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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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winston, a file photo -- >> he is cute. >> challenged, but cute -- >> charming. thank you for joining us today. "america's election head quarters starts right now. a fox news alert from you. we're just hours away from the one and only vice presidential debate. attention is turning to farmville, virginia. they will do battle there tonight. a 90 minute show, no breaks, and who knows, maybe you could sway some voters. make sure you registered and took care of all of that stuff, donald trump and hillary clinton are on the campaign trail.
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and their veeps are doing business at home for them. we have fox team coverage for you. john roberts, who is with the trump campaign, hello to you, john. >> good afternoon, a big crowd out here. >> this is the biggest thing they have ever seen. real clear politics average shows them leading hillary clinton by only two points, and her husband, the last democratic to win back in 1996, trump was in colorado earlier today, a big gas producing state. big topic of conversation here in arizona and the speech will
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be obama care and all of the problems it is facing right now. a couple insurance companies wanted to increase rated by more than 60%. donald trump also expected to talk more but said he did use shrewd business tactics. >> when the bottom fell out of the real estate market, i had all of the debt, but the assets, the value, plummeted. interesting. but i knew how to use the tax code to rebuild my company. >> he is pushing not the failure but how you recove from it. >> that is part of how he is
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responding. hillary clinton saying look, he flew it, blew a billion dollars, what kind of businessman is that? >> yeah, she is saying he is a horrible businessman. donald trump is saying let's look at hillary clinton's record. has she every signed the front of a check instead of the back of a check. >> hillary clinton has never created a single job in her life, or added a single dollar of value to the american economy. she has not made an honest dollar in her life. she just takes from you, takes from the country, and peddles to foreign interests we have the nevada tomorrow, wrapping up in
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reno, and will be off of the trail for at least a day to look at heavy debate prep. they know that sunday could be very important. >> john, thank you very much. >> hillary clinton fighting for votes in the key battleground states, of course. michael emanuel is live in harrisburg, pennsylvania with the clinton campaign. what's the race there and what is hillary clinton saying about the big debate tonight. she believes the running mate, tim kaine between the vice presidential nominees. as for the race here, specifically as it relates to white voters.
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now it is split, clinton 46, trump 45. the big shift with white women. today hillary clinton is working on the female votes in pennsylvania and she was asked about body image. >> there's a couple things we have to do and i'm passionate about this, too, because we know that young women begin to get influenced at earlier and earlier ages by messages from the media. forget your mind and your heart, just care about how we look because that's all we care about. and we have to stand up against that. >> the body image question coming from a young girl here in pennsylvania. no surprise she always brought up the back and foth between donald trump and former miss universe.
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>> her surrogates are out there as well, right? >> she has vice president joe biden there on her behalf yesterday. she informs charlotte earlier today, and and later this afternoon, president was expected to be in florida on her behalf tomorrow, but the president's event in tampa and miami gardens, you can bet the clinton campaign will do everything they can. >> florida an important place to be. okay now, breath, good to see you.
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in pennsylvania, he was going to donald trump's destruction. he has to think that mike pence has some of that leading for him tonight. >> he can do a little clean um -- up on aisle four over the last week. they don't want to do any harm. that is their main task. that is the truth, they just don't want to mack news and get out without a problem. >> unfavorable ratings, 28% for
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tim kaine, 31% for pence. can't wait, 28% for mike pence. here again, most of these people, a third of them don't know these guys at all. >> they're well respected in their parties, they a little policy wonkish at times. but they will also have to be defending from the others, the other side of the aisle, and the moderator of what the top of the ticket has said or done in representative days. for donald trump explaining in the tweeting, for hillary clinton explaining erasing the server. >> when you think about the white women that we just looked at in the pennsylvania polls, who have drifted away from
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donald trump since the last debate, it's possible that mike pence could go some of the distance in reassuring them. it seems like some of them are the more traditional of the tact. the bottom of the ticket is perhaps the tablizing factor. that's a lot of what their work is cut out for them tonight. >> yeah, and mike pence i think you will hear him really take out the change element. that they are the change ticket. i think you will hear that again and again and again. that's where they see the most up side. and that in this antiestablishment, antielitist atmosphere, they will try to paint hillary clinton as the ultimate establishment figure. he will go after temperament,
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and keep hammering mike pence and donald trump. >> i don't know that mic pence is -- i don't know if he really thinks a lot of what trump is saying makes any sense. what a held of a way to make a living, be vice president, get up in the morning and support someone you see a difference in policy here. >> the vice president has a unique view of being vice president, and perhaps not always agreeing with this sop of the party, but he has fallen in line on major issues with president obama, and i would argue that mike pence is in line with donald trump. both of these candidates will have to do some talking about
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trade that they're not used to. >> yeah, we have seen interesting bending. thank you to donald trump's introduction. thank you so much, brett, great to see you. we'll see you tonight along with megyn kelly tonight for analysis of the debate. so sit down after dinner and get ready to watch. how voters feel about clinton, trump, and the other candidates on the issues of economy and fighting terror. fascinating stuff in these polls. and florida braces for a monster hurricane. it is named matthew, and it is tracking north right now. forecasters say it could threaten the u.s. east coast
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even further north as well. we'll be right back with the latest track on matthew. >> the messages are very simple. we should be prepared for a hurricane like in june. three days of food, three days of water.
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>> new fbi data shows gun sales hit a 17th straight monthly record. the applications are seen increasing 27%.
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in insight into the fast changing race. hillary clinton is leading donald trump by four points in a four way race. but clinton and trump voters are both worried that their candidate might lose. welcome to both of you, good to have you here. let's start with you and pull up some of the polls. trump wins on economy, the threat of isis, trade and reducing crime. hillary clinton wins on immigration and foreign policy and race relaces.
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>> we have seen a significant move in the polls donald trump is struggling the past week. you know the majority of the polls have the race outside of the margin of error for the first time but one of the stats to show is that trump till ahead on who is better for the km economy. they will try to weaken that advantage that trump has. >> larry, you look at the s suburban areas, pennsylvania, virginia, some of the places with a lot of suburban voters and women. that seem to have been going back and forth and seem to be
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moving away from him. >> we had a week of the media doing ticker tape parades. we have to start asking what is wrong with the clinton campaign? >> why is she so unlikable that she can't pull further ahead. in the long run, simon is right. trump is leading in both of those areas and i think in the long run if he can stick to those issues, the fact that she is a really bad campaigner and a very unlikable person, it will finally take it's toll. >> do you worry about the other candidate winning? 21% say they would be up set and worry about the direction of the company. simon, you can feel that, it is
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palpable. it is different to talk about the election with friends and family. a lot of people would just rather not say who they support on either side of the fence. is that unusual to you? >> this is clear -- i have been involved in politics since the late 1980s. this is the most difficult part of the election. i hope it increases participate. that would be good for our economy. >> larry? >> i don't think there will be a mandate no matter who wins here. that is why it is important for them to maintain the majority in the house. i know that hillary clinton in
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this poll is leading in that aspect, but she had her chance to show what she would be as commander and chief. that is the presidential temperament she showed and hopefully in the next debate donald trump will remind voters about that. we are tracking a very dangerous hurricane making land fall on haiti. our thoughts are with the people there, we watch where it heads next, we'll get a update on what is coming up, and bill clinton taking a swipe at obama care. what he said about the signature domestic achievement that may
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have touched a nerve, when we come back.
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new jersey's largest utility says it shut off service after an explosion destroyed two multifamily homes. it happened this morning in paterson new jersey after neighbors reported the smell of gas. no word yet on any injuries. . one witness says he saw someone who lived in the home leaving right before it blew up, the investigation is on going. >> and we're catching one of the
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most dangerous hurricanes we have seen in years. it is called matthew and it is going to the northwest. they are trying very hard to evacuate people from the caribbean islands. as i said, the evacuation on the military planes. people in florida and north carolina bracing for what is to come. we have more on this, rick, what is the latest on the path of this hurricane? >> i don't think we have any real idea at this point. it is the western pit of the peninsula right there. and it will hard to get people out of here. i want you to notice the visible satellite.
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and these are the last couple shots that once again all of the conditions are set up for it to not lose it's strength. it will move back over the earn corner of cuba. the waters are at record level high temperatures. so here is the forecast, the bahamas getting a lot of rain out of it, very strong winds, and we'll start here in the southeastern b southeastern bahamas, it comes up here all of the way through. we have hurricane warnings in effect and hurricane watches. so get ready for potential tropical storm force conditions there. this is a track here, a major you recollect getting up to florida here if will be a storm
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that tracks maybe 50 miles in one direction. it will make a big difference between a land falling hurricane. not nearly at much of an impact, but you get the idea. potentially in and across parts of new england. it is a long track. we will be talking about this for a number of days and everyone needs to be prepares. >> thank you very much. >> back to politics now, the clinton team tries to backtrack after bill clinton called obama care the "craziest thing in the world." we'll get thoughts from mike huckabee who has thoughts on this one. t will be the first and only vp debate. mike pence and tim kaine. how are they getting ready? when we come back. picking up for kyle.
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we're back with a fox news alert for you. the white house is speaking out after cutting off all talks with russia since russia has been relentless in their activities regarding the civil war. >> with regard to sanctions, what we have indicated about the situation in syria is that there is a range of tools that the president can use to further isolate the syrian regime and the russians for the way they have supported the regime. it is disgusting, and horrifying what we have seen. that is exactly why it is impossible for president asaid
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or any voters to make the case that he can unite and govern syria. >> so this comes as fox news has learned that russia has deployed an advanced antimissile system in syria. it is the latest indication that moscow continues to be deeply involved in the situation. more to come on that developing story. so we're now hours away from the first vice president debate as we have been sating. tim kaine is hoping for a big night tonight, looking for a game changer. we have live fox team coverage for you from the site of tonightonigh tonight's debate in virginia.
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let's go to jennifer griffin first. >> tim kaine spent four days prepping for the debate in north carolina. he met his parents at the airport and went to church on sunday. last night he took his team to eat barbecue at his favorite barbecue place for daner. he has a little bit of a home field advantage, and she currently the senator from virginia. on our drive here to farmville today we saw a pretty even split of campaign posters for the two campaigns as we drove across rural virginia. some students here complain that gary johnson's running mate was not given a spot on the stage.
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a lot of independents and millennials. and more voters have a positive view than a negative view for kaine and pence. tim kaine is the first member of a presidential ticket that speaks fluent spanish. he may speak some spanish tonight. and we know from the campaign they're going to have a special designated spanish speaking analyst in the spin room tonight. also onset there in sunny beautiful day in farmville, virginia. >> hi, martha.
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mike pence says the bar is higher for him. he has been controversial for the better part of a year and a half, and hay expect time cane to raise the questioning, but it is possible that pence will not participate in that with tim kaine. so, donald trump when he added mike pence to the ticket said he's not on the ticket to be my pit bull. last night, pence sort of gave a preview of some of the things they talked about. and he will talk about some of
11:37 am
his own things, and he will trash the media like he did last night. out came a little profanity from mike pence, watch -- >> they think they finally got him and they turn on the tv this morning and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever and fighting for the american people. >> this [ bleep ] really is fun to watch, i'll tell you what. >> he is very specific and meticulous speaker. i have never heard him discuss in public or private. so there is potential that he is picking up some of the habits of donald trump. >> feisty would be the world. so maybe, maybe we are seeing a new side. thank you very much. >> a new wave of criticism over
11:38 am
the crushing cost obama care. coming from a leading democra. c >> people are getting killed in this deal that make just a little too much. they're not organized, they don't have any borrowing power, and they're getting changed. you a crazy system where all of a sudden more people have health care, and they're working some 60 hours a week, it is the craziest thing in the world. >> craziest thing in the world. joining me now, mike huck bee. governor, welcome. >> the breaking news is not that obama care is not working, that social security more expensive, a lot of us knew that was going to happen. the breaking news is here that
11:39 am
we have an instance where clinton is telling the truth. it is small individuals, so thank you bill clinton for standing up for just what is absolutely indisputably the truth. >> we heard some more of trying to couch it and say it was taken out of context. we played most of it there for you. so if you run a small business this this country as you say you don't need bill clinton to tell you the premiums are skyrocketing higher. and that is exactly what the minnesota congressman was talking about.
11:40 am
>> will we hear more about this tonight? >> martha, because of obama care, we are the first time in american history where business owners are trying to get their businesses smaller rather than grow them. putting more employees on, expanding hours, and people are trying to make sure they don't have more than 50 employees. so stagnant because people can afford the cost of a system that was designed by a bunch of
11:41 am
academicings. this was a disaster from the beginning. anyone managing the program could have said that. it is people who live in the tours of academia and they just don't know. >> some of those business owners might be disgruntled, and leaning towards trump, and giving them a feeling that they know what they're going through. always good to see you, sir, we'll see you next time. meanwhile, there is a push to cover illegal immigrants, as well under obama care. will that work? and governor ayotte doing damage
11:42 am
control after she saying donald trump is a good role model for children. it is out out there in campaign world, we'll be right back. >>. >> i think that certainly there are many role models that we have. so salutely i -- absolutely i would do that. silence. it's good to be in, good hands.
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. . . .
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we're just hours away from tim kaine and mike pence stating off in the one and only vice presidential debate. trump's campaign manager says it will be fiery tonight. and tim kaine democrats telling him to go for the jugular. we'll have more coming up at the
11:46 am
top of the hour. . we'll see you then. >> senator ayotte walking about comments after saying donald trump was a good role model for children. how the republican senate who are is in a huff reelection -- tough reelection. we're joined now by sarah and kirk flores.
11:47 am
and senator joe manchon. it gets chicky out there for senators these days. >> kelly ayotte is running just about ten points under hillary clinton. she has not had the coat tails they hoped for. they're trying to make this into a bigger issue. the majority of americans don't like either of these two candidates. i think kelly ayotte has this race and they're really worried about that. >> these are the five states that will decide what side controls the senate next year. there is new hampshire, z north
11:48 am
carolina, pennsylvania, what is your take. >> in new hampshire it's a tight race. that was a pretty bad mistake and it would be generous to call it a mistake. when you hear her use the word absolutely, it's obvious what she is saying. i think as my colleague here would say, even carly fiorina bore the brunt of some of his behavior. i would say right no now we're in a pretty good spot. there is a lot of instability still to come. but democrats are in a pretty good spot. missouri, so i think all things
11:49 am
considered, you know battlegrounds will be competitive, but they're looking fairly good right now. >> this is such a volatile race. the down ballot races are talking to the g.o.p., and many people thought it was just the opposite. now you have paul ryan saying he would do a seven state swing. how do you think he will split it down the middle. in places where it might not be a good idea to align him with the candidates. >>. >> i don't know if anyone envies paul ryan's next four weeks, but i think he has been able to bridge the trump republicans with the senate candidates in a really productive way. a lot of americans are looking
11:50 am
for change. and donald trump represents that whether you like it or not. i think the senate candidates will pull it out in the end. will republicans maybe lose a couple were sure, but you look at states like new hampshire, it's not going to ask her race, it's just not. >> that is just not correct, if you look at what donald trump is doing in terms of the backtracking and the poll numbers, he is losing women. you cannot lose women by double digits and not have a spillover effect. >> weeks to go until the big day. a few markers along the way. could illegal work and whether or not it violates the original writing of that bill when we come back.
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new information about how one state is trying to get health care coverage for illegal immigrants under the obamacare bill. so the bill was signed into law by president obama of course in early -- early in his administration. it prohibits undocumented immigrants from getting part of that program. that's just the way the bill was written. now california's looking for a waiver. they'd like to get around that and offer it to legal immigrants. trace gallagher joins us now with more on that story from california. hi, trace. >> hi, martha.
11:55 am
critics say this goes down the same vein as president obama's you can keep your doctor promise. now governor brown signing legislation to become the first state to allow illegal immigrants to buy obamacare. state has sent a letter to the health and human serviceses secretary that reads in part, quoting here, certain individuals are prohibited from buying insurance through our state marketplace due to their immigration status. pour this reason, cover california submits the enclosed waiver application. the program would allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance without getting any federal aid. critics have been saying for years they knew this was coming. in fact, remember south carolina congressman joe wilson's famous "you lie" shout during the president's 2009 health care speech? watch. >> there are also those who claim our reform efforts would ensure illegal immigrants. this too is false.
11:56 am
the reforms -- >> you lie! >> -- would not be for those who are here illegally. >> president obama went on to say joe wilson's statement wasn't true. but if california gets its way, it soon will be true. because of the uncertainty surrounding the election, california is trying to get this waiver fast-tracked. hillary clinton says she's already on board with this whole thing and donald trump would likely reject it. this comes as obamacare itself is struggling to survive. insurance rates keep going up. the number of insurers keeps going down. experts say this push by california really could reignite the national health care reform debate. >> a lot of companies have dropped out. thank you, trace. interesting story. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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if you're a fan of tim kaine, tonight is your very big
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night, your one and only chance to try to strengthen your candidate's case. join us tonight at 9:00. full coverage throughout the evening. here's shep live in farmville, virginia. it's noon on west coast, 3:00 p.m. in an american may berry paradise called farmville, virginia. tonight, the would be vice presidents will debate. that's the news. i have to tell you about the journey. farmville virginia, not farmville, like louisville, it's an hour and a half from the encampment in richmond. when they settled on virginia is for lovers as a tourism slogan, they must have been talking about this place. other rolling hills and a land from the history books where a look out the window is a picture postcard of rural utopia. as you progress, stay straight at the turn for tobaccoville, right past the lake and the sign


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