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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the trump campaign slams "the new york times" for an article out today that suggests the republican candidate may not have paid federal taxes for 18 years. we are live outside trump tower. hillary clinton is in her own hot water. a hacked audio recording of her criticizing bernie sanders' young millennial supporters back in february is now public. those are the very same voters she's trying to mobilize to vote for her in november. let me tell you what she said. and tracking matthew. the monster hurricane sweeping through the caribbean. will it hit here at home on the u.s. mainland? our fox extreme weather center has got details coming up.
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thank you so much for spending part of your sunday with us. i'm shannon bream. >> nice to be with you at home. it's a busy sunday. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. roughly 20 hours into the month came the first october surprise of this election season. "the new york times" reports donald trump may have avoided paying taxes for nearly 20 years. this based on a 1995 tax return leaked to the newspaper. now, trump is facing scrutiny. "the times" facing a potential lawsuit. peter doocy is live outside trump towers and how the campaign is reacting this sunday. >> hi. all y all we've seen is three pages of
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a tax return from 1995. they reveal it would have been legal for donald trump not to pay federal income taxes for 18 years after 1995 because that's a year he lost more than $900 million, and that's just how far the law works. you lose that much money, you don't pay taxes for that long. this was first reported by "the new york times," whose reporters admit they don't really know where the documents came from. they just arrived in the mail, but the trump campaign now says that, quote, the only news here is that more than -- is that the more than 20year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained, a further demonstration in "the new york times," like establishment media in general, is an extension of the clinton campai campaign, the democratic party, and their global special interests, and trump surrogates are out this morning explaining they think this shows trump is just a law-abiding businessman. >> if donald trump hadn't taken those losses, he could have been sued by his investors. he could have been sued by his business partners. >> reporter: and it's not all
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tax talk from the trump team. they're also trying to court bernie sanders' supporters by hitting hillary clinton for telling donors at a fund-raiser in february that she only thinks bernie sanders appealed to children of the great recession. >> hillary mocks him and mocks all of those people by attacking him and his supporters as living in their parents' basements and trapped in dead-end careers. that's not what they are. she describes many of them as ignorant, and they want the united states to be more like scandinavia but that half the people don't know what that means. >> reporter: trump is spending today off the campaign trail preparing for the next debate. we've heard him talk a lot lately about how he wants to start going into more of the details on the stage about hillary clinton's personal life. last night in pennsylvania telling a crowd he doesn't think hillary is loyal to her husband
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and then rhetorically asking the crowd, why would she be? >> we've heard the clinton campaign already gearing for those attacks. peter doocy live in new york. thanks, peter. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton just wrapped up a stop in charlotte, north carolina, visiting parishioners a at local church on the heels of a leaked audio recording of her that's raising some questions. rich is live in charlotte with the clinton campaign. >> reporter: good afternoon, shannon. hillary clinton has just left this church here. she addressed the african-american congregation just a short while ago talking about the shooting from a couple weeks ago that prompted the rioting in charlotte, north carolina. she said she's calling for prayers for the family members and the man killed, but she also stressed we should remember the families of police officers who have been killed in the violence of late, specifically mentioning the shooting in dallas from a couple months ago. she also knocked donald trump
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saying some believe this will be solved by law and order while ignoring systemic racism. hillary clinton and that campaign are going after the obama coalition trying to get as many of them, younger voters, african-american voters, to show up to the polls. she performed well among african-american voters here according to a fokx news exit poll during the primaries against bernie sanders and she needs the voters to come out during the general election. it's another tight presidential race here in north carolina. the real clear politics average in the state of north carolina, the handful of polls shows donald trump with a very slight lead, 44% to 43.7%. and in appealing to african-american voters during monday's debate from earlier last week, she talked about changes that she wants to the criminal justice system. >> so i have ever since the first day of my campaign called for criminal justice reform. i've laid out a platform that i think would begin to remedy some
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of the problems we have in the criminal justice system. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is also responding to that leaked audio reported by the "washington free beacon" where she is addressing a few months ago a number of fund-raisers. she tries to explain to them why people would vote for bernie sanders. she's talking about younger voters. she says that these folks are finished with their education, and then they realize they don't get the jobs that they thought they would get. she gives the example of a barista where their future isn't exactly what they hoped it to be, and so they turn to bernie sanders and his rhetoric about a political revolution. in responding to the criticism over those comments, the clinton campaign said in a statement, quote, as hillary clinton said in those remarks, she wants young people to be idealistic and set big goals. she's fighting for exactly what the millennial generation cares about most, a fairer, more equal, just world. here in charlotte, clinton is scheduled to meet with local community leaders, and she heads
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back to westchester, new york, back home for the rest of the weekend. back to you. >> rich edson in charlotte. let's bring in daniel hall per. nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> it's interesting when you look at this "new york times" report on trump's taxes because they have these three pages of tax documents, as peter doocy pointed out, and then they go on to wildly speculate bf what they could mean without really any facts. >> right. we have no idea whether or not he didn't pay taxes for 18 years. they're just raising all these pocket possibilities. one of the problems when you don't disclose information is when people get a little bit of information, they tend to guess the rest. that's what we have here. we don't know what donald trump has done in terms of his income taxes. he hasn't released any of them. we now have a little bit -- a couple pages from 1995, one year, and people have begun to guess the rest. there is a way he can fix it, of course, which is just to release
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it, or people will continue to guess and continue to speculate. >> there may be more coming. there may be more october surprises. interesting to your point though about whether or not trump fixes this by just releasing everything. we know that he has said in the debate that he sort of makes him smart if he hasn't paid income taxes. bloomberg politics reporting this morning that the trump camp is saying, nope, we're not going to release anymore. we're going to stay the course. how does that play, do you think? >> i think it's tricky. he's trying to make a couple arguments. one being he's as rudy giuliani said a genius for writing off close to $1 billion worth of losses in 1995 but he's also trying to say he's a genius businessman. so which is it? is he a genius businessman who also lost $1 billion in one year? there's some inconsistencies, and i think that's where this becomes a problem for him politically because if he's such a good businessman, why is he losing so much money?
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okay. well, everybody has had bad years before. some years are better than others, but it does hurt his argument, which is one of his strongest arguments, i'm very successful and very good at business. if i just did what i did for my own business, but if i did it for the united states government, we'd all be in much better shape. i think politically that's the issue. >> there's sort of a contradiction in the arguments. is this evidence that the trump campaign was caught wildly off-guard by this report, came out like 9:00 last night, posted on "the new york times" -- >> i'm not sure they were caught wildly off-guard. they seemed to have responded very quickly -- >> but your point though is they responded, but it seemed as though the response has raised more questions than it has sort of been a coherent line of thinking and argument. >> yeah. if it were up to them, they wouldn't have put it out. this is why they haven't released it. if they thought it showed trump to be a genius, they would have released it themselves. they didn't want it out i think it's safe to assume but we'll
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see how they take it. >> you did a lot of great reporting on clinton's foundation, clinton's tax returns. when she said she was dead broke when she left the senate up until present day. as gleeful as the clinton campaign is right now about this tax return issue coming out, does this then bring back up all the clinton foundation issues, all the clintons' tax returns, all the money that bill clinton gave giving speeches while hillary clinton was secretary of state? >> i think it raises a larger question. each side has said we never broke the law. the trump campaign said we never broke the law. hillary clinton, of course, has maintained she's never broken the law, but it raises the question, within the law there are actions people can do that still make you look, you know, that don't look so good. so there are questions about hillary clinton and her foundation and the speaking fees and the people who have given her paid personal checks to her and her family and what they might be seeking in return. likewise, it might not be illegal, but we can ask questions and we can say this is
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not good. sage same i think with donald trump. when money is exchanged, a lot of people wonder what the motives are. juf to wonder if the trump campaign will try to pivot back. >> i'm sure they will try. >> daniel, appreciate your time. >> thanks. >> shannon? >> since president obama took office, one state has taken the lead in pushing back against what critics call a massive abuse of executive power. and that's texas. from issues like obamacare and immigration to voter id and transgender policy directives for school, the legal battles have many. there could be another brewing over the state's decision to withdraw from the state's refugee program. greg abbott has been on the front lines and joins us live from austin. governor, thank you for giving us some of your time. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> i know you have serious concerns about the refugee problem. the feds need to help you at the same time. what are your worries? >> well, first, shannon, texas has helped in the refugee program more than any other state. the problem comes from the federal government itself.
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remember this, the department of homeland security just recently said in a revealed document that refugee fraud is easy to commit but hard to detect. the secretary of state said that isis sometimes infiltrates the refugee system. remember the fbi, the director of national intelligence, all said they are incapable of vetting refugees from syria, and, shannon, we've experienced this in the state of texas. it was earlier this year when a refugee from iraq was arrested by the fbi because of his plot to blow up a mall. you know, the federal government doesn't have either the capacity or the will to keep afe in the . texas will not be an accomplice to this dereliction of duty to the united states of america. >> my understanding is you asked repeatedly for assurances so you could be sure that the people you take in and those you want to help would be properly vetted. what response did you get?
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>> well, you're exactly right, shannon. we repeatedly during the course of this year asked for more information from federal authorities so that we could participate in ensuring that we were keeping our fellow texans safe, that we wouldn't have another incident like what happened in houston, texas, with this iraqi refugee, and they told us no at every turn. they would not share the information with us. they would not help us in any way to ensure that we would be able to protect texans. >> all right. you also have an issue with budgetary concerns as well because taking care of people costs money. there are a lot of costs associated with resettlement. my understanding is you were worried that you'd get sent more people than you could afford to help. >> right. well, the way this is supposed to work is there is actually a contract and a deal between the states and the federal government as well as immigration resettlement agencies where we're supposed to have some say in the process. there was a limit of the number of people they were going to be relocating to the state of
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texas. both the federal government and the relocation agency said, sorry, texas, you have no role here, no say here whatsoever. you have to take whatever we're going to dictate to you. we said, listen, we're not going to be a pawn in your scheme here. if this is a one-way street that we don't get to have a partnership in, we don't get to participate in any way whatsoever, we're out. >> okay. while we have you and because it's election season, i want to ask you as well about the issue of voter id. there's obviously a law in play. there's questions about fraud. when i tweeted out you were going to come on and possibly talk about this one of the tweets i got back is it's a gop myth. i know as attorney general of texas, you may have had a difference experience. >> first, before i was governor i was the attorney general, and i prosecuted voter fraud across the state of texas, but, shannon, the problem has grown more complicated. look at the story that came out last week where you had a lot of dead people registered to vote in virginia.
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it's not just in virginia where that happens. it turned out the study i saw showed this was a scheme where people on a college campus registered these dead people to vote. also as you probably noted it was last week where the fbi indicated there was at least one, maybe more than one state, whose system had been hijacked by these interstanet hackers. they have access now to data about voters in certain states. voter identi.d. is one way to pt against that danger. >> we'll keep an eye on it. you keep us updated governor. good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. speaking of the supreme court, the supreme court returns to the bench tomorrow. one justice short. local catholics here in washington prayed for the justices and the court this morning at the 64th annual red mass. five justices and attorney
10:16 am
general loretta lynch attended the prayer service always held the sunday before the new term begins. kristin fisher is here with a look at how the court's docket is shaping up. >> the absence of a ninth justice is really forcing the eight remaining justices to look for less contentious issues on which they are less likely to be split by 4-4 votes. so this term you aren't going to see any big, blockbuster cases on health care and same-sex marriage. you will see the case lee versus tam. simon tam is the leader of an asian american rock band from oregon. they wanted to trademark their band's name but their request was denied because the u.s. patent and trademark office thought the name was offensive and racially disparaging. so tam and the slants sued and a federal appeals court ruled in their favor. they said the government can't
10:17 am
penalize public speech. the patent office appealed to the supreme court and now this case has caught the attention of a far more well known entity with an equally questionable name, the washington redskins. the patent office recently canceled their trademark for similar reasons. so far the justices say they will only address the band's claims. another case involving free speech is all about credit card surcharge fees. at issue are laws in several states that forbid retailers from disclosing the surcharge to customers who use a credit card. well a group of merchants in new york are challenging a law that forbids them from disclosing those fees to their customers. they argue it violates their first amendment rights, but the state of new york argues the laws regulate prices, not speech. so in total, the justices have granted eight new cases, five fewer than last year, and none of them involve highly political issues, and there are plenty of these kinds of cases waiting in the wings.
10:18 am
cases on immigration and voter i.d. laws. >> controversial to say the least on those. >> right. >> kristin, thank you very much. shannon and our supreme court panel is coming up later in the show. take a look at how some of the cases kristin was just talking about will affect our lives going forward. think credit card processing fees and how the court's current vacancy will play into campaign 2016 with 37 days left until the election. and coming up, as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for round two, our political panel joins us to talk about the latest scandals and the latest fox news polls. plus, what investigators are now ruling out as the cause for last week's deadly commuter train crash just outside new york city. we'll go live to hoboken, new jersey. and millions of people in the path of hurricane matthew are hunkering down. we're monitoring it all from the fox extreme weather center. >> a lot of questions here,
10:19 am
shannon. will it affect the u.s. and, of course, prayers for haiti, jamaica, parts of cuba, and the bahamas. we'll track hurricane matthew when america's election headquarters returns after the break. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence.
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it's good to be in, good hands.
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we are keeping an eye on
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hurricane matthew as it threatens the coasts of jamaica, cuba, and the bahamas. janice dean has been tracking the storm and she has the very latest. hi, janice. >> we're going to be tracking this storm, unfortunately, well into next weekend, but first thing's first. this is a category 4 hurricane, 140-mile-per-hour sustained winds, and we are extremely nervous about haiti, jamaica, cuba, and the bahamas as this is one of the strongest hurricanes we've seen really on record for the atlantic basin in a decade. so let's track this storm. i also want to point out that sea surface temperatures are very warm. the fuel that this storm needs to maintain or strengthen it's major hurricane status. here is the forecast path. you can see maintaining category 4 as it moves between jamaica and haiti. one of the reliable forecast models makes a direct impact on this very vulnerable area of haiti and then across cuba and the bahamas and then after that
10:24 am
huge, huge question mark. does it come close to the southeast? is it up towards the outer banks? the northeast? all of these are in play, and that's why we need to monitor the forecast really over the next couple of days. so there's the forecast model. still a little disagreement here, but we think close to haiti, east of cuba, and then into the bahamas, and then after that really, i mean, it's a tossup. it's anyone's game. if you live across the east coast from florida to maine, i keep saying this, but it's so true, neyou need to know what you're going to do if you have hurricane matthew close by. so here is the gfs and european models coming into pretty good agreement by friday. still quite slow. where does it go though after that? both of them come into pretty good agreement that it hugs the coastline here. will it make landfall again? a lot of questions we don't know the answers to, so you need to stay tuned and we will keep you up to date as best as we can. future radar heading into monday and tuesday, this could be devastating for haiti.
10:25 am
2010 earthquake there. a lot of folks living in poverty and in, you know, tents and whatnot, so this could be really devastated for them with upwards of 20, even 30 inches of rainfall which could be devastating, could be potentially deadly. we'll have to track this very carefully. can't stress it enough, a major hurricane. we haven't been hit by a major hurricane across the eastern seaboard, the gulf, anywhere in ten years. back to you, shannon. >> all right, janice. we know you will track it minute by minute. thank you for the update. >> okay. also tracking this out of southern california. that area is now on heightened alert for a major earthquake. that warning runs until at least tuesday. this after scientists recorded over 140 small quakes deep under the sultan sea which began last monday. warnings like this one average once or twice a year. the sultan sea sits right on top of the san andreas fault.
10:26 am
skin cys scientists say the southern end have not had a catastrophic earthquake since 1690 and is under significant stress. the one and only debate for this election's vice presidential contenders is just two days away. our political round table looks forward to the vp debate and the latest october surprise. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes because the only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> and later on, this bakery is trying to find a sweet side to the election cycle. how to satisfy your political obsession and your sweet tooth at the very same time. >> how do these cookies crumb snbl. >> they crumble like any other cookie. i'm terrible at golf.
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of wh who it shows is what an absolute mess the federal tax code is. that's why donald trump is best positioned to fix it. there's no one who has shown more genius in his way to maneuver around the tax code as he used the laws to do that. >> it shows the colossal scale of his business failures in the 1990s which probably hit a nerve with him. secondly, it suggests he's able to play by a second set of rules than by most ordinary taxpayers. if left a lot of contractors, employees of his holding the bag, stiffed essentially back in the mid-90s. >> there it is. the campaigns spinning the first october surprise of the 2016 election. here it is. a front page story in "the new york times" claiming donald trump declared a loss of nearly a billion dollars on his 1995
10:32 am
tax returns. the paper says they've done the math, and it could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years. mr. trump's lawyer has threatened to sue the paper for releasing those private documents without his consent. trump himself has responded on twitter saying i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the edonly one who can fix them. #failingnew yorktimes. joining us is penny lee, senior adviser with then strategies. is this the right way to be spinning this? >> there's a good news/bad news thing. the good news is we're not talking about 3:00 a.m. tweets and sex tapes anypor. the bad news is it's another thing that he'll have to deal with that will be focused on him when question could be talking about the leaked audio where hillary clinton was talking
10:33 am
about millennials living in their parents' basements. >> shannon has been pointing out all morning, shocking that "the new york times" suddenly releases this gem of a story as they would look at it just after hillary clinton gets in hot water over leaked audio. >> oh, well, what we do know is they have been working on this for several weeks and they were trying to get it verified, the information verified, but it doesn't take away from the fact it is going to be a story and it's going to be something to talk about. it will be interesting to see how donald trump reacts to this. we've seen his first tweet, but as we've seen over the past week, he does tend to over, i would say, over tweet and try to take things into a different direction. so we'll see what his response is, and the clear solution would be release his tax records. tell us what they really are. >> to that point about sort of if you want to talk about tax returns and you don't have anything to hide and you're proud of them as it seems as though mr. trump and his campaign is, release them and let everybody go through them. could you have released them a
10:34 am
year ago and this wouldn't be a conversation piece right now. >> i think trump was onto something in the debate when he said i'll release my tax returns when hillary releases all her e-mails but he's got to follow up on that. you have to think outside the box here. you have to take some risks. go out there, hold a press conference. say it's going to be about releasing our tax returns. print out four years of tax returns. 2009 through 2013 when hillary clinton was secretary of state. put them on the podium and say i will give you these when hillary clinton releases her e-mails. deal? and then just push it out that way and put pressure on her. if he just releases them, then we're going to spend the next 30 days talking about -- >> is that something that team clinton worries about do you think, penny? >> look, she has been -- many of her e-mails have been out there do. >> reporter: come on, there's 30,000 that have a lot more to do with than yoga. >> fbi has determined those are not criminal in their intent. >> and ignores anything donald
10:35 am
trump did -- >> but what we don't know -- all we can do right now is speculate because there is no information -- >> hold it, penny. >> there's been multiple investigations on mrs. clinton. she has directed the state department to release all of those. they have. the fbi has gone through it. >> how can you be so excited and say it is so necessary for us to look at donald trump's tax returns yet you don't seem at all concerned or you don't think we should need to look at hillary clinton's e-mails. why are those -- >> i feel like we have. we have had 11 hours' worth of testimony on congress. we have had an fbi investigation. we have had the state department go through. so we have many -- we have a lot of information, and she has asked for it to be fully disclosed. donald trump has not. he has said, oh, i'm going -- i am the greatest business person ever. we have no proof. >> you got under his skin a little bit. >> first of all, what the fbi said was that they didn't have a
10:36 am
case that they could prosecute that she intentionally, you know, used a classified -- or used a server to, you know, spread classified information. there's nothing in there about the clinton foundation. we still don't know if there's anything in the private e-mails that have anything to do with the clinton foundation. that's where the controversy is going to lie, in the personal e-mails are there e-mails she considers personal that actually have to do with the clinton foundation and have a tangential relationship it what what's going on at the state department. beyond that despite all the things going on with donald trump, despite the 3:00 a.m. tweets, despite the debate performance, despite the tax returns, hillary clinton still has not put this guy away. what does this tell you about hillary clinton as a candidate? people don't want to vote for her. they're looking for any reason not to vote for her. right now trump isn't necessarily giving them that reason but the opening is still there. >> we're still in a very polarized country, and it's going to be a contested race up until the very end. >> we are certainly seeing that and we'll also see whether this
10:37 am
tax return story goes along the wayside or whether it sticks around for a while. thanks so much. shannon? >> coming up, a major search and rescue operation following a massive landslide. where crews and rescuers are trying to search now for a missing villager. and a new term about to begin for the supreme court. we'll have a look at the caseload with a couple of our legal eagles comes up. ing up. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> if you really like donald trump, that's great. but if you don't, you have to vote for me anyway. do you know why? supreme court judges. supreme court judges. you have no choice. >> all right. >> in just five weeks voters will decide i with of those two candidates ultimately makes the supreme court choice. it's business as usual as the court is beginning to set off its -- kick off its new term this week. this morning five of the justices attended the traditional red mass in washington. the vacancy left by justin sce lee -- scalia's death remains unfilled. our favorite court watchers are here for a preview. >> great to be here. >> i'll start with you. we have eight justices. they've take an limited load. how much do you think it still factors into them in making
10:43 am
their decisions about what to hear the fact they're down a justice? >> we talk about the most controversial cases but in a term there are 40% of the case that is come out with a unanimous judgment. in last term even not knowing ahead of time there was going to be a huge personnel shift, there were only four case that is came down 4-4. i think they're trying to shy away from some of the really controversial issues. i think that's a good thing. i think we can have one branch of government that can reach consensus. i think the supreme court has progressively been getting involved in these hot button controversial issues and constitutional things that are better left in the public debate and the democratic process. that's probably a good thing. let them deal with some of the picky detail legal issues. >> and, of course, elizabeth, we still have merrick garland's nomination sitting there. do you think if hillary clinton wins the election the republicans will move to confirm him before she's even inaugurated. >> i think they should move to have a hearing and a vote now
10:44 am
because under the constitution the president is the president until the end of his term and he did his duty under the constitution by nominating merrick garland and he's unquestionably quaul unquestionably qualified. it's been an unprecedented number of days since the nomination. they have an important job to do. they are the final arbiter of law in the united states under our constitutional system. we saw last term that in important cases they were unable to resolve the crucial legal questions brought to them. the immigration case, for example, leaving millions of family with a cloud of uncertainty over their head. i think the cloud that looms large from the vacancy is continuing with the supreme court this term as they start yet again, and there are really important cases that deserve to have the court working with its full complement of justices. we have cases about race and the criminal justice system, voting rights and redistricting. holding big banks accountable
10:45 am
for predatory mortgage lending practices. they are important issues and the american people deserve a fully staffed court. >> any particular case or cases that stand out for you? >> my top case i'm watching is called trinity lutheran church case. that has to do with a church that applied for a general grant that missouri gives to help resurface play grounds with recycled tires. they're trying to help recycling and keep kids safer. even though they have one of the top grant applications they were rejected simply because they were a church. missouri's constitution has an arcane, anti-catholic originally law that's being used as hostility across the board toward religion. the court will really deal with the question of religious freedom and maybe a less controversial context than we're seeing. i think everyone can agree we want kids to have safer surfaces to play on. i'm hoping the court will recognize that a state can't refuse to provide just generally available benefits because an organization is religious. so that case should be interesting to see. >> religious liberty in the
10:46 am
context of tires to resurface a playground. that's a unique one. elizabeth, do you anticipate this they will move forward with taking on tougher, more controversial cases even if that open seat lingers for a little bit longer? >> you know, sometimes they simply don't have a choice if there's an important issue that's working its way up through the court system. they might not have the choice whether to take it or not, especially if the circuit courts are split across the country, and there are some important cases coming up potentially from the lower courts. cases that have to do with voter suppression and restrictive voters i.d. laws, also transgender rights. there are certainly important cases coming, but there are also important cases that are going to be there next week on wednesday. there's an important case duane buck was sentenced to death in texas on the testimony of a so-called expert who said he was more likely to be dangerous in the future simply because of his race. he's african-american and so we have important issues of whether the constitution's guarantee of an impartial justice system that
10:47 am
isn't infected with racial discrimination will really be a reality for america. that's coming up on wednesday. we have an important term now and it could only get more controversial issues coming in the future. >> i will see you all there as it kicks off this week. thank you both for weighing in. good to see you. >> you too. still ahead, investigators continue to piece together what exactly happened in the train crash in new jersey. and they uncover an alarming history of safety violations. laura is standing by with that part of the story in hoboken. >> reporter: a federal audit of new jersey transit in the first part of 2016 uncovered ten safety incidents in the first seven months of this year alone. something the ntsb will be looking at as they continue with their investigation. we've got details straight ahead.
10:48 am
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rescue workers are digging through rubble hoping to find survivors. one of the missing is a government official who pleaded with villagers to evacuate. officials are struggling to remove the debris which buried several homes and are seeing a
10:52 am
nearby river. nearly seven people were kill in the landslide. and the ntsb is looking into what claimed the life of one person after a train derailed in hoboken, new jersey. the investigators say this marks a history of safety violations with new jersey transit. laura is live with a good look at the scene. laura? >> reporter: we did indeed, today, sharon. a federal audit reportedly found several audits. this happened earlier this year, including trains overrunning swiches a switches and red signals. that's just part of the list being talked about today. now a federal railroad administration official was
10:53 am
preparing a case against the mta before this crash happened. this coincided with an increase in concerning incidents at the new jersey railroad, which has seen ten slow-speed accidents this year and 25 accidents in 2015. and from 2013 to 2015, new jersey transit agreed to pay nearly $335,000 in penalties for 33 violations of federal safety regulations. back to the current investigation, 48-year-old thomas gallagher was interviewed yesterday. but the ntsb says we won't be hearing about the content of the sit-down until all the other crew members are interviewed and gallagher's blood and urine are currently being tested at a lab. we are also waiting to hear more on that. investigators have completed an inspection of the track and found nothing that would have affected the train's performance and there were no signal problems on the tracks leading to the nermal.
10:54 am
all this information leads to the ample question, how could this have happened? as we wait for this answer, workers here can be seen pulling cables, wires, moving equipment. they are using forklifts trying to get this important transportation hub back together and make it safe enough to pull the damaged train off the track, which we can see through the plywood is still there. the ntsb briefing will occur here in two hours and we are waiting to find out more information and perhaps we'll get more of that today. shannon, back to you. >> laura ingle on the scene there, thank you very much. still ahead in the show, and we can all use this, a nice sight, dare i say, from the hot air political season. you can tell from the video, but we'll tell you more on why people are enjoying another form of hot air coming up after the break. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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is getting political with candidates seeing cookies. this bakery in evanston, illinois, home of the great northwestern university, is making a steal with their trump and hillary cookies. though in this primary, evidently we are hearing the hillary cookies are outpacing the orange-frosted competitors. so my old fraternity brothers at northwestern, you have to wonder if they are having these in their apartments. i don't care which one it is. >> right after the show they should get one. hundreds of balloons are taking to the area. in the 45th year the albuquerque balloon fiesta takes to the air. take a look at over 500 of these. the fiesta is the largest balloon event in the world. i think in an election year that's an excellent use of hot air. if you want to know what
11:00 am
shannon and i are thinking about, we have been talking about cookies and chick-fil-a. >> that's it from washington. i'm chris wallace with new reports trump may have paid no federal income taxes for years. he and clinton plot their strategies for the campaign's final five weeks. >> the clintons are a distorted path. we will be the very bright and clean future. >> trump threatens to go after bill clinton's sex scandal. >> impeachment for like, remember that? impeach. >> and attacking the former mrs. universe. >> a lot of things are coming out about her. i'm not going to say anything, i couldn't care less. >> we'll talk to new jersey governor chris christie and a top advisor about


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