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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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p.m. eastern. newt gingrich, rudy giuliani, so many others tomorrow right after the debate from hofstra. we hope you'll join us. this is must viewing. you don't want to miss this debate. we'll see you after the debate tomorrow night. from hofstra, say good-bye. >> hofstra university in new york plays host once again to a presidential debate. the one the first of 2016 could be the most watched ever. for the candidates prep time is almost up. the countdown is on to their first one-on-one confrontation. both paused preps today for another one-on-one. a meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu, a debate guest dustup today with talk of invites designed to get under each candidate's skin. who will be there and who won't. >> gjennifer flowers will not b attending the debate tomorrow night. >> and the police-involved
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shooting death sparking new protests and pushing race relations and policing to the forefront of the campaign. >> the policies of hillary clinton have brought only suffering in our inner cities. i's unbearable. and it needs to become intolerable. >> the clinton campaign pressed for policy details on sunday shows. >> hillary has been very specific about policy plans. >> the trump campaign pressured on trump's charity. >> they've not explained how it was the foundation that ended up spending money. >> state and national polls show a race that has tightened. >> i still think we could win this election by a wide margin. >> donald trump's got great president stature, he's a great debater. >> and news from around the nation and around the world on this sunday edition of "special report." good evening. welcome to the campus of hofstra university on long island, site of the first presidential debate. i'm bret baier. jennifer griffin is with the
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clinton campaign in chappaqua and carl cameron is in new york. jen, carl, good evening. and carl, what about the preps for donald trump? we haven't heard a ton about them, the inside. what are you hearing? >> they began after the national convention after sunday afternoon meetings in new jersey. a small team of about five to seven people. and they have escalated to the last few days. a steady stream of advisers and experts going in and out of trump tower and meeting with trump in what are described as loose, laid-back discussions, talking about issues and answers and strategy and tactics for the debate. how to deal with hillary clinton if hillary clinton comes at him. how to try to perhaps get under his skin. how to avoid going too far off message and getting into an insult fest and to be presidential. we've had a steady stream of trump staffers coming in and out of the building all day long and all of them talking up how trump appears to feel and how he appears to be ready for it. again, emphasizing that he is
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loose, he understands what he wants to stay, wa his message is and now it is time to sort of bring the fight, bret. >> jen, it seems like we hear a much more structured prep session with hillary clinton, that it has been going on for some time and it's pretty structured. >> well, i would say that her debate prep is about as opposite as donald trump's as carl described. hers has been formal. she was four days off the campaign trail this week in full debate prep mode, including mock sessions where she would time it out, time out her answers, time out a 90-minute practice session. we tracked her down to the hotel nearby that they were using for the prep session. they've kept everything very secretive. we found her in rye brook, new york, at the doral arrowwood. her longtime and very combative
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aide felipe raines was playing donald trump. and they expect two donald trumps and they want to provoke him. and felipe raines, the choice of him is very telling in how they hope she could provoke donald trump tomorrow night. and perhaps, as a result, alienate female voters. >> if you have covered hillary clinton for any amount of time and you haven't gotten an e-mail from felipe raines, you really haven't covered hillary clinton. he could send some doozies. >> that is for sure. and they always have four-letter words in them. >> carl, you know there is reporting that hillary clinton did a psychological mock-up of donald trump to be able to figure out what ways to get under his skin. did he do the same for her? >> no, he did not. there was some suggestion that perhaps they had done that and in fact they have not. and trump sort of dismisses a lot of the mechanics that the
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clinton campaign is undertaking as artifice, as facade, as baloney. and thinks he has to go out there and be himself. so no, no psychological profiling. he recognizes how to brand people whether this was lil marco or lying ted or crooked hillary. he can certainly play those games. but as he said from the beginning of this entire year and a half long time campaign he is a counterpuncher. and if hillary clinton were to come at him with any of the things she's said on the campaign trail, racist, islamophobic, he has shown what his counterpunch is on the campaign trail by pointing out, in his argument, that hillary clinton's policies have themselves been bigoted and contributed to the hardships that minorities face in this country including some of the very violence being talked about in shart. >> quickly, jen, you often hear
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from the campaigns about what they want their candidate to do, what their strengths will be and how they want to present. but you talk privately with these folks. what are they most worried about when it comes to hillary clinton? are they worried about the coughing stuff that happened weeks ago? what are they worried about? >> they are concerned about a cough. she often has throat lozenges with her. they know that the trump folks try to present this narrative that she is weak or sick. i've seen no evidence of that last week when we were traveling with her. it seems that she's recovered from the pneumonia. but what they want to come out of this is they do want donald trump to come across as unhinged. and they will try to provoke him. and they inslighted mark cuban to sit in the front row. that is part of the calculation as well as releasing on friday those 19 pages of lies that he's told. so they are trying to provoke him hoping that he does to the
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come across as measured donald trump. >> yeah. >> jennifer griffin, carl cameron, two of the best. thank you both. what do you think each candidate needs to do to win the debate? use the #specialreport. some excited folks behind us. the students are out and about here at hofstra. we'll talk to executives from both campaigns. let's start though with georgia senator and trump supporter republican david purdue. senator, thanks for being here. >> i'm glad to be here, bret. >> senator, i want to start with just basic questions. what do you think trump has to do tomorrow night? >> well, i think he has to reveal hillary clinton. hillary is talking about doubling down and giving us a third term of barack obama. and the failed policies. if he stays to that high ground, he wins not only this debate but he goes to the white house. look, this is a trail of tears that she's talking about. and i hope that this debate shows a stark contrast between
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two directions, two totally different directions for our country. one that hillary is espousing and one that donald trump is talking about. >> senator, you know the trump campaign is trying to -- the clinton campaign is trying to tie the trump campaign to vladimir putin and all of his actions. in fact, now you have the western diplomats at the u.n. saying russia is tied to the syrian actions happening currently in aleppo. the clinton campaign is out with an ad and i want to play a little bit of it and get you to react. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> an abc news investigation has found his real estate fortunes have benefited greatly from russian investors putting a get-tough u.s. policy with russia in direct conflict with his bottom line. >> that's one more reason why we're not seeing his tax returns because he is deeply involved with russian oligarchs.
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>> your thought, senator, about their efforts to tie and what ties there are? >> having been in russia, i could speak to this. this is a perfect democratic distraction away from the high ground we just talked about. she wants to make this about donald trump. and really what he's got to talk about tomorrow night is her failings as secretary of state. the russia re-set was hers. she was there when they prematurely pulled ow of iraq and left the door wide open for isis. she also is the one that lied to us about benghazi and her e-mails and about her foundation. so her record as secretary of state is woeful and this is another attempt to distract voters away from the real issues. the real issue coming back again is our ability to defend our country which ties back to what donald trump is talking about, is this economic crisis that you see being manifested in our cities right now with this turmoil. this is a situation that is bigger than donald trump. this movement has been out there
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for several years. i saw it in my race in georgia in 2014. it is not going away. and polls are not picking it up. i really believe that people out there are hurting. they are struggling getting from pay day to pay day and all of the distractions just makes their intensity actually grow, which is a thing that nobody is talking about in this campaign. >> yeah. well, senator, on that issue, on the economy, you are a republican, you are a businessman. and now the nominee of your party is speaking against trade deals. he is against the tpp, the trans-pacific partnership and he talks about trade deals being bad for america, how they've been negotiated in the past and how do you reconcile that with your background? >> what he's saying is the truth. i've said the same thing for 30 years in my career. i wasn't a level playing field. that's all he's asking for is to treat our markets the same way as we treat theirs. and to protect our manufacturers and our workers and i support that fully.
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it is no doubt in the last 40 or 50 years we have not moved since the great society was signed in the 1960s, we haven't moved the needle on domestic poverty but we've moved the needle on poverty because of our open markets and because of these deals that have favored the third world. so he is saying right now until we get this equa librium back, he is for fair trade and making sure that we protect our factories and our workers. that is all i hear him saying, which is the same thing i've been saying all during my career. >> senator, i know you were at the opening of the african-american museum, the smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture the other day. you know there are -- about the issue of how the communities are being dealt with by policing. it is a huge issue with charlotte and tulsa and what we've seen. if you look at the latest poll, donald trump is down 83 points with black voters. how do you think that he can change that dynamic and is he
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trying to change it? >> well, of course, he's trying to change it. i think he's out there talking to that community, as she is. but i really think the issue here is about security. if you talk to people that are in those communities -- and by the way, we have the story that nobody really talked about and that is charleston. you know, when that tragedy happened there, that community came together and gave us a model really, and that's honestly what this african-american museum is all about. it is not just about our history and the history of african-americans and their culture. it is about our future. i believe this president has been one of the most divisive presidents in our history and you see that playing out in our cities today. and hillary clinton is only going to double down on those policies that have created this. i heard some of your guests earlier in the week talk about the economic issues are causing some of this frustration. and i firmly believe that. so when donald trump talks about growing the economy, it's about growing the economy for everybody. and that's what people back home want to hear. >> senator purdue, thank you for your time.
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>> good to see you, bret. >> from the clinton campaign now, michigan representative congresswoman debbie dingle joins us from detroit. thanks for being here. i want to start out like i did with senator purdue, what does hillary clinton have to do tomorrow night? >> well, good evening, bret. and it is good to be with you and to listen to the senator. i think tomorrow night senator clinton or secretary clinton needs to show the world that she's got a plan, that she's got a vision and that is a positive vision for everybody. she also has to show the human side of her. she's got to show what a great world leader she will be, and she has to show that she'll stand up to bullies. >> i played an ad the clinton campaign ran about russia for senator purdue. there is now an ad by the trump campaign dealing with sanctuary cities. he has been out talking about sanctuary cities and the campaign manager for hillary clinton was asked about that specifically today. take a listen, congresswoman.
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>> what do you tell the wife who lost her husband because a sanctuary city released an illegal immigrant from behind bars? this has to end. it will end. if i become president, i promise you, it will end. >> secretary clinton has released a comprehensive plan for immigration reform. this is something she's pledged to do in the first hundred days. we cannot have a situation where anybody is coming to this country illegally and committing crimes. >> i'm not clear, though. does she want to end sanctuary cities or not? >> well, i think that is too narrow a view of this situation. >> again, sanctuary cities are places where the federal immigration laws are not enforced when it comes to illegal immigrants. so congresswoman, is hillary clinton for sanctuary cities? >> i'm going to agree with how he said it. we have got to get comprehensive immigration reform in this country.
8:15 pm
and i'm going to tell you, bret, i'm deeply offended by the tone of the dialogue that has happened during this campaign. i come from dearborn, michigan, which has a very significant muslim population. they're good and loyal americans. they're scared to death by some of the rhetoric they've heard during this campaign. i think we've got to stop this hateful division and hate that we have seen during this campaign, and one of the reasons why i support secretary clinton so strongly is because she wants to stop this hateful rhetoric we've been seeing during this campaign. >> i understand the rhetoric argument and it turns back to donald trump. but i guess the real question is on this issue of sanctuary cities that there have been families that have lost loved ones as a result of illegal immigrants, you know, committing crimes. is she for it? and it is tough to get -- an answer. >> i'm going to -- again, that is a very -- each of these
8:16 pm
situations is a complicated situation. there are families that have lost loved ones because of people -- because of americans. everybody goes after the muslim population and in oklahoma we've also done by michigan militia and we keep asking these narrow shod questions. there are people that should not have died. we are against it. she is. we need comprehensive immigration reform and we have to stop being afraid with it and we have to start to deal with it in this country. >> okay. some of the narrow things are where campaigns pick at each other and run ads on both sides, the clinton campaign and the trump campaign. i want to turn to another sming that will come up and challenge hillary clinton tomorrow. the honest and trustworthy numbers, congresswoman, if you look at any poll, hillary clinton is upside down significantly in honest and trustworthy numbers. this is "the washington post" and abc poll, and not honest and trustworthy up to 60%. that is worse than donald trump is. this is a major issue, isn't it?
8:17 pm
>> well, donald trump is trying to make it a major issue. let's also look at the fact that nonpartisan groups have looked at what donald trump have said and have said more than 70% of the facts he's put out there are not true. she has been out there since first lady since the '90s. she is, as president barack obama said, the most experienced person to ever run for president. donald trump doesn't give us details or facts. he spends all of his time taking pot shots at her. during the next 43 days that are left, she will show people who the real hillary clinton is. she's got to show people that she is a woman that tells the truth, that has control and substance and tomorrow night's debate is a very important debate for her. >> critics say that she has been on the campaign trail saying she's not donald trump and going after donald trump a lot but not talking about policy as much. do you -- can you address that criticism?
8:18 pm
>> i think there is never -- i think that hillary clinton has laid out more policy, laid out more substance, given you more fact, given you more vision. i think that's what her biggest problem is. she's too much of a policy wonk. she loves to talk details. she loves to to find details and solutions and that's what happened with health care in the '90s and with health care in the '90s and what happened and she was right there and back at it and helping to get the insurance program through and the biggest challenge is the real people side of her that i've known since we both espoused in the '90s. she's a real person and she is defensive and that has contributed to the perception and i want people to see the hillary clinton that i have known that has been my friend for a long time and that when john almost died two years ago was the first person to call me in intensive care. and i could go back through and through. that is part of the problem. she would rather talk policy every single minute than show that hillary that is real and caring.
8:19 pm
>> congresswoman dingle, we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, bret. coming up, the legal battle over selfies in the voting both. first amendment versus the secret ballot. we've been talking about those psychological work-ups on opponents in this campaign to help them prep. what does that do? what does that tell them? how could it help? and the panel joins me next to preview tomorrow night's showdown. hi! welcome to the katy kat collection.
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if she treats me with respect, i will treat her with respect. it really depends. people ask me that question, are you going out there and do this and that. i really don't know that. you will have to feel it out when you are out there.
8:23 pm
>> what i expect to see her do tomorrow is certainly defend herself from what trump may say, but at the end of the day paint this positive vision. that is really what's animating her to run for president. >> vice presidential nominee on the sunday shows talking about the debate. we're here at hofstra and they are expecting huge numbers. could be 100 million plus, if you take a look at a chart here, you can see the debates of the different years and the different presidential cycles. the record-holder before this was 1980, a little bit more than 80 million viewers there. there was only one debate that year between reagan and carter. it happened right before the leaked that year. and you could see the estimate of 100 million. we'll see if it comes out to be that. 2012, 67.2 for the obama/romney first matchup. let's bring in the panel. scott benson, from town and ed geren, for the washington
8:24 pm
post, charles hurt for the washington times and caitlin hue burns reporter for real clear politics. so set the scene for us here, as you listen to the sunday shows today and everybody is jockeying for expectations, they are ready. >> the expectations are baked into the cake. i know both campaigns are trying to prespin this and get the playing field to their advantage, but the american people expect hillary clinton to do well and there are lower expectations for donald trump. she's been at this game for 30 years, he's a new-comer to electoral politics. so they can try to say well, she's this wonderful debater as the republicans have or say will trump is very good and he's had extensive background on television and if you look at "the washington post" and abc news poll, it's a double-digit advantage for hillary clinton in the terms of expectations which is a disadvantage if she fails to exceed or meet those expectations. >> and i was surprised when the clinton campaign went out with how much she is getting ready and the books and the prep
8:25 pm
sessions with felipe raines. were you? >> yes. they have kept real details of her prep very close to the vest until just the last couple of days. now is the time, i guess. but i was surprised they are giving trump as much credit as an opponent as they have by revealing the length and depth of her preparation. much of the strategy in earlier weeks was to essentially say, hillary clinton has been a champion debater for many years and she has the experience and the preparation. she's not scared of him. she'll do fine. and now, it really appears that they are in a way actually building him up. >> so everybody wants to weigh in on this debate. and everybody has their two cents about what each person or each candidate has to do, including the president of the united states and the house speaker. >> be yourself and explain what
8:26 pm
motivates you. because i will tell you, i've gotten to know hillary and seen her work and seen her in tough times and in good times. she's in this for the right reasons. >> over prepare. look, hillary clinton's been doing this most of her life. she's the consummate pro. this is new for donald. so i think he should over-prepare for it. >> i don't know if he's overprepared. doesn't sound like it. the campaign is not putting it out there. >> they are not putting it out there. i think they are trying to project him as a calm and cool customer. this is his first time really in a one-on-one debate performance. remember in the primary, he didn't face anybody one-on-one, he had a couple of opponents, so this is a new thing for him. he's trying to show that he could handle it. he's been setting the expectations that clinton has been busy preparing and i think that sets expectations for himself as well. >> john?
8:27 pm
>> you talk about things being built into the -- going into the debate. one of the things that donald trump has built in for him is that whatever -- she's going to have to go after him. whatever she goes after him on, and this is his advantage throughout the election, he can just go back and point away from himself and point to her actual record and point to -- and during the republican primary, he's able to do this with the republicans on stage. but now with hillary clinton actually running for obama's third term and no matter what she -- and she is going to have to attack. no matter what she attacks him on, he can sort of deflect and give some basic answer but then go back to her record and which i think for the most part is pretty disappointing. >> obviously, guys, she on policy, as we talked about with congresswoman dingle, is working. she knows a lot about the details. however, this is or it's
8:28 pm
supposed to be a change election in which people are upset with the way washington work and the establishment in general. that does not benefit her to start with. >> it does not. and if you look at the right track and wrong track numbers, they are very disparate for many years with a vast majority of the american people saying we're on the wrong track. so a line that trump has started to use more frequently and powerfully on the trail is nothing will ever change if you vote for hillary clinton. he should use that and pound away at that tomorrow night. and on the over-preparation front and what we heard from paul ryan, donald trump does not have to go blow for blow with her on politics. no one expects him to do that. if he comes out and is all of a sudden a savant on policy, i would fall out of my chair. it is not going to happen. >> but wouldn't it be great? >> all highway has to do is be a thoughtful presence. he has to show up and have people say, okay, i expected him
8:29 pm
to do x but in fact he did y and that actually makes me feel a little bit better. that's the bar for him. that's a good bar to have. >> and meantime today, we had excitement with the mark cuban sitting in the front row and then suddenly gennifer flowers may come back and be invited. and then they walked away from that saying it was just donald trump in a tweet counterpunching. >> but mark cuban is going to be in the front row. >> yes, he is. the clinton campaign are very pleased with themself for having landed what they consider to be a big fish. >> we should point out that cuban is a businessman and owner of the dallas mavericks but a vocal trump critic. he tweets trump all of the time and talks about him. >> exactly. they think here is a guy who is trump's peer in a way that no politician is on trump's own ground and he can get under trump's skin in a way that even sometimes clinton herself cannot. at least, that's their theory of the case.
8:30 pm
so having him right there kind of making faces or whatever he is going to do in the front row, they figure is to their advantage. >> gennifer flowers tweeted, charlie, that she would be willing to come. >> and others did, too. and it would be hugely entertaining. but the trump campaign was probably wise to sort of cut that down and just sort of let mark cuban do his thing. and honestly, what will he do? make faces? put rabbit ears up. i don't really understand what the -- i would be surprised if trump actually allows that to get under his skin. >> but what about the whole thing with the psychological outlook and the planning about what sets him off? >> right. well both campaigns are trying to underscore the weaknesses of the other. so when you look at "the washington post"/abc poll today, and other polls, temperament is donald trump's weakness. honesty and trustworthiness is clinton's weakness.
8:31 pm
you will see they'll both try to highlight that for the other. so trying to get behind the psychology of donald trump, trying to beat him in a way that doesn't overdo it, which is a big challenge, is a way to expose the question of temperament. and that raises the question of who is the audience for both of these candidates to? are they trying to expand the base of support or are they trying to rally their respective bases? and i think we'll get a lot of answers tomorrow night. >> over or under 100 million? >> i think over. >> everything has been blockbuster this year. >> over. >> seven in ten people say they are going to watch. >> over. >> over. >> i really feel bad for the atlanta falcons and the new orleans saints fans. you know. i mean, there will be other games. thank you, panel. coming up, the battle between the oklahoma cowboys and the humane society and how the november election will make a difference on local issues. plus congress gets ready to vote to override president obama's veto of the 9/11 bill. that's the first veto override possibly in this administration. we bring our capitol hill producer in to see if they have
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two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. welcome back to hofstra, the site of the first presidential debate. you're looking at spin alley here. this is where, after the debate, representatives of each campaign will literally come to spin reporters about how their candidate did. now we know the broad topics that moderator lesser holt is going to talk about and actually a lot of questions could fit in each one of those buckets. but one topic sure to be addressed is the recent spate of police officer-involved shootings that have sparked protests in various cities. so joining me now is fox news sunday host and moderator of the third presidential debate, my colleague chris wallace. chris, secretary clinton called for the dash cam and the body
8:36 pm
cam videos in charlotte, north carolina, to be released by the police officers there in the shooting death of keith scott. those videos have now been released. so how did the clinton campaign respond? >> interestingly enough, the campaign is now saying let's wait for the full investigation. what makes that interesting is her immediate response was to say that the shootings both in tulsa and in charlotte were unacceptable and intolerable, and a bunch of people jumped on that, particularly from the trump campaign saying that she had already judged that the police response in charlotte was inappropriate. they now are backing off and saying, let's wait and see what the investigation is. >> chris, debate guest seating became a big deal over the last 24 hours. donald trump tweeting out a response after the clinton campaign said they were going to put mark cuban, the businessman who is a vocal trump critic, in the front row to try to get under his skin. trump tweeting out that he may
8:37 pm
invite gennifer flowers, talking about the affair with bill clinton and put her in the front row. you talked to trump's running mate governor mike pence, what does he think about that tweet and that possible invite? >> the trump campaign is running away from the whole flowers issue as quickly as possible. mike pence defended it saying, well, look, they started this whole food fight by bringing up the fact that they're inviting mark cuban to sit in the front seat. they say that trump was trying to show he knows how to fire back. but they say there's absolutely no intense of having her there and they seem to want to forget this whole thing. >> there is a lot of possibilities when it comes to the dynamics of things tomorrow night and what do you think is the most important for viewers to watch out for? >> there was a very interesting "wall street journal" poll in the middle of this week. and it showed that the people's main concerns about trump are his tem prment and the language he uses talking about women and minorities. as for clinton, the main concern
8:38 pm
they have are her private e-mails and her actions as secretary of state in the middle east. in that sense, it seems to me that what trump has to do is deal with people's views of who he is, how he behaves. clinton has to deal with people's views of what she's done on the record and as to who has a tougher job, we'll have to wait and see tomorrow night. >> chris, thank you. see you tomorrow night. a group of 100 protesters peacefully demonstrated outside of the carolina panthers stadium this afternoon. and some of the protests did turn violent stemming from the death of keith scott who was shot and killed by a black police officer. video has been released but has not settled the questions about whether scott threatened authorities with a gun before he was killed. just a few minutes ago, charlotte's mayor lifted the curfew that was implemented last week. washington police have
8:39 pm
arrested a 20-year-old suspect in friday's mall shooting that killed five people. arcan cetin was seen by police patrol and arrested without incident following a massive manhunt. the arresting officer said that the man was in a zombie-like state when taken into custody and being held without bond. and faces five counts of the first-degree murder. so far police have searched his apartment but said they don't know what his motivations were at this point. they say nothing has pointed to terrorism so far. they're not ruling it out. this man immigrated to the u.s. from turkey and went to high school in washington state. friday president obama officially vetoed a bill that would allow 9/11 victims and their families to sue saudi arabia for possibly supporting the 9/11 terrorists. lawmakers think they have the votes to override the veto, but with the election just weeks away, will they go through with this vote? here to help answer that question, we have our senior capitol hill producer chad pergram.
8:40 pm
good evening, chad. what do you think? what is going to happen and why now? >> we'll have a vote in a couple of days starting in the united states senate and one of the reasons this is going to happen is because republicans and frankly some democrats have a chance to override the president on a national security issue just a couple of weeks before the election in light of the terrorist attacks in new york and new jersey and also in minnesota. president obama has never had a veto overridden and that is probably going to happen sometime in the next week and a half, it will start in the united states senate. it needs a two-thirds vote. and again as i say, this is going to be bipartisan. chuck schumer, the democratic senator from new york, he indicated he was very upset, disappointed, in fact, with what the president had done and said we're going to have a sound override here in the next, i would say, two or three days. >> and so then, let's say it gets overridden in the senate and it goes to the house, right? >> absolutely. paul ryan, the speaker of the house there, he is skeptical about this bill. he kind of tipped his hand the other day indicating he might not vote.
8:41 pm
it's customary that the speaker of the house doesn't vote. maybe only a handful of types over the year. but he has some reservations with this piece of legislation, even though he thinks it's going to go forward. take a listen. >> i do have concerns about it because i worry about legal matters. i worry about trial lawyers trying to get rich off of this. and i worry about the precedence. and at the same time the victims need to have their day in court. >> and so we'll have this veto override probably in the senate the next couple of days and it would go to the house probably after that, bret. >> last thing, any last-minute efforts to avoid this or change this? >> yeah, there were certainly movements by the saudis to try to create a carve-out on this. you had a couple of democrats and republicans on the house side who were involved in armed forces issues concerned about that, writing letters that have been going out here. but i have to tell you, those talks have gone nowhere. we think there is a two-thirds vote in both the house and the senate and i should point out that there is a provision in the
8:42 pm
bill which would allow the president to ask for a court stay on this if necessary. >> okay, chad, as always, thank you. keeping us honest up there on the hill. the battle over abortion is always part of the presidential election, but this year it's the current administration's policies that have pro life advocates really upset. correspondent shannon bream explains why. >> pro-life advocates say the obama administration is once again doing an end run around congress. using executive power to change policy in a way dozens of gop lawmakers say appears to be quote, an attempt to subvert the will of elected representatives. the department of health and human services or hhs have proposed federal regulation that will tell state and local governments how they can and cannot spend money in order to plan family service. a number of states have set guidelines to full service community health centers
8:43 pm
rather than planned parenthood that have performed abortions in the most recent annual report. the presidents is praising the report saying that the obama administration is protecting access to health care for millions of people. not everyone agrees. >> once again you have this administration that has an unholy ally wednesday the abortion industry protecting them and saying, states, you don't have the right to decide who provides the best services for women's issues. we'll tell you that you cannot make that decision. and you know what? that's brong. >> gop congresswoman diane black who is also a registered nurse has drawn forces with joni ernst to author a letter to ask hhs to reconsider. rarely do the american people benefit when the federal government attempts to substitute its judgment for that of state or local governments particularly when the criteria used to inform that judgment are unclear and that judgment is not supported by coherent and impartial farkts.
8:44 pm
in its proposed rules, hhs cites attempts of those states to defund planned parenthood by directing title ten funds elsewhere. it leads to increased barriers to health care especially among low income and minority community. critics including blacks say much of the research relied on bhhs comes from a group that was not only named after a former planned parenthood president but was originally housed within planned parent hood's structure. comments are being accepted by the hhs through october 7th. >> shannon, thank you. we'll follow that. up next we've got more from the campus of hofstra university. we're here. the students are out and about. the first presidential debate this cycle. hillary clinton, donald trump head-to-head tomorrow. keep it here. keep it here.
8:45 pm
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welcome back to welcome back to hofstra university. when you place your vote, most of the time you get one of those stickers that says "i voted." but more and more people are proving they exercised their right with a selfie and not everyone is smiling about it. senior correspondent eric sean is in new york tonight with that story. good evening. >> good evening, bret. an 18th century safeguard so protect the integrity of the vote has up against a 21st century technology at the polls. selfies in the voting booth are at the center of a federal case. new hampshire is appealing a district court ruling that struck down that state's selfie ballot ban. >> a secret vote is very important to the preservation of
8:49 pm
liberty. >> the venerable secretary of state of new hampshire, william gardner, say selfies violate a bedrock principle dating back to the founding fathers, protecting the privacy of the ballot box. in the 19th century the secret ballot was meant to stop vote buying and intimidation. almost 30 states ban photos. including selfies and gardner says it should stay that way. >> it's part of what a lot of people fought and died for, the right to have a free and independent vote. and not to be fearful of being able to vote that way. >> this to me is an idiotic law. >> republican state representative leon rideout put his ballot on twitter and facebook. he's one of three acl, plaintiffs who sued the state. >> there's no evidence that because somebody takes a picture of their ballot and post it
8:50 pm
online that that is going to increase vote buying and selling. >> he also says the ban violates the first amendment. >> all the cases were a matter of free speech. one guy protesting that he
8:51 pm
selfies included. >> thank you. some breaking news and we're getting multiple reports from pennsylvania and nicknamed the king, arnold palmer, one of the best in golf, period. we're told he died at his home, tonight. member of the hall of fame. he won the presidential medal of freedom in 2004. largely credited with really taking the game of golf to a different level. his battles with jack nicholas. his starting for senior tour events. arnie's army followed him around. and he was a star in this
8:52 pm
nation. he was an ambassador for golf. until now, multiple reports saying age 86, arnold palmer has passed away. we'll talk to jim gray at the other side of the break. arnold palmer, 87 years old. eak arnold palmer, 87 years old. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer vo) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication
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>> this is a fox news alert. sad news out of pennsylvania. a family source confirming that arnold palmer has died at age 87. the man popularizing the game of golf. a seven time major winner. he chachged the game forever. joining me now on the phone, jim gray. jim, your thoughts on this day? >> well, bret is very sad. he was referred to as the king.
8:56 pm
arnie's army and he popularized the sport. he brought it into the television era. he had time for everybody. he was a great golfer and had tremendous charisma and he was so enveloping. he was so inclusive. he wasn't exclusive in an exclusive game, he took his arm and put it around everybody. he was a great champion. won all of the major championships except for the pga. was second there a number of times. this is a huge, huge loss for golf. we saw at augustañi national an honorary golfer. he didn't take a swing this year. he did the year before. you can see he was not doing as well as he had been. the end of a brilliant life. made a lot of people happy. >> you know, jim, we're starting to get tweets from golfers like
8:57 pm
ricky fowler, zach johnson. pretty much everyone will weigh in here in counting minutes when you hear word that arnold palmer has died. he obviously had the tournament at bay hill every year. and was really active up until the end with the game of golf. a game he changed. >> well, he did change it. and of course, television came of age with arnold palmer and he has just a legion of fans and when jack nicholas first came on the scene, he turned out to be a greater golfer, perhaps the greatest golfer ever. but arnie still had all of the fans and caused jack a tremendous amount of consternation. and this is a game where
8:58 pm
everybody and still, it was exclusive because it was expected and he had to have a lot of time and a country club background. because of his humble upbringing in pennsylvania to what he accomplished. you just saw in him what everybody could be and i just remember in later years, you know, he would reach out. he tried to reach out for his problem. when he was in a tournament, everybody stopped. he was the mohammed ali of golf. he was that guy. >> he really was. he was from pennsylvania, went to wake forest university on a golf scholarship. he was kind of an every guy, an every man. then, he went out there and started playing in tournaments, it changed. they weren't making money in the beginning. the purses were nothing. but because of the tv
8:59 pm
followship, eventually fighting jack nicholas in the duels, the purses went up. today's golfers have arnold palmer to credit for that. >> they do. when you think about things we all know, look at the arnold palmer drink. you can go into my restaurant almost in the world and order an arnold palmer. they know what you mean. iced tea and lemonade. used to be when we're growing it it was shirley temple. he took that over and that brought the game of golf with it. he was able to do that. and he started the golf channel. so he has left this impreimpresn throughout person society and being able to play golf from very, very humble beginnings. >> jim, i have to wrap up.
9:00 pm
i appreciate it, jim gray joining us on the phone. arnold palmer, golf's legend dies. we're here at hofstra university getting ready for the debate. but the big news, arnold palmer dead at age 86. breaking tonigh exactly 24 hours away from what could prove to be the most important night of the 2016 election as hillary clinton and donald trump square off in the first presidential debate. it's happening. a debate that is largely expected to break records especially becoming the most watched political event of all time. welcome to a special live sunday edition of "the kelly file." at this time tomorrow the candidates will be on stage and the outcome of this race could hang in the balance. a brand new abc news washington post poll shows hillary clinton beating donald trump by just two points now 49-47 within the margin o


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