over the dacotta active pipeline and would carry north dakota crude oil. the company remains committed to it making it happen.
10:36 am
when the pipeline was announced, supporters said it would create more makts and then there was a stripping of . a lawsuit was found on behalf of the native american tribe arguing that it could impact the tribal mens because it was less than a mile upstream of the reservation and did not receive the environmental reviews. it has received international attention and we are are hearing that protestors are linking themselves to the equipment that is out there building the pipeline. lauren has been covering the story. a lot of back and forth between all parties involved. set the stage.
10:37 am
why is it such a debate? >> that is the big question. let me just, let me tell you that first of all. the protest that we are seeing here today. it is an encampment of the native americans, of the souix reservation policemened to remain there until the pipeline was stopped. and flash forward. the equipment shows up right north of the reservation. and people started protesting. and we have somewhere between 3 or 4000 of native americans all over the country. >> they have no running water or plumbing except are for porta
10:38 am
potties and no electricity and they are are encamped there and intending to remain there >> let me clarify for our the it potest it texas. and can happening for different tribes all over world to support those in north dakota. tell us what it is the issue? >> the issue is the pipeline is brought across like the missouri river. it is a back up of the u.s. cooper of engineers read sift they are trying to prevent the
10:39 am
river they are afraid of cop tamination. it i it has grown in to a larger goal to stop the pipeline altogether. >> we are unfamiliar where the pipeline is. is it going through an native american reservation? >> it begins in northwestern north dakota. and takes four stop and goes diagonal through north dakota and on the way through north dakota come cans within a half a mile of reservation legal's boundary. >> before they and so we are
10:40 am
looking at the equipment. and we will fast track back to today. how is the protestors handled by the authoritieses? it is all paused as it is working through the legal systems? >> again, i will not go into the complexity of the legal issue. and on friday. the army corps stopped the construction right near the reservation. and the department of justice and interior decided to stop 20 miles on the south. >> that is 300 miles. and construction is elsewhere. and this is an action that is near the rezviation and moved
10:41 am
away from the reservation. we had two back-to-back and can day-to-day. and it is setting a goal for the pipeline to be worked on. >> we are are unforeman with the area. is this the only path. the company is remaining committed to build the cop line. if >> those questions are moot now. it is where they are committed to go. and for the north dakota public service commission and all of the infrastructure is laid in. and so if you are adjusting it this one. you have to back and forth. >> they got approval for the
10:42 am
project. they are missing one. and the u.s. army corps of engineers, it allows them to go on the river. >> and that is a little piece that is missing. >> very interesting and something we will watch again as the supporters converge on the area. >> it is a stonishing event here. >> we appreciate it and look forward to having you back. thank you. >> we are are watching your money. >> we have an update on the tropical storm. the one that formed over land.
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>> human rights groups asking for a pardon for edward snowden. he's wanted in the united states accused of violating the espionage act. he said hissacs was morally correct and left americans better off. >> it is about our rights. and the kind of country we want. it is the kind of word that we want to hear. nsome feel he is a crum until. and others think he is not. >> and there is a new movie about snowden. and josh earnest said the president's position had not changed and snowden should
10:47 am
return to the united states to face serious charges against him. >> warning and watches, posted asz tropical storm julia which is hit with high rain and rains. ask an outside an that formed loans the shore here in florida. it is must of it is off shower and that will be the case throughout the limited life sheer. and the coast at area the the it is five inches of rain in the north. it will likely move over time and that is going to be thorough
10:48 am
for the next 48 hours or so. it is a slow mover and we'll see one of the models likely moving offshore. it could stay closer to shore. you can see the rain and most of it ought over the ocean and likely seeing spots to myrtle beach. that will cause localized flooding and not going inland anywhere in the southeast. that is the only big weather maker we have in the country today. a lot of good news for people. >> thank you, rick. >> and city and state officials joining the coast guard joining the 300th birthday of a national treasure you may not know about. we'll tell you about the fest tits for the oldest light house, next. can the clear
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hello everyone, i'm sandra smith, we have new details about donald trump's health and what was revealed during his taping with dr. oz just moments ago. plus we're awaiting bill clinton who's pinch hitting for hillary clinton on the campaign trail at the top of the hour. will he address her health? this has the clinton camp unleashing a twitter storm on trump's foreign ties. and one police force unveiling new military-style armored vehicle that they say will save lives. how? we'll tell you on "america's election headquarters" top of the hour. the coast guard marking a major milestone, boston light, the nation's first and oldest
10:53 am
lighthouse turns 300 years today. it's located on little brucer island in boston harbor and first lit on september 14, 1716. events are planned all along the water front and other parts as well. we're going to take a moment to talk about this piece of american history. allison is u.s. coast guard district one chief warrant officer. allison, great to have you on the program. tell us a little bit about this lighthouse. it's been working since 1716? >> hi, yes, thank you so much for having me. yes, september -- it was lit by then keeper george -- and at the navigational aid by succession of keepers, both civilian and military who are the continuing three centuries. something really interesting about the lighthouse, not only is it an amazing piece of history, but it's a war hero. it's been on little brucer
10:54 am
island where i'm standing right here today, the british troops retreating from the revolutionary war and the war of 1812. during world war i and world war ii, the light was actually dimmed to reduce it's usefulness to enemy ships. we lighthouses to help guide into harbor, boston light was dimmed in order for our country's defense during world war i and ii. another significant thing, the current lighthouse keeper, she is the 70th lighthouse keeper, who is amazing. she's the first woman for boston light to be it's lighthouse keeper for this particular lighthouse. >> and we'ring video of her right now. she gives tours about what's important about this lighthouse. i want to mention to viewers, you are on brucer island, so we have a little bit of a connection issue. we've been able to hear you loud and clear, allison, about what makes the lighthouse so amazing.
10:55 am
as someone there today, knowing it's been around for about 300 years, what sort of feeling do you have looking at it? why do you think it's personally important? >> personally, i love lighthouses in and of itself. i'm a huge history buff. being in the coast guard, this is one of our signals of our -- it represents what we do and who we are. so all of that put together, i was able to climb the lighthouse today and look out on the island, look out at boston harbor and just imagine and see and witness the rich history of our country from this lighthouse that has stood here for three centuries. >> well, it's amazing to see and we just want to the point out to our viewers, it's one of the few lighthouses, the only one in fact that has a keeper and that that was put into place by congress to make sure that the lighthouse would have a keeper and still does as you mention today. thank you so much for joining us. the lighthouse looks good for 300. we look forward to visiting maybe some time in the future. thank you, allison, we'll be right back with more.
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is off the campaign trail, still recovering from that pneumonia diagnosis, but while she's at it the, she, or perhaps more accurately her staff, are on something of a twitter terror. according to our jennifer griffin, it's 20 tweets within the last hour or so. all directed at donald trump regarding that article in "newsweek magazine" outlining the business dealings which would continue on under the name of his company if he were to become president. will you sever ties with your company linked to foreign leaders and criminals if you become president? she also writes, while refusing to release your tax returns, how will you confirm that you do not have dangerous financial ties to bad actors abroad? and on and on they go, 20 of them in all. we're waiting for the response from donald trump, right?
11:00 am
>> i just checked, no response. but when you're home sick, your mind wanders. may have a lot of questions, you write them down. these are well-sourced by the way. >> chelsea's out of the house. there's no child care to worry about. >> relaxing. >> 20 of them, in an hour. thank you for joining us today. >> excellent questions that our next show is going to pick them up. america election headquarters starts now. right, this is a fox news alert for you, as we await the release of more health records from hillary clinton. hello, i'm sandra smith. donald trump just wrapping up a taping with dr. oz where he discussed his health. right now, former president bill clinton is stepping in for his wife at a campaign event in las vegas. while hillary clinton rests up from pneumonia at their home. she's set to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. we are, count them, just 55 days away from the election now and new polling shows this race continues to tighten.


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