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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ reporter: a fox news alert, ma thiewms fury. authorizes are warning there could be even hic storm surge. this is number. i'm harris faulkner. sandra smith, melissa francis and rachel campos duffy.
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today's #oneluckyguy, daniel henninger. welcome. great to have you here. i so enjoy what you write. i'm glad you are here for a busy news day harris: hurricane ma shoes winds have been lashing florida coast. stunning images from daytona. 3 million people warned to go inland. hundreds of thousands of people and businesses have lost power and other utilities. reports coming in of significant damage already. governor scott says we learned a lot from superstorm sandy, what the surging ocean can do and why
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he's most worried about florida's long coast. >> we are very concerned about storm surge. we are focused on jacksonville. there is the potential for significant flooding there. damage assessments are just coming in from south florida they will continue as the storm passes each county. harris: the storm has everybody's attention. but a short time ago, president obama was urging people to heed the instructions of the-emergency officials. >> i want to emphasize to everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane, that the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life and severe property damage continues to exist, and people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials over the course of the next 24-48-72
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hours. harris: a couple changes in the last hour or so. one confirmed death from the storm and 650,000 without electricity. reporter: we continue to see a very strong hurricane. this is a category 3 storm. i'm glad you played that sound bite from president obama. a lot of times when we are in the middle of these things and we don't see storm damage or pictures right away, we think they were wrong, it didn't do anything. we dodged a bullet. and i hate that expression because we don't know what the legacy of this storm will be. jacksonville, also brunswick, georgia, up towards south carolina, north carolina, virginia. we still have a lot of storm to cover and it's still a major hurricane off the coast of florida. this is the crucial part that we
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are worried about in the next 12-24 hours. you have got the storm, you have got matthew offshore, you have got counter-clockwise wind and the low-lying areas at sea level and 10-12-foot storm surge and high tide is going to put things under water here. that's why the national weather service is putting out indications that this could be a hurricane sandy-type events much like we saw across the northeast. sandy was a category one hurricane that was transitioning into a nor'easter type storm. you can't look at the category of a storm. this is a serious situation. and that's why we have evacuations trite now for north florida into georgia and south carolina. we have the strongest winds moving into daytona beach.
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we had winds in excess of 100 miles per hour off cape canaveral. and we haven't assessed the damage yet. that will come in days ahead. we still have hurricane warnings for millions of people. we still have people hunkering down or trying to get out of low-lying areas across north carolina, south carolina. all indications are this storm, this hurricane will exist for the next 24 to 36 hours and bring not only storm surge but the potential for feet, or at least a foot or more along the coast depending on where the storm tracks. we'll be dealing with this maybe for the next week as well. well. harris: i can tell by your map the florida-georgia line was right on track to happen around that time. it looks like the storm according to what you are telling us now, you are right on
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track. st. augustine claims to be the oldest city in america with a 6-9-foot surge with spanish colonial architecture. that's the part that you are talking about that has never seen this before. reporter: that's why we had nikki haley on. these areas are very low lying and they haven't experienced storm surge of 12 feet. you need to note joography of the coastline and where you live to know if you are vulnerable to storm surge. it's your role as a flame member, mom or dad, to go to safety. if you live in low-lying areas and you are prone to storm surge or flooding, you need to evacuate or get to lower ground.
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harris: a lot of prayers for that area. janice dean will come back to you as the news warrants on this. thank you. sandra: we want to go to one of the areas hit hard by this storm. that is wind that you can hear howling in daytona beach where hurricane matthew is battering the coastline with heavy rain. leland vittert is braving the storm from daytona beach. a lot of talk about the concentric eyewalls that formed that outer eyewall. it's the eyewalls that care why it extreme wind, thunderstorms like the one you are standing in right now. what are you seeing and hearing there? >> we were here as that eyewall came abreast of daytona beach here. the eye of the hurricane was still fairly offshore.
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but the eyewall came through. the strong winds. and it was tough. gregg braved the elements shooting video, showing you what it was like to be out there. we saw boats being tossed around like rubber duckies in a kid's bath. the worst was around 10:00 to 11:00. back here live we are experiencing what you might say is the beginning of the end which means a lot of rain and swirling wind, then of course still the worry about the storm surge. during the hurricane, it's great to talk about the winds, the video looks great, it's cool to look at. things swaying in the wind. reporters walking against the winds. what causes the damage and costs lives is the flooding and of course also the storm surge that brings this water in. you can see one of the many
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intersections here in daytona beach that's flooded, that's continuing to have rising water. you look at these folks driving through. sir, you live around here? we are good, we are coughing. how's your house doing? >> the house is doing fine. i was just securing boats over at yacht club? reporter: how are the boats? >> the canvas is ripped off them. so you have to go aboard tighten up on the lines and haul them off the pilings. because the lines stretch and people forget that. reporter: is this worse than you thought it would be? >> this is nothing. reporter: do you feel like it's over by now. >> within an hour or so. this is nothing, you know. reporter: how long have you lived here? >> i have been here about 15 years. reporter: you have seen it all. >> this is nothing. this is like half a hurricane.
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reporter: we are good, sir. you get a sense of how people come together during hurricanes. people say do you need help, do you need food. you get a sense as he was driving through here. another 2-3 inches of water or a foot water in the next 3-4 hours. these intersections will become totally impassable. all back in here are neighborhoods and a lot of people, ladies decided to stick it out. a lot of people who moved to florida in the past 10 years didn't understand what the power of hurricanes are. if you look around. i don't know if any of you spent time in central florida in october. air-conditioning people will be without for a very long time. sandra: that's an amazing account of a resident who lived there for 15 years and he says
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this is nothing. he's almost flooded out. he's in a big four-wheel vehicle. but the community coming together offering each other help. he said he was out at at yacht club securing boats. have you started to see the water levels rise to the point where it's affecting parked cars? another car driving behind you. reporter: it hasn't gotten to the point where we have seen cars flooded and floating away, those pictures of boats in parking lots. people were expecting this. one of the reasons we staged where we were off the outer islands. but so far that hasn't materialized. that doesn't mean it won't materialize. high tide is just about right now. the storm surge moves in, it's very possible to still have some of those effects. one of the things the first responders will tell you, the police and fire department, they will say it's great that things
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may not have been as bad as they seemed. but that doesn't give everybody an excuse to drive around and look around to see what happened because that's oftentimes when people get the most hurt, especially in high-water situations. >> as far as the emergency efforts. he may say things aren't so bad without power. this could be a long story and long few days. leland vittert live from daytona beach, florida. thank you. more on this monster storm as it continues to take a toll, taking aim at a large portion of the southeast. the latest track of hurricane matthew. donald trump dropping hints on his big strategy. the format poses a different kind of test for the two candidates. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. need... outrageous profits. important step forward. payers of california - america. passes - ballot.
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harris: with millions of people still in its path. an update for you, hurricane matthew a category 3 storm. the national guard have been out and in force in at least the first state it hit, florida. authorities going from town to town as it leaves areas what damage is left behind so they can try to get some public services back up.
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the big problem is the hundreds of thousands of people without electricity. and you lose your water and sewer. meanwhile, they have been reportedly able to restore 150,000 points of electricity back to homes and businesses. this is hurricane matthew as it mars up the eastern seaboard. we'll keep you posted. sandra: we are two days away from the second presidential debate. donald trump denying his new hampshire town hall was a practice run. also taking a swipe at hillary clinton being off the campaign trail as her aides say she is preparing for sunday's showdown. >> they said, donald trump is going to new hampshire to practice for sunday. this has nothing to do with sunday. it's like they make it like a child. i love the people of new hampshire. this was set up a little while ago.
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they were going to cancel it, and i said why are you going to cancel it? i said forget debate prep. do you think hillary clinton is debate preparing for 3 or 4 days? hillary clinton is resting. sandra: he said he will not bring up bill clinton's scandals. >> people will say he won or came close to winning and projects an image that cause his supporters to say we are moving forward and getting enthusiastic. the format calls for relatability. the candidates will interact with the audience members. dan, who will this format
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benefit the most? the town hall-style format? and also have the opportunity to get up, move around the stage, who does that benefit? >> i think it benefits donald trump the most. the reason i say that is because not just this town hall the other need in new hampshire. but we have been here once before, the infamous matt lauer town hall over the commander-in-chief. i thought donald trump did well in that town hall. i think of the one question he got from a woman who is a graduate of west point. she said what would you do if one of these undocumented workers wanted to stay in the united states because they wanted to joint u.s. military? trump said, i would have to think about that. anyone who wants to serve in the american armed forces is someone serious and i would consider that. i think he's capable of relating to people.
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as for hillary clinton. one thing she cannot do is sounds like a normal person. hillary always sounds like the worst 4th grade teacher you ever had. please, miss clinton, will you stop yelling at us. in a format like this where she is talking to people, she always seems to be lecturing. sandra: can you work on being more personable? >> do heavyweight boxers train and practice before the big bout? do baseball players practice? politics is a professional activity and professional skill at the highest level and she is trained to do that trite now and he's deluding himself if he thinks he can just walk in off the street and compete at that level. sandra: you were having a good laugh because you were saying yes, of course she is preparing. melissa: of course she is
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practice and he's practicing. at the town hall in new hampshire, he said foarp get practice. we all went, come on, of course you do. but i agree with you. i think this is a good format for him. i think he's sincere in his relating to people. you can see it's not canadian. he did feel that way. >> my husband does town halls. he's a warm person and that comes across. you can't fact it. you have to know your answers. but you can't fake caring about people, you can't fake empathy. there was cringe worthy moments on the campaign trail for hillary in the primary where a woman cried in a town hall and she literally scooted back against the wall. she was talking about her son passing away. those things don't come
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naturally for her. sandra: you know where to find all the debate coverage you will want and need. this sunday wall to wall coverage. it's right here on fox news channel. hurricane matthew batters the east coast of florida. 120-mile-per-hour winds knock out power to hundreds of thousands of people there with fears that the worst may still yet to come. we'll have more coverage on matthew just ahead. growing questions about the impact of this storm on the election as matthew hits one of the most important village states. how this will play into to both campaigns it's happening sunday night. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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harris: hurricane matthew is doing its work on florida and
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beyond. the coat gory 3 storm is scraping the coastline as we speak. let's take a live picture of the driving rain in savannah. that's on the left parts of your screen. georgia * northern parts of florida and jacksonville are bracing for the full brurchlts this storm. what would that look like? a storm surge of 6-12 feet. electric rall power. more than 650,000 people it would at this hour as well as other utilities. and the dangerous swirling winds creating potentially devastating surges, picking under that ocean water and pushing it like a wall into the land. former governor rick scott is warning people the worst part is yet to come. brian? reporter: i'm in wabasso.
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you can see the damage the hurricane has cause. in this part of the state in south florida we have been seeing downed trees, a little bit of floating up to a few inches. and they are without power up the treasure coast up to the space center. the airports are resuming flights slowly but surely after 4,500 flights were canceled between yesterday and tomorrow. orlando international airport is closed until saturday morning. but this is the kind of damage we have been seeing throughout all of south florida as that eye stayed off the coast a little bit more east.
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this could be a completely different story. locals and people have been telling us they had some damage minimal to their roof. localized flooding. but nothing they are not used to. but it's important to remember what you said. the worst is yet to come perhaps for jacksonville. flagler, nassau county, those are the counties close to georgia, and that surge that could be up to 11 or 12 feet is coming in at high tide. here along the treasure coast and south florida. the damage seems to be what you see here. this is the worst of what we have seen thus far. harris: one of the things we have been talking about is all the people without electrical power. we have been work so the hard to restore that. 150,000 already restored homes and businesses. those crews, are you seeing them out and about?
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it would take the kind of woman and manpower that we haven't seen since sandy. we are used to storms down here. but thousands of people are prepositioned to make sure as the storm moves through they are able to come in and put the power on as the storm moves out so people are without power for the least amount of time. hurricane wilma in 2005 and when florida was hit by the 8 hurricanes. florida power and lighting had $2 billion in infrastructure. to make these power lines sturdier to make sure they were put underground so people wouldn't have to go 2 to 3 weeks like they did when francis and gene hit in 2004 and 2005. people are happy with the response wee they have seen from
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the power workers. they leave their families to make sure people get power as fast as they can. harris: brian llenas, thank you very much. melissa: now growing questions on the impact hurricane matthew could have on the election. donald trump and hillary clinton canceling events. the clinton campaign asking for more time for registration. the governor said no. the clinton campaign is under fire for putting ads on the weather channel. reince priebus said pulling the ads after getting caught won't cut it. >> it's unfortunate that chairman priebus is trying to politicize the hurricane.
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we were in the process of buying television time nationwide on hundreds of different media outlets. the weather channel which is less than 1% of the television time we were buying was part of that. since the storm has clearly become very serious, we have asked the weather channel to roll back that buy until the storm is concluded. melissa: interesting. that was robbie mook. what's your reaction to that. do you buy that excuse? >> this is one of the times i agree with the clinton campaign. hard working people give you $25, $50 for a campaign. as a political spouse i always feel responsible about how those dollars are spent. it makes sense to put them on the weather channel now. it's a good use your money instead of putting it on a channel where people aren't watching.
9:33 am
i think this faux outrage is for political purposes. use the money properly. >> she is making a good point. the hurricane happens to be happening with the presidential campaign and florida is a win or lose state. they have got to win florida. florida is being hit by all of this now and the election is in 30 days. the question is who is going to be able to turn out vote in florida? hillary clinton has field operations in place all or the place. they will be going door to door in the dormitories getting people out to vote. the hurricane is going up east coast of florida, those are probably trump voters. count center of the state they are mostly clinton voters. if she has a better turnout machine and has more money to spend i think at the margin this will help hillary clinton.
9:34 am
harris: i hadn't considered the fact her timing of wanting to make this visit kind of coincides withing this might have the dire need that the clinton campaign must feel to try to get some of those corridor voters that you talked about, i-40 and i-95 in that state, too. the timing might be someone fortuitous for her. there are people in harm's way. but just the timing of it. >> at the same time, the republicans in florida are working hard to re-elect marco rubio. they are behind him and working hard. that helps trump if along the way they start campaigning for trump as well. if they do it together it would be in trump's interest. >> notice the difference in response. if donald trump made the decision to put those ads on the weather channel he would have doubled down. the clinton campaign is always
9:35 am
poll testing and as soon as they feel something they jump back. sandra: as far as the impacts on the election, hasn't it already had one? it reminded everyone of baton rouge. in the wake of the devastation and flooding donald trump was down there. he made a point to look presidential and there were calls for her to do the same thing. as far as the ads, it was an admission it wasn't the right thing to do to pull the ads in the first place. >> i think to some extent it was. the other analogy is hurricane katrina. you can bet the obama administration is throwing fema and everything in there to make sure nothing goes wrong. harris: governor deal of georgia is speaking next. >> they both called to say that they stood ready to help us as i am sure governor scott, we stood ready to help number the
9:36 am
aftermath of this hurricane. it's always nice to know you have people sensitive to what you are going through and who are pledging to stand ready to help you in an emergency such as this. there are a lot of things and a lot of issues that i'm sure the public wants to know and that you certainly want to be able to pass along, too. in order to do that without my going into detail and being diewb lduplicative. while bring up individuals to tell you what they are doing and how they are in cooperation with other state directors. >> sheltering is ongoing. we have approximately 9,000 individuals in shelters at some point across 30 different sheltering locations in georgia.
9:37 am
the capabilities at this point, we have a little over 13,000 -- harris: we heard the governor deal giving an overview. as they get point and point with the citizens in their state we'll pull away. but when it makes news we'll bring it back to you as it pertains to the storm. a new report suggests top obama administration officials may have been doing damage control w over the hillary clinton email investigation even before she launched her campaign for president. did they break the law? mom,
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as part of my training. and for the past two years i've been a navy federal member. so even out here i can pay securely with mobile pay linked to my free checking account. i don't know about this, it's ... [screams] what did she say? she said "i don't know about this." i couldn't hear over my helmet. your ears are completely exposed. mm-hmm, yeah i just ... open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union. harris: we talked about how the caribbean got hit first when this was above even a category 4. more than 800 confirmed dead in haiti now.
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that number jumped from just this morning. just a few hours ago. twice the number of people they were reporting at that point. this is a dire situation for them anyway because of the earthquake a few years ago and the lack of recovery that has taken hold in many parts of haiti. but especially now. when you look at housing and the structures that were so tender. in one town in particular, 80% of every structure. 80% of all the structures in one town gone. god bless those people in the caribbean, particularly haiti feeling it today. >> top administration officials coordinate with hillary clinton in response to stories about her private email server. this he cording to the "wall street journal." the damage control which
9:43 am
includes close contact with the state department was revealed in emails obtained by the republican national committee. one of the emails included a request from jennifer palmieri asking if secretary of state john kerry could be shielded from answering questions on the email scandal. the state department says no laws were broken. so, dan, tell me, apparently no laws were broken. why is this significant and why should the american people care about this story? >> it tells us something about the nature of any pending clinton presidency. we went through this back during the presidency of bill clinton. it was one of the most volatile, litigious presidencies ever it was whitewater and the other issues like that. the question was were the
9:44 am
clintons putting the federal bureaucracy and the justice department in the service of their own personal interest. the issue was obstruction of justice. what the state department is doing here looks like obstruction of justice. it isn't just the rnc seeking these emails. at least two federal judges ordered the state department to release the emails. yet the state department is acting like a wing of the hillary clinton election campaign. >> the media is covering the story. do you think this is going to have legs? will it make a difference in this election? >> no, it's not. i think it has been a drum feet throughout and it reminds you of that cloud of truption that surround the children tons and reminds you, do we want to go through that again? that's why this is a change election. and i don't think it many getting a lot of coverage. it's difficult to parse.
9:45 am
you go through, what were they supposed to be doing? it's hard to say what about it was wrong because it's that continue time drum beat of corruption where they only care about themselves and sconlt care less about any of you out there. >> you see the people involved there carried into now for the clinton campaign for presidency. talking about jen palmieri, she is currently clinton's communications director. >> cheryl mills. it's the same group of people. irony is the obama president i in 2008 defeated the clinton machine. the progressives finally thought they put the clinton machine behind hem. now they are all back together. harris: when you said volatility and litigious refer together clinton years. it's one thing to say can we survive that as a nation not
9:46 am
being focused on the issues that continue to divide us? can we survive the attention being away from things that matter? >> it has had such a kroalsive effect on people's view of government. so many voters are looking for a reason not to vote for hillary clinton. they have a sense it will go back to the insider dealing they have dealt in the past. if donald trump would give them some good reason not to vote for her, i think it could happen. harris: it sounds like you gave him a talking point. >> kerry did not get asked that question in the interview in question. sow collusion with the media as well. harris: hurricane ma shoe movin- hurricane matthew moving up the east coast. people in jacksonville are being warned of a storm surge.
9:47 am
the category 3 storm has knocked out electricity to a half million people. the syrian civil war just took a dire turn. a u.n. envoy warned aleppo could be in ruins with thousands of i industrialians killed, caught there. daniel, our guest today, not mincing words. calling aleppo obama's sir yea o we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em.
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[♪] harris: the u.n. security council called a closed security meeting on syria after a u.n. envoy warned of 275,000 people nangt balance, and reports that russian and syrian air bomb bartment of aleppo in sir jails unabated. they are just firing on people. our guest today daniel has written about this. you called this president obama's sarajevo which will be seared on his legacy. here is the quote then i'll come to you. it's not merely that the u.s. has done so little to help the syrian rebels. more fundamental problem is mr. obama has refused to permit the arming of people who are
9:52 am
willing to fight against an armed dictator. >> this was in 2011 sppt question was whether we should arm the syrian free army. barack obama ziefd he would not. and to this day he refused to do it. we have been there before. this was in the mid-1990s when bill clinton was president and we had balkan wars going on and sarajevo for three years constant shelling. it transfixed the world. the world was in horror over what was going on in sarajevo. the same thing is going on in aleppo. and barack obama has stood by doing nothing. bill clinton eventually allowed the shipment of arms' into crow i sma and bosnia and we ended up with the peace agreement.
9:53 am
melissa: can anything be done now at this point? >> they will have a u.s. security council meeting today. i think the russians will do what they have done to john kerry because the russians are participating this bombardment. this very little we can do. perhaps if we get a ceasefire we can talk about a future for syria. i think we'll have to separate the kurds from the rest of these people. that's what happens when you let things roll as far down hill as barack obama has. harris: it many interesting to have those countries next door top each other having tribal differences. i wondered what verb you were going to use when you said what the russians were doing to secretary kerry. you paint sad bleak image in that article how we have become
9:54 am
in to ways numb to this. even when we see the videos of the children. you start to become numb and you talked about world leaders like barack obama pulling the shade on the situation and walking away. and then that gives it that implicit go ahead to keep going on. and it brings to light all these other problems. maybe if we had done something about this it would have curbed the influence of isis. it's heartbreaking because i remember when we first started watching these video of this happening so long ago and it's still going on. >> it has a kroalsive effect on our moral sensibilities. we had all the shootings in the united states. the man who went into the mall in minnesota and gunned down and knifed all these people. people go well, it's' another terrible thing. we need to move on and go back to business. you become numb because there is no real response.
9:55 am
>> barack obama seems focused on his legacy. can you talk about how much of the decision not to do anything about the red line has to do with his iran deal? >> it has toiferg do with the iran deal which he thought would can the spotlight of his legacy. but that kinds of annihilation in aleppo will not be forgotten as part of the obama legacy. >> you remember the picture of the little boy when the buildings were hit. when we don't get the conscience trigger from a president, it helps if it comes from the top. we are continuing to track hurricane matthew as it hits, leaving florida or georgia and on up the carolinas. state of emergency declared in those states and the danger is far from over because of the storm surge along the coast lines. stay with us.
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sandra: today is a special day at fox. today marks 20 years since we first came into your home. harris: we want to thank our throil viewers for make us number one for so many years. your love and support. we file here sat fox news channel. sandra: it's a wonderful day. thank you for joining us on "outnumbered." we are going 2 1/2 years here.
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harris: great to have you. sandra: thanks to dan henninger. happening now starts right now.


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