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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hillary clinton took heat for calling trump supporters deplorable. now bill clinton is probably not helping things by saying this. >> the other guy's base is what i grew up in. you know, i'm basically your standard redneck. sg >> the former president took aim at the fox news reporters. >> i went down to west virginia
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to talk about this, because she said there's no way we can carry it. i said, you know, first of all, they only watch fox news. >> now, i think he meant that as an insult. >> it wasn't. >> he calls himself a redneck basically. >> it's actually, if you think about it, it's a compliment. because he said all of trump's supporters are capable of becoming a two-term president, because he grew up with them. i don't think he meant it as a compliment but it could be looked that way. bill clinton is lucky. he has the ppp, which is the progressive pig pass. as long as you are a progressive leftist, you can get away with it. you can get away with anything. that's why you remember the staufr staunchest defenders of bill clinton were fedminists. as long as you are progressive and on the political side of a feminist, you can get away with anything. that means denigrating groups of
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people, targeting women because they had sex with your husband. as long as you are for feminist and empowerment, you can do whatever you want as he has proved. >> it's kind of irresistible for a lot of people on the left, for them to denigrate fox news viewers or fox news hosts and things, even though they would like to come on the show, especially when they write books. >> i think it was a compliment. i don't think he meant it as a compliment, but i would rather be a redneck than a limousine liberal or a left wing nut. that said, that's me. he is getting push back because he is limping the group as a certain type. he is typecasting the group. when do you that, you can be considered racist, sexist, is m islamaphobic or whatever. he fought with a marine. he called obamacare this crazy
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system. that was bad for her. now this. >> he was right. >> it's time to pull him back or if you are a gop republican, keep him just what he is doing. >> he is very popular, kimberly, amongst democrats and i think he's one of those characters that you are drawn to him. i don't think he's a huge drawback for hillary clinton. every time he goes out, they hold their breath. >> it's the gasp. what's going to happen next? he is popular. he really is. there's people, republicans that like him, too. in certain circles. when he goes into a crowd, whether it's a small room or a big room, he knows how to work it. he has always been a very good politician and knows how to get it done. he's more popular than she is. that's the thing. obviously, they will try to use them, because they're down to al gore, climate gore. they have a few people. they have tim kaine.
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i don't know how much good he has done her to be honest. he didn't do a good performance during the debate. with something like this, they're going to put him out there. he is a former president. he is a resource. all of this information that's coming out is just -- there's such a huge spat. it's like cramming the night before thing the exam. where do you get started going through the list and the litany? i like guns and religion and beer with a lime. >> guitar players? >> we do. >> is it hard for bill clinton to be both a former president and a statesman and a partisan trying to help his wife get elected to the presidency? >> i think he's a big fan of his wife. >> i know. but i mean in terms of he has -- as a former president, that comes with some responsibility, i would say some ability to sort of be up above partisan
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politics. when he goes out on the campaign trail, he ends up making a statement like this. >> by the way, i think the statement is being misinterpreted. >> about fox news viewers? >> what he said was -- he is saying to his audience -- you can read the transcript. tell them i want them to be a part of america, to not feel isolated or pushed to the side. that's what bill clinton was saying. then he comes back and says, quite exmris at this tiplicitex people, we want them to feel part of america and they're not being shun ordned or demeaned be conversation going on in the democratic party. that's what he was saying. >> like basket of deplorables? >> she was right. i'm going to say -- >> that's not very nice. >> right about what? >> that some people who have very harsh attitudes about blacks, about gays, they have deplorable attitudes. >> she said half of trump supporters are a basket -- >> she apologized for saying half. she did not apologize for saying deplorables because i think
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there are people who have deplorable attitudes on the far right. >> there's deplorables in every organization. >> you agree. in terms of what bill clinton said, they were talking about the people that -- >> it was -- >> i would never say she was right and that people are deplorable. >> there are deplorable people in this world. i'm saying in terms of this segment what we're talking about with bill clinton, what bill clinton said was very clearly, tell people who are -- as he said grew up with him in rural arkansas, they are part of america. we need them. we want them to progress. when he was talking about west virginia, he pointed out he won west virginia twice. then he said, that's why i don't believe we can't go -- >> there's a reason why george w. bush and his election effort and the re-election in 2004 went back to west vir ovginia becaust was on the cusp. i think it's a red state for now but it could change. >> the unspeakable truth is that bill clinton would be a fox news viewer if he wasn't married to hillary. >> he might be a fox news
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viewer. >> if you remember the mid '90s, when you think about how -- >> are you saying that for obvious reasons? why bill clinton would be a fox viewer? >> he was center right in the '90s. i has more in common with fox news than probably cnn or msnbc. if i were hillary, i would send him to club med for the rest of the month in a small country, make it clothing optional to save him the time of packing. >> that would be -- that's a good way to take carry-on luggage and not have to pack a bag. i will try to set this up. it's regarding some wikileaks e-mails released, in particular this conversation between two hillary clinton staffers about catholics and whether this is true or not, i guess, remains a question. here is apparently what the e-mails that were released said. basically saying that, catholics
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have a bastardizatiobastardizat. they don't know what they are talking about when they talk about -- it gets a little complicated and detailed. you can read the e-mails. we will have them for you on our facebook page. they have been talked about all day. the catholics -- you grew up catholic but you do not profess to be a part of it anymore. >> right. >> one of the staffers on this says she does not recognize the e-mail. in fact, i think we have her on tape saying that earlier today. >> i'm a catholic. i don't recognize that e-mail that we saw. we're not going to fact check the e-mails that were stolen, hacked by in an effort to -- >> we have a situation with wikileaks putting out a bunch of information. it's basically finding-maile-ma
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them. they are saying this is deplorable to do to the catholic religion. >> it's two stories. does anybody believe this is coming from wikileaks? that's like a child who thinks money originates from her dad's wallet. it doesn't. it's being sent to them and they release it. if it's russia, it's something that we as a country should be concerned about. just because it happens to target a candidate you don't like isn't enough for me. when they are done with her, they will come after everybody else. if you work in industries that are -- the left believes affects the climate, if you work in the oil industry or automotive industry, could you be tyou cob. religious people are seen as freaks by the media because the media is so detached from them. i have been on both sides. catholic for 12 years. but i can tell the base in the media generally they see people who are religious as martians.
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they don't understand it. >> the interesting thing -- i look back on numbers. catholics as a group have not voted for a republican as a majority since 1984. the trump campaign did jump on this today i think trying to say, look, this is how they talk about you behind closed doors. do you think they can turn that around with the catholics? >> first of all, i'm a catholic and i'm highly offended by the commends, highly offended. practicing every day. i think what they -- the theory was -- i think what they were going for was to divide and concur. divide catholics from evangelicals or a subset of christians who are bastardizing christianity. that's offensive. i think fif you are undecided ad even if you are christian, you have to take offense to this. here is why.
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if president clinton, hillary clinton is going to stack the supreme court and the federal judicial system, will your religious freedoms come under attack? a lot of catholics and christians believe under clinton that may become an issue at the supreme court level. i would say, this is a negative for hillary clinton big time. >> i saw father jonathan morris speak on fox about this. he was very passionate and eloquent talking about the importance of freedom of religion and what we see happening throughout the world. you see genocide against christians. this is a time that the united states should be leading and protecting faith and religious freedoms with everything that we have in our constitution. so these e-mails i think are very damaging. i do not believe her when she says she did not send them. i think it's convenient for them to blame it on the russians because that ties trump into putin. it's clever. but i don't believe it when i hear her say it and i saw her saying it. i don't know. it just seems very convenient. the wikileaks went through and edited how many -- 20,000
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something plus e-mails, maybe more. it's a bit much to swallow. as a catholic, too. but this is not a surprise to me. >> you don't think the russians are involved? >> i don't know if it's russians, chinese or -- >> doesn't that bother you? >> of course it does. of course it does. >> it bothers me -- >> let's get juan -- >> it bothers me if it's somebody here doing it. >> let me tell you, this is a bizarre conversation. she didn't write the e-mail. the e-mail comes to her from a guy who is interested in the relationship of catholics and politics and especially big donors and the like. he is saying this. jennifer didn't say it. nobody in the clinton campaign says it. she responds and says something about maybe the folks who are becoming roman catholic don't want to become evangelicals because their rich friends wouldn't understand it. that's all that said. all this stuff about i'm
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offended -- >> if somebody says something racist to me, i say that's -- >> this is not racist. this is not anti-catholic. >> i don't continue the conversation. >> this is not anti-catholic. this is saying -- we have these freedoms in our country. if you have a difference of perspective or theology, you can express it. you can say, somebody is playing a social status game in terms of saying they are comfortable becoming a catholic as opposed to becoming an ee vvangelicevan. if they are really having this conversion, why don't they become an evangelical? it looks like you are trying to find something to give -- >> he has a right to be -- he has a right to be able to say if he finds that offensive. just like i do. >> let's be clear, jennifer -- she did not write it. >> if i'm having a conversation -- a cup of coffee with someone on the corner who happens to be throwing out racial epithets left and right and i continue that conversation, don't you say,
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what is wrong with you sf? >> there were no epitaphs. the man was expressing -- >> i feel being called bastardizing -- >> there's a key difference that someone has to make clear at the end of the segment. religion is a set of ideas. >> right. >> religion -- whether it's islam, buddhist, it's a set of ideas. it's not race. >> thank god. >> and it's -- nobody on her campaign actually wrote the bastardization. that was someone from outside. >> thank you. >> i'm suggesting that was the comment that was made and whoever it was, the campaign continued an e-mail conversation with someone who was saying highly offensive things to a group that i'm part of. >> coming up, did wikileaks reveal media bias. we will have details next.
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new allegations of main supreme media corruption and collusion after thousands of e-mails are leaked about hillary. first bill o'reilly exposes the media is in the tank for clinton. watch. >> i think everyone can agree, except for the media organizations that now have ordered their employees to destroy trump, there's three of them, and i can't say who they are right now, because i don't have it nailed down. but i'm 100% convinced -- these media organizations have put out, if you support trump, i'm going to -- your career is done here. that's how intense it is.
2:20 pm
news organizations have sent -- not officially but through the corporate grapevine that we don't want anybody supporting trump. if you study it, you can see which ones they are. >> if there's any question about media bias toewards hillary, we have a few examples from wikileaks. donna brazil sent an e-mail to clinton's communications director raising questions about a question slated for cnn's town hall the following day. from time to time, i get the questions in advance. here is one that worries me about hrc. brazile denies that allegation. in other e-mail, harwood wrote i imagine hwrote -- start with the donna brazile.
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from time to time, you get information, news organizations, says, we have this information. it's embargoed until 6:00, 8:00, until this event happens. as a personalty, opinion maker, we hold the information. it's on us to do it. i have a real problem with donna brazile sending the question that ended up being asked by the moderator the very next day at the town hall, almost word for word, she sent it along to the clinton campaign. >> that is the allegation donna brazil e ha brazile said she did not do that, would not do that. i know her a little bit. dana knows her better. any suggestion like this, whether it's her or someone else, trying to help or give a leg up to a campaign by feeding information would be inappropriate, would not be the right thing to do ethically speaking as a journalist. it's one of the things that's flagged in some of this, whether it's collusion between doj or
2:22 pm
between other media personalities or entities that sort of basically feeds into the trump narrative of what he has been trying to say about the crooked media, mainstream media, it's three against one. we saw that in the debate. >> talking about -- she shows two e-mails. one from martin and the one from donna brazile forwarded to the clinton campaign. they are word for word with the same capitalization, almost the same punctuation. >> i don't know what happened here specifically. i have not spoken to donna. she andry go ri are good friend. it's not unknown that she -- before she was took over as chairman, she was both the vice chairman of the dnc while at the same time a cnn contributor, while at the same time, a georgetown professor and she has her own company. >> many have. >> she has a lot of hats she wears.
2:23 pm
it's not like she was running the 4:00 p.m. newscast at cnn. cnn is very comfortable having specific spokes people for particular candidates on their network talking specifically about those campaigns. i am sure, because we have seen it on cnn with these particular people, they talk directly to the campaign, especially donald trump. we see that with corey lewandowski. i don't know if anybody gives him information. don't care. i do think that we hold political journalists and opinion makers to a different standard than journalists. we do that here, at newspapers across america that happens. i agree this does not look good. i don't know in the big scheme of things if we should be that shocked. if these two things are going to be combined and that's going to be allowed, you could expect this could probably happen. it's one of the reasons i don't do republican events. >> i have a problem with it. i have a problem with almost the
2:24 pm
exact wording being forwarded to the clinton campaign a day prior before the town hall. am i wrong? >> i think donna brazile should step down at chair. >> why? >> it's unethical. >> when you are told to embargo stuff -- >> she says she didn't do it. i read it. what i'm saying is, she says she didn't do it. the key is i think what dana said, which is cnn hires corey lewandowski from the trump campaign. they are paying him while the trump campaign is paying him. you see donna is -- it's not as if donna doesn't say, i'm not vice chair of the dnc. she was very clear who she was and what she was doing. the second point is this, if she then gets a note or something from i think it was from roland martin or -- >> it's the exact -- >> martin is talking to donna brazile about a question.
2:25 pm
she says, i have concerned about this question. is that forwarding? she says she didn't do it. in my mind that would be a violation. >> it was forwarded. it was forwarded to the campaign. martin was the questioner on the cnn town hall the next day. he didn't work for cnn. my problem is the with the personalities, not the network. >> cnn said they didn't do it. >> they didn't. it's like getting a polling result that are embargoed until 6:00. we don't talk about it. we wait until 6:00. >> we would be electrocuted. >> the real big question is why does this bias occur? because the same type of person who enters a meez dia career ha liberal leanings. if you want to change this, it's time for conservatives to infiltrate. we need more conservatives and libertarians in this vocation. it's been a liberal playground forever. it needs a renovation. i avoid the wikileaks stuff.
2:26 pm
you know why. i think it's immoral to go through people's e-mails. you don't have to look at this to find liberal bias. go to tmz reported -- it's fairly accurate -- that nbc planned to use the trump audio to influence the debate and the election. that is kind of a big deal. they dropped it at a certain point. that's not wikileaks. if that -- if there was damaging audio of hillary, would that -- would a network have dropped it? probably not. the media targets -- the media targeting a liberal would be like a parent booing their own child at little league. >> leave it right there. continuing our decision, hillary being held accountable. clinton's camp may have been colluding with the justice department on her e-mail investigation. new details when we return. ♪"all you need is love" plays my eyelove is making something unexpected. my eyelove is girls' night out.
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stunning developments in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. newly released documents show a clinton campaign insider appeared to have discussions with sources inside the justice department about ongoing open records lawsuits regarding hillary's e-mails. in an e-mail from may of 2015, clinton's campaign spokesman says, quote, doj folks informed me there's a status hearing in this case this morning, so we could have a window into the judge's thinking about this proposed production schedule as quickly as today. trump hammered hillary about the scandal on the trail this afternoon. >> department of justice fed information -- think of this. to the clinton campaign about the e-mail investigation. so that the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes. this corruption and collusion is just one more reason why i will ask my attorney general to
2:32 pm
appoint a special prosecutor. we have to investigate the investigati investigation. >> okay. dana, is this something that works and resonates based on the information we're getting? >> for his crowd, for donald trump's rallies, they will love it. they will eat it up. i have to say having worked in a situation where you have investigations of public officials and you are dealing with the justice department, that i don't know who he spoke to but doj folks -- one thing we had to do with the u.s. attorney scandal for example, which was a bologna scandal. i wish i could do that over. there was a designated person, a lawyer, who was designated for both parties to talk to, which acted as the neutral party. that to me makes total sense. and is proper and is fine. the thing that's funny to me about this is that one of the things -- one of the e-mails says her communication teams believed that the e-mail story that had just broken would be
2:33 pm
over in a weekend. they thought it was going to be no big deal. it has been the biggest deal of the campaign. even bernie sanders couldn't stop it from being a big deal. >> for sure. it mattered to his supporters and we see in the polling that when you ask people and the exit polling, it matters. the e-mails resonated with people. which gave rise to the crooked hillary clinton type of moniker. what do you make of this? >> i don't know. i don't know enough about it. i'm trying to figure out what actually is the accusation. i do think that staying on the e-mails is important and i think the fbi made a mistake in suggesting they were done with the case. i would like to see them continue investigating. as you keep pulling at the spring on the sweater, eventually it unravels. i think there's more there. there's a reason 33,000 e-mails were bleach bitted. they can never be brought back. there's a reason. they wanted to make sure those were never seen.
2:34 pm
there's enough stuff in there -- you realize somewhere in between what they got rid of, stuff that's innocuous and some of stuff we're talking about that they couldn't get rid of and we find highly concerning, that means the stuff that they got rid of it had to be more concerning. there's a lot of stuff that's inane that they left in. whatever these 33,000 is -- we're speculating on it. 27 days and you elect a president. if you want someone that would go to that extent to hide some of the information, there's got to be -- >> despite a subpoena in place. that's problematic. how do you see this? >> i will go back to what i say, i don't like commenting on purloined e-mails. it will happen to fox news. this will happen. he has no partisan love for us. it's not like once he is done doing this, he will do something else. you can talk about the e-mail
2:35 pm
situation without wikileaks. it's the same argument we have always had is that you can't trust someone with national security when you can't even trust them with classified information on their e-mail. >> the difference here is those e-mails are supposed to be held in case they were subpoenaed. that's the difference between -- >> that's what i was saying. >> that's the difference between them breaking into the state department server or e-mails and a private person's e-mails. we're not talking about her, what are you doing this weekend. what did she do as official business? >> wikileaks didn't break in. >> the idea that -- i don't know. i find it interesting that if it were another team sport -- if it was one of the -- if it was a politician that we liked, we would be screaming outrage. >> do you think this is something that her campaign should be worried about because obviously trump is making hay out of it on the campaign trail? >> he makes hay with his folks who are looking for any reason to demonize hillary clinton. >> how about this? >> the fact is that this --
2:36 pm
brian used to be the spokesman at justice. he is communicating with people he knows about what is going to be a public hearing. it was public knowledge of a public hearing. it's not exactly any secret. but trump and anybody else that's trying to drum up some drama can do it. 24 this is trhin for a candidate wo has bigger problems with his own party. >> i prefer irish oatmeal. the gloves are coming off. with one week to go before the final presidential debate, trump and clinton are slamming each other harder than ever. the latest battle from the trail next.
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we're one week away from the election's must see event, the final presidential debate. it will be moderated by chris wallace, that's next wednesday
2:41 pm
night right here on fox news. the rivals are not scaling back on their attacks on each other. watch this. >> the e-mails show hillary clinton's staff even has to give her secret notes on when she needs to smile. smile, hillary, smile. smile. do you believe it? smile. let hillary clinton stand up here for an hour and talk the way i talk and let's see how long she lasts. >> his campaign said today that they are going to use a, quote, score sheet for the remaining four weeks of this race. that just shows how desperate they are. that's all they have left. they have had a really bad couple of weeks. >> greg, this anticipation for
2:42 pm
this debate comes at a moment when it looks like donald trump is falling behind in the polls in all the swing states. is there any reason why you think donald trump would say, i don't care, i don't want to bother with this debate? >> he knows this is important. this means everything to him right now. i think he has to strike the kind of the same tone he had last week, which was -- was it a week ago? >> yes. >> i can't -- but i think he can't be restrained but he can't be aggressive. he has to get in the middle. he has to stress one thing, words versus deeds. that's the most effective way of dealing with the attacks on him to say these are words. here are her deeds. if he sticks to that, that's great. i think it's awesome only fox news has the debate. i think it's incredible. happy birthday to chris wallace.
2:43 pm
who is 69 today. good for him. hillary is in leather. >> he took all my points. i have one other thing i could add. chris wallace as you know from doing "fox news sunday," you do it more often than anybody here, he is the kind of person when he asks a question you want to get the answer right. he knows his stuff very well. there are some specifics i think that donald trump could take advantage of. for example, the question of the new tax review study of her plan is that it would cost 700,000 jobs. there are specifics that did he very well in the second debate when he was talking about obamacare when he drilled in on those. that was some of the most effective. if he can have some of those in mind going into the debate, he will do better. >> eric, a critique from the left is, he is going to have a scorched earth approach again. >> he is taking a page from her play book. she's the one who invented that.
2:44 pm
greg is right. this is it. this is his final act on broadway. he has to bring it or forget it. don't forget, after that, you know, we're only a couple of weeks away. two weeks away from the election. he also has to make sure -- he has to thread the needle where it's not over the top. he has the brand to protect in the event he doesn't win the election. he has to make sure he can go strong enough where i want to vote for that guy but not so strong where i don't like that guy if he's not the president. >> that's an interesting point. i think usa today said, unprecedented, historic number of republicans moving away. he has to speak to the base at well. >> he does. he has to -- i have 20 seconds, now five. he has to speak to the base. he has to make sure to bring new people in. i think he wants to try to win this election badly. i think he is going to go at her hard on monday because it worked well for him last time. >> up next, joy bay har lands in
2:45 pm
hot water. is she sorry? details when "the five" returns.
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on sunday, trump invited people from bill clinton's scandals to attend the debate. the next day the ladies of "the view" got into a debate about why hillary didn't address that. joy behar now under fire for her remarks. let's watch. >> to your point, which was if a woman sleeps with your husband, you are not going to necessarily embrace them. i wonder why she didn't have -- that's why when he brought up this -- these allegations, i wonder if she missed the opportunity to address it in a way that the public would understand that that's just not how you behave. >> the big -- >> i would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband. maybe she could have said that. >> after being criticized for calling the accusers tramps, behar said she was kidding, which would have made sense if what she said was actually funny.
2:50 pm
dana, from a communications perspective, should she be disciplined like billy busch was? >> you mean fired? >> i don't know what the status is over there. suspended indefinitely. >> calling victims sexual tramps is not very nice. >> she apologized. i think that's fine. >> it's almost like saying the rape victim got raped because of the short dress. >> yeah. >> blame the rapist, no, blame the victim. she's a comedian. you have that umbrella that allows to you do that. >> what would happen if he said it? a little funny one over here, what if he said it? >> not allowed. >> not you. >> if you work for a company, they have a right to fire you for whatever reason. it's not freedom of speech. >> if you say boo the wrong way. >> right. what do you think? do you think it would be a double standard if a guy said it or -- i don't know. >> juan, if it were a -- let's
2:51 pm
say a republican target who was targeting women, joy wouldn't call the victims -- if it wasn't bill clinton, if it was somebody else, she won't call the victims tramps? probably a fair argument. >> i thought she was saying a woman from a woman's perspective, somebody who is messing around with your husband, that that woman is going to be angry at that set of women. i get -- >> not all of them were voluntary. >> these were alleged rapes where there was physical injury that was alleged. >> there was one alleged. even that has never gone to court. nothing has been proved. this was on an emotional level. it's an emotional conversation about women who are messing around with your husband. i don't think it was in good taste, if that's the question. >> if you look back at this in the late '90s, the -- i said this before. the staunchest defenders to bill clinton were feminists.
2:52 pm
he had the pig pass. as long as you are progressive. >> that's where they came up with move on. >> that's right. that worked. >> 20 years later. one more thing is up next. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll.
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it's time for one more thing. i will kick it off.
2:56 pm
remember this song? ♪ oh, maggie, i could not drive any more ♪ ♪ you made a first class fool out of me ♪ ♪ but i'm as blind as a fool can be ♪ >> i won't play the whole song. i feel like i'm stealing kimberly's royal news. the 71-year-old music legend rod stewart was knighted by prince william in england. >> that song is about maggie thatcher. >> no, it's not. it's about a relationship with an older woman. did you know that? wow. he thanked queen elizabeth ii. if you see the pictures of his children, they look exactly like him. his wife was with him. it was a lovely event. >> it's the kicousin of kimberls royal news.
2:57 pm
>> don't use tv jargon. >> why not? >> let's see if we can pull it together now, shall we? kimberly's food court. way to hit it. that reminds me of going to vegas for the debate. check us out. happy birthday, chris wallace. yum brand, how appropriate the name. the ceo who ran taco bell for eight years was interviewed this morning. he dropped an amazing stat that we are interested in. dana fed this to me. pun intended. he claims about half of the u.s. population eats taco bell every month. >> that's amazing. >> i think it's fantastic. the average person goes there every 11 days. they have been working on healthy ingredients. chicken for juan, dana. bolling is going out for dinner. i'm having a beef taco.
2:58 pm
these are delicious. it's like 99 cents. >> they have improved on it a lot. >> greg, you are next while we eat. >> it's going to be a line at the port-a-potty. holly we halloween tips. there's always a costume that comes up, in this case, remember ken bone? he was the real star of last week's debate. now he has his own halloween custom. it's called sexy undecided voter. it looks to me like a server's uniform at a themed restaurant. you have the red sweater and i guess -- a mustache. whoever came up with this was just dialing it in that morning. this costs over 100 bucks. >> come on. >> it's a yoga outfit with a mustache. >> exactly. >> very, very quickly. tonight, one of my favorite
2:59 pm
shows designated survivor is on. i want to go through what that is. it's a presidential line of success. if the speaker of house is incapacitat incapacitated, it goes down to the president of the senate which is the highest ranking senator. if all of these people are present and everyone else is present, there's someone left aside. someone put in a secure location away from the venue such as the state of the union, the inauguration or joint house and senate together with the president. when that happens -- in any event, watch "designated survivor". >> juan, you are next. >> we love -- >> i love space and all of its vast mystery. a big announcement from president obama this week. he wrote an article in which he said the government agreed in the next two years, private companies will have astronauts
3:00 pm
based at the space station. that's the first step in a private public partnership to get americans to mars by the 2030s. he remembers having sat on his grandfather's shoulders to watch people come back from earlier missions. now he wants his grandchildren -- >> bye. as another e-mail dump hits the streets, president obama's top diplomat talks tough to russia over cyber meded m meddl the election. is it another red line that will go undefended? this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. the u.s. will respond to what it calls russian interference in american democracy. more hillary clinton campaign e-mails are leaked to the media. the campaign chairman says the fbi is looking into a direct russian connection to that. russia's president and foreign secretary are mockingly


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