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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ you're beautiful ♪ >> that's great. yep, his hair is real and it's all messed up. >> before we go, ainsley. >> we have jane on facebook, saying trump is such a good sport. if he had said no, he would have been attacked. bill: donald trump and hillary clinton will both hold live events in the next two hours. the presidential race in the next two hours is a dead heat. welcome to friday. i'm bill hemmer. how are you feeling? martha: i'm martha maccallum. we have brand-new polls to show you this morning. here is the head-to-head matchup. this has donald trump ahead by 1 point. these are likely voters. here is a four-way look with the
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libertarian green candidates in the mix. she has a slight edge 41-40. that's within the margin of error. trump says he believes he's the one with the momentum. >> i'm running to be the president of all americans. all support comes from all regions, backgrounds and all walks of life. hillary clinton slan ders you as deplorable and irredeemable, that means you can't ever get better. she doesn't understand you. i call you hard working american patriots who love your family and love your country. martha: team fox coverage, chris
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stirewalt. jennifer, she is back on the trail. seems to be doing better, right? reporter: that's right. she spoke about her health for the first time yesterday. she said she had some time at home to reflect on the campaign. last night she addressed a congressional hispanic caucus where she talked about dreamers and the 16 million people trump wants to deport from this country. >> donald trump is running the most divisive campaign of our lifetime. his message is you should be afraid of people whose race or ethnicity is different or who were born in a different country. there is no innuendo or dog whistles now, it's all out in the open now.
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later today michelle obama will be hitting the campaign trail for the first time. she'll be campaigning for hillary clinton in virginia. martha: how did it come around that we are back to the birther issue in this whole thing? >> last night she addressed donald trump's past relationship with the birther movement. she was responding to an interview with "the washington post" in which donald trump would not say i believes the president is born in america. >> he was asked one more time, where was president obama born? and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. reporter: she came to the
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defense of pastor faith green of michigan twice yesterday. the pastor interrupted in trump and asked him not to give a political speech when she said he had come to flint to talk about their water crisis. hillary clinton today will be speaking to the black women's agenda. it's clear the campaign wants to reach out to the african-american community and young millennials will not come out to vote and they are concerned about these tight polls. bill: that debate over president obama's birthplace returns. donald trump from last hour with maria on fox business was asked about it, and here is what he said. >> i'm going to be making a major statement on this whole thing. but she is the one who started it, and she was incapable of
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finishing it. that's how it worked out. bill: his hotel, pennsylvania avenue, 10:00 eastern. trump will address it and suggest clinton brought it up first in 2008. and she was unable to get him to produce some sort of extended birth certificate out of hawaii. and it was only after trump later brought it up that he was able to finish the deal. i think that's how he will frame it and put it behind him. what's your view. >> that's what his campaign tees up for him. turn this into a positive. he got results in a long-form birth certificate. hillary clinton never asked for barack obama's birth certificate. many of her supporters were probably the genesis of the conspiracy theory online that obama secreted his real nativity
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and he was not legitimate and could not be serving as president because they didn't want him to be president. then of course other detractors picked it up. this is a tricky dismount for donald trump. he would not be the republican nominee had he not been the leader of the birther movement in 2011 and if he had not had the set-to with president obama about it, he wouldn't be where he is today. but he can't get to where he wants to go and stay with birther. he will doll what he did with mass deportation, and paul ryan and other republican leaders. he will say one thing with his words, but the tone and the tenor and the eyes will tell his supporters he has not changed a bit. but this is something he has to say to take power.
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bill: jason miller from the trump team said hillary clinton first raised this issue to smear obama during the 2008 campaign. donald trump brought this incident to its conclusion. brian fallon from the clinton team said this. trump needs to say it himself on camera and admit he was wrong for trying to delegitimize the country's african-american president. i guess we'll find out in an hour if that happens. >> sad. the fact that clinton campaign has to dodge so deep into this you will i'd va of -- into this squalid vat of an issue is a sign of how poorly they are doing. this is something they should be
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hitting him with at the first debate, not having to just flog out there on a thursday evening. bill: two-way poll came out, trump over clinton by a poll. four-way race she beats him by a point. it is among likely voters. distinguish for our audience why that's important now. >> we are now on the other side of the continental divide of the election. and now we are close enough that we can start asking voters, are you really, really going to vote or are you just thinking about voting. we care more about likely voters because the same reason campaigns care more about likely voters, because we want to know what the electorate is really going to be, not just how people feel. as you get closer to the election you can put that likely
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voter screen on. which you look at our likely voter fool and you narrow it down, this remains a very tight race. what you also see are that about 20% of the electorate either can't make up its mind or is going with a minor party candidate which is essentially a protest vote. we have a lot of people in this electorate who want to vote, say they are likely to vote, but can't quite come to terms with either major party nominee. >> thank you, chris. that is not a place where you want to hang out. thank you. we'll see where he goes with this. i thought it was very interesting what chris said. look for him to say the right thing, but on another level be sort of giving his followers and supporters the feeling i'm still with you guys, by to say this.
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bill: stand upon by, we are waiting for both and we'll see what happens. martha: today is the day and this is the show. donald trump will step in front of the podium at 10:00 a.m. hillary clinton a couple minutes away. we'll bring both of those for you live all over the campaign trail it's a busy morning. but first fallout from clinton's team controversy. >> you would think somebody would sing like a song bird if you got immunity from the f.b.i. what are you afraid of. when you are served a subpoena from the united states congress, it is not optional. bill: jason chaffetz slamming bryan pagliano, the man who set up hillary clinton's server. chaffetz says he has a range of options. so what are they? plus there is this today.
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martha: there was a horrifying scene during rush shower outside new york city's penn station. a man attacked an off-duty police officer with a meat cleaver. the video shows nypd officers firing at that suspect 18 times after he critically injured one of their own. witnesses say the attacker was trying to take the boot off his car because it was illegally parked, and he attacked them. >> he pulled out his car and pulled out this butcher knife and started swinging. >> about 10 seconds after the chase started, that's when you hear all the shots. >> these officers never know what they are going to get when they get out there in the line
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of duty. martha: the officer has a 6-inch gash on his face. he and the attacker are expected to recover. more on that when we get it. >> if anybody is under any illusion i'm going to let go of this, they are very ill-advised. >> we can't prosecute anyone, only the department of justice can. and they made it clear they are not prosecuting anybody in this fact pattern. the fifth amendment doesn't protect you from none-incriminating answers. bill: they have made it clear they will not let go of the issue of hillary clinton's server.
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bryan pagliano did not show up for that hearing despite a subpoena. newly released emails shows the state department ignored requests for hillary clinton's emails in 2013. i have got a lot to go through in four minutes. state department knew in 2013 someone wanted her emails? >> absolutely. you go back to the associated press who wanted this information in 2009. they had to go to court just to get her cleanse. we still don't have hillary clinton's public calendars? you have got to be kidding me. that's how bad this is. bill: benghazi happened in september of 2012. the benghazi committee was formed two years later. the order to preserve comes in march of 2015, and that's the same month the destruction of the emails occurs. >> almost two years after she leaves office there is a flurry
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of activity, a preservation letter. and a subpoena. hillary clinton said i have preserved everything. on march 25 of the closest advisers to hillary clinton on a conference call with platte river who is managing the server and those documents were destroyed en masse. these are federal record. you can't destroy them even if you don't have a subpoena. bill: it seems like you are running into walls. pagliano didn't show up on tuesday. what do you do? >> egg within our power. the f.b.i. director said in our hearing that he didn't even look into what hillary clinton had done as it related to congress. we have another hearing coming up this thursday morning. mr. bryan pagliano will be given one more opportunity to come up.
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if he wants to plead the fifth he can. but supposedly he has an immunity. so why isn't he singing the bird and why are all these people engulfed in this pleading the fifth. bill: if he does not show up i believe the law requires you to go to a judge. >> we have to vote in a committee, then on the floor of the house. there are options in front of the committee and the house of representees and we'll look at those options. bill: ago landio ignored the subpoena. if he shows up and takes the fifth, you run into another wall. i'm trying to figure out how you get other side of the wall if that's even possible? >> it starts with first the f.b.i. releasing to the public the unclassified version of their investigation. they put out a portion of it. we are all grateful for that.
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but it was only a start. why not put out all the information. it's unclassified it's a closed case. why not allow congress to look at the personal identifiable information. bill: why do you think the f.b.i. is not gig you what you want? >> we have an issue with a subpoena. never in my life did i think i would issue a subpoena on the f.b.i. they have until the end of the day friday to comply with that. we believe there is nearly 100 years of precedence. it's unclassified. it's a closed case. bill: you said there are a range of options. we'll find out what those are on thursday. martha: two big events this morning from the presidential campaign trail. we have hillary clinton and donald trump both today in washington, d.c. minute away from that getting underway we'll take you there live. donald trump said he will make a statement on the birther issues. stay tuned to find out what he's
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bill: hillary clinton at an event in washington, d.c. we have that covered screen left. screen right is the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue where donald trump will hold a press conference at 10:00 a.m. stay tuned for both coming up.
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>> we are a nation that tamed the west, dug out the panama canal and won two world wars and put a man on the moon. it's time to start thinking big under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. martha: donald trump saying it's time to start thinking big again as a country and putting big numbers out there. how well do they hold up? charles payne is here to analyze what trump laid out and whether you think he can do that. charles: obviously very ambitious. he said let's think big. he equated it too when man first went to the moon. lower taxes, anyone watching, it means when you go to work, you
6:26 am
get to keep mort money you earn. there is an interesting term we don't talk about a lot it's velocity of money. if you take $5 and pilot dogs from a hot dog vendor and he takes that $5 and buys a scarf, that's velocity of money. on the individual side people's wages aren't going up. lower taxes unlock that. on the regulation side, we have to get rid of them. just too many. the small business owner really gets the economy going. we are at record lows for entrepreneurship and we have to unleash that. martha: it's fascinating what you are saying.
6:27 am
small businesses across the country feel so strongly about what you said. regulations are a disdisincentive to go into business. if donald trump were to get elected, what do you think would happen to the stock market? charles: it's a question mark. this week with ford, ford saying we are moving the small car manufacturing to mexico, donald trump saying i will penalize for it. wall street doesn't want to hear that. it's not necessarily being globalist. if you are talking about growth, what moves the stock market is growth. growth has been saturated. if you are apple you want to sell your iphone in china. wall street is concerned about how far the potential trade war
6:28 am
goes. of course, they love low taxes and fewer regulations, but they are worried about that because it does have a major impact on a lot of people. i don't think people realize most of the things we use in this country, the parts come from outside the country. we can win a trade war with china, but there will be collateral damage. martha: with lower taxes you are giving companies incentive to stay here. but the wages will be higher. charles: the ceo of ford said if some of these crazy regulations were removed, if these taxes were lowered, that would offset -- we also have our own energy, natural gas, natural gas is so much more expensive. there are advantages to doing manufacturing in this country, including, but we have got to take away some of the major hurdles. take those away and see what
6:29 am
companies do, and see what their reaction is, and i think a lot more will stay in this country. >> martha: create 25 million new jobs. a 4% economic growth rate. what are we pat now? charles: let's call it less than 2%. martha: 4%, is that a reasonable goal? charles: it's a hefty goal. i think 3.5% is reasonable. we do have to worry about debt. i worry that the plan will add to the debt. martha: some people feel like we never got fought of the recession. charles: we have a by if you ara bifurcated economy.
6:30 am
martha: do you think he can pull off some of this stuff? charles: absolutely. martha: charles payne, thank you very much. bill: donald trump is going to hold an event in washington. this is build as a press conference. he's expected to make a quote major statement on the so-called birther issue. we'll have that live for you in a moment. let your hair down, will you? jimmy fallon and donald trump. getting a little close, martha, yes, they were. [♪] you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure.
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martha: two big events going to happen in washington, d.c. today. hillary clinton and donald trump making appearance.
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the polls show this race is tied. trump leads by 1 point. and in a four-way race she leads by one. the likely voters tend to be a little more accurate. jessica tarlov is democratic pollster and mercedes schlapp is a fox news contributor and former aide to george w. bush. a rough week for the democratic candidate. they are neck-and-neck. how do you see the race? >> i see sit as an effective tie with strong advantages for hillary clinton in terms of grounds game and the electoral map. donald trump has made great
6:35 am
gains due to kellyanne conway and her stewardship. there still has been some trump trumpian missteps. this there -- this will be heralded as some great success for trump. it's a very difficult thing for him to do. and i think the debates will matter perhaps more than ever before. martha: i think you are right about that. >> i don't think the democrats ever thought that trump could get so close to clinton in these polls. after the convention she had a 7-point bump. she was in the lead for a long
6:36 am
time. trump is viewed as the underdog. but the narrative is charting to change and the momentum is starting to shift. in the battleground states where trump is doing very well, i need to push back a little bit on jessica's comment on the ground game. for the republican party and the republican national committee, they have been on the ground longer than the clinton campaign. secondly in terms of voter registration, the republicans are starting to outpace democrats. so i think for trump he still needs to run a near perfect campaign. he has to have a strong debate. those will be two critical elements. but now we are talking about that now he has a path to the electoral college victory. and i think that's going to be critical. martha: when you look at hillary
6:37 am
clinton's campaign. for the most part it has been, i'm hillary clinton. i have an enormous amount of experience. and i should be president. she has said things like america is already great. we don't need to make america great again. you look at these numbers. people think mayor case going to hell in a hand basket by a majority. she has got to spark something and get her own movement going if she wants to get that enthusiasm behind her. >> the two key issues i'm watching is the enthusiasm gap which is in donald trump's favor. it's important for hillary to say america is already great. remember how much barack obama was criticized for apparently not believing in american exceptionalism. no one doubts hillary clinton believes in that.
6:38 am
yesterday in north carolina was and the refocusing on her part. admitting she made mistake and she does better in private than in public and it's something she needs to work on. barack obama is the best surrogate she has. that man was born to campaign and govern. i think he's been a fantastic president. she has to amp you have the energy. she needs to continue to drive home the point that she has dedicated her life to public service. martha: i think you are right at president obama is the better closer for her. by want to get to this issue of where the president was born it's hard to believe we are still on this. it's been brought back in and he sort of made a big deal, i'm not going to talk about it today, but i'm going to talk about it tomorrow. he has turned this into an
6:39 am
event. there are potential pitfalls in this statement. >> the campaign said trump believes obama was born in the united states. this reporter in the post decided to bring up the question once again when we should be talking about policy issues critical to americans in terms of the economy on how do we have safe community. this issue that was born out of the hillary clinton campaign. now that it's brought up again, it's just so -- >> that's been fact checked a number of times it was not born in the hillary clinton campaign. it was born out of a volunteer supporting hillary clinton which she has denounced since the beginning of time. martha: thank you very much her save dees and jessica. donald trump surprised everybody with his health records so we'll see what he does today.
6:40 am
thank you very much. we'll see you both soon. >> the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in an hour from now, i hope they are going to understand. go ahead. bill: he knew it was coming. donald trump say that was fallon's idea, by the way. martha: i like the fact he's an expert at replacing it. bill: as you will see in the replay he missed the left side. they talked about hillary clinton obviously. and a lot of things last night.
6:41 am
rewind the tape. we have to capture this golden moment. >> in new hampshire where i'm going to be in an hour from now. i hope they understand. go ahead. bill: wait for it, martha. fallon goes for his, too. martha: he knows his hair well, i guarantee it. coming up this morning. there are new developments in the fight over guantanamo bay. the white house voting to block the release of more suspected terrorists. what could this mean to closing
6:42 am
guantanamo by the end of his term. the congress vowing to block that. experience the thrill of the lexus is f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships,
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and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at bill: the first of two major events this morning. events number one starting right
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now. hillary clinton in washington, d.c. >> members of congress with us today. women whom i admire. who have been my colleagues and friends and with whom i am looking forward to continuing tour work. congresswoman sheila jackson-lee. yvette clark. and i want to give a special shout-out to congresswoman joyce beatty. when i saw joyce recently she said, well, you are coming, aren't you? and i said i'm working hard to get it set. i am so proud it did work out. i thank joyce for that extra push. i also want to acknowledge someone who has such a profound
6:45 am
effect on my life in every way, someone whom i admire and love. mary anne wright-eidleman. this audience is filled with long-time friends and people i went to wellesley college with that became lifelong friends to me, and so many of you who have been on the front lines. everyone associated with the black women's agenda, i'm thrilled to be with you. i'm thrilled to be associated with you. i'm also thrilled to be back on the campaign trail. as the world knows, i was a little under the weather recently. the good news is my pneumonia
6:46 am
finally got republicans interested in women's health. looking back, i know, i should have followed my doctor's orders to rest. but my instinct was to push through it. that is what women do he single day. and i felt no different. life has shown us that we do have to work harder at the office while still bearing most of the responsibilities at home. that we always need to keep going because our families and our community count on us. and i think it is more than fair to say that black women have an even tougher road. you, your daughters, your granddaughters, i was pleased to meet gwen's beautiful granddaughter earlier, leave the house every morning. put on that game face we all
6:47 am
practice, and enter a society that consistently challenges your worth. with the images you see, the lower pay that so many take home, that try to silence your voices and break your spirit. yet you remain fierce in the face of these challenges. we see that every day in the businesses you start, the art you create. the children you teach, and the community and organizations you lead. while your stories are often missing from the history books, make no mistake, you are the change makers, the path breakers, and the ground shakers. [applause] you are proof that yes indeed black girl magic is real. [applause] i have been blessed to see this
6:48 am
magic influenced on kids and community marking with marion at the defense fund. her belief iser single child has worth and potential and deserves the opportunity to live up to their god-given potential with the tools and support that every child needs. if we just improve the odds a bit for those suffering in poverty, they could flourish. so she led our team into some poor community. we met kids who had dropped out of school because they couldn't afford text books or transportation. some didn't have decent clothes and stayed home to avoid being humiliated in class. some had untreated medical and dental problems which made it practically impossible for them
6:49 am
to learn. those stories hurt my heart. but marion always believed we could deliver help and hope if wear in ever gave up. so she taught us ways to think creativelies well as strategically. to take our advocacy and turn it into action and results. she sent me to new bedford, massachusetts to go door to door looking for children who weren't in school. that was back before she had a legal requirement that he child regardless of disability deserves to get an education. i met a young girl in new bedford and sat and talked with her on the small back porch of her house. i told her how badly she wanted to learn, but couldn't because schools weren't accessible or welcoming. marion had us work to change that. we gathered evidence and built
6:50 am
coalition. we helped convince congress to insure access to education for all student with disabilities. marion showed me that to drive real progress, you have to change both hearts and laws. you need both understanding and action and there is no question in my mind, i'm here today because her example. i also want to recognize pioneers like barbara jordan and shirley chisholm. who sacrificed and struggled so that i and so many other women running for office could soar.
6:51 am
i'm here because of friend and colleagues like donna brazile, and congresswoman marcia fudge. and the three democratic women who ran the convention in july. it was a great four days. it's past time you had a chance to run the meeting. and let's be clear. i would not be the democratic nominee for the president of the united states were it not for black women like all of you who made noise at the polls this year in support of our campaign, who did surrogate events, went to barber shops and bitey a lobs and cafes, got on local radio and local tv to make the case. we have come far together. as i said yesterday in north carolina. i'm going to close my campaign the way i began my career all
6:52 am
those years ago at the children's defense fund. and the way that i will serve as your president should i have the great honor of being elected, i will be focused on opportunities for kids and fairness for families. the american people deserve something to vote for, not just against. and together [applause] -- together we'll make this a freer, strong and fairer nation. we'll fight for the parents struggling to balance family and work. push for affordable childcare, paid family leave and equal pay for all women. we'll fight for the young girls who want a fair chance in life, which is why we'll make
6:53 am
universal -- pre-k available so every child no matter where they live or what they look like, can rise up and proo fulfill their academic destiny. we'll also emphasize stem education for girls and women. we'll fight for the entrepreneur who said that more businesses die in the parking lots of ban e park lots of banks than anywhere else. we'll increase access to capital and help african-american women continue to represent the fastest growing segment of women-owned businesses in america right now. [applause] we are going to invest in community that have been left out and left behind.
6:54 am
urban reinvestment and restructuring that's going to give more people decent housing, access to jobs, the transportation to get to those jobs. rural community that are too often ignored and denied the services they need. i'm a fan of jim clyburn's 10-20-30 plan. we'll remember the pain of the mothers of the movement and fight for a criminal justice system that actually delivers justice. and a future where everyone has respect for the law, and is respected by the law. and we are going to pass common sense reforms to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and keep our community safe. we'll remember the families
6:55 am
neglected in flint. and take action so no child's life is ever put at risk again brushing their teeth or drinking a glass of of water at dinner. we'll advocate for everyone concerned about their parents and grandparents as they age, and lift up caregivers and home care workers so older americans can live in comfort with dignity. and we'll protect and enhance social security which is the main source of income for older women. we'll stand side by side to make sure all of our rights are respect and protected. civil rights and women's rights. lgbt rights, workers rights, and voting rights. we are coming together at a pivotal moment for our country. i do believe every election is important.
6:56 am
but this one feels different, doesn't it. that's because it is. the next 53 days will shape the next 50 years. the future of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance. on the one hand we have my opponent donald trump. in recent weeks he tried to restrain himself. and klein his image. but as maya angelou once said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. [applause] and we know who donald is. for five years he has led the
6:57 am
birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. just yesterday trump again refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the united states. now, donald's advisers had the temerity to say he's doing the country a service by pushing these lies. no, he isn't. he is feeding into the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country. barack obama was born in america, plain and simple, and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology.
6:58 am
[applause] so there is no new donald trump, there never will be. donald trump looks at president obama after 8 years as our president and still doesn't see him as an american. think of how dangerous that is. imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories. and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world. imagine a president who sees doesn't look like him and doesn't agree with him and thinks, that person must not be a real american. donald trump is unfit to be
6:59 am
president of the united states. [cheers and applause] we cannot become insensitive to what he says and what he stirs up. we can't just accept this. we have got to stand up to it. if we don't, it won't stop. in addition to the president, donald trump looks at a distinguished federal judge born in indiana, and he seize a mexican, not an american. he looks at a gold star family and sees them as muslim, not patriotic americans. he looks at women and decides
7:00 am
how our looks rate on a scale of 1 to 10. i look at america and i see everyone. i see our great diversity which is one of our core strengths, not our burden. we know who donald trump is. now it's time for our country to show who we are and reject his divisive vision. that's why this election is so important. michelle obama said at the democratic convention. when we go to the polls in the november, the real choice isn't between a democrat or republican, it's about who will have the power to shape our children's lives for the next four years.
7:01 am
it's also about the kinds of country we want to be and what we want to leave behind for future generations. we are at our best when every person gets a share in our nation's promise, contribute to our progress. stronger together is not just a campaign slogan. it's the guiding principle for the future we want to build. we need to ask ourselves. are we going to make our economy work for everyone? or just for those at the top. are we going to bring people together or pit americans against each other and rip our country apart? allies to keep us safe, or are which going to put a loose cannon in charge who would risk everything that generations of americans have worked so hard to
7:02 am
build? now in many ways,. african-american turn the out to vote than any other americans in 2012.
7:03 am
i know all of us in this room are ready to stand up against this. to rise up for our families, our community, but most importantly, to show up at the polls this november. with our power and strength, i know, i believe this or i would not be standing here before you, i would not have run again for president, i would not deal with all the incoming brickbats that
7:04 am
are hurledded my way. if i did not in my heart believe with every fiber of my being, that together we can build a future where, yes, love trumps hate. thank you all very much. thank you. [applause] bill: just about a week after she was diagnosed with pneumonia, week to the day, hillary clinton appears to be back 100%. hit on a lot of familiar notes saying donald trump not fit to be president. that he owes barack obama apology for birther issue. in somewhat new line, republicans are finally q because of her sickness. so that is a wrap on hillary clinton. she isx¿ in washington, d.c. so too is donald trump, which is the next event that we will wilo get momentarily. brand new hour on "america's newsroom." martha. martha: carefully orchestrated
7:05 am
donald trump is about to make a statement now after getting hit with questions about his views on president obama's citizenship. hillary clinton brought it up in a little while ago. there is no new donald trump. a person who says the president wasn't born in this country is not fit to be president. the polls this morning, really couldn't be tighter. she is ahead by one, he is ahead by one, whether you have two people or four people in the race. literally not could be tighter as we welcome you to this hour of "america's newsroom" on a friday. i'm martha maccallum. bill: donald trump once a leading figure in the birther movement, that issue dredged up again as the lead put it away. trump to put it to rest we are told. we i will make his case in moment, pointing to hillary clinton, he will make the case she was one of the early instigators of the birther movement. a claim "the washington post"
7:06 am
has given four pinocchios. here is trump on fox business with maria bartiromo. >> she is one who started it, and incapable of finishing it. i got him to release the birth certificate. i have a big statement so i hope you're watching. >> barack obama was born in america, correct? >> you watch my statement. we have to keep the suspense, going, okay? you watch, you're my friend. you watch the statement, okay? i think you will be happy. bill: donald trump with suspense, right? team fox coverage. chris wallace standing by in washington. start with carl cameron at trump hotel a few blocks from the white house, pennsylvania avenue carl, let's begin. any idea what he will say today and case he will make is what? reporter: the case you make as he stated it. clintons started i. he says you will like it, that lends itself to the suggestion he is going to say that yes the president is in fact an american citizen and hawaii birth
7:07 am
certificate is legit. as to the four pinocchios given by "washington post" to trump's statement that hillary clinton started this, she didn't ever say anything public about it. at one point in 2007, in 2008 she was interviewed by "60 minutes" and she said the bert -- birth certificate is legit, as far as i know. that qualifier is what trump is talking about. in 2007 thered.zpñ number of clinton supporters, including mark penn, her strategist who suggested she might make an issue of it and play it up. there were a number of anonymous letters passed around by pretty ardent clinton supporters that did raise the question about whether or not the president was not a legitimate u.s. citizen and perhaps been born in kenya. trump has some clinton buzz from 2007 and 2008, but none from clinton herself. now we were told, this event was billed as news conference early in the week. this is the trump international
7:08 am
hotel at the old post office in washington, d.c. today is the official opening day. the front row he has medal of honor winners and some generals and admirals are here. about national security issues. there are no mics. word is we may not be getting questions. the staff says it will be up to mr. trump but the betting is, given his planned remark about the birther issue, he probably won't take questions, bill. bill: interesting. we're on standby for that. thank you, carl. here's martha. martha: well, that's interesting. let's bring chris wallace in, anchor of "fox news sunday." good morning to you, we await the statement from donald trump. he will try to clarify where"vje goes on this birther issue. what do you make of all this. >> he has thrown, trump has thrown a life preserver to a clinton campaign that was in kind of rocky shape. the health issues. the lack of transparency in coming forward on that. the al the polls tightening. comments from colin powell, that
7:09 am
were very critical, yes of trump, but that you kind of expected, but also surprising of hillary clinton, and then for some reason only known to donald j. trump, when he was asked by "washington post" reporter on wednesday, you now believe that obama was born in america? he said, he kind of backed off on that. wouldn't commit to it. and so now we're all talking about the birther issue again. this is the last thing trump wants to be doing. you can tell that the fact his campaign quickly tried to clean it up. and he is obviously going to try to clean it up today at the news conference. he has done better in the polls. and done better as a candidate because he has been disciplined. because he has been talking about policy, but here he is again in self-inflicted wound talking about the birther controversy, which isn't going to help him reaching to minorities. the moderate republican suburban housewife. the best thing he can do to put
7:10 am
it to rest quickly. this is life preserver to the clinton campaign. she jumped all over it in the earlier speech just as trumped jumped all over it when clinton was talking about the martha: great way to put it, chris. you know, he easily could have said when asked, something along the lines of i take the president at his word. that's all. you know. he says he was born here. i take him at his word. but he didn't. and then you heard him again with maria this morning, he is w building the suspense for this moment, where he is going to come out here and make this statement. it is also interesting what carl cameron pointed out, this was billed yesterday as a news conference. so it raises questions about whether or not there is a little bit of tug going on between the campaign and mr. trump, about whether or not he should be making a big issue out of this. if they allow people to ask questions, now looks like they're not going to, it will all be hammered right back into issue, chris? >> that's right.
7:11 am
also, you know, you talk about saying i take the president at his word, and if he wanted to, look, because of my efforts back in 2011, the president issued his birth certificate and that has cleared this issue up. so he can take some credit forfeit he wants. if he starts getting into this whole issue of you know, hillary clinton said it, when there is no clear evidence that, no evidence that she did say it back in 2008, that is not going to end the debate. it will continue the debate. i promise you hillary clinton would be delighted to see that happen. martha: no doubt just based on comments she made, where she gets opportunity during the first debate right around the corner to keep bringing this up, it is a very sensitive issue for him. it puts focus back on him. he has been pretty good over the past month, chris, putting focus on country, his people, policy, what he wants to do. that seems to have worked for him. >> absolutely.
7:12 am
loo'dt: at polls nationally, ina lot of key swing states. florida he has narrow lead. ohio he has a narrow lead within the margin of error, iowa and nevada, bunch of other states. he is doing really well because he has been disciplined. he stuck to the teleprompter. he talked more about policy he ma i had it about clinton, to degree it is about him and policies. it is not about the controversies, today is a step backwards. it will be interesting to see how quickly he is able to end this controversy, or if he chooses to end it at all. martha: it's a test for him. he will have to handle it very skillfully. that moment is coming any second. wee be there live. chris, see you later. >> you bet. >> "fox news sunday," chris sits down with trump's running mate, mate -- clinton's running mate, tim kaine. check to see where it airs in your area. bill: good show. check it out on sunday.
7:13 am
waiting for donald trump. as soon as it starts we'll take you there live in washington, followed by others, such as bill o'reilly. >> you pay attention to polls? >> i love the polls but i don't pay attention if i'm losing or lagging, i never mention them. [laughter] martha: yes. attention to "fox news" polling. it shows a percentage of voters already made up their mind. that is why it is so important for him to rally his base which he is working hard on over the past several weeks. ♪ .
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bill: get you up to speed here, last hour we had hillary clinton for 20 minutes. she gave a speech in washington, d.c. fairly standard stump speech. however she is back on the trail and sounded like she was pretty close 100% if not 100% today. this is an event also in washington for the opening of trump's hotel on pennsylvania avenue, just a few blocks from the white house. trump's plane has landed at reagan national which is about, he could get there in 12 minutes if you want to without traffic. we'll see what time shows up. we expect him any minute now. we're told he will make a statement of sorts and perhaps take questions as well about the "birther" issue. we are watching that. when it starts we'll bring you there live. martha: meanwhile the white house race is in a
7:18 am
dead-heat according to fox news polls that came out last evening. these are brand new numbers. they do reflect the period after the 9/11 situation for hillary clinton. that is what it looks like 41-40, in the four-way race. when you look with two front-runners, donald trump with 1% edge on her. razor thin, clearly. dr. larry sabato joins us now, director of center for politics at university of virginia. good to have you this morning, larry. welcome. >> thank you, martha. martha: let's take a look at some other numbers. always interesting to dig below the headline number to find out what is going on here. certainty of vote preference, put that one up. clinton voters 87%, no matter what happens i'm voting for hillary clinton. 90% of donald trump voters say same thing. you can see in the teens there for people who might change their mind. we're seeing a strengthening of intensity among gop voters in some of these numbers, aren't we? >> here's the key to these new
7:19 am
polls though, not just fox but a whole spate of polls showing trump doing better in some key swing states and so on. it isn't that he surged. it is that she'szóñc dropped. now why? because the polls have switched from the big body of registered voters to the much smaller group of likely voters. who are the most excited voters in america right now? they're donald trump voters. hillary clinton's number one challenge and problem is in getting the democratic activist base enthused about her. they have beenñr discouraged lately. we all know the reasons why. she has had some problems. so just as you were saying with chris wallace, the "birther" issue is a real gift to the democrats and the clinton campaign. martha: no doubt they will try to take full advantage of it. donald trump is going to try to skillfully take that off the table we understand, moments away. we'll take you there live as soon as that happens.
7:20 am
here is one of the roles that i think is interesting, do you think the country is going to hell in a hand basket. there are the numbers. 57% say yep, it is. two years ago, 58% said yep it is. these numbers have not changed a whole lot in past couple years, larry. >> yes. of course tht other version of that question is, is the country on the right track or seriously off on the wrong track. those numbers are even higher. they are mid to upper 60s in most surveys. clearly there is a lot of discontent, but what is interesting is, it ranges across the political spectrum. republicans are more dissatisfied thannk. democratst democrats are still dissatisfied. why the are democrats still voting for democratic candidate and so on? the answer is because all of these people attribute their dissatisfaction to different people and different things. a lot of democrats say, the republicans are responsible for the unhappiness. the republicans say it's
7:21 am
president obama. so everybody has their own explanation for why things aren't going well. martha: all right. larry, thank you very much. always good to see you. >> thank you, martha. bill: as you're watching that screen now, it should be any moment now. apparently trump has landed and his motorcade is on the move there. he will make a statement. he might even take questions. we were told it was a press conference, based on carl cameron's report there is a bit of a question right now because some of the microphones were taken away. whatever the case, we'll take you there live in a moment. squeeze in a quick break hire. donald trump next on the other side of this commercial. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
7:22 am
he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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7:25 am
it is not issue we need to be debating with that said, bill, remember this, this was issue, "birther" movement introduced by hillary's campaign in 2008 against barack obama. bill: was it? was it? >> it was. it was. bill: "washington post" is
7:26 am
saying that is flat-out not true. >> listen and i expect that from "the washington post." circulated. bottom line remains this wholesale deem r demonization strategy of donald trump in a way in my assessment inoculated him, because these attacks are older, tired overdone. maybe there was a time you could him effectively. singular offensive from the on sit. i think people tune it out frankly as issue outside the mainstream media. bill: let me get julie on this where are you on hawaii, "birther," et cetera. >> didn't he send people to barack obama's birth certificate? bill: the president did, in 2011. but by law in hawaii, you have to go there physically request it and bring it back. >> i think trump was sending people to really get to the bottom of this.
7:27 am
they must be stranded on some atol in the pacific. we haven't heard him. donald trump has never repudiated it. everyone around him has. he never said yes i believe barack obama was born in the united states, which is completely contrary what he has been saying for years and well past 2011 when barack obama released long form birth certificate. tony i assume you're referring to the mark penn memo during the 2008 campaign he talked about him saying, hillary's campaign said he wasn't born here. they never said that. there is no evidence whatsoever that that mark penn memo ever said that i would love to see some evidence from anybody-#ík pushing that story that said that the hillary clinton was pushing that. bill: is there evidence,+.y ton? >> this is something that has been well-documented, bill. >> where? >> the reality is the democrats have continuously suggested that it's false because they don't want the -- like al gore in 1988 launched willie horton attack
7:28 am
against mike due cause kisshi$yn primary want to totally disavow it used elsewhere. donald trump raised question, i do think you are wrong he has been moving toward a position clearly say that barack obama is born in the united states. so, hold on, if he does it, is it over, if he does it is over? >> it is not over. this is man pushing a7dgx racist propaganda since well after 2011 his long form bert sort cat. by the way he has -- birth certificate. he never once has ever. his campaign says they believe he was born in the not the presidential candidate. bill: jason -- from the trump team put out a strong statement. we'll see what trump says in a moment. krauthamer is writing a piece. called hillary sharpens, trump softens, he is rising, she is falling. here is a quote. in this surreal election season there is no past. clinton ads keep showing trump
7:29 am
sound bites yet to shock, her numbers are falling, he is rising. she merely creates new trumps. tony, chris wallace is arguing 30 minutes, last issue, team is talk about today. i'm not so sure, given his track record. he told maria earlier today, he wants to build the suspense. issue throughout this campaign that featured him at the center of so many different topics. and yet again, i think you could argue that,[ñ he finds himseln center stage in the middle of this yet again. and with it, commands the go. >> that is exactly right, bill. and that's a the exact point that many people miss. we all know that cameras follow donald trump. cameras follow all presidential candidates when they get this far into the process but the people follow donald trump. there is an actual audience out
7:30 am
there very interested in him. which is why he is able to shift opinion so much and that is how you get a net swing of 11 points in less than four weeks, because when he realizedgúñw after the t check, after the conventions, where the campaign looked to be in trouble, there were obituaries being written about ridiculous ideas he was self-sabotaging, might want to drop out of the campaign. he wants to win. so what he did was, he changed tactics and look where he is now. bill: is this topic smart, yes or no, fast? >> i think he is talking about a lot of other things that are much more impactful. like the child care tax and military readiness. bill: thank you. julie, stand on by okay. thanks to both of you. martha: a built of a buzz in the room in the old post office in washington, d.c. we wait for donald trump to step in front of the microphone. we do expect he will address the "birther" issue. he has said that he would, when he talked to maria, earlier today. we'll wait for that and take you there live.
7:31 am
bill o'reilly will weigh in. join us right after that. we'll be right back. ♪ everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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7:34 am
martha: donald trump just pulling up in the motorcade. rudy giuliani is in the back seat of the suv with him as they get into the old post office this morning. joining us to talk on the phone about everything going on this morning is bill o'reilly. bill, good morning to you. >> hey, guys. martha: thoughts on whatõ:6 we'e going to hear this morning from mr. trump? >> well, you got to talk about hillary clinton's slashing attack of a few minutes ago. you know, she is trying to throw trump off his game and bait him and blunt momentum, trump the polls show has momentum. be interesting to see what he said about the "birther" thing. should have discredited that a long time ago. you guys might remember i asked him about that last week. that started this round. itqccbl is an easy play. all he has to do say look, i had
7:35 am
suspicions. i checked them out. i thought they were legitimate. it was too much fog around it but now i have come to the conclusion the president was born in the usa he was. that is plays to bed. martha: he had severa not to sa, he is building suspense himself. mariad him about this morning. he said i'm not going to answer you. said same thing last night. watch the news conference. >> that is what a showman does. he gets as many eyeballs on him. martha: on this issue? >> what? martha: is that a smart thing to do on thishk9÷3 issue, drum rol? >> i wouldn't have done it this way but i would have put it to bed a long time ago. look, you can't second-guess the strategy that has him tied with hillary clinton who should be ahead by 15 points. so, i'm not going to do that. but i'm saying at this juncture now with a fairly robust attack on him by hillary clinton todayñ that is what we're going to lead with on the factor tonight. that was a slash and+bi99ñ
7:36 am
he sass look, i had suspicions and now i don't. so that's it. what is next? martha: she said, the comments that you're referring to just moments ago, we had her on, she said that anybody who believes the president wasn't born in this country is not fit to holdn the oval office himself. >> right. martha: i keep going back, bill, this is the fact we're talking about, but the reason we're talking about it, you brought it up with him, he brought it up several times. he could have put it to rest. he didn't. he has been better the past few weeks when he put focus on his policy, on the people of america, when he gets to this stuff that goes to these sort of issues that are based on him and what he thinks, he is run into trouble. i think he is in some risky territory here but we'll see. >> yep. we'll see what he says in a few minutes. martha: what about the polls that came out last night? the hell in a hand basket, 57% of americans believeñ2aq that's where we're headed. these
7:37 am
numbers? >> i think people in america are very disturbed about the direction of their country economically, foreign policy and socially. i mean when you see nfl players disrespecting the national anthem and the flag, when you hear all of this crazy stuff that america's a bad country and martha: all right. we're waiting for mr. trump to enter the room now. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail. do you think she has put the health issues to rest now, bill? >> yeah. unless she has another, you know, that is the problem for hillary clinton. she really has to remain healthy. if she has another session, boy, oh, boy. that is not going to be good. so, a lot of pressure on both candidates, martha. martha: yeah. you know the advice, he was going to do a news conference this morning. now the word is so much focus on the one issue they pulled away the microphones according to carl cameron. do you think that is a wise move? >> i don't know. i mean you know this minutia, in the campaign, i mean, it is hard
7:38 am
for an analyst from the outside to make these kinds of determinations. i have to basically look.i6>tpám what they say and what they do rather than their campaign strategies. i kind of stay away from that. martha: so you've been talking this week about your new book, "killing the rising sun." which we have up on the screen now. it looks at a very pivotal moment in history, a very dramatic moment towards the end of world war ii. >> you know this is an important book, particularly now as we just discussed with a lot of people bad-mouthing america and a lot of disrespect for the country. americans need to know how much individual american marines and soldiers and sailors sacrificed to free millions and millions of people in the far east, in europe, and sacrifices were unbelievable. and the decisions that harry truman had to make by dropping right on the ground when the bomb drops in hiroshima.
7:39 am
you're right there. the book has sold 130,000 copies in two days, which is unbelievable in this day and age. when you read the book, and i tell people don't buy it if violence upsets you, because will come away a brand new respect to your company. i sent the book to colin kaepernick, so maybe the guy will wise up a little bit. martha: it has gotten great reviews and looks likeçññy a stunning reflection on that story which is, as you say, just such an important, such a different time when you think back to that and one of the questions people have about donald trump, is ready for the job? you point out harry truman was thrust into the job after roosevelt died in office and he was faced with decisions that presidents are faced with, some questions they will get in the debates bill, will try to open up or they should, whether donald trump is ready for the office, ready for those kinds of decisions, same questions should
7:40 am
go to hillary clinton. >> nobody knows whether they're ready or not but, harry truman, fdr disrespected him to the point he treated him like a clerk. truman wasn't briefed. he didn't get any access to the president. they never spoke. all offr sudden fdr dies in a rm with his mistress in georgia, truman summoned to white house and eleanor roosevelt looks him in the eye and says, this was your problem now. and it was a problem. they defeated hitler and japanese were not going to surrender. truman had to make very, very vital decisions about japan, stalin, russia with very little experience. he rose. we tell you pressure on him and what he had to do. eisenhower didn't want to drop atom bomb, commander in europe didn't want to drop it. i didn't even know that before i started researching this book. it is a stunning thing. it does apply today. but you never know, when people get into the oval office what, how they're going to perform.
7:41 am
martha: yeah. and truman was a businessman too, smaller business. >> he was a hat maker. martha: he was also a businessman and that is donald trump's background for sure. i also was struck yesterday looking at an article about how the united states is ramping up intelligence capabilities with regard to russia. we spent so much of the past several years working on terrorism but now indeed everybody is sort of recognizing that we need to know a heck of a in russia and you think about poor mitt romney who said he thought that was one of the biggest security concerns we had and president obama laughed at him. i think a lot of people just wonder how much depth donald trump has and in his understanding what will happen in the world. venue or discussion today. that's what we're/z+ told. there is so much focus on "birther" thing. that is one of the questions for him, isn't it, bill? >> it is. you will get a little bit of that in the debate. holt will zero in on that lester holt, the nbc moderator.
7:42 am
you never know. a lot has to do with advisors and who the president surrounds himself with whom, and whether the president listens to people or not. whether they go by their gut, if their gut is good. i mean, an argument can be made that president obama, who has very strong approval rating now, has been one of the worst foreign policy presidents the country has ever seen. a very, very strong argument could be made on that level. so, it is impossible to know but certainly the debate is, in 10 days, that's a crucial moment for america and everybody should be watching it. martha: absolutely. good to talk to you this morning. the book is called, "killing the rising sun." it is doing very well. see you tonight. >> martha, thanks very much. bye. bill: now we awaittñ donald tru. we understand he arrived at the hotel any moment he will come into the building. rudy giuliani in the motorcade, right? martha: yeah.
7:43 am
bill: he has been spending a lot of time with trump. dr. ben carson will appear too, at the news conference. it could be framed in the following way giving cover in the "birther" issue many think this is racial issue. trump, not even allegedly, he is trying for more african american votes when he goes into places like detroit and flint, michigan, goes in there as he did last week, makes speeches about the situation for many inner-city americans and struggles that they're now having. so, we'll wait to see whatçfa p says about the "birther" issue. whether or not he takesl questions, et cetera. he as owned the morning again, martha. martha: fair point. bill: that's pretty clear. martha: fair point. one of the big questions here politically in the moment down into 24 hour news cycles he has built a ton of momentum towards the "birther" issue. he says he will address it.
7:44 am
we'll take a quick break. when we come back, donald trump in washington. stay with us. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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to turn us back on. and up.
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bill: welcome back, everybody. this is taking longer than even we.4f expected. we thought we would see trump about 10:00 eastern time. whatever the weather he will be in that room in a matter of moments here. circle this date on the calendar, martha, when we talk about september 16th, 10 days away from the first debate at hofstra university out on long island and a lot of people characterized that as super bowl this campaign season. martha: absolutely. bill: they might be right. we'll see how they go together face-to-face on that stage that night. meantime though, if you look at the past five to seven days of these polling numbers here, and it shows how this race has now tightened, it's really a coin flip. our fox poll in four-way race has hillary clinton up a point over donald trump. all that stuff is within the margin of error when you throw gary johnson and jill stein
7:48 am
there. so to head-to-head fox poll that came out last night. he is up a point. you wonder why numbers have moved closer together. could it be a comment a week ago about the "basket of deplorables." bought of pneumonia two days later and hillary clinton is off the stage literally and physically. donald trump to bring into the room. you wonder over next 54 days if this is a week you can point to for an election like this make as pivot or possible swing. or whether it#,(0é is just a temporary time where the race shifted slightly in another direction, perhaps goes another way. so, this is why we follow it. it is very tough to)al9ç foreca, but the momentum, as of this morning, is with team trump. martha: when she came out of her convention in august, there was a 10-point spread between these two candidates.
7:49 am
candidates. clearly tight. the other thing that's happened, you talked about the hillary clinton side on donald trump's side, over the past month it has beenrf& a story of much more discipline. he has given probably 15 very specific policy speeches over the course of the last month. team with steve bannon and kellyanne conway. a lot more discipline, focus on american people. focus is on the policies. he used to basically spend a ton of time at these rallies bashing the press, bashing hillary clinton. he has changed the tone. there have been a few moments that you could point to, sort of what people might say looked like the old trump up there. one of those though, happened over the course of the last few day, getting back to this "birther" issue. has a lot of people scratching their heads, why would he focus on thaté momentum. buá that to rest here as soon as he walks into the room.
7:50 am
one has to wonder where he is right now, and whether or not conversation about what he is going to say is ongoing? bill: we have put a big focus, for-uñ good reason, 12, maybe 14 battleground states. you had two significant polls out of ohio this week that showñ he is up. florida improving numbers as well. the rnc would argue the registration turnout has been better now than ever before. i think that poll in iowa, which perhaps it's, you know, perhaps its outside the margin or not, shows trump with eight-point lead. it has never been that way. you have to ask yourself why, and whether or not that is a trend that sticks? whether something that hqhary clinton can grab attention back on her instead of÷ him. right now he is a moving target. you think about all of the things he did this week, buildup for "dr. oz" and health release, the health records. never been done before.
7:51 am
you could argue whether it was smart or not but it drew attention to it. the next night he goes on jimmy fallon. has his hair messed up. you know throughout social media, martha, that is being shown over and over through little vines, giss and memes passed around. he is on stage here at a hotel that will open well ahead of schedule, as he would argue well under budget. martha: look at places he spent his time in the course of the last four weeks. he got criticized for going to places either should be real red states or are states that many political watchers would say there is no way he is going to win. so his strategy has been curious, in some cases in terms where he has gone but what he has accomplished according to the new polls at least, fox and otherwise, he has consolidated, firmed up his gop support, bill. and that was an area that he was weak in,?nm and clearly they
7:52 am
recognized that they needed to have enthusiasm and support on the republican side if they would get in which, this is president obama moment ago asked about the "birther" issue. >> shocked thath"ó a question e that would come up at a time when we got so many other things to do. i'm not that shocked actually. it is fairly typical. we got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well and my hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues than that thank you very much. [shouting] thank you, pool. thanks. bill: so what happens there is pool rather, goes into the room and in this case the oval office and you get a question or two and a comment.
7:53 am
that's what came up. it was the question about the "birther" issue. tony sayegh a moment ago was arguing that hillary clinton was the source for this originally. donald trump in all likelihood going to make that case as well. and there is debate as to where that started, and what was the origination point for the whole "birther" argument from 2008. martha:ym yeah. clinton basically said she never mentioned it on the campaign trail. the arguments overr campaign pue controversy forth or whether it came from supporters who were outside of the campaign is part of the debate that is on going. we will likely hear donald trump say that he was the person who put it to rest because he forced president obama to come forward with his birth certificate, that he brought closure to the event. so that is kind of the line we've been hearing over the past 24 hours or so on this. bill: that she started it but he finished it. martha: but he finished it. he brought it into the daylight.
7:54 am
and that the president, you know, i mean, he is very likely going to say something along the lines of that, they brought it up. i, pushed it out into the sunlight. was able to close it. but he has danced around it over the past 24 hours with a couple different people which is quite interesting. bill: you can go back to december of 2007, martha. there is a cbs piece out there, here's the title. in 2007, two clinton campaign staffers circulated emails calling obama a muslim. in 2007, two clinton emails forced resign. hillary clinton campaign on sunday requested resignation of iowa volunteer coordinator forward ad hoax email, barack obama is muslim possibly intent on destroying the united states. that was nine years ago. now some of this could be coming back today as trump will likely make the case that itioh÷ startd with her. she got nowhere with it. once i started talking about it, i got the president to produce this long form birth certificate
7:55 am
in 2011. he had a team physically fly to the state of hawaii to retrieve that paperwork and bring it back to washington, d.c. wow. martha: i think it is somewhat interesting that we have been waiting for him so long. we know he came back into the building quite some time ago. so everybody is out on stage, which is the signal that's given when the candidate is about to come out. clearly everybody is in sort of go mode. it makes you wonder whether or not there is still conversation going on about how they should handle this'f!y issue. my hunch is that the campaign would like him to deal with it and move on quickly. just based on the kinds of things that we have heard them say. we know that jason miller put out a statement last night and said, look, donald trump believes that the president was born in this country. let's move on. so that is the indication, that is the way campaign feels. and donald trump is going to speak his mind as he always does. remember earlier this week, we spoke to kellyanne conway, oh, he will not put the medical
7:56 am
tvov$e seized that moment. turned to the crowd, says what do you guys think? should i show everybody now? they all said yes. pulled the papers out of his pocket, that is what he got. he marchs to his own drummer, there is no doubt about that. bill: we're one hour removed from hillary clinton making a one speech in washington, d.c., a cutting speech, saying trump is not fit to be the president of the united states. we'll have some of her comment in a bit after trump speaks. let again, we'll squeeze in commercial here. we'll bring you the event live in its entirety next. to help you hold the curve... and bold styling to stay ahead of the curve. the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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blue the dog here for propane. you know, i'm just a humble dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels, but i do know that nothing beats the freedom of living out here with propane, people can live where they want, and just as cozy as they want. whether it's a hot bath (no thank you), a warm bedroom, or a perfectly grilled steak. drop it, drop it, drop it proudly independent. proudly american. proudly propane >> that's general mike flynn making remarks about veterans right now and we promised you this event will happen. >> on its own timetable. bill: right. but our colleagues from happening now are going to take over.
8:00 am
have a great friday, everybody, and we will see donald trump. they are quite popular, aren't they? martha: yes, they are. they are selling as hot cakes. jenna: lieutenant mike flien give the opening remark as we have seen in campaign trail for donald trump as he serves for donald trump's advisers. we are awaiting donald trump to address the issue of the day which really has come out could describe no where over the last 24 hours and that is the birther issue. probably not what we expect today talk about, greg, as we take the broadcast and we will bring you back in washington, d.c. when donald trump steps into the microphone. hillary clinton is not wasting any time.


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