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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  October 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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fox report is next and i will see you again tonight. for more special debate coverage here in st. louse, missouri. countdown for the second presidential debate in st. louis as the trump campaign faces a major crisis even call cans for the republican nominee to step aside. this the fox report. donald trump campaign is in serious damage control mode and releasing an apology after a video surfaced of the republican presidential nominee making lewd comments about women. and here is some of that video. >> i am automatically attracted to beautiful p. it is maginant and when you are a star they let you do anything.
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grab them by the bloep bleep and do requesting. >> in his apology. trump said the words don't reflect who he is. >> i travel the country talking about change for america and my travels have changed me. i have spent time grieving mothers. and people from all walks of life that want a better future and i have gotten to know the great people of our country and humbled by the faith they pledge in me and i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will not let you down. >> now growing law makers are pulling support for trump and calling him to step aside. >> i can no longer in good conscious endorse him for president. it is abhorrent and offensive comments that you can imagine.
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i don't know who i am going to vote for. there is no way i would vote for hillary clinton. no way. i can't offer an endorsement for whatever that means of donald trump. >> donald trump taking to twitter and tweeting that the media and establishment want me out of the race so badly. i will never let my supporter ares down and i will not dropout of the race. >> live from trump tower where the media is camping out and also trump's campaign people including trump and his family have been inside holed up and coming up with a plan. what is trump doing about all of this, carl? >> reporter: well, he's hunkered down and generally been apology jettic and at once defiant and raising bill clinton's infell dellity and
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suggesting that hillary clinton was compliceit in that and harsh in attacking women that bill clinton was involveded in. there was a demonstration and couple hundred trump supporter ares showed a liiance with him. and trump came outside. and huge throng and gave them a big winning and trump trieses to deal with this. they recognize it is it a particularly difficult time. the republican national committee halted the mail message and calling vendor and don't send out anything in terms of talking points or political sales pitches. the rnc believes that trump will change his message whether it is on television has to be adjusted because of this. trump's rhetoric doesn't suggest that he would do more and apologized and flatly refused to
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step aside despite a growing number of republican leader conservatives and said this is it. it raised questions for people running for election and reelection on the same ticket with trump as to whether or not all of his other offenses wouldn't be be enough and why this is that much different. they are getting crit otherwiiz and tomorrow is town hall size in st. louis. it is a fair bet some of the folks don't bring it up, the moderators probably will and if not, hillary clinton herself. >> and the question is tomorrow, how is he going to handle this. and will he go after bill clinton like he planned on and now he brought bill clinton in the fold and how has the trump
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campaign used bill clinton in order to defend trump's actions from continue years ago. >> reporter: he is pivoting for that. but the pressure he's under from republicans came from a variety of places. house speaker. paul ryan cancelled a visit today by trump to the wisconsin fall fest. and then mike pence was put in as a potential substitute and he cancelled. and paul ryan is critical of trump. senator john thune suggested that trump step aside and let mike pence be the nominee. trump will not do that and two other leader and carly fiorina who herself vying to be be the new chairman the of the republican national committee in a administration said that trump
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doesn't represent her or her party. and reince priebus said the comments were unacceptable and need to be stopped and the rnc is taking step to put pressure on trump to change his message in the days before and after that. he's under pressure. and the pivot to bill clinton is highly risky, if you can imagine him doing that, trump believes they were responsible for the leak of the tape in the first place. it is entirely more is coming and if trump goes after bill clinton. >> there is word out there. we haven't confirmed that there are more videos that could potentially surface, right? >> today, a number of old interviews with howard stern
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were revealed in which trump talks about threesomes and sex and preferences. and some of it is not for tv and can't be described because it was a howard stern radio show. this type of banter is not new and is not secret and well known and document it for sometime, but every time there is a new tapeoir incident, rerack and reroll. and they are tealing with it in the area. >> there is a lot of video from the a preptis didn't make it in the final and so there you go. another nbc owned show that could potentially have more on this. we'll have to wait and see, and i do believe this is not the last we'll have to wait. hillary clinton spending the day off of the trail and this time preparing for the debate again and it is tomorrow, of course, we'll have more on that ahead of
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the fox report. and tune in tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris wallace sits down with kelli ann conway. for the first time campaign reaction to the trump video fallout. what will kelli ann conway have to say and how will she as a woman defend trump. and chris has a interview with chairman john podefta. check your local listings for time. >> and an attack on police and shaking up palm springs, california. and three officers wounded. and will carr has the latest. hey, will? >> reporter: it is a potentially volatile and dangerous situation. the gunman is still on the loose after shooting three police officers in palm springs this afternoon. and they are responding to a family disturbance five minutes north of palm spring and
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when they got there, someone unloaded on the officer and took off. witness withes tell us they saw an emt doing chest compressions and another was raced away by ambulance. they were all taken to the nearby hospital and five empties away from the palm spring police department. officers set up awe massive perimeter. it is unclear if the gunman is away or holed up in a home. officers are going door to are door and residents are asked to evacuate the area and others are asked to lock their dofrment the gunman is on the loose and three officers have been shot, julie. >> will carr, thank you so much. fox weather extreme alert. u.s. death toll from hurricane
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matthew is rising. three more weather related deaths confirmed in north carolina. total number of dead to ten. local leaders warning everyone that the threat of hurricane matthew is not over yet. it is inland flooding that remains a concern. the storm is is dumping a foot of rain in areas and this is the scene where hurricane matthew made landfall. meanwhile florida is cleaning up after the storm. it knocked out more than half a million homes and power is gone in the dark and forcing more than 20000 people into shelters. rick is tracking hurricane matthew live. could this have been worse though? some of the communities spareed? >> hard to say spared when you look at the damage. >> it feels like it could have been worse? >> it could have been.
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it paralleled the florida coast line. if it was 20 miles the west winds would be worst and the storm surge worse. and the inland flooding that we are seeing is catastrophic in parts of north carolina. we still have a lot of wind out there. 71 in mirtil beach and 77 offshore in the buoy. it is windier inland and we have rainfall rates up to six inches an hour. and we have seen that today. that's why the flooding is so extreme. fayetville has a massive disaster with the flooding and interstate 95 is closed at times. that is road and flooding in the
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north carolina and parts of south carolina and seeing it spread up in virginia and moving in virginia beach and probably up to ten inches. the rain is extreme, about a foot in savannah. and it is interacting with a cold front and it's done by midday tomorrow. that's the good news, finally after a three day slog it will be gone and rainfall total its before we get there, 17 inches and 16 inches still to come in north carolina. flooding will be extreme and catastrophic for a lot of places. >> thank you, you will join us with an update. thank you, rick. >> right now, the clinton campaign reacting to the hot mike controversy and fund-raising off of it.
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>> more now on the top story. the clinton campaign retweeting the original post story calling it horrive and i can including the graphic language in a fund-raising e-mail imploring the supporters to do something. officials are in full preparation mode for the debate. that's what we plan on talking about until the videos. what else are we hearing from the clinton campaign one day
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before the campaign? >> radio silence. they don't want to step on the narrative about the audio tape and we are not hearing anything from the candidate herself. we heard from tim kaine in nevada and he spoke last night. >> any republican who has said they are for donald trump, they need to be asked by the press and others right now, do you still think he's qualified to be president of the united states? >> and the clinton campaign responded with a tweet from hillary clinton twitter account. this is horrific, we can't allow this man to be president of the united states. in reference to donald trump. it is not signed by the cappeditate. she has not said anything. and the first we hear tomorrow is tomorrow night in the debate. it is something you don't want
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to miss. >> they used it immediately almost for fund-raising. tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. they sent out a follow-upped raising request and e-mail and capitalizing off of the open mi c gaffe by donald trump. do something with that sick to your stomach feeling. chip in right now. you are a committed supporter. it has donations level and signed by the national women's vote director hillary for america. hillary clinton broke one time in the past three times from te bait prep to takened a follow-upped raiser in manhattan. she raised 5 million. not bad forap afternoon's work and other than that preparing nonstop since then.
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>> she was prepared for the first one and i wonder what she is preparing for tomorrow? >> she spent six hours in the hotel in rye brook new york where she prepped last time. and one of her chief advisors is still playing donald trump this time around. she's been there six hour and throw full days of prepping and going through mock debates and a town hall format, different in the past and the campaign wants to practice and they are quiet and they -- she is not afraid to say that she is prepared for tomorrow night. and going through the same motions and it served her very well. julie. >> all right. thank you, jennifer. live in st. louis. >> it all goes down. second presidential debate
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billed as the battle of st. louis. watch it tomorrow right here on the fox news channel. wiki leaks releasing hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's speeches on wall street. do they contain bombshell revivations. why the florida governor said the state has reason to give thanks in the aftermath of this historic storm. historic storm. cleared home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system?
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>> donald trump is not the only one doing damage control. the clinton campaign is doing damage control from wiki leaks. it is from the much talked about wall street speeches. the ones that she didn't want to
4:24 pm
to hear. >> reporter: hackers targeted her campaign staff. primarily john podesta. her rhetoric turned further away from wall street. but the bank speech ps show favorable policy speeches on trade and policy. the wiki leaks document said quote my dream is a hemispheric common market is open trade and border and showed an unfamiliarity of the middle-class. i am kind of far removed because of the life i have lived and the economic fortunes my husband and i enjoy but i haven't forgotten it. clinton said if everyone is watching all of the back room sdugsz and deal and people get nervous to say the least. you need a public and private
4:25 pm
position. trump campaign said hillary clinton wall street speeches prove what we have known all along. she is a self serving washington insider that deceived the american people for 30 years. hillary clinton adopted a persona for her campaign and called it a complete and utter fraud. >> what is the clinton campaign saying? >> they declined to authicate the e-mail and raises the possibility that the documents are fakes. in a statement, earlier today, the u.s. government removed reasonable doubt that the kremlin has weaponized wiki leaks to meddle in our election and benefit donald trump's candidacy. julian assuage. and i am not happy with the
4:26 pm
russians to throw the election to donald trump. he said he doesn't have time to find out which can documents are the fakes. >> in washington, never a dull moment. >> and hurricane matthew proving deadly in carolina and georgia. we are live on the grouped with the latest on the challenges ahead as the storm churns up the coast. house speaker paul ryan weighing in on the donald trump controversy. the event that the candidate was supposed to appear. ryan message to voters, next.
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>> this is the fox report. florida and georgia cleaning up from hurricane matthew and carolinas have a brush with the storm. matthew packed a punch. but governor rick scott is reminding everyone it could have been a lot worse. >> matthew churned up the atlantic and there is a lot of beach erosion. a lot and the storm surge had an impact. we are thankful it was not a direct impact. >> he warned that there are still challenges ahead. >> those who have had to evacuate, please be be patient. we want you you to have a safe return.
4:31 pm
there are consequences in the aftermath of hurricanes such as matthew. we have to be sure we are adequately protecting your safety. >> we have fox team coverage for you tonight. rob is live on the ground and we begin with steve hariggan. what is it like there? >> reporter: with that storm just offshore, the rain has been coming in sheets. death toll up to ten. three of those people killed here in north carolina, they were all on the road. there is a lot of hydroplaning on the road. and one car submerged and two people dead. despite authorities told people to stay off of the road there are people out there. there were 40 water rescues including a woman and her child, julie. >> what's the challenge now?
4:32 pm
>> it will be flooding once we get through this. and we could get 10-15 inches of rain here. and that will bring down a lot of buildings adding to the 6 billion that the storm caused in damage, jewel. >> thank you very much. we appreciate. it>> and the threat from hurricane matthew is expected to continue tomorrow. the rain will continue next week and rob smidth is on the ground in georgia. you you are not wearing the rain gear yet, what is the scene like that. >> no more rain and it was a pretty nice day. but there are are scenes like this all over savannah and georgia eissue special when you this is a water oak. and the root system are shallow.
4:33 pm
and this started to tip and split and brought down a power poll. the entire neighborhood is pitch black dark. a sad story to report about a man in his 40s, a husband and a father of two little kids was home alone watching the house. and police testifying us that a trit hit in and a massive pine tree fell on to the master pedroom and the picture here tells the story of what happened and how bad it was. and neighbors came upon this house in the morning and said they couldn't tell that anybody was underneath the bed and bed room, but there was. and a neighbor here, jason justice told us about getting a phone call from that man's wife this morning. >> i could tell he was down.
4:34 pm
>> ten feet. >> yes, yes, it brushed the window as it went down. and that's how i anyhow the brush. i didn't hear the thud of the tree, but i heard the brush deputy past my window and i went to investigate and i was up for a while. >> you were lucky last night? >> lucky and blessed. >> we played the wrong sound bite. that woman survived a similar incident. but a married man with two kids was killed when the tree fell. another massive river oak like this one behind me, feel outside of her bed room and brushed the window. and she was feet away of suff suffering a slfr fate. she wouldn't hear the trees coming down because the wind was
4:35 pm
so powerful. >> that is tragic and people were told to stay home and don't go in your cars with the rain and flooding and steve mentioned with a mom and child out there, they were supposed to stay home and this man stayed home and was killed. it is horrible and heart breaking. you were in the thick of it this morning and nothing like what it is now when the storm broke records; what was it like? >> we were out here and spent 12 hours last night overnight in the morning doing live shot. it was a slow moving storms and like a powerful southern thunderstorm that those in georgia are used top. and then it picked up and i realize we are in a hurricane now. and feeling the wind gusts of 80 or 90 miles per hour. and wind gusts close to 100 miles per hour.
4:36 pm
and storm surge, highest that savannah has ever seen came in last night. it was intense. a 12 and half foot storm surge. we worried about p the river straight in savan a. they were okay. and there is a curfew in savannah. that is from sun down and sun up. teevy island was hit hard. the road highway 80 is still closed and i want to reiterate, where i have told stoefr stores from. they were under mandatory evacuation zones and everybody we spoke to including the two men who got the call from the wife, those two men and the women who survived this, both say never again will they ignore a mandatory evacuation and not leave, you can see how close it
4:37 pm
can come and deadly these can be. georgia doesn't get bad storms they usually get missed. but this time they department. they learned a lesson from this. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to that family. >> bee are getting a picture of the disaster in haiti. the death toll now at lost 840 people. and that number is expected to rise as the crews make their way through the devastation. doctors without borders are treating 18 people for colerra in the wake of flooding. the usa, lifted 500 ton of smies and enough to help hundred thousand people affected by the hurricane. >> paul ryan making the first
4:38 pm
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>> house speaker paul ryan campaign nothing wisconsin as
4:42 pm
some republicans pull support from donald trump about the comments. and trump was supposed to attend with ryan and cancelled amid the fallout. his running mate mike pence also backed out and speaker ryan briefly referencing the controversy and peter doocey is live. peter didn't back out. he's there. how much trump was there today? >> reporter: not as you would think. johnson and walker put out paper statement and neither of them wanted to go there today. only one who did was speaker of the house paul ryan. >> let me start off by seaing, there is an elephant in the room. and it is a troubling situation. i am serious, it is. i put out a statement about this
4:43 pm
last night andok it is how you feel. but that is not what we are here to talk about p today it. >> there were random heckler and screaming trump's name. it was what wisconsinites paid for because trump would be for. they went ignored except when someone started to talk as the congressman, the first speaker of the main program who schooleded them right back p. >> you come to the fall fest to say appreciation and support for paul. >> not no more. >> okay, >> then, okay, if you're not going to be for the whole ticket, >> i am for donald trump. >> why don't you listen what i have to say rather than interrupting me.
4:44 pm
there is something about courtesy involved here. >> and the event was more civil and that proves in this part of wisconsin, there is a rift that has developed or reopened between trump's biggest backer and people who had to be convinced to come around. >> did voters so many concern body p the trump's comments with women? >> reporter: no, we worked the crowd at the start of showtime and what we talked to the female voters, they don't want trump's locker room talk to be the main issue of the campaign. >> i don't like. it but that was 11 years ago. how many men talk like that? if everybody's skeletons was out there. >> i am offended and they were disgusting and i am more sad we
4:45 pm
are not talking about president issues. >> it was not done in a debate and was behind the scenes and i am a huge women's rights activist. i think trump is still for women. >> and there were a lot of female wisconsin voters with trump hats and buttons and t- shirts. they were more upset with the republican law makers who are back away from him. they think at this point in the campaign, the party should be together and if it they have problems, they should settle it behind closed doors. >> thank you very much. >> before the nypd new commissioner could be sworn in a terrorist attack. but o'neill's first day as boss was far from the first day on the job. we sat down with the 33 year veteran and found out his plans.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: when a terrorist detonated a pressure cooker bomb, the nypd raced to the scene with a brand new boss who was not officially sworn in taking charge. >> we'll not go into that. we are in the early stages of the investigation. >> reporter: james o'neill heb on the job. >> 1983 you are a transit cop. you you have any idea one day i would be commissioner of this department. and one day run this place? >> absolutely not. i love to be a cop and i love cop and what they do, but at some point in my career, i roach this level, no way. no way. >> reporter: we spoke to the new commissioner before trading in his uniform for a suit. and leading 36000 women and men
4:47 pm
in blue and faep thousand upon civilian employees and the charges they face every day. >> i don't think it will change overnight. and i know there are a lot of deep wounds. but i also know the character of the men and women of the police department and the character of the people who live in the city and we can make great progress and things will never be perfect but we can work making it better. >> reporter: o'neill replaced bill bratton. and like bratton, he is a support isser of community policing and encouraging officers to get to know people in the neighborhoods they patrol. and establish trust and civilians can be partners in fighting crime. >> we are great in identifying the hot spots and it would be better if the community is involved in that. who knows better than the people on the block. >> it changes your world, right.
4:48 pm
>> right. >> reporter: he has eyes in the sky and boots on the ground and jimmy o'neill knows he will need them 24- 7. hurricane matthew continuing the deadly march up the eastern sea board. it is blamed for at least three deaths, next. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. sweet sun no artificial flavors. philadelphia® strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia®
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>> this is it a fox news alert. we have an update on the police attack in palm sprengs, california. three officers are shot and two are dead. will carr has the breaking story and sad news to report, will.
4:52 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: the police chief for the palm springs police department said he just woke up in a nightmare. two of his officers gunned down today. the third was shot and the third officer was alert. and one of the officers was set to retire this december. and the other's female officer just had a four month baby and returned to duty. the suspect is still on the loose. authorities have a home five minutes north of downtown palm springs surrounded. but at this point, it is unclear if the gunman is in the home or not. they have a massive perimeter set up. we know two officers killed and another shot, julie. the purpose who survived we are told is alert; is that correct? >> reporter: that officer was
4:53 pm
rushed to the nearby hospital and got medical care and we are told by the police chief that the officer is alert. >> do we know how this went down? >> reporter: it was a family disturbance call. three officers responded and when they got there they went up to the front dorand the gunmen unloaded and took off. residents in it the area were asked to lock their doors and witnesses saw emt's rush to the scene and started to to chest compregdz and another raced to the hospital by the ambulance. and created a stand off situation. officers have a home surrounded there, but it is unclear at this point if the suspect is in the home or somewhere else.
4:54 pm
>> it takes more than one person to get a desput p. was it legit or was the police lureed there and they used the family dispute to get police to the door? >> reporter: it is fluid. it is under investigation. the police chief said they are looking into everything and they are talking right now to get the gunman into custody and as well doing everything they can for the families of all three officers involved. >> tragic news to report tonight. will carr in palm springs. >> we are waiting the 8:00 p.m. update on hurricane matthew. stay right there. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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4:58 pm
continues up the coast. and it is churning in north carolina and bringing the total u.s. death toll to ten. chief metrologist rick is in the weather center. >> it is still holding city as a hurricane. hard to imagine. it started as a wave off of africa and moved in the caribbean and the death toll in haiti pushing a thousand in cubbia and all of the damage in norred andy we are getting 18 hours left of this storm before it is gone. it is still a hurricane and about 40 miles east of cape fear, north carolina, the river here has incredible flooding going on: i think we will see it continuing tomorrow. and winds are exextreme.
4:59 pm
we have 65 here off of the shore of north carolina and on shore flow is bringing a bit of a storm surge. it is producing incredibly heavy rainfall ratesment we'll see spots and maybe another 12- 18 inches of rain before it is done. that kind of rain causes flooding. and we have flash loading going on right now. that is where virginia beach will get this. and mostly gone by tomorrow, say midday. and there you go. 3:00ment and most of it as far as the rain goes, we'll have the wind behind that and that is probably not gone until monday. almost there but a little ways to go. >> thank you very much. >> and that's how fox reports this saturday. i am julie banderas.
5:00 pm
thanks for watching. dana perino and chris stirewalt is next. tomorrow debate number two. hillary clinton and donald trump. st. louis. the battle rolls own. welcome to a spe >> welcome, to a saturday edition. >> we have a lot to talk about p. >> it is a wild 24 hours on the campaign trail and on the east coast. our been a wild 24 hours. on the campaign trail and along the east coast. our top head lines of the day. first republicans are grappling with the fallout from donald trump's incendiary hot mic comments


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