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tv   Kennedy  FOX News  September 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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a busy depay on the campaign trail. trump in oklahoma and hillary clinton shortly if washington looking to pad their war chests while ramping up the war of words on a range of issues with just 52 days before election day. we're on the countdown. welcome to a brand new hour. i'm julie banderas. and i'm kelly wright. support from that group shows signs of fading while trump
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hammers away at one of his signature issues, immigration. the remembrance project in houston honoring americans killed by illegal immigrants. >> there are a lot of numbers in the immigration debate. that most important number of all is the number of american lives that is acceptable to lose in the name of illegal immigration. let me tell you what that number is. zero. zero. >> we have live fox team coverage for you from the trail. christen finishsher is followine democrats. but we begin with peter bussey and what was the big scene there today in houston? >> it was all about immigration. we focused with lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick who's now the texas chairman for trump campaign this is notable because he used to do the same job finish the cruz campaign. the lieutenant governor told us
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here illegal immigrants in the lone star state are committing hundreds of thoufs crimes. to bring that to light today trump shared a stage with five family members murdered by illegal immigrants. trump then at one point accused hillary clinton of basically having positions that would make the problem worse and having a desire to get rid of borders altogether. >> the most fundamental duty of government o is to protect american lives. anyone who fails to understand this is not fit to hold public office. >> and the event today here at the omni in houston was very
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somber because so many ten dees had lost loved ones. so not the traditional trump campaign event even though id did focus on his signature issue. >> thank you so much. kelly. >> well as for hillary clinton, the democratic nominee is easing back into campaign mode. sees scheduled to speak next hour at congressional black caucus foundations awards dinner. but as the polls tighten after her health scare, well, some heavy hitters are campaigning on her behalf, including senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. more from washington about this. why is the clinton campaign turning to sanders and warren for additional help now is this. >> well because they are both very popular with the demographic that clinton is having trouble with. clinton is just five points ahead of trump among voters aged
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18-34. normally the democratic nominee would be polling much better. and libertarian candidate gary johnson is really chipping away at her support. so today senator sanders and warren are making the case for clinton across the battleground state of hah ohio. he also urged them to cueto out and vote. even if they think both trump and clinton are, quote, horrible. i hope you will not only come out and vote on election day. i hope you will get involved in the process. register your friends. too many young people are not registered to vote. i hope that you will work with the local campus organization. knock on doors. get off campus. explain to working people and low income people the importance of this election.
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>> and clinton herself expected to dress millennial voters directly in a speech in philadelphia on monday. >> also as the first lady --. here is the question for you. how is the clinton campaign responding to donald trump's comment from last night about her secret service agents and ow they should be stripped of their firearms? >> well, clinton's campaign manager is actually accusing trump, again, of potentially trying to incite violence. he released a statement that reads in part, this kind of talk should be out of bounds just like for a presidential candidate to pedal a conspiracy theory about the president of the united states for five years. so not only is he denouncing trump's letsz see what happens to her comment if clinton body guards give up their dwuns guns. he's also saying you can't erase history especially if you don't
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apologize which is exactly what trump did yesterday. >> christen fisher from our d.c. bureau. thanks. >> and right now we are awaiting a press conference now as state and federal officials, the fbi investigating a pipe bomb explosion in a jersey shore town. investigators say this bomb went off around 9:30 this new york seaside shortly before a marine charity 5-k one. in fact there was a garbage can in which it was hidden and went off about the time that race was supposed to begin. we were told there were no injuries but officials say the blast happened in an area where runners were expected to pass. the fortunate thing in all this, is first of all the race did not start on time and that was the greatest thing that could have happened this morning. what more are you hearing? >> reporter: that is exactly right. the fact that this 5-k charity
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event put on for the simpemper e k race. the fact it didn't start on time may have saved live. no one was injured in the blast. a delay in registration is what probably kept the race from starting on time at exactly 9:30. we're expected to hear in a press conference now over an hour delayed potentially from the new jersey attorney general. the atf, fbi are all on scene. we're going hopefully know more about the explosive device. what kind of device was this? that will help us perhaps figure out who's maybe responsibility. how sophisticated is the device. about 9:35 a blast went off. a four black radius was sealed. police and dog sniffing bombs checked the area. and just ninety minutes south of manhattan. take a look at what system of
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the residents told us they heard and saw. >> it was white smoke and of course the garbage can had a big hole. it was only a flame. and the smoke was coming out. it was loud enough to shake my house. you could feel it. and i'm least ten houses down from the ocean. it is not a minor explosion. it could have been. i think it was deliberate. it is not children or young kids. this is a deliberate thing happening today because of the marines. and the lack of respect among some people in this country for our men in blue and for our servicemen. >> of course some of those neighbors were evacuated from that block and were told they are supposed to return to their homes. they were clearing out that area. bottom line is we specifically asked the prosecutors office spokesman whether or not they believe the runners and the marines were the target of this bomb and they said flat out yes they do because of the timing of the explosion. it went off at 9:35.
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the race was supposed to start at 9:30. the corner of the street where runners would have been passing by. we're expecting a press conference at some point. we're over an hour late to get more in fgs on this. >> they might be getting new information so we'll have that for you live as soon as that happens. thank you brian. >> an si police note was found at the scene of a shooting rampage in philadelphia that left one woman dead and five injured, including two police officers. 25 years nicholas glen walked up to a patrol car and starting shooting the female officer inside. officers near by herd heard the shots and chase the suspect. who use, he used a woman as the human shield and fired into a car killing a woman inside and critically injurying a man before police shot him dead in
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an alley. police believe glen acted alone. two prifrs in texas recoveries. the officers were responding to a call in fort worth. when they arrived they were told a witness was in an outdoor shed. and then they were shot when they were opening the door to the shed. police returning fire killing the gunman. both officers luckily expected to be okay. >> the outpouring in the community is amazing and that is exactly what these fine men and women need. i want you to know our officers are well-trained and well protected. one of the officers only had minor injuries. thanks in part to protective body armor. >> let's talk about tropical depression julia. she's lingering along the coast of the carolinas. expected to bring scattered showers and thunderstorms over the south mid atlantic and part
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of florida. other portions of the u.s. may soon be dealing with heavy rain and flash flooding. >> hi julie. so nice to have you back. >> thank you janice. i haven't actually seen you. we've been on the phone all summer. >> let's get to it. we'll talk later. commercial break. >> here is our tropical depression jjulia. staying mainly off shore. rough beach erosion across the southeast coastline and waves certainly and we'll see how close it gets to to the shoreline but we aren't expecting a lot of strengthening. we're still going to have to watch because we're into peak season as far as tropics go. and tropical storm karl off the coast of africa. again where where he typically look for development of tropical entities and this one is karl and we think it is going to become a hurricane over the next couple of days and scoot pretty
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close to bermuda. we don't think it is going to come close to the u.s. but we'll have to wait and see obviously. and as kelly was mentioning the potential forheavy rain. we have severe weather into parts of southern and central plains. lots of watches including oklahoma city and looks like west of lubbock,'s of albuquerque. the potential for severe storms. >> large hail, damaging winds and even tornados right here at the board of kansas as well as colorado. we're going watch this really closely. the severe threat today exists for the southern and central plains. that is something we'll be watching throughout the afternoon and the evening. kelly of course wonderful to see you too. >> thank you very much. and for all those in those extreme weather centers be on alert. fox news alert. the u.s. military saying one of his coalition air strikes aimed
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at isis may have unintentionally struck syrian forces in the eastern part of the country. russia claims 62 syrian soldiers are dead. the u.s.-led coalition is now calling off air strikes in that area. as u.s. special forces are getting ready to join turkish troops against isis inside the syrian border. a move closely related to the fragile cease fire agreement. let's get the latest from john huddy. >> well, russian military officials say that opposition forces continue to violate the syrian cease fire agreement, blaming in part the united states. russian president vladimir putin says that the u.s. is not doing enough to control u.s.-backed opposition forces in syria and separate some of those rebel factions from our al qaeda's affiliate jabbed al nusra.
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>> and the fighting has continued in syria despite the cease fire. this week rebel forces battled syria's regime outside of damascus and part of western and northwestern syria. another issue is humanitarian aid. syria's government has not ensured safe passage for a u.n. aide convoy stuck on the border for five days and that russia needs to push syria's government act. the trucks are carrying critical supplies to war-ravmged aleppo. tonight strike killed 62 troops in eastern syria. the u.s. military says it's halted air strikes in that region and it wouldn't not intentionally strike a no one syrian military unit. that said though it will only
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likely add to the growing attention, julie. >> thank you. the pentagon say theus got their man. a top isis leader in charge of many of those grotesque execution videos that many of us have seen. what does this kill mean for the group's propaganda efforts? we'll talk it over with a former special forces offer r officer. >> and the clinton campaign rolling out her formal rival as her young voters base shrinks is it too late? where has bernie sanders been? can he convince them to feel the burn for hillary? find out next. tired of re-dosing antacids?
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quick check of the headlines. more than 200 million gallons of waste water link leeked through a massive sink hole and may have reached drinking water. residents are upset because they say no one notified the public. a standoff on an amtrack train outside los angeles ends peacefully. police using tear gas to arrest a man with a gun who barricaded himself in a rail car. forcing the evacuation of nearly 200 pangs traveling to san diego. and florida is tripling the zika transmission zone bringing the total effective area to 4.5 square miles and comes as the health department identified five more possible cases in the area. >> anybody here worrying about
2:21 pm
student debt? all right. well i don't want secretary clinton doesn't want you to be paying off debt for the rest of your life. you got other things to do with your income. >> right there it actually seems like he was still running for president. secretary clinton. she's got there. anyway that is senator bernie sanders reaching out to college students in ohio, addressing a double edged problem for hillary clinton. her support among young voters evaporating nationwide while she's practically tied with donald trump in ohio. so the democrats are calling up the rock stars among millennials and that is senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren. and let's bring in --. bernie is not running that. speech reminded me of when he was on the kpab trail. where has he been?
2:22 pm
where has elizabeth warren been? why haven't when seen them since the democratic national convention. seems late now they are back out campaigning and i know they are trying to get to the young vote. problem is, is it too late? >> great question. and you are absolutely right. we got a preview in july and then we haven't seen those folks. and i think the clinton campaign made the decision that in august voters aren't really paying attention. lot of focus on vacation and headed back to school. so nay really wanted to roll people out in september. expect to sea all the surkts in the come weeks. as dwrn they have work to do to help clinton with millennial voters. she's really struggling there and there is a group of voters essential to the democratic coalition and young vote who are lean liberal didn't support clinton by and large.
2:23 pm
they opted for sanders. so she's now trying to win over a group of voters who were skeptical of her from the start. >> it is interesting you mentioned michelle obama. we didn't hear many you have from her up until recently and if the producers can get that sound of michelle obama we were going to play earlier where she sort of alludes to donald trump but never actually says the name. but we're seeing a lot more michelle obama and for the first time really in a long time seeing a first lady really get involved. but what they face as a challenge is fear. are they scared? there are a lot of young voters that were die hard young liberal voters that voted for bernie. nay voted against hillary in the democratic primary. now all of a sudden they have to change their mind. are they nervous? >> clinton advisors, are not hitting the panic button. the go-do line is they always
2:24 pm
expected the race to tighten. i talked to pollsters. and they have more work to do and both the clinton campaign and the super pack that supports her are stepping up efforts. the challenge is for surrogates for hillary clinton, michelle obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, it is not enough for them to just bash donald trump. and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders do that with gusto. but they also need to make the affirmative case for hillary clinton. because herred a vieshzs note they have concerns about young voters not showing up or defecting to third party candidates. so some of them are shifting to gary johnson, the libertarian candidate. >> clinton faces a challenge winning over millennials in ohio. and that is a state by the way where a lot of non extended, non klein educated people there. and that is a base for donald
2:25 pm
trump. so the what the democrats are trying to do is appeal to the college educated younger millennials and then you have the first lady coming out sort of making digs at trump without necessarily naming him but we know who she's talking about here. let's rl if tape. >> we also need someone who is steady and measured. because when you making life or death, war or peace decisions, a president can't just pop off. >> so clearly you are getting all your heavy hitters coming out. and the question is now can bernie sanders make a difference? can he get his young enthusiastic voters who voted for him on the primary to vote for hillary? can she win it without his supporters? >> she definitely needs his spottiers, it is not enough for hillary clinton to win the age group by a small margin. just getting a win is not enough. she needs to win the age group
2:26 pm
big. what she's having bernie sanders and elizabeth warren do is really highlight key issues that appeal to millennial voters that have been overshadowed in the campaign in the last couple of weeks as we've been talking about candidate's health and different controversies that have bubbled i. em so bernie sanders and elizabeth warren will kind of get back to issues. they will be talking about hillary clinton's college affordability plan and telling these voters, listen, if you liked my plan. if you liked bernie sanders plan to make college affordable you should like hillary clinton's plan to make college affordable. they are hoping to remind millennials that hillary clinton will help them on this front and tell them that donald trump will not. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you comingen. >> thank you. donald trump sparking outrage on the campaign trail by suggesting hillary clinton's security detail should be disarmed and saying, quote,
2:27 pm
let's see what happens to her. was the republican nominee out of bounds? a fair and ambulanced debate next. >> and when is the right time to get the flu shot? oh it is already that time. we were just number. well the earlier the better. why doctors say some people may be getting theirs too early. ♪ it's peyton.
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medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. i think that her bood guards shoup should drop all weapons. i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yeah. yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take their -- let's see what happens to her. take their guns away. it will be very dangerous. >> that's donald trump making
2:32 pm
another provocative statement about the second amendment. the clinton campaign firing back accusing trump of inciting violence and saying the comment was out of bounds. the question is, was it? here to debate is angela -- a fox news political analyst and mark levine. thank you for joining us. do either of you believe that donald trump really means to incite violence towards the democratic presidential nominee, a former secretary of state, a former u.s. senator, hillary clinton? >> of course not. >> i don't think -- >> go ahead mark. >> of course not. >> angela why don't you start. >> listen, of course not kelly. and donald trump saying something provocative, donald trump saying something out of bounds, that is how he won the nomination. this is going a photo finish race. and every issue counts and every voter counts and mark, hillary clinton had a very bad week and
2:33 pm
what do liberals do? deflect deflect deflect. so you know what's dmoenz donald trump. >> deflection when he comes out and say this is. >> i don't think it matters whether he intended it or not. this isn't if first time he suggested people attacking hibbert. and let's remember. we've had presidents being shot. bobby kennedy being killed. this is out of bounds. if hillary clinton even suggesteding in like that you would be all over her. >> i don't believe donald trump can incite violence. if somebody is going to do something wrong they are going to do it anyway. they are look energy a an excuse. >> as mark alluded to, this was mentioned before where donald trump had talked about the second amendment and saying what would happen to hillary clinton if you took that away. that happened wilmington,
2:34 pm
north carolina back in august. this as highly charged presidential election. but also one in which words matter. was trump going uefa script and what impact will this have on both candidates. >> i think trump goes off skrapt lot. i think in fact his campaign would love to keep him on script. and i don't think eh has the power to do that. this it is guy who mocks disabled people. who called john mccain not a war hero. he attacked megan kelly. >> and has negative to do with creating a better america, that has nothing do with making america great again. >> that is the pint. >> 2012 conservatives defeated mitt romney. obama and conservatives defeated mitt romney. i'm have mississippi and what we care about is god, guns and country. >> clinton campaign manager robbie mookie said this. whether this is done to --
2:35 pm
protesters at a rally or casualcasua casually or even as a joke it is an unacceptable quality of anyone seeking the job of commander in chief and went on to say this kind of talk should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate ssmtd mr. trump out of bounds here that is the question i'm asking. >> he is. mitt romney would never have said anything like this. mitt romney respects the office of the presidency too much to suggest anyone harm the president. >> -- >> let me ask you then. because of this statement that trump made. is he losing ground on a basket of deplorables which hillary said and income that is something that he could have capitalized on. but instead e took a turn and started talking about let's see what happens. and now the conversation is about him and no longer about hillary clinton and basket of deplorables. >> this vase far from over. we still have not gotten our october surprise so whatever
2:36 pm
happens now. donald trump now, the mexican judgment i could go down the list. the bottom line he did go overmegyn kelly. but he's still very popular and your candidate is flawed. that is why donald trump can say whatever because he's the only candidate that's made a payroll. he's the only candidate -- >> -- small in terms of hillary clinton not being trust worthy and donald trump not being viewed as being qualified. doesn't that mean both candidates are flawed and both have to work hard to make sure they have ensure getting confidence with the american people. >> i think donald trump is imploring to people who are mentally deficient. i really do. -- >> -- so i guess okay. -- >> -- >> -- four star jebls who have endorsed donald trump. we got to leave it there. mark and angela.
2:37 pm
trying to give you the last word angela but obviously it is more of an argument between the two of you. the debate continues. as each of the presidential candidates show off how wealthy they are, donald trump's running mate is releasing a note from iz doctor with a summary of the medical history and. the letter reads quote, early you are in excellent general and cardiovascular health. you are medically able to maintain your high level of professional work and your physical activities without limitations. >> a drone strike taking out a top isis leader thought to be number three in the hierarchy of the terror group. but wait until you hear what he was in charge of what and what it could mean for islamic state's global outreach. plus we'll dive into the electoral map with a closer look
2:38 pm
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fox news alert. news conference after a scary scene in new jersey. a pipe bomb exploding minutes before a charity run to benefit marines. let's go to an fbi agent who's speaking right now. >> -- again we're working closesly with our federal, local
2:43 pm
and state officials. we are out there conducting interviews. we're out there securing evidence and we're making sure there is no stoeb left unturned. we encourage everyone in the vicinity of that area to keep out of that immediate area to allow law enforcement to render the area safe and to collect evidence. talk us to. if there is anybody out there with information call our 800 number. which is 1-800, call fbi. and select number one. and we're working closely with our partners from the federal, state and local area. at this time because this is an active investigation, we are not taking any questions. let me repeat this. this is an active investigation. and we are not going to be take any questions. we are also unaware of any known
2:44 pm
threat to public safety hat this time. i'm going turn it over to the chief because there is a number of you wondering when you are return home and the chief will give an update in reference to that. >> we have good news from residents who have been displaced in seaside park today. as of 6:00 p.m. all residents will be able to return back to their homes. in c street, d street and e street where the investigation is under way up on the ocean blocks, residents will have to produce id to officers to access their homes at that present time. our beaches will be closed on cd and e street until further and ocean avenue. ed like to thank everyone for their quick response today and thank you very much.
2:45 pm
>> we've been watching the short news conference there from fbi special agent brad cohen as well as police chief francis larkin of seaside park talking about the fact that certain sections of seaside heights park, the beach area has been closed because of what took place this morning. the u.s. marines had gathered to actually have a run. the blast that took place, a pipe bomb allegedly blew up in a trash can near the area before the start of the race, which was the saving grace today. because no injuries were ever reported or sited but they are looking into this. this is an active investigation therefore they have not answered any questions and we've been following the details is and as soon as we get more news from the police chief as well as the fbi we'll bring it to you. other big news out of isis attacks. air strikes killing one of the top leaders. the pentagon saying a precision air strike has put out one of
2:46 pm
top leaders of isis. thought to be the number 3 man in the terror group. defense officials report that a drone bombed his house in syria earlier this month killing the terrorist as he sat on a motorcycle nearby. they say he served as a propaganda chief more isis and was responsible for some of those horrific executions and torture videos that we see on the internet. here was the significance of this kill is the lieutenant colonel mitch --. thank you for talking to us. first, kudos to hur military for taking out this despicable terrorist who celebrated the death of countless innocent victims. propaganda has been a major part of isis defensive in a number of ways. so how significant is faking out its information chief. >> congratulations to the team that located him, targded him
2:47 pm
and really took the shot. it is significant in that he is one of the top five in the isis leadership. it is also significant in that it shows what we've been doing to target isis's multi media global outreach. just last month we took out al al adnani. to the to the top guys response for isis propaganda around the world have been tairn taken out in the last couple of weeks. significant. >> what's the next plan of action? 1k3w4rd what's going happen flexion we all hope is this brings us closer to isis's self declared amir al-baghdadi. the higher you work up the chain of command, the more intel t close you are we're getting to
2:48 pm
al-baghdadi. i think a day is going to come when a coalition puts a held fire missile on top of al-baghdadi and we'll be talking about that again. >> osama bin laden they had to kale lot of the toruses before they could get to him. how much closer do you believe we are at getting to isis's liter al-baghdadi being the prime target here and how much longer do you think it will take for them to find this guy and can him? >> i hope not much longer. he has to know. they all know that the technology of the coalition and specifically u.s. unmanned a en platforms are really watching for these guys. i i think it could be a matter of weeks or months. i would like it to be sooner but this is a hierarchal organization. they will promote from within. so whoever we kill they are going to replace but the real the figure heads are the ones
2:49 pm
that we're removing now. the ridging founding fathers it is really important to take these guys out. >> let's talk more about our campaign in syria at this point we can't with the air strikes. with have a president that is going taking office has a huge burden now to decide what do in in syria. we've made so much ground there. but we haven't actually send boots on the ground so to speak into syria. but but we need to keep the moment going. we can't have a president come in and slow things down because it could take back all the suffice our military men and women have made. what does the next president need do as soon as they take office? ? the next president will continue to increase the special forces on the ground. wear going to sew more troops going into iraq to advise and assist iraqi forces.
2:50 pm
i'd also like to see arab partners moving in to take slack up fro this em. you have to have troops on the ground. better if it's from regional partners. but absolutely necessary army experience forces are with them them. >> thank you very much. wii appreciate it. >> thanks. the will be here before you know it and some people are already preparing to get their flu shots but some health experts say you may need to wait. ♪ ♪
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you may think it's time to get your flu shot with fall fast approaching, some doctors are actually becoming basically saying not so fast. the concern is people will get the flu shot too early people who are 65 and older, some of them are starting right now to get their flu shots, is that a good thing for them? >> it is. the cdc reassured us it's effective for the entire season. there's not enough evidence for the people at this time who will say maybe it will wear off later. for everyone watching this, get your flu shot now. >> that's a sticking point. the report is, if you're 65 and older and you get it not in october but get it in september
2:55 pm
the immunitity of it may wear off and then you're fighting the flu shot. the bottom line is, does the flu shot guarantee that you will not have anything to do with the flu? >> no, it doesn't. it. >> it decreases effectively the ins densz of the flu. that being said, the earlier you get it, it takes about two weeks for it to be effective. by the time you get it, if you get it today, you'll be immunized for when it hits. >> for younger kids, you're saying it lasts for everybody? >> what the cdc is saying, it lasts from october to may. everyone over the age of six months gets the flu shot is the recommendation. >> thank you very much. >>. >> now i'm told we have time, she's already talked about it, go get your flu shot, it's all right. >> it's most effective.
2:56 pm
>> all right. >> we'll be back with more. julie? that is going to do it for us. more news is next with eric and i'll see you back here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. do not be late. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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hello, everyone, i'm marcel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, the pipe gom that exploded. what the fbi just said about this investigation. >> a man ambushes a police officer in her patrol car before going on a deadly shooting spree that left one person dead. >> the polls have been showing donald trump gaining momentum in some critical battleground states. will it be enough to reach 270 votes that he needs to win the white house. we begin with this fox news alert, a race in the streets of an american city and a


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