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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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. now to have you hear today. >> nice to be here. >> thank you for joining us as well. "america's election headquarters starts now. >> a fox news alert, donald trump defiant and in very strong terms disputing allegations lodged by several women. trump says he has evidence to disprove the latest allegations against him telling a crowd in florida that the claims are all fabricated and he really went after the media as well. this as michelle obama discusses the reports about trump earlier at a campaign event for hillary clinton. >> this was not just a lewd conversation, this was not just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual
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talking about sexually predatory behavior. talking about kissing and groping win. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in cincinnati with more. lots to cover today. >> yeah, donald trump will be mere for a big rally at the big arena downtown where it is expected that he will say much of the same thing. he said just a little while ago that they were indicating and firing a shot against the clinton campaign and the american media that he is not about to take it down. he will fight fire with fire. he said he had the media in his back pocket earlier in the campaign, and now he says the media is colluding with the clinton campaign to take him down. saying everything included in
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the new york times article about the allegations of women and others are false, just a pab of lies. this is what donald trump said just a short time ago. >> these claims are all fabricated. they're pure fix and outright lies. they every, ever happened. >> in the last 24 hours, four women have come forward to say that donald trump touched them inappropriately. a "people" magazine editor says donald trump tried to kiss her. another won says donald trump squeezed her buttocks. and donald trump says he kissed her on the lips when she met him, and another woman says in the 1980s she was on a plane
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with donald trump and he reached over and groped her. the new york city has evidence from her, a videotaped statement, here it is. >> it was a real shock when all of the sudden his hands were all over me. i hesitate to use this octopus, but i will, it was like he had six arms and he was all over the place. >> donald trump just a short time ago denying that any of it happened. saying jessica lead's statement was not true and he has evidence against it. and he asked the "new york times" to retract that argument and said they're preparing a lawsuit against the "new york times." in a letter back to the campaign, they said they're not going to take down that article, nothing in our article has had the slighter defect that mr.
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donald trump through his own words and actions have already created for himself. the cam papaign told me it is w and clear it it is. the alleged terrorist behind that bombing in new york city makes his first court appearance from just hours from now. he is accused of planting explosive devices in new york and new jersey. he faces charges of attempted murder of five police officers. brian yennis is live out of the courthouse with more. what is the latest? >> at this hour he will be facing a court for the fist time via video. he is still recovering from the
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multiple gunshot wounds he received. now we also know that he was reportedly unconscious until last week. as well as the unlawful possession and use of a weapon. these charges specifically stem from that shootout that started when a bar owner found rahami sleeping near his bar doorway. he fired at five officers. one officer was shot in the vest, another had his head grazed by a bullet. he faces near lay dozen federal
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charging in new york and new jersey and hat yet to appear in court for either. it includes the use of a weapon, and they say the citizen built two pressure koomer bo ee eer - booms, and another one along a marine charity race, and a fourth bomb found on a train nation elizabeth, new jersey. rahami is someone that admired terrorists. if convicted, forecast and state charges, he faces a maximum of life in prison, no death penalty. melissa? >> thank you for that. >> let's bring in our legal panel for more on this one. robert shock is a former prosecutor. former chief investigator for the city of new york, and the
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director at thank you for being here. bob, do we know -- she just nodding in this testimony, we're waiting on the tape as we said, what do you expect here? >> it will just be a formal arraignment. his lawyer will enter a plea of not guilty on his behalf. this is formality. he can't get out, and he will be in custody the duration of the time. >> it is about getting that discovery face under way, right? >> they're looking for the information obtained did you recollect the time when he was custody. it will be a quick proceeding and they will put it off until next time which will be a month or two away. >> the discovery and the investigation, it is about trying to figure out what affiliates he had around him.
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>> yeah, he blinked as a yes that other people were involved. whether or not the authorities can get any information from them. can they cue anyone else in on this without his words and without his cooperation? >> what do you think about that? >> the investigators are looking for motive, intent, and affiliati affiliation. there is a lot to come out in the future, it will be a very lengthy process. >> one of the things we're learning, they were talking about bomb locations, were they chosen at random. he nodded yes, chosen at random, do you buy that? ?
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whether or not they tighten security, there is no sense that it would be random. >> i used to live a block from one of them, it is crowded but there is nothing about it that makes it be like this would be an ideal location to set off this kind of a bomb. >> it makes you think he did it at random, we know that they never tell the truth, partial lies, partial truths, but never the full truth. >> we're going to analyze that tape when we get it, thank you. trump lashing out. he goes further into charges and counter charges. we have audio of him talking
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about a 10-year-old. and video of a missile fired at u.s. ships.
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donald trump pushing back now as more women are coming out of the wood work to make charges against him. jessica leeds says trump gropes and kissed her in the 1980s, rachel crooks says he groped her while waiting for an elevator. na ta sha stoynoff says he forced himself on her during an
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interview. ka sandra searles says he grabbed her backside and invited her to his hotel room. a and a former miss arizona recalls trump entering the contestants dressing room. >> is everyone okay? is everyone okay, and you see incredible looking women. >> the owner coming walk in when we're make thele or half naked when we're in a vulnerable position, and the people that work there saying fawn on him, talk to him, get his attention, so there is no one to complain to. everyone there works for him.
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>> trump saying the phoney story is a fabrication written by the tame people that were last discredited. . bernard is a former bill clinton pollster you heard about the pageant, he was on howard stern and bragging about it. and it is someone saying yes he did it, it's not like it was unknown. i'm not saying it is okay, but it was not unknown. >> but now she running for president and he has not been living his life planning on running for president, but it's the same things on and on and
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on. and that everyone attacking him has been pushing. i think it gets harder and harder for people to defend it. >> bernard, as a strategist, what if he took a different tact. things he said the whole way this is all lying and attacking the women, is there another way to go about dealing with this. >> i understand your disgust. >> if you are trying to strategize -- >> i think he is probably turning it over in his grade.
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i and millions and millions of americans happen to -- unprompted trump, he is talking about bragging sexually exploiting women and well are coming out saying yes. >> is there any other chance -- i'm just trying to play out the unobvious strategies. we watched that campaign. >> i also do know that bill clinton has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by more than ten women. she a unicorn, there has been nobody else repeatedly accused by more than ten women and still is a feminist hero. it's bad.
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what he did is bad. hillary did is bad, trump did s it, it's all bad. >> i understand your outrage on donald trump and without question, but there was a lot of people who have the same outrage, and they feel like she is so corrupt, and a liar. >> maybe they set aside -- >> i wish we were talking about other issues in this election other than sexual abuse and predatory behavior. he wants to give away $3 trillion to the rich and no one is talking about it. >> but elected the first woman
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president -- saying we should elect -- he intimidates not on women, but african-americans and latinos. >> was this back in 1992, he is talking about a young girl, i'm going to play it for you and let you be the judge? >> thursday night, you're going up the escalator. i'm going to be dating her in ten years. okay. okay, so this is what this is coming down to -- >> that's not a cute thing to say. >> it's not cute, this was 1992, he's not saying let's go on a date right now, in some points -- we can't -- he can go to prison for that. i understand what you're saying, but this is a repeated pattern.
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but you can't deny the tape on the bus, this, you can't deny that he expresses predatory tendencies toward women. >> exactly you have to km out and find religion. >> i was having a conversation that said you know what, you know what was him talking about his own daughter in a disgusting way, talking about how voluptous. >> it is a different kind, yes, thank you both of you, i appreciate it. it could lead to a laymaker facing really charges.
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so what is the white house saying about all of this? picking up for kyle.
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the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey, ahmad rahami will be in court today, fating a judge via video feed. he is still recovering from gunshot wounds.
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rahami still connect speak and is communicating with police by nodding. he is being held on a $5.2 million bail. >> bridgegate is not water under the bridge for governor chris kristy. -- chris christie. a prosecutor must decide whether or not to charge him, to aids are currently on trial accused of orchestrating laneclosures on the george washington bridge. christie claims he had no knowledge of the plot. the situation in yemen is quickly growing more serious. they are planning to deploy
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warships off of the southern coast of the country. white house correspondent kevin cork is live with more on the story. >> you're right, this is unmistakable escalation. and that is a direct response to u.s. fire tomahawk cruise missiles. they are described as limited in scope adding today that it was clearly a "self-defense action" to desere future strikes against u.s. assets in the area. also a statement was issued by peter cook a little while ago. >> we will not tolerate threats to our people. we will respond if our forces come under fire. >> now for you close to home, if you're not aware of who is
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backing room in the region, let's talk about syria being backed by russians. in yemen, it is the iranians who are backing the rebels. >> they could not fire these missiles without the help of the iranis. >> the colonel was clear that they will certainly respond severely, and that is something we will be doing from here at the white house. >> so why is mitt romney suddenly trending on google? >> and it's not getting any better for hillary clinton as wikileaks releases another batch of e-mails, another one, revealing even more embarrassing
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remarks. here is donald trump this afternoon. >> they will lie lie lie. and then again, they will do worse and then that. they will do whatever is necessary. the clintons are criminals, really that, they're criminals. people have been -- lives have been destroyed for one fifth of what you have done. >> unlike anything else, but now in their last show down, the debate is fair and balanced. for the first time ever, chris wallace is asking the questions. october 19th here on fox news channel. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands,
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double means double. (announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> let's take a look at the headlines right now. 21 girls that were taken by boko haram were freed in a swap. and a hurricane is barrelling through bermuda with winds at 145 miles per hour. and the brakes for the new
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jersey transit train that crashed were working at the time, and the engineer was fully rested but has no memory of the crash. wikileaks dropping bombshells on the clinton campaign releasing e-mails from john podesta bringing the total to 9,000 so far that have been released. ed henry is live in washington, and the new e-mails are adding evidence to bernie sanders concerns that the primaries were rigged against him just like he thought. >> very interesting. the dnc was supposed to be neutral, but the clinton officials are operating as if they were running the dnc because perhaps they were. they were e-mailing john podesta about needing to move the primary out of march into april or may to make it more favorable
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for clinton on the calendar. they were supposed to be neutral, but they were given a bonus of 10% extra delegates if they move to april and 20% more if they move to may. say said they don't really care about being helpful and feel forgotten and neglected by president obama. this was not a obama ask, but a hillary ask, and the clintons won't forget what their friends have done for him. in the end, the primary state clinton carried it by over 25,000 votes. and the clinton campaign continues to say these are stolen documented taken by the russians. bill clinton aids are not denying the substance of what is being said, interestingly -- it is interesting how some russian media outlets are getting them. >> the clintons never forget
11:35 am
their friends, they always help them out. we're also learning about the behind the scenes -- like what? >> feuds with democrats in new york city. mayor deblasio went on a talk show where he refused to formally endorse hillary clinton, and the campaign manager got in and wrote an e-mail saying wow, what a terrorist. and other e-mails highlight how much clinton has struggled to define herself. bernie was rising in the polls and they said do we have any sense from her what she believes she wants her core message to be? even her own senior advisor is saying what is in her core, what does she believe? >> ed henry, thank you for that.
11:36 am
>> good stuff. >> for more on this, let's bring in guy benson. he is the editor at we're kind of just learning all of the things we felt like we knew, and it is confirmation after confirmation. what ticsticks out to you. >> you have clinton's own team wondering and grappling what does our candidate believe? what does she want her candidacy to be about. since then i don't think that question has been answered . she talks about stronger together, i'm not donald trump, but what she believes and who she is, even her own closest advisors were scratching their heads on that. >> enthe condescending terms in which they treat the people
11:37 am
they're about to reach out to and ask for help and votes and how they really feel about everybody. the subject line of the john podesta e-mail needy latinos in one easy call. they're talking about it would make sense about people it would make sense to reach out to. latinos must love to be lumped together in a group like that, and bill richardson, he is still on tv a lot, and not withstanding the fact that he can be a -- the d word, i don't know, it's worth getting him in a good place. >> it's 2016, you can say anything. >> i never know when my kids are watching or not. i also like the one where they talk about she rocked it and they're talking about the andrea mitchell interview. everyone wants her to apologize and she should, but apologies are her achilles heel.
11:38 am
she didn't sound like a b word. this makes me feel like i don't ever want to be in politics. i don't want to talk this way about the person i'm working for. how does it make you feel? >> i think it is a standard routine campaign stuff. to me the stuff that is significant is all that we have heard about faithf fuful cathol and evangelicals. they make it seem like it is a rare species, and what was in the hillary clinton wall street speeches she refuses to put out in public where she was talking out of both sides of her mouth telling rich bankers who are giving her money one thing on immigration and trade, and general electorate voters more.
11:39 am
one of it is we take care of our friends. we heard that in the other one. tell them in they stand up for hillary clinton, she remembers. she will return the favor later. >> especially, your right, especially friend who's have given us money in places like haiti. >> the other thing is the idea that again and again that she and the campaign are completely two faced. they say one thing in private and feel one thing, and they say something else to the face of the people they're asking for help and to the public and she cops to that. you have one face out, and the other face is how you actually feel. it girls how people feel about hillary clinton, and you just have no idea what she really thinks, believes or will do. >> it is like she is a shape shifting self serving liar, melissa. >> yeah, that sort of hits it on
11:40 am
the head. but this is not necessarily new for voters out there. does it have an impact? >> i think it probably does the same way the trump case had an impact. these people, both of them, they had very high negatives. thing that's were not meant to be heard that confirms the worst impressions people have of them. they are the highest of two major party nominees. >> thank you. >> so, polls show that neither hillary clinton or donald trump is very popular among voters. we were just talking about that and it shows, google trends reporting 2800% increase in searches for the phrase write in, and they're not battleground states, their party strongholds.
11:41 am
vermont, delaware, and new jersey. utah and indiana round out the top five. searching for write in bernie sanders spiked nearly as much, and write in mike pence grew up 4,000 in the last week. but in past week, in utah where clinton and trump are in a tie, searches for mitt romney write in have jumped 4,000%. what an election. we have a fox news alert for you now, the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey, ahmad rahami just pleaded not guilty in course today. sh is our first look since his arrest. facing a judge from his hospital bed where he is still recovering from gunshot wounds suffered in a shootout with police. his attorney entered a not
11:42 am
guilty plea on his behalf. he still cannot speak and is communicating by police by nodding. >> bob dylan can add another accolade to his list of accomplishments. ♪ 75-year-old is now a noble prize winner. the swedish academy awarding him the 2016 prize in literature for "having created new poetic expressions in the great american song tradition." it is the first time seen as a musician has received this award. >> hillary clinton answering questions under oath about her private e-mail server in response to a high profile lawsuit. what will her responses reveal
11:43 am
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>> shepherd smith on the fox news desk. accusations that donald trump groped and kissed women without consent. and new polls show that support for him is plummeting in key swing states. there are even word that a third party candidate could beat him in utah. one of the most traditionally red states. samsung is expanding efforts
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to get customers to return their galaxy note 7, right now they can trade them in for a $100 credit towards another samsung phone. >> hillary clinton answering questions about her private e-mail server from judicial watch. she has until today to answer 25 detailed questions under oath. you are right, back in august they gave her 30 days to answer questions. at the time, her team was but
11:48 am
judicial watch sees it as a win it it will be the first time she is under oath, answering questions, and the destruction and thousands of her e-mails. they are due today. >> what will she specifically have to answer? >> well, court rules limit judicial watch to more than 25 questions. they start out like describe setting up your private e-mail server, who set it up, and they progressively more complicated. after your lawyers completed their review, was the electronic recessions of your e-mails preserves, deleted, or destroyed. what tool was used to destroy
11:49 am
them, and it was done at jr. direction. very desk. >> she steph thad 90 to 95% of her e-mails were in the state department system. that prompted this question from judicial watch asking identify the basis for your statement including all facts. how and when you became aware of the facts and if you were made aware of the facts by or through another person identify the person that made you aware of the -- >> thank you. >> gun sales on the ride setting new records every month, what is driving the trend? we'll go live to a shooting range to find out. plus -- >> why big brother may be watching and listening.
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here is what america is clicking on today. incredible video from bermuda. look at this. hurricane nicole roaring ashore as the category 3 storm is causing extensive damage and flooding. yahoo is getting in on patents for a billboard that can spy on drivers. and tailor its advertisements based on their conversation. and jerry brown, the governor of california, his dog
11:54 am
passed away. sutter is a fixture at the california statehouse. we certainly wish him the best. what a cutie. gun sales are reaching record highs. more background checks were done last month than in any september since the policy went na effect back in 1998. fox business network joins us live from the range at 3:55 in bolingbrook, illinois. what do you got? >> reporter: people are concerned about their constitutional rights and they are worried they may not last too long. the election here i shouldn't have been arrested.
11:55 am
thank god she got a blank in there. lori, can i ask you -- >> hi. >> reporter: sorry to sneak up on you there. you're concerned about your -- in this presidential campaign, your rights perhaps being bridged in some way, huh? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: take a look at the numbers. perhaps you see, as you report, sales are up 11%. you just started this business. in the last eight years, we've had tremendous interest in gun ownership. >> we do. our attitudes are changing about gun ownership. the national shooting
11:56 am
foundation, the nr amount, a lot of those groups are providing good training to people and good education and people realize they can be good, safe governors and be able to protect their families as well. >> we need more regulation of guns. would you accept more regulation of guns? >> some people say hillary clinton, for example, say she doesn't want to take away your guns, just wants to regulate a little more. >> and that creates anxiety for us. we believe we're regulated enough and the good law-abiding citizens are following the law, being very closely regulated. we need to regulate or we need to enforce the existing laws. >> this shooting range and gun store in the suburbs of chicago, melissa, the last eight years there's been a boom to gun ownership. we'll see where it goes from here. >> absolutely. jeff flock, thank you for that reporting. and we'll be right back. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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the final financial presidential debate will be anchored by a fox news anchor, our own chris wallace, on october 19th. here's shep. it's noon on the west coast. donald trump is fighting accusations from at least five different women that he groped or kissed them against their will. he says they are outright lies, that they never happened, and now donald trump is threatening a lawsuit. we'll hear from both sides and how the clinton campaign is looking to capitalize. plus, the swing states are getting more and more important. we'll check on the state of the race in ohio, pennsylvania and florida because they matter. and the trump team's denial that it's pulling out of virginia. the leak of apparent clinton e-mails is now growing into more of a flood. another couple of thousand documents out today. we'll see


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