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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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off debate coverage pence vs. kaine. no matter what i just said it's going to be exciting. especially if you are following this race closely as you are probably. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here's "on the record" with brit. hello, welcome back i'm brit hume and this is "on the record" as the two vice presidential candidates prepare to debate tonight. the national polling average shows hillary clinton with a nearly 4-point lead in a two-way race and only slightly smaller one in four-way. the betting odds continue to favor mrs. clinton by 3 to 1 as you will be able to see here in a moment when we get them up there. there they are. it seems clear that mrs. clinton has gained some ground in the past week and the result has been a somewhat reshaped national map as correspondent shannon bream explains. >> it is time for a new look at the electoral college map where 270 remains the goal for winning the presidency. since we last dug into the numbers, there has been a debate and a whole lot of new state and national polls as well. so based on crunching that data, here is where the map
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stands today. the heartland as you can see remains mostly deep red. those are the solid g.o.p. states. they account for 153 votes. the leaning g.o.p. states iowa and missouri, they bring you another 16. and you will notice two states with interesting shading. you can see here nebraska and maine. that is because they actually split up the votes. they award candidates. each of them has a district which is leaning g.o.p. that adds another two votes. so in total, that puts solid or leaning g.o.p. at 171. that is up one vote from the last time we checked in. there is still a large group of toss-up states these are the ones that you see in yellow around the map. they now total 104 votes. down from 108 last week. that's because new hampshire has shifted from a yellow toss-up to now leaning democrat. tucked into the toss-ups is colorado. we have got to tell you the last two major polls taken there both post debate give hillary clinton a double digit lead over trump. so it appears to be trending in her favor. that is true also of pennsylvania, which we have leaning democrat post debate
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polling shows clinton widening a lead in that state as well. so you add it to the other leaning democrat states. it brings that group's total to 76. coupled with the dark blue states which are solidly democrat, they represent 187 votes. those together now, states leaning and those solidly democrat, they account for 263 votes. that is up 3 from before the debate. at last check, we were seeing a trend in trump's favor, but now it appears that has stalled. >> shannon, thank you. so for more on those critical battleground states i'm joins by josh we are seeing a big bounce for hillary clinton and so. more diverse college educated states so colorado, hillary clinton now has a 11-point lead according to one new reputable poll. florida hillary clinton is starting to pull ahead to small single digit advantage in new polls. rust belts, ohio, wisconsin
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to a lesser extent, there is no bounce for hillary clinton. actually donald trump gained ground in the quinnipiac poll that came out this week. >> for? >> for donald trump in ohio. which is a state that's looking increasingly in donald trump's favor. >> now, what about pennsylvania which has been, of course, kind of a place where republican hopes have been dashed so many times but has been thought to be in play? shannon pointed out that the pentagon there is looking increasingly favorable for mrs. clinton. out of reach, do you think for donald trump. >> it is a must-win state though it is definitely trending toward hillary clinton. on paper it's a demographic strong state for donald trump. >> we have this monmouth poll, call your attention to the monmouth poll on the screen. i'm not entirely down with monmouth as apology organization. buorganization -- polling organization. there it is. it's a regular poll. it's a telephone poll. it's not some silly online poll. 10 point lead. and we have franklin and marshall college 9-point lead. that looks a little grim at the moment, doesn't it? >> the thing that should scare the donald trump
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campaign in pennsylvania is that after the debate, the white vote, the white women in particular shifted markedly toward hillary clinton. that comment about miss universe that donald trump sort of made worse after the debate has clearly been a key pivot point in this race in pennsylvania. trump was closing the gap in pennsylvania before the debate. white women now favor hillary clinton in pennsylvania. romney won white women in pennsylvania by double digits in pennsylvania 2012. that's huge nationwide. particularly important in pennsylvania where trump needs to at least compete. is he going to lose suburban philadelphia, he needs to get it within striking distance of hillary clinton. >> let's take a look and i want to get your thoughts about north carolina. that's obviously a state where it looked like trump might be doing pretty well. we have a fresh poll out in north carolina today. this is from elong university. and it shows mrs. qulint a 6 percentage point advantage. what do you make of that. >> it's competitive state. it's a racially polarized state. hillary clinton is winning
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98% of the african-american vote. that's a greater share than what president obama won in north carolina in 2012. so, you have a white vote that's overwhelmingly republican. a black vote that's overwhelmingly democrat. >> how is trump doing with the white vote? >> is he doing very well but not enough. he needs to win about 65%, 70, 75% of the white vote. he needs to win white suburban voters in the big population centers around the state. is he winning 61% of the white vote in that elon poll. he needs to get about 10 points higher for him to have a good shot. >> so, in other words, he has either got to cut her margin along the black vote if it's 98% that's hard to believe that could hold to election day 98%. >> certainly hillary clinton talking about president obama at the first debate really trying to engage african-american voters in her campaign appearances in north carolina. that's their -- the clinton campaign thinks if they win north carolina, ballgame over and they think they have a good chance right now. >> it looks that way, yes. josh, thank you very much. >> thanks, brit. >> the 2016 vice presidential debate starts
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in just under two hours down in long wood university in farmville, virginia. before you dozen off remember one of the two men on the stage mike pence or tim kaine will be a heart beat away from the presidency and many a vice president has gone on to be president. so what is senator kaine doing to prep for tonight? fox news correspondent jennifer griffin has been following the clinton campaign and is in farmville tonight. hi, jennifer. >> hi, brit. well, tim kaine and his wife ann molt to holton made an unannounced visit here in farmville here this afternoon. if you look at the guests that he chose to invite tonight, can you get an indication of who tim kaine hopes to appeal to tonight. on the campaign trail in these final 35 days, among his guests tonight, jesse jackson, a female african-american professor who was denied an apartment based on the color of her skin. and the first black mayor of richmond, the capital of virginia. a state where polls show he is leading right now. next door in north carolina polls are closer. kaine spent four days
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prepping for the debate in raleigh, north carolina, where the african-american vote could be the difference between clinton and kaine winning a key state that president obama lost in 2012. in north carolina, the clinton campaign says its registration efforts are paying off. there are 84,000 more african-american voters registered than on this day in 2012 in north carolina. and 52,000 more hispanic voters, according to the campaign, there is a 73% increase in requests for absentee ballots by african-american voters in north carolina. and a 43% increase in latino ballot requests, compared to the same point in 2012. the clinton campaign anticipates that more than 40% of the electorate will vote before november 8th in key battleground states, suggesting they say, that the next few weeks will have nearly as much impact on the outcome of this election as election day itself. early voting begins in ohio next week where clinton is down by 5 points, according
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to quinnipiac. expect tim kaine also to appeal to spanish-speaking voters tonight. he may speak a bit of spanish, i'm told. he has been campaigning in spanish and doing interviews in spanish. the clinton campaign released two spanish language ads targeting florida and nevada today those were by her super pac. new anna lit particulars from the clinton campaign show that the number of hispanic voters in florida requesting vote by mail ballots are up 73% since this point in 2012. this son top of the registration gains in both the african-american and the hispanic communities. robby mike mook was in the spin room just a while ago. i asked him while they are having such trouble in ohio. here's what he said. >> ohio is a very close, competitive state. so, we're not struggling. it's that both campaigns are, you know, running neck in neck. i think the state is going to be won by a very close margin. we talk about the ground
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game. ours, i would put up against his any day. >> requests for mail-in ballots in florida are up 46%. the clinton campaign thinks that is in their favor. we just heard that donald trump tweeted that tonight mike pence vs. tim kaine is like a ferrari against a pinto. whwe just talked to clinton spokesperson who says we will take the american made car any day. thanks, brit. >> thanks a lot. a lot to digest there senator kaine will square off against governor mike pence. campaign carl cameron has been with the trump campaign and also on the longwood campus. carl? >> hi, brit. while kaine and pence have been very aggressively prepping for. this the real contrast is between pence and donald trump. donald trump's preparation has been described as something that needs to be improved by his own campaign team. and pence has been very, very adepressive at it. for any vice presidential
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candidate there is really only two events that matter. one is the convention speech where there is no rebuttal and two is the vice presidential debate. so both pence and kaine know there is a lot riding on this tonight. pence has been going over briefing books for weeks. from the moment trump picked him for the team, he recognized this was going to be a moment. he has been studying on it in that regard. he has been doing mock debates with a sparring partner. and something that, again, expresses the contrast between pence and trump. he has surrounded himself with about six or seven people in his debate prep room. he constantly asks them questions about ways to rephrase or ways to re -- pivot away from some of the issues that kaine is likely to bring up tonight. and he has been encouraging friends and family and people on the street to give him advice whereas trump has been dealing with only three or four of his aides. mostly in trump tower and occasionally on his plane when commuting. as expected, he has a very, very busy schedule, trump does for the next few days traveling out to the west coast.
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and that curbs his ability to prep. mike pence is taking this very, very seriously. he comes loaded with a lot of policy criticisms of hillary clinton. he recognizes thoroughly that the expectation tonight that he will be critical of hillary clinton. and he will defend donald trump. both in terms of the controversies that trump's rhetoric has sparked and the questions about his temperament. they couldn't be much different. mike pence is very quiet and sofsoft-spoken. his aids have said very bluntly don't expect name-calling. he will be aggressive and critical. he is not going to toss epitaphs. something pence swore off when he lost one of his first races for congress. they note said when trump picked pence he didn't pick pence to be the attack dog. that's something that donald trump can pretty much handle on his own, brit. >> all right. carl. he certainly has done. so thanks very much. >> you bet. >> from the primaries to the first presidential debate just about every debate has seen more more and more like reality tv. tonight though some have suggested the vice presidential matchup could be the most substantive that
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we have seen. bill kristol and molly hemingway. what do you think this is going to be like? >> as cammeron just said, usually you do have in a vice presidential candidate an attack dog. in this case both of the tops of the ticket are handling the attack dog role just fine. we are not going to sees a much of that happening. we also don't have much other interesting stuff that we can fully anticipate. in part because the two candidates have differences of policy with the top of the ticket. so i don't know how much they are going to want to get into policy when they disagree with the people that they're running with. >> don't you think they should be asked about the policy differences or each is going to deal with their opponent's policy differences with the person at the head the glicket it will certainly be interesting to see how they thread the needle of talking about the positions of the people that they're running with. cold, without compromising what they themselves say. >> bill? >> one issue in which they don't have a difference from the top of the ticket i think is gun control. i think mike pence has been
4:13 pm
a pretty strong second amendment supporter. no interest in gun control measures. at least at the federal level. tim kaine was governor during the 2007 virginia tech massacre, really a terrible moment in virginia nationally. he handles it well. he was thought to handle it dignitly and appropriately. from that moment on virginia, not a big gun control state very strong pro-penitent of gun control measures. that is an issue that the democrats think helps them. convexal wisdom has been to shy away. >> very dangerous issue. >> bill clinton famously said in 1994 when they lost congress the gun issue hurt them as much as anything. they may think the dynamics have changed. i think that issue -- i don't think it came up in the first clinton, trump debate in the presidential debate. i would not be surprised if that becomes a bit of a centerpiece of exchange. issue they do agree with the top of the ticket. they will both be eager to make their case. kaine especially will raise it pretty early on this.
4:14 pm
debate isn't happening far from where the virginia tech massacre was. tougher politicians than people appreciate. they are policy, they are not trump, and they don't have the baggage of hillary clinton. so by contrast those two, everyone looks tame and so forth. but they are both -- they have won tough election campaigns in states and districts that weren't easy. and they though. >> i would expect this to be pretty civilized. wouldn't you, molly. >> i would think it would be and both candidates have to introduce themselves to a national audience and with only 40% of americans knowing who they're and two thirds said they didn't know enough about tim kaine to actually form an opinion about him. a lot of it will be introduction and usually first impression should not be terribly hostile it will be interesting to see if mike pence does better on a national stage that be he did last time he was on a national stage which was when the religious liberty battle hit indiana and he had been a strong proponent. and he totally caved in the face of pressure from social justice warriors. he usually talk as good game but did he not handle himself well there it will
4:15 pm
be interesting to see how he can hold up against his opponent. >> quick, last word, bill. >> one thing the staff is telling them which told vice president quayle in 1992 he did well to attack the vice presidential candidate. ignore the other guy on the stage. raise new doubts. if you are mike pence, about hillary clinton and about the third term for barack obama. if you are going to help donald trump, conversely if you are tim kaine, you have got to just reinforce the doubts about donald trump. >> bill, molly, thank you. don't go away. right now let's speed read some other news from the world of politics. donald trump will spent tonight's vice presidential debate as you might have expected him to. on twitter. trump tweelted this out to his 12 million followers, quote: i will be watch being great governor mike pence live watching debate tonight est, enjoy. we are told trump will watch the debate at his trump international hotel out in las vegas. the wikileaks founder julian
4:16 pm
assange has backtracked on his promised bombshell. for weeks assange had teased he would release a pile of damning information about hillary clinton. earlier today during what was supposed to be the big reveal at a news conference, assange revealed no new information. he did, however, promise to publish new info in the coming weeks. if you are palions of americansa yahoo email address, you may have been spied on. reuters has reported that the company agreed to search all of its users incoming emails for specific words on behalf of the nsa and fbi. that means hundreds of millions of email accounts were watched. reuters did not report which words were being searched. in a short statement, yahoo said simply that it complies with all u.s. laws. new hampshire republican senator kelly ayotte is in clean-up mode after she said she would absolutely consider donald trump a role model. ayotte who has not endorsed trump said that yesterday during a new hampshire senate debate against her owe pony nentsd governor maggie hassan. later ayotte said she misspoke and doesn't believe either donald trump or
4:17 pm
hillary clinton are good role models for kids. and donald trump has got himself in another media firestorm over off the cuff comments he made about veterans. but have the media distorted his words? that's next. also, the big v.p. debate about 100 minutes away. what can we expect tonight? we'll go back to farmville, virginia a little later. that's coming up. stay with us. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪ afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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we are counting down, as you have no doubt detected by now the first and only vice presidential debate from farmville, virginia. right now let's talk about a trump controversy that some people suggest is being manufactured by the media yesterday, at a campaign event in virginia, trump was
4:20 pm
asked by united states marine about challenges facing our veterans, such as ptsd. >> so my question for you is when you become president, will you support and fund a more holistic approach to solve the problems and issues of veterans suicide, ptsd, tbi and other related military mental and behavioral mental health issues and will you take steps to restore the historic roll of chaplains spiritual fitness and spiritual programs? >> yes, i would. look, we need that so badly. [ applause ] >> and when you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back to war and combat. and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and you are strong and handle it but a lot of people can't handle it they see horror stories. they see events that you couldn't see in a movie. nobody would believe it. we need a mental health
4:21 pm
health and medical and it's one of the things that i think is least addressed and it's one of the things, like your question, is one of the things that i hear the most about when i go around and talk to the veterans. so we're going to have a very, very robust, very, very robust level of performance having to do with mental health. >> mainstream media immediately pounced. take a look at some of these headlines politico wrote, quote: trump appears to suggest that veterans with ptsd are not strong. trump implies vets suffering from ptsd can't handle war. draft-dodger trump, ptsd sufferers are weak. that's not how many in the audience seemed to take it released a statement that reads in part, quote: i think it's sickening that anyone would twist mr. trump's comments to me in order to pursue a political agenda. i took his comments to be thoughtful and understanding of the struggles many veterans have and i believe he has committed to helping them. of course, hillary clinton
4:22 pm
also pounced and said this just a short time ago on the campaign trail. >> yesterday, donald trump was asked a question about post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and other challenges facing many of our troops. and part of his response was that post-traumatic stress happens to troops who, quote: can't handle it. he said if you're strong, you can handle it. many people are now standing up and speaking out against trump because post-traumatic stress is not something that strong people can handle and weak people can't. some of the strongest men and women any of us will ever meet have experienced post-traumatic stress. donald trump's comments are not just ignorant, they're harmful. because they give voice to the stigma that has led generations of veterans to hide their struggles instead of getting life-saving help.
4:23 pm
>> hillary clinton aside, are the media being fair to trump? media reporter and columnist for the hill newspaper joe is in new york city. joe, what do you think? >> brit, i think that donald trump says and tweets a lot of things that deserved analysis, scrutiny, and oftentimes criticism. this is not one of those times. and the reason why i could say that so definitively, brit, that he is getting a raw deal here is because our reporting from the hill of people that were at that audience last night, those veterans that were there, you played or at least showed a quote from one of them, and others, no one had a problem with what donald trump said that were in the room who listened to the question and the answer in full. and the reporting today has been taking small quotes of what trump said and then adding the word implies in terms of him saying that veterans that can't handle war are weak. this is media malfeasance in this case, brit.
4:24 pm
and it shows you why that the media right now is only trusted by not 60, not 16, but 6% according to associated pressure i have a in april people saying they have high confidence in the media, just 6%. it's because of this sort of malpractice that we saw today. >> it does raise a question for a republican politicians in general though, it seems to me, joe. and that is you can't -- republican candidates cannot count on balanced coverage from the media. and they inhabit a world where anything that they say if it is not very carefully worded can be rested from its context, its tone set aside to make it seem that they have made a mistake, said something that is completely politically harmful. it seems to me that's what happened here in the sense that trump did suggest, you know, there were strong people in the room that could have handled that and some of the troops came home from war in recent times
4:25 pm
could not. obviously his tone was sympathetic. he was very sort of soft-spoken, isn't this kind of a problem something that republicans fairly or not have to kind of plan for and be aware of? >> well, brit, i would even say it's a problem for republicans, yes, but it's really a problem for donald trump because he so oftentimes speaks off the cuff. he speaks in terms of being spontaneous. and it's always or most often ineloquent. therefore you can cherry pick and say ah-ha this is what i think he was saying and take him to task for it no one is going to ask hillary clinton who suddenly cares about the veterans affairs system. she said just last year that she didn't think it was, quote, a widespread problem. i want to see a reporter follow up with her i heard what you said about trump yesterday. do you still think it's not a widespread problem? again, i think trump was just saying that it's human nature. some people can handle things differently than others. the system is broken.
4:26 pm
we need to fix it, and we shouldn't leave these veterans behind. that's the way i took it that's the way the people in that room took it that's not the way the media took it because, writ, that's not the way they wanted to take it because they were twriing to twist a narrative once again as they have done so often during this campaign. >> joe, thank you very much. >> thank you, brit. >> while the political world is focused on farmville, virginia ands vice presidential debate. we will head out on the campaign trail to see how donald trump and hillary clinton spent their day. plus we will go back to longwood university farmville, virginia as the vice presidential debate draws closer and closer. stay with us.
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on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit well, the political world dessends on farmville, west virginia in the vice presidential candidate the top of the ticket is busy in battleground states. donald trump is in arizona where the latest "wall street journal" poll from early this month trump up four points in a four-way race. how are people in arizona feeling now? fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is in prescott vail, arizona where trump held a rally earlier today. >> brit, good evening to you. up 2 points in arizona. it's not necessarily a good thing. if you look back over history. mitt romney, george bush and mccain won this by 10 points. bill clinton was the last democrat to win the state of arizona, he won by 2 points. that said though, donald
4:31 pm
trump did have a big rally today in prescott valley. according to the police, it's the biggest event they have ever seen. 7,000 people inside the billing. thousands more outside. donald trump opened the rally with what he called a preview of the vice presidential debate saying it would be a contrast between his campaign which is all about change and hillary clinton's campaign which he says is stuck in the past. he also took on the growing problem with obamacare. people in arizona are facing huge rate rises of 50% or more. pointing out bill clinton said yesterday it's the craziest system he has seen. here is trump from just a short time ago. >> clinton added that it doesn't make any sense. and that the insurance model doesn't work in the meantime she wants to double down on obamacare. i bet he went through hell last night. there have been many nights when he has gone through hell with hillary, in all
4:32 pm
fairness. >> as you can imagine trump got a lot of laughs with that line. he went through the issue of the tax returns, accusing hillary clinton of hypocrisy for hitting him but leaving some of her very big donors alone. here again is trump. >> after years of failure, she complains about how i have used the tax laws of this country to my benefit. then i ask a simple question: why didn't she ever try to change those laws so i couldn't use them? the reason that she did not do that is her donors and contributors have used those same tax laws as i did. same way. >> donald trump pointed out that one of hillary clinton's biggest donors democratic party george soros last $4.5 billion in the space of six months. trump wondered if he wasn't taking advantage of the same tax laws that trump did.
4:33 pm
brit? >> john, interesting to hear him commenting on obamacare which he had certainly bill clinton gave him the opening there. that issue hasn't been emphasized that much. we're going to talk about that a little later. that issue hasn't been emphasized very much. has he begun to pick up on it more with. >> all of the other noise in the campaign something that's been drowned out. donald trump mentions obamacare in almost every rally that i have ever been to. and, again, here in arizona, it's a particularly thorny issue because at least two of the insurance companies providing insurance under obamacare wanted to raise rates here by 60% or more. and it looks now like about the average rate increase here in the state of arizona could be at least around 49%. of course, there is all this talk about exercising the public option. so, it is something that donald trump talks about a lot. but with all of the other things that he talks about, brit. sometimes it gets lost in the chatter. >> understood, john. thank you very much. hillary clinton today was in the key battleground state
4:34 pm
of pennsylvania where some recent keystone state polls showing her now with a sizeable lead. a new franklin and marshall college poll of likely voters puts clinton 9 points ahead of trump in a four-way race and new monmouth university poll of likely voters have her up 10 points in a four-way race. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel is in pennsylvania where clinton spoke earlier today. mike? >> brit, good evening. that latest monmouth poll notes that hillary clinton is doing much better with white voters h pennsylvania. particularly white women. so clinton tried to build on that today doing two events here in the keystone state. hillary clinton encouraged folks to get their neighbors and their friends to register to vote ahead of the deadline. after the rally, clinton tried to clean up a mess made by her husband, the former president, who called the healthcare law obamacare, a crazy mess. >> i have been saying we have got to fix what's broken and keep what works.
4:35 pm
and that's exactly what we're going to do. i am committed to making sure that people retain coverage, that they can afford. >> clinton was also asked about wikileaks founder julian assange who has threatened more damaging leaks of private information ahead of election day. clinton was asked if assange could potentially upend the race for the white house. also asked about a report suggesting she wants threw out the idea of sending a drone to take out assange. >> i don't know anything about what he is talking about and i don't recall any joke. it would have been a joke if it had been said, but i don't recall that. >> to be clear, hillary clinton said she didn't recall it, but she didn't flat out deny it. brit? >> mike, interesting. thank you very much. hillary clinton first debate but donald trump still, as we have reported repeatedly holds rallies in front of
4:36 pm
massive sell-out crowds. so, who really has the most enthusiastic supporters? we have the poll numbers next. plus, tonight's vice presidential debate another pump for the candidates. governor mike pence slow down clinton's momentum for the big night? stay with the fox news all night long for live coverage and analysis of the debate. what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe. i'my bargain detergentgh a couldn't keep up.isaster. so, i switched to tide pods.
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4:40 pm
>> tonight's only vice presidential debate is less than 90 minutes away. the crowds here are ready. how enthusiastic are their supporters? a cbs news poll found 46% of likely trump voters are very enthusiastic to vote. that's down 2 percentage points from last month. that same poll also found 46% of likely clinton voters are very enthusiastic. that is up 7 points from 79% last month. democratic strategist joe trippi at the v.p. debate in farmville, virginia. joe, i think increase in enthusiasm is obviously good
4:41 pm
news for the clinton camp. what do you think is the cause of it? >> i think, one, her her debate performance and i think trump's following up with that with some of the pit falls that he has had over the last five or six days clearly as energized her supporters. the thing about this, brit, was there is no doubt that trump supporters were more energized and enthusiastic throughout the whole year throughout the primaries and now in the general. what democrats were hoping would make up for that was clinton's advantages on her organization being able to organize and get out the vote much stronger than what they thought trump was going to do. that was going to be the great equalizer. if this poll is right and her energy level has come up with her supporters, now that increased organizational ability, that get out the vote ability turns to an advantage, not an equalizer. that will be interesting to see if other polls start to confirm this. but this is a pretty unexpected, even by me, to
4:42 pm
show up right now. i didn't think that -- i think a lot of people doubted whether her supporters would have this kind of energy. right now in the cbs poll it's equal to trump's. pretty amazing. >> i recognize that it takes me back to a campaign that i know you very well remember because you were involved in it. i covered walter mondale back in 1984. he won that first debate, you may recall, pretty handily against president reagan. i remember, boy, there was a spring in his step after that you could sense the enthusiasm in the campaign that he might have a fighting chance to win that race. although he continued to trail. >> sure. >> it petered out fairly quickly. >> yeah. then reagan, you know, came -- reagan came back in the second debate and with you humor and his style, just sort of overwhelmed the mondale effort that first victory. so, things can obviously
4:43 pm
change. and they did in that one. but i think it is significant, again, with her organizational ability and this momentum that she seemed to have in the new found energy in her supporters. right now it's trump. trump has to turn this, i think. >> this makes the second debate particularly critical for him, i would think. and affords him. >> absolutely. >> some risks, perhaps. but an opportunity to reverse that momentum and get things back in the enthusiasm department, at least where they were. >> yeah. and you know the other thing going back to that in 1984 example, you remember fritz mondale had these huge crowds going toward the end. it faked us into thinking maybe we were catching it. and, of course, we didn't. so we will see if that -- if trump can get this back in the bottle or not. >> jorks as always, thank you very much. president bill clinton hit the campaign trail for his wife and, as you have heard, he blasted obamacare. but he is not the only
4:44 pm
democrat going after president obama's signature law. even the "new york times" has joined in. our panel is back on that issue straight ahead. plus, the small town of farmville, virginia. now at the center of the political world. the vice presidential debate kicks off in just a short time right here on fox news. ♪ ♪ gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? [ crowd noisewhoa. [ gears stopping ]
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as we keep reminding you tonight's vice presidential debate begins in just over an hour here now. governor mike pence and senator tim kaine will square off in front of the american people by television. no one expects as many viral moments as the first trump clinton debated but that doesn't mean history will not be made had as in vice presidential debates past, watch.
4:48 pm
>> had as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> it's a moment that pundits and politicos have talked about for decades when senator lloyd benson delivered what was a devastating rejoinder to dan quayle in the 1988 vice presidential debated. >> i searched with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. [cheers and applause] >> in almost every election since 1976, america has tuned in to vice presidential debates on prime time television. with just hours to go before tonight's showdown, the candidates might be taking a look at what worked and what didn't from past debates. >> admiral, nice to see you, sir. >> 1992 independent candidate ross perot's running mate the former pow james stockdale opened her remarks with a question. >> admiral stockdale your opening statement please, sir? >> who am i? [ laughter ] >> why am i here? [ laughter ]
4:49 pm
>> those questions were rhetorical but to many viewers at home, it didn't come off that way. pundits and analysts pounced. >> welcome to the 1996 vice presidential debate. >> in 1996 democrat al gore tried to set a humorous tone in his debate with republican jack kempf. >> i would like to start by offering you a deal, jack. if you won't use any football stories i won't tell any of my warm and humorous stories about plural chlorocarbon abasement. >> it's a deal. >> in the 2000 election senator joe lieberman faced on with dick cheney in engaged, friendly and informative debate. >> i'm delighted to be here tonight with you, joe. and i too want to avoid any personal attacks. i promise not to bring up your singing. [ laughter ] >> i promise not to sing. >> four years later, vice president cheney struck a different tone when he made an issue of first term senator john edwards lack of experience. >> the first time i ever met
4:50 pm
you was when you walked on the stage tonight. >> nice to meet you. hey, can i call you joe? >> 2008 was the most watched vice presidential debate ever, nearly 70 million people tuned in to watch senator joe biden spar with alaska governor sarah palin. >> the middle class has gotten the short end. the wealthy have done very well. corporate america has been rewarded. we change it, barack obama will change it. >> governor? >> say it ain't so, joe, there you go again pointing backwards. you prefaced your whole comment with the bush administration. now, doggone it. >> in 2012, biden was back. this time against house republican paul ryan. for viewers at home, the debate featured nonstop, side-by side images of joe biden's relentless grin and also a reference to the first debate we featured. >> tax. >> now you are jack kennedy. [ laughter ] >> and so it is gone in the past. as a new burst of democratic
4:51 pm
complaints have piled up against obamacare. yesterday, former president bill clinton said this at a hillary clinton event. watch. >> you have got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 06 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> president clinton is hardly the only democrat to speak out. even white house press secretary josh earnst admitted more needs to be done and the usually liberal "new york times" ailing obama healthcare act may have to change to survive. our nightly political panel is back. editor of the weekly standard bill kristol senior editor of the federalist molly hemingway. what do you make of this, molly? >> it makes to how smart of a politician bill clinton is he knows how to triangulate on an issue. liberals have made a lot of the fun over republicans how much they have talked
4:52 pm
obamacare and have made humongous gains by focusing on obamacare in the last two elections. "new york times" which is always liberal, not just usually, admitting that it's a failure. and i think that bill clinton knows this is a smart topic that is not being talked about as much as it should be on the republican side of the aisle. it's not a spent issue. it's a winning issue. >> how does it help for him to criticize it? >> is he speaking to the concerns. a lot of people have concerns about obamacare. he is addressing that knowing that that is a problem people have. also if hillary clinton is elected president, she is going to have this horrible mess she has to deal with laying the groundwork, preparing people for how much of a problem it is. >> bill? >> bill clinton just can't help but imply that perhaps if he were president it would have been structured more carefully and we wouldn't have theseies falling a cliff. bill kristol "weekly standard" reader i trust. pointing out that it is a crazy situation. your income goes up $1,000 and suddenly your is you is i did i goes away and looking at $15,000 healthcare plan you have to pay for out of your own
4:53 pm
pocket. it's not a well-structured program. we have known that for a long time. molly is absolutely right. republicans won the house on obamacare in 2010 and really won the senate in obamacare 2014. running a bunch of first term senators key vote had been for obamacare. the domestic policy issue of the obama administration. an administration hillary clinton was part of, although on the foreign policy side. and it is misty phiing that it's not more of an issue in this campaign for the republican party. >> didn't come up in the debate. >> didn't come up at all. i would be surprised if it doesn't come up tonight. it needs to come up in subsequent events. >> bill and molly, thanks for coming in tonight. >> coming up, we have been doing this for a few weeks now. mean tweets have not slowed down. almost to the one hour countdown for the first vice presidential debate. see it right here at 9:00 on fox news. stay tuned, folks. ♪ ♪ and bad for the barkley twins.
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4:58 pm
from you the viewers. first up is: please keep the feedback coming, folks. we really do like hearing from you. tweet me @ brit hume or email me "on the record" at
4:59 pm ask me to respond to his talking points about the state of the trump campaign. please don't let that keep from you watching. we leave you as always with our political quote of the day. this one from the editor and political organizers austin hammerringer who said politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from each other. we will be back here 7 p.m. eastern tomorrow. don't forget the factor is straight ahead. here is new video of both v vice presidential candidates arriving moments ago at longwood university. stay tuned for live debate and live analysis immediately thereafter. that's it for us. good night. ♪ ♪
5:00 pm
hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we're about an hour away from the first vice presidential debate between governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. will that debate influence the vote? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the answer is no. good night, everyone. [ laughter ] not really, not really. i'm here for the hour. but we always tell you the truth. and the truth is the american people will not change their votes based upon anything pence and kaine might say this evening. the two presidential candidates are so much larger than life, it all


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